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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

As is the norm over the Christmas and New Year period local leagues, pubs and clubs are involved in knockouts and 2016/2017 was no exception.   [caption id="attachment_16579" align="alignleft" width="300"]2017-01-08 - South Birmingham League Mixed Doubles Winners Zakia Awan and Mohammed Anwar with Sue Kingdon (Orgamiser) in the centre. 2017-01-08 - South Birmingham League Mixed Doubles Winners Zakia Awan and Mohammed Anwar with Sue Kingdon (Orgamiser) in the centre.[/caption] The South Birmingham League staged their Mixed Doubles event which attracted an encouraging 24 entries. The final went the full three legs distance with Mohammed Anwar and Zakia Awan just getting the 2-1 verdict over Luis Barberan and Charlie Kingdon. [caption id="attachment_16578" align="alignleft" width="300"]Forest of Arden Winter League Mixed Doubles Winners Sue Kingdon and Simon Edwards with Trevor Edwards (Treasurer) in the centre. Forest of Arden Winter League Mixed Doubles Winners Sue Kingdon and Simon Edwards with Trevor Edwards (Treasurer) in the centre.[/caption] Both of the last four games finished 2-0 with Anwar and Awan beating Lynn Coulson and Gavin Jones while Barberan and Kingdon accounted for Diane Hudson and Mark Allen. There was one late league result from division two in which The Bell beat The Gate 5-4. Full Results:Mixed Doubles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- Bob Jones & Wendy Finch 1 Diane Hudson & Mark Allen 2, Luis Barberan & Charlie Kingdon 2 Nicky Harris & Steve Sweetman 0, Brian Anderton & Brie Davis 1 Lynn Coulson & Gavin Jones 2, Rob Vann & Kath Depper 1 Mohmmed Anwar & Zakia Awan 2, Semi Finals:- Diane Hudson (140) & Mark Allen 0 Luis Barberan (180,137) & Charlie Kingdon 2, Lynn Coulson & Gavin Jones 0 Mohammed Anwar & Zakia Awan 2, Final:- Luis Barberan & Charlie Kingdon 1 Mohammed Anwar & Zakia Awan 2, Late Result:- The Bell 5 (B.Anderton 105) The Gate 4 (T.Barrs 100,140, T.Molineux 121,140, N.Groves 100,101b,140,121). --------------------------------- The Forest of Arden Winter League were another league to play off their Mixed Doubles competition in which mother and daughter Sue and Charlie Kingdon both reached the semi finals. Sue with partner Simon Edwards won their last four game 2-1 against Phil Carter and Laura Vann while Charlie who was teamed up with Luis Barberan won by the same margin against Courtney Burns and Tim Jones. The Kingdon final saw Sue and Simon clinch the title with yet another 2-1 verdict with Charlie and Luis finishing as runners up. Full Results:Mixed Doubles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- Simon Edwards & Sue Kingdon 2 Diane Hudson & Mark Allen 0, Albert Thurman & Cindy Ray 1 Phil Carter & Laura Vann 2, Brian Anderton & Brie Davis 1 Courtney Burns & Tim Jones 2, Nick Walker & Michalea Walker 0 Charlie Kingdon & Luis Barberan 2, Semi Finals:- Simon Edwards & Sue Kingdon 2 Phil Carter & Laura Vann 1, Courtney Burns & Tim Jones 1 Charlie Kingdon & Luis Barberan 2, Final:- Simon Edwards & Sue Kingdon 2 Charlie Kingdon & Luis Barberan 1. --------------------------------- For the second consecutive week The Boat defeated Boldmere St Mikes in the Four Oaks and District League, after beating their fierce rivals 6-3 in the league they won 9-6 in the Coronation Shield to book their semi final place. Golden Hind and Erdington Club were level until the final game which gave Golden Hind a close 8-7 victory. The Boot led Old Oscott Arrows until the fourth game which Old Oscott Arrows won 3-0 and despite a valiant effort Boot lost the final game 2-1 to give Old Oscott Arrows the 8-7 win. In the Norman Day Cup Erdington Arrows took an unassailable 8-1 lead to finally win 9-6 against The Fox while Drakes Drum had a comfortable 10-5 win against Rosey Mac’s. The tie between Pint Pot Flights and Old Oscott WMC was level until the final game which saw Pint Pot Flights win 3-0 for a 9-6 result. Some excellent darts from The Duke’s G.Chamberlain who hit 2x140,121,100 and had a 116 game shot but it was not enough to avoid a 12-3 defeat to St Thomas’s Social Club. Over the Christmas break the league played the second round of their Brian Goodman and Ken Rust Cups. In the Brian Goodman Cup Boldmere St Mikes lost the first game against Plough and Arrows but took the remaining eight for a convincing 8-1 win. Erdington Club beat Boldmere Tap by the same 8-1 scoreline while Bishop Vesey were 7-2 winners against division two leaders St Thomas’s Social Club. Old Oscott Arrows lost by the narrowest of margins 5-4 to Golden Hind. In the Ken Rust Cup there was another tight 5-4 game in which Red Lion took the honours in the eighth game against Erdington Arrows, The Boot also won 5-4 in their tie with The Fox. In the other games The Boat beat Old Oscott WMC 6-3 and Rosey Mac’s lost 8-1 to Drakes Drum. Full Results:Coronation Shield:Round Two:- Boldmere St Mikes 6 (M.Ashton 100b,2x100, M.Wild 2x140, R.Hawker 100b,140,100,180, A.Kimberley 120b,3x100, S.Paling 100, J.Kavanagh 100, N.Smallwood 2x100) The Boat 9 (W.Mynard 120b,2x140,3x100, K.Reynolds 120b,156b,2x100, N.Clarke 4x100,106f, K.Deeley 2x100,2x140, J.Prince 2x100,177, M.Partridge 2x100,140), Golden Hind 8 (W.Naylor 121,3x100, T.O’Kereke 2x100,140, J.Frost 100,140, J.Morris 121,2x100, G.Kimberley 121,2x100, D.Pickering 100,140) Erdington Club 7 (L.Shorthouse 100, K.Shorthouse 160b,120b,100,135, R.Barritt 100,101), Old Oscott Arrows 8 (E.Atkins 121,3x100, B.Hoare 100b,100, D.Page 100, M.Maher 120,2x100, M.Page 140,137,3x100, M.Compton 100b,4x100) The Boot 7 (P.Opelier 2x100,120,180, G.Gaughan 3x100, G.Lynch 2x100, T.Tyrie 4x100,140,137, J.Lynch 131, R.Smith 180), Norman Day Cup:Round Two:- Erdington Arrows 9 (P.Ellery 100, J.Stokes 3x100, R.Bazeley 100, M.Phillips 112b,2x100,2x140, J.West 2x140, J.Cox 100, A.Ashford 100) The Fox 6 (K.Smith 3x100,125, M.Naylor 3x100, R.Stanton 140,2x100, M.Horacek 180,100, N.Napier 100), Drakes Drum 10 (J.Clarke 121,123, S.Spink 125, A.Day 2x100,125, A.Lilley 112,100,140,110, J.Mahon 116b,2x100, K.Brown 109b,2x140,100) Rosey Mac’s 5 (D.Sargent 100b,125,116,140, L.Edwards 125,100, C.O’Conner 140,100, R.Lloyd 140), Pint Pot Flights 9 (M.Mills 101,121,140, R.Mercer 120,140,100, M.Bagnall 160b,100b,2x100,123,140, S.Davey 123,100) Old Oscott WMC 6 (J.Tolley 100,101, J.Higgins 140, N.Hawkley 100, D.Munge 2x100, A.Cole 116b, M.Bowles 127, J.Rogers 100, T.Morris 100), The Duke 3 (J.Boulstridge 100, C.Batt 118,125,100, G.Chamberlain 100,2x140,116f,121, R.Snelson 100) St Thomas’s Social Club 12 (T.Pedley 2x100, W.Cadby 101b,2x100,180, T.Kelly 100b,100,117, I.Lloyd 3x100, I.Matthews 140,100, S.Bird 2x100, J.Collins 2x100), Brian Goodman Cup:Round Two:- Bishop Vesey 7 (M.Norton 100, C.Sammons 100, J.Dempsey 121, J.Cronin 100, M.Archer 110b,100) St Thomas’s Social Club 2 (W.Cadby 2x100, W.Taylor 112, T.Kelly 111b), Boldmere St Mikes 8 (A.Kimberley 135, C.Perry 117b, M.Wild 100, N.Smallwood 105b,137, M.Ashton 100, B.Stephens 100, S.Paling 140, J.Kavanagh 105b,112) Plough and Arrows 1 (P.Smith 100, M.O’Driscoll 103b,140, A.Humphriss 100), Boldmere Tap 1 (S.Hagans 113, C.Hagans 100, D.Quirk 117, A.Nicholls 100) Erdington Club 8 (K.Shorthouse 120b,121, G.Bushell 140, L.Shorthouse 125, D.Jarvis 125, D.Hodge 115, D.S.Pritchett 100), Old Oscott Arrows 4 (A.Lea 145b,100, M.Maher 140, M.Page 100,101f, E.Atkins 100,107f, C.Andrews 100) Golden Hind 5 (J.Frost 100, D.Fowler 101b, T.Keatley 100, W.Naylor 140, G.Kimberley 100,114, D.Pickering 100, J.Morris 105b,180), Ken Rust Cup:Round Two:- Erdington Arrows 4 (J.West 102b,100, P.Ellery 100, G.Oldfield 122, M.Phillips 100,120, M.Kenny 100, M.Edwards 100) Red Lion 5 (E.A.Birkett 100, S.Andrews 120b,140, M.Gaughan 112b,123, D.Bond jnr 118, B.Hughes 140, D.G.Bond 118f, L.Bayliss 112b,136b), Rosey Mac’s 1 Drakes Drum 8 (R.Hasluck 133,113, J.Clarke 100, J.Mahon 100b,100, A.Day 100b), The Boat 6 (W.Mynard 100, M.Partridge 140,125, S.Harvey 108b, N.Clarke 117b,100,120b) Old Oscott WMC 3 (A.Cole 100, N.Hawkley 152b, D.Parsons 2x100, J.Tolley 100), The Boot 5 (T.Taylor 118, P.Opelier 121, G.Gaughan 140, T.Tyrie 100,125) The Fox 4 (N.Napier 100, D.Perry 112b, M.Willetts 156b, M.Naylor 118f). --------------------------------- Round one of the League Cup in the Kings Norton League produced a local derby clash between Hillyfields ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively placed fourth and second in the league table so it was more than surprising when the ‘B’ side won by a huge 7-0 margin. West Heath and The Coppice in turn won 5-2 against Rubery RBL and Bear and Staff while there were close 4-3 wins for Billesley, Cotteridge Social and E57 at the expense of respective opponents Toby Jug Flights, Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club and Stirchley United. On the league front West Heath have been ousted from their number one perch after losing 4-3 at home to Hillyfields ‘A’ and replacing them in pole position is Stirchley United who won their home game against Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 6-1 to give them a two points lead over five teams Hillyfields ‘B’, West Heath, Hillyfields ‘A’, Rubery RBL and The Coppice. Hillyfields ‘B’ have a game in hand on the leaders, they and Stirchley are the only undefeated teams in the league. Full Results:Week 4:- Bear and Staff 5 (D.Singleton 116, C.Singleton 100, K.Jukes 100, B.Crumpton 100,140) Weoeley Hill 2 (M.Lloyd 2x100,2x125, D.Barnickle 2x100, J.Cole 4x100,140, R.Manders 100,125,180, J.Brookes 100,180, L.Brown 140, A.Meredith 100), Stirchley United 6 (T.Jeffs 100,121, T.Cullen 4x100,134, K.Mason 2x100,105f,140, D.Collins 3x100,2x140, S.Riddick 2x100, M.Bathurst 2x132, C.Ryan 2x100) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (S.Carr 116,135, D.Whitecombe 100,125,140, M.Bloomer 2x100, Peter Corbett 100, K.Gator 100, S.Corbett 100,115,140, S.Brown 100), Toby Jug Flights 2 (C.Gauntlett 100, M.Turner 100, R.Higgins 100,2x125,132,139, D.Kent 2x100,3x140) Cotteridge Social 5 (B.Faulkner 2x100, P.Taylor 2x100,116, J.O'Neill 3x140,100, A.Faulkner 3x100,140,16 darts game, Mike Ivory 101, S.Hale 140, P.Smith 130), Hillyfields ‘B’ 6 (E.Simpson 2x100, K.Bedder 3x100,140,118,15 darts game, V.Gould 5x100,140, J.Best 2x100,123,135,108f, T.Hamilton 2x100,121,180, J.Hykin 2x100,2x140, A.Hykin 2x100,2x140,121,180,14 & 13 darts games) E57 1 (N.Steventon 2x100,140, D.Logan 100,101, N.Porter 4x100, M.Ellis 100,123, D.Davenport 100,140, L.Brotherton 100, J.Calt 140), Rubery RBL 4 (S.Jacques 2x100, P.Medlicott 2x100, B.Heath 5x100,121,123, S.Hodges 2x140,100, R.Packer 2x100,121,125, R.Mullen 3x100) Grant Arms 3 (N.Kelly 100,121, J.Bennet 105, D.Campbell 2x100, P.Smith 100), Coppice 4 (A.Deeley 100,121,140,180, D.Hill 105,140,122, C.Heath 121,125, A.Chidley 4x100,100f,140,180, G.Twist 120, J.Chapman 100) Coldstream 3 (B.Andrews 100,103,180, S.Ager 2x140, P.Andrews 100,125,140, M.Thompson 2x100), West Heath 3 (P.Hughes 3x100, C.Airey 2x100,121,140, T.Shipley 103, S.Deeley 116,121, T.Corbett 2x140, W.Marshall 100, J.Reading 121) Hillyfields ‘A’ 4 (K.Drain 140,117f, L.Caven 138,125, M.Poolton 2x140,122, A.Vaughan 100,135, A.Harvey 140, L.Fox 100,180, K.Vaughan 2x100), League Cup:Round One:- Billesley 4 (T.Shaw 140, L.Jones 100, S.Sadler 100, J.Sadler 123,115, W.Ford 100) Toby Jug Flights 3 (M.Turner 2x100,140, J.Higgins 100,140, G.Smith 100, R.Higgins 121, D.Kent 2x100,121), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 (S.Carr 180, P.Corbett 100, M.Bloomer 100,120, D.Whitecombe 100,123, K.Gater 4x100) Cotteridge Social 4 (J.O'Neill 2x140,2x100,100f, B.Faulkner 3x100,140, A.Faulkner 2x100, T.Young 100, C.Harman 133, S.Hale 140), Coppice 5 (M.Mooney 100, R.Mooney 119, D.Hill 4x100,121, A.Deeley 3x100, M.Harper 2x100) Bear and Staff 2 (B.Crumpton 100,101, C.Singleton 123,140), Hillyfields ‘A’ 0 (A.Harvey 100, K.Drain 100, Joe Fox 2x100, M.Poolton 100) Hillyfields ‘B’ 7 (J.Hykin 103, E.Simpson 3x100,121,125, T.Hamilton 2x100,121,140, J.Best 100,123, V.Gould 3x140,100, K.Bedder 100,123,140), Stirchley United 3 (K.Mason 100,140, T.Cullen 100,131,140, D.Collins 2x100,101, M.Welsh 100) E57 4 (B.Morgan 3x100,140, N.Steventon 100,125,180, J.Good 100, M.Ellis 3x100,118, S.Nolan 100,125,140, N.Porter 100,140), West Heath 5 (T.Shipley 3x100,125, P.Hughes 3x100, T.Corbett 100,125,140, A.Sutton 100, K.Hall 100) Rubery RBL 2 (M.Pierce 100,125, I.Medlicott 2x100,118, R.Packer 3x100,136, B.Heath 2x100,150, J.Grainger 139). --------------------------------- The Small Heath League played off their singles knockout and the final turned out to be an all East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association affair between Terry Webster and Colin Wyatt. Taking the title with scores of 140,123,5x100,2x120 breaks plus an eight darts game was Terry Webster, Wyatt’s reply was 140,132,2x100 and a 100 break. Losing semi finalists were Ashley Lattimer (Cob’s Bar) and Dave Heighway (Gulp Tribe). The semi finals of the league’s doubles knockout both finished with close 2-1 scorelines as G.McCormack and M.Cain beat J.Frost and S.Cain and T.White and L.Robinson won against P.Webster and C.Wyatt. The final was a straight 2-0 win for White and Robinson with McCormack and Cain runners up. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Preliminary Round Losers:- Alan Cheshire 100 (Wagon and Horses), Anthony Fisher 100 (Emerald Club), Con Murphy (Wagon and Horses), Dave Shakespeare (Cob’s Bar), Jake Webster 127,123,102 (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association), Mark Fisher 100 (Emerald Bar), Michael Looby 100 (Wagon and Horses), Mick O’Sullivan 137,100b (Gulp Tribe), Mike Beasley (Emerald Bar), Richard Cooper (Gulp Tribe), Rob Pikey (Cob’s Bar), Last Sixteen Losers:- Steve Cain (Mitre), Alex Downes 127,125,2x100 (Mitre), Eddy Burns (Emerald Club), George Drennan 2x100 (Mitre), Ian Jones 125,100 (Mitre), John Frost (Mitre), Matt Cooper 100 (Gulp Tribe), Paul Webster 100 (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association), Pete Hopkins 140,2x100 (Emerald Bar), Quarter Final Losers:- Clive Austin 140,2x100,105b (Mitre), Derek Rivitt 140,100 (Wagon and Horses), Gerry McCormack 135,2x100,126f (Mitre), Matthew Cain 137,100,112b (Mitre), Losing Semu Finalists:- Ashley Lattimer 140,2x100 (Cob’s Bar), Dave Heighway 121,100,120b (Gulp Tribe), Runner Up:- Colin Wyatt 140,132,2x100,100b (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association), Winner:- Terry Webster 140,123,5x100,2x120b,8 darts game (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association), Doubles Knockout:Last Sixteen:- G.McCormmack (2x100,121) & M.Cain (2x100) (Mitre) 2 J.Webster (100) & T.Webster (135) (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) 0, W.Johnson & A.Lattimer (Cobs Bar) 2 C.Murphy (100) & M.Looby 0, R.Cooper & L.Wyatt 0 M.Fisher & M.Beasley (Emerald) 2, S.Cain & J.Frost (100) (Mitre) 2 A.Chshire (121) & R.Hampton (Wagon and Horses) 0, R.Hopkins & A.Fisher (100) (Emerald) 1 M.Cooper (140) & D.Heighway (4x100) (Gulp Tribe) 2, T.White (140) & L.Robinson (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) 2 R.Pikey & D.Shakespeare (Cob’s Bar) 0, C.Austin (100) & I.Jones (100) (Mitre) 2 D.Ali (121,100) & G.Drennan (2x100) (Mitre) 1, M.Cunningham & L.Stanton (Cob’s Bar) 0 P.Webster (100) & C.Wyatt (160b, 140,100) (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) 2, Quarter Finals:- G.McCormack (100b) & M.Cain (125) 2 W.Johnson & A.Lattimer 1, M.Fisher & M.Beasley (105) 0 S.Cain (100,125) & J.Frost (2c140) 2, M.Cooper (2x100,136b,121) & D.Heighway (2x100) 1 T.White (100) & L.Robinson 2, C.Austin & I.Jones (100) 0 P.Webster (116) & C.Wyatt (120) 2, Semi Finals:- G.McCormack (115) & M.Cain (100) 2 J.Frost & S.Cain (2x100) 1, T.White (180,140) & L.Robinson 2 P.Webster (100) & C.Wyatt (2x140,120b) 1, Final:- G.McCormack (117) & S.Cain (140) 0 T.White (140) & L.Robinson (2x133) 2. --------------------------------- The singles title for the Camp Hill League went to Hay Mills Social Club representative Simon Edwards who defeated team mate Pete Yardley in the final. John Taylor, another Hay Mills Social Club player went out in the last four play offs together with Neil Parsonage from Cotterills Lane Club. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Quarter Final Losers:- Jake Webster (Cotterills Lane Club), Jamie Carter (Holy Gulp), John Lee (Devils Club), Nigel Davis (Cotterills Lane Club), Losing Semi Finalists:- Neil Parsonage (Cotterills Lane Club), John Taylor (Hay Mills Social Club), Runner Up:- Pete Yardley (Hay Mills Social Club), Winner:- Simon Edwards (Hay Mills Social Club). --------------------------------- The Averages Knockout was the order of the day for the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League and in the division one final Jimmy Handley (Riley’s ‘D’) was taken to a deciding leg by Steve Jones from Wednesfield Conservative Club before sealing his 3-2 victory. Going out in the last four were Mark Lowbridge (Victoria) and Justin Evans (Gilberts Bar). The division two play-off was another win for Riley’s as ‘A’ team player Paul Boddison beat Andy Busby (Dog and Partridge) 3-0. Matt Evans (Woodfield Social Club) and Harry Small (Sunbeam) both made their exits in the semi finals. Full Results:Averages Knockout:Division One:Losing Semi Finalists:- Mark Lowbridge (Victoria), Justin Evans (Gilberts Bar), Final:- Jimmy Handley (Riley’s ‘D’) 3 Steve Jones (Wednesfield Conservative Club) 2, Division Two:Losing Semi Finalists:- Matt Evans (Woodfield), Harry Small (Sunbeam), Final:- Paul Boddison (Riley’s ‘A’) 3 Andy Busby (Dog and Partridge) 0. --------------------------------- Week fifteen of the Brierley Hill Friday Night League saw Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ lose their top position in the table as they lost 5-2 at home to third placed Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ who have now joined them on the same 24 points. Taking over in pole position with a two points advantage over their rivals is Brickmakers Arms who were 5-2 winners away to Miners (Wollescote). Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ gained a vital 6-1 win over their hosts Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ to lift them one place in the table to fourth while their opponents drop two places to sixth. At the other end of the table there was a rare win for Fox Inn (Lye) who for only the second time in fifteen games chalked up a win. Playing at home Fox won 4-3 against The Gate (Colley Gate) to see them move two places off the foot of the table and be replaced by Lenches Bridge who lost their home game with Britannia 4-3. Ten Arches are next to bottom after their 5-2 defeat at Dudley Sports, Lenches, Ten Arches and Fox are all on the same four points with only average separating them. Full Results:Rearranged Fixture:- The Gate (Colley Gate) 5 Ten Arches 2, Week 15:- Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 2 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 5, Fox Inn (Lye) 4 The Gate (Colley Gate) 3, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 1 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 6, Lenches Bridge 3 Britannia 4, Miners (Wollescote) 2 Brickmakers Arms 5, The Bell 4 Samson and Lion 3, Dudley Sports 5 Ten Arches 2. --------------------------------- The West Midlands Men’s Super League staged their singles and doubles finals at their home venue Gilberts Bar, Willenhall. From a field of 79 players Scott Baker (Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ ) retained his singles title beating up and coming player Matthew Moore (Crown ‘B’) 4-1 in a high quality final. Losing semi finalists were Ash Khayat (ECC) and Reece Colley (Pensnett Welfare Club). The doubles title went to Robert Smith and Jason Lowe (Crown ‘A’) who won 4-2 in the final against Matthew Dennant and Gary Watts from Landywood ‘A’ who were attempting to make it three wins in a row but failed at the last hurdle. Going out in the semi’s were Paul Wells and Mathew Tedstone (Crown ‘A’) and Matthew Coleman and Greg Parkes. --------------------------------- The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League are three quarters of the way through their season and despite a major upset the title will go to Ashwood ‘A’ who with 44 points from 24 games have a six points lead at the top of the table, their latest 6-1 win being at Crestwood. The battle for the runners up position is being so fiercely fought that only two points separate the chasing five teams, Brickmakers Arms and Gornal Conservative Club are both locked together on 38 points with exactly the same average with a game in hand on the leaders, Miners Welfare are also on 38 points then comes Ashwood ‘B’ and Britannia each having 36 points from 24 games. Full Results:Week 25:- Dudley Sports 4 High Acres 3, Ten Arches ‘B’ (K.Bambrick 170b, 7 darts game) 4 Netherton Cricket Club 3, Hare and Hounds 3 Fox Inn (Lye) 4, Britannia 4 Portway 3, Hollybush 0 Ten arches ‘A’ 7, Ashwood ‘B’ 3 Brickmakers Arms 4, Gornal Conservative Club 5 Miners Welfare 2, Crestwood 1 Ashwood ‘A’ 6. --------------------------------- After completing the opening six games in the Pip Club League the Main League sees Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) and Queens Head the only two teams from a starting line-up of thirteen the only ones to remain unbeaten. Bulls Head ‘A’ lead the field with a massive average advantage over Queens Head, both teams having 12 points. In the latest round of fixtures Bulls Head ‘A’ won 9-0 against Progressive Club and Queens Head were close behind with an 8-1 win at Royal Oak. Third placed Winning Post are on 10 points. Full Results:Week 7:- Globe Trotters 3 Globe (Wilnecote) 6, Old Liberal 1 Birchmoor Club 8, Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 9 Progressive Club 0, Pip Club 3 Belgrave Club 6, Winning Post 9 Wigginton Arms 0, Royal Oak 1 Queens Head 8. --------------------------------- The Ashwood, Wordsley was another pub to run a Christmas Knockout and taking the top prize was Chris Williams with a narrow 3-2 win over West Midlands star Nick Fullwell in the final, both players had straight 2-0 wins in the semis Williams beating Reece Colley and Fullwell winning against Jamie Rollinson. Full Results:Last 32:- Mark Rollinson 2 Mal Marson 0, Stephen Skidmore 2 Matt Stavros Frost 0, Dale Harris 1 Jamie Rollinson 2, Geoff Marson 0 Mark Flatman 2, Paul Chandler 1 Matt Porter 2, Joe Turner 1 Kevin Harris 2, Nick Fullwell 2 Carl Nicklin 0, Charlie Clewes 1 Ashley Marson 2, David Simpson 2 Mat Halliday 0, Roberto Pierce 2 Kev Bambrick 1, Josh Roberts 0 Robert Harris 2, Chris Williams 2 Steve Blewitt 0, Darren Cartwright 0 Reece Colley 2, Carl Sparrow jnr 2 Chris Fox 0, Adam Edgar 2 Mark Pritchard 0, Iain Mathers 1 Gary Barnett 2, Last 16:- Reece Colley 2 Carl Sparrow jnr 0, Adam Edgar 2 Gary Barnett 0, David Simpson 1 Roberto Pierce 2, Robert Harris 1 Chris Williams 2, Matt Porter 0 Kevin Harris 2, Nick Fullwell 2 Ashley Marson 1, Mark Rollinson 1 Stephen Skidmore 2, Jamie Rollinson 2 Mark Flatman 0, Quarter Finals:- Stephen Skidmore 0 Jamie Rollinson 2, Kevin Harris 0 Nick Fullwell 2, Roberto Pierce 0 Chris Williams 2, Reece Colley 2 Adam Edgar 1, Semi Finals:- Reece Colley 0 Chris Williams 2, Nick Fullwell 2 Jamie Rollinson 0, Final:- Chris Williams 3 Nick Fullwell 2. --------------------------------- On Saturday 28th January the Britannia Inn Sports Bar, 75 High Street, Wollaston, Stourbridge, DY8 4NY will be staging a 501 double start and double finish darts knockout with a a top prize of £250 plus prize money down to the losing quarter finalists all for a £5 entry fee. Registrations will be taken between 12noon and 1.30pm with a 2.00pm start. ---------------------------------

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