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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

RESULTS and TABLES: Full Results:BDO Inter County Championships:Premier Division:Cambridgeshire v West Midlands (16-20): (Cambridgeshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Tony Holland 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Barry–John Paget 3 Jonathan Platt 4, Matt David 2 Ash Khayat 4, Eddie Martin 1 Liam Kelly 4, Ian Withers 4 Dean Mills 0, Chris Sands-Pearce 4 Michael Baker 1, Ashley Coleman 1 Daniel Nicholls 4, Stuart Ward 4 Gavin Baker 3, John Imrie 3 Glen McGrandle 4, Paul Wade 4 Mark Craddock 1, Dennis Harbour 4 Ian Jones 3, Brett Claydon 2 Scott Baker 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Ian Styles 4 Matthew Dicken 2, Andrew Hircock 4 Christopher Williams 3, Matthew Wing 3 Paul Wells 4, Aaron Baker 3 Alfie Jacques 4, Terry Redhead 4 Sam Guest 1, Paul Wade 4 Paul Price 3, Martyn Moore 0 Robert Smith 4, Paul Wenn 3 Adam Edgar 4, Carl Dockerill 4 Gareth Watts 1, Gary Robertson 1 Shane Price 4, Brian Reed 3 Neil Ponton 4, Connor Arberry 4 Richard Platt 1, Women’s ‘A’:- Sandra Greatbatch 2 Sarah Roberts 3, Karen Stanhope 0 Gemma Barrett 3, Nadine Bentley 3 Heather Wright 2, Barbara Greatbatch 3 Sophie Singh 0, Jane Judges 3 Lisa Badger 1, Diane Nash 3 Shannon Hall 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Hannah Rampley 0 Shellbie Simmons 3, Casey Hill 0 Jacqueline Maiden 3, Liz Humphries 0 Shannon Hall 3, Fiona Coker 1 Kath Jenkins 3, Wendy Ickin 3 Kim Fellows 2, Debbie Melton 2 Grace Angell 3.
With the ninth Shirley Premier League season completed the league decided to run a singles competition at what will be their new venue for the forthcoming season Shirley Legion which attracted 18 entries. The format was such that there were four groups, two of four players and two of five with the top two players from each group going into the quarter finals and the third placed player being entered into the Plate competition. Winning through to the semi-finals of the main event were Paul Higgins, Phil Thomas, Mark Gwalchmai and Adam Stuart. Paul Higgins eased through to the final with a 3-1 win over Phil Thomas whilst Mark Gwalchmai came from 2-1 down against Adam Stuart to win 3-2. The final saw Higgins take the first leg and then power into a 3-0 lead in what was the best of seven legs, however Gwalchmai fought back to reduce the deficit to 3-2 before Higgins won the sixth leg for a 4-2 victory. In the plate competition it was a tale of two Andy’s as Thomas and Hoy respectively beat Steve Heeks 3-2 and Chris Thomas snr 3-0. The final was a tight affair, Andy Hoy taking the honours with a 3-2 result.
It was cup week in the Four Oaks and District League and in the Brian Goodman Cup St Thomas’s Social Club were level at 3-3 with league leaders Royal Sutton Flights before surrendering the final three games to give Royal Sutton Flights a 6-3 win. St Thomas’s Arrows fared no better losing 7-2 to Old Oscott Arrows while Red Lion went 2-1 up against last year’s league winners The Boat, but finally bowed out with a 7-2 reversal. In the Ken Rust Cup Plough and Arrows continued their winning streak beating The Boot 6-3. Erdington Arrows after losing the first game to Sutton Sports and Social Club took the next five to win 5-3. Highlights of the week include a 180 from M.Cain (Red Lion) and a 174 from J.Liggins (Royal Sutton Flights). Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Round One:- Royal Sutton Flights 6 (M.Wild 100, R.Hawker 125, J.Liggins 2x100,174, B.Stephens 122,139,125, A.Kimberley 120b,101,101b) St Thomas’s Social Club 3 (I.Lloyd 122, J.Collins 140, W.Cadby 103b,100, S.Bird 100), St Thomas’s Arrows 2 (P.Andrews 100) Old Oscott Arrows 7 (D.Page 2x100, M.Compton 156b,106f, A.Lea 108b,100,140), The Boat 7 (K.Deeley 125,135,108f,100,137,9 darts game, K.Reynolds 100, N.Clarke 125,121,100, J.Prince 100,132, S.Harvey 114, M.Partridge 101b, C.O’Neil 121) Red Lion 2 (M.Cain 180, S.Cain 100, G.Oldfield 140, B.Hughes 116b, D.G.Bond 120b,125,130, R.Barritt 103), Ken Rust Cup:Round One:- Plough and Arrows 6 (P.Robbins 116,100, G.Baxter 121,100, I.Taylor 125, N.Robbins 134) The Boot 3 (P.Locke 100, T.Tyrie 103b, G.Gaughan 100), Sutton Sports and Social Club 3 (P.Panjanaden 140, R.Snelson 100, D.Carter 132, G.Hinett 105) Erdington Arrows 5 (M.Kenny 100b, M.Corfield 120b,100, R.Bazeley 112b, M.Phillips 100,134).
The South Birmingham League played the first round of their Roy Parry Cup in which league leaders Erdington Members Club had a resounding 8-1 win over division one bottom team The Gate. There was a tremendous win for division two club Iron Horse who beat their division one rivals Coleshill Social 5-4. Other teams making it into round two were The Trident, Pavillions, The Dog, Banbury Arrows and The Raven. Full Results:Roy Parry Cup:Round One:- The Trident 5 (T.Blakemore 100, C.Walton 2x100, M.Naylor 100) Mackadown Social 4 (N.Parsonage 100,102f,124,120b, D.Young 118, G.James 100), Crown Jewels 3 (C.Burns 140, N.Walker 180,100, C.Kingdon 110b,140, B.Walker 105) Pavillions 6 (A.Hoey 100, T.Warrillow 120b, J.Buttle 100), The Kingfisher 3 (R.Mills 140,100, M.O'Brien 100, D.Green 100) The Dog 6 (P.Thompson 121, S.O'Brien 2x100, M.Wheat 100, M.Clayton 100), Iron Horse 5 (A.Whitehouse 140, J.Lewin 121,127, R.Earl 100,140, R.Parry 121) Coleshill Social 4 (G.Jones 100, S.Sweetman 100, P.Bryant 100), Banbury Arrows 6 (J.Spink 112b,100, A.Luckman 2x100, J.Moss 115,140, L.Reece 180,10 darts game, P.Moran 120b,9 darts game, A.Cooksey 139) C's Arrows 3 (A.Harvey 100, J.Carter 100, S.Whatmore 100,140,109, S.Kingdon 125,100), The Raven 8 (J.Whitehouse 125,100,101, A.Eden 105b, N.Russell 100, D.Mortiboys 112b) C's Flights 1 (R.Beale 107b, L.Walker 101,112b), The Gate 1 (P.Jones 160b, M.Watts 133, N.Groves 140) Erdington Members Club 8 (M.McFall 112b,140,109b, L.Barberan 102f, M.Birch 120b,130,100, C.Millward snr 100, J.Frost 100,140,101f, J.Liggins 100).
E57 lost their second place in the Kings Norton League in week seven when they suffered a surprising 4-3 defeat away to Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club who are just four places off the foot of the table and had previously only won one of their six games. West Heath with a similar 4-3 win at Thurlestone have taken over the number two spot and share the same 12 points as leaders Avenue Social who won their home game against Cock Inn 6-1 to hang on to their pole position on average. Full Results;Week 7:- Avenue Social 6 (G.Dews 112b,126,10 darts game, J.Hykin 123, A.Hykin 100b,123, J.Best 165, T.Hamilton 100,120, R.Mann 100, P.Blades 100) Cock Inn 1 (K.McManus 140, L.Fox 100, A.Vaughan 100, K.Vaughan 100b,140), Thurlestone 3 (N.Watts 116b, T.Hill 100, B.Andrews 100) West Heath 4 (P.Hughes 100,100b, A.Sutton 100, T.Corbett 104b, T.Shipley 100, S.Deeley 116f,140, W.Webb 100,120b,140, K.Hall 100, W.Marshall 100, A.Deeley 100), Bournbrook 5 (C.Ryan 100b) Toby Jug 2 (L.Evans 100b, D,Kent 100, K.White 100,120,139), Grant Arms 4 (S.Campbell 100, Donna Campbell 100, N.Kelly 100,100b, M.Davies 125) Cotteridge 3 (P.Taylor 120b,125, B.Faulkner 100,104,140, J.O'Neill 100,100b), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 (M.Bloomer 2x100, K.Gater 100,120b) E57 3 (D.Logan 2x100,120,125,177,10 darts game, T.Roberts 110b,10 darts game, J.Calt 101b,121, N.Porter 2x100, L.Brotherton 140, E.Bird 2x100, M.Ellis 100), Weoley Hill 7 (J.Brookes 100, M.Lloyd 100, N.Proctor 100, P.Draper 140, A.Meredith 100) Dingle 0 (D.Hopkins 100, C.Willetts 128, S.Blackford 140, M.Ensor 102, P.Tobin 140).
The Forest of Arden Winter League had the semi finals of their Pairs Cup on the fixture card both games finishing with close 8-7 results. League leaders Journeys End won against Highwood KB’s while Kingshurst Knights accounted for Greville Arrows. Full Results:Pairs Cup:Semi Finals:- Highwood KB's 7 legs (A.Gorman 2x100, N.Wykes 3x100, M.Gorman 2x100,105, N.Byrne 4x100, A.Hunt 118, T.Walton 118,100, W.Cooper 100) Journeys End 8 legs (S.Kingdon 114,139,100, L.Barberan 2x100, J.Jennings 2x140, J.Webster 180, R.Lawrence 100, P.Kingdon 140, S.Whatmore 100, P.Shipley 2x100,140), Greville Arrows 7 legs (D.Williams 100, D.Field 2x100, R.Jelley 100, K.Duggan 100, D.Duggan 3x100,140,125) Kingshurst Knights 8 legs (L.Vann 140, K.Brush 139, S.Moran 100,135, D.White 123, M.Bown 125).
Dunky’s Boys have been ousted from the number one position in the Shirley and District Monday Night League after going down 7-2 away to Drawbridge Bears who are fifth in the table and now level on 18 points with their second placed opponents. Highwood have moved up one place to the top of the table, their 6-3 win away to fourth in the table Cider House giving them a two points advantage over the rest of the field. Red Lion who beat The Lodge 7-2 are third and like Dunky’s, Cider House and Drawbridge are on 18 points. Player of the week was clearly Ravi Saggo who won his singles match with a 113 finish then won his doubles game with a 102 finish to seal a 5-4 win for Saracens Jesters against Sharmans Cross. Full Results:Week 11:- Plume of Feathers 2 Solihull Sports Club (Brian Lawton 104f, Craig Clarke 152b) 7, Drawbridge Bears (Phil Thomas 107f) 7 Dunky's Boys 2, Sharmans Cross 4 Saracens Jesters (Ravi Saggo 113f,102f) 5, Red Lion (Dave Hesketh 180) 7 The Lodge 2, Cider House 3 Highwood 6, Saracens Misfits (Matthew Taylor 112b) 5 Legion Royals 4, Shirley Spartac 0 Blue Bell 9, Legionnaires 8 Shirley Golf Club 1.
The Winmau Centre Monday Night League have completed their season and taking the title with a total of 508 points is Misfits who rounded off their campaign with a 38-10 win over Keep It In The Family. Runners up The Untouchables had a similar closing 38-10 win against Make Mine A Double to put them on 461 points some 47 short of the champions. Unleashed Warrior played the whole fourteen fixtures without a single win ending with a 37-11 defeat at the hands of the Full Monty team. Full Results:Week 14:- Unleashed Warrior 11 Full Monty 37, Make Mine A Double 10 The Untouchables 38, What’s The Point 28 Just The Tip 20, Misfits 38 Keep It In The Family 10.
Dean Bayliss began week eight in the Erdington Red Lion Double Top League with a 3-0 win over Ryan Barritt but then lost by the same margin to Lewis Bayliss to see him fall eight points behind leader Will Naylor who won his first game against Stuart Larvin 3-0 and followed that with a 2-1 win over Richard O’Grady to put him on 40 points. Third in the table Jim Frost is on the same 32 points as Dean Bayliss after he beat Richard O’Grady 3-0 and John Frost 2-1, fourth in the table Matthew Cain is a further two points behind. Full Results:Week 8:- Will Naylor 3 Stuart Larvin 0, Matthew Cain 3 Clive Austin 0, Richard O’Grady 0 Jim Frost 3, Ryan Barritt 0 Dean Bayliss 3, John Frost 2 Stuart Larvin 1, Steve Cain 2 Alex Downes 1, Lewis Bayliss 3 Dean Bayliss 0, Lee Austin 3 Stuart Larvin 0, John Frost 1 Jim Frost 2, Will Naylor 2 Richard O’Grady 1, Lewis Bayliss 1 Matthew Cain 2, Alex Downes 2 Stuart Larvin 1, Lee Austin 2 Clive Austin 1, Steve Cain 0 Matthew Cain 3, Ryan Barritt 0 Matthew Cain 3.
There was a first win in six games for Emerald Club in the Small Heath League when they won 5-4 away to Sheldon Marlborough Arrows who are now the only team without a win in the league, two points adrift at the foot of the table. League leaders East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association had a bye in week seven but remain in pole position with a perfect 12 points and a two point’s lead over their nearest rivals Heartlands Club who won a crucial home game against third in the table Sheldon Marlborough Flights 7-2 to give them a two point’s breathing space over their opponents. Full Results:Week 7:- Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 4 (P.Aylin 120, D.Howlett 120,2x100) Emerald Club 5 (P.Hopkins 114b,131, A.Fisher 140,100, J,Fisher 2x100, D.Willis 103b), Heartlands Club 7 (M.Cain 139, D.Bond 160b,101,158f,9 darts game) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 2 (J.Evans 140, P.Seadon 104,100, P.Brown 2x100, A.Wale 104b, N.Rughani 140, P.Sunner 121,105b), Wagon and Horses 6 (M.Tilley 100, G.Daly 115b, M.Coles 100, M.Looby 100) Cob’s Bar 3 (M.Turner 100, D.Shakespeare 136, D.Nahon 115).
The Brierley Hill Monday Night League played off the finals of their doubles knockout and in the last four games the two Delph Bell teams squared up to each other with C.Tomes and S.Cartwright losing 2-1 to M.Bennett and J.Batham. The other semi final saw A.Neale and C.Weeks (Mount Pleasant) win 2-0 against B.Neale and K.Lavender (Bulls Head, Netherton). With good darts throughout the night the final saw Bennett and Batham win in three straight legs against Neale and weeks to lift the title. Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Semi Finals:- C.Tomes / S.Cartwright (Delph Bell) 1 M.Bennett / J.Batham (Delph Bell) 2, A.Neale / C.Weeks (Mount Pleasant) 2 B.Neale / K.Lavender (Bulls Head, Netherton) 0, Final:- A.Neale / C.Weeks 0 M.Bennett / J.Batham 3.
On Thursday 21st December the Winmau Darts Centre in the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Arena, Racecourse Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0QU will be staging a pre-Christmas knockout with a guaranteed £100 first prize for just a £5 entry fee, plus all monies paid in will be paid out in prize money. There will be a 7-45 deadline for registrations with an 8.00pm start.
Camp Hill League leaders Journeys End Lions had a bye in week eight which gave second in the table Cotterills Lane Club the chance to reduce the arrears which they did with a 4-3 win over Tyseley WMC to put them on the same 12 points as Journeys End Lions but they have now played two games more than their rivals. Third in the table Crown Jewels kept to within two points of Cotterills with a 6-1 win over Wagon and Horses plus they have a game in hand. Full Results:Week 8:- Crown Jewels 6 Wagon and Horses 1, Cotterills Lane Club 4 Tyseley WMC 3, Emerald Club 4 Devil’s Club 3.
The Office continue to lead both the Main and Seeded One divisions of the Pip Club League after their latest 8-1 win away to Globe (Wilnecote) keeping their unbeaten record going in both divisions. In the main division Office and Birchmoor Club, who won 6-3 against Sports Bar ‘180’ are on the same 14 points with Birchmoor having played one game more than Office while in the Seeded One division Queens Head and Birchmoor Club both have the same six points as Office with Office having a game in hand on both teams. In the Seeded Two division Old Liberal House lead the way with eight points, their latest 5-4 win over Dolphin taking their undefeated run to four games and giving them a four points lead over second placed Pip Club. Full Results:Week 8:- Birchmoor Club 6 Sports Bar ‘180’ 3, Belgrave Club 7 (Bob Mills 116f, Sarah Ingram 124,2x100) Kettlebrook Club 2, Pip Club 5 (Mark Hollyoake 100f) Wigginton Arms 4, Old Liberal House 5 (Nigel Vaughan 111f) Dolphin 4 (Daz Massey 170f, Phil Turner 148f), Red Lion 5 Progressive Club 4, Mercian 2 Dolphin Wanderers 7, Globe (Wilnecote, Rick Martin 180) 1 The Office 8.
Just three results from the Brierley Hill Friday Night League the only team playing in the top three being Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ who won 6-1 against Dudley Sports leaving them six points behind leaders Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ and two behind second in the table Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’, the two top teams now having a game in hand on Welfare Club ‘A’. In the other two games played Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ beat Delph Bell 6-1 and there was a 5-2 win for Fox Inn ‘B’ (Lye) over Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’, Fox ‘B’ moving up three places to sixth. Full Results:Week 16:- Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 6 Dudley Sports 1, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 2 Fox Inn ‘B’ (Lye) 5, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 6 Delph Bell 1.
The was a big upset in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League in week 37 as Ten Arches ‘A’ lost their number one spot when they went down 6-3 away to thirteenth in the table Fox Inn (Lye) who are a huge 32 points behind them. Ten Arches ‘A’ now drop into second place behind their local; rivals Ten Arches ‘B’ whose 6-3 win at Bird (Stourbridge) puts them on the same 64 points as their ‘A’ side but with a far superior average take over the leadership. Full Results:Week 37:- Church Tavern 3 Gate ‘B’ 6, Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 0 Bird (Wordsley) 9, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 2 Stourbridge RBL 7, Queens 7 Garibaldi 2, Bridge (Kingswinford) 3 Gate ‘A’ 6, Old Cat (Wordsley) 0 Brickmakers Arms 9, Bird (Stourbridge) 3 Ten Arches ‘B’ 6, Fox Inn (Lye) 6 Ten Arches ‘A’ 3, Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 5 The Swan 4, Kingswinford Snooker Club 4 Crestwood 5, Kingswinford Conservative Club 7 Britannia 2.
The Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League played off the finals of their Delegates Cup and saw George Arnold from Island Inn beat Lee Rennie (Hayes Social) in the final 3-2 in what was a great game with both players having darts at a double to win the title. Losing semi finalists were Ant Pitts (Waggon and Horses) and Paul Bladen (Dewdrop). Full Results:Delegates Knockout:Final:- George Arnold (Island Inn) 3 Lee Rennie (Hayes Social) 2, Losing Semi Finalists:- Ant Pitts (Waggon and Horses) and Paul Bladen (Dewdrop).
Week ten of the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League saw leaders Parkes Hall chalk up an important 7-2 home win over third in the table Club Dudley to put four points between the two teams. Second in the table Old Bulls Head won their home game with Ashwood 5-4 to remain two points behind the leaders. Full Results:Week 10:- Parkes Hall 7 Club Dudley 2, Jolly Crispin 3 Pensnett Liberal Club 6, Old Bulls Head 5 Ashwood 4, Fellows 2 Britannia 7, Red Cow 4 White Lion 5.
The Nutan had a fantastic season in the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League winning three of the four divisions in the league, they won the Main title with 50 points 14 more than runners up Black Horse and the same two teams finished in the same order in the Singles and Doubles divisions with Nutan having a 21 points advantage in the Singles and six in the Doubles. The Trebles divisional title went to Staffordshire Knot, with 21 points they were just two to the good on runners up Horse and Jockey.
In the Premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League Dunky’s Boys took their undefeated run to seven games with a 5-4 win at Forget-Me-Not and at the same time maintained their massive six points lead over four teams Iron Horse, Sheldon Marlborough Flights, Highwood KB’s and Pavilions. In division one top of the table East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association suffered their first defeat in seven as they finished on the wrong side of a 5-4 result at Fox and Goose who are in the bottom half of the table. Nevertheless E.B.A.H.A. hold on to pole position but have had their lead over second and third placed Crown Arrows and Lyndon Old Boys reduced to two points. It’s close at the top of division two with Inn on the Green and Yardley Ex Colts both having won the six games played, Inn on the Green on top with a superior average, the two teams are six points to the good on the rest of the field. Full Results:Week 6:Premier Division:- Iron Horse 5 (M.Bown 120b, J.Green 115b,120b, J.Whitehouse 110b, R.Parry 100b) Pavilions 4 (B.Evans 112b), Pirates 1 Harvester 8, Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 Crown-Forget-Me-Not 4 (A.Smith 120b, T.Colley 120f) Highwood KB’s 7 Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 2, Mackadown Social 4 (M.Noonan 100b) Dunky’s Boys 5 (J.Jennings 120b, A.Hutchings 100b, I.Spencer 108f), Division One:- George ‘V’ 2 Willclare Sports and Social 7 (J.Phipps 152b), Shirley RBL Misfits 4 (L.Clutterbuck 108b, J.O’Sullivan 108b) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 5 (W.Naylor 109b, A.Eden 114b, M.Birch 12 darts game, J.Liggins 136b,108f,9 darts game, R.Turner 100b), Crown Arrows 6 (J.Gaskin 105b,103b) Fox and Goose 3 (M.Stait 100b, M.Wyatt 100b, J.Lynch 100b), Sheldon Dukes 4 (P.Ashford 120b) Lyndon Old Boys 5, Holy Souls 3 (M.O’Sullivan 101b, Joe Duffy 112b) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 6 (P.Carey 112f, T.Constable 100f), Division Two:- Inn on the Green 6 Greville Arms 3, Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 5 Highwood Exiles 4 (D.Carey 105b), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 2 Yardley Ex Colts 7 (J.King 100), Week 7:Premier Division:- Pavilions 7 Pirates 2, Iron Horse 5 (M.Bown 105b, R.Earl 8 darts game) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 4 (D.Howlett 125b), Harvetser 6 (I.Evans 105b) Highwood KB’s 3 (C.King 103b), Crown-Forget-Me-Not 4 (W.Griffiths 100b) Dunky’s Boys 5 (J.Sidwell 2x100b, J.Jennings 160b,120b, I.Spencer 100b, P.Yardley 101b), Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 6 (A.Nixon 100f,9 darts game, R.Nixon 100b, P.Connolly 120f) Mackadown Social 3 (D.Young 120b,160b), Division One:- Willclare Sports and Social 8 (M.Tilley 120b, D.Allen 152b, J.Allen 118b, F.Dixon 120b( Shirley RBL Misfits 1, George ‘V’ 3 (P.Horsley 101b) Crown Arrows 6 (R.Brown jnr 108b, S.Shepherd 120b), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 4 (J.Frost 120b, B.Liggins 112b, A.Eden 120b) Sheldon Dukes 5 (P.Pudge 120b, M.Hicks 100b), Fox and Goose 5 East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 4, Lyndon Old Boys 5 (V.Evans 105b, D.Sheridan 120b) Holy Souls 4, Division Two:- Greville Arms 4 Maggies 5 (S.Hoccom 120b), Meadway Sports and Social 4 Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 5, Highwood Exiles 8 (T.Clinton 160b) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 1 (A.Sleath 174).
By Alan Towe Website:

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