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Article: Has Wright got the Right darts? Find out the inside take.

Has Wright got the Right darts? Find out the inside take.

With the world upside down it’s testament to darts to see that the Major side of the game has continued and we no longer face a Christmas without darts, a fate worse than getting 6 pairs of more socks.

With that in mind Peter “Snakebite” Wright spoke with us candidly about what he hopes for this the biggest major event of them all.

Last year Peter made a very late change to his set-up that simply couldn’t have gone more smoothly, other than a few first round gitters! So we asked what’s the plan for the darts and the inspiration ahead of these worlds.

Peter said “ I’ve been tinkering with a few sets and rotating back to some old faithful’s that have helped me win a few things already. The really hard part is knowing what the conditions will be like once we get on stage as clearly with less people it could be very different so I need to prepare for that”.

Peter’s approach to the game is so in-depth that he does take into account all of the conditions down to temperature and believe it or not wind on stage – sorry draught we don’t want to go there again!

In analysing this approach we asked why it makes so much difference? “My throw is built upon how the darts need to travel in order to hit the board at the right angle on that day in particular, if there is warmer air and any draught, this can dramatically impact on my choice of flight and shaft set up together with barrel weight. It’s crucial for me to be confident that I know what to expect even if it’s not what I’d like to expect”.

Working with Peter for over 10 years with his detailed approach would normally drive any engineering team to distraction so we posed the question to the R & D team who are on hand to meet Pete’s requirements…

Lee Huxtable, Production Director said “Peter’s approach is simply breath taking. He analyses each event in the same way a Formula One driver analyses different race tracks. The biggest challenge is that Pete often needs his new gear delivered as quickly as they change tyres in the pit lane!”

Peter’s demands, whilst stressful and challenging, have led to many improvements around the engineering approach to the whole line at Red Dragon. As Lee explained “rapid prototyping, which essentially is what Peter wants for every new set, has meant that we have had to develop a deeper understating in translation of “feel” to technical capability and barrels that meet Peter’s concepts. With this approach we have been able to develop all our darts to incorporate this extra dimension of design… The great thing about this is that all of our customers then benefit from Peter’s manic attention to detail”.

With that said we all know that we want to see the darts Peter will take to the Worlds this year. With Peter not prepared to comment, we approached Peter’s wife Joanne, for some insight.

Joanne said “If I had my way I’d know exactly what dart he has to use and all the rest except the World Champion Special Editions would be locked up forever”.

However, there is an interesting take here as Peter’s closest ally and partner used to believe that the Euro 11 Elements were the ONE so why has Joanne changed her mind? “You only had to look at Peter’s game to know that a few loose doubles cost him some major titles and basically the Razoredge grip gives a slight extra edge but is very close call really”.

So the mystery will continue right up to Peter’s first game as to what his weapons of choice will be. One thing is for sure, it’s not going to be a quiet Christmas for Lee Huxtable and his team….

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