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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

It was not a good weekend for local counties Warwickshire and West Midlands in the BDO Inter County Championships as Warwickshire in their away game against current premier division leaders Lancashire returned with a 25-11 defeat which saw them drop two places in the table to sixth.
It was the first time this season that all four teams had lost in a fixture and indeed something that hasn’t happened since their 26-10 defeat away to Essex in April 2011.
Both ladies teams went down 4-2 with Angela Jones (17.91) and Nina Bolt (17.76) taking the respective ‘A’ and ‘B’ match awards.
The men’s ‘A’ lost 8-4 with Nigel Heydon (31.75) their top player, Matthew Edgar (29.03) getting the same accolade for the men’s ‘B’.
Full Results:Premier:Division:Lancashire v Warwickshire (25-11):(Lancashire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Scott Taylor 4 Dean Stewart 3, James Marcroft 4 Richard Foster 1, Paul Lindley 4 Ian McFarlane 3, Mark McGeeney 4 Mark Strong 1, Mick Oversby 4 Dave Harris 1, David Airey 4 William Naylor 3, David Adshead 1 Jamie Hughes 4, Martin Barratt 4 Mark Westgarth 0, Robert Rickwood 1 Noel Grant 4, Martin Atkins 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Eddie Dootson 4 Tom Aldridge 2, David Place 2 Mark Carter 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Cairney 3 Matthew Edgar 4, David Bennett 4 Antony Allen 2, Douggie Smith 1 Ted Evetts 4, Lee Shewan 1 Simon Power 4, Alan Bell 4 Paul Deslandes 0, Carl Sneyd 4 carl Green 2Peter Bradley 4 Colin Laffar 2, Dave Rawstron 4 Tom McGlone 3, Chris O’Connor 4 Michael Spencer 1, Andy Johnson 4 Dan Green 0, James Marcroft 4 Neil Pritchard 0, Ben Fairley 4 Stephen Ward 0, Women’s ‘A’:- Lindsey Ashton 3 Trina Gulliver 1, Lisa Ashton 3 Denise Keyte 0, Amy Eden 2 Angela Jones 3, Joanne Clements 1 Kat Spanswick 3, Allyson Smith 3 Melanie Hill 2, Sue Cusick 3 Wendy Adams 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Trish Hughes 3 Kerry Bambridge 2, Debbie Baxter 3 Donna Pinch 0, Ann-Marie Millership 0 Lisa Whitmore 3, Ann-Marie Swindells 3 Marian Conway 2, Clare Wearden 2 Nina Bolt 3, Maria Ronson 3 Lucy Keyte 1.
In division two of the BDO Inter Counties Championships West Midlands also played away and again they took on their divisional leaders in the form of Derbyshire and for the third consecutive fixture they lost, this time 21-15.
There were defeats for both of the men’s teams the ‘A’ side losing 7-5, while the ‘B’ lost 8-4, in turn match awards going to Sean Carrol (28.22) and Mark Craddock (30.58).
The ladies faired a little better as both teams finished all square at 3-3, for the fourth game in a row Lisa Astbury (22.84) winning the ‘A’ teams award and for the ‘B’ side it was Samantha Maiden (19.27).
Full Results:Division Two:Derbyshire v West Midlands (21-15):(Derbyshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Stephen Pashley 2 Keith Allman 4, Wayne Pepper 4 Richard Platt 3, Paul Bettney 3 Sean Carrol 4, David Smith-Hayes 4 Mark Rollinson 0, Paul Mellor 4 Jonathan Platt 0, Reece Spurr 3 Michael Baker 4, Paul Baker 1 Gavin Baker 4, Richard Hanson 4 Neil Pointon 3, Tim Daniels 4 Christopher Mason 3, Nigel Daniels 4 Ian Jones 3, Gary Fenn 4 Danny Coyle 0, Adrian Asprey 2 Matthew Dicken 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Robert Wood 3 Robert Thompson 1, Jim Beardmore 3 Mark Allen-Watkiss 1, Alan Statham 3 Glen Cullen 1, Paul Williams 3 John Morris 2, Robin Woolery 3 Martin Angell 0, Tony Cresswell 3 John Mycock 2, Robert Needham 2 Mark Craddock 3, David Allcock 3 Justin Evans 1, Dean Wilkins 1 Avtar Singh 3, Colin Rich 3 Paul Price 2, Lee Stanley 2 Gary Watts 3, Robert Smith 2 Jamie Barrowman 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Joanne Oldershaw 3 Kath Jenkins 0, Lauren Jackson 3 Kim Fellows 2, Jackie Sweet 1 Gemma Barrett 3, Jane Densley 1 Lisa Astbury 3, Sara-Jane Harrison 3 Heather Wright 1, Rachel Bird 1 Debbie Loon 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Dee Fenn 0 Samantha Maiden 3, Nicola Fletcher 3 Claire Hobbs 0, Dawn Buckley 3 Jacqueline Maiden 0, Samantha Clarke 0 Sarah Roberts 3, Kelly Dean 3 Wendy Waine 1, Rachel Ayres 0 Christine Banks 3.
In division one of the Four Oaks and District League reigning champions Sutton Sports bounced back from their previous week’s defeat with a convincing 7-2 win away to Red Lion, while the current divisional leaders Beehive, after going 4-0 up at home to bottom placed Golden Hind Arrows finally had a very close 5-4 win to keep them four points ahead of Sutton in second place.
Old Oscott Arrows inflicted a 9-0 loss on Brookvale Social to stay third on the table, winning all nine games without dropping a single leg.
In division two Golden Hind remain in pole position after beating Plough and Arrows 8-1 and stay two points to the good on Boldmere Sports who had a close 5-4 win at Erdington Stars
There was a top of the table clash in division three with second placed The Fox hosting leaders Anvil Nomads, the outcome was a 6-3 win for The Fox to take them top of the table level on points with their visitors but with a slightly superior average.
On the personal front M.Wild (Sutton Sports) and M.Bruin (Pint Pot Flights) recorded their first maximum of the season while A.Mountford (Old Oscott Arrows) chalked up his second.
Full Results:Match 10:Division One:- The Beehive 5 (J. Prince 2x100, W.Mynard 140, K.Deeley 137, K.Reynolds 100b,100f, M.Partridge 3x100, S.Harvey 100, N.Clarke 2x140) Golden Hind Arrows 4 (R.Hasluck 122,100, M.Pearce 100, J.Clarke 100, J.Mahon 100,100f,140, K.Lumby 128,140), Red Lion 2 (D.Watkins 100, L.Vickers 121, D.Bayliss 140,100, D.Rawlings 100b,100,140, M.E.Gaughan 2x100, T.Colley 121, D.G.Bond 140) Sutton Sports 7 (M.Wild 120,128,140,180, B.Linnecor 2x100,130, J.Kavanagh 100f, A.Kimberley 101b,100,124, M.Ashton 120b,138, R.Hawker 3x100,106), Old Oscott Arrows 9 (M.Compton 122, E.Atkins 100, A.Mountford 4x100,134,180,100f, M.Page 100, D.Page 100, M.Maher 140,100) Brookvale Social 0 (J.Yates 100, S.Spink 102b, W.Naylor 100,140), Division Two:- Golden Hind 8 (A.O’Kereke 4x100, G.Kimberley 140, J.Morris jnr 2x100, A.Stainfield 100, D.Keatley 4x100, T.Keatley 100,121, D.Fowler 118,140, D.Pickering 140,100) Plough and Arrows 1 (N.Robbins 2x120b,112, P.Smith 140, P Robbins 3x100, W.Chinn 100, I.Taylor 100, G.Baxter 2x100), Erdington Stars 4 (D.A.Jarvis jnr 112b,100,102f, K.Shorthouse 105b,101,2x100,132, D.Murray 100b,120b,100,123,140, D.Shannon 3x100, K.Jarvis 105b) Boldmere Sports 5 (C.Packer 120b,105b,2x100,140,125, P.A.Seadon 105b, J.Frost 120b,2x100,140, A.Gallett 100,134,135,140,112,117f), Pint Pot Flights 4 (M.Pearson-Bagnall 105b,4x100,118. M.Mills 140. R.Mercer 112b,100. M.Bruin 140,100,180. J.Mutch 100) Old Oscott WMC 5 (M.Bowles 3x100,120f. J.Tolley 100. N.Hawkley 100. J.Higgins 101b. C.Hawkley 100,108. P.Burgess 125,100). Division Three:- The Fox 6 (A.Jarvie 2x140, P.Bradley 100, D.Perry 100, R.Stanton 2x100, K.Smith 120,100, M.Willetts 125,100, D.Willetts 104, N.Napier 100,123, D.Baker 100, M.Corfield 125,140,2x100) Anvil Nomads 3 (G.Gaughan 140,100, P.Opelier 112,100, B.Taylor 109, K.Taylor 125,2x100, T.Tyrie 100), Boldmere Oak 3 (C.Hagans 120b, S.Hagans 100, P.Hawkeswood 101, P.Bromley 100b,2x100, A.Czaicki 101) Erdington Arrows 6 (J.Stokes100, P,Cronin 156, M.Edwards 100, R.Snelson 100, J.Cox 135,2x100), Bishop Vesey had a bye.
There were wins for the top five teams in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League this week, Rose and Crown, in sixth place lost heavily at home by 6-1 to leaders Ten Arches ‘A’, who remain four points ahead of second placed Ashwood ‘A’ who had 5-2 win at Ten Arches ‘B’.
Full Results:- Ten Arches ‘B’ 2 Ashwood ‘A’ 5, Netherton Cricket Club 1 Dudley Sports 6, Ashwood ‘B’ 5 The Bell 2, Gigmill 6 The Leopard 1, Bridge 2 Wombourne Cricket Club 5, The Fox 4 The Swan 3, Rose and Crown 1 Ten Arches ‘A’ 6.
It was cup week in the Forest of Arden Winter League in the Presidents Cup second division side Highwood KB had a 5-4 win over their division one opponents Riley’s Red Arrows. Other winners were Highwood ‘C’, Olton Crown and Greville Arrows.
Going into the next round in the Consolation Cup are Highwood ‘A’, Highwood Exiles, Journeys End and Iron Horse.
Full Results:Presidents Cup:- Highwood KB 5 (N.Bryne 140, T.Hobbis 135) Riley’s Red Arrows 4 A.Foulkes 116b), New Inns 3 (S.Chadwick 100, M.Farquarson 115,100, B.Scott 2x100,140) Highwood ‘C’ 6 (P.Roscoe 140b,100, T.Comerford 140, T.Arrowsmith 105b,103b,100, J.King 117,100, G.Thomas 100, D.Cooper 100), Olton Crown 5 Harvester 0 (walkover), Consolation Cup:- Highwood ‘A’ 7 Sheldon Flights 2 (N.Green 140, N.Gray 160), Highwood Exiles 6 (R.Harrison 108f,100, K.Pearson 100, S.Payne 100b, D.Carey 135,124,100) Greville Arms 3 (P.Thorley 100, M.Osborne 100), Ivy Leaf 4 B.Jelley 100, L.Stephens 128) Journeys End 5 (D.Kingdon 120b, A.Edwards 114b,140, J.Jennings 100, L.Barberan 2x100,152b, P.Shipley 100, A.Savage 140), Crown Arrows 0 (J.Gaskin 100, D.White 100, R.Vann 100b, S.Shepard 100) Iron Horse 9 (J.Evans 140, D.Kilbey 100, R.Earl 3x100,120b , J.Green 100,120b, R.Parry 100).
After the opening two games in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League’s new season reigning champions Blue Brick ‘C’ who are this season playing as Dudley Sports ‘C’ once again lead the field. An 8-1 win over Dudley Sports ‘A’ followed by a 7-2 win over Dudley Sports ‘B’, last season’s runner up, putting them top of the table on average from Roebuck, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill), Blue Brick, High Acres and Bridge ‘B’ who have all won their first two games.
Full Results:Week 1:- Dudley Sports ‘A’ 1 Dudley Sports ‘C’ 8, Bridge ‘A’ 6 Brickmakers 3, Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 6 Swan 3, Dog and Lampost ‘A’ 4 Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 5, Griffin 4 Liberal Club 5, Roebuck 7 Dog and Lampost ‘B’ 2, High Acres 6 Bulls Head (Netherton) 3, Portway 5 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4, Black Horse 4 Bridge ‘B’ 5, Old Star 2 Blue Brick 7, Week 2:- Dudley Sports ‘C’ 7 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2, Bridge ‘B’ 5 Portway 4, Bulls Head (Netherton) 5 Tenth Lock 4, Dog and Lampost ‘B’ 3 High Acres 6, Liberal Club 2 Roebuck 7, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 8 Griffin 1, Swan 5 Dog and Lampost ‘A’ 4, Blue Brick 5 Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 4, Brickmakers 5 Old Star 4, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6 Bridge ‘A’ 3.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League have got their 2015 season underway and after the opening game two teams The Bell and The Bridge share the number one spot after winning 7-2 in turn against Dudley Sports ‘A’ and Mitre. Other teams to win their first game were Netherton Cricket Club, Brickmakers, Pensnett Welfare Club and Miners (Wollescote).
Full Results:Week 1:- Bell 7 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2, Bulls Head (Netherton) 3 Netherton Cricket Club 6, Bridge 7 Mitre 2, Brickmakers 6 Roebuck 3, Pensnett Welfare Club 5 Pensnett Liberal Club 4, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Miners (Wollescote) 6.
With the league leaders Gulp having a free week in the Small Heath League this week it was a chance for the chasing teams to catch up and one of those team’s Mitre did their title hopes a power of good when they beat their visitors Warwick Arms 7-2 to put them on the same 14 points as Gulp and trail by just one leg of average.
Third in the table Wagon and Horses lost ground as in their game at Emerald Club they went down 6-3 to leave them two points off the leading duo as are Sheldon Marlborough Flights who won their away fixture against bottom of the table Clock Inn 7-2.
Full Results:- Cobs Bar 5 (A.Lattimer 123,112b, W.Johnson 100, L.Stanton 100) Emerald Flights 4 (J.Newbury 100, I.McLean 125, D.Dodd 100,180, R.Walton 106, A.Burbidge 114, P.Webster 100), Clock Inn 2 (G.Verlander 100b, B.Swaine 100, B.Griffiths 100, J.Dooley 121,100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 7 (I.Genge 103, K.Salisbury 100b, M.Cox 116b,125, A.Eden 100, N.Rughani 100), Emerald Club 6 (N.Parsonage 140,110, R.Cridge 100, P.Yardley 140, R.Hogan 100) Wagon and Horses 3 (C.Murphy 140, M.Tilley 3x100, S.Whitaker 100, D.Rivitt 112b, R.Ingram 100), Mitre 7 (A.Wale 100,116, J.Frost 137,160b, S.Hughes 121, C.Austin 145,120b,100b,120, I.Jones 160b) Warwick Arms 2 (M.Headley 100, M.Tracey 2x100, C.Harris 2x100).
The Netherton Thursday Night League fixtures brought together the top teams this week, leaders Springfield Social Club taking on and beating Bulls Head 7-2 who drop from third to fifth in the table. Second placed Netherton Sports and Social Club lost 6-3 at Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club, both team now on 27 points with just one leg of average giving Netherton second place, both trail Springfield by nine points.
Full Results:- Pensnett and Bromley 3 White Horse 6, Rose and Crown 6 White Swan 3, The Bell 2 Brickmakers 7, Springfield Social Club 7 Bulls Head 2, Fairfield 4 The Widders 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6 Netherton Sports and Social Club 3.
The top two teams in division one of the Pip Club League played each other this week leaders Birchmoor Club the home team against Wilnecote Club. The result was a 5-3 win for Birchmoor to open up a three points lead between them Wilnecote and Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) who could only manage a 4-4 draw away to Bulls Head (Two Gates).
Division two leaders J W Belgrave had a clear cut 14-2 win at Globe ‘B’ to send their hosts to the foot of the table. Globe ‘B’ replace Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) whose 9-7 home win over Royal Oak was only their second win in eleven games.
Pip Club and Sports Bar ‘180’ both lost ground in the title race as they were both held to an 8-8 draw. Second in the table Sports Bar ‘180’ were held at home by Globe ‘A’ and are now five points off the leaders, while Pip Club had an away game with Gate (Amington) and with 14 points are six adrift of J W Belgrave.
Full Results:Division One:- Two Gates Club 5 Wigginton 4, Bulls Head (Two Gates) 4 Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 4, Birchmoor Club 5 Wilnecote Club 3 (Mick Smith 145f), Division Two:- Globe ‘B’ 2 J W Belgrave 14, Gate (Amington) 8 Pip Club 8, Progressive Club 4 Old Liberal 12, Sports Bar ‘180’ 8 Globe ‘A’ 8 (Lisa Osbourne 117), Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 9 Royal Oak 7.
After winning all 22 of their fixtures last season in the Tamworth League, Fox and Dogs are once again proving to be unbeatable as they made it nine straight wins in the latest round of fixtures with a 5-2 home win over Sports Bar to give them a three points advantage over their nearest rivals Dolphin ‘A’ who won their home tie with Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 6-1.
In the Players League Martin Edwards (Fox and Dogs), like his team made it nine wins in as many games when he beat Rob Taft from the Sports Bar.
Full Results:- Three Tuns ‘B’ (Fazeley) 2 Dolphin ‘B’ 5, Fox and Dogs 5 Sports Bar 2, Mile Oak Rovers 6 Wigginton 1, Longwood 4 Old Liberal House 3, Dolphin ‘A’ 6 Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 1, Sports Bar ‘180’ 4 Globe Inn 3, Players League:- Lyn Hardwick (Three Tuns ‘B’, Fazeley) beat John Lewin (Dolphin ‘B’), Martin Edwards (Fox and Dogs) beat Rob Taft (Sports Bar), Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers) beat Andy Brennan (Wigginton), Mark DeLeon (Longwood) beat Jonathon Bagley (Old Liberal House), Ian Turner (Dolphin ‘A’) beat Susie Leek (Three Tuns ‘A’, Fazeley), Terry Molineux (Sports Bar ‘180’) beat Ian Grylls (Globe Inn).
Congratulations to Toby Jug who for the first time in eight games have actually won in division one of the South Birmingham League. Playing away to The Raven, who are next to bottom of the table Toby Jug won 5-4 to join their hosts on the same two points but remain in the bottom spot with an inferior average.
Division one leaders Crown-Forget-Me-Not played at home against Crown at Shard End, their nearest rivals and won the tie 6-3 making six wins in as many games to give them a two point’s lead over Crown at Shard End, Mackadown Social and Punchbowl. In addition Forget-Me-Not have two games in hand on Shard End and have played the same number as Mackadown and one in hand on Punchbowl.
In the second division Coleshill Social took their winning run to nine games with a 6-3 over The Dog. Second placed The Trident won 5-4 at The Gate and despite having a game in hand on Coleshill are four points behind them.
Full Results:Division One:- Raven 4 (J.Evans 152,137, T.Rainsford 2x100, J.Green 123, R.Earl 160b, D.Mortiboys 105) Toby Jug 5 (R.Lawrence 100, D.Revitt 120, B.Weir 100), Punchbowl 6 (M.Tolliss 112b, B.Evans 140, K.White 2x100, N.Robinson 100b, K.Richards 125,140, D.White 100) St John’s 3 B.Harris 100, T.Lewis 100, D.Clinton 140, L.O^Donnell 100), Crown-Forget-Me-Not 6 (M.Birch 100b,139,9 darts game, B.Cadby 100,103b,160b, M.Gallett 100,137,112b, R.Hawker 100,121,135, C.Winters 112b,101,139,100, W.Naylor 100b,2x100, C.Millward 120b,100) Crown at Shard End 3 (A.Hoey 100, N.Parsonage 112b, M.Cooper 2x112b, A.Mayell 100,110, J.Prince 140, T.Evans 100, S.Cain 104,108b), Greville Arrows 5 Chelmsley Town 4, Division Two:- The Gate 4 (M.Watts 117) Trident 5 (J.Buttle 125,140, S.Hughes 161f, K.Buttle 2x100, C.Walton 100, A.Cooksey 106b,2x100), Kingfisher 3 (P.Holmes 102b, G.Shergold 121, R.Mills 140,100, R.Sharples 108b, D.Clover 138,131) Smithswood Social 6 (P.Cobley 112, L.Hughes 100, M.Winstanley 100, M.Bailey 128,125, N.Wilson 121), Coleshill Social 6 (S.Sweetman 140,100, S.Harvey 108b, G.Jones 100) The Dog 3 (P.Thompson 100, J.Fathers 127,100,112b,140), Banbury Flights 7 Poachers Pocket 2 (W.Cooper 100, J. Kearney 140, K.O^Conner 105, B. Hoey 100, J. Spink 120), Poachers Pocket 2 Banbury Flights 7.
At the halfway point of the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League’s season leaders Ashwood had a bye and second in the table Ten Arches took full advantage to reduce the arrears with a 5-4 win at Britannia, the win leaving Ten Arches four points off the top and seeing Britannia drop from second to third in the table a further two points behind on 30.
Full Results:Match 19:- Church Tavern 2 Stourbridge RBL 7, Corn Exchange 3 Brickmakers 6, Gigmill 2 Shrubbery Cottage 7, Bird (Wordsley) 4 Plough 5, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 9 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 0, Britannia 4 Ten Arches 5, Cat Inn (Wordsley) 5 Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 4, New Inns 3 Fox (Lye) 6, Crestwood 4 Kingswinford Conservative Club 5.
A 6-3 win at The Bell has confirmed The Crown as champions of the Rowley Monday Night League. With two more fixtures to play they are six points ahead of second placed Springfield Social Club and cannot be caught. Springfield are also definite runners up as third in the table Ex Serviceman’s Club are a further eight points behind them.
Full Results:- Bell 3 Crown 6, Crown ‘B’ 5 Hunting Tree 4, Fairfield 4 Ivy Bush ‘A’ 5, Gate Hangs Well 7 Plough and Harrow 2, Haden Cross 0 Britannia Inn 9, Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 8 Victoria Inn 1, Leones 3 Springfield Social Club 6, Little Beech 6 Whiteheath Tavern 3, Riddins Tavern 2 Allens Sports Bar 7, White Swan 3 Ex Serviceman’s Club 6.

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