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Article: Darts News - Project Darts Round-Up

Darts News - Project Darts Round-Up

Turbo Rev's Up Rotherham Open The 4th year of the Projectdarts Rotherham Open produced a terrific standard yet again as players came from far and wide to compete in this premier event. Darren Johnson, Chris Gill and Dean Winstanley had been victorious over the last 3 years and this time it was won by Sheffield's Trevor Burkhill beating a very gallant Chris Lacey in the final. Chris en route to the final had hit 2 x 170 finishes and a couple of 11 dart legs with over 10 maximums but fell 6-2 in the final to Turbo Trev who had also himself hit 13 maximums and 3 x 11 and 2 x 12 darts on the evening. Carl Wilkinson and Bob Pinder, both losing semi finalist played terrific darts all night and gave their all. The Tournament was a round robin format with the qualifiers below going into a straight shootout. The groups threw up some cracking darts including a fine win for Chris Lacey including a 170 checkout in a game which included an 11 dart leg and a maximum in a win over Chris Markham. Sam Fordham hit a superb 164 checkout in a 4-2 win over Brian Lewis. Trevor Burkhill hit 3 x 180s and a 12 and 11 dart legs against Jon Smethurst. Ryan Goffin hit a cluster of 100 plus out-shots in a brilliant win beating finalist Chris Lacey 4-1 with out-shots of 106, 109, 120. [caption id="attachment_20033" align="aligncenter" width="548"]Chris Lacey, Owen Cubit, Trevor Burkhill, Red Dragon, Project Darts Chris Lacey (left) Ref Owen cubit and Trevor Burkhill in red[/caption] Last 16 BOB PINDER 5-2 TONY MOLTNEAUX 14, 15, 17, 11 dart legs for Bob with a 14 for Tony. MICK SWIFT 5-1 KIMBERLY CANTRELL Maximum for Mick. GREG BEARD 5-2 ANDY BRADBURY TREVOR BURKHILL bt GAVIN MARKHAM CARL WILKINSON 5-0 ANNE LOFTHOUSE [caption id="attachment_20037" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Ryan Goffin, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts Ryan Goffin[/caption] RYAN GOFFIN 5-0 BRIAN LEWIS 126 out for Ryan LEE CUSHWORTH 1-5 CHRIS LACEY 15/17/18 for Chris with a 170 finish STEVE MARFLEET 5-2 OWEN CUBITT 116 out-shot for Steve. Last 8 BOB PINDER 5-3 MICK SWIFT GREG BEARD 0-5 TREVOR BURKHILL Trev hit 2 x 12, 14, 13, 16 [caption id="attachment_20038" align="aligncenter" width="293"]Carl Wilkinson, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Carl Wilkinson[/caption] CARL WILKINSON 5-1 RYAN GOFFIN 15, 2 x 16 and 2 x 180 for Carl and a 16 for Ryan CHRIS LACEY 5-3 STEVE MARFLEET 13 dart leg for Chris Semi finals TREVOR BURKHILL 5-1 BOB PINDER 14, 2 x 16, 18 3 x 180s and a 110 out for Trevor, Bob hit a 14 and 2 x 180s. CARL WILKINSON 3-5 CHRIS LACEY Chris with 3 x 15 and 2 x 16 for Carl. Red Dragon, Darts that Deliver Final TREVOR BURKHILL 6-2 CHRIS LACEY Trevor hit 3 x 180s, 13, 12, 2 x 17 and a maximum for Chris and a 14 dart leg. Peter Just Perfect For Steel Steel City Championship was in town again and it went to Perfect Pete Bramley with a 3-1 victory in the final over Ben Dulley. With clinical finishing and good scoring it was a very impressive display by the Rotherham man. Pete was victorious in the semi final with a 3-0 win over Pat Meeson after picking up earlier victories against Marc ellis 3-1, and getting through the group of Paul Brittle, Angie Brittle and Ryan Goffin. Ben's path was a group with Marc Ellis, Bob Pinder & Antonio Cruz before Mr Dulley would pick up wins over Mick Hulley 3-2 and a 3-0 semi final win against earlier victor Bob Pinder. Bob Pinder & Pat Meeson would make the semis after quarter final wins over Paul Brittle and Ryan Goffin. So a tremendous night of darts at the Woodbourne as the Steel City Championship now moves on to the next with Marc Ellis now top of the table [caption id="attachment_20075" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Pete Bramley, Pat Meeson, Ben Dulley, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Pete Bramley, Pat Meeson & Ben Dulley[/caption] 12 MARC ELLIS 11 BEN DULLEY 11 ADAM WARNER 10 GREG BEARD 9 BOB PINDER 9 PAT MEESON 9 STEVE MARFLEET 8 PAUL BRITTLE 8 LESTER BOWERS 7 PETE BRAMLEY 7 MICK HULLEY 6 CHRIS MARKHAM 5 ANTONIO CRUZ 5 RYAN GOFFIN 4 PETE BELL 4 PAT FINNEY 4 LAURA TAYLOR 4 LEE CUSHWORTH 3 RUSS SIMONS 3 OWEN CUBITT 3 SAM FORDHAM 2 RICH JOHNSON 2 MATT PRYOR 2 STEVE EWINGTON 2 JOHN LIEBER 2 ANGIE BRITTLE 2 BRAD CLOWERY 2 PAUL HARRIS 2 STEVE NAISBIT 2 TREVOR TYE 2 LEE WOLFE 1 ANNE LOFTHOUSE 1 GREG BATTING 1 CHRIS KEANE 1 JOHN EDWARDS 1 JON SMETHURST 1 TRACEY BELL 1 BEN CHIVERS 1 DAZ BLUER Bradley Brooks Wins Latest SDM Title [caption id="attachment_20076" align="aligncenter" width="489"]Dave Wilson, Greg Beard, Bradley Brook, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Dave Wilson, Greg Beard & Bradley Brooks[/caption] Bradley Brooks made the trip over from Lancashire to win the latest round of the Red Dragon Darts Masters known as the SDM and added his name to the list of great players to win one. He was consistent and scored very high all day with wins over Matty Shaw and Matt Royle before a tremendous game with Steve Meek, which included 4 x 180s and a semi final win over Dave Wilson before beating Greg Beard in the final with Greg putting pay to Chris Jackpot Keane, Ellis turner, Bob Pinder,Steve Marfleet and Gav Pilling en route to the final. Lester Bowers won most 180s for the bonus and the highest checkout was shared between Lester also and Steve Hattersley with least darts going to Brian Lewis and Dave Wilson funnily enough in the same match. Outstanding performances by some players on the day included Gav Pilling who made his way through to the last 4 with fine wins over Lee Siddle and Tom Sawford before a crunch game with young Patrick Waite, who also had a great day beating WDL player Lester Bowers, Sam Fordham and Maison Wilson. Dave Wilson had beaten Brian Lewis in a very good game and also John Kirk and Steve Hattersley before going down to Brooks in the semi final. The pairs final went to Greg Beard and Vaugh Fairclough who defeated Anne Lofthouse and Dave Wilson 2-1 Vaugh, Greg, Ref John Smethurst with Anne and Dave in pairs final. [caption id="attachment_20078" align="aligncenter" width="473"]Vaugh, Greg, John Smethurst, Anne Lofthouse, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Vaugh, Greg, Ref John Smethurst with Anne and Dave in Pairs Final[/caption] 1st Round ADRIEN KRONK 3-4 TEV TYE PATRICK WAITE 4-1 MAISON WILSON Patrick with a 106 out and Maison hitting a maximum TOM GURRAN 1-4 LESTER BOWERS High scoring by both players with a 180 and 118 out for Bowers TOM BLAGG 4-1 ANDY FRIAR BOB PINDER 4-0 OWEN CUBITT SAM RENSHAW 1-4 ELLIS TURNER CHRIS KEANE 2-4 GREG BEARD LEE CUSHWORTH 4-1 JAKE RHODES 180 and 109 for Cushworth STEVE MARFLEET 4-0 SIE SIMONS IAN HENDRY 4-1 EVAN HENDRY BEN CHIVERS 1-4 PETE BRAMLEY 2nd Round STEVE HATTERSLEY 4-0 ANNE LOFTHOUSE 18 and a 118 outshot for Steve JON SMETHURST 0-4 JELGER TUINSTRA 180 for Jelger JOHN KIRK 4-0 ANTHONY LOFTHOUSE BRIAN LEWIS 3-4 DAVE WILSON 14/17/18 for Dave and a 14/18 for Brian TOM SAWFORD 4-0 TOM WRIGHT GAV PILLING 4-3 LEE SIDDLE SAM FORDHAM 4-3 TREV TYE 180 for Trev PATRICK WAITE 4-3 LESTER BOWERS 17 for Patrick with a 17 and 2 x 180 for Lester AARON WAINRIGHT 0-4 MATT ROYLE MATTY SHAW 0-4 BRADLEY BROOKS JIM MOSTON 1-4 STEVE MEEK ED MCCOSH 1-4 VAUGH FAIRCLOUGH 15 for Vaugh TOM BLAGG 0-4 BOB PINDER ELLIS TURNER 0-4 GREG BEARD Maximum for Greg LEE CUSHWORTH 2-4 STEVE MARFLEET IAN HENDRY 3-4 PETE BRAMLEY 18/16 and a 180 for Pete 3rd Round MATT ROYLE 0-4 BRADLEY BROOKS STEVE MEEK 4-1 VAUGH FAIRCLOUGH 180 for Steve GREG BEARD 4-3 BOB PINDER STEVE MARFLEET 4-3 PETE BRAMLEY STEVE HATTERSLEY 4-3 JELGER TUINSTRA 180,115 OUT AND A 15 for Jelger DAVE WILSON 4-0 JOHN KIRK TOM SAWFORD 2-4 GAV PILLING SAM FORDHAM 2-4 PATRICK WAITE 4th Round STEVE HATTERSLEY 2-4 DAVE WILSON 180 for Steve BRADLEY BROOKS 4-1 STEVE MEEK 4x180s in the match with 2 each GAV PILLING 4-3 PATRICK WAITE GREG BEARD 4-2 STEVE MARFLEET Semi finals DAVE WILSON 2-4 BRADLEY BROOKS GAV PILLING 2-4 GREG BEARD [caption id="attachment_20079" align="aligncenter" width="449"]Greg Beard, Gavin Pilling, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts 2nd Semi; Greg and Gav.[/caption] Final BRADLEY BROOKS 4-2 GREG BEARD SDM 2017 Pts Name Played 108 BOB PINDER 7 97 DAVE WILSON 5 75 ROB HOLROYD 3 72 LESTER BOWERS 5 64 BRIAN LEWIS 6 56 BEN DULLEY 6 55 RYAN GOFFIN 3 55 STEVE MARFLEET 4 52 STEVE HATTERSLY 7 47 OWEN CUBITT 5 47 VAUGH FAIRCLOGH 4 47 TOM SAWFORD 4 42 PETE BRAMLEY 4 42 MARTIN SOMMERTN 5 42 STEVE MEEK 4 41 IAN HENDRY 7 39 LEE CUSHWORTH 6 39 EVAN HENDRY 7 36 JAKE RHODES 6 35 JORDAN MATTHEWS 1 35 JIMMY HASLAM 2 32 CHRIS KEANE 5 30 JON SMETHURST 6 30 GREG BEARD 2 30 PATRICK WAITE 4 27 BRAD CLOWERY 5 27 LIAM PIDDINGTON 4 27 TOM WRIGHT 3 27 TOM GURRAN 5 25 BRADLEY BROOKS 1 25 MAISON WILSON 4 24 MARK GURRAN 4 22 TREVOR TYE 4 22 MATT ROYLE 4 20 GAV PILLING 2 17 STEVE THOMPSON 3 17 JOHN KIRK 3 17 BEN CHIVERS 3 17 SIE SIMONS 3 15 SHAUN MATTHEWS 1 15 ANNE LOFTHOUSE 3 15 BOB LAMB 2 15 GARETH BAXTER 3 15 KIETH JIGGINGS 3 14 TOM BLAGG 2 12 SAM FORDHAM 2 12 TIM CLOSE 1 12 JOSH HEWITT 2 12 PAUL HARRIS 2 12 DANNY HALL 2 12 ANTONIO CRUZ 2 10 JO TAYLOR 2 10 LUKE ORMAN 1 10 JAMES THOMAS 1 10 TOM BRIGGS 1 10 STEVE NAISBIT 2 10 JORDAN LISTER 1 10 SAM RENSHAW 2 10 ANDREW FRIAR 2 10 ELLIS TURNER 2 10 LIAM FOSTER 1 10 SAM FORDHAM 2 10 PETE BELL 2 10 MICK HULLEY 1 7 WES SMITH 1 7 GAV PILLING 1 7 JELGER TUINSTRA 1 7 MARC ELLIS 1 7 ADY MASON 1 7 CHRIS MARKHAM 1 7 THOMAS LOVELY 1 7 RICARDO CRUZ 1 5 MARK THOMPSON 1 5 JORDAN FISHER 1 5 CALLUM HAYWOOD 1 5 SIMON SAWFORD 1 5 HOLLY WRIGHT 1 5 LEE SIDDLE 1 5 KIERON POTTS 1 5 AUSTIN STEBBING 1 5 ADRIEN KRONK 1 5 AARON WAINRIGHT 1 5 MATTY SHAW 1 5 JIM MOSTON 1 5 ED MCCOSH 1 5 TOM BLAGG 1 5 PHIL MCKEEN 1 5 RAY HAYWOOD 1 5 ANNE HEWITT 1 5 JAMIE BARRINGTN 1 5 NIKKI ORMAN 1 5 LAURA TAYLOR 1 5 PAUL BRITTLE 1 5 LEWIS JIGGINGS 1 5 CRAIG MINTO 1 5 ANGIE BRITTLE 1 5 JOHN HEWITT 1 5 DAVE CREWS 1 5 KIRSTY HYDES 1 5 REECE COE 1 5 SCOTT BENNET 1 Lofthouse Beats Leader Leach In Dramatic Week In Pikado TOREK PIKADO LIGA @PLAYERS BAR ROTHERHAM [caption id="attachment_20080" align="aligncenter" width="357"]Anne Lofthouse, Dave Wilson, Pikado Liga, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts Anne Lofthouse & Dave Wilson[/caption] What a week in the Pikado Liga as we have a new leader and some of the other games produced some terrific results. None more so than Anne Lofthouse and her win against new leader John Leach. John had earlier in the night seen off Charlie Stocks 6-1 and Anne had also seen off Andrew Friar 7-0 and with the two meeting in the game of the week, it was Anne who hit 3 sub 21 dart legs and John also but Anne taking a 4-1 lead which held her on for a famous 4-3 victory. John with a very good win under his belt and the 3 points from the game with Anne makes him a clear leader at the top of this week's league. Micky Stocks continues to climb with another two wins this week along with Ben Beardmore and Dave Wilson who also won his games this week. Antony Ainsworth keeps moving up with a good 5-2 win against fellow journeyman Lee Thompson. Last week's leader Maison Wilson also won 5-2 over Sie Simons. Steve Hattersley picked up valuable points this week to keep pressure on the leaders as did Tom Briggs. Player of the week has to be Anne Lofthouse and she was also involved in game of the week with John Leach although we had a few nail-biting games with Gavin and Lee. Dave Wilson grabbed a 4-3 win over Pete Bramley and Tom with a 4-3 also. Highest finish 116 John Lieber 112 Gavin Markham 109 Dave Wilson 108 Dave Wilson Most 180s 4 Charlie Stocks 2 Micky Stocks Least darts 14 Liam Johnson 15 Dave Wilson 15 Steve Hattersley 15 Tom sawford T.BRIGGS 7-0 N.ORMAN 18 leg for Tom D.WILSON 4-3 P.BRAMLEY 16/17 and a 180 for Dave,17 for Pete M.WILSON 5-2 S.SIMONS 21 dart leg to both players P.BRAMLEY 6-1 D.MACABREY 18,19,21,21 dart legs for Pete B.LEWIS 1-6 L.JOHNSON 14.19 dart legs for Liam and a maximum T.BRIGGS 4-3 T.SAWFORD 15 for Sawford and a 21 for Briggs S.HATTERSLEY 6-1 T.HIRST 180 and a 15 for steve K.JAGGER 7-0 M.SLACK L.SLACK 3-4 G.MARKHAM 21 and a maximum for Lee with Gav hitting a 112 finish a 16,21 dart leg and a 180 B.LAMB 4-3 C.SIMONS 21 dart leg for Bob B.BEARDMORE 7-0 S.EDWARDS 16 dart leg for Ben J.LIEBER 7-0 M.SIMONS 116 out for John A.AINSWORTH 5-2 L.THOMPSON 18 for antony and a 20 dart leg each J.LEACH 3-4 A.LOFTHOUSE 19,20,20 for john and a 17,2 for anne M.STOCKS 7-0 B.CHIVERS 2 maximums and a 17,18,20 leg for Micky C.STOCKS 7-0 A.FRIAR 2 maximums for charlie A.FRIAR 0-7 A.LOFTHOUSE 20,20,21 dart legs for Anne B.BEARDMORE 7-0 D.MACABREY 18&21 legs for Ben S.HATTERSLEY 1-6 D.WILSON 15,19,21 for Dave and also 109,108 out shots and a 21 for Steve J.LEACH 6-1 C.STOCKS 3 maximums with 2 going Chalies way O.CUBITT 6-1 B.CHIVERS 16,20,18 for Owen Pikado Liga Table

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