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Article: Hendo Answers some Intriguing Questions

Hendo Answers some Intriguing Questions

We caught up with the Highlander John Henderson during the current lockdown to ask him some intriguing questions and learn more about the Scottish rocker.
  1. Where did you get your darting nickname and is there a tale to tell?
I got the nickname for obvious reasons as I'm from the highlands and Sky Sports told me that "Hendo" wasn't as strong a name so we came up with "The Highlander".
  1. When did you hit your first 9-Dart leg and what was it like?
I hit my first 9 darter on the practice board at home and being excited was an understatement, as I left the 141 in the board for days! My first in competition was against Andy Hamilton at my 3rd pro tour in Derby 2011.
  1. Do you have any habits or routines before a (big) match?
Not got any set in stone habits or routines to be honest, but before a big TV event I like to be at the venue 4 hours before my game so I can calmly prepare.
  1. What is your favourite career moment so far?
Winning the British Open was superb, as was getting my first cap for Scotland. However, the hugest spine chilling adrenaline hit I got was playing in the Premier League in Aberdeen against MVG. The walk on I will never ever forget it still makes me shudder let alone getting a 6 - 6 draw - that was the icing on the cake.
  1. Do you have an unfulfilled ambition in darts?
Ambitions would obviously be to win the World Championship but really just to stay injury free, play well and climb those rankings. I believe I can do it so hopefully in the next few years I will continue making my move.
  1. What is your favourite event or venue?
My favourite event is the event I do best in and would be the World Grand Prix in Dublin. I've have had many good runs at that and the format suits me as I'm quite handy at double top, as you need to start off with a double. Favourite venue is the Ally Pally as I get Goosebumps when you go up the hill and you see the huge palace, it’s such a great place to finish off the season.
  1. Who do you enjoy playing the most and why?
I love hate playing the man MVG as he brings the best out in my game, but you just know how good he’s going to be!
  1. Who were the key influences in your darting life/career?
Bob Taylor was a big influence on my darts as it was him that pushed me to take my game further from pub level to county level. Jason Thame and Gordon Morison were then 2 guys that backed me and helped me believe I could go from the BDO to PDC.
  1. Which player did /do you most enjoy watching?
As a kid I loved watching Lakeside on the BBC and it’s no surprise I loved watching Jocky Wilson and Bob Taylor, both Scottish giants of the game. Thanks Hendo! #staysafe # staystrong # playdarts

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