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Article: Boom Extends At The Top As The Ladies On Song

Boom Extends At The Top As The Ladies On Song

BOOM EXTENDS LEAD Ben 'Boom' Beardmore extended his lead at the top of the Pikado Liga with good wins against Shaun Greenfield and Brian Lewis who both ran the leader very close. Micky Stocks moved up to 3rd, hitting 6 maximums on the night with Pete Bramley also moving up to 4th after a fine win over Lee Thompson. Deb McAbrey winning a classic with 'Super' Sue Edwards closed in on Anne Lofthouse as the highest lady finish, with not much between them now with the Hustler just shading it. [caption id="attachment_25506" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Jodie Bruce, Angie Brittle, Project Darts, Red Dragon Darts Both Jodie & Angie have made great improvements this year[/caption] Jodie Bruce picked up good points this week as she keeps on improving as does Angie Brittle who has made massive strides this season recording 7 wins along with other half Paul, who has also had a fair share of the winners enclosure with 13 wins for the season. Charlie Stocks moved into contention for a top half spot, winning well last night. Bob Lamb and Antony Ainsworth played a beauty with Double A shading the game 4-3. Also Sie Simmons and Liam Johnson, Charlie Stocks and Tom Briggs also played out with the same score. Tom Sawford pushing for a top 3 finish had a 7-0 to help his cause. With just 3 weeks left it is really close for any position, good luck all on the run in. [caption id="attachment_25507" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Ben Beardmore, Boom, Red Dragon Darts, Project Darts Ben 'Boom' Beardmore[/caption] Pikado Liga Table, Project Darts, Red Dragon, Darts The Prelims The prelims turned up some interesting ties but the pick was Darren Weaver taking on Antonio Cruz but "Daz the Dream Weaver" proving why he has qualified for the PDC with a clinical display. Automatic entry was gained for Carl Wilkinson after winning the Christmas bash and he had to encounter a tricky tie against Ben Dulley but proving his class going through 3-1. Mag7 Summer champ Ian Cook coped with his prelim very well making the 1st round proper. Prelim Round RONNY ROBERTS 3-2 KIERAN PARKINSON BRENDAM MARREN 3-0 SAM SHIRT IAN COOK 3-1 PAUL SIDDLE CHRIS HUGHES 3-2 GARTH STANTON CARL WILKINSON 3-1 BEN DULLEY DARREN WEAVER 3-0 ANTONIO CRUZ Project Darts, Pikado Liga, Red Dragon Darts 1st Round Arguably the tie of the 1st round was Kev Rimmer versus Steve Briggs and it was the current Yorkshire player going through a very close affair. Another mouthwatering tie was Trevor Burkhill playing Daz Layden, Daz hitting a 12 dart to hold throw but Trevor hitting 4 x 180s and 12, 13 and 14 dart legs which was too good for Daz has he fell to the PDC player. 19's thrower Andy Radford was bashing in 171s and 133s for fun as he got the better of Tom Briggs. Lester Bowers was on song with a great 3-0 win, as was Ryan Goffin playing some excellent darts. Kevin Briggs blew the cobwebs off his darts and rattled in a great 3-1 victory and Michael Plews just edged out Yorkshire star Julie White. Darren Weaver and Carl Wilkinson had an almighty game with lots of massive scores and checkouts and the dream just edging it. Brian "the messiah" Lewis got off to a great start with a 3-0 win over Pat Meeson and Brendan Marren took out Ronny Roberts 3-0 with some 180s to boot. Steve Rumble beat Richard Beck 3-1 with Richard hitting a 154 checkout. BRENDAN MARREN 3-0 RONNY ROBERTS IAN COOK 3-0 CHRIS HUGHES DARREN WEAVER 3-2 CARL WILKINSON KEVIN BRIGGS 3-1 KENNY HOULT JOHN DANIELS 3-0 ROGER READ ANDY RADFORD 3-0 TOM BRIGGS MICHAEL PLEWS 3-2 JULIE WHITE NICK WHITE 3-2 MARK PIGOTT RYAN GOFFIN 3-0 JACK HIBBET OLIVER NANCE 3-0 STEVE CLEAVER TREVOR BURKHILL 3-1 DAZ LAYDEN CARL MOOREHOUSE 3-0 FRAZER PICKERING STEVE WRAGG 3-0 NATHAN RICHARDS CHRIS KEANE 3-1 JOEL BURKHILL ANDY THOMPSON 3-2 ROBERT PINDER MARTIN GRIFFITHS 3-1 ANIL BAROT MIKE GREENWOOD 3-0 KARL SAILBURY ROPER GREG BEARD 3-0 ANDY ELSE PETE ROEBUCK 3-0 KEV BROWN BILLY WRAGG 3-0 DANNY GODDARD THOMAS HILL 3-2 JOHN FAULKNER JASON BROOKS 3-2 JOHN CARTLEDGE MATT MITCHELL 3-1 DARYLL HICKEY LESTER BOWERS 3-0 JACK WAKEFIELD RICHARD BROWN 3-0 DANNY HACKETT STEVE WARD 3-0 CLARE BRADSHAW LEE SIDDLE 3-2 LEE ELRICK STEVE RUMBLE 3-1 RICH BECK PETER WADE 3-1 THANE JOHNSON KEV RIMMER 3-2 STEVE BRIGGS BRIAN LEWIS 3-0 PAT MEESON PAUL BECK 3-0 JOE TURNBULL 2nd Round Richard Brown edged out Steve Ward who was making his comeback after 12 years away from the board 3-2 and Steve Rumble with 2 x 180s had an easy 3-0 win as he moved into round 3, Darren Weaver hit a 154 checkout in his win over Kev Briggs. Pete Roebuck and Billy Wragg put up a TV performance with a 3-2 match that could have gone either way and was joined in the 3rd round by his dad who also made it through. Jason Brooks was starting to creep into contention as he accounted for Thomas Hill 3-0 with some crucial finishing. Kev Rimmer was on song with a 3-0 victory, as was Ryan Goffin and Nick White. John Daniels had a battle but made it through 3-2 and Trevor Burkhill just edging out Carl Moorehouse 3-2. Ian Cook and Brendan Marren looked the tie of the round but ended 3-0 to Brendan. RICHARD BROWN 3-2 STEVE WARD STEVE RUMBLE 3-0 LEE SIDDLE KEV RIMMER 3-0 PETER WADE BRIAN LEWIS 3-1 PAUL BECK GREG BEARD 3-1 MIKE GREENWOOD BILLY WRAGG 3-2 PETE ROEBUCK JASON BROOKS 3-0 THOMAS HILL MATT MITCHELL 3-1 LESTER BOWERS RYAN GOFFIN 3-0 OLIVER NANCE TREVOR BURKHILL 3-2 CARL MOOREHOUSE STEVE WRAGG 3-0 CHRIS KEANE MARTIN GRIFFITHS 3-1 ANDY THOMPSON BRENDAN MARREN 3-0 IAN COOK DARREN WEAVER 3-0 KEV BRIGGS JOHN DANIELS 3-2 ANDY RADFORD NICK WHITE 3-0 MICHAEL PLEWS 3rd Round Brendan Marren and Darren Weaver had a tremendous battle with Brendan just coming out on top 3-1 as did Nick White who won 3-1 against John Daniels. Young Billy Wragg made it through to the last 8 with some decisive finishing on his way to a 3-1 win over Greg Beard who had played very well all day. Trevor Burkhill had just too much for Ryan Goffin with a 3-0 win and Jason Brooks with 2 x 180 got a 3-0 win over Matt Mitchell. Steve Rumble hit 2 x 100+ checkouts as he moved into the last 8 with a victory over Richard Brown. Brian Lewis win over Kev Rimmer produced some terrific darts from both men with assortment of big scores and big finishers. BRENDAN MARREN 3-1 DARREN WEAVER NICK WHITE 3-1 JOHN DANIELS TREVOR BURKHILL 3-0 RYAN GOFFIN MARTIN GRIFFITHS 3-2 STEVE WRAGG BILLY WRAGG 3-1 GREG BEARD JASON BROOKS 3-0 MATT MITCHELL STEVE RUMBLE 3-1 RICHARD BROWN BRIAN LEWIS 3-1 KEV RIMMER 4th Round Steve Rumble moved into the semi-final over fellow Rotherham competitor Brian Lewis and he made swift work with a 3-0 victory, as did Trevor Burkhill hitting his 10th 180 of the afternoon in a 3-0 win over Martin Griffiths and Brendan Marren hitting 180's also had too much for Nick White as he went into the semis 3-0. Jason Brooks continued his climb through the comp with a 3-2 victory over Billy Wragg. STEVE RUMBLE 3-0 BRIAN LEWIS JASON BROOKS 3-2 BILLY WRAGG TREVOR BURKHILL 3-0 MARTIN GRIFFITHS BRENDAN MARREN 3-0 NICK WHITE Semi-finals Steve Rumble came from 2-1 down to make it through to the first Sheffield Darts Master with an excellent last leg to win 3-2 and Brendan Marren hitting more 180's got through quite easily over Trevor Burkhill 3-0. STEVE RUMBLE 3-2 JASON BROOKS BRENDAN MARREN 3-0 TREVOR BURKHILL Final Steve Rumble blasted out to a 2-0 lead before Brendan Marren clawed his way back into the match and levelled it at 2-2. In the last leg Brendan missed the bull to win and Steve sat on a 102, took it out with single 20, bull, D16 finish to take the title and the prize. Steve now sits at the top of the points system also gaining 10 points. STEVE RUMBLE 3-2 BRENDAN MARREN Steve Rumble, Pikado Liga, Red Dragon Darts The 1st round losers contest was won by Carl Wilkinson beating Roger Read in the final in what was a tremendous battle of cricket blast. Picking up 2 points with 1 for Roger. Bonus points went to: Winning Cricket Blast - carl wilkinson 2pts The rest 1 point; Runner-up cricket blast - Roger Read Most 180's - Trevor Burkhill 11 Highest checkout- Richard Beck & Darren Weaver 154 Least darts - Trevor Burkhill 11 Furthest Lady - Clare Bradshaw & Julie White Awarded 1 point - andy else & john cartledge

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