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Article: Durrant Relieved to Dump Bogey Rival Robbo

Durrant Relieved to Dump Bogey Rival Robbo

Glen Durrant admitted he was relieved to dump his bogey player and win the hardest match of his life. The defending BDO World Champ breezed past Gary Robson 3-0 at the Lakeside with a very classy perfomance. But Boro battler Durrant revealed he had never been so jittery. He said: “I was so nervous beforehand. Scott Mitchell said the hardest game you’ll play in the first game after you become world champion. “I didn’t believe him until this morning. Preparation wasn’t great today but I won the bullseye backstage then I started playing really well. “But when I got back on that stage it brought back so many memories, it’s a great place to play I promise. “I’m over the moon just to get through that first round is massive, I feel like I’m in the tournament now. A couple of days off, a bit more preparation and I can’t wait for Darryl Fitton or Justin Thompson next. “Sometimes I pinch myself when I’m playing people like Darryl, I’m a big fan of his. I’m BDO world champion and I know it sounds crazy but I would love to play Darryl Fitton in the last 16 because I think he’s a great player.” Channel Four pundit Paul Nicholson added: “Glen lives in the house of a 95/96 average and that’s exactly what he’s done today. “After a year where he’s not played as many tournaments, he must be very pleased.” By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia) Photography courtesy of BDO / DGmedia

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