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Article: Gerwyn ^The Iceman^ Price 24g - Full Review by Dart Collectors Den

Gerwyn ^The Iceman^ Price 24g - Full Review by Dart Collectors Den

Darts: Gerwyn ^The Iceman^ Price. 24g from RedDragon Darts.

Price: £34.90

What you get with the darts:

Flights - 1 set Hardcore White extra thick standard and 1 set Team Red Dragon poly metronic standard
Shafts - 1 set aluminium short Razor Edge blue & silver and 1 set aluminium medium black Red Dragon laser etched
Wallet/Case - 1 XS wallet
Brand - Red Dragon Darts

Technical Info:

Barrel Weight - 24 grams, match weighed to within 0.1 gram
Tungsten - 85% Tungsten alloy
Dimensions - 6.8mm x 50.8mm
Thread - 2BA
Weight Distribution - Centre
Barrel Profile - Parallel
Front Profile - Round
Point Type - Black high tensile
Grip Type - Buttress grooves, Wave
Grip Level - 4 (1 = Smooth, 5 = Aggressive)
Grip Zone - Full length
Surface Finish - Polished


When I first opened the darts I thought they looked very stylish with the short razor edge shafts. At 85% tungsten they feel heavier and bulkier than most 24g darts but I am used to playing with 21g so might be down to what I am used to. The grip is rated 4 out of 5. I agree the middle and front of the barrel is very grippy but I found the back of the dart was closer to a 3 on the grip scale and was a very unique design so may suit someone who holds the dart at the front or the middle.
The darts are very well made, as always from red dragon, and the razor edge grip really does help stop your fingers slipping if they are a little on the sweaty side!
The darts come in a XS wallet which is a basic wallet. Plenty of storage space, lightweight and easy to slip into your pocket to carry on match nights. 
First impressions, Great accessories and case and solid, well made darts that look good.

Throwing these darts took a bit of practice. The weight and thickness difference compared to my current darts made me struggle to hit big scores at first but it got better with time. I found my consistency to be much better using these darts. Although I wasn^t hitting 140+ as much my averages were just as good because I was throwing straighter and hitting more 100s and 60s instead of the usual 45s and 81s!!
The dart is easy to hold with the razor edge grip which probably also helped my accuracy as darts never seemed to slip. 
The short stems helped the darts flight and barely had any wobble in the air.

I spent hours with these, absolutely loved them but unless you are used to using similar darts, these can take a little longer to get used to throwing.If you stick with it, you will be playing solid darts in no time. Beginner or pro, they get easier to play with the more you play! Very consistent, superb quality with a unique design on the barrel, plenty of grip and nicely balanced to keep your darts straight.
At £34.90, they are well worth the money. You get everything you need to start throwing immediately, they will last you a lifetime(if looked after!!!) and are the signature darts of Gerwen ^The Iceman^ Price. One of the most talked about players on the PDC circuit at the moment and a very promising player!

If you want a set of these darts for yourself then buy them here:…/Gerwyn-Iceman-Price-24-gr…/ and Red Dragon will sort it out for you.

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