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Article: Darts News – From Around the West Midlands by Alan Towe

Darts News – From Around the West Midlands by Alan Towe

In the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships Warwickshire recently had a terrific 25-11 win over second in the division Lancashire but their latest win in a home tie against fourth in the table Glamorgan was one that will be more memorable as the whole squad turned in a fantastic performance in what was an extremely close game, battling it out to the bitter end to win 19-17 consolidate their number three position and open up a fifteen points advantage over their opponents who hold on to fourth place. Three of the four games ended all square, the two ladies teams finishing with a 3-3 result, Rosie O’Connor (18.53) the lady of the match for the ‘B’ side and Tammy Montgomery (24.44) the ‘A’ team’s top player. The men’s ‘B’ had a superb 7-5 win with James Hykin taking the match award for a tremendous 30.36 average while the ‘A’ team extended their unbeaten run to seven games with a 6-6 draw, Ian McFarlane turning in a fabulous performance to win the man of the match award for his 31.31 average. With just two more fixtures to play Warwickshire are only six points short of second placed Lancashire and with a home tie against middle of the table Hampshire and a final away game against bottom of the table Northamptonshire they could well finish the season as runners up especially as Lancashire’s final game is away to current leaders and reigning champions Yorkshire. Full Results:Premier Division:Warwickshire v Glamorgan (19-17):Warwickshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Antony Allen 1 Dale Hughes 4, Dave Honey 2 Sean Fisher 4, Kevin Dowling 3 Jeff Bass 4, Tom Aldridge 4 Shaun Dibbs 0, Nigel Heydon 4 Tim Jones 1, Jamie Atkins 1 James Richards 4, Steve Giddings 3 David Rogers 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Cavan Phillips 0, Steve Hine 4 Lloyd Browning 1, Noel Grant 4 Wayne Davies 2, Dean Stewart 4 Graham Brooks 1, Prakash Jiwa 0 Dai Caller 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Carter 3 Michael Huntley 4, Rob Comben 2 Ralph Barnett 4, Mark Strong 4 Daniel Thomas 1, James Hykin 4 Dai Powell 1, Carl Green 4 Neil Parry 3, Matty Washbrooke 4 Keiron Carter 1, Ashley Hurrell 2 Mark Challenger 4, Simon Fairbrother 1 Richie Edwards 4, Wayne Mynard 4 Clive Langford 2, Karl Reynolds 4 Hywell Mauel 1, Jack Wareing 4 Dan Thompson 2, Gareth Braham 3 Colin Powell 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Donna Pinch 0 Alannah Waters-Evans 3, Sue Gulliver 2 Chris Savvery 3, Tammy Montgomery 3 Rhian O’Sullivan 1, Natalie Gilbert 3 Eve Watson 1, Nina Bolt 3 Claire Crocombe 0, Angela Jones 2 Jan Robbins 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Caroline Pike 1 Nicola Biddick 3, Wendy Adams 3 Michelle Jones 0, Melanie Jones 3 Sue Hyall 1, Rosie O’Connor 3 Donna Thomas 1, Helen Rigg 0 Jordenn Daniels 3, Marian Conway 1 Joanne Pugh 3.
In division one of the Four Oaks and District Winter League the fixture between Boldmere St Mikes and The Boat was really intense with St Mikes turning a 4-2 deficit into a 5-4 victory to take them another step nearer the title as with just two remaining fixtures they have a four points lead over Golden Hind who won their home tie with Bishop Vesey 7-2. The Pint Pot Flights versus Erdington Arrows tie was another nail biter with the former taking the last two games to win 5-4 and leap frog their opponents to take over fourth place in the table. With eleven wins from eleven games under their belt Red Lion were looking to clinch the second division title in their game at Rosey Mac’s but after opening up a 2-0 lead they slipped to a 6-3 defeat, however with only two fixtures to play they do have a four point’s advantage over their nearest rivals Walmley CSC Flights who fought back from 4-1 down against Oscott Sports to go on and win 5-4. In the third division Rosey Mac’s Leopard lost 5-4 to The Towers leaving leaders Oscott Sports two points clear with very few matches to play. There were 180’s for R.Hawker (Boldmere St Mike’s) and M.Partridge (The Boat) this week. Full Results:Game 12:Division One:- Erdington Arrows 4 (M.Phillips 100, C.Hill 136,140, T.Colley 100, K.Smith 100,124, R.Bazeley 100) Pint Pot Flights 5 (R.Mercer 3x100, P.Smith 140,100, T.O’Driscoll 100, M.O’Driscoll 120b), Boldmere St Mikes 5 (C.Millward snr 125,140,121,129f, R.Hawker 114,180,100,105f, B.Linnecor 100, C. Millward jnr 140,100, M.Ashton 100, M.McFall 112b,2x140) The Boat 4 (K.Deeley 108b,148b,3x100, W.Mynard 140, M.Partridge 140,180,136,117,2x100, N.Clarke 140,100, D.Mortiboys 3x100, J.Prince 2x100), Golden Hind 7 (T.O’Kereke 103b,101f, P.Locke 100, D.Pickering 5x100, G.Kimberley 140, Andy Kimberley 140,123) Bishop Vesey 2 (N.Sammons 112b,2x100, D.Walton 118f), Division Two:- Rosey Mac’s 6 (S.Wright 140, A.Poole 115, D.Sargent 100,102f, S.Spink 100, J.Cox 100,115,121) Red Lion 3 (L.Vickers 100, M.Gaughan 109b, R.Lowe 100, D.Lowe 121, D.Vickers 100,110f), Drakes Drum 5 (J.Mahon 108b, A.Day 4x100,140,115f, K.Brown 100b,100) St Thomas Arrows 4 (G.Stait 100, M.J.Andrews 105b,122, M.Avery 124,138, J.Lynch 100b,123, R.Nelson 111,116, P.Andrews 123), The Digby 4 (A.Linehan 100,121, H.Sadler 100, L.Cooksey 3x100) Rosey’s Chaps 5 (M.Clarke 120b, M.Hemmings 115, R.McLaughlin 140, G.Holloway 125, G.Averill 100), Walmley CSC Flights 5 (G.Baxter 100b,121, R.Smith 125,100,16 darts game, J.Kavanagh 117,100,16 darts game, I.Taylor 100,125, G.Gaughan 100) Oscott Sports 4 (S.Johnson 100, A.Cole 140, M.Bowles 120b,100, N.Hawkley 100,125,129f, C.Hawkley 2x100), Division Three:- Rosey Mac’s Leopard 4 (K.Shorthouse 139,140, D.Jarvis snr 100, S.Pritchett 100b,140,120b,2x100, J.Liggins 101b,125, S.Davey 100, L.Shorthouse 135,100) The Towers 5 (D.Mackay 100, G.Stevenson 100, A.Poyner 100, D.Stride 140,3x100, P.Stride 132, J.Addison 113f), Deer’s Leap 9 (Jim Frost 100, A.Kimberley 100, J.Sabin 120b,100, T.Kelly 120b,140, Tom Ross 2x100) Sutton Sports 0 (G.Hinett 3x100, R.Snelson 125,100, J.Boulstridge 2x100,140).
The Camp Hill Marston’s League held their men’s and ladies singles knockouts at the Roost and in the semi-finals of the ladies event Laura Caven ((Emerald Club) beat Gloria Lightwood (Sedgemere Devil’s Club) and Jean Forde (Sedgemere Devil’s Club) lost to Katy Slender (Roost). The tile eventually went to Laura Caven with Katy Slender runner up. Making their exits in the last four of the men’s knockout were Nathan Prentice (Tyseley WMC) and Phil Hughes (Emerald Club). The final saw Nomads representative Simon Edwards beat Pete Yardley from new Inn to take the title. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Quarter Final Losers:-  Jaquie Francis, Mark Turner (New Inn), Joseph Nolan (Marlborough Stars), Mark Coles (Tyseley WMC), Semi-Final Losers:- Nathan Prentice (Tyseley WMC), Phil Hughes (Emerald Club), Runner Up:- Pete Yardley (New Inn), Winner:- Simon Edwards (Nomads.
The Sheldon and District Winter League played their Singles Knockout down to the last sixteen and the qualifiers were Ian Spencer, Andy Hutchings, Pete Healy (Dunky’s Boys), Richard Nixon, Paul Nixon (Langley Arrows), Lee Molyneux, Gary Groves (Sheldon Dukes), Steve Harding (Highwood Gerry's Boys), Carl Monnington (Meadway Sports and Social), Neil Parsonage (Mackadwon Social), Rob Wilson (Hornet), Stuart Palmer (The North Star), Tom White (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association), John Burdett (Raven Arrows), Liam O'Donnell (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows), Freddie Naylor (Crown Arrows). Full Results:Singles Knockout:Last Sixteen Qualifiers:- Ian Spencer, Andy Hutchings, Pete Healy (Dunky’s Boys), Richard Nixon, Paul Nixon (Langley Arrows), Lee Molyneux, Gary Groves (Sheldon Dukes), Steve Harding (Highwood Gerry's Boys), Carl Monnington (Meadway Sports and Social), Neil Parsonage (Mackadwon Social), Rob Wilson (Hornet), Stuart Palmer (The North Star), Tom White (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association), John Burdett (Raven Arrows), Liam O'Donnell (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows), Freddie Naylor (Crown Arrows).
With Red Lion having a bye in week four of the Shirley and District Monday Night League they dropped two places to fourth and taking over from them in second place is The Wharf who won 8-1 at Bears to leave them two points behind but with a game in hand on leaders Dunky’s Boys who won 6-3 against The Lodge. With a similar 6-3 win over Cider House Tippetts Bar hold on to third place two points off the top. There was a first win in three for Saracens Misfits as they beat Legion Flights 5-4. In division two there was a first defeat of the campaign for Howell’s Angels as they went down 5-4 at home to third in the table Wythall Legion. As a result of their loss Howell’s drop to second place, two points behind new leaders Saracens Swords who won 7-2 at The Highwood and are now the only undefeated team in the division. There were maximums this week for S.Harper (Bears), M.O’Donnell (Cider House), D.Wright (Tippetts Bar), C.Clarke (Legion Flights) and D.Walker (Wythall Legion). Full Results: Week 4:Division One:- Bears 1 (S.Harper 180) The Wharf 8, Cider House 3 (M.O’Donnell 180) Tippetts Bar 6 (D.Wright 180,146f), Saracens Misfits 5 (D.Barrows 134b) Legion Flights 4 (C.Clarke 180, B.Lawton 116b), Dunky's Boys 6 The Lodge 3, Red Lion had a bye, Division Two:- Howell's Angels 4 Wythall Legion 5 (D.Walker 180), HSDT 8 Shirley Spartac 1, The Highwood 2 Saracens Swords 7, Sharmans Cross 4 Saracens Slingers 5, Solihull Municipal 4 Legion Royals 5.
The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League played their Doubles Knockout down to the last sixteen pairs and winning through were S.Skidmore & K.Chambers, M.Flatman & J.Barrowman (Bird), M.Halliday & J.Poole, D.Edwards & C.Clewes, D.Simpson & A.Batham (Ten Arches ‘B’), D.Ellerton & P.Russon (Swan ‘B’), D.Haden & S.Roberts (Wilson Hall), G.Marson & C.Sparrow, G.Moreton & C.Pickett, M.Harper & A.Turley (Swan ‘A’), K.Cooksey & N.Wooldridge (Bell), C.Fox & C.Williams, A.Vellender & J.Pickett (Ashwood ‘B’), A.Marson & J.Harper (Ten Arches ‘A’), A.Dean & R.Purchase (Churcy Tavern ‘B’), J.Green & R.Hipkiss (Fox Inn, Lye). Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Last Sixteen Qualifiers:- S.Skidmore & K.Chambers, M.Flatman & J.Barrowman (Bird), M.Halliday & J.Poole, D.Edwards & C.Clewes, D.Simpson & A.Batham (Ten Arches ‘B’), D.Ellerton & P.Russon (Swan ‘B’), D.Haden & S.Roberts (Wilson Hall), G.Marson & C.Sparrow, G.Moreton & C.Pickett, M.Harper & A.Turley (Swan ‘A’), K.Cooksey & N.Wooldridge (Bell), C.Fox & C.Williams, A.Vellender & J.Pickett (Ashwood ‘B’), A.Marson & J.Harper (Ten Arches ‘A’), A.Dean & R.Purchase (Churcy Tavern ‘B’), J.Green & R.Hipkiss (Fox Inn, Lye).
The Rowley Monday Night League is up to week eight and for the first time in those eight weeks The Bell lost. Playing away against their nearest rivals The George Bell lost 5-4 and drop to second in the table to be replaced at the top of the table by their victors who are now the only unbeaten team in the league and have a two points advantage over both Bell and third placed Fairfield who won 7-2 against Ivy Bush. There was a welcome return to winning ways for former leaders and newcomers to the league this season Beech Tree who with an 8-1 win at Wonder were the week’s biggest winners, they remain in sixth place but are now only four points adrift of second in the league The Bell. Full Results:Week 8:- Fairfield 7 Ivy Bush 2, Three Diamonds 2 Hare and Hounds 7, Spring Meadow 4 Loyal Lodge 5, Tividale FC 5 Whiteheath Tavern 4, Cradley Sports and Social Club 2 (Tommy Johnson 180,9 darts game, Mikey Redding 180) Ex Servicemen’s 7, Wonder 1 Beech Tree 8, Cottage 4 Windmills End 5, George 5 Bell 4.
In their final fixture of the season in the Kings Norton league Avenue C.Fox had a close 4-3 home win over second in the league Bournebrook to become champions with a total of 46 from a possible 48 points and a lead over runners up Bournebrook of eight points. Third in the table Rubery RBL finished the season in style handing out a 7-0 whitewash to their visiting team Grant Arms to give them an average lead over fourth placed Cock Inn whose final 6-1 win at Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club put them on the same 36 points as Rubery. Only a couple outstanding fixtures remain but they all involve teams in the bottom half of the table. Full Results:Game 24:- Thurlestone 3 (T.Hill 120,117f, D.Newton 121) E57 4 (D.Logan 100,140, T.Roberts 100, D.Price 121, J.Forrest 100), Rubery RBL 7 (B.Heath 100,123, I.Medlicott 120b,128, J.Ford 100,134, J.Grainger 100, J.Higgins 140,152b,9 darts game, J.O'Neill 120b, R.Higgins 2x100) Grant Arms 0 (Donna Campbell 2x112b), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (D.Whitecombe 2x100, M.Bloomer 2x100, S.Brown 119, S.Corbett 100, T.Shaw 100) Cock Inn 6 (K.Vaughan 118, L.Fox 106b, M.Naylor 100, P.Hughes 100, Joe Fox 100, John Fox 100), Kings Heath 3 Dingle 4 (B.Crumpton 100, G.Bailles 118), Avenue C.Fox 4 (D.Marsh 100,134, E.Simpson 2x100,120b, G.Dews 108b, R.Mann 100, S.Pasetti 125, V.Gould 100,125, P.Blades 113,180) Bournebrook 3 (D.Collins 100,105,111b,118, K.Mason 100, L.Arnold 111,125, M.Bathurst 120b, S.Riddick 100b,121), Weoley Hill 4 (G.Webb 100, L.Preece 100,136b, H.Taylor 100) Harborne C.Fox 3 (A.Harvey 100, A.Hopkins 100, A.Poolton 120, S.Sheridan 100b,100).
There were 6-3 wins for the top two teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League as leaders High Oak won against Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ and second placed Mount Pleasant beat Limes Club. Not such a good week for Rose and Crown though as their 5-4 reversal at Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ saw them drop from third to fifth in the table and their victors move up one place to third just two points behind the unbeaten top two teams. Full Results:Week 7:- Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6 King William 3, Delph Bell 8 Crestwood 1, Brickmakers Arms 2 Wombourne Pool Bar 7, Mount Pleasant 6 Limes Club 3, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 5 Rose and Crown 4, Lamp Tavern 3 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6, High Oak 6 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 3, Roebuck 2 Swan 7.
Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and Bulls Head made it three wins in three games in the Netherton Thursday Night League when the former won 6-3 at Brickmakers Arms and the latter with the same scoreline won at Netherton Sports and Social Club, putting them one win to the good on both Brickmakers in third place and Old Hill Cricket Club who are fourth but have only played two games and have won both of them, the latest being 5-4 at Fairfield. Spring Meadow Club moved off the foot of the table chalking up their first win in three, a 5-4 success at Long Hop Taphouse, Netherton Sports and Social have taken over the bottom spot. Full Results:Game 3:- Netherton Sports and Social Club 3 Bulls Head 6, Fairfield 4 Old Hill Cricket Club 5, Long Hop Taphouse 4 Spring Meadow Social Club 5, Brickmakers Arms 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, Townsend Social Club and Netherton Conservative Club had a bye.
Just two fixtures played in the Henley and District Winter League which saw Studley Conservative Club hit seventeen tons to the nine by their opponents Dorridge and win 7-2 to end the season on the same 18 points as champions Studley Cricket Club but trail them by twelve legs of average. In the other game played Beausale were also 7-2 winners against Wythall Legion. The league are currently looking for new teams from the Henley area to join them in the forthcoming season, any teams interested should contact Gill Poole at Full Results:Week 17:- Beausale 7 Wythall Legion 2, Dorridge 2 Studley Conservative Club 7, Bears and Studley Cricket Club had a bye.
There was a shock defeat for Dewdrop ‘A’ in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League as they not only lost 4-3 at Waggon and Horses but also lost pole position and dropped to third place two points adrift of new leaders Tipton Sports whose 4-3 win at Dewdrop ‘B’ took their undefeated run to seven games and gives them a lead of two points over The Vine and Dewdrop ‘A’, the Vine having a 6-1 win at Hayes Social. Full Results:Game 7:- Dewdrop ‘B’ 3 Tipton Sports 4, Miners Arms 2 Island Inn 5 (A.Whitehouse 180, I.Jones 180,8 darts game), Albion 5 Court House 2, Horseley Tavern 6 New Talbot 1, Ivy Bush 2 Merry-Go-Round 5 (T.Whitehouse 180, A.Coleman 180), Hayes Social 1 The Vine 6, Waggon and Horses 4 Dewdrop ‘A’ 3.
The Cradley Tuesday Night League played off the second leg of the first round of their League Cup and winning through to the last four were Brickmakers Arms who had an overall 11-7 win over Bulls Head, Wheatsheaf ‘A’ with a huge 16-2 success against their ‘B’ side, Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ who accounted for their ‘B’ team with a massive 17-1 result and Plough for their 11-7 win over Dudley Labour Club. Full Results:League Cup (Second Leg, First leg Results in Brackets):- Bulls Head 3 (4) Brickmakers Arms 6 (5), Wheatsheaf ‘B’ 1 (1) Wheatsheaf ‘A’ 8 (8), Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ 9 (8) Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’ 0 (1), Plough 5 (6) Dudley Labour Club 4 (3).
With a 6-3 home win over Gate Hangs Well, Brickmakers Arms took their undefeated record in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League to 28 games and with second placed Britannia losing 5-4 at home to eighth in the league Stourbridge RBL they have increased their lead to 14 points and with six more fixtures to play they have now won the title. Full Results:Game 28:- Brickmakers Arms 6 Gate Hangs Well 3 (M.Davies 152b), Hop House 9 Swan 0, Fox Inn (Lye) 5 Bird (Stourbridge) 4, Britannia 4 Stourbridge RBL 5, Ten Arches 9 Hare and Hounds 0, Kingswinford Conservative Club 1 Bird (Wordsley) 8, Glasscutters 7 Rose and Crown 2, Lion (Stourbridge) 1 British Oak 8, Church Tavern 6 Gigmill 3.
Although there were defeats for Netherton Cricket Club and New Inn who are third and fifth in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League there was no change in the table for the top six teams. Lamp Tavern stay top with a 7-2 win against Pensnett Liberal Club and Old Bulls Head second, two points behind Lamp after their 7-2 win at White Lion. Netherton Cricket Club lost 6-3 at Chainyards, New Inn losing by the same margin at Gornal British Legion. Full Results:Game 19:- Lamp Tavern 7 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, Five Ways 6 Meadow Lark 3, Gornal Labour Club 7 Red Cow 2, Jolly Crispin 4 Hilly House 5, White Lion 2 Old Bulls Head 7, Gornal British Legion 6 New Inn 3, Chainyards 6 Netherton Cricket Club 3.
Leaders of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League Whitmore Reans WMC had a 5-2 win at ECC ‘B’ to stay top of the table on average from Bull and Cleveland Arms who in turn defeated Brewood British Legion (6-1) and Moreton ‘B’ (6-1). Although their ‘B’ side lost to the leaders ECC ‘A’ had a resounding 6-1 success away to Swan Compton to take them one place up the table to fourth, just two points off the top. Full Results:Game 3:- Bull 6 Brewood British Legion 1, Castle 3 Moreton ‘A’ 4, Dog and Partridge 4 Emerald 3, ECC ‘B’ 2 Whitmore Reans WMC 5, Moreton ‘B’ 1 Cleveland Arms 6, Swan Compton 1 ECC ‘A’ 6.
Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ were able to open up a two points lead at the top of the Brierley Hill Friday Night League after winning their home tie with Gornal British Legion 5-2 and second in the league British Oak lost 4-3 at Glasscutters who are only two places off the foot of the table. Pensnett Welfare Club was replaced in fourth place by Miners (Wollescote) after they lost to them 5-2. Full Results:Week 12:- Delph Bell 3 Netherton Cricket Club 4, Dudley Sports 0 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7, Glasscutters 4 British Oak 3, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 5 Gornal British Legion 2, Miners (Wollescote) 5 Pensnett Welfare Club 2.
The Pip Club League were engaged in semi-finals of their Divisional Cups and in the division one games Dolphin Wanderers lost to league leaders Belgrave Sports and Social Club and Birchmoor Club beat Belgrave Club. In the division matches Ian Beattie and Spencer Hawksworth both hit a maximum for Pip Club as they took out Aldergate Club and meeting them in the final will be Progressive Club after they defeated The Longwood. Full Results:Divisional Cups:Semi-Finals:Division One:- Dolphin Wanderers lost to Belgrave Sports and Social Club (Wayne Hewins 108f), Birchmoor Club beat Belgrave Club, Division Two:- Pip Club (Ian Beattie 180, Spencer Hawksworth 180, Les Reece 120b, Dave Aucote 112b) beat Aldergate Club (Rosie O’Connor 2x125,100), Progressive Club (Ed Smith 119f) beat The Longwood.
The South West Birmingham Clubs League played off two of their cup finals and in the Benevolent Cup in the ladies division Stirchley Nomads went 3-0 up against Rubery Flights but after levelling the game at 3-3 J.Storrie won the final game to give Rubery the title. In the Men’s division Longbridge United took Yardley Wood in the final of the Percy Hinton Cup and it was Longbridge who got the final 6-3 verdict. Full Results:Benevolent Cup:Final:- Stirchley Nomads 3 Rubery Flights 4, Percy Hinton Cup:Final:- Longbridge United 6 Yardley Wood 3.
After respective 6-1 wins over Pendulum and Mount Tavern, Dog and Partridge and Riley’s ‘C’ share the number one spot in the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League, level on points and average after the opening two fixtures of the new season. Full Results:Game 2:Singles Division:- Dog and Partridge 6 Pendulum 1, Gilberts Bar 5 Riley’s ‘A’ 2, Penn Bowling 4 Wednesfield Legion 3, Riley’s ‘C’ 6 Mount Tavern 1, Doubles Division:- Dog and Partridge 2 Pendulum 1, Gilberts Bar 2 Riley’s ‘A’ 1, Penn Bowling 1 Wednesfield Legion 2, Riley’s ‘C’ 2 Mount Tavern 1, Elay (Yale) had a bye.
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