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Article: Chiswick darts marathon in memory of Karen

Chiswick darts marathon in memory of Karen

A FATHER from Chiswick is hosting a 24 hour darts marathon to raise money for a charity which is close to his heart following his young daughter^s tragic death.

Ross Sheridan of Linden Gardens, has managed to persuade professional darts champ Jason Clarke to go without sleep and play 501 darts at Chiswick Society Club for 24-hours straight, to raise money for epilepsy and tinnitus charities.

Karen, Ross^s daughter, was only 26 when she was found dead in her apartment in September last year, after having a final and fatal epileptic seizure.

"More young people continue to die from epilepsy related deaths than Aids and cot death combined," said Ross. "There are three deaths every day. There is very little awareness of the illness and hopefully over time that can be changed."

The darts marathon will be in aid of three charities, Epileptic Seizure Alert Dogs, Epilepsy Bereaved and The British Tinnitus Association; a little known illness that Ross^s friend and captain of the Chiswick darts team, Stuart Budd suffers from.

Tinnitus is an incurable condition where the sufferer has a constant ringing in their ears.

Seizure alert dogs undergo an intense and very expensive training programme which allows them to be able to give warning to their owner 45 minutes prior to them having a seizure.

"This charity does such fantastic work for people suffering from epilepsy," said 50-year-old Ross. "I have been asked if Karen had had one of these dogs, would she still be here today? The answer is, no one can say.

"But I believe that if Karen had had the company of a Seizure Alert her life would have been immensely different. Karen^s life was a difficult and challenging one, never knowing when a seizure might happen next, sometimes she would have two or three a day."

The darts marathon which is taking place over September 25 and 26 at the Chiswick High Road Society Club, will see Jason go for the world record, playing from 501 down to 0 and ending on a double.

A raffle, with the top prize of a weekend in Paris will also be taking place.

"Even if we don^t get the world record, it will be a big night for the three charities and hopefully we can raise a good amount of money for them," said Ross.

"Not many people know about Tinnitus and Epilepsy so it will be good for raising awareness too."

Story By: Hounslow Chronicle


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