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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

It was not a happy ending to their season in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships for Warwickshire as they lost their away tie with Devon 20-16, however overall it was not all bad news as they finished the season in fourth position one place higher than last season’s campaign.

Saturday’s games saw both the men and women lose, the men going down 7-5 with Carl Green their top player with a 28.58 average and the women losing 4-2 Marian Conway taking the match award with her 18.11 average.

Sunday was a little better as both teams finished with a draw for the ladies it was Sue Gulliver with an average of 24.64 taking the match award while for the men it was Jamie Hughes chalking up his fifth award of the season with a 32.32 average.

Full Results:Devon v Warwickshire (20-16):(Devon names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Mike Beal 4 Simon Power 3, Adrian Lamerton 2 Noel Grant 4, Shaun Dring 3 William Naylor 4, Antony Hayman 4 Mark Strong 3, Mike Pearce 1 Antony Allen 4, John Imrie 0 Jamie Hughes 4, John Mann 4 Tom Aldridge 3, David Witt 4 Mark Westgarth 3, Simon Stevenson 0 Dean Stewart 4, Matthew Dickinson 4 Jamie Atkins 2, Mark Turner 4 Mark Carter 1, Richard Dennis 3 Richard Foster 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Phillip Goodwin 4 Simon Fairbrother 1, Phil Stewart 4 Simon Power 2, Terry McDermott 3 Rob Hawker 4, Jack Allen 3 Matthew Edgar 4, Ryan Searle 4 Dave Atkins 1, Mark Vellacott 2 Carl Green 4, Kevin Winter 3 Peter Hughes 4, Glyn Wells 4 Paul Deslandes 0, Daniel Allen 4 Dan Green 3, Thom Humphrey 4 Ian Shaw 3, Neil Dudbridge 1 Luke Kennedy 4, Neil White 4 Tom McGlone 0, Women’s ‘A’:- Sarah Brown 2 Donna Pinch 3, Chrissie Kinnaird 3 Wendy Adams 2, Michelle Andrews 1 Melanie Hill 3, Merryl Dennis 3 Kerry Bambridge 0, Kelly-Marie Gabriel 1 Sue Gulliver 3, Maria O’Brien 3 Trina Gulliver 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Sharna Eva 3 Helen Rigg 0, Lisa Hughes 3 Lisa Deslandes 2, Anna Johnson 3 Nina Bolt 1, Carmella Sharpe 2 Denise Keyte 3, Karen Matthews 3 Angela Jones 1, Hayley Brant 0 Marian Conway 3.


In division two of the BDO Inter County Championships West Midlands home fixture was against divisional leaders London the game finishing all square at 18-18 but it was enough for the hosts to finish the season as runners up with 202 points just four short of London, the two teams gaining promotion to division one for next season.

Both of the ‘B’ team games finished with a draw the ladies top player being Shellbie Simmons with an 18.98 average and for the men it was Ashe Khayat (27.83).

There were mixed fortunes for the ‘A’ teams in Sunday’s games as the ladies had an emphatic 5-1 win, Sarah Roberts once again their top player with a 22.97 average to make it seven out of nine awards this season, Sarah winning the last five consecutive awards. The men’s ‘A’ suffered an 8-4 reversal Shaun Carroll’s award winning average of 27.77 one of the few highlights of the game.

Full Results:West Midlands v London (18-18):(West Midlands names first): Men’s ‘A’:- Gavin Baker 2 Tommy Sanwell 4, Ian Jones 1 Conan Whitehead 4, John Morris 2 Steve Douglas 4, Avtar Singh 3 Lee Cocks 4, Keith Allman 2 Lewis McGurn 4, Gareth Watts 3 Wayne Brown 4, Lewis Venes 4 Gene Hill 0, Mark Craddock 4 Spencer Ellis 1, Nick Fullwell 3 Chris Stevens 4, Christopher Mason 1 Steven Ferguson 4, Shaun Carroll 4 Tony Hamit 3, Michael Baker 4 Nicky Turner 2, Men’s ‘B’:- Scott Baker 3 Brian Herraghty 1, Richard Platt 1 Diogo Portela 3, Paul Wells 1 Nick Cocks 3, Mark Allen-Watkiss 0 Danny Faulkner 3, Danny Coyle 3 Tony Field 1, Daniel Nicholls 3 David Warwrzewski 2, John Mycock 3 Matt Finch 1, Neil Pointon 3 Stuart Patt 2, Mark Rollinson 1 Robbie Hain 3, Paul Price 2 Michael Artiss 3, Ashe Khayat 3 Joe Imber 0, Robert Smith 0 Steve Day 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Lisa Astbury 3 Leanne Topper 0, Debbie Loon 3 Carly Townsend 2, Sarah Roberts 3 Debs Watling 2, Sophie Singh 3 Tammy MacKenzie 2, Gemma Barrett 2 Steph Stutley 3, Kath Jenkins 3 Su Holt 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Claire Hobbs 1 Dee Belcher 3, Kirsty Shaughnessy 3 Nikki Patten 2, Heathwer Wright 2 Lynne Biondini 3, Shellbie Simmons 3 Kelly Livett 1, Jacqueline Maiden 1 Shaz Deboo Costello 3, Samantha Maiden 3 Jane Biggs 2.


The two Crowns are battling it out for the premier division title in the Sheldon and District Winter League. Both Crown at Olton and Crown at Shard End are locked together on 32 points from eighteen games, Olton are in pole position with the slightly better average assisted by their latest win which was 8-1 away to Sheldon Dukes. Shard End won 6-3 against Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows with their J.Prince coming up with a superb 164 game shot. With only two remaining games it’s going to be quite a tense run in.

Solihull Moors moved another step nearer to the division one title with a 6-3 win at Yardley Ex Colts and now with two to play have 32 points from 18 games, second and third placed Highwood KB’s and Iron Horse have both played 17 and are on 26 points.

In division two Crown Arrows have a six points lead over second placed Highwood Arrows, Crown have two fixtures to play and Highwood four.

Full Results:Week 20:Premier Division:- Crown at Shard End 6 (A.Mayell 100, M.Partridge 100,121, M.Cooper 2x100, N.Parsonage 112b,140, K.Deeley 108b,100,132f, N.Clarke 118f,101, J.Prince 164f, C.King 122) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 3 (D.Nixon 100,100b, A.Barnfield 100, D.Tudor 139,100, L.Nixon 2x100, R.Nixon 101b,120b,100, P.Connolly 140,127, A.Nixon 140), Castle Vale Residents 5 (G.Taylor 125, R.Vann 100, J.Burdett 112b,100, D.Phillips 100, R.Franks 2x100,119) The Lyndon 4 (S.Harding 100, R.Lucas 100, J.Buckingham 100,140,110b, P.Stephens 120b,120, D.Wright 180,       G.Drennan 102b), Sheldon Dukes 1 (P.Sunner 100, M.Riley 120b, M.O’Donnell 2x100,125, P.Pudge 100b) Crown at Olton 8 (A.Hutchings 100, J.Jennings 120b,125, J.Sidwell 101b,100, M.Wall 2x100,138, T.Randell 135,140, B.Nixon 2x100,105, P.Yardley 125, I.Spencer 120b), Pavillions 3 (R.Evans 100, A.Richards 125,140, K.Richards 100, N.Jackson 180,100) Mackadown Social 6 (B.Allen 100, G.James 116b, M.Heaven 100, A.Kavanagh 140,105b, A.Sheen 113), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 4 (D.Sudbury 140, L.O’Donnell 100, N.Davis 100, B.Skinner 100) The Pirates 5 (M.Naylor 140, T.Booth 100, J.Buttle 121,     W.Naylor 2x100,100f, K.Green 120b, P.Moran 180), Division One:- Holy Souls 2 (T.Evans 2x100, D.Heighway 100, J.Lucas 108b) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 7 (N.Rughani 100b, B.Steptoe 2x100, P.Bown 100, K.Salsbury 174, P.Jones 2x100, J.Vaughan 100), Highwood KB’s 7 (N.Wykes 140,100, D.Buckler 101b,2x100, W.Cooper 100, G.Pagett 115b) Sheldon Heath Social 2 (J.Toney 100, S.Westley 140, C.Cotter 100,124, L.Allwood 100), Iron Horse 5 (J.Evans 137,140, R.Earl 100,140, J.Whitehouse 100, J.Green 100, P.Byrne 2x100, D.Mortiboys 100) George V 4 (Scott Palmer 100,100f, Stuart Palmer 100), Yardley Ex Colts 3 (P.Hill 100,120b,171, D.Wright 2x100) Solihull Moors 6 (S.Hicks 100, L.Hodges 100, N.Warner 109b, M.Hicks 100, I.Evans 125,180, S.Green 100,121), Willclare Sports and Social 3 (F.Dixon 118,100, Matt Holt 100, M.Holt 2x100, D.Reid 112b,100,114, P.Wilcock 100b) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 6 (C.Kettlewell jnr 102b, G.Lynch 132, S.Gardiner 2x140, D.Rawlings 100), Division Two:- Meadway Sports and Social 5 (S.Davis 100, M.Shellis 100) Greville Arms 4 (J.Cocchi 100), Highwood Exiles 6 (R.Harrison snr 105, A.Thurman 100, D.Cooper 100, R.Harrison 101) Maggies 3 (B.Carter 140, N.Hall 101b,100b,132, R.Kirby 124), Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 (S.Bennett 100, M.Whitsey 100) Crown Arrows 6 (J.Gaskin 118,100, M.Bown 109,100), Ridgemere Social Flights 4 (J.Matthews 133, A.Phipps 100, T.Coombes 140, J.McGuigan 100) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 5 (C.Hughes 2x100, J.Brannigan 100b, A.Sleath 100), Late Result:Division Two:- Greville Arms 5 Highwood Exiles 4 (J.Phipps 100b,135, R.Harrison snr 109, D.Gill 128, P.Harvey 100).


It was unfortunate that the latest Riley’s Last Sunday in the Month Open coincided with the weekend for the county fixtures but nevertheless a strong field turned out to contest the event. The eventual winner was Warwickshire county player Ian McFarlane who after beating Alan Carter 4-1 in the preliminary round went on to win 4-2 against Luis Barberan, 4-0 against Mark Hylton in which he had a ten darts leg and then with a 5-0 success against Matt Lloyd booked his place in the final.

Riley^s Last Sunday in the Month Alan Carter (Plate Runner Up) and Sue Kingdon (Organiser)

From the other half of the draw Dean Saunders made his way to the final by beating James Cole 4-2, Debbie Derbyshire 4-1 and Craig French 5-2.

Riley^s Last Sunday in the Month Dean Saunders (Runner Up) and Sue Kingdon (Organiser)

In the best of eleven legs final McFarlane won the day with a 6-4 result.

The Plate competition was won by Neil Parsonage who was taken to a fifth and final leg by Alan Carter before securing his 3-2 victory.

Riley^s Last Sunday in the Month Neil Parsonagee (Plate Winner) and Sue Kingdon (Organiser)

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Mark Hylton (180) 4 Jamie Robinson 2, Gaz Cullen 3 Craig French 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Alan Carter 1, Neil Parsonage 4 John Derbyshire 1, Jason Brooks 3 James Cole 4, Michelle Doonan 0 Adam Paxton 4, Last Sixteen:- Neil Parsonage 3 Mark Hylton (180) 4, Luis Barberan 2 Ian McFarlane 4, Adam Paxton 4 Andy Bray 0, Matt Lloyd 4 Dale Savage 0, Craig French 4 Ryan Derbyshire 0, Jordan Rogers 1 Brendan Lysaght 4, James Cole 2 Dean Saunders 4, Debbie Derbyshire 4 Melissa Reynolds 1, Quarter Finals:- Mark Hylton 0 Ian McFarlane (10 darts game) 4, Adam Paxton 3 Matt Lloyd 4, Craig French 4 Brendan Lysaght 3, Dean Saunders 4 Debbie Derbyshire 1, Semi Finals:- Ian McFarlane 5 Matt Lloyd 0, Craig French 2 Dean Saunders 5, Final:- Ian McFarlane 6 Dean Saunders 4, The Plate:Preliminary Round:- Michell Doonan 0 Neil Parsonage 3, Jordan Rogers (180) 2 Gaz Cullen 3, Alan Carter (141f) 3 John Derbyshire 0, Ryan  Derbyshire 3 Melissa Reynolds 2, Andy Bray 3 James Cole 0, Quarter Finals:- Alan Carter (180) 3 Andy Bray 1, Dale Savage 1 Jason Brooks 3, Gaz Cullen 0 Neil Parsonage 3, Ryan Derbyshire 0 Luis Barberan 3, Semi Finals:- Alan Carter 3 Jason Brooks 0, Neil Parsonage 3 Luis Barberan 1, Final:- Alan Carter 2 Neil Parsonage 3.

Riley^s Last Sunday in the Month Ian McFarlane (Winner) and Sue Kingdon (Organiser)


The Four Oaks and District League rounded off their season with various finals, the Brian Goodman Cup saw Boldmere St Mikes open up a 4-0 lead before league champions The Beehive got their first stripe on the board, however Boldmere then went on to win 6-3 to add to their already won Coronation Shield.

The Ken Rust and Challenge Cups were both nail biting nervous encounters with The Boot going 3-0 then losing the next four games to Erdington Arrows and then having to win the final two games to seal their 5-4 win.

In the Challenge Cup Bishop Vesey trailed 4-1 to The Lions leaving them requiring just one more game to lift the cup however Bishop Vesey won the final four games to clinch a 5-4 victory.

T.Tyrie (The Boot) and M.Hall (Bishop Vesey) both hit a maximum.

Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Final:- The Beehive 3 (N.Clarke 100b,2x100,  S.Harvey 108b, J.Prince 132,139, C.O’Neil 121,133, W.Mynard 121, M.Partridge 2x100, K.Deeley 100, K.Reynolds 100) Boldmere St Mikes 6 (R.Hawker 2x100, M.Wild 2x100, S.Paling 101b,100, J.Kavanagh 121, B.Linnecor 100,121, M.Ashton 100,140, C.Perry 160b,112f), Ken Rust Cup:Final:- The Boot 5 (T.Tyrie 105b,180, M.Norton 2x100, R.Smith 100,135,137, N.Napier 100) Erdington Arrows 4 (M.Edwards 140, J.West 122, M.Philips 140, J.Leydon 100, A.Gough 140, J.Cox 112b,100), Challenge Cup:Final:- Bishop Vesey 5 (M.Hall 180, N.Sammons 100, C.Sammons 135,2x100, M.Archer 2x100,140, A.France 138,100, S.Holmes 100,127) The Lions 4 (J.Collins 100, R.Barritt 100, K.Taylor 101, W.Taylor 100,134, S.Davey 100, I.Matthews 111b,3x100, K.Brown 100).


The prestigious Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League in the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Stadium has got its third season underway and once again will carry a full twelve months sponsorship from Winmau for the eventual champion.

The early pacesetter is Mark Bayliss who in his opening two games beat Martin East 7-0 and Rhys Langford 6-2. Close behind Bayliss is Les Marson who had 6-1 wins against Andy Whale and Chris Fox, then in third place is last season’s runner up Kevin Harris who opened up with a 6-1 win over Chris Fox and followed that with a 5-2 win against Davinder Singh.

It’s still not too late to join the league but if you are interested you should contact the centre as soon as possible on 01902-420827 to be in with a chance of not only the very attractive sponsorship deal but also for a top cash prize.

Full Results:Week 1:- Chris Manoila 3 Davinder Singh 4, Andy Whale 1 Les Marson 6, Chris Fox 1 Kevin Harris 6, Rhys Langford 3 Baz Pearce 4, Martin East 0 Mark Bayliss 7, Robert Pierce 5 Craig Capewell 2, Chris Manoila 4 Andy Whale 3, Les Marson 6 Chris Fox 1, Kevin Harris 5 Davinder Singh 2, Rhys Langford 1 Mark Bayliss 6, Craig Capewell 1 Martin East 6, Robert Pierce 6 Baz Pearce 1.


A final reminder that the Netherton Thursday Night League will be holding their AGM to form their new season tomorrow night Thursday 5th May at 8.30pm at the Bulls Head, Netherton all teams old and new who want to participate in the new season are cordially invited to attend.


Neil Parsonage and Matt Cooper clinched the doubles title in the Camp Hill League with a final victory over Peter Yardley and M.Hogan, the losing semi finalists were Richard Cooper and Richard Hogan plus J.Cardex and D.Evans.


This coming Saturday Saunders Hall WMC, Saunders Avenue, CV12 8RJ will be hosting the Bedworth Masters and for an entry fee of £8 there will be a guaranteed top prize of £200 plus a payout to the last eight and a prize for the lady who goes furthest in the knockout, in addition all monies in will be paid out in prize money.

For further details contact Mark Grimes on 07490-083810


Springfield Social Club for the first time in thirteen games lost in the Rowley Monday Night League going down 5-4 at home to second in the table The Bell and as a result drop down to third place and trail both The Bell and Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ by two points however they do have a game in hand on both. Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ have taken over pole position by a couple of points of average on The Bell after their 7-2 home win over Haden Cross ‘Z’.

At the other end of the table the bottom two teams played each other Yeltz Bar who are at the foot of the table losing 6-3 to Roost who now goes two points ahead of them.

Full Results:Week 14:- Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 7 (.S.Siviter 9 darts game) Haden Cross ‘Z’ 2 (G.Archer 180), Yeltz Bar 3 Roost 6, Fairfield 5 (Dave Tromans 180) Beech Tree 4, Whiteheath Tavern 6 Britannia 3, Haden Cross ‘A’ 7 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 2, Bacaba 3 Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 6, Springfield Social Club 4 The Bell 5.


The Small Heath League staged round one of their Knockout Cup and winning through were Holy Gulp, East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, Mitre and Wagon and Horses, who in turn defeated Cob’s Bar, Moseley All Service, Emerald Flights and Emerald Club.

Full Results:Knockout Cup:Round One:- Cob’s Bar lost to Holy Gulp, Moseley All Service lost to East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, Mitre beat Emerald Flights, Emerald Club lost to Wagon and Horses.


Round two of the doubles knockout were the order of the day for the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League and winning through to the last sixteen were B.Wheeler / A.Greenway, R.Hill / C.Fox, S.Bloomer / B.Fitzgerald, F.Jones / C.Hipkiss, M.Fitzgerald / I.Langford, D.Simpson / I.Mather, S.Wyatt / R.Dunn, A.Homer / M.Hartshorne, R.Bowen / S.Bills, R.Pierce / J.Wrench, R.Colly / J.Williams, C.Penzer / R.Tipper, A.Moreton / V.Mitchell, I.Walker / D.J.Hunt, M.Rollinson / M.Flatman, W.Green / J.Ward.


Big wins for the top two teams in the Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League as leaders White Horse won 6-1 away to The Widders and second placed The Bell went one better by handing out a 7-0 whitewash to their visitors Townsend ‘A’ leaving just a two legs of average difference between the two teams as they both have 14 points. Third in the table Spring Meadow had a much closer 4-3 win at Townsend ‘B’ to leave them two points adrift of the leading duo.

Full Results:Match 8:- Townsend ‘B’ 3 Spring Meadow 4, The Bell 7 Townsend ‘A’ 0, Round of  Beef 7 Hare and Hounds 0, The Widders 1 White Horse 6, Captains Cup:- Townsend ‘B’ lost to Spring Meadow, The Bell beat Townsend ‘A’, Round of Beef beat Hare and Hounds, The Widders beat White Horse.


White Horse took their unbeaten run in the Cradley Tuesday Night League to twelve games when they won 8-1 at Crown ‘Z’ (Netherton) keeping intact their four points lead over their nearest rivals Crown (Station Road) who had a close 5-4 verdict in their home game against bottom half team Bulls Head.

With no result in for Brickmakers Arms they drop from second to third with 18 points two less than Crown (Station Road) but with their result against Netherton Sports and Social to be added on.

Full Results:- Crown (Station Road) 5 Bulls Head 4, Wheatsheaf 5 Crown ‘A’ (Netherton) 4, Gate Hangs Well 7 Roost ‘B’ 2, Hawne Lane Tavern 6 Chop House 3, Roost ‘A’ 7 White Swan 2, Members Club 4 Rose and Crown 5, Crown ‘Z’ (NNetherton) 1 White Horse 8.


After playing thirteen games in the Pensnett and Bromley Tuesday Night League Samson and Lion have lost their 100% win record as in their latest fixture away to fifth in the table High Acres they lost 4-3, despite the defeat they hold on to pole position but now only by one leg of average as The Bridge who won 4-3 at home against third placed Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ are level on the same 24 points, Welfare Club ‘A’ and Dudley Sports ‘A’ are some six points behind the leading pair.

Full Results:- Pensnett Liberal Club 1 Moor Centre Snooker Club (W.Fenney 160b) 6, The Bridge 4 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 3, High Acres 4 Samson and Lion 3, Sedgley Golf Club 5 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 2, Dudley Sports 6 Saracens Head 1.


With one game to go to the halfway mark in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League reigning champions Dudley Sports ‘C’ are well on their way to retaining the title, a 7-2 win at Roebuck has taken their undefeated run to 14 games and at the same time given them a six points lead over second placed The Bridge after Bridge also won 7-2 against Dudley Sports ‘A’.

Pensnett Liberal Club dropped one place to fifth after a shock 9-0 defeat away to New Talbot who are three places off the foot of the table and have only won five of their fourteen games.

Full Results:Week 14:- The Bridge 7 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2, Griffin 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, The Bell 6 Queens Head 3, The Swan 7 Blue Brick 2, Bulls Head (Netherton) 5 Old Star 4, Roebuck 2 Dudley Sports ‘C’ 7, New Talbot 9 Pensnett Liberal Club 0, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6 High Acres 3.


A 6-3 home defeat for Miners (Wollescote) by Brickmakers Arms in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League has virtually ruled out any chance they have of winning the league as Brickmakers have taken over their number one spot, both teams are on 28 points with Brickmakers having the slightly better average and with two games to play as opposed to Miners one.

Full Results:Week 25:- The Bell 8 Roebuck 1, Bulls Head (Netherton) 5 Dudley Sports 4, Netherton Cricket Club 5 The Cross (Oldswinford) 4, Miners (Wollescote) 3 Brickmakers Arms 6.


The Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League had their Rickus Cup on their fixture card and in the two games played Ivy Bush beat New Talbot by the small margin of 4-3 while The Vine had a more comfortable 5-2 win against Albion.

Full Results:Rickus Cup:- New Talbot 3 Ivy Bush 4, Albion 2 The Vine 5.


It was cup final week in the Harborne and District League first the League Cup in which the league’s top two teams Court Oak and Hillyfields ‘A’ squared up to each other, the result was a somewhat surprising 6-3 win for Hillyfields, surprising insomuch as Court Oak were unbeaten in the fourteen league games they have played so far. N.Porter hit a maximum for Hillyfields.

The Plate Cup final produced a 7-2 win for Crazy Horses over Avenue Flights the two teams respectively placed third and fifth in the table. C.Millward was in form for Horses as he notched a 180.

Full Results:League Cup:Final:- Hillyfields ‘A’ (N.Porter 180) 6 Court Oak  3, Plate Cup:Final:- Avenue Flights 2 Crazy Horses (C.Millward 180) 7.


Mackadown Social completed their programme in the South Birmingham League with an 8-1 win over St John’s to give them a group one title winning points of 18 four more than runners up Erdington Members Club who won their final game against Coleshill Social 6-3.

The group two title went to Banbury Flights whose final 7-2 win over The C’s gave them a total of 26 points two more than second placed The Dog who had an 8-1 home win over The Bell.

The Mini League was won by The Raven who with 61 points had a slender one point advantage over second placed St John’s.

Full Results:Group One:- St John’s 1 (M.Walker 105b,100, S.Whatmore 140, S.Kingdon 123, D.Clinton 2x100,110b, D.Kingdon 120,109,100) Mackadown Social 8 (D.Young 100b,100, A.Caddick 120b, M.Heaven 118f, 121, N.Parsonage 100, G.James 140, M.Noonan 140, T.McCrave 100b,112), Erdington Members Club 6 (M.Birch 114b,137, M.Anwar 131,138, T.Pedley 120b, B.Cadby 115b, S.Bird 140, J.Frost 140,121, C.Millward snr 115b,180, R.Liggins 101b) Coleshill Social 3 (S.Sweetman 112b, C.Cooke 100, N.McCabe 100f, B.Jones 125), Group Two:- Smithswood Social 6 (M.Winstanley 2x100, L.Walker 106b, S.King 134,135) Toby Jug 3 (S.Hunt 100, B.Blair 2x100, M.Blair 101b, B.Weir 140), The Dog 8 (K.Ayre 100, J.Fathers 140, M.Clayton 120b,140,107f) The Bell 1, Banbury Flights 7 (P.Wilde 116,110,101, A.Luckman 100,119, J.Moss 100, L.Reece 100, P.Moran 120,140, D.Cooper 100) The C^s 2 (D.Eavns 2x100, K.Geary 100, G.Meredith 108), The Gate 6 (D.Downes 100, N.Groves 100b, P.Jones 114) The Kingfisher 3 (R.Mills 118, R.Sharples 120b,2x100,114b, S.Boden 125, G.Shergold 100, D.Green 100).


After the first dozen fixtures Riley’s rule the roost in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League the ‘B’ side top with 20 points, their latest result being a 6-1 home win over Dog and Partridge, the ‘A’ team are second with 18 points after their 5-2 win at Jones Road. Whitmore Reans WMC had a 6-1 win against Otter and Vixen to put them on the same points as Riley’s ‘A’ but behind on average. The team to watch are Cleveland Arms who after joining the league late are steadily climbing up the table a 4-3 win at ECC’B’ putting them on 16 points, fourth in the table and leaving them the only team in the league to remain unbeaten, they have played eight and won eight.

Full Results:Week 12:- Brewood British Legion 7 Jack’s Bar 0, Claregate 3 The Bull 4, ECC ‘B’ 3 Cleveland Arms 4, Jones Road 2 Riley’s ‘A’ 5, Moreton 5 ECC ‘A’ 2, Riley’s ‘B’ 6 Dog and Partridge 1, Whitmore Reans WMC 6 Otter and Vixen 1.


3 Yam Yams and A.Stokie have taken over in pole position in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League with a total of 221 points after six games they have a lead of six points over Is It In and The Outcasts while former leaders The Untouchables have dropped three places to fourth and now trail the leaders by 14 points.


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