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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

On the weekend of the 5th and 6th September local counties will kick off the new season in the BDO Inter County Championships but Warwickshire’s fixture with Yorkshire will have a pre match fund raising half hour when Kaya Holdsworth, daughter of Warwickshire county player Edwina Holdsworth will be having a complete head shave.
Kaya’s explanation for taking such a brave step was "I^m doing it because my mom in January got diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer and some of my family members have been affected by cancer. I just want people to know you can be bold and still be beautiful, but the main reason for this is too give back to the nurses who have and still are doing a fantastic job with people being affected by cancer”

Kaya (Pre Head Shave)

Kaya then went on to say "I^m looking into sending my ponytail off to a place where they make wigs for people with cancer”.
Anyone wishing to support this very courageous twenty years old young lady and donate to a wonderful and worthy cause please follow the link
St John’s were the only losers in the top four teams in division one of the South Birmingham League going down 6-2 at home to divisional leaders Mackadown Social. Second in the table Punchbowl won their home tie against The Gate 5-3 to remain four points off the top with a game in hand. Banbury Flights in third place were 6-2 winners at The Bell.
In division two leaders Erdington Members Club handed out an 8-0 whitewash to their visitors Smithswood Social, while second in the table St John’s Flights were held to a 4-4 draw at The Dog who are two points and one place behind them. On form for Coleshill Social in their 5-3 win over The Raven was P.Bryant who in addition to his scores of 100 and 104 notched two maximums.
Full Results:Group One:- The Trident 4 (C.Walton 2x100,121, A.Cooksey 100,140, A.Cooksey snr 132, M.Naylor 2x100) Toby Jug 4 (I.Beattie 135,2x100,136,112, T.Adams 126,140, S.Hunt 115, B.Blair 2x100, L.Tyrell 100), The Punchbowl 5 (M.Tollis 112f,3x100,2x140, B.Evans 2x140,132, A.Richards 135,100,101, M.Turner 100, K.Richards 100, J.Buttle 2x100) The Gate 3 (T.Barrs 100, N.Groves 2x100,140,115f, P.Jones 3x100), St John’s 2 (N.Hogan 100,121, M.Walker 121, B.Brayley 125,140, T.Evans 2x100, D.Clinton 3x100,2x140) Mackadown Social 6 (M.Noonan 121,118,100, A.Caddick 140,2x100, N.Parsonage 5x100,140, D.Young 3x100,136, T.Comerford 140,118), The Bell 2 Banbury Flights 6 P.Harvey 121, W.Cooper 4x100,121,101f, J.Spink 134,121, P.Moran 3x100), Group Two:- The Dog 4 (A.Page 111, J.Ansell 2x100,140, S.O^Brien 180,140,101, M.Clayton 125, P.Richards 121,104) St John’s  Flights 4 B.Harris 3x100, A.Aston 3x100,138, L.Barberan 140,100,134, L.O^Donnell 140, S.Whatmore 2x100,121), Erdington Members Club 8 (C.Winters 2x140,100, J.Frost 100,140,125,101f, W.Naylor 5x100,180,140,106f, M.Gallett 137,100,140, B.Cadby 100,180, C.Millward snr 100,140, C.Millward jnr 2x100 Smithswood Social 0 (L.Hughes 100, N.Hughes 100, K.Mann 100), Coleshill Social 5 (C.Cooke 121,3x100, P.Bryant 100,104,2x180, S.Sweetman 2x100, G.Jones 3x100,140,115f, B.Jones 2x100) The Raven 3 (J.Whitehouse 123, M.French 100, R.Earl 100, A.Whitehouse 3x100, T.Whitehouse 140, A.Mayell 140, D.Mortiboys 140, M.Wright 100, P.Jay 100).
With Riley’s Red Arrows having a bye this week in division one of the Forest of Arden Summer League they have been ousted from their number one spot and replaced by Journeys End who beat Greville Arrows 6-1 to go level on 14 points with Riley’s but ahead of them on average. Third placed Highwood ‘C’ lost ground on the top two teams as they were defeated 5-2 at Iron Horse who have now joined Highwood ‘C’ on 10 points.
There was an upset for division two leaders Crown Arrows as they went down 5-2 at Ivy Leaf who are next to bottom of the table with only three wins from their nine games. Nevertheless Crown Arrows hold on to pole position with 16 points, four more than the chasing pack of Chelmsley Town, Sheldon Marlborough Flights and Greville Arms.
Full Results:Division One:- Journeys End 6 (S.Kingdon 112b, S.Edwards 116b,2x140, L.Barberan 3x100, J.Jennings 100b,120, S.Whatmore 100) Greville Arrows 1 (J.Cochi 2x100,100b, D.Duggan 2x100), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 4 (D.Howlett 100,152b, D.Humphries 140, R.Turner 120) Highwood KB 3 (W.Cooper 100b,120b,100, M.Gorman 100, D.Hunt 121), Iron Horse 5 (J.Evans 140, J.Lacey 100, R.Earl 120b,101b,100, J.Green 140,125,10 darts game, D.Kilbey 140) Highwood ‘C’ 2 (T.Constable 148b, T.Comerford 100b,120f, T.Arrowsmith 120b,101b, J.King 100b,100), Division Two:- Ivy Leaf 5 (B.Jelly 100, T.Clinton 2x100, D.Field 100,119,120) Crown Arrows 2 D.White 109), Shard End Crown Flights 5 P.Carter 100, M.Bown 100,112f, L.Vann 110b, C.Vann 125,140), Chelmsley Town 2 (P.Brennan 101,101b, N.Lumley 100b, I.Robinson 105), Greville Arms 5 (C.Horsley 100, T.Anderton 100, B.Anderton 101b, P.Thorley 123, M.Osbourne 140,100b,101b,100,9 darts game) Highwood Exiles 2 (S.Payne 2x100, D.Carey 140,160b, R,Harrison 100).
Wins for the top three teams in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League, top side Dewdrop winning their home game with bottom of the table Horsley Tavern 7-0 to give them 38 points, second placed Old Hop Pole had a 5-2 success against The Vine to leave them four points off the top with a game in hand and third in the table Jolly Collier won by the same 5-2 at Ivy Bush but they trail Hop Pole by eight points.
It was a good week for Hayes Social and Merry-Go-Round the former winning 4-3 at Sow and Pigs, only their sixth win in nineteen games and the latter having a 5-2 home win over Sportsman their eighth success in 21 games.
Full Results:- Merry-Go-Round 5 Sprtsman 2, Old Hop Pole 5 The Vine 2, Sow and Pigs 3 Hayes Social 4, Island Inn 5 Tipton Sports 2, Dewdrop 7 Horsley Tavern 0, Ivy Bush 2 Jolly Collier 5.
Fairfield have dropped from second to fourth in the Netherton Thursday Night League following a 6-3 defeat away to top of the table Rose and Crown who made it three wins in as many games. The only other teams with a 100% win record are White Swan and Bulls Head, White Swan beating The Bell 6-3 while Bulls Head had a close 5-4 result at The Crown who are bottom of the table without a win so far.
Full Results:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, White Swan 6 The Bell 3, The Widders 6 White Horse 3, The Crown 4 Bulls Head 5, Rose and Crown 6 Fairfield 3.
For only the third time in 26 games Dudley Sports ‘C’ lost in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League. Playing at home against Queens Head, Wordsley they lost 5-4, Queens Head move one place up the table to twelfth while Dudley Sports ‘C’ remain in the number one spot with 46 points their lead now reduced to just two points after second placed Bridge ‘B’ won 6-3 at Dog and Lamppost ‘B’.
Full Results:Week 28:- Dudley Sports ‘C’ 4 Queens Head (Wordsley) 5, Old Star 2 Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 7, Bridge ‘A’ 5 Griffin 4, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 3 Roebuck 6, Brickmakers Arms 4 High Acres 5, Blue Brick 5 Tenth Lock 4, The Swan 6 Black Horse 3, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 7 Portway 2, Liberal Club 3 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6, Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 3 Bridge ‘B’ 6.
Mike McFall completed another five fixtures in the Kingstanding Double Top League and added five more wins to his tally to give him a total of 37 points and the leadership in the table. McFall began with a 4-0 win over Chris Packer he then won 4-1 against Tony O’Kereke, Dave Harrison and Steve Cain and rounded off his five wins with a 4-2 success against John Morris jnr hitting two maximums in the process.
Former leader Will Naylor only played two games in which he won 4-1 against Chris Turnbull and 4-0 against Jim Frost to leave him three points adrift of McFall with a game in hand.
Full Results:- Brendan Lysaght 1 Jim Frost 4, Chris Packer 0 Mike Mcfall 4, Chris Turnbull 1 Will Naylor 4 (180), Dale Savage 1 Daniel Munge 4, Dave Harrison 4 Dale Savage 1, John Morris jnr 4 Ryan Barritt 0, Paul Cummins 3 Barry Stephens 3 (180,115f,14darts game), Tony O^Kereke 1 Mike Mcfall 4, Brendan Lysaght 4 Ryan Barritt 2, Chris Turnbull 4 Steve Cain 0, Daniel Munge 3 Tony O^Kereke 3, Dave Harrison 1 Mike Mcfall 4 (180), Steve Cain 1 Barry Stephens 4 (2x180), Jim Frost 0 Will Naylor 4, Paul Cummins 1 Chris Turnbull 4, Steve Cain 1 Mike Mcfall 4, Tony O^Kereke 4 Ryan Barritt 0, Dale Savage 2 Chris Packer 4, John Morris jnr 2 Mike Mcfall 4 (2x180).
The latest round of fixtures in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena saw The Untouchables win 27-21 against Misfits, Bully Boys reduced the arrears with a 35-13 success against John’s Klan and now with only one fixture remaining the title is still in the balance with Untouchables on 848 points and Bully Boys hot on their heels with 846 points.
The final games will be crucial to both teams but on paper The Untouchables have the easier fixture as they take on bottom of the table Double Trouble while The Bully Boys will play against Here For The Beer who are two placed off the foot of the table, but with only a slender two points advantage anything can and usually does happen.
Full Results:- Cupid Stunts 32 (Kristian Wharton 2x180, Ben Forrest 180) What’s The Point 16 (Shaun Bould 180), The Untouchables 27 (Dan Edmunds 180) Misfits 21 (Mark Daniel 180), Mad House 19 (Simon Ward 180) Keep It In The Family 29, John’s Klan 13 (Kev Bate 160f) Bully Boys 35, Here For The Beer 21 Three Men And A Lady 27, Yam Yams 39 Double Trouble 9.
Amazingly for the third consecutive time Derbyshire man Matt Padgett has won the Winmau Centre First Thursday Knockout at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena. After two previous final wins over Warwickshire’s Ashley Hykin, Padgett on this occasion came up against West Midlands man Mick Baker as his final opponent, there may have been a change of opponent but the outcome was exactly the same as Padgett stormed to a 6-3 win.

Winmau Centre Knockout - Losing semi finalists John Mycock, Louis Burley, Runner up Mick Baker, Winner Matt Padgett, Arena Owner Tam Singh

Former runner up Hykin lost in the quarter finals a close 4-3 verdict in favour of West Midlands man John Mycock
Matt Padgett had a bye in the preliminary round won 4-0 in the last sixteen against Simon Meredith then won 4-2 against Richard Hosey and booked his final spot with a 5-3 success against John Mycock. Mick Baker kicked off with a 4-0 win over Kris Maniola then followed that with a 4-1 win over Kristian Wharton and after a 4-0 success against Danny Key he reached the final with a 5-3 win against Louis Burley.
Full Results: Preliminary Round:- Rob Harris 4 Kevin Harris 2, Ashley Hykin – bye, Liam Baker – bye, John Mycock 4 Matt Barnfather 0, Simon Meredith 4 Lee Craig 0, Matt Padgett – bye, Richard Hosey – bye, Steven Homer 4 Joshua Parkes 1, Mick O’Neill 2 Kristen Bircher 4, Dannt Key 4 Tam Singh 0, Mick Baker 4 Kris Maniola 0, Kristian Wharton – bye, Brian Key 0 Kenny West 4, Danny Baker – bye, Louis Burley – bye, Euan McGovern – bye, Last Sixteen:- Rob Harris 2 Ashley Hykin 4, Liam Baker 2 John Mycock 4, Simon Meredith 0 Matt Padgett 4, Richard Hosey 4 Steven Homer 1, Kristen Bircher 1 Danny key 4, Mick Baker 4 Kristian Wharton 1, Kenny West 4 Danny Baker 0, Louuis Burley 4 Euan McGovern 0, Quarter Finals:- Ashley Hykin 3 John Mycock 4, Matt Padgett 4 Richard Hosey 2, Danny Key 0 Mick Baker 4, Kenny West 1 Louis Burley 4, Semi Finals:- John Mycock 3 Matt Padgett 5, Mick Baker 5 Louis Burley 3, Final:- Matt Padgett 6 Mick Baker 3.
The Pip Club League staged their Division Cup Knockouts and the winners of the division one event were Prince of Wales with a final victory over Tamworth Motor Spares.
The division two competition saw J W Belgrave beat Pip Club and Sports Bar ‘180’ win against Progressive Club.
Played six won six that’s the record for the East Birmingham Allotment Shareholders Association in the Small Heath League their most recent fixture seeing them beat third in the table Gulp Tribe 7-2. EBAHA have a perfect score of 12 points but second placed Mitre are just two points behind them after a 6-3 win over Emerald Club who are fifth in the table, Gulp have eight points as do Wagon and Horses in fourth place, they won 6-3 at Emerald Flights.
Full Results:- Moseley All Service 3 Cob’s Bar 6, Emerald Flights 3 Wagon and Horses 6, Mitre 6 Emerald Club 3, Gulp Tribe 2 East Birmingham Allotments Holders Association 7.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played their doubles knockout down to the last eight pairs and winning through to the finals night on 28th August at Dudley Sports were, M.Flatman / J.Gaskin, A.Smith / R.Pitt (Pensnett Welfare Club), A.Wakeman / D.Bull (Miners, Wollescote), B.Carr / B.Watts (Bridge), A.Turley / C.Hart, C.Penzer / N.Walters (Brickmakers Arms), S.Hall / P.O’Brien (Netherton Cricket Club) and D.Marshall / M.Rowley (Pensnett Liberal Club).
A final reminder that this Saturday the Winmau Centre in the Wolverhampton Sports Arena, Racecourse Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0QU will be staging the Winmau BDO Wolverhampton Open which will carry a prize fund of £3,000, the winner receiving £1,000 plus entry into the Winmau World Masters and 2016 Lakeside play offs, the runner up will pick up £500, joint third £250, joint fifth £125 and joint ninth £50.
Entry is £10, all cheques / Pos should be made payable to the British Darts Organisation) along with full name, address and e-mail address and sent to The Competition Secretary, British Darts Organisation, Unit 4, Glan-y-Llyn Industrial Estate, Taff’s Well, Cardiff, CF15 7JD.
Due to the success of this competition is believed that it will probably become a BDO ranked competition next year.
Anyone requiring any further details should contact the centre on 01902-420827 or e-mail alternatively visit the web site
The Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League played their singles knockout down to the last four and winning through to the semi finals were J.Smith, A.Roberts (Park Lane Tavern), D.Jenson (Black Horse) and T.Summers (Spring Meadow.
With the result from the Brickmakers Arms versus Crown ‘B’ being a late result in the Cradley Tuesday Night League the 7-2 win against Hawne Lane Tavern has given leaders Crown ‘A’ 44 points and a two points lead over second placed Brickmakers, both teams having played 25 games.
Third in the table White Horse won their home game with Crown (Simms Lane) 6-3 but trail the leaders by four points and fourth placed Crown ‘B’ who are on 38 points are now showing has having a game in hand.
Full Results:- Plough and Harrow 4 The Vine 5, Netherton Sports and Social 7 Members Club ‘B’ 2, Bulls Head 3 Wheatsheaf 6, Roost ‘A’ 7 Gate Hangs Well 2, Members Club ‘A’ 6 Chop House 3, White Horse 6 Crown (Simms Lane) 3, Crown ‘A’ 7 Hawne Lane Tavern 2.
Kevin Harris has added another two wins to his count in the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League at the Wolverhampton Sports Arena. His 5-2 win over Lee Craig and 7-0 success against Chris Rodgers has taken his points to 161 and put him 26 ahead of second placed Kenny West who didn’t play this week and now has three games in hand on Harris.
Mick O’Neill was still in "holiday mood” as he lost 5-2 to Kevin Lane and 4-3 to Steven Homer to see him drop from third to fifth in the table on 123 points 38 fewer than leader Harris, however he has only played 24 games and his six in hand on Harris could earn him a possible total of 42 points. Sixth placed Kevin Lane has only played 21 games and has a deficit of 46 but again there is a possible 63 points to be taken so with plenty of games still to play at present any one of the top six players could take the £300 top prize.
Full Results:Week 16:- Tam Singh 4 Johua Parkes 3, Andy Whale 1 Steven Homer 6, Kevin Harris 5 Lee Craig 2, Mick O’Neill 2 Kevin Lane 5, Kevin Lane 7 Lee Craig 0, Chris Fox 5 Liam Whale 2, Mick O’Neill 3 Steven Homer 4, Chris Rodgers 2 Rob Harris 5, Kevin Harris 7 Chris Rodgers 0, Robert Pierce 4 Tam Singh 3, Chris Fox 5 Rob Harris 2, Liam Whale 4 Andy Whale 3, Andy Whale 7 Kristen Bircher 0, Rob Harris 7 Matt Barnfather 0, Liam Whale 7 Euan McGovern 0.
The tenth player to win through in the Riley’s Snooker Bar Solihull play off for the Darts Club Championship which carries a total prize pot of £22,000 is Michael Smith-Neale who beat Martin Partridge in four straight legs in his final game.

Riley^s Solihull - Runner up Martin Partridge and Winner Michael Smith-Neale

With only two more players to join the ten winners already through the club will stage the Club Champion play-off for all twelve to find the Club Champion. The top four players from each of the sixteen clubs participating will then take part in the Riley’s Darts Club Championships National final in early September to produce the Club GB champion!
Each of the weekly winners have so far received £75 and the runners up £25, there is a separate prize fund of £3,140 for the national final with the eventual winner receiving £1,000, runner up £500, losing semi finalists £100 each, losing quarter finalists £50 each, last sixteen £25 each and last thirty two £20 each.
Little change at the top of the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League as the top four teams all won leaders Gornal Conservative Club taking their unbeaten run to six games with a convincing 7-0 win at home to Queens. Both Ashwood teams won 6-1, the ‘A’ side won at home against Wombourne Cricket Club to keep them within two points of the leaders in second place and the third placed ‘B’ team are a further four points behind after their win against bottom of the table The Leopard.
Full Results:Week 12:- Ten Arches ‘B’ 1 Ashwood ‘A’ 6, The Swan 2 Gornal Conservative Club 5 (N.Donaldson 152b), Netherton Cricket Club 4 Queens 3, The Bell 7 (N.Washingotn 10 darts game) Ten Arches ‘A’ 0, Dudley Sports 7 The Fox 0, Ashwood ‘B’ 7 (G.Moreton 160b) High Acres 0, The Leopard 2 Wombourne Cricket Club 5, Week 13:- Ashwood ‘A’ 6 Wombourne Cricket Club 1 (R.Monkton 150f), High Acres 4 The Swan 3, Dudley Sports 4 Netherton Cricket Club 3, The Bell 3 Ten Arches ‘B’ 4, Gornal Conservative Club 7 Queens 0, Ten Arches ‘A’ 2 The Fox (Lye) 5, The Leopard 1 Ashwood ‘B’ 6,
The Halesowen Friday Night League staged their singles knockout and the winner with a final 4-0 victory over Doug Richmond was Kevin Harris. In the semi finals Harris beat Richard Hill with a narrow 4-3 verdict while Richmond had a more comfortable 3-1 result against Keith Harrison.
There were big wins for the top three side in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League leaders Wednesfield FC winning 6-1 at Penn Bowling while second and third placed ECC and Victoria both won 7-0 against respective opponents Ashmore Inn and Jack’s Bar, Wednesfield FC and ECC are both on 34 points the former slightly ahead on average, Victoria are four points off the leading duo.
The division two title has been thrown wide open following the 4-3 defeat of leaders Pheasant away to third placed Roebuck leaving Pheasant, Whitmore Reans WMC, Roebuck, Fordhouses CC and Bull, the top five teams all on 30 points and all having played 19 games.
Full Results:Division One:- Bradmore ‘A’ 2 Bradmore ‘B’ 5, Cabin 2 Otter and Vixen 5, Chillington Club 5 Railway 2, Dog and Partridge 2 Corpus 5, ECC 7 Ashmore Inn 0, Jack’s Bar 0 Victoria 7, Merry Boys 2 Village Inn 5, Penn Bowling 1 Wednesfield FC 6, Riley’s ‘D’ 4 Riley’s ‘C’ 3, Wednesfield Conservative Club 2 Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 5, Division Two:- Old Stags Head 5 Emerald 2, Pendulum 2 Fordhouses CC 5, Red Lion 2 Woodfield Social 5, Riley’s ‘B’ 0 Riley’s ‘A’ 7, Roebuck 4 Pheasant 3, Three Crowns 2 Boat ‘B’ 5, Ukrainian Club 3 Bull 4, Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 5 Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 2, Whitmore Reans WMC 4 Castle 3.
The Black Country Premier Darts League have got their new season underway and following the success of their inaugural season they have added a further five teams to the league.
After the opening three fixtures only three of the sixteen teams are able to boast a 100% win record, Springfield Rifles lead the way on average their latest fixture seeing them win 12-0 against Vintage Gamers. Second in the table Wynall Warriors had a close 8-7 result over Brickmaker Big Dogs and third placed Blackheath Beechers won 12-2 at Black Country Belters.
Full Results:Week 1:- Mighty Mitre 9 Batham Bandits 5, Storming Stags 6 Hasbury Hunters 9, Old Hill Royals 5 Blackheath Beechers 10, Britannia Bulldogs 10 Woodside Poachers 4, Springfield Rifles 11 Railway Buffers 5, Black Country Belters 2 Brickmaker Big Dogs 10, Hollybush Darters 9 Vintage Gamers 6, Wynall Warriors 10 Hounds of Wynall 3, Week 2:- Batham Bandits 0 Wynall Warriors 12, Brickmaker Big Dogs 12 Mighty Mitre 2, Hasbury Hunters 3 Springfield Rifles 11, Railway Buffers 6 Old Hill Royals 9, Blackheath Beechers 8 Britannia Bulldogs 6, Woodside Poachers 12 Black Country Belters 4, Vintage Gamers 9 Storming Stags 4, Hounds of Wynall 10 Hollybush Darters 8, Week 3:- Wynall Warriors 8 (S.Roberts 101b, B.Cartwright 105b, D.Haden 100f) Brickmaker Big Dogs 7 (C.Snellus 112b), Storming Stags 7 Hounds of Wynall 7, Britannia Bulldogs 12 (A.Edgar 104f) Railway Buffers 3 (M.Roberts 180, 107f), Mighty Mitre 0 Woodside Poachers 12 (M.Frost 180, 120b), Black Country Belters 2 (A.Turley 180) Blackheath Beechers 12 (D.Redding 180, L.Eaves 180, R.Smith 160b), Old Hill Royals 8 Hasbury Hunters 7, Springfield Rifles 12 Vintage Gamers 0, Hollybush Darters 5 Batham Bandits 8.
There were a few surprise results for the top players in the Crown at Olton Double Top League in week eleven, former leader Tony Randell began the night on the wrong side of a 2-1 scoreline against Jason Jennings and then lost 3-0 to his nearest rival third in the table John Sidwell before recovering to win the next two games against Simon Edwards and Karl Attwood 3-0 to put him in second place with 59 points. Another early season leader John Buckingham was also a victim losing 2-1 to Anthony Daley jnr and then losing by the same margin to Jason Jennings, Jennings upsetting two of the top four players.
Bob Nixon had 3-0 wins over Simon Edwards and Paul Stephens to give him pole position with 62 points, three more than Randell and six to the good on Sidwell.
Full Results:Week 11:- Dave Hutchings 2 Jack Sidwell 1, Andy Hutchings 3 Ian Spencer 0, Dave Duncan 0 Tony Steele 3, Darren Wright 1 Dave Hutchings 2, Dave Hutchings 0 Tony Steele 3, Tony Randell 1 Jason Jennings 2, John Buckingham 1 Anthony Daley jnr 2, Tony Randell 0 John Sidwell 3, Alex Edwards 1 Karl Attwood 2, Dave Hutchings 0 Paul Stephens 3, Alex Edwards 2 Steve Harding 1 Andy Hutchings 3 Phil Henderson 0, Terry Constable 1 Paul Stephens 2, Simon Edwards 0 Bob Nixon 3, Paul Nunn 0 Anthony Daley jnr 3, Anthony Daley 1 Phil Henderson 2, Tony Randell 3 Simon Edwards 0, Tony Randell 3 Karl Attwood 0, Dave Duncan 0 Ian Spencer 3, Paul Nunn 2 Anthony Daley 1, Jason Jennings 2 John Buckingham 1, John Sidwell 3 Terry Constable 0, Paul Stephens 0 Bob Nixon 3, Anthony Daley 2 Dave Hutchings 1, Steve Harding 2 Tony Steele 1.
The leading pair at the top of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League Riley’s ‘A’ and Otter and Vixen had wins over Claregate and Moreton respectively but it was not good news for either third placed Riley’s ‘B’ or fourth in the table Village Inn as the former lost 6-1 at home against Whitmore Reans WMC who are fifth in the table and Village lost 4-3 at home to next to bottom of the table Brewood British Legion only their fourth win in 24 games.
Full Results:- Bull 4 Dog and Partridge 3, Jones Road 2 Woodfield Social 5, Moreton 3 Otter and Vixen 4, Riley’s ‘A’ 6 Claregate 1, Riley’s ‘B’ 1 Whitmore Reans WMC 6, Village Inn 3 Brewood British Legion 4.
After sixteen games in the Rowley Monday Night League the top two teams Crown and Springfield Social Club were both undefeated but in game seventeen something had to give as they squared up to each other on Springfield’s board. Despite home advantage it was Crown who won the tie 5-4 to open up a two points lead over their hosts.
Full Results:- Cottage 7 Haden Cross 2, Crown (Netherton) 4 Whiteheath Tavern 5, Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 5 Britannia Inn 4, Fairfield 4 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 5, Little Beech 1 The Bell 8, Maypole 4 Ivy Bush 5, Plough and Harrow 5 Leones 4, Springfield Social Club 4 Crown (Old Hill) 5, Windmill End 3 Riddins Tavern 6.

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Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

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