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Article: Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts

Darts News – Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts

The fourth annual Ripley Elite Darts Singles Christmas Open was staged at the Somercotes Snooker Club, Somercotes, Derbyshire and once again the turnout was amazing with 81 players doing battle for the title on the Wednesday prior to Christmas, simply fantastic.

Amongst the starting line up were former winners Dean Winstanley and Reece Spurr, both players high up in the betting to win the competition, but to do so they had their work cut out as the opposition had strength throughout.

Winstanley and Spurr met each other in the semi finals, the latter coming out of the tie with a 4-2 result. Ricky Sudale and Dean Allsopp emerged from the other half of the draw as last four contenders in a game that went the full seven legs distance with Sudale just getting the edge. Sudale’s form continued in the final and carried him along to a straight 4-0 victory to clinch the title and the £200 top prize. Spurr collected £100 as runner up. Dean Winstanley and Dean Allsopp received £50 each as losing semi finalists and there was £25 for players reaching the quarter finals, P.Redfern, K.Cooper, L.Barnes and P.Baker.

Results:Last 64:- D.Sinfield 3 A.Umney 0, C.Cooper 3 R.Hanson 2, D.Winstanley 3 J.Beardmore 0, J.Thompson 3 A.Wood 2, S.Meek 3 J.Bailey 0, G.Bennett 3 S.Bailey 2, M.Sheehan 3 L.Shepperd 0, P.Redfern 3 T.Palfreyman 1, R.Spurr 3 P.Allsopp 0, B.Kirk 3 C.Rich 2, D.Brown 3 R.Fletcher 0, A.Spencer 3 S.Birkett 2, K.Cooper 3 J.Weaver 1, A.Gillott 3 D.Greenwood 2, I.Byard 3 N.Beresford 1, N.Daniels 3 A.Statham 1, M.Dewsbury 3 J.Bolt 0, P.Henshaw 3 A.Evans 1, L.Barnes 3 H.Harvey 2, C.Pitches 3 R.Gray 0, D.Sullivan 3 M.Ivekich 0, I.Allcock 3 K.Wragg 0, R.Sudale 3 K.Rimmer 1, A.Parry 3 B.Connell 1, W.Pepper 3 D.Gilbert 1, P.Baker 3 P.Bell 0, A.Brittland 3 J.Shannon 1, A.Baker 3 M.Padgett 2, I.Hannah 3 L.Farlam 2, A.Kirk 3 A.Fearne 0, D.Allsopp 3 S.Richards 0, W.Howe 3 S.Wood 0, Last 32:- D.Sinfield 3 C.Cooper 2, D.Winstanley 3 J.Thomson 0, G.Bennett 3 S.Meek 1, P.Redfern 3 M.Sheehan 0, R.Spurr 3 B.Kirk 0, A.Spencer 3 D.Brown 1, K.Cooper 3 A.Gillott 2, N.Daniels 3 I.Byard 1, P.Henshaw 3 M.Dewsbury 0, L.Barnes 3 C.Pitches 0, D.Sullivan 3 I.Allcock 1, R.Sudale 3 A.Parry 1, P.Baker 3 W.Pepper 0, A.Baker 3 A.Brittland 0, I.Hannah 3 A.Kirk 2, D.Allsopp 3 W.Howe 0, Last 16:- D.Winstanley 3 D.Sinfield 0, P.Redfern 3 G.Bennett 1, R.Spurr 3 A.Spencer 1, K.Cooper 3 N.Daniels 1, L.Barnes 3 P.Henshaw 2, R.Sudale 3 D.Sullivan 0, P.Baker 3 A.Baker 0, D.Allsopp 3 I.Hannah 1, Quarter Finals:- D.Winstanley 3 P.Redfern 1, R.Spurr 3 K.Cooper 2, R.Sudale 3 L.Barnes 0, D.Allsopp 3 P.Baker 2, Semi Finals:- R.Spurr 4 D.Winstanley 2, R.Sudale 4 D.Allsopp 3, Final:- Ricky Sudale 4 Reece Spurr 0.


Lichfield City Football Club was the setting for the Derrick Leaver Lichfield Open, an event that attracted a quality field of 116 players from all around the Midlands and further afield. Many well known names, including county and international players went out before the final stages, such names as Ian Jones, Ricky Sudale, Matt Dicken, Ian McFarlane and Colin Osborne to name a few.

Both of the semi finals went the full nine legs distance with Doug Thompson (28.84) beating Colin Osborne (27.07) 5-4 and with a similar result Nick Fullwell (28.74) defeated James Richardson (29.41) to set up an all West Midlands final.

The long day culminated in a final that produced another top class performance from both players, but it was Sitescapes sponsored Doug Thompson who got the very close 6-5 verdict with another fine average of 28.07, Fullwell averaged 29.01.

As the winner Thompson received £800, Fullwell £300, there was £150 to the losing semi finalists Colin Osborne and James Richardson, Kevin McDine, Gareth Pass, Matty Dennant and Jay Foreman eac.

received £50 for reaching the quarter finals and there was £20 for Johnny Haines, Liam Fox, Ian Jones, Ian McFarlane, Nigel Daniels, Matt Dicken, Matt Padgett and Kevin Taylor, who all made their exit in the last sixteen.

The day was a complete success thanks to organiser Keith Osman and his team of Glen Cullen, Martin McCaulay, Simon Lunn, Peter Lowe, Bryan Webb and Richard Cummings, plus all of the staff at Lichfield City FC.


In excess of eighty players turned up to the Derbyshire Christmas Open held at Rolls Royce Leisure, Allenton, Derby all chasing the £500 top prize for an early Christmas bonus.

A strong field of players from the Midlands and beyond toed the oche, many big names falling by the wayside on the path to the finals, names such as Matt Dicken, Mark Hylton, Reece Spurr, Ricky Sudale, Ian Jones and Jim Beardmore to name but a few.

The semi finals were played the best of nine legs and the first of those went the full distance with Andy Beardmore just getting the edge on Dave Pallett. The second semi was a more clear cut affair with Nick Fullwell beating Jay Foreman 5-1.

The final was extended to the best of eleven legs, the result not achieved until the penultimate leg when Andy Beardmore chalked up the all important six winning leg for a 6-4 win over Fullwell and an early Christmas present of £500.

As runner up Fullwell received £200, losing semi finalists Dave Pallett and Jay Foreman each received £50 and there was £25 for the losing quarter finalists Mick Todd, Nigel Daniels, Dave Emery and Rob Smith.

Results:Group One:Preliminary Round:- Daz Sinfield 4 McCauley Pearson 0, Ian Pallett 4 Dane Young 0, Andy Houghton 0 Lee Stapleton 4, Jack Hill 1 Mick Todd 4, Frank Davis 4 Jo Oldershaw 1, Last 16:- Andy Draycott 4 Julie Robinson 3, Dave Pallett 4 Wray Huntley 1, Chris Bradshaw 4 Dave Hill 1, Paul Williams 1 Ian Richardson 4, Dean Allsopp 4 Julian Bilbie 0, Matt Dicken 1 Daz Sinfield 4, Ian Pallett 4 Lee Stapleton 2, Mick Todd 4 Frank Davis 1, Quarter Finals:- Andy Draycott 0 Dave Pallett 4, Chris Bradshaw 4 Ian Richardson 2, Dean Allsopp 1 Daz Sinfield 4, Ian Pallett 2 Mick Todd 4, Semi Finals:- Dave Pallett 4 Chris Bradshaw 2, Daz Sinfield 2 Mick Todd 4, Group Two:Preliminary Round:- Paul Redfern 0 Reece Spurr 4, Rob Smeathers 2 Dave Robinson 4, Dan Ford 4 John Smith 3, Kevin Males 0 Nigel Daniels 4, Mark Hylton 4 Marton Eaton 0, Last 16:- Paul Bettney 1 Andy Beardmore 4, Mike Ivekich 4 Adam Collier 2, Carl Frith 2 Alan Statham 4, Daz Sullivan 4 Claire Wheeler 3, Ady Asprey 3 John Brindley 4, Martin Whatmough 3 Reece Spurr 4, Dave Robinson 1 Dan Ford 4, Nigel Daniels 4 Mark Hylton 1, Quarter Finals:- Andy Beardmore 4 Mike Ivekich 0, Alan Statham 4 Daz Sullivan 1, John Brindley 4 Reece Spurr 1, Dan Ford 2 Nigel Daniels 4, Semi Finals:- Andy Beardmore 4 Alan Statham 0, John Brindley 1 Nigel Daniels 4, Group Three:Preliminary Round:- Rob Wood 4 Kevin Brambrick 3, Gareth McDowell 1 Steve Tingay 4, Mark O’Dwyer 1 Craig Pitchers 4, Lee Stanley 2 Ricky Sudale 4, James Thompson 2 Nick Fullwell 4, Last 16:- Chris Wickenden 1 Johnny Bryan 4, Mem Martin 4 Billy Upton 3, Shaun Williamson 4 Dan Daykin 1, Dave Emery 4 Owen Thomas 2, Nathan Parkin 1 Tim Rippon 4, Tony Pelluchia 4 Rob Wood 3, Steve Tingay 0 Craig Pitchers 4, Ricky Sudale 3 Nick Fullwell 4, Quarter Finals:- Johnny Bryan 4 Mem Martin 0, Shaun Williamson 3 Dave Emery 4, Tim Rippon 4 Tony Pelluchia 0, Craig Pitchers 2 Nick Fullwell 4, Semi Finals:- Johnny Bryan 2 Dave Emery 4, Tim Rippon 2 Nick Fullwell 4, Group Four:Preliminary Round:- Marc Dewsbury 4 Ty Ward 0, Ian Jones 2 Rob Smith 4, Jim Beardmore 4 Kevin Reade 3, Chris Ward 0 Harry Ward 4, Sam Wood 4 Neil Berrisford 0, Last 16:- Jay Foreman 4 Ian Speed 0, Dan Jackson 4 John Bush 1, Andy Umney 2 Josh Jones 4, Wayne Willis 4 Wes Smith 1, Lance Hackett 1 Andy Baker 4, Graham Boucher 0 Marc Dewsbury 4, Rob Smith 4 Jim Beardmore 1, Harry Ward 4 Sam Wood 1, Quarter Finals:- Jay Foreman 4 Dan Jackson 1, Josh Jones 4 Wayne Willis 1, Andy Baker 0 Marc Dewsbury 4, Rob Smith 4 Harry Ward 1, Semi Finals:- Jay Foreman 4 Josh Jones 0, Marc Dewsbury 1 Rob Smith 4, Overall Quarter Finals:- Dave Pallett 4 Mick Todd 3, Andy Beardmore 4 Nigel Daniels 3, Dave Emery 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Jay Foreman 4 Rob Smith 1, Semi Finals:- Dave Pallett 4 Andy Beardmore 5, Nick Fullwell 5 Jay Foreman 1, Final:- Andy Beardmore 6 Nick Fullwell 4.


Over the Christmas break the Forest of Arden League staged their annual Forest of Arden League / Riley’s Christmas Open at the Solihull based club. The first semi final saw William Naylor beat Ian Jones and joining Naylor in the final was Tony Randell, who with scores of 3x140, 121, 134 and 180 defeated Nick Fullwell, whose top scores were, 140, 125 and a 150 game shot.

Randell hit 2x100’s in the first leg of the final, but found it was not enough as Naylor, who also hit two hundreds produced a bull finish off 86. Randell squared the game when he won the second leg, and then for the first time in the final took the lead when he recorded a tremendous twelve darts leg hitting two consecutive maximums in the process.

Despite hitting a 180 Naylor also lost the fourth leg when Randell chalked up another maximum and with a 78 checkout opened up a 3-1 advantage.

The last two legs were nip and tuck all the way but it was Tony Randell who came out of the tussle the 5-1 winner to clinch the top prize of £250, as runner up Naylor received £90 and there was £40 for each of the losing semi finalists.

The final of the Plate competition saw Ian McFarlane beat Alan Caddick to take the title.


First: Forest of Arden / Riley^s Christmas Open
(left to right) Tony Randell (Winner), Brian Twist (Organiser)

Second: Derrick Leaver Lichfield Open
Keith Osman (Organiser), Darren Leaver (Chairman Lichfield City FC), Doug Thompson (Winner), Mrs Leaver

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