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Article: Darts News From Around the West Midlands by Alan Towe

Darts News From Around the West Midlands by Alan Towe

The UKDA Board of Directors are pleased to announce the structure for the inaugural season of play in the Darts Corner National League.

UKDA CEO Colin Savage and the team wish to thank our headline sponsor Darts Corner, along with Elite Sports Management, AON Contracts and L-style for their valued support in sponsoring the National League system and the Premier Division, Championship and League One within the setup.

UKDA playing rules will be announced in due course.

The five National League divisions will be made up of the following teams, Premier Division:- Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, Essex, Glamorgan, Hampshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, London, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire, Championship:- Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Dorset, Gwent, Hertfordshire, Humberside, Kent, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, Sussex, and West Midlands, Division One:- Cleveland, Clwyd, Derbyshire, Gwynedd, Merseyside, Nottinghamshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, and Worcestershire, Division Two:- Bedfordshire, County Durham, Cumbria, Leicestershire, Middlesex, Montgomery and Radnor, Norfolk, Tyne and Wear, West of England and Wiltshire, Division Three:- Black Country, Breconshire, Gloucestershire, Isle of Wight, Northumberland, Pembrokeshire, Salopian, Shropshire and Wirral.

In addition to the management team printed in the previous edition of Darts World four more members have been added, they are Paul Marsh (National League Director), Richard Biggs (Regional Manager for the South East), Debbie Jones (Youth Co-ordinator) and Stephen Greenwood (Chief Disciplinary Officer and Regional Manager for Wales and East Central).

Stephen Greenwood has given a brief account of his history and experience saying “I have 31 years in public service the last 25 served as a police officer in Dyfed Powys. I am the brainchild /chairman behind the very successful Newtown Premier League which has developed many Welsh internationals in its 13 years of darting. I am also the chairman of the newly formed Newtown Darts Organisation formed in 2019. I have run many, many successful open competitions throughout Mid-Wales and Shropshire. I have also orchestrated the Contest of Champions for the last 10 years a competition involving the very best of players from their respective Premier Leagues. I aim to give the UKDA the full benefit of both my legal background advice and darting experience.

In addition to the Management Team a new Events Team has been formed and is comprised of Davie Hanson (Events Director), Paul Booth (Master of Ceremonies), Andrew Culling (Referee), Garin Roderick (Referee), Josh Clough (Referee), Simon Rimington (Referee), Matt Jones (Referee and Event Support), Karl Coleman (Event Support) and Elaine Kearns (Event Support).

The United Kingdom Darts Association have issued the following statement,

“The United Kingdom Darts Association (UKDA) are delighted to announce they have agreed a long-term sponsorship deal with Darts Corner the World’s largest Darts retailer”.

As UKDA Chairman Johnny Stefano explained “It has been six months since the UKDA proposal to encourage County teams into the National League was released and we have been working tirelessly since that moment to find a title sponsor for the Association and we are delighted that objective has now been achieved.”

“The level of support, help and advice we received from the outset by Darts Corner, their CEO Wayne Taylor and his team has led us to this historical moment. Considering those discussions started when we didn’t even have any teams signed up, all negotiations since have taken place during the toughest period imaginable, not just for grass-roots dart players specifically but the country generally, which makes the agreement even more incredible.

The UKDA now have the support we sought and when we all get back to playing again, hopefully in September as scheduled, the commitment Darts Corner has provided will ensure we can now provide an exciting future to all those players who have entrusted us with task of moving the National and Super League systems forward.

Thankfully we have managed to acquire investment from numerous sources and in truth, sources that wouldn’t have previously been interested in doing so. Though work still goes on within the UKDA Management Team to ensure all commercial opportunities are pursued, the backing of Darts Corner, the endorsement of what we want to achieve, the benefits that our new Sponsors will provide will filter back into the National and Super League areas of the grassroots game. To all the players competing within them, we are both grateful and excited to see what together we will be able to achieve for the players in the next few years.”
Sentiments echoed by Darts Corner CEO Wayne Taylor

“I love darts and everything to do with darts. It’s been my passion for nearly 30 years and after all the recent upheaval, all the uncertainty that millions have suffered and unfortunately are still facing, l felt now was the perfect time to give something back, to demonstrate both support and thanks to the tens of thousands of darts enthusiasts that over the last 15 years have supported Darts Corner. With this agreement, I believe that’s exactly what we will be able to achieve and I am genuinely thrilled, especially as the UKDA has chosen us as their partner when there were so many other options open to them.”

Johnny Stefano


With the Top Gun Ladies Online League going from strength to strength a new division was added and the new season began with a Premier Division, Championship Division and Division One which included no fewer than sixty six players with twenty two in each division.

After all players have completed ten games in the Premier Division the lead is held by Ksenia Klochek who has 18 points from her ten games played. Hot on the heels of Klochek is Anastasia Dobromyslova who also has 18 points but trails by just two legs of average after winning 3-1 in game three against Brenda Dyer, winning 3-1 against Tracey Davies in game five, winning 3-2 against Denise Cassidy in game six then losing 3-0 in game ten to Lorraine Hyde. Natalie Gilbert is placed third in the table just two points behind the leading duo.

Top place in the Championship Division goes to Sharon Godbeer, but again with sixteen points only leads on average form Donna Gleed. The leading pair are followed by a string of four players Deb Watling, Sally Smith, Helen Ward and Tina Neylon, all on fourteen points.

Division One provides the only clear point’s leader, Kelly Haverson’s eighteen points giving her a two points advantage over her nearest rivals Emma Martin and Eileen Askew, however Emma Martin has only played nine games and a win in her game in hand would see her draw level on points with Haverson.

The reason for some players having only played nine games in Division One is down to the fact that Kelly Eddy has withdrawn from the league.

Amazingly since its inception the Derbyshire Darts Online League has already completed its seventh successful season in which the standard of play just got better and better.

The Premier Division title went to one of Derbyshire’s finest Darron “The Rooster” Brown. Brown took the title for a second time with a total of 87 points, three more than runner-up Darren Layden who had a final nine point’s advantage over third placed Dale Gadsby.

Darron Brown

Eleven points was the difference between the top two players in Division One as Ian Richardson wrapped up the title with 95 points and his nearest rival Mark Sabin had 84. Bill Schooley was a further six points adrift on 78 and finished third.

Steve Arkwright was the Division Two champion ending his campaign with 90 points and a nine point’s lead over second placed Adam Webster who in turn was six points to the good over third in the table Chris Hilton.

Division Three was a very close run affair with just one point separating the top three players. With 90 points Frankie Foster won the division but only just as Rose Mort claimed the runners-up spot with the same 90 points. Jason Brealey finished third in the table, his 89 points just one short of the two players above him.

In addition to the four divisions the league also run their F,A. Cup in which all 74 players participate. The quarter-finals saw 5-3 wins for Henry Coates and Paul Baker over respective opponents Colin Dymond and Wayne Pepper while Darron Brown and Stuart Barrowcliffe in turn recorded 5-2 wins over Darren Layden and Chris Bradshaw.

Both semis finished with 5-2 scorelines as Darron Brown beat Stuart Barrowcliffe and Henry Coates accounted for Paul Baker.

Continuing with the best of nine legs format the final saw Darron Brown make it a fabulous double as he added the F.A. Cup title to his already won Premier Division title winning 5-3 against young Henry Coates.

Season eight gets underway on Saturday 30th January and for the new season a further competition will be added to the fixture card as “The Boom Boom Cup” will be introduced in loving memory of one of Derbyshire’s much loved and respected players David Allcock who sadly passed away recently.

It is hoped that the 74 entries for season seven will be surpassed for season eight and the league expand even further.

Full Results: F.A Cup:- Round One (Last 128 Best of 9 Legs):- Owen Thomas 5 Craig Freeman 2, Darren Griffiths 5 Ryan Clarke 2, Jason Brealey 5 Connor Moss 3, Darran Sinfield 5 Shane Robinson 2, Paul Coward 5 Matt Wheatcroft 1, Andy Marriott 5 Lee Bridges 0, Lee Arkwright 5 Ryan Barton 0, Dale Gadsby 5 Gary Burch 4, Adam Webster – bye, Amy Eyre – bye, Andrew Houghton – bye, Andy Copeland – bye, Andy Tootill – bye, Ben Turner – bye, Bill Schooley – bye, Callum Briddon – bye, Carl Charnock – bye, Carl Coulthard – bye, Chris Bradshaw – bye, Chris Hilton – bye, Chris Sharp – bye, Colin Dymond – bye, Damian Donoghue – bye, Darren Layden – bye, Darron Brown – bye, Debbie Caven – bye, Frankie Foster – bye, Gordon Toft – bye, Henry Coates – bye, Ian Cross – bye, Ian Richardson – bye, Jack Ford – bye, Jack Kerr – bye, Jeffrey Edwards – bye, Jordan Beresford – bye, Josh Bridges – bye, Josh Wilmot – bye, Keith Lodge – b bye, Kevin Reddington – bye, Mark Sabin – bye, Mark Strickland – bye, Martin Courtney – bye, Mason Evans – bye, Matt Bryan – bye, Matthew Fairey – bye, Michelle Adkin – bye, Mick Evans – bye, Nigel Daniels – bye, Paul Baker – bye, Paul Holman – bye, Pete Burgoyne – bye, Pete Hadfield – bye, Richard Bloomfield – bye, Rose Mort – bye, Roy Clarke – bye, Russ Sharp – bye, Sam Revill – bye, Sean O’Brien – bye, Steve Arkwright – bye, Steve Coward – bye, Stuart Barrowcliffe – bye, Vicky Henshaw – bye, Wayne Pepper – bye, Winston Holt – bye, Round Two (Last 64 Best of 9 Legs):- Colin Dymond 5 Jack Kerr 1, Adam Webster 5 Andy Tootill 3, Darran Sinfield 5 Carl Coulthard 0, Andy Copeland 5 Josh Bridges 0, Sam Revill 5 Russ Sharp 3, Dale Gadsby 5 Nigel Daniels 1, Ian Richardson 5 Callum Briddon 0, Ian Cross 5 Winston Holt 1, Chris Bradshaw 5 Roy Clarke 0, Stuart Barrowcliffe 5 Mason Evans 1, Andy Marriott 5 Mark Strickland 1, Matthew Fairey 5 Ben Turner 2, Andrew Houghton 5 Jason Brealey 0, Steve Arkwright 5 Chris Sharp 3, Henry Coates 5 Owen Thomas 2, Pete Burgoyne 5 Mick Evans 0, Frankie Foster 5 Debbie Caven 0, Richard Bloomfield 5 Michelle Adkin 1, Rose Mort 5 Jordan Beresford 4, Jeffrey Edwards 5 Jack Ford 2, Mark Sabin 5 Vicky Henshaw 0, Paul Baker 5 Pete Hadfield 4, Keith Lodge 5 Matt Bryan 1, Wayne Pepper 5 Kevin Reddington 0, Darren Layden 5 Amy Eyre 0, Carl Charnock 5 Chris Hilton 4, Lee Arkwright 5 Steve Coward 1, Gordon Toft 5 Damian Donoghue 0, Josh Wilmot 5 Sean O’Brien 2, Bill Schooley 5 Darren Griffiths 4, Darron Brown 5 Paul Coward 3, Martin Courtney 5 Paul Holman 0, Round Three (Last 32 Best of 9 Legs):- Wayne Pepper 5 Rose Mort 0, Henry Coates 5 Andy Copeland 0, Darron Brown 5 Josh Wilmot 0, Ian Richardson 5 Pete Burgoyne 4, Darren Layden 5 Adam Webster 0, Dale Gadsby 5 Keith Lodge 1, Andrew Houghton 5 Sam Revill 1, Paul Baker 5 Mark Sabin 3, Colin Dymond 5 Gordon Toft 4, Frankie Foster 5 Matthew Fairey 4, Martin Courtney 5 Jeffrey Edwards 0, Stuart Barrowcliffe 5 Andy Marriott 0, Steve Arkwright 5 Carl Charnock 2, Chris Bradshaw 5 Richard Bloomfield 1, Bill Schooley 5 Ian Cross 1, Lee Arkwright 5 Darran Sinfield 0, Round Four (Last 16 Best of 9):- Darren Layden 5 Dale Gadsby 4, Chris Bradshaw 5 Ian Richardson 2, Henry Coates 5 Andrew Houghton 3, Colin Dymond 5 Frankie Foster 3, Darron Brown 5 Steve Arkwright 3, Stuart Barrowcliffe 5 Martin Courtney 2, Wayne Pepper 5 Lee Arkwright 4, Paul Baker 5 Bill Schooley 0, Quarter Finals (Best of 9 Legs):- Henry Coates 5 Colin Dymond 3, Paul Baker 5 Wayne Pepper 3, Darron Brown 5 Darren Layden 2, Chris Bradshaw 2 Stuart Barrowcliffe 5, Semi Finals (Best of 9 Legs):- Darron Brown 5 Stuart Barrowcliffe 2, Henry Coates 5 Paul Baker 2, Final (Best of 9 Legs):- Darron Brown 5 Henry Coates 3.

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