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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Sheldon and District Summer League had a break from league fixtures this week and played off round one of their Mrs F.Richman Trophy, biggest wins of the round were provided by Sheldon Dukes, Mackadown Social and George V who all won 6-1 against respective opponents Small Heath Amateur Gardeners, Holy Souls and Sheldon Marlborough Arrows.
Sheldon Marlborough Flights, Castle Vale Stadium and Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows were 5-2 winners in turn at the expense of Sheldon Heath Social, Marston Green Tavern and Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows.
The Pirates and Crown Arrows progressed to the next round with 4-3 wins against Highwood KB’s and Greville Arms.
Full Results:Mrs F.Richman Trophy:- Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 1 (N.Green 126, A.Sleath 3x100) Sheldon Dukes 6 (S.O’Donnell 2x100,140, P.Pudge 140,100, P,Sunner 2x100,140, M.Riley 100), Sheldon Heath Social 2 (D.Sudbury 100, J.Phipps 100, R.Westley 121,135,100, C.Cotter 100, T.Roche 100,116) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (A.Eden 116, R.Turner 134, D.Howlett 140,100, P.Jones 135,117, M.Murrin 100), Marston Green Tavern 2 (T.Knowles 140, P.Lawrence 100,120,121, T.Comerford 100, M.Murphy 133) Castle Vale Stadium 5 (J.Burdett 129,100,123, J.Frost 140,123,100, G.Taylor 140,3x100,121, D.Savage 100,136, M.McFall 140,120,125, W.Cadby 2x100,140,101, I.Lloyd 140), The Digby 5 (R.Hawker 3x100,123, J.Prince 180,140, M.Partridge 2x140,100, K.Reynolds 3x100, A.Hoey 149,125, W.Mynard 100,129,109, N.Clarke 135,100,140) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 2 (D.Tudor 140, P.Connolly 123, A.Nixon 2x100, S.Bromley 4x100, M.Barber 121,100), Mackadown Social 6 (B.Allen 121,100, R.South 3x100,133, D.Young 4x100,140, M.Heaven 140,2x100, A.Caddick 2x100,101f, G.James 2x100,136, M Noonan 100,174) Holy Souls 1 (T.Evans 133, D.Heighway 135,100, J.Lucas 125,116, Joe Duffy 137, John Duffy 2x100), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 1 (A.Wale 125,100,180, J.Humphries 2x100, N.Ricketts 120, P.Ayling 120) George V 6 (D.Davies 121, J.Hinson 100,140, B.Anderton 101,100, A.Savage 180,140, C.Grimes 129), The Pirates 4 (S.Hughes 100,101,136,180, A.Cooksey 2x100,140, M.Naylor 100, D.Whitehouse 140,100, J.Butle 2x100, M.Turner 100) Highwood KB’s 3 (T.Hobbis 100, N.Byrne 140, T.Walton 140,100, M.Gorman 100, A.Boyle 100), Greville Arms 3 (J.Cocchi 140, M.Stansfield 132, P.Thorley 100, K.Hull 121,117,100,108) Crown Arrows 4 (R.Vann 113, J.Morrisey 125, D.White 100).
Hillyfields suffered their first defeat in four games in the Kings Norton League when they lost their home tie with Toby Jug ‘A’ 5-2 and as a result drop three places in the table to sixth trailing their victors who are fifth on average.
Court Oak, The Bull, Stirchley United and Kings Norton RBL all kept their unbeaten record intact, Court Oak still leading the field on average after their 5-2 win at West Heath, while second in the table The Bull were also 5-2 winners at Kings Heath. Third placed Stirchley United had a close 4-3 win at home to Rubery RBL and Kings Norton RBL who have only played three games so far were the week’s biggest winners, a 6-1 success at Toby Jug Flights.
Full Results:- West Heath 2 (T.Atkins 2x100, T.Corbett 2x100, A.Sutton 100, W.Webb 3x100, K.Hall 100,140, S.Deeley 100,2x120, C.Micklewright 100) Court Oak 5 (E.Simpson 121,140, C.Burke 2x100, K.Bedder 3x100, J.Hykin 100,125, V.Gould 3x100,125,140, G.Dews 121, R.Mann 100,160), Stirchley United 4 (M.Welsh 100,3x140, D.Collins 100,140, K.Mason 2x100,123,113f, B.Thomas 115,135, M.Bathurst 100,140, T.Bathurst 100,140, S.Welsh 105) Rubery RBL 3 (R.Packer 2x100, R.Mullen 100, J.Ford 100, I.Medlicott 2x100, C.Guest 2x100,145, M.Bennet 100,125, S.Jacques 100), Toby Jug Flights 1 (A.Danks 102, D.Hodges 100,140) Kings Norton RBL 6 (J.Calt 100,180, M.Richardson 3x100, A.Rickard 100,121, B.Bonas 118,119, N.Porter 2x100, L.Brotherton 100, M.Ellis 3x100,123,140, N.Cahill 132, R.Blewer 128), Coppice 4 (A.Chidley 2x100, D.Hill 4x100,2x140, G.Twist 2x100,115, M.Mooney 100, A.Ward 100, R.Mooney 180, S.Bryan 100,140) Billesley 3 (P.Lilley 116,123, C.Singleton 3x100, J.Eades 2x100,125, L.Jones 140), Kings Heath 2 (R.Morris 100, S.Traynor 100, J.Thompson 100, P.Walton 100, P.Morris 100) Bull 5 (G.Purnell 121, P.Smith 2x100,100f, V.Walton 100,117), Hillyfields 2 (P.Vaughan 100,125, K.Drain 100,121,127,140, M.Poolton 100, P.Yardley 2x140,180,17 darts game, K.Vaughan 5x100) Toby Jug ‘A’ 5 (A.Deeley 2x100,140, R.Higgins 125, B.Heath 3x100,135, S.Knowles 100,140, S.Hodges 100,140, S.Littlewood 100,140, D.Kent 3x100).
The Punchbowl have gone from second to top of group one in the South Birmingham League after a 6-2 home win over former leaders St John’s who have dropped to third with 10 points, three fewer than Punchbowl. Mackadown Social move up one place to second with 11 points following their massive 8-0 win at The Trident.
In group two St John’s Flights go level on games with leaders Erdington Members Club but trail by two points after a convincing 7-1 win over Smithswood Social.
Full Results:Group One:- The Bell 1 (B.Anderton 2x100, J.Green 100,125, K.Hull 4x100) The Gate 7 (E.Jones 100, T.Barrs 100, P.Jones 117, K.Russell 100), The Trident 0 (A.Cooksey 2x100,135, C.Walton 3x100,121, M.Naylor 2x140,2x100, L.Buttle 120) Mackadown Social 8 (A.Caddick 2x140,100, M.Noonan 4x100,125, D.Young 2x100, N.Parsonage 100,3x140,134,180, A.Savage 121,140), Punchbowl 6 (A.Richards 4x100,140, B.Evans 2x100, K.Richards 100,123, J.Buttle 100, N.Robinson 140,100, M.Turner 100,140, M.Morgan 100) St John’s 2 (N.Hogan 123, M.Walker 100,122,125,120,121, D.Smith 135, P.Shipley 3x100, J.Norris 100, T.Evans 2x100, B.Bradley 100,140), Group Two:- The Dog 5 (P.Thompson 132, J.Ansel 120,140, Z.Flabell 2x100, M.Clayton 100,135,140, P.Richards 100,140) The Raven 3 (J.Green 100, A.Mayell 137, P.Jay 100, D.Mortiboys 100, T.Whitehouse 2x140,100), St John’s Flights 7 (B.Harris 180, A.Aston 117, L.Barberan 2x140,100,12 darts game, L.Lynch 113, S.Whatmore 140,3x100, L,O^Donnell 121,100) Smithswood Social 1 (N.Hughes 120, M.Winstanley 100, M.Bailey 100,137, K.Mann 100), Kingfisher 2 (R.Sharples 140,100, D.Glover 109, R.Mills 3x100,121) Coleshill Social 6 (P.Williams 100, L.Robinson 120, S.Sweetman 3x100,121,12 darts game. G.Jones 2x100, B.Jones 138,125, L.Wilcock 107).
It was cup week in the Forest of Arden Summer League, the quarter finals of their Knockout Cup which basically went to plan with Sheldon Marlborough Flights Greville Arrows, Iron Horse and Journeys End all winning through to the semi finals at the expense in turn of Shard End Crown Flights, Chelmsley Town, Greville Arms and Sheldon Marlborough Arrows.
Full Results:Knockout Cup:Quarter Finals:- Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (N.Rughani 100, B.Steptoe 100,120b, J.Vaughan 107,120b, A.Eden 109b, P.Brown 140,100) Shard End Crown Flights 2 (L.Vann 100, C.Vann 100), Greville Arrows 4 (J.Coochi 112b, C.Okey 180, M.Stansfield 165, K.Duggan 100, D.Duggan 108b,100) Chelmsley Town 3 (J, McDonald 118,100, N.Lumley 100b, R.Parsons 100, P.Brennan 116,120b,130b,100b,100), Iron Horse 5 (J.Evans 120, J.Lacey 115f,2x100, T.Rainsford 125, D.Kilbey 100, J.Green 100) Greville Arms 2 (B.Anderton 112b), Journeys End 6 (S.Edwards 2x100,140, S.Whatmore 2x100, L.Barberan 2x140,100,100b,101f,9 darts game, J.Jennings 3x100, D.Duncan 100,140) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 1 (A.Eden 100, M.Cox 100,108f, B.Farmer 100b, R.Turner 125, D.Howlett 100).
Two more wins, 5-2 against Tam Singh and 4-3 over Euan McGovern has seen Kevin Harris open up a 14 points lead at the top of the Winmau Thursday Night Champions League at the Winmau Centre in the Wolverhampton Sports Arena. Second placed Kenny West lost ground as he finished on the wrong side of a 5-2 scoreline against Rob Harris but recovered to win 4-3 against Shane Craig to give him a total of 135 points and leave him with a game in hand on Harris.
Full Results:Week 14:- Robert Pierce 2 Kevin Lane 5, Kristen Bircher 4 Kristian Wharton 3, Chris Fox 6 Shane Craig 1, Kristen Bircher 4 Joshua Parkes 3, Chris Rodgers 2 Kristian Wharton 5, Liam Whale 2 Adam Hill 5, Robert Pierce 6 Matt Barnfather 1, Kenny West 6 Euan McGovern 1, Steven Homer 4 Tam Singh 3, Andy Whale 6 Lee Craig 1, Kevin Harris 3 Kristen Bircher 4, Matt Barnfather 6 Shane Craig 1, Andy Whale 6 Tam Singh 1, Kevin Lane 4 Kevin Harris 3, Kristian Wharton 4 Chris Fox 3, Euan McGovern 7 Joshua Parkes 0 Liam Whale 3 Chris Rodgers 4, Robert Pierce 4 Steven Homer 3, Rob Harris 3 Adam Hill 4, Lee Craig 1 Kristen Bircher 6, Kenny West 3 Kristian Wharton 4, Kevin Lane 3 Rob Harris 4, Week 15:- Kevin Harris 5 Tam Singh 2, Kenny West 2 Rob Harris 5, Lee Craig 5 Shane Craig 2, Kristian Wharton 7 Matt Barnfather 0, Joshua Parkes 0 Rob Harris 7, Kenny West 7 Shane Craig 0, Kevin Harris 4 Euan McGovern 3, Euan McGovern 4 Hoshua Parkes 3, Kevin Lane 7 Chris Rodgers 0, Kristian Wharton 2 Mick O’Neill 5, Lee Craig 5 Steven Homer 2, Kristen Bircher 5 Chris Rodgers 2, Steven Homer 4 Chris Fox 3, Kristen Bircher 2 Mick O’Neill 5, Tam Singh 4 Matt Barnfather 3, Chris Fox 2 Kevin Lane 5, Tam Singh 1 Kristian Wharton 6, Kevin Lane 6 Kristian Wharton 1.
The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League staged their doubles knockout and winning the event were Ten Arches duo M.Rollinson and S.Mills who beat V.Mitchell and A.Moreton (Bird ‘A’, Stourbridge) in the final.
Losing semi finalists were J.Batham and M.Pritchard (Cat Inn, Wordsley) and R.Tipper and N.Cooper (Brickmakers Arms).
Two 2-1 wins over Jim Wickett and Terry Denneny has seen John Green take over the number one spot in the Safe Harbour Double Top League with 18 points from 13 games. Tony Carroll and James Clarke are both just two points off the top both of them having four games in hand on Green plus fourth in the table Dave Pickering on 14 points has also only played nine games.
Full Results:Week 8:- John Green 2 (101b) Jim Wickett 1, Gez Oldfield 2 )125) Paul Morris 1), Ron Clarke 1 John Green 2 (2x100), John Green 2 Terry Denneny 1, Ron Clarke 2 (133) Karen Clarke 1,  Jim Wickett 2 (100) Gez Oldfield 1 (100), Karen Clarke 0 Terry Denneny 3 (112,100,106f).
Sheldon Marlborough Cricket Club staged their Ladies Darts Night Knockout and the final produced a closely fought contest between Gill Lynch (Crown-Forget-Me-Not) and Debbie Derbyshire (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows) with the former getting the 2-0 verdict to clinch the title and trophy as the winner.

Gill Lynch (Winner of the Sheldon Marlborough Ladies Night Knockout) and Matt Murrin

Both of the semi finals were 2-0 Gill beating Deborah Flynn and Debbie wining against Tracey Howard. Losing quarter finalists were Norma Rughani, Sue Cox, Marie Jenkins and Karen Bevington.
The evening raised a terrific amount of £130 which will go to the Edwards Trust.
Week three in the Kingstanding Double Top League and Will Naylor continues to lead the field. In the latest round of fixtures he beat Barry Stephens 4-1 then followed that with a 4-0 win over Dale Savage but then despite hitting two maximums and recording an eleven darts leg was held to a 3-3 draw by third placed Chris Packer who is six points adrift of Naylor but has four games in hand on him. Second in the table Mike McFall also has games in hand on Naylor he has played 23 as opposed to Naylor’s 25 and is three points behind him.
Full Results:Week 2:- Will Naylor 4 Steve Cain 1, Dale Savage 0 Pat Koyce 4, Brendan Lysaght 4 (180) Paul Cummins 2, Daniel Munge 0 Mike Mcfall 4, Dave Harrison 0 Barry Stephens 4 (180), Adam Gallett 4 Jim Frost 0, Chris Packer 4 (180) Chris Turnbull jnr 2, Matt Gallett 4 (151f) Dale Savage 0, Paul Cummins 3 Will Naylor 3 (2x180), Ryan Barrett 2 Daniel Munge 4, Barry Stephens 3 John Morris jnr 3 (180), Chris Turnbull jnr 4 Dave Harrison 0, Jim Frost 2 (180,134f) Chris Packer 4 (3x180), Mike Mcfall 4 Brendan Lysaght 1, Mike Mcfall 4 Ryan Barritt 1, Week 3:- Steve Cain 4 (106f) Paul Cummins 2 (114f), Tony O^Kereke 2 Matt Gallett 4, Brendan Lysaght 4 Barry Stephens 1 (180), Adam Gallett 3 Ryan Barritt 3, John Morris jnr 4 Chris Turnbull 2, Dave Harrison 2 Jim Frost 4, Dale Savage 4 Tony O^Kereke 2, Matt Gallett 4 (180) Daniel Munge 1, Barry Stephens 1 Will Naylor 4 (180), Chris Turnbull jnr 1 (180) Brendan Lysaght 4 (180), Ryan Barritt 0 Chris Packer 4, Jim Frost 0 John Morris jnr 4 (180), Will Naylor 4 Dale Savage 0, Adam Gallett 4 (180) Paul Cummins 2, Dave Harrison 0 Ryan Barritt 4, Chris Packer 3 (180) Will Naylor 3 (2x180,11darts game), Jim Frost 1 Steve Cain 4.
The ninth player through to the Riley’s Snooker Bar Solihull Club play-off for the Darts Club Championship which carries a total prize money of £22,000 is Jamie Robinson who beat Will Naylor 4-2 in the final.
Jamie joins Mike Green, Tony Randell, Luis Barberan, Rob Singleton, Wayne Mynard, Dean Sanders, Graham Hall and Tom White and with only three more places to fill time is running out for would be contenders so get along to the Solihull club and get in the next play-off as you have to be in it to win it.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played off the second leg of the semi finals of their League Cup and Netherton Cricket Club came back from 5-4 down in the first leg against Pensnett Liberal Club to win the second leg 7-2 and go through to the final as 11-7 winners. Meeting the cricket club in the final will be Dudley Sports ‘B’ who won both legs against league leaders Miners (Wollescote) 5-4.
Full Results:League Cup:Semi Finals:Second Leg:First leg results in brackets):- Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5 (5) Miners (Wollescote) 4 (4), Netherton Cricket Club 7 (4) Pensnett Liberal Club 2 (5).
With second in the table Bridge ^B^ having a bye this week in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League leaders Dudley Sports ^C^ extended their advantage to six points with an impressive 8-1 win against next to bottom of the table Old Star.
Blue Brick were the only losers in the top seven teams they lost 5-4 at home to Roebuck who are six places and ten points behind them.
Full Results:Week 26:- Dudley Sports ‘C’ 8 Old Star 1, Bridge ‘A’ 5 Queens Head (Wordsley) 4, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6 Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 3, Brickmakers Arms 4 Griffin 5, Blue Brick 4 Roebuck 5, The Swan 4 High Acres 5, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 5 Tenth Lock 4, Liberal Club 5 Black Horse 4, Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 3 Portway 6, Bulls Head (Netherton) 6 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3.
The Netherton Thursday Night League have got their new season underway and the early leaders are Rose and Crown who had an 8-1 home win over The Crown. Three teams White Swan, Fairfield and Bulls Head in turn had 6-3 wins over White Horse, The Widders and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club.
Full Results:Week 1:- Pensnett Liberal Club 4 Delph Bell 5, White Swan 6 White Horse 3, The Widders 3 Fairfield 6, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 Bulls Head 6, Rose and Crown 8 The Crown 1.
East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association doubled their lead at the top of the Small Heath League table to four points when they beat second placed Mitre 7-2, Gulp Tribe won by the same 7-2 at Cob’s Bar putting them level on eight points with Mitre.
Clock Inn won for only the second time in six games when they beat bottom of the table Emerald Flights 6-3.
Full Results:- Clock Inn 6 Emerald Flights 3, Cob’s Bar 2 Gulp Tribe 7, East Birmingham Allotments Holders Association 7 Mitre 2.
With no result in for the Black Horse versus Spring Meadow game in the Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League second placed Park Lane Tavern reduced the arrears on top of the table Spring Meadow to just two points with a game in hand after beating their hosts Haden Cross 4-3.
Full Results:- Haden Cross 3 Park Lane Tavern 4, Hare and Hounds 3 Townsend 4, Captains Cup:- Haden Cross beat Park Lane Tavern, Hare and Hounds beat Townsend.
Two factors have lead to Brickmakers Arms with a 6-3 win against Chop House going from third to top of the Cradley Tuesday Night League, firstly the result from leaders Crown ‘A’ and Members Club ‘B’ is not in and secondly White Horse, who were second in the table have dropped one place to third following their somewhat surprising 6-3 home defeat by Wheatsheaf who are seventh in the table.
There were six fixtures played in the league this week and strangely all six of them finished with a 6-3 result.
Full Results:- Netherton Sports and Social 3 The Vine 6, Bulls Head 6 Roost ‘B’ 3, Gate Hangs Well 6 Crown ‘B’ 3, Brickmakers Arms 6 Chop House 3, Members Club ‘A’ 6 Hawne Lane Tavern 3, White Horse 3 Wheatsheaf 6.
With only three league fixtures remaining Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) leaders of division one in the Pip Club League did their title hopes a power  of good when they beat their nearest rivals Prince of Wales 5-3 to give them a four points lead and one hand on the champions silverware. Third and fourth placed Birchmoor Club and Tamworth Motor Spares played each other in a game that finished all square at 4-4.
In division two a 14-2 away win over bottom of the table Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) has seen J W Belgrave seal the divisional title with 52 points, second placed Sports Bar ‘180’ were 12-4 winners against Gate (Amington) giving them 42 points but with only four remaining fixtures they cannot now catch J W Belgrave.
Full Results:Division One:- Tamworth Motor Spares 4 (Mark Martin 127f) Birchmoor Club 4, Prince of Wales 3 Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 5 (Martin Edwards 180), Division Two:- Progressive Club 13 Globe Inn ‘B’ 3, Sports Bar ‘180’ 12 Gate (Amington) 4, Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 2 J W Belgrave 14, Royal Oak 4 Pip Club 12, Globe Inn ‘A’ 6 Old Liberal 10.
The teams to win through to the quarter finals of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League Division One Riley’s Cup are W.Jones, S.Pinches, D.Williams, R.Morris (Wednesfield FC), J.Mayo, S.Short, S.Gough, P.Lucas (Riley’s ‘C’), S.Guest, M.Dicken, A.Khayat, L.Venes (ECC), K.Wardle, T.Singh, K.Bell, J.Gill (Village Inn), T.Jones, W.Jones, B.Jones, L.Aubrey (Bradmore ‘B’), C.Banks, R.Mattox, J.Newell, S.Maybury (Village Inn), J.Mycock, S.Meredith, C.Taylor, S.Potts (ECC), J.Morris, M.Angell, R.Rutter, A.Singh (Wednesfield FC).
Tony Randell has taken his unbeaten run in the Crown at Olton Double Top League to nineteen games with two further 3-0 wins over Dave Duncan and Steve Harding giving him a three points lead over second in the table Bob Nixon who also won his games against Alex Edwards and Anthony Daley 3-0. Nixon may be three points adrift but he has played one game less than Randell.
Mark Wall fell further behind the top players as he faultered losing 3-0 to Anthony Daley jnr who is five places and fourteen points behind him.
There was a rare win for Anthony Daley who made it two wins in seventeen when he won 2-1 against Dave Duncan.
Full Results:Week 9:- Tony Randell 3 Dave Duncan 0, Terry Constable 2 Paul Nunn 1, Jason Jennings 2 Alex Edwards 1, Mark Wall 2 George Drennan 1, Terry Constable 3 Jack Sidwell 0, Pau Stephens 2 Anthony Daley jnr 1, Dave Duncan 1 Anthony Daley 2, Bob Nixon 3 Alex Edwards 0, Jack Sidwell 0 John Buckingham 3, Paul Stephens 2 Phil Henderson 1, John Sidwell 3 Anthony Daley jnr 0, Andy Hutchings 2Steve Harding 1, Mark Wall 0 Anthony Daley jnr 3, Andy Hutchings 2 Anthony Daley 1, Tony Randell 3 Steve Harding 0, Simon Edwards 1 Dave Duncan 2, John Sidwell 2 Paul Stephens 1, Tony Steele 2 Anthony Daley jnr 1, John Sidwell 3 George Drennan 0, Karl Attwood 3 Tony Steele 0, Bob Nixon 3 Anthony Daley 0, Ian Spencer 2 Alex Edwards 1, Jason Jennings 3 Dave Duncan 0, Steve Harding 2 Anthony Daley 1, Anthony Daley jnr 0 Andy Hutchings 3.
Next to bottom of the table Maypole made it two wins in sixteen games in the Rowley Monday Night League when they won 6-3 away to Leones who are sixth in the table and fourteen points ahead of them.
Leaders Crown (Old Hill) extended their average lead on second placed Springfield Social Club when they won their home tie with Crown (Netherton) 8-1, while Springfield had a narrow 5-4 verdict away to fourth in the table The Bell. Third placed Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ were also 8-1 winners beating Cottage.
Full Results:- The Bell 4 Springfield Social Club 5, Britannia Inn 6 Little Beech 3, Crown (Old Hill) 8 Crown (Netherton) 1, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 8 Cottage 1, Haden Cross 3 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 6, Ivy Bush 5 Windmills End 4, Leones 3 Maypole 6, Plough and Harrow 1 Whiteheath Tavern 8, Riddins Tavern 6 Fairfield 3.
Ashwood ‘B’ slipped from third to fourth in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League after losing their home game against table toppers Gornal Conservative Club 4-3, Gornal taking their unbeaten run to eleven games and having a two points lead over second placed Ashwood ‘A’ who won 6-1 at The Bell.
Ten Arches ‘B’ are the new team in third place they won 6-1 away to bottom of the table The Leopard who are still without a win so far this season.
Full Results:Week 11:- The Bell 1 Ashwood ‘A’ 6, Netherton Cricket Club 0 The Swan 7, The Fox (Lye) 6 Queens 1, Ashwood ‘B’ 3 Gornal Conservative Club 4 (C.Sparrow 160b,9 darts game), The Leopard 1 Ten Arches ‘B’ 6 (D,Simpson 130f), Ten Arches ‘A’ 3 Dudley Sports 4, Wombourne Cricket Club 6 High Acres 1.

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