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Article: Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Warwickshire v Glamorgan

Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Warwickshire v Glamorgan

Warwickshire’s fine season in the premier division of the Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships continued with a superb 19-17 home win over Glamorgan to consolidate their third place in the table.

Playing at Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry, Warwickshire’s Saturday results gave them a good start to the weekend as the ladies finished all square at 3-3 after trailing 2-0, Kat Spanswick the lady of the match with her 22.77 average, and the men’s ‘B’ team chalked up their fifth win in seven games, an 8-4 victory with Carl Green the teams top player with his 27.72 average.

Sunday’s teams had mixed fortunes as the ladies, for the fifth time this season lost 5-1, Angela Jones (17.89) their sole winner. The men’s ‘A’ found themselves 5-1 down before taking the final six games for a tremendous fight back and a 7-5 win, Steve Hine, with a 28.42 average took the match award.

Full results:(Warwickshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Richard Foster 2 Tony Bradley 4, Noel Grant 1 Tim Jones 4, Jamie Atkins 1 Keiron Carter 4, Dean Stewart 4 Ashley Pascoe 1, Mark Westgarth 0 Richie Edwards 4, Jamie Hughes 1 Wayne Davies 4, Dave Harris 4 Wayne Warren 2, Mark Carter 4 Dean Reynolds 3, Steve Hine 4 Steve Durnell 1, Nigel Heydon 4 Ray Johnson 1, Tom Aldridge 4 Clayton Williams 0, Robert Hawker 4 David Neads 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Antony Allen 4 Ron Morgan 1, Mark Archer 4 Michael Huntley 3, Mark Strong 1 Rhys Griffin 4, Dane Vickers 4 Dale Hughes 3, William Naylor 4 Chris Thomas 2, Luke Kennedy 4 Justin Davies 3, Carl Green 4 Wayne (Sid) Davies 1, Simon Power 2 Tony Davies 4, Ashley Hykin 2 Chris Cahill 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Lloyd Browning 1, Tom McGlone 4 David Rogers 2, David Sanders 0 Mark Salmon 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Denise Keyte 0 Paul a Clemett 3, Donna Pinch 2 Vanda Adams 3, Trina Gulliver 2 Nikki O’Donovan 3, Wendy Adams 2 Alannah Waters 3, Angela Jones 3 Donna Thomas 0, Sue Gulliver 0 Rhian Edwards 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Marian Conway 1 Heather Mowat 3, Lisa Whitmore 0 Lauren Hitchens 3, Ann Rodgers 3 Rose Newman 1, Kat Spanswick 3 Michelle Lloyd 0, Melanie Hill 3 Ali Parker 0, Edwina Holdsworth 1 Sandra Quinn 3

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