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Article: Gezzy Price's Top Tips to Throw Like a Major Champion

Gezzy Price's Top Tips to Throw Like a Major Champion

Let’s be honest, we all want to be able to hit the perfect 180 and nail all our finishes under pressure, pretty easy really if we let the Iceman teach you.

Following Gezzy’s crucial fourth major title with the BoyleSports World Grand Prix we asked Gezzy to describe the technique he uses to create the power scoring and deft finishing that has seen him become arguably the best player on the planet right now.

1 - The Grip

The first and most important part of any dart throw is the relationship between the grip and the throw, so that you can almost feel the throw before you even make it.

The Iceman told us “I’ve not changed my darts or grip position since I started playing and that is simply because I’m really happy with how the dart flows from my hand and it feels like I can place the dart into the board”.

Gezzy’s darts feature double-banked buttress grooves from the front to the mid-section, which is exactly where Gezzy takes his three fingered grip, with one of those fingers resting on the point.

It is this grip that gives Gezzy his unique throw and alignment effect where he uses the flight directly on his eye-line, making him exceptionally consistent in his set-up.

2 - The Stance

When approaching the oche, Gezzy uses his foot on top of the raised oche to range find exactly where his toe will go, not stubbing his foot against it. Gezzy said “Until I saw this, I’ve never even thought about it, but it helps me prepare for the feeling I need in my throw from a very stable base”

Gezzy keeps his foot "toe forward" and not turned in on the oche which gives him a very comfortable forward-facing chest position, when compared to those players who turn the foot in 90 degrees. Gezzy has a superb weight balance with more of the weight over the right knee.

3 - The Equipment

Gezzy is the only top 16 player to use aluminium shafts and 75-micron flights, this set-up has been favoured by Gezzy ever since Q-school. Apart from a few tweaks on length and visual design the Iceman has not changed anything in this set-up, as he ultimately feels that this gives him the optimum flight and trajectory.

The modern trend to use more fixed flights and 100-micron flights is certainly not followed by Gezzy, who feels the extra weight affects the throw of his dart.

4 - The Sight Line

The Iceman has adopted a right favoured position on the oche that is about 12 inches off the dead-centre line, however when we look at how Gezzy actually throws we can see that his throw is perfectly on his sighted-line.

Gezzy has what we would call a long-weighted throw to the top of the dartboard and the double 16, however this plays perfectly to his strategy of finishing on tops and 10s.

The Iceman said “Quite a few people have asked why I stand to the right and it’s really simple, that distance I’ve got from the board allows me to feel like a full release and when I move anywhere else it just feels so restrictive”.

5 - The Expert Opinion

Stephen Feeney, sighting alignment expert said “Gezzy’s throw looks perfectly on a sighting line, which effectively means he can aim the dart anywhere with very little interference or manipulation.”

“What is outstanding about Gerwyn’s throw is the rhythm and soft release that he gets from what looks such a powerful action, and if you can pick up any tips at all from the Iceman to deliver under serious pressure, it’s basically learn to throw on your sighted line.”

Gezzy has edged out World Champion Peter Wright to claim the World no.2 spot, with the next ranking events being the European Tour in Sindelfingen this weekend. You can guarantee Gezzy’s win will no doubt have many of the top ranked players in the World doing some serious extra work to keep up with the Iceman.

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