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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Congratulations to Sutton Sports who in a very close finish in the Warwickshire Men’s Super League, clinched the title with 133 points, exactly the same number of points as runners up Coventry Bishopsgate with Sutton taking the crown by virtue of them having won one game more than Coventry. After confirming the league title the two top teams met in a thrilling final of the Team Cup Knockout which saw all seven games go the full distance of five legs but it was Sutton who made it a fantastic double by beating their rivals 4-3. Eight teams had battled it out on the night with Stockton and Warwick the unfortunate losing semi finalists, Stockton losing 4-3 to Sutton Sports while Warwick went down 5-2 to Coventry Bishopsgate. Full Results:Team Knockout Cup:Preliminary Round:- Rugby 2 Sutton Sports 5, Water Orton (walkover) beat Birmingham Hillyfields, Coventry Old Ball ‘A’ lost to Stockton Nelson (walkover), Quarter Finals:- Sutton Sports 5 Water Orton 2, Stockton Nelson 7 Coventry Old Ball ‘B’ 0, Stratford 2 Wrwick 5, Stratford Reserves 1 Coventry Bishopsgate 6, Semi Finals:- Sutton Sports 4 Stockton Nelson 3, Warwick 2 Coventry Bishopsgate 5, Final:- Sutton Sports 4 Coventry Bishopsgate 3.
Lee Harris continued his fine form in week ten of the Shirley Red Lion Premier League with 4-0 wins over both Lee Holtham and Nick Walker to take his points tally to 64 from 20 games. Second in the table Mark Gwalchmai was not as fortunate as Harris being held to 2-2 draws by Chris John and Tony Daly and then suffering his first defeat of the season when he lost 4-0 to Tom Bent leaving him holding on to second place but trailing Harris by some six points and now only two to the good on Tom Bent Highest finish of the week and claiming the £5 prize was Ken Hopton who checked out on 101 in his 3-1 win over Antony Daly. Tom Bent produced the fastest leg of the night an eight darts game in his 2-2 draw with Steve Heeks. Full Results:Week 10:- Mark Cater 2 Steve Heeks (107f) 2, Jack Sidwell 3 Craig Johnson (105b) 1, Nick Walker 0 Steve Sidwell 4, Tim Lowe 0 Andy Thomas (105b) 4, Andy Hoy 1 Tom Bent (112b) 3, Brian Lawton (120b) 0 Chris Thomas (10 and 11 darts games) 4, Ken Hopton (101f) 3 Antony Daly 1, Adam Stuart 4 Dave Heighway (120b) 0, Chris Thomas snr 1 Mikey Harris 3, Lee Holtham 0 Lee Harris 4, Mick Bown 3 Tony Daly 1, Chris John 2 Mark Gwalchmai (112b,108f,9 darts game) 2, Luke Coles 1 Mark Cater 3, Adam Stuart 3 Craig Johnson 1, Lee Harris 4 Nick Walker 0, Brian Lawton 1 Steve Heeks 3, Mark Gwalchmai 0 Tom Bent 4, Andy Thomas 1 Dave Heighway 3, Mikey Harris 3 Lee Holtham 1, Craig Johnson 2 Chris Thomas 2, Chris Thomas snr 1 Chris John 3, Mick Bown 4 Tim Lowe 0, Andy Hoy 2 Antony Daly 2, Tony Daly 2 Ken Hopton 2, Jack Sidwell 1 Steve Sidwell 3, Chris Thomas 4 Luke Coles 0, Steve Heeks 2 Tom Bent (8 darts game) 2, Chris John 1 Andy Hoy 3, Antony Daly 1 Mick Bown 3, Tony Daly 2 Mark Gwalchmai 2, Steve Sidwell 2 Ken Hopton 2, Adam Stuart 2 Jack Sidwell 2, Brian Lawton 3 Luke Coles 1.
The Bilston and District League played off their Main Cup which produced a fantastic final which went down to the wire and it was the final deciding leg before Bilston Conservative Club claimed their win over Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ and the title. In the semi finals Bilston Conservative Club handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their opponents Darlaston Conservative Club while Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ had a much closer 4-3 verdict over 501 League champions Tilted Barrel. [caption id="attachment_20559" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Bilston and District League Main Cup Winners, Bilston Conservative Club, Red Dragon Darts Bilston and District League Main Cup Winners Bilston Conservative Club 'C'[/caption] Full Results:Main Cup:Semi Finals:- Darlaston Conservative Club 0 Bilston Conservative Club ‘C’ 7, Tilted Barrel 3 Allen's Sports Bar ‘A’ 4, Final:- Allen's Sports Bar ‘A’ 3 Bilston Conservative Club ‘C’ 4.
The Forest of Arden Summer League have got their new season underway with a new format having switched from two divisions to one and its Journeys End Flights and Journeys End who in turn won the winter league division two and one divisions who are setting the pace. Journeys End Flights with a 7-2 win at The C’s are top of the table by one leg of average over Journeys End who won their home game against Greville Arrows 6-3. Full Results:Week 1:- Journeys End 6 (D.Evans 3x100,140, L.Barberan 3x100,125,134,119, G.Clinton 100,134,125, R.Lawrence 125,135, P.Kingdon 2x100,125,121, S.Whatmore 115,118, S.Kingdon 100,140) Greville Arrows 3 (D.Ryecroft 119,2x100,121, C.Okey 5x100, K.Duggan 100, C.Burns 108f, D.Duggan 4x100,121), The C's 2 (G.Vasole 100, C.Groves 2x100, J.Hollis 138,100, T.Mcguire 120) Journeys End Flights 7 (S.Edwards 100,121,140, S.Kennedy 100, T.Steele 140, J.Phipps 2x100, A.Edwards 100,2x140,2x125, P.Yardley 125,100,140, M.Tilley 100).
Week two of the Sutton and District Summer League and in division one there is nothing to separate the top two teams Boat and Golden Hind who are level on both points and average. The Boat won 6-3 away to Bishop Vesey while Golden Hind went one better with a 7-2 success at Old Oscott Arrows to go level with Boat at the top of the table. In division two Erdington Club moved up from second to take over pole position with an 8-1 home win over The Boot replacing Red Lion whose 5-4 win at Boldmere Tap leaves them just one leg of average short of Erdington. The Fox and Old Oscott WMC lead division three both teams in turn winning 7-2 against The Duke and Rosey Mac’s. Full Results:Week 2:Division One:- Old Oscott Arrows 2 (A.Lea 2x108b,125,105,100, D.Page 140, M.Compton 2x100b, B.Hoare 105b,100, M.Page 2x100) Golden Hind 7 (B.Linnecor 101b, A.Kimberly 104f,3x100, K.Lumby 2x100, B.Stephens 140, G.Kimberly 4x100,117), St Thomas’s Club 6 (A.Rose 140, W.Taylor 120b,100b,9 darts game, J.Collins 107f,140,100, J.Burdett 4x100,135, I.Lloyd 121,2x100, T.Pedley 100) Plough and Arrow 3 (I.Taylor 140, P.Smith 4x100,121, G.Baxter 100, N.Robbins 100), Bishop Vesey 3 (M.Norton 100, N.Smallwood 123,101,137, S.Holmes 2x120b,140,100, C.Sammons 140, A.France 111b, M.Wild 120b,100) The Boat 6 (M.Partridge 4x100,120, N.Clarke 3x100,125, K.Deeley 2x100,140, K.Reynolds 108b,140, J.Prince 180,140,100,109b, M.Archer 100b,125,140, W.Mynard 135,100, C.O'Neill 108), Division Two:- Boldmere Tap 4 (P.Newman 112b,137, D.Simpson 180,2x100, S.Alexander 100f,100, D.Byrne 100) Red Lion 5 (D.Bond 100, E.Birkett 100, M.Wilde 100, L.Bayliss 112b, D.Bayliss 116f,100,125,140, M.Gaughan 112b,140), Erdington Club 8 (G.Bushall 104f,125, M.McFall 2x140,134,100, L.Shorthouse 101, R.Hawker 8 darts game,3x100,140,139,130, S.Paling 100,125, J.Liggins 100f, K.Shorthouse 2x140, B.Liggins 106b) The Boot 1 (G.Gaughan 2x100,140, J.Kavanagh 100, T.Tyrie 125,115, P.Locke 2x100,140, P.Opelier 140), Drakes Drum 7 Erdington Arrows 2, Pint Pot Flights had a bye, Division Three:- Duke 2 (J.Hidge 100b, C.Batt 140) The Fox 7 (R.Stanton 100,140, K.Smith 102,105b, M.Horacek 112b,100, D.Perry 2x100,120b, N.Napier 2x100,140), Old Oscott Social 8 Lad in Lane 1, Old Oscott WMC 7 Rosey Mac’s 2.
Cotterills Lane Club with an emphatic 6-1 win over Devil’s Club took their unbeaten run in the Camp Hill League to seven games and keeps intact their two points lead over Hay Mills Social Club Lions and Holy Gulp. Hay Mills, like Cotterills also won 6-1 away to bottom of the table Station Wagon while Holy Gulp were 5-2 home winners against Wagon and Horses. Full Results:Week 7:- Cotterills Lane Club 6 Devil’s Club 1, Holy Gulp 5 Wagon and Horses 2, Emerald Club 5 New Inn 2, Tyseley WMC 6 Eagle and Ball 2, Station Wagon 1 Hay Mills Social Club Lions 6.
The Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League has a new leader. Taking over in pole position is West Midlands county player Sam Guest who has been catching up with some of his outstanding fixtures and after chalking up 6-1 wins over Liam Baker and Baz Pearce followed up with 5-2 wins against Adam Quinton and Chris Manoila to give him a total point’s of 173 from 32 games. Second in the table Chris Williams had mixed results in his three games as he won 5-2 against Rob Harris, lost 4-3 to Liam Baker then recovered to beat Devinder Singh 7-0 giving him 172 points just one short of leader Guest from the same number of games. Mick Baker, champion for the past two seasons is looking to make it a trio of titles and although currently fourth in the table is still well on track as he is 30 points behind Sam Guest with six games in hand, six games that could net him a total of 42 points. In form Baker’s latest games saw him win 4-3 against Martin East then follow up with 6-1 wins over both Paul Boddison and Rob Harris. Full Results:Week 19:- Chris Fox 3 Craig Capewell 4, Mark Bayliss 4 Devinder Singh 3, Martin East 3 Mick Baker 4, Sam Guest 6 Liam Baker 1, Shane Watters 2 Rob Harris 5, Sam Guest 6 Baz Pearce 1, Chris Manoila 4 Adam Quinton 3, Mick Baker 6 Paul Boddison 1, Craig Capewell 6 Sam Aitken 1, Rob Montana 4 Baz Pearce 3, Rob Harris 2 Chris Williams 5, Sam Guest 5 Adam Quinton 2, Mick Baker 6 Rob Harris 1, Mark Bayliss 4 Paul Boddison 3, Martin East 5 Devinder Singh 2, Chris Fox 5 Shane Watters 2, Chris Williams 3 Liam Baker 4, Chris Manoila 2 Sam Guest 5, Sam Aitkens 5 Rob Montana 2, Paul Boddison 2 Adam Quinton 5, Shane Watters 1 Sam Aitkens 6, Baz Pearce 1 Craig Capewell 6, Chris Williams 7 Devinder Singh 0.
There were convincing 8-1 wins for the top two teams in the Main League of the Pip Club League in week 17, leaders Queens Head winning at home against Old Liberal House while second placed Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) won away at Globe (Wilnecote) leaving them four points adrift of Queens Head but two ahead of third placed Winning Post. Full Results:Week 17:- Wigginton Arms (Grant Harris 180) 3 Globe Trotters 6, Queens Head 8 Old Liberal House 1, Globe (Wilnecote) 1 Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 8, Birchmoor Club 8 Pip Club 1, Progressive Club 3 Belgrave Club 6, Sports Bar ‘180’ 8 Royal Oak 1, Winning Post had a bye.
As the Kings Norton League moves into the second half of its season Hillyfields ‘B’ lead the field with a perfect 30 points from their fifteen games their latest win being 7-0 against visiting team Weoley Hill to keep them four points to the good on second placed West Heath who had a 6-1 away win over bottom of the table Billesley. Stirchley United handed out a 7-0 thrashing to Bear and Staff to keep them in third place on 22 points while Hillyfields ‘A’ and Rubery RBL are joint fourth both with 20 points and the same average, E57 slipped from fourth to sixth when they lost 6-3 at Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club who are ninth in the table. Full Results:- Hillyfields ‘B’ 7 (E.Simpson 100,140, D.Bourne 100, J.Hykin 100,2x140,120f, V.Gould 2x100, J.Best 125,135,140, T.Hamilton 100,140, R.Mann 3x100,140, G.Dews 100, P.Blades 100) Weoley Hill 0 (K.O'Connell 102, D.Barnickle 100,125,140, M.Lloyd 2x100, A.Rogers 100, N.Proctor 100,122), The Coppice 3 (A.Deeley 4x100,121,140, K.Manger 3x100,180,14 darts game, D.Hill 4x100, C.Heath 2x100,140, R.Mooney 100, M.Mooney 2x121) Hillyfields ‘A’ 4 (P.Vaughan 3x100, L.Fox 100, A.Harvey 125, M.Poolton 2x100,123,125,140, A.Vaughan 100,122, K.Vaughan 100,140, Joe Fox 2x100,106f), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 (S.Carr 100,124,125, K.Gater 2x100,119f, D.Whitecombe 2x100,140, Peter Corbett 3x100,121,125,140, C.Davenport 2x100, M.Bloomer 3x100, S.Brown 100,125, M.Musto 2x100,121) E57 3 (J.Good 2x100,140, D.Logan 100,135,180, T.Roberts 2x100,140, N.Porter 2x100,120, J.Calt 140, M.Ellis 2x100,121,140, L.Brotherton 180), Coldstream 2 (S.Ager 100, B.Andrews 100, M.Deeley 100,111,140, M.Ferriday 100,140) Cotteridge Social 5 (J.O'Neill 4x100, B.Faulkner 100, P.Taylor 121,156, Matt Ivory 100,123,2x140, A.Faulkner 3x100, S.Hale 100, J.O'Neill 180), Billesley 1 (L.Jones 2x100, W.Ford 2x100, D.Jones 100) West Heath 6 (P.Hughes 3x100, T.Shipley 125, C.Airey 100, W.Webb 3x140,100, A.Sutton 100,101, T.Corbett 100,140, K.Hall 2x100,140), Stirchley United 7 (T.Jeffs 100, T.Cullen 100,123,140, C.Price 100, D.Collins 121, S.Riddick 100,121,140, M.Bathurst 100, C.Ryan 140) Bear and Staff 0 (A.Yates 100, K.Jukes 100, N.Harris 120,140, C.Crumpton 100,118), Rubery RBL 4 (D.Lowndes 140, S.Jacques 141, R.Packer 2x100,123, I.Medlicott 100,140, B.Heath 2x100, J.Grainger 100, I.Medlicott 180) Toby Jug Flights 3 (M.Turner 108f, J.Higgins 125, K.White 100f, R.Higgins 121,134,136).
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League staged their doubles knockout, both of the semi finals finished with close 2-1 scorelines as Jeff Batham and Carl Penzer beat Matt Hadley and Ben Lewis then Reece Colley and Robert Pierce won against Jim Churchill and Carl Davies. The final saw Batham and Penzer account for Colley and Pierce with a clear cut straight 3-0 victory. Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Semi Finals:- Jeff Batham & Carl Penzer 2 Matt Hadley & Ben Lewis 1, Reece Colley & Robert Pierce 2 Jim Churchill & Carl Davies 1, Final:- Jeff Batham & Carl Penzer 3 Reece Colley & Robert Pierce 0.
After their first defeat in six in the Small Heath League last week East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association were quick to recover as they chalked up a 7-2 home win over Wagon and Horses to keep them ahead of second in the table Gulp Tribe whose similar 7-2 win against Emerald Club leaves them five points of average behind EBAHA but level on 12 points. Third in the table Foaming Tankard like the two teams above them also won 7-2 as they beat Cob’s Bar to stay two points behind the top two teams. Full Results:Week 7:- East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 7 (Les Robinson 180,140,100,105b, Colin Wyatt 2x140,125,2x100, Jake Webster 140, Terry Webster 121,115,120b) Wagon and Horses 2 (Graham Daly 101b, Con Murphy 115,105f), Cob’s Bar 2 (Mark Turner 135, Tom Humphries 140,125, Ashley Lattimer 140,104f) Foaming Tankard 7 (Gerry McCormack 119,100, Clive Austin 140, Jim Frost 125), Gulp Tribe 7 (John Phipps 108, Neil Parsonage 136,100, Dave Heighway 100) Emerald Club 2 (Colin Rigby 100).
In week 28 of the West Midlands Men’s Super League leaders Landywood ‘A’ fell to a shock 5-0 defeat away to sixth placed Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ who are some 42 points behind their visitors. Second in the table and current reigning champions Crown ‘A’ made up ground on Landywood ‘A’ beating White Swan 5-0 to move within four points of Landywood with a game in hand. Pheasant were also 5-0 winners in their fixture with Duke of York to keep the pressure on Crown ‘A’ as they are only four points behind them. Another notable result was that by Crown ‘B’ who had a great 4-1 win at Staffordshire Knot. Full Results:Week 27:- Duke of York 3 Staffordshire Knot 2, Pheasant 5 White Swan 0, Bridgtown Social 3 Crown ‘A’ 2, Rowley Bar and Grill 0 Pensnett Welfare Club 5, Landywood ‘A’ 3 Ten Arches 2, Chillington 2 Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 3, Olde Queens Head 4 Landywood ‘B’ 1, Crown ‘B’ 4 Cabin 1, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ had a bye, Match 28:- Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 5 Landywood ‘A’ 0, Rowley Bar and Grill 0 Ten Arches 5, Pensnett Welfare Club 2 Bridgtown Social 3, Crown ‘A’ 5 White Swan 0, Pheasant 5 Duke of York 0, Staffordshire Knot 1 Crown ‘B’ 4, Cabin 3 Olde Queens Head 2, Landywood ‘B’ 2 Chillington 3, Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ had a bye.
Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club march on in the Netherton Thursday Night League taking their unbeaten run to five games when they won their home tie against Fairfield 8-1 to keep them six points to the good on second and third placed White Horse and The Bell, White Horse winning 7-2 at home against Hill and Cakemore who are bottom without a point from their four games played and The Bell who are undefeated in the three games they have played had a bye to give them two games in hand on the leaders. Full Results:Week 5:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8 Fairfield 1, Bulls Head 7 Townsend Club 2, White Horse 7 Hill and Cakemore 2. The Bell and Riddins Tavern had a bye.
Island Inn gained an important two points in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League when in week 12 they won 4-3 away to third in the table The Vine to keep them in pole position with a two points advantage over their nearest rivals Dewdrop who also had vital 4-3 win away to Old Hop Pole who are placed fourth in the table. On the same 16 points as Vine and Old Hop Pole are Waggon and Horses after beating New Talbot 6-1. Full Results:Week 12:- Waggon and Horses 6 New Talbot 1, Old Hop Pole 3 Dewdrop 4, Merry-Go-Round 6 Old Court House 1, Horseley.Tavern 2 Ivy Bush 5, Hayes Social 1 Wonder 6, The Vine 3 Island Inn 4.
In addition to the normal weekly programme there were a number of “Catch Up” games in week ten of the Yeltz Bar Tuesday Night 501 Singles League which saw Neil Steventon beat Adam Hill 4-1 and with 5-0 results there with victories for Tommy Johnson and Mark Adams over Trevor Collier and Richard Swinden respectively. In the scheduled weekly fixtures there was a 4-1 win for Steve Carey over Tony Duncan and a five nil whitewash win for Richard Duncan over Rich Barrett. There were two other whitewashes on the night with Richard Reed continuing his dominance at the top of the table recording a 5-0 win against Adam Hill and Doug Richmond beating Richard Swinden by the same margin. Trevor Collier eased to a 4-1 victory over Mark Adams and the final two games of the night finished with close 3-2 wins for Loz Slater over Richard Hill and Alister Duncan who with a 180 defeated Vince Bayliss, Richard Hill recorded a 126 finish in his defeat by Slater. Full Results:Week 10:- Steve Carey 4 Tony Duncan 1, Richard Duncan 5 Richard Barrett 0, Trevor Collier 4 Mark Adams 1, Richard Swinden 0 Doug Richmond 5, Loz Slater 3 Richard Hill 2, Alister Duncan 3 Vince Bayliss 2, Adam Hill 0 Richard Reed 5, Rearranged Fixtures:- Adam Hill 1 Neil Steventon 4, Tommy Johnson 5 Trevor Collier 0, Mark Adams 5 Richard Swinden 0.
Riley’s ‘C’ with a 4-3 win at The Bull in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League singles league have opened up a four points lead over the rest of the field, however the chasing pack of three Riley’s ‘B’, Wednesfield Conservative Club and Sunbeam all have a game in hand on the leaders. In division two of the singles league Dog and Partridge’s 5-2 win over Roebuck has taken their 100% win record to ten games and gives them a clear four point’s advantage over both Shed and Wednesfield Legion. In the doubles leagues Riley’s ‘B’ top the division one table with 16 points from nine games Wednesfield Conservative Club are their nearest rivals and trail by two points. Just one leg of average separates the top two teams in the second division a 3-0 win over Bird in Hand maintaining Riley’s ‘D’s slight edge on Wednesfield Legion who were also 3-0 winners at the Shed. Full Results:Week 10:Singles League:Division One:- Bull 3 Riley’s ‘C’ 4, Jack’s Bar 4 Penn Bowling 3, Pavilion 2 Victoria 5, Sunbeam 4 Riley’s ‘A’ 3, Wednesfield Conservative Club 6 Boat 1, Division Two:- Dog and Partridge 5 Roebuck 2, Riley’s ‘D’ 4 Bird in Hand 3, Royal 5 Pendulum 2, Shed 3 Wednesfield Legion 4, Woodfield Social 3 Red Lion 4, Yale Club 4 Ukrainian Club 3, Doubles League: Division One:- Bull 2 Riley’s ‘C’ 1, Jack’s Bar 1 Penn Bowling 2, Pavilion 0 Victoria 3, Sunbeam 1 Riley’s ‘A’ 2, Wednesfield Conservative Club 3 Boat 0, Division Two:- Dog and Partridge 2 Roebuck 1, Riley’s ‘D’ 3 Bird in Hand 0, Royal 2 Pendulum 1, Shed 0 Wednesfield Legion 3, Woodfield Social 1 Red Lion 2, Yale Club 1 Ukrainian Club 2.
After completing ten fixtures just two points separate the top four teams in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League. ECC ‘A’ ousted Whitmore Reans WMC from pole position after beating them on their own board 5-2 to put them on the same 16 points as Whitmore but with a superior average. Cleveland Arms and Swan Compton both have 14 points, two fewer than the two teams above them, Cleveland having a comprehensive 7-0 win at Jones Road while Swan had a more conservative 4-3 win at ECC ‘B’. Full Results:Week 10:- Bull 2 Village Inn 5, Dog and Partridge 2 Brewood British Legion 5, ECC ‘B’ 3 Swan Compton 4, Jones Road 0 Cleveland Arms 7, Riley’s 3 Moreton 4, Whitmore Reans WMC 2 ECC ‘A’ 5.
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