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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The only two undefeated teams in the league and the leading duo in division one of the Four Oaks and District League The Boat and Boldmere St Mikes squared up to each other in what was the last game of the first half of the season. Described as the ‘Clash of the Titans’ the result turned out to be a decisive 6-3 victory for The Boat despite R.Hawker taking his tally to four maximums when he notched a further two for Boldmere St Mikes. The Boat now go into the second half with not only an unbeaten run of eight games but also a two points lead over St Mikes. There was heartbreak for Plough and Arrows, after going 4-2 up at home against Drakes Drum they lost the final three games to go down 5-4 and end the first half of the season without a league win. So fierce is the competition in division two that no fewer than three teams are tied on the same 12 points at the top of the table and only two points separate the top five. St Thomas’s Social Club beat Erdington Club 6-3 to remain in pole position on average while The Boot and Red Lion had 7-2 wins against Rosey Mac’s and The Duke to put them second and third in the table respectively. The Fox and Erdington Arrows are both on ten points two adrift of the top three teams I.Taylor (Plough and Arrows) and M.Archer (Bishop Vesey) both recorded maximums in week nine. Full Results:Week 9:Division One:- Plough and Arrows 4 (N.Robbins 5x100,135, I.Taylor 152b,180,100,121, M.O’Driscoll 121,100, P.Robbins 100) Drakes Drum 5 (J.Mahon 100b, A.Lilley 125,3x100,101, J.Clarke 100, J.J.Armstrong 100, R.Hasluck 121, A.Day 160b,2x140, D.Yates 112b,100,140), Bishop Vesey 5 (C.Sammons 108, S.Holmes 140,100, D.Walton 2x125, M.Hall 100,120,116, M.Archer 134,140,180, M.Norton 100,125, A.France 100, D.Walton 2x100) Old Oscott WMC 4 (J.Tolley 113b,100, M.Bowles 120,2x100,140, N.Hawkley 152b,100, T.Morris 100, D.Parsons 140,3x100,121), Old Oscott Arrows 7 (M.Page 100,125, B.Hoare 134,140, A.Lea 119,100, M.Maher 120,2x100, M.Compton 100,100f, D.Page 105,140,125, E.Atkins 115,140, L.Jones 140) Pint Pot Flights 2 (M.Bruin 100, B.Godfray 136, S.Robotham 3x100, S.Davey 100b,100,140, J.Moon 100, G.Cookson 140, M.Mills 100), Boldmere St Mikes 3 (S.Paling 160b,3x100, M.Ashton 100b,2x100,121,125, R.Hawker 103b,2x180,2x100,105b, C.Perry 100,140, B.Linnecor 120, M.Wild 3x140,100) The Boat 6 (K.Reynolds 128,100, W.Mynard 120b,105b,127, K.Deeley 2x108b,2x142b,100,120,127, S.Harvey 108b,100, M.Partridge 100b, N.Clarke 100,2x140, J.Prince 120,2x100), Division Two:- Erdington Club 3 (D.Murray 2x100,119, D.Jarvis jnr 121,2x100, M.Westmorland 100b,2x100, D.Hodge 101b, L.Shorthouse 2x100, K.Shorthouse 2x100) St Thomas’s Social Club 6 (J.Collins 142b,137,2x100,118,121, W.Cadby 120b, I.Lloyd 111b, W.Taylor 100,131, S.Bird 100, T.Kelly 100,140,171), Boldmere Tap 2 (C.Hagans 100, J.Hunter 125, D.Byrne 102, S.Alexander 100, P.Bromley 140,139) Erdington Arrows 7 (A.Ashford 140, M.Kenny 2x100, M.Edwards 100, J.Cox 105,115,122,100, P.Phillips 100,133, G.Oldfield 2x100), Rosey Mac’s 2 (F.Harris 118b, R.Lloyd 2x100) The Boot 7 (J.Lynch 100b, R.Smith 107b, G.Gaughan 125, T.Taylor 120,100, T.Tyrie 100b,100,125, P.Opieler 120b), The Duke 2 (D.Clarke 130, J.Boulstridge 128, G.Chamberlain 117b,140,113f, J.Illidge 100) Red Lion 7 (M.Gaughan 3x100,113f, D.Bayliss 120,2x100, K.Richardson 119, B.Hughes 100,140, D.G.Bond 125,2x100). --------------------------------- South Birmingham League division one leaders Erdington Members Club were held to a close 5-4 win by The Raven who are in the bottom half of division while second placed Mackadown Social chalked up a massive 8-1 victory over next to bottom The Trident to keep them within two points of Erdington with a game in hand. Crown at Shard End in third place are on the same ten points as Mackadown, they won 7-2 away to bottom team Crown Arrows. There was a shock for division two leaders The Dog as they returned from The Kingfisher on the wrong side of a 5-4 result, Kingfisher are just two places off the foot of the table. Second placed Toby Jug with a 5-4 home win over The C’s have now drawn level on ten points with The Dog. Full Results:Week 7:Division One:- Coleshill Social 5 (G.Jones 2x100,107b, L.Thompson 140, S.Sweetman 100,100b,105, P.Bryant 112b, N.Mcrave 100,129) Banbury Arrows 4 (D.Evans 137, W.Cooper 152b, J.Moss 2x100, L.Reece 140, P.Moran 100,101b), The Trident 1 (J.Lawton 100b, A.Cooksey 100, T.McDonough 101,117,117f) Mackadown Social 8 (M.Cooper 3x100, D.Young 120b,100), The Raven 4 (T.Whitehouse 134,135b,112b,115,132,137, A.Mayell 140,120, J.Whitehouse 100, D.Mortiboys 137, P.Jay 115b) Erdington Members Club 5 (M.Birch 100,140,119,105b, M.McFall 100,121b, L.Barberan 105f, M.Anwar 112b,133, J.Liggins 133, C.Millward snr 140), Crown Arrows 2 (J.Gaskin 121, R.Vann 100,105b, M.Bown 140,100) Crown at Shard End 7 (M.Walker 105b, G.Clinton 120b,120,100, D.Clinton 100,121,9 darts game, J.Norris 100), Division Two:- Toby Jug 5 (T.Adams 105,101, S.Hunt 100, D.Revitt 120, L.Tyrell 100, T.Chick 100, B.Weir 180) The C's 4 (J.Shingler 100, R.Beale 140), Banbury Flights 7 (M.Tilley 122b, D.Cooper 123f, L.Walker 117b,2x100, D.Raven 2x100, P.Wilde 140, J.Carter 102b) Smithswood Social 2 L.Hughes 100, S.King 100,116), The Kingfisher 5 (G.Shergold 100, D.Green 146b,140, R.Mills 2x100,123, K.Shergold 120, S.Boden 100, R.Sharples 100) The Dog 4 (M.Blackburrow 2x100, M.Clayton 140, R.Gessey 114). --------------------------------- Journeys End took their unbeaten run in division one of the Forest of Arden Winter League to five games when they won 8-1 at Greville Arrows to keep them four points ahead of second in the table Highwood KB who were 5-4 winners at Ivy Leaf, D.Williams hit a maximum for Ivy Leaf. Full Results:Week 6:Division One:- Greville Arrows 1 (C.Ray 100, D.Ryecroft 3x100,122,140, C.Okey 100, D.Duggan 4x100,125, K.Duggan 3x100,140, T.Jones 105) Journeys End 8 (D.Evans 3x100,140, A.Howell 100, L.Barberan 100,125. T.Constable 2x100,121,126, J.Jennings 5x100,128,125), Ivy Leaf 4 (G.Clinton 140,100, A.Sheen 132, T.Clinton 140,100, D.Williams 180,140,125, R.Jelley 140, D.Field 140,120,2x100) Highwood KB 5 (G.Thomas 6x100, N.Wykes 180,2x100, A.Gorman 100, W.Cooper 123, N.Byrne 4x100, T.Walton 140,2x100). --------------------------------- After the opening three fixtures in the Kings Norton league West Heath and Stirchley United are the only two teams to have won all three games, Hillyfilelds ‘B’ and E57 are also undefeated but they have only recorded two results so far. In the five games played this week no fewer than three of them had a 7-0 scoreline, leaders West Heath were one of those 7-0 winners as they played at home against next to bottom of the table Bear and Staff. Hillyfields ‘A’ and E57 were the other 7-0 winners beating in turn Toby Jug Flights and Coldstream. Second in the table Stirchley United were not far behind as they recorded a 6-1 win at Cotteridge Social which leaves them just one leg of average short of West Heath. Hillyfields ‘B’ and E57 are both on four points from two games to leave them two behind the leading duo with a game in hand while Rubery RBL and Hillyfields ‘A’ who also have four points have played three games. Full Results:Week 3:- Hillyfields ‘A’ 7 (K.Drain 3x100,121, M.Poolton 3x100, A.Harvey 140, L.Fox 100,125,106, K.Vaughan 2x100,131,123, P.Vaughan 100,120) Toby Jug Flights 0 (J.Higgins 100, C.Gauntlett 100, Dan Kent 4x100, Donna Kent 123, R.Smith 103, R.Higgins 2x100,123,129), Cotteridge Social 1 (P.Taylor 132, J.O'Neill 5x100,104f,140, B.Faulkner 2x140,130,123,180, S.Brookes 100, S.Hale 100,116, A.Faulkner 100, L.Betteridger 100, B.Faulkner 125f) Stirchley United 6 (T.Bathurst 137, T.Cullen 100x3 125, T.Jeffs 100, S.Riddick 100x2 140x2 17DG, M.Bathurst 2x100, C.Ryan 109 132, D.Collins 100 140), E57 7 (J.Calt 2x100, N.Steventon 100,140, T.Roberts 4x100, N.Porter 140, M.Ellis 4x100, D.Logan 100,125, B.Morgan 2x100,140, R.Morris 3x100, D.Davenport 108f, L.Brotherton 100, B.Doyle 2x100) Coldstream 0 (S.Ager 100,120, B.Andrews 124, M.ferriday 2x100), Weoley Hill 1 (M.Lloyd 2x100,2x140,137, D.Barnickle 100,140, J.Brookes 121, R.Manders 121, A.Rogers 2x100,120) Rubery RBL 6 (R.Packer 100,140, S.Hodges 100,121,180, B.Heath 100,125,137, P.Medlicott 100, I.Medlicott 100, S.Jacques 2x100), West Heath 7 (P.Hughes 3x100, C.Airey 134, A.Sutton 2x100,2x140, T.Shipley 105, S.Deeley 100, K.Hall 100,140, T.Corbett 7x100, W.Webb 100,140) Bear and Staff 0 (C.Singleton 100, C.Burke 121, T.Hykin 121,123). --------------------------------- It was League Cup semi finals week in the Small Heath League, league leaders East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association reaching the final with a win over next to bottom of the table Cob’s Bar, and making up the final will be Gulp Tribe who took out the league’s current bottom team Emerald Club. Full Results:League Cup:Semi Finals:- Gulp Tribe beat Emerald Club, Cob’s Bar lost to East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association --------------------------------- [caption id="attachment_15919" align="alignleft" width="169"]2016-12-13 - Paul Brown (Malborough Christmas KO Winner). 2016-12-13 - Paul Brown (Malborough Christmas KO Winner).[/caption] The Sheldon Marlborough Cricket Club Singles League staged their Christmas Knockout and in the last four games there was a straight 2-0 win for Paul Brown over Mark O’Donnell while from the other half of the draw another Paul, this time Sunner accounted for Dave Humphries with a closer 2-1 verdict. The final also went the full three legs distance with Brown just getting the edge. [caption id="attachment_15916" align="alignright" width="281"]Sheldon Marlborough Dave Brown (Division One Knockout Winner) and Paul Brown Sheldon Marlborough Dave Brown (Division One Knockout Winner) and Paul Brown[/caption] [caption id="attachment_15922" align="alignleft" width="300"]2016-12-18 - Sheldon Marlborough Alan Wale (Championship Winner and Knockout Winner) and Paul Brown 2016-12-18 - Sheldon Marlborough Alan Wale (Championship Winner and Knockout Winner) and Paul Brown[/caption] On the league front honours went to Dave Howlett (Premiership Winner), Alan Wale (Championship Winner) and Kevin Salsbury (Division One Winner). The divisional knockout winners were Paul Sunner (Premiership), Alan Wale (Championship) and Dave Brown (Division One) with Paul Sunner also winning the 501 knockout. Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Ray Turner 1 Alan [caption id="attachment_15917" align="alignright" width="253"]2016-12-18 - Sheldon Marlborough Dave Howlett (Premiership Winner) and Paul Brown 2016-12-18 - Sheldon Marlborough Dave Howlett (Premiership Winner) and Paul Brown[/caption] Eden snr 2, Ian Genge 1 John Young 2, Nicola Brown 0 Adam Humphries 2, Sean O’Donnell 2 Matt Murrin 1, Dave brown 0 Mark O’Donnell 2, Last Sixteen:- Dave Humphries 2 Jay Vaughan 1, Elisha Bevington 0 Paul Sunner 2, Alan Wale 0 Paul Brown 2, Dave Howlett 2 Alan Eden jnr 0, Alan Eden snr 2 Marie Jenkins 0, John Young 1 Mark O’Donnell 2, Adam Humphries 0 Steve McCarthy 2, Sean O’Donnell 2 Daz Turner 0, Quarter Finals:- Paul Brown 2 Sean O’Donnell 1, Mark O’Donnell 2 Dave Howlett 1, [caption id="attachment_15918" align="alignleft" width="300"]2016-12-18 - Sheldon Marlborough Paul Sunner (Premiership Knockout and 501 Winner) and Paul Brown 2016-12-18 - Sheldon Marlborough Paul Sunner (Premiership Knockout and 501 Winner) and Paul Brown[/caption] Steve McCarthy 0 Dave Humphries 2, Alan Eden snr 0 Paul Sunner 2, Semi Finals:- Paul Brown 2 Mark O’Donnell 0, Dave Humphries 1 Paul Sunner 2, Final:- Paul Brown 2 Paul Sunner 1. --------------------------------- After fourteen games there is still very little to separate the top two teams Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ and Brickmakers Arms in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League as both teams are locked on 24 points. The latest round of fixtures saw Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ hand out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Ten Arches who are just two points to the good on bottom team Fox Inn (Lye). Brickmakers Arms were 5-2 winners in their home clash with The Bell to leave them trailing the leaders by seven legs of average but importantly staying two points ahead of third placed Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ who were another team to hand out a 7-0 drubbing as they accounted for The Gate (Colley Gate). Shock of the week was provided by Lenches Bridge who moved off the foot of the table and up three places when they won their away game against Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ who as a result drop one place in the table to fifth. Full Results:Week 14:- The Gate (Colley Gate) 0 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 7, Ten Arches 0 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 7, Samson and Lion 2 Dudley Sports 5, Brickmakers Arms 5 The Bell 2, Britannia 4 Miners )Wollescote) 3, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 3 Lenches Bridge 4, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 4 Fox Inn (Lye) 3. --------------------------------- [caption id="attachment_15920" align="alignleft" width="165"]2016-12-17 - Royal Knockout Dave Pallett (Winner) and Andy Roberts (Runner Up) 2016-12-17 - Royal Knockout Dave Pallett (Winner) and Andy Roberts (Runner Up)[/caption] The Royal, Albrighton staged their Christmas Knockout and taking the top prize of £140 was Newport man Dave Pallett who in a very closely fought final was taken the full eleven legs distance by Andy Roberts from Oakengates before sealing the title with a 6-5 result. In the semi finals Pallett had a 5-2 win against Dave Bayton while Roberts had a more convincing 5-0 success against Steve Groucott. As runner up Roberts received £70 and there was £20 for each of the losing semi finalists. In the first round losers Plate Knockout it [caption id="attachment_15921" align="alignright" width="166"]2016-12-17 - Royal Plate Knockout Will Roberts (Winner) and Simon Pritchard (Runner Up) 2016-12-17 - Royal Plate Knockout Will Roberts (Winner) and Simon Pritchard (Runner Up)[/caption] was Will Robert (Oakengates) with a 4-2 scoreline against Codsall’s Simon Pritchard that won the event and the £20 that went with it, Pritchard collecting £10. --------------------------------- The Pip Club League had round one of their Divisional Cups on the fixture card and in the division one games there was just one surprising result, that of bottom team Birchmoor Club beating fourth placed Sports Bar ‘180’. Joining Birchmoor in the next round will be Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth), and Queens Head, Winning Post went through with a bye. In division two there were wins for Pip Cub and Globe (Wilnecote) with Royal Oak and Old Liberal both having a bye. Full Results:Divisional Cups:Round One:Division One:- Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) beat Belgrave Club, Sports Bar ‘180’ lost to Birchmoor Club, Globe Trotters lost to Queens Head, Winning Post - bye Division Two:- Pip Club beat Wigginton Arms, Progressive Club lost to Globe (Wilnecote), Royal Oak and Old Liberal both had a bye. --------------------------------- The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League are rounding off their season with various knockouts the latest of which were the 3 A-Side plus the 21 and Under events. In the 3-A-Side final the 3-1 result went to the Gilberts Bar trio of Reece Cook-Lucas, Pete Taylor and Justin Evans with Shane Yeomans, Cy Warrilow and Mark Lowbridge (Victoria) runners up. In the 21 and Under competition Gilberts Bar provided no fewer than three of the last four players, in the semi finals Justin Evans got the better of team mate Mark Lloyd, while Reece Cook-Lucas, the other Gilberts player took out Ryan Bourne (Wednesfield FC). In the final Justin Evans continued in the superb form he had shown throughout the knockout and ran out the 3-0 winner against his fellow Gilberts Bar player Reece Cook-Lucas. Full Results:3 A-Side Knockout:Semi Finals:- Reece Cook-Lucas, Pete Taylor and Justin Evans (Gilberts Bar) beat Simon Ward, Lee Smart and Steve Hill (Wednesfield Legion ‘C’), Shane Yeomans, Cy Warrilow and Mark Lowbridge (Victoria) beat Kev Jones, Doug Palmer and John McHale (Ukrainian Club), Final:- Reece Cook-Lucas, Pete Taylor and Justin Evans 3 Shane Yeomans, Cy Warrilow and Mark Lowbridge 1, 21 and Under Knockout:Semi Finals:- Reece Cook-Lucas (Gilberts Bar) beat Ryan Bourne (Wednesfield FC), Justin Evans (Gilberts Bar) beat Mark Lloyd (Gilberts Bar), Final:- Justin Evans 3 Reece Cook-Lucas 0. --------------------------------- Finals were the order of the day in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League, Louis Burley beat Tony Durnall in the singles final while the doubles title went to Paul Bromley and Mark Bromley with Wayne Horton and Adam Cullum runners up. In the Knockout Cup final Riley’s ‘B’ won against Moreton with the Consoaltion Cup title going to league champions Whitmore Reans WMC after they defeated Brewood British Legion in the final. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Final:- Louis Burley beat Tony Durnall, Doubles Knockout:Final:- Paul Bromley and Mark Bromley beat Wayne Horton and Adam Cullum, Knockout Cup:Final:- Riley’s ‘B’ beat Moreton, Consolation Cup:Final:- Whitmore Reans WMC beat Brewood British Legion. --------------------------------- At the halfway stage in the Black Country Premier League Blackheath Beechers lead the way with 28 points, a lead of four on second in the table Black Country Belters. Going into the last fixtures of the half Beechers were 12-1 winners at HBD while Belters had a closer 9-5 home win over Britannia Bulldogs who are in sixth position on 18 points. Third in the table Woodside Poachers are just one point behind Belters after losing their game at Windmill Hill Warriors 10-5. Full Results:Week 14:- Black Country Belters 9 Britannia Bulldogs 5, Mighty Mitre 9 Enville Street Renegades 4, Colley Gators 9 Windy Millers 7, Hounds of Wynall 5 Vintage Gamers 9, HBD 1 Blackheath Beechers 12, Windmill Hill Warriors 10 Woodside Poachers 5, Springfield Rifles 4 Brickmaker Big Dogs 11. --------------------------------- In the semi finals of the Mile Oak Rovers Challenge Cup in the Tamworth League there were wins for Sports Bar and Globe Inn who in turn defeated Fox and Dogs and Old Liberal House. On the league front after week five Three Tuns (Fazeley) lead the way on 33 points with Sports Bar ‘180’ on 30 in second place, there then comes a gap of six points to third in the table Wigginton ‘B’ but they have only played three games and have two in hand on the leading duo. Full Results:Match 5:- Fox and Dogs 5 Sports Bar 2, Old Liberal House 1 Three Tuns (Fazeley) 6, Globe Inn 5 Wigginton ‘A’ 2, Sports Bar ‘180’ 4 Dolphin Inn 3, Players League:- Keith Lane (Old Liberal House) beat Glenn Alexander (Three Tuns, Fazeley), Grant Harris (Wigginton ‘A’) beat Ian Grylls (Globe Inn), Steve Taft (Sports Bar ‘180’) beat Baz Wright (Dolphin Inn), Mile Oak Rovers Challenge Cup:Semi Finals:- Sports Bar 4 Fox and Dogs 3, Globe Inn 5 Old Liberal House 2. --------------------------------- As this is the final column of 2016 I would like to wish all contributors and readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I would also like to say thank you for all of your continued support, without you, the readers there would be no darts column. The next column will appear on the 11th January 2017, but in the meantime continue to send through all of your results and information as you get it as it will be included in that column. ---------------------------------

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