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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

The final fixtures of the season in the Small Heath League saw the top two teams square up to each other, second in the table Emerald Club hosting leaders Gulp with the title going to the winners. The result was a 7-2 win for Gulp to give them a total of 28 points and the league title. Not only did Emerald Club lose the game but also the runners up spot as they finished in third place with 24 points, the same number as Mitre who beat Cobs Bar 6-3, their win giving them a two points of average advantage over Emerald Club.
Emerald Flights won the Shadow League with eight points two more than second placed Cobs Bar.
At the recent AGM the league officials were voted in as follows, Derek Rivitt (Chairman), Colin Wyatt (Match Secretary), Rob McConnell (General Secretary), John Young (Treasurer) and Chris O’Brian (Vice Treasurer).
The new season will get underway in June anyone wishing to enter a team or requiring any further information should contact either Derek Rivitt on 07790-742954 or Chris O’Brian 0121-772-7440.
Full Results:- Emerald Club 2 (N.Parsonage 140,100,107b, P.Yardley 2x140,2x100) Gulp 7 (C.Stokes 2x100,100f, L.Harris 2x100,140f,111b,138, J.Phipps 112b, D.Heighway 100, M.Cooper 100,2x140, J.Harris 100,100b,137), Mitre 6 (I.Jones 100,100b, L.Austin 100, J.Frost 100,140,141, S.Hughes 100, C.Austin 125,101,100) Cobs Bar 3 (G.Haveron 124,121, A.Lattimer 100, M.Turner 100), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5 (R.Turner 100, M.Cox 120, I.Genge 115, M.Murrin 109b,100, N.Rughani 100) Warwick Arms 4 (J.Franklin 2x100, W.Magee 120, M.Treacy 140,118), Wagon and Horses 4 (C.Murphy 121, M.Tilley 2x100,123, S.Whitaker 100, J.Sayers 2x100) Emerald Flights 5 (I.McLean 100b, S.Facey 121,100, R.Walton 100, P.Webster 2x100).
With only two fixtures remaining in the Sheldon and District Winter League the premier division title is still up for grabs with only two points separating the top three teams. An 8-1 win at The Pirates keeps Crown at Olton in pole position but only on average from The Lyndon who won their home tie with Willclare Sports and Social 6-3, both teams on 32 points. Third in the table Crown at Shard End were 7-2 winners at The Raven and despite being two points adrift of the leading duo and having played one game more are still mathematically in with a chance of the title.
The division one championship is being fought between two teams Banbury Club are top with 28 points from 16 games while their nearest rivals Castle Vale Stadium who beat third placed Marston Green Tavern 5-4 are on 20 points, have a game in hand and also a superior average.
The top two teams in division two both won to keep the title race alive, leaders Crown-Forget-me-Not had a 7-2 win at Small Heath Amateur Gardeners, while The Maggies won 6-3 at Emerald Flights to leave a gap of two points between the two teams with two to play.
Full Results:Week 20:Premier Division:- Mackadown Social 5 (R.South 115,100, D.Young 120b,100, M.Heaven 117,100,113, J.Cabena 122, G.James 140,100, M.Noonan 100, B.Allen 2x100, A.Sheen 120b,116) George V 4 (J.Hinson 101b, S.Edwards 100, C.Horsley 140,2x100, P.Wright 140,121,120), Raven 2 (S.Whatmore 100, R.Earl 140,101b,174,10 darts game, A.Whitehouse 2x100, D.Mortiboys 112b) Crown at Shard End 7 (K.Deeley 108b,139,100, A.Mayell 140, A.Hoey 137,100, M.Cooper 136, C.O’Neill 119, J.Prince 180,9 darts game, K.Reynolds 120b,100), Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 5 (D.Tudor 100, R.Nixon 120b,100, L.Nixon 100, C.Round 100,105b,138, S.Bromley 100) Saltley Amateur Gardeners 4 (N.Clarke 100, A.Caddick 100, T.White 101b,140,120b, S.Winters 127,101, T.Webster 101,100), The Lyndon 6 (R.Lucas 2x140, D.Wright 140, A.Daly 140,2x100, S,Harding 100, J.Buckingham 121, P.Stephens 100, S.Darby 118, P.Collins 100, P.Henderson 180) Willclare Sports and Social 3 (F.Dixon 120, M.Holt 106b,100, D.Reid 134f, R.Allen 102, J.Allen 100, G.Ferguson 126), The Pirates 1 (D.Jackson 128, J.Buttle 121) Crown at Olton 8 (J.Sidwell 3x100,137,105, A.Hutchings 100,140, K.Attwood 100,140, P.Yardley 157b,140,7 darts game,100, B.Nixon 160b,109,100, T.Steele 100b,140, D.Duncan 2x140), Division One:- Castle Vale Stadium 5 (D.Savage 121, G.Taylor 2x100, B.Charlton 140) Marston Green Tavern 4 (B.Tranter 2x100, T.Randell 100b,137,10 darts game, B.Biggs 140, L.Randell 100, M.Murphy 140), Crown Arrows 1 (R.Vann 100b,120b, J.Morrisey 2x100, S.Shepherd 100, S.Moran 109b) Holy Souls 8 (M.O’Sullivan 3x100, D.Heighway 145, J.Duffy 130,137), Sheldon Heath Social 4 (M.Tilley 123,100, D.Sudbury 140, L.Allwood 100, J.Toney 100, J.Phipps 100,112b) Highwood KB’s 5 (T.Constable 101, N.Wykes 2x100, G.Pagett 120b, T.Walton 100,137, N.Byrne 100, A.Boyle 110f, W.Cooper 100), Division Two:- Ridgemere Social 7 (Y.Walker 121, M.Baker 140b, D.Jones 100, P.Feilding 112b, C.Smith 100,105) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 2 (M.Slatcher 140, S.Spencer 2x100, S.Wasley 100), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 2 (C.Hughes 100, N.Ricketts 100, D.Hykin 100b, A.Sleath 134) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 7 (W.Griffiths 2x100, C.Kettlewell jnr 108b,102b, B.Steptoe 123,101b, I.Scattergood 100,100b), Shirley RBL Misfits 9 (F.Cotsford 125, T.Dixon 123, R.Randle 121, J.Boyle 100) Meadway Sports and Social 0 (D.Delaney 140), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 9 (A.Eden 123, J.Humphries 112b, D.Humphries 140, M.Murrin 140,101b) Greville Arms 0 (J.Toney 2x100,120b, M.Stansfield 108b,115, C.Deegan 101b, A.Hawkins 112b, K.Hull 100,140), Emerald Flights 3 (D. Dodd 105b, M.Beasley 108, A.Fisher 101b) The Maggies 6 (L.Wiggins 140, E.Molloy 100, P.Cunningham 125).
Dewdrop continue to lead the way in the Hilltop Friendly League their 7-0 win over bottom of the table Horsley Tavern giving them 22 points from 12 games. Old Hop Pole are in second place they had a vital 4-3 win at The Vine, who are third in the table to give them 18 points but from only ten games leaving them four off the top and four ahead of The Vine.
Fourth placed Jolly Collier suffered a shock 4-3 home defeat as they were beaten by Ivy Bush who are fourth from the bottom. There was a rare win for Island Inn who are next to bottom of the table, a 5-2 win at Tipton Sports was only their third win in ten games, Tipton Sports are three places above them and with 12 points, twice as many as Island Inn.
Full Results:- Sportsman 4 Merry-Go-Round 3, Vine 3 Old Hop Pole 4, Hayes Social 3 Sow and Pigs 4, Tipton Sports 2 Island Inn 5, Horsley Tavern 0 Dewdrop 7, Jolly Collier 3 Ivy Bush 4.
Just one result from division one of the South Birmingham League this week which saw leaders Crown-Forget-Me-Not record a comfortable 8-1 home win over bottom of the table Toby Jug to put them a massive eight points ahead of second placed Crown at Shard End.
In division two The Dog and Smithswood Social swapped places, a 6-3 win for The Dog taking them up two places to third in the table and seeing Smithswood drop two to fifth.
There were wins for the top two teams in division two Coleshill Social won 6-3 at Banbury Flights to give them 24 points and keep them two ahead of  The Trident who won 8-1 at Poachers Pocket, Trident have also played two more games than Coleshill.
Full Results:Division One:- Crown-Forget-Me-Not 8 (C.Winters 140, J.Frost 100, W.Naylor 149b, C.Millward snr 135, M.Birch 105b,106) Toby Jug 1, Division Two:- Kingfisher 4 D.Green 100, R.Mills 100, G.Shergold 117f) The Gate 5 (T.Barrs 3x100, T.Moliineux 2x100, N.Groves 106,100b,100, K.Russell 140), Poachers Pocket 1 (J.Creen 100b, B.Anderton 152b,140, T.Anderton 133f) The Trident 8 (S.Hughes 111b, A.Cooksey 106, K.Buttle 156f, C.Walton 140,125, S.Hipkiss 100), Banbury Flights 3 (W.Cooper 123, K.O^Conner 100, P.Moran 140, L.Reece 100) Coleshill Social 6 (P.Bryant 100,121, S.Harvey 108b, P.Williams 100, S.Sweetman 122), The Dog 6 (J.Ansell 121, P.Thompson 100, S.O^Brien 100, J.Fathers 100) Smithswood Social 3 (N.Hughes 2x100, K.Mann 112).
The Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League have been busy with their Singles Knockout and winning through to the next round were, A.Roberts, J.Harper, J.Smith, G.Montroy, V.Meese, D.Doonan (Park Lane Tavern), J.Palmer, J.Hadley (Townsend), J.Habernathy, J.Windmill (Haden Cross), L.Cartwright, D.Jenson, P.Field (Black Horse) and T.Summers (Spring Meadow).
On the league front leaders Spring Meadow suffered their first defeat of the campaign’s seven games played so far as they lost 5-2 at home to second placed Park Lane Tavern, the two teams now share joint top place with 12 points and the same average.
Third placed Haden Cross had a 6-1 win at Townsend to leave them four points behind the top two with a game in hand.
Full Results:- Townsend 1 Haden Cross 6,  Spring Meadow 2 Park Lane Tavern 5,  The Widders 3 v Black Horse 4, Captains Cup:- Townsend lost to Haden Cross, Spring Meadow beat Park Lane Tavern, The Widders lost to Black Horse, Singles Knockout:- A.Roberts,  J.Harper, J.Smith, G Montroy, V Meese, D.Doonan (Park Lane Tavern). J.Palmer, J.Hadley (Townsend), J.Habernathy, J.Windmill (Haden Cross), L.Cartwright, D.Jenson,  P Field (Black Horse), T.Summers (Spring Meadow).
Will Naylor has taken over pole position in the Kingstanding Double Top League, 4-2 wins over Dave Harrison and Paul Cummins giving him a total of 13 points from seven games. Second in the table Pat Koyce also had two 4-2 wins in his games with Daniel Munge and Dale Savage leaving him trailing Naylor on average only. Another player with 13 points is third placed Barry Stephens who after beating Tony O’Kereke 4-2 was held to a 3-3 draw by John Morris jnr, however Stephens has played one game more than the two players above him.
Full Results:Week 4:- Will Naylor 4 (3x100,135,121) Dave Harrison 2 (2x100,118f,132,120), Jim Frost 2 (103b,115b,140) Brendan Lysaght 4 (115b,120b), Daniel Munge 0 (100) John Morris jnr 4 (120,124f), Chris Packer 4 (4x100,140,115b) Ryan Barritt 1, Tony O’Kereke 2 (5x100) Paul Cummins 4 (2x100), Chris Turnbull jnr 4 (4x100,108b) Dale Savage 1 (109b,2x100), Barry Stephens 4 (3x100,101f) Tony O’Kereke 2 (100), Pat Koyce 4 (3x100) Daniel Munge 2 (2x100), Will Naylor 4 (4x100,108b) Paul Cummins 2 (3x100,108b), Jim Frost 3 (2x100) Dale Savage 3 (124), John Morris jnr 1 ((2x100,121,140) Brendan Lysaght 4 (2x100,105b,140,143f,132f), Ryan Barritt 2 Dave Harrison 4 (105b,137f), Barry Stephens 3 (2x100,177) Daniel Munge 3 (180,2x100), Pat Koyce 4 Dale Savage 2 (2x100), Brendan Lysaght 4 (100,105b,110f,120b) Ryan Barritt 1 (100,140), Barry Stephens 3 (4x100) John Morris jnr 3 (4x100).
As the Camp Hill League kicks off the second half of its season there were wins for the four top half teams and defeats for the bottom four so the position remains the same in the table with Cotterills Lane Club leading the way on 16 points closely followed by Scruffy Ringers with 14. The latest games saw Cotterills win 4-3 at Wagon and Ringers beat Holy Gulp 6-1.
Full Results:- Wagon 3 Cotterills Lane Club 4, Journeys End 6 Devil’s Club 1, Holy Gulp 1 Scruffy Ringers 6, Lions 4 Horses 3.
The latest fixtures in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League produced two eleven darts legs one each for Kieron Stanford and Roy Blackwell together with a total of ten maximums of which five of them were registered by Andy Busby, Dave Barrs chalking up his first of the season.
With Whats The Point having a bye this week and dropping from second to fifth the remaining five teams in the top six all won leaving Bully Boys top with 456 points 22 ahead of second placed The Untouchables.
Full Results:- 3 Men and a Lady 33 So Far Travellers 15, Misfits 31 Cupid Stunts 17, John’S Klan 44 Make Mine A Double 4, Double Trouble 5 The Untouchables 43, Bully’s Boys 44 Here For Beer 4, Mad House 23 Yam Yam’s 25.
In week 14 of the Brierley Hill Monday Night League leaders Dudley Sports ‘C’ had a 7-2 win over Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) pushing their opponents down from third to fourth in the table, second placed Bridge ‘B’ were also 7-2 winners as they accounted for their local rivals Bridge ‘A’ to leave them level on 24 points with the top side trailing only on average. High Acres move up two to third with a 6-3 win at Roebuck but they have played one more game than the two teams above them and are four points adrift.
Old Star chalked up only their second win in 14 when they won their home tie with Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5-4.
Full Results:Week 14:- Dudley Sports ‘C’ 7 Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 2, The Swan 5 Liberal Club 4, Blue Brick 5 Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 4, Brickmakers Arms 1 Bulls Head (Netherton) 8, Bridge ‘A’ 2 Bridge ‘B’ 7, Old Star 5 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4, Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 5 Portway 4, Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 5 Black Horse 4, Griffin 6 Tenth Lock 3, Roebuck 3 High Acres 6.
With only three teams below them in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League Pensnett Liberal Club handed out a surprise 5-4 defeat to their visitors Pensnett Welfare Club who are third from top.
Leaders Miners (Wollescote) beat Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6-3 to stay two points to the good on second placed Brickmakers Arms who won 5-4 at Roebuck, Roebuck now on the same 16 points as Pensnett Welfare Club.
Full Results:Week 12:- Dudley Sports ‘A’ 3 The Bell 6, Bulls Head (Netherton) 5 Netherton Cricket Club 3, Mitre 4 Bridge 5, Roebuck 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Pensnett Liberal Club 5 Pensnett Welfare Club 4, Miners (Wollescote) 6 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3.
The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League staged their singles knockout at four venues and winning through to the quarter finals were, S.Bills snr, M.Rollinson (Ten Arches), G.Cooper (Ashwood), M.Bayliss (Corn Exchange), D.Simpson, C.Slater (Britannia), P.Chandler )Kingswinford Conservative Club) and J.Jackson ( Bird ‘A, Stourbridge).
The Halesowen Friday Night League staged round three of their Air Ambulance Knockout and the winner on the night was Kevin Harris who beat Richard Hill 3-1 in the final, in the semi’s Kevin won against Jason Gale while Richard took out Colin Kehoe, the evening raised £51 for the Air Ambulance.
Week nine of the Harborne League and three teams are on 14 points at the top of the table, Court Oak on top by just one leg of average to the good on Hillyfields ‘A’ with West Heath Snooker Club third but with a game in hand on the two teams above them.
Weoley Castle WMC remain the only team without a win in the nine games so far, their latest fixture seeing them go down 8-1 at Smethwick Labour Club.
Full Results:Week 8:- Avenue Flights 5 Smethwick Labour 4, Hillyfields ‘A’ 6 Abbey 3, Court Oak 9 Avenue Social 0, Bartley Green FC 5 Weoley Castle WMC 4, West Heath Snooker 7 Hillyfields ‘B’ 2, Week 9:- Abbey 7 Avenue Flights 2, Hillyfields ‘B’ 2 Hillyfields ‘A’ 7, Bartley Green FC 2 Court Oak 7, Smethwick 8 Weoley Castle WMC 1
Otter and Vixen were the only losers in the top eight teams in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League, they lost 4-3 at The Village and drop two places in the table to seventh. Wednesfield FC took their unbeaten run to eight games handing out a 7-0 whitewash to their visiting opponents Railway. ECC are on the same 16 points as the top team but have played one game more, their latest game seeing them win 5-2 at Penn Bowling.
Bradmore ‘A’ recorded their first win in nine a 4-3 success at Merry Boys but despite the win remain rooted to the foot of the table.
In the second division Fordhouses CC had a bye and as a result lost the number one spot dropping two places to third. Taking over pole position is Pheasant, a 7-0 home win over Bird in Hand taking their points tally to 14 from eight games. Old Stags Head are second on 12 from nine following their 6-1 win at Rileys ‘A’, Fordhouses CC, Bull and Roebuck are all also on 12 points Fordhouses having a game in hand.
Full Results:Division One:- Bradmore ;B; 6 Ashmore Inn 1, Merry Boys 3 Bradmore ‘A’ 4, Penn Bowling 2 ECC 5, Rileys ‘C’ 4 Cabin 3, Victoria 5 Corpus 2, Village 4 Otter and Vixen 3, Wednesfield Conservative Club 2 Dog and Partridge 5, Wednesfield FC 7 Railway 0, Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 4 Chillington Club 3, Division Two:- Boat ‘B’ 3 Emerald 4, Bull 4 Rileys ‘B’ 3, Pendulum 3 Red Lion 4, Pheasant 7 Bird in Hand 0, Rileys ‘A’ 1 Old Stags Head 6, Roebuck 1 Whitmore Reans WMC 6, Three Crowns 4 Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 3, Ukrainian Club 2 Woodfield Social 5, Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 3 Castle 4.
Only two results from division one of the Pip Club League which saw Birchmoor Club win 5-3 at Prince of Wales to take them to the top of the table with 23 points, second placed Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) just two points behind with a game in hand.
At the other end of the table bottom team Wigginton played next to bottom Two Gates Club the match finishing all square at 4-4.
In division two leaders J W Belgrave were held to a somewhat surprising 8-8 home draw by Progressive Club who are sixth in the table and 15 points behind their hosts. Second placed Pip Club also had a setback as they lost 9-7 away to third in the table Sports Bar ‘180’ reducing the gap between the two teams to four points.
Full Results:Division One:- Wigginton 4 Two Gates Club 4, Prince of Wales 3 (Mick Smith 101f) Birchmoor Club 5 (Sid Kirkham 180), Division Two:- Globe ‘B’ 6 Gate (Amington) 10, J.W Belgrave 8 (M.Cairns 180) Progressive Club 8, Sports Bar ‘180’ 9 (Steven Taft 180,104f) Pip Club 7, Old Liberal 12 Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 4, Royal Oak 6 Globe ‘A’ 10 (Mark Design Leon 180).
Rileys ‘A have lost their two points lead at the top of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League following their 4-3 defeat away to fifth in the table Whitmore Reans WMC and are now joined on the same 18 points by Otter and Vixen who won their home game with Dog and Partridge 4-3.
Village Inn dropped from third to sixth after a 4-3 reversal at Woodfield Social who are eighth in the table.
Full Results:Week 11:- Brewood British Legion 1 Bull 6, Claregate 4 Moreton 3, Otter and Vixen 4 Gog and Partridge 3, Rileys ’ B’ 4 Jones Road 3, Whitmore Reans WMC 4 Rileys ‘A’ 3, Woodfield Social 4 Village Inn 3.

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