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Article: Booking a darts exhibition anyone? Look no further………..

Booking a darts exhibition anyone? Look no further………..

Booking Darts Exhibitions

Booking a darts exhibition is not something that should be taken lightly as there are many aspects that you need to get right before you even think about selecting the players that you want to see.

Here at Red Dragon Darts we represent some of the World^s best players and get inundated with people asking us about darts exhibitions. So we^ve prepared a darts exhibition guide and contact form, taking you through a step by step check list to help you avoid some of the pitfalls so that you get the best exhibition you can.

If reading our complete and in-depth guide seems too time consuming, then simply fill in our events enquiry form and our darts event expert will call you for a quick chat:

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If you have the time to go through the details then please read on…..

1) Understand your real objective
  • Are you looking to make a profit from the exhibition?
  • Are you looking to provide entertainment and break even?
  • Is the scale of the darts exhibition large or small?
  • Pro Exhibition Fact: 90% of darts exhibitions are poorly planned and lose money as they do not get attendance they hoped for or do not get the costs right.
  • Pro Exhibition Tip: Prepare a marketing timeline for the event and the use an exhibition specialist who has the necessary skills, experience and contacts to make your darts event a success.

2) Consider which players you would like and the numbers of fans in your catchment area.
  • Let^s face it nearly everyone wants to have the top players in the World for an exhibition. Phil Taylor, James Wade, Simon Whitlock, Barney and Adrian Lewis are top of everybody^s lists.
  • However, these players can cost as much as £6,000 per night so you need to be realistic and decide on your budget. They may not all be available for the same event. Be warned there are very few darts exhibition organisers who can get every player in the world.
  • Most of the top dart players will only do professionally arranged exhibitions that are booked through their agents only. Make sure you are dealing with the exclusive agent directly to save money, or at least ask how much extra you are paying. A professional darts exhibition organiser will have no problem in telling you this.
  • Pro Exhibition Fact: Everyone underestimates the cost of an event and the marketing needed to make it successful. Use people with the right financial skills and make sure your event organisers can offer you more than Facebook as a promotion tool.
  • Pro Exhibition Tip: Simply write down all the costs and add 15% to everything to give you a more realistic outlook for your event – good organisers will hit your budget spot on and make you aware of any hidden costs.

3) How many darts fans live close to your planned darts exhibition?
  • Research is the key - Get your phone book out, crank your computer up and try to get an idea of how many people you think will be interested in your darts exhibition.
  • Pro Exhibition Fact: One thing we^ve found that works is checking how close your nearest Premier League Darts event is from your proposed venue – if it is close darts is very strong.
  • Pro Exhibition Tip: Before even booking a darts event ask your friends if they^d pay £15.00 to go and see Mr X play a darts exhibition? If it^s all no^s then think again before booking.

So you understand how many people you need, you^ve got a venue in mind and a list of players, what next?

  1. Dates – Look at the players you have in mind and see what they are likely to be playing in. Nearly all players compete in weekend tournaments so consider a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to increase your chances of getting the names you want.
  2. Short list players that you think maybe able to fit into your plan.
What format will your darts exhibition use?
  1. Do not assume that your darts pros will be happy playing 40 games of 501 for six straight hours whilst signing autographs with their free hand. They won^t, no matter what anyone might tell you.
  2. Be realistic about what people want to see – Do they really want to watch pub player after pub player getting hammered whilst hitting 26 after 26, or do they want to see real high quality games between the best players in the world with professional walk-ons and that famous da da da da da da da da da da da da……….
  3. Who will be doing the voice overs and MC work whilst the pros are playing? - The MC can often be the difference between an average night and a fantastic one, so make sure you^ve got an organiser who can supply a well-known MC and caller, and of course the best walk on walk-on girls!

So now you^ve got a taste for just how much hard work an event can be, but you know it will be worth it and you want to go ahead and get some more information, where do you go?

We recommend that you speak with an experienced professional darts event organiser and take away all the guess work.

Simply use our contact form and request further details about how we can help you with an event.

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