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Article: Darts News - M.B.E. TAKES L.D.O.

Darts News - M.B.E. TAKES L.D.O.

After months of careful planning, promoting and organising, the LDO’s Official 3rd Darts Event "The Ladies Classic” had arrived. After a 5 am wake up call, we were soon on our way start to prepare the venue. We really was running on a tight schedule, and everything from the stage, to the cubicles, to computers etc has to be set up, but thankfully, a band of merry helpers walked in at 8 o clock, ready to lend us hand.

By 9.00 the venue had started to fill up. The sound of laughter could be heard, and you could see and hear the excitement of the ladies eagerly waiting to get started. After all, this is what you wonderful ladies had been waiting for. A FULL DAY OF LADIES DARTS JUST FOR LADIES.

Registration soon opened and the day commenced. Surely we couldn’t hold another successful event with a large number of entries. I mean, some people have written the LDO off, saying were folding and we won’t be here for much longer, but then there will always be those doubters, who we always prove wrong!

There were two inter-county matches on the same weekend and the French Open. I really expected the number of entries to be considerably low. BUT...I WAS WRONG.. An amazing 82 Singles entries and 39 Pairs. I THINK ITS SPEAKS FOR ITESELF. BOOM. SUCCESS. THE LDO HAS STRUCK AGAIN.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that made this event possible, from our Sponsors, Winmau, Red Dragon, Krispy Brown (Darts, Beers & Cheers), Dawn Speed, Brenda Dyer (Clever Cloggs), Montague Maintenance, Porters Lodge. Also thanks to Tricia Wright who sponsored all of the trophies . A special thank you also to my husband, who without all his help, from keeping me calm, checking the entries, proofing paper work, to setting up the venue, what a great stage manager you really are.

Also thank you to Adie Mason and Jude Johnson, our official LDO M.C.’s of the Day, you both did an amazing job all day. To our driver of the day, a special thankyou to Dean Coe, who not only drove us there and back and helped to set up with Gordon at silly oclock, he also had a set up for his darts stall and this was very successful. Thanks to Tim Johnson, Dawn Wright, Sharon Boldy, Ros Wilkinson who came early and helped to set up. Rachel Molesworth (who kept you all up to speed with online updates and without her help you wouldn’t have known what was happening) and to Dawn Speed for helping me do the registration and helped do the official draw for the singles and pairs. Also thankyou to our raffle seller Louise Gwatkin, and taking orders for the LDO merchadise and selling our products. You all were fantastic xx

A massive thank you to the Blues Club, who were just outstanding, your team work and professionalism all day was superb, and all credit to a great team of employees. WELL DONE THE BLUES CLUB.

So now onto the event itself. We started the pairs only 20 minutes late, as we had a few late comers. But the games ran very smoothly and there really were some terrific pairs games, a good few 180’s and high checkouts were being scored, and some shock exits. But the last 8 pairs was a great line up

Trisha Wright/Katie Falla (2) v Paula Jacklin/Sue Gulliver (3)

Deta Hedman/Fallon Sherrock (3) v Maggie Sutton/Suzanne Smith (1)

Danielle Ashton/Natasha Eaves (3) v Casey Gallagher/Ann Chilton (2)

Claire Ball/Juliet Findley (3 v Lisa Ashton/Trina Gulliver (2)

The stage semi-final finals saw two fantastic games. The first being played by Paula Jacklin/Sue Gulliver v Deta Hedman/Fallon Sherrock

This was a game played by some great ladies with lots of experience. The final result didn’t reflect the game at all. But there can only be one winner, which saw Deta and Fallon take the win 4-1. Well done to all ladies. It was a pleasure to watch.

The second semi final of the pairs was played with Danielle Ashton/Natasha Eaves v Claire Ball/Juliet Findley.

And what a nail biting game this was. With Claire and Juliet the more experience players taking the lead, you thought this game was going to be over soon. But the two youngsters less experienced show no fear, no nerves, and are not fazed by playing on stage. This game was going all the way. 3-3 and the final leg is to decide who would play in the final. The last leg saw Claire and Juliet take the win 4-3. What a match.

These two ladies are really showing the older generations how to play. Danielle Ashton (15 yrs) and Natasha Eaves (14 yrs) who to me stole the show. These two youngsters showed total professionalism, stage presence and showed no fear. Way to go girls. You should both be very proud of yourselves. England stars in the making. Watch out Lakeside.

The final was set, a game of intense pressure and al 4 girls were gritting their teeth and none of them were giving up. Deta & Fallon v Claire & Juliet. But with Deta and Fallon showing us why they are BDO EDO and WDF top ranked players , it saw them win the pairs finals 4 -1. Very consistent scoring and clean doubles. But a great game from both Claire and Juliet, well know county players and Claire also being selected to play for England. Well done ladies, you showed us all how to play darts.

The first Ladies single semi finals to be played by Deta Hedman (World No1- Oxford) and Linda Itthuralde (Co. Durham). These two ladies had played fantastic, both taking out some great opponents along the way. With Deta already being warmed up to play on stage, and her focus set, maybe Deta has the advantage and settled into her game very quickly, and taking the 1st Leg. Linda digging in and pulling back to second leg to take the score 1 all. But with the Tall Lady showing us why she is NO 1 in the world, Deta took the next 3 legs, making the final score 4-1 against Linda. Unlucky Linda, next time gall. And well done Deta who was the first lady to be playing in the finals.

The second game saw a battle and half, Trina Gulliver MBE v Lisa Ashton (Lancs). These two ladies play pairs together and now they have to play against each other. This game was going to be a battle of wits. And they didn’t disappoint. It went all the way. With both ladies scoring well and finishing cleanly. The last leg was going to a close one. Who was going to win? Well there could only be one winner and this saw Trina take the 7th leg to go through to play in the final against Deta Hedman. Unlucky Lisa, a superb game to watch from two talented ladies.



AND WOW...WHAT A FINAL THIS WAS I was so privileged to witness a truly amazing game of darts for the Ladies Singles. These two ladies really are world class. The averages speak for themselves, both ladies having 24+ averages. 9 legs played, a nail biting 4-4, with every leg being fought for tooth and nail. I was truly in awe of these two fantastic ladies. Detas presence on stage is none other than sheer elegance and poise and shows why she is ranked number 1 in the world, and Trina’s determination and focus show everyone why she has won the Lakeside title 9 times.

Leg for leg, 180’s high checkouts, checking out the doubles, tension, facial expressions, shakes of the heads, just how it show be. This is what Ladies Darts is about.

IT WAS GOING ALL THE WAY. JUST HOW A FINAL SHOULD BE. JUST AMAZING and FANTASTIC SCORING FROM BOTH LADIES. ITS A SHAME YOU BOTH COULDNT WIN. The last leg saw Trina Gulliver MBE take the winning double to be crowned the Ladies Classic Champion of 2013 and with Deta Hedman taking the still very honourable runners up place.


I would like to say a big big thankyou to every single lady that entered, every spectator that came, all our sponsors, all our helpers. I cannot express my thanks enough. You all rock. So a massive thankyou from me. And here’s to the next LADIES DARTS ORGANISATION EVENT "THE LADIES CLASSIC” – AUGUST 30TH 2014

Julie Lambie

CEO of The Ladies Darts Organisation

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