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Article: Darts: Bridgwater men^s darts round-up

Darts: Bridgwater men^s darts round-up

There was no real change in the Division One title race in the Bridgwater and District Men’s Darts League after last week’s games, with the top two both winning.

The Prince of Wales beat The Three Lions 5-4 with the aid of a Brian Bacon 180 and The Squib were 6-3 winners over Crown Inn, Matt Prosser hitting a 180 and Mark Prosser a 160 away.

The Hope Inn’s Clive Royce threw a 14-dart leg that included a 180 as his team beat OVH Wanderers 6-3 to remain two points behind the leaders. Pete Wright hit a 180 for the OVH.

British Flag were 6-3 winners over the Blake Riversiders.

Flag’s Dave Taylor hit a 160 away while Tom Gill replied with a 180 for the Blake.

The Jokers beat the Malt Shovel 6-3 – a result that means the Malt are just one loss away from relegation.

The Buccaneers are now just one win away from the Division Two title after they beatr nearest rivals Railway B 7-2 with the aid of a Kalib Bowers 152 away.

The result leaves them eight points clear with just four rounds of matches left to play.

White Hart A remain third after they comfortably beat the Sportsman 8-1.

White Hart B have moved above The Globetrotters after beating them 6-3 despite a Norman Foster 171.

Withy Lions were 7-2 winners over Blake Arms while John McDonald of New Foresters and Gareth Needs of No Hopers hit 180s. Foresters won 5-4.

The closing date for competition form 4 – the three-a-side and age groups – is today Tuesday.

The President and Chairman’s finals will be at the Railway Club next Wednesday.

Teams may enter their house champions on the night but they must be in attendance by 8.15pm. No entries will be accepted after that time.

Results and merits: Division One – OVH Wanderers 3 (S Foster 100x3, S Modley 140, 100, E Hayward 125, 140, 100, M Hawker 118, 100, 125x2, P Wright 108a, 180, 125, 100, J Foster 100x4), Hope Inn 6 (C Royce 101a, 180, 100x4, 110o, 14dl, T Britton 121, 100x4, G Watts 121, 120, 140, 100x2, N Poole 140x2, 100, K Smith 125, M Watts 112a, 134, 100x2, 116o); The Jokers 6 (J Bowers 132, 140, 100x3, M Patrick 112a, 140, 100, S Bowers 125, 135x2, 100, A Ward 135, 140x2, 100x4), Malt Shovel 3 (T Crook 140, 100x3, N Burnett 121, 100x2, S Crook 101, 140x2, 100x2, J Crook 140, N Aisthorpe 125, 100); The Three Lions 4 (R Wilson 140, 100x2, S Watts 140, M Riddle 125, 121, 140x2, M Harris 102, 110, 125, 100x2, P Vearncombe 123, 121, 140, 100x2, S Perry 100x3), Prince of Wales 5 (R Saunders 100x2, J Davis 100a, 100, 140x2, C Turner 135, 140x2, S Davey 100, B Bacon 100a, 125, 140, 180, 100, P Blackwell 140, 100x3); British Flag 6 (C Lambert 137, P Mortimore 140, 100, R Royce 100x3, D Taylor 160a, 100a, 125, 100x2, D Bendle 112a, 123, 140, 100, M Chave 120a, 121, 140, 100x3), Blake Riversiders 3 (K Lawrence 100x2, P Biddiscombe 132, 100x2, T Gill 180, C Haworth 100x2, J Dorse 100x2, D Royce 102a, 140, 125); Crown Inn 3 (W Balsom 108a, 100x2, Y Ross 112, 100, A Balsom 140, 100x2, 100o, G Pye 101a, 135, 100x2, A Hill 140, 100, M Salter 100x3), The Squib 6 (Mark Prosser 160a, 122, 140, 100x3, L Read 133, 100x3, Matt Prosser 180, 121, 100x2, J Hancock 121, 140x3, 100x2, S Elsley 100x3, T Cooper 140).

Division Two – Blake Arms 2 (C Mouzoure 116, S Dale 100, T Samotyj 100x2, D West 100, M Mouzoure 120a, 100x2, J Christodoulou 120, 121, 100), Withy Lions 7 (P Lynch 100a, K Hall 120a, 120, 100, R Williams Snr 100x3, G Durham 101a, 100x3, R Williams Jnr 100, 114, R Stewart 121); New Foresters 5 (J McDonald 180, 140, 100x2, R Cardwell 106a, S Cardwell 100, J Burns 121, 100, B Restall 112a, 100x2, B Bowdery 137, 100x2), No Hopers 4 (M Parnell 136a, 135, 140, 100, T Annettes 100, A Warren 121, 140, 100, T Ashworth 100, G Needs 180, T Reader 106a, 112); The Spectres 4 (J Outhwaite 100, M Brooker Snr 100, G Draper 140), Sydenham Centre 5 (P Curtis 131, 100, D Hemmings 130, 103o, O Carter 100x2, C Nunn 100x2, F Hemmings 121, 132, 100); Sportsman 1 (N Allen 100x2, S Roberts 100, M Burgess 100, M Allen 105a), White Hart A 8 (R Nicholson 115, 100x3, N Woods 100x2, P Biddiscombe 100x3, M Nicholson 100, T Mockridge 125, 100); White Hart B 6 (B Walcroft 101a, 100x2, I Crook 140, 100, R Butler 100, C Collard 100, P Lanham 100, M Stamford 101a, 120a, 100), The Globetrotters 3 (M Goodwin 100, C Whale 125, 100, N Hughes 140, 123, 100, N Foster 171, R Fox 100, R Walters 100); Buccaneers 7 (K Bowers 152a, 140x2, 100x3, I Galloway 100x2, A Cooze 116a, 140x2, 100x2, P Spriggs 125, 140x2, 100x3, R Warner 100x3, R Clark 100x4), Railway Club B 2 (A Bird 100, I Turner 121, 140, 100x2, B Saunders 100, M Bird 120a, 120, 140, 100x6, S Loaring 100x2, S Bird 100x2).

Story By: The West Country


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