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Article: Darts Review - Razor Edge ZX-1

Darts Review - Razor Edge ZX-1

A flag-ship addition in 2018 to the illustrious Razor Edge darts range, the ZX-1’s breath-taking design takes dart performance to the next level. Darts Specs: Dimensions 22g 24g 26g Barrel Length: 50.8 mm Barrel Length: 50.8 mm Barrel Length: 50.8 mm Barrel Width: 6.5 mm Barrel Width: 6.8 mm Barrel Width: 7.1 mm Grip Razer Edge Buttress Groves Razor Edge ZX-1, Red Dragon Darts, Dimensions Available in a range of popular weights of 22g, 24g and 26g, the Razor Edge parallel barrel design paired with our medium Nitro shafts provides a perfectly balanced dart. The nose of the barrel also tapers at the front to give you the greatest grouping and scoring potential possible. [caption id="attachment_35034" align="alignright" width="300"]Razor Edge ZX-1, Red Dragon Darts, Dimensions, Grip Middle-rear Grip[/caption] The ZX range features two sections of the signature Razor Edge grip along the barrel. This provides you with a fantastic level 4 performance grip that is aggressive but still feels great through your fingers. The inclusion of a central section of ring grip really helped me refine my finger placement and reliably replicate my grip throw after throw - one of the keys to consistency on the oche. The two banks of grip can be suitable for players that grip the rear or front barrel, including the middle-rear grip that I use. This combo of grip and balance ensures the Razor Edge ZX range provides consistency of release and a smooth flight arc to your target. The striking PVD coating provides a subtly vibrant but fittingly sharp finish to this high-performance barrel. Razor Edge, ZX-1, ZX-2, Red Dragon DartsContents: Flights: 2x Hardcore Extra Thick Standard Shaft: 1x Medium Nitrotech Shafts Points: 32mm Standard Black Points Wallet/Case: Red Dragon Tri-fold Pro Wallet The provided setup of medium Nitrotech Shafts and Hardcore standard flights create an ideal centre of gravity on the middle ring grip. The positioning of this centre of gravity and parallel barrel allows for a smooth trajectory in flight and aid in eliminating “fish-tailing” in the air to the board. Close grouping is the trademark of a skilled darts player and the tapered-nose assisted me greatly in packing the trebles for those big scores. The combo of the slim barrel and standard 32mm points work great in my experience, allowing me to snugly squeeze each dart side by side. You can view the full Razor Edge ZX-1 range here.

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