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DAVE CHISNALL, Shaun Griffiths, Shane O^Connor and James Richardson were the first four players to win a PDC ProTour Card at Qualifying School on Thursday.

The first of four days in the PDC^s inaugural Q School, held at Wigan^s Robin Park Tennis Centre, saw 106 players competing for the first places on the PDC ProTour this year.

Chisnall, the 2010 Lakeside Championship runner-up, defeated Terry Temple 6-2 in his decisive game to secure a place on the PDC circuit, with a Tour Card entitling him entry to all events on the £1 million-plus PDC ProTour this year.

The 30-year-old from St Helens also defeated Steve Watts, Gary O^Donnell, Mark Jodrill and Gary Eastwood in an impressive showing.

"It feels good and I^m looking forward to a new start," said Chisnall. "I knew it would be hard but I was feeling good coming into this and played well."

Teenager Griffiths, a 19-year-old from Partington in Manchester who played in the PDC Unicorn Under-21 World Championship last November and also competed recently in the Lakeside Championship, was another to stand out.

He whitewashed Martyn Bevan and Jimmy Mann and also defeated Simon Stainton and Andy Pearce before picking up a 6-1 win against Mark Jones in his decisive game.

"I^m delighted," said Griffiths. "It^s a great opportunity for me and I^m looking forward to the year.

"With the PDC^s Youth Tour also being announced recently I^ll be able to get lots of experience this year."

Irish youngster O^Connor, a 25-year-old who played at the 2009 World Darts Championship, defeated Manchester^s Peter Hudson 6-4 in their decisive game.

He whitewashed Simon Jones and Geoff Whitworth in his opening two games and overcame Andy Brown and Paul Rowley 6-3 before seeing off Hudson.

Northamptonshire^s James Richardson, a 37-year-old from Rushden, was the day^s fourth qualifier as he defeated Northern Ireland^s Michael Mansell 6-2.

Richardson also picked up wins over Tony Blundell, Jason Crawley, Jamie Atkins and Scott Marsh on the day, as he ensured himself a spot on the professional circuit.

South Africa^s Devon Petersen, who competed recently in the World Championsihp, reached the last 16 before losing to Mark Jones.

The remaining players return for the second of four days in Q School on Friday, with a further four Tour Cards on offer plus Q School Ranking Points.

Qualifying School Day One
First Round
Jimmy Murphy Bye
Jamie Atkins Bye
James Richardson 6-1 Tony Blundell
Jason Crawley 6-0 Dean Jones
Jon Archer Bye
Scott Marsh 6-3 Lee Hayes
John Henderson 6-0 Steve Perkins
Jimmy O^Regan 6-4 Alan Reilly
Steven Pearson Bye
Brian Woods 6-1 Andy Relf
Chris Aubrey 6-1 Lee White
Reece Robinson 6-4 Prakash Jiwa
Michael Mansell Bye
Ryan Herrington Bye
Henry Zapata 6-3 Danny Moore
Darren Whittingham 6-5 Ashley Holgate
Peter Hudson Bye
Ron Atwill Bye
Matt Jackson 6-3 Mark Carter
Richie Corner 6-0 Paul Schofield
David Coyne Bye
John Ferrell 6-5 Anton Liscsey
Michael Rosenauer 6-0 Mike Roberts
Adam Smith-Neale 6-2 Tim Hope
Andy Hutchings Bye
Matthew Edgar 6-1 Nick Malkin
Paul Rowley 6-0 Michael Nott
Ian Jopling 6-5 Magnus Caris
Andy Brown Bye
Darren Latham Bye
Geoff Whitworth 6-1 Dyson Parody
Shane O^Connor 6-0 Simon Jones
Tom Martin Bye
Simon Astle Bye
Ken Dobson 6-0 Paul Hodkin
Andy Pearce 6-0 Edwin Griffiths
Simon Craven Bye
Jimmy Mann 6-1 Harry Robinson
Shaun Griffiths 6-0 Martyn Bevan
Simon Stainton 6-2 Nigel Birch
Adam Hunt Bye
Darrell Claydon 6-4 Andrew Hibbert
Devon Petersen 6-1 Dean Wiltshire
Donna Rainsby 6-3 Andy Fulton
Michael Venton Bye
Sam Allen 6-1 Adrian Bolitho
Mark Jones 6-2 Norman Fletcher
Mark Tiller 6-1 Paul Sawyer
Paddy Meaney Bye
Terry Temple Bye
Mick Todd 6-3 Ian Lever
John O^Shea 6-5 Lee Palfreyman
Andy Pearson Bye
Michael Bushby 6-1 Jimmy Chojnowski
Mike Gillett 6-4 Ian McFarlane
John Smith 6-1 John Walton
Gary O^Donnell Bye
Dave Chisnall 6-1 Steve Watts
Nick Bache 6-0 Richard Walsh
Mark Jodrill 6-0 Ryan Maher
Kevin Bambrick Bye
Mareno Michels 6-1 Ryan Harrington
Gary Eastwood 6-3 Brian Startin
Simon Burt 6-4 John Quantock

Second Round
Jamie Atkins 6-2 Jimmy Murphy
James Richardson 6-3 Jason Crawley
Scott Marsh 6-2 Jon Archer
John Henderson 6-1 Jimmy O^Regan
Brian Woods 6-1 Steven Pearson
Reece Robinson 6-4 Chris Aubrey
Michael Mansell 6-3 Ryan Herrington
Darren Whittingham 6-3 Henry Zapata
Peter Hudson 6-2 Ron Atwill
Richie Corner 6-3 Matt Jackson
John Ferrell 6-5 David Coyne
Adam Smith-Neale 6-5 Michael Rosenauer
Matthew Edgar 6-3 Andy Hutchings
Paul Rowley 6-5 Ian Jopling
Andy Brown 6-2 Darren Latham
Shane O^Connor 6-0 Geoff Whitworth
Tom Martin 6-3 Simon Astle
Andy Pearce 6-3 Ken Dobson
Jimmy Mann 6-5 Simon Craven
Shaun Griffiths 6-2 Simon Stainton
Darrell Claydon 6-1 Adam Hunt
Devon Petersen 6-0 Donna Rainsby
Sam Allen 6-0 Michael Venton
Mark Jones 6-1 Mark Tiller
Terry Temple 6-5 Paddy Meaney
John O^Shea 6-3 Mick Todd
Michael Bushby 6-3 Andy Pearson
Mike Gillett 6-5 John Smith
Dave Chisnall 6-0 Gary O^Donnell
Mark Jodrill 6-3 Nicky Bache
Kevin Bambrick 6-5 Mareno Michels
Gary Eastwood 6-3 Simon Burt

Third Round
James Richardson 6-1 Jamie Atkins
Scott Marsh 6-2 John Henderson
Brian Woods 6-3 Reece Robinson
Michael Mansell 6-1 Darren Whittingham
Peter Hudson 6-3 Richie Corner
Adam Smith-Neale 6-3 John Ferrell
Paul Rowley 6-5 Matthew Edgar
Shane O^Connor 6-3 Andy Brown
Andy Pearce 6-3 Tom Martin
Shaun Griffiths 6-0 Jimmy Mann
Devon Petersen 6-4 Darrell Claydon
Mark Jones 6-3 Sam Allen
Terry Temple 6-5 John O^Shea
Mike Gillett 6-3 Michael Bushby
Dave Chisnall 6-3 Mark Jodrill
Gary Eastwood 6-4 Kevin Bambrick

Fourth Round
James Richardson 6-5 Scott Marsh
Michael Mansell 6-2 Brian Woods
Peter Hudson 6-5 Adam Smith-Neale
Shane O^Connor 6-3 Paul Rowley
Shaun Griffiths 6-1 Andy Pearce
Mark Jones 6-1 Devon Petersen
Terry Temple 6-4 Mike Gillett
Dave Chisnall 6-1 Gary Eastwood

Fifth Round
James Richardson 6-2 Michael Mansell
Shane O^Connor 6-4 Peter Hudson
Shaun Griffiths 6-1 Mark Jones
Dave Chisnall 6-2 Terry Temple
Winners earn PDC ProTour Card

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