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Article: Birmingham Mail - A Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 2022-11-16

Birmingham Mail - A Midland Round-up by Alan Towe - 2022-11-16

Following their somewhat surprising 21-15 defeat away to Essex in their previous encounter in the UKDA Nation League Warwickshire’s third fixture of the season saw them once again play away when they took on Cheshire who were residing at the foot of the Premier Division table and Warwickshire in a mid-table position. It was a fixture Warwickshire were expecting to return from with a win but that was not what actually happened.

Saturday’s games were quite encouraging as the ladies ‘B’ stormed to a great 5-1 victory with wins from Hannah Meek, Courtney Hine, Chloe McKivett, Angela Jones and Nina Bolt with Hannah Meek taking the match award for her 21-17 average and straight 3-0 win over Kirstie Corbett. The men’s ‘B’ followed up with a 7-5 win with Nigel Heydon their top player, Nigel winning the opening game against Karl Windisch 4-3 with a very creditable 30.25 average. Other winners were Ian McFarlane, Karl Reynolds, Mark Strong, Martin Tonks, Dave Hill and Mark Martin.

Sunday’s ‘A’ games began well with the ladies wining 4-2 thanks to Natalie Gilbert, lady of the match Tammy Montgomery who won 3-1 against Amy Evans with a superb 23.66 average, Sue Gulliver and Donna Pinch but it was not a good weekend for the men’s ‘A’ as they slumped to a 10-2 defeat, Gareth Braham wining the third game against Keith Croxford 4-3 and the only other win coming from this season’s newcomer to Warwickshire Chris Wickenden who beat Mal Barrow 4-0 in the final game of the weekend, Chris having a 29.47 average.

The overall result was an 18-18 draw which sees Warwickshire actually move up one place in the table to fifth and their hosts remain rooted to the foot of the table.

Full Results:Cheshire 18 Warwickshire 18:Cheshire MA 10-2 Warwickshire MA:Men’s ‘A’:- Daniel Ayres 4 Wayne Mynard 2, Jeff Fisher 4 Jamie Atkins 3, Keith Croxford 3 Gareth Braham 4, Steve Lomas 4 Jack Wareing 3, Luke Littler 4 Tom Martin 2, Shaun Alcock 4 Jenson Walker 1, Andrew Green 4 Matty Washbrooke 2, Paul Goodwin 4 Steve Hine 2, Joe Rowland 4 Noel Grant 2, Perry Davenport 4 Scott Hope 2, Stuart Kellett 4 Kevin Dowling 1, Mal Barrow 0 Chris Wickenden 4, Cheshire MB 5-7 Warwickshire MB:Men’s ‘B’:- Karl Windisch 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Peter Boughey 4 Adam Hancock 1, Colin Lewis 4 Lee Miller 2, Patrick Lynskey 4 Mark Tomlinson 2, Aaron Russell 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Neil Gerrard 4 Noah Rose 3, Matthew Shaw 4 Mark Carter 2, Marcus Hawkins 1 Karl Reynolds 4, Craig Simpson 1 Mark Strong 4, Darren Downey 2 Martin Tonks 4, Anthony Conroy 0 Dave Hill 4, Karl Whitfield 0 Mark Martin 4, Cheshire WA 2-4 Warwickshire WA:Women’s ‘A’:- Alex Foulds 1 Natalie Gilbert 3, Amy Evans 1 Tammy Montgomery 3, Vicky Pruim 3 Marian Conway 0, Ros Hemmings 3 Caroline Pike 2, Liz Humphries 0 Sue Gulliver 3, Lyn Marsden 0 Donna Pinch 3, Cheshire WB 1-5 Warwickshire WB: Women’s ‘B’:- Kirstie Corbett 0 Hannah Meek 3, Kerry Mundy 1 Courtney Hine 3, Vicky Martin 3 Wendy Adams 2, Julie Whitehouse 1 Chloe McKivett 3, Tracey Heeps 0 Angela Jones 3, Andrea Davis 1 Nina Bolt 3.


In division one of the UKDA National League West Midlands lost their opening fixture away to Leicestershire 19-17 and then had their second fixture at home to Worcestershire postponed, so they were now anxious to quickly get into winning ways and a win in their away game against high riding Suffolk, who after the first two fixtures were second in the division, would be just the tonic they needed.

It was not a good weekend for the ladies as the ‘B’ side slumped to a 5-1 defeat with Shellbie Simmons (15.18) their sole winner and the ‘A’ side lost 4-2 with Gemma Barrett (20-88) their award winner, Jodie Rowlands the only other winner.

The men’s teams fared better with the ‘B’ team winning 7-5, Mark Craddock taking the match award for his 3-2 win against Kevin Leathers and 27.61 average while the ‘A’ side won 9-3, Scott Baker their top man with a 29.25 average and 4-2 win over Nick Bloom.

The overall result was a 19-17 win for the West Midlands who together with Worcestershire make up the bottom two teams in the division, both having a game in hand on the teams above them with West Midlands eight points short of Merseyside the team who are just above the bottom two.

Full Results:Suffolk 17 West Midlands 19:Suffolk MA 3-9 West Midlands MA:Men’s ‘A’:- Nick Bloom 2 Scott Baker 4, Wayne Hammond 1 Ryan O'Connor 4, Gareth Randell 4 Ian Jones 3, Stewart Thompson 1 Darren Williams 4, David Ballard-Flatt 1 Richard Platt 4, Jason Elvin 3 Michael Baker 4, Jordan Gissing 1 Shaun Carroll 4, Ben Poulton 4 Kevin Bambrick 1, Max Haley 3 Adam Johnson 4, Andrew Dearing 2 Gavin Baker 4, Rob Warman 4 Jon Platt 3, Josh Church 0 Ash Khayat 4, Suffolk MB 5-7 West Midlands MA:Men’s ‘B’:- Dan Brown 2 Ben Johnson 3, Kevin Leathers 2 Mark Craddock 3, Andy Meikle 3 Adam Teasdale 1, Curtis Hammond 3 Kevin Taylor 0, Wayne Bugby 3 Ian Stanton 1, Gary Butcher 2 Jay Woodhouse 3, Aaron Hammond 2 Rob Thompson 3, Tony Lincoln 3 Kieran O'Mahoney 2, Jason Stalker 0 Dean Simmons-Fullwood 3, Crutch Woodward 1 Gareth Watts 3, Paul Woods 3 Sam Guest 2, Gareth Randell 2 John Morris 3, Suffolk WA 4-2 West Midlands WA:Women’s ‘A’:- Chrissie Moore 3 Jacqueline Maiden 2, Shell Heskett 0 Gemma Barrett 3, Katie Bicknell 2 Jodie Rowlands 3, Jo Locke 3 Kat McLean 1, Barbara Chenery 3 Sarah Maybury 1, Leesa Woollard 3 Claire Hobbs 2, Suffolk WB 5-1 West Midlands WB:Women’s ‘B’:- Carly Chenery 3 Gemma Barrett 2, Lauryn Salter 3 Tara Simmons-Fullwood 0, Nadine Leathers 0 Shellbie Simmons 3, Louise Collins 3 Debbie Davies 1, Jean Prewitt 3 Kelly Doleman 1, Nicky Bradley 3 Jacqueline Simmons 1.


Black Country lost their first fixture of the season in division two of the UKDA National League 20-16 away to West of England but then won 19-17 at home against Norfolk, their third fixture brought together last season’s two promoted teams from division three as they travelled to take on Gloucestershire.

Both ladies teams proved to be too good for their hosts as the ‘B’ side won 5-1, Lacey Hughes (16.17) their award winner and the ‘A’ team won 4-2 with the award going to Chez Allcock who won 3-0 against Kirsty Dixon with a top average of 23.12.

The men’s teams made it wins for all four teams for the fixture with the ‘B’ side winning 8-4 and the ‘A’ 10-2 with the respective match awards going to Tom Bissell (30.00) and Paul Wells (29.47).

With all four teams winning the final score was a convincing 27-9 win for the Black Country which saw them leap up the table from sixth to second place, just one point short of leaders West of England.

Full Results:Gloucestershire 9 Black Country 27:Gloucestershire MA 2-10 The Black Country MA:Men’s ‘A’:- Sam Brough 0 Gaz Johnson 4, Harry Williams 4 Justin Evans 2, Wes Cole 0 Reece Colley 4, Andy Hammond 0 Paul Wells 4, Kieran Smith 3 Dan Nicholls 4, Mark Johncock 4 Alex Howells 1, Steve Handley 1 Trevor Brennon 4, Darren Mitchell 2 Shane Price 4, Rob Long 1 Rich Bowen 4, Dean Thomas 0 Martin Greenwood 4, Josh Lewis 2 Stephen Jones 4, Rob Comben 2 Rob Smith 4, Gloucestershire MB 4-8 The Black Country MB:Men’s ‘B’:- Dean Terry 0 Mark Rollinson 3, Stephen Williams 0 Dan Haden 3, Keith Lawrence 3 Connor Whitehouse 2, Wes Cole 3 Adam Edgar 1, Steve Easton 3 Shane Sheridan 0, Mark Turley 3 Ali Hickinbottom 2, Mark Wellington 1 Tom Bissell 3, John Raynsford 1 Jamie Rollinson 3, Wayne Baker 0 Liam Kelly 3, Ian Beasley 2 Martyn Harper 3, Matthew Kerry 1 James Hykin 3, Joe Griffiths 2 Jamie Barrowman 3, Gloucestershire WA 2-4 The Black Country WA:Women’s ‘A’:- Carol Smith 2 Maxine Prosser 3, Maria Lock 3 Natalie Mansell 1, Kirsty Dixon 0 Chez Allcock 3, Vicky Parmley 3 Shannon Hall 1, Christine Marsh 1 Sarah jane Parker 3, Jane Price 1 Steph Koyna 3, Gloucestershire WB 1-5 The Black Country WB:Women’s ‘B’:- Sharon Brewer 2 Lacey Hughes 3, Lindsay Hawkins 2 Sarah Tromans 3, Sam Higgins 0 Heather Wright 3, Rachel Gardiner 0 Doreen Hunt 3, Hannah Smith 3 Angie Carroll 1 Sharon McNulty 1 Grace Angell 3.


Just a couple of rearranged fixtures played in the Harborne and District League this week which saw Bugle Horn hand out a 9-0 whitewash to their visitors Quinton RBL to see them return to the top of the table once more with a perfect 20 points from their ten games. Second placed, and former leaders Northfield Conservative Club are now second on the same 20 points as Bugle Horn but from eleven games.

The other game played was Copper Fox ‘R’ versus Bournville with the 7-2 result going in favour of Copper Fox ‘R’ who remain fifth in the league with 14 points from ten games.

Full Results:Rearranged Fixtures:- Copper Fox ‘R’ 7 (E.Simpson 2x100,180, T.McGlone 100,140,180, N.Porter 3x100, R.Mann 2x100, T.Hamilton 3x100,180) Bourneville 2 (G.Bailles 121,140, P.Smith 160, N.Hurst 100,125, A.Bailles 100), Bugle Horn 9 (D.Nicholls 3x100,111f,125,140, J.Hykin 100,126,140, D.Marsh 2x100,140, P.Sitshebo 5x100, M.Poolton 100,101,125, P.Sitshebo 100f) Quinton RBL 0 (D.McConomy 100,135,137,140, F.Goldsby 100,140).


As a result of having a bye this week, Sheldon Marlborough Arrows have lost their number one spot in the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League. An 8-1 win at home against Hollywood Social has seen Langley Arrows move up into pole position, they are on the same undefeated six points as second placed Sheldon Marlborough Arrows and third in the table Dunky’s Boys who won 5-4 against Kingshurst Labour Club, but Langley have respective two and seven legs of average lead on the two teams.

The top four places remain as you were in division one despite leaders Shirley Misfits surprisingly losing 7-2 at home to Hornet who are just two places off the foot of the table. Yardley Ex Colts had a close 5-4 win at Maggies to keep them in second place and put them level on six points with the Misfits. Yardley have the advantage of having played one game fewer than Misfits and are the only undefeated team in the division. Third placed Langley Flights lost 5-4 at The Dingle while Journeys End had a bye.

The top two teams in division two Hampton and Solihull Cricket Club and Brian’s Flights made it four wins in as many games when the former won 6-3 at The Irish Centre and the latter won by the same margin at Sheldon Marlborough Ridge to put them two points ahead of third in the division Iron Horse Rebels who had an 8-1 home win over bottom team Castle Bromwich WMC.

Full Results:Week 4:Premier Division:- Dunky’s Boys 5 Kingshurst Labour Club 4, Sheldon Dukes 4 Highwood Gerry’s Boys 5, Langley Arrows 8 Hollywood Social 1, Sheldon Marlborough Arrows and Raven Arrows had a bye, Division One:- Shirley Misfits 2 Hornet 7, Maggies 4 Yardley Ex Colts 5, The Dingle 5 (John Smyth 116f) Langley Flights 4, Journeys End and Willclare Sports and Social had a bye, Division Two:- Iron Horse Rebels 8 Castle Bromwich WMC 1, The Trident Spears 6 The Raven 3, Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 3 Brian’s Flights 6, The Irish Centre 3 (John Duffy 117f) Hampton and Solihull Cricket Club 6, Lyndon Old Boys had a bye.


Coppice made it two notable scalps in consecutive weeks in the Kings Norton League when they followed up their 4-3 win over leaders Copper Fox last week with a similar 4-3 win this week at home to Thurlestone who prior to the game were second in the league but now drop to third behind Bournebrook who won 5-2 at Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club. Thurlestone are on the same 26 points as Bournebrook with a game in hand. Leaders Copper Fox got back to winning ways with a 6-1 home success over Grant Arms to keep them four points to the good on both Bournebrook and Thurlestone.

Full Results:Game 18:- Coppice 4 (A.Aindow 100, B.Heath 2x100, R.Packer 100b, A.Ward 100, S.Jacques 120b) Thurlestone 3 (J.Downer 133, N.Watts 140, C.Airey 120b), Northfield 4 (O.Draper 121, A.Busby 113b,130b,180,7 darts game, S.Busby 125, D.Hopkins 180, M.Lloyd 102f, H.Taylor 100) Rubery Social Club 3 (A.Faulkner 100,121,140, R.Higgins 120b, J.O'Neill 100,2x120b, J.Grainger 100, K.Manger 100b P.Medlicott 132), Copper Fox 6 (E.Simpson 160b, T.McGlone 2x100,120b, D.Marsh 100,101, G.Dews 121, A.Beagrie 180, D.McConomy 122, A.Beagrie 180) Grant Arms 1 (A.Dewsbury 100, A.McGowan 100, P.Smith 100b, S.Hale 121, V.Walton 102f,119), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 2 (D.Whitecombe 2x100, M.Fisher 100) Bournbrook 5 (M.Welsh 100b,101b,125, T.Cullen 115,118, T.Jeffs 139, K.Mason 100,105b, L.Rooney 121, R.Orton 121, P.Nevin 129), Cock Inn 6 (A.Harvey 100, L.Fox 2x100,140, A.Vaughan 100) E57 1 (D.Logan 105b, S.Nolan 100,132, T.Roberts 116b, J.Calt 100, N.Porter 100, R.Morris 111b, A.Mutch 2x100), Longbridge 5 (S.Cartwright 100, A.Bailles 100,108b, M.Malone 136b, R.Walton 100, S.Facey 132) Kings Heath 2.


Week seven in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League was a bye week for Quarry Bank Labour Club and as a result they dropped from top of the table to second with Cross (Oldswinford), who won 7-0 at home against Rose and Crown ‘B’, taking over the top spot with an unbeaten fourteen points from their seven games, the Labour Club having won all six of their fixtures. Third place goes to Ten Arches who suffered their first defeat in seven when they went down 4-3 at home to Netherton Conservative Club who are some ten places below them with half of the Conservative Club’s twelve points. Fourth placed Gate Hangs Well won 6-1 at home against Cat Inn to leave them on the same twelve points as both Quarry Bank Labour Club and Ten Arches.

In the Basement game bottom side Glasscutters lost 4-3 at Britannia whose first win in seven sees them move up two places to three off the bottom.

Full Results:Game 7:- Britannia 4 Glasscutters 3, Church Tavern 3 Seven Stars 4, Crestwood 3 Raven 4, Gate Hangs Well 6 Cat Inn 1, Rose and Crown ‘A’ 6 (J.Currian 9 darts game) Mount Pleasant 1, Ten Arches 3 Netherton Conservative Club 4, Bell 4 Bird in Hand 3, Cross (Oldswinford) 7 Rose and Crown ‘B’ 0, Fox Inn (Lye) 3 The Princess 4, Quarry Bank Labour Club had a bye.


The Rowley Monday Night League staged the finals of both their singles and doubles knockouts. The singles title went to T.Barr who beat C.Whitehouse in the final after taking out D.Whittle in the last four. Whitehouse won against J.Tart in the semis.

C.Whitehouse also finished as runner-up in the doubles as he and his partner A.Lynch lost out to M.Hadley and A.Ghaley in the final. Losing semi-finalists were S.Siviter and T.Barr and Connor Allen and J.Allen.

Full Results:Singles Knockout:Semi-Finals:- T.Barr beat D,Whittle, C.Whitehouse beat J.Tart,Final:- T.Barr beat C.Whitehouse, Doubles Knockout:Semi-Finals:- S.Siviter & T.Barr lost to C.Whitehouse & A.Lynch, Connor Allen & J.Allen lost to M.Hadley & A.Ghaley, Final:- M.Hadley & A.Ghaley beat C.Whitehouse & A.Lynch.


This week the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League fixtures brought together the top two teams in the league when leaders Waggon and Horses played hosts to second placed Dewdrop ‘A’. The outcome was a second defeat in 28 games for Waggon and Horses as Dewdrop ‘A’ ran out the 4-3 winners. Although it was a defeat for Waggon and Horses they still hold a huge eight points lead on Dewdrop ‘A’ and with two more fixtures to play are league champions with their opponents taking the runners-up spot. Tamebridge will be this season’s Wooden Spoon winners as they are bottom and eight points adrift of the rest of the field.

Full Results:Game 29:- Miners Arms ‘B’ 5 Horseley Tavern 2, Albion 2 Vine ‘B’ 5, Waggon and Horses 3 Dewdrop ‘A’ 4, Vine ‘A’ 7 Sow and Pigs 0, Tamebridge 2 Miners Arms ‘A’ 5, Dedwrop ‘B’ had a bye.


After two consecutive 5-4 defeats to Townsend Social Club and Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’, reigning champions pf the Netherton Thursday Night League Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ returned to winning ways in game six when they won 6-3 away to The Clock. The win sees the Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ move up one place in the table to third on eight points and their hosts be ousted from their number one position and drop to second on the same ten points as new leaders Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ after their 5-4 home win over Townsend Social Club who are fourth on eight points.

Full Results:Game 6:- Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ 5 Townsend Social Club 4, The Clock 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 4 Spring Meadow 5, Bulls Head 9 Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’ 0.


There is no change whatsoever in the top eight places in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League after completing their game ten fixtures. There were wins for the top four teams, leaders Old Bulls Head winning 7-2 at Chainyard while second placed Gornal Labour Club remain on the same 18 points as the leaders, but are two legs of average short with their 6-3 success at Jolly Crispin. And two legs of average is all that separates third and fourth placed Seven Stars and New Inn after they in turn both won 6-3 against Red Cow and Five Ways.

Full Results:Game 10:- Chainyard 2 Old Bulls Head 7, Five Ways 3 New Inn 6, Jolly Crispin 3 Gornal Labour Club 6, Griffin 8 Meadow Lark 1, Seven Stars 6 Red Cow 3, The Cabin 2 Pensnett Liberal Club 7.


There were straight 7-0 wins for the top two teams in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League, leaders Quarry Bank Labour Club winning at home against Brickmakers Arms while second placed Ten Arches won at Raven to remain six points behind the Labour Club. Third in the league Bird in Hand ‘E’ are on the same 30 points as Ten Arches but four points short on average after a close 4-3 home win over fourth in the table Hollybush.

Full Results:Game 18:- Raven 0 Ten Arches 7, Shovel 3 Stourbridge FC 4, Ashwood 2 Bell ‘A’ 5, Black Horse 3 Dudley Sports 4, Bell ‘B’ 4 Fox Inn (Lye) 3, Bird in Hand ‘E’ 4 (S.Skidmore 8 darts game) Hollybush 3, Quarry Bank Labour Club 7 (C.Hart 126f) Brickmakers Arms 0.


Allens Bar ‘A’ march on in the Black Country Men’s Super League adding yet another 5-0 victory to their account when they defeated Bell, Kingswinford ‘A’. The top side have a twenty points lead over their nearest rivals Railway Tavern whose latest game saw them also win 5-0 at home against sixth in the league The Maverick. Yeltz Bar and Yeltz Bar ‘A’ swapped places in the table, Bar dropping one place to fourth after losing 3-2 away against lowly Halesowen Cricket Club while Bar ‘A’ replace them in third place after a 4-1 home win over Horse and Jockey ‘A’.

Full Results:Game 20:- Gilbert’s Bar 3 Rowley Bar and Grill 2, Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 4 Horse and Jockey ‘A’ 1, Bell, Kingswinford ‘B’ 3 Horse and Jockey ‘B’ 2, Allens Bar ‘B’ 4 The Ashwood 1, Railway Tavern 5 The Maverick 0, Halesowen Cricket Club 3 Yeltz Bar 2, Allens Bar ‘C’ 3 Whiteheath Tavern 2, Allens Bar ‘A’ 5 Bell, Kingswinford ‘A’ 0.


The Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League have completed their season and Scott Baker who has been acclaimed champion now for a number of weeks completed his fixtures with a 6-2 success over Steve Lynch to give him a final total of 288 points and a lead over runner-up Ben Johnson of 26 points who wound down his campaign with an 8-0 walkover against Riley Ward.

Full Results:Week 37:- Andy Jervis 8 Sarah Maybury 0, Martin East 7 Alex Simmons 1, Jamie Aplin 3 Colin Wood 5, Scott Baker 6 Steve Lynch 2, Ben Johnson 8 Sarah Maybury 0, Martin East 8 Michele Pritchard 0, Andy Jervis 1 Steve Lynch 7, Colin Wood 8 Sandra Beardsmore 0, Simon Mountford 4 Simon Pritchard 4, Warren Bower 8 Sarah Maybury 0, Jamie Aplin 4 Artur Lubkowski 4, Colin Wood 0 Simon Mountford 8, Scott Baker 8 Sarah Maybury 0, Riley Ward 0 Ben Johnson 8 (walkover), Riley Ward 0 Chris Hill 8 (walkover), Riley Ward 0 Sarah Maybury 8 (walkover).


With the majority of teams in the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League now having just one more fixture to play a number of issues have already been decided. A 7-0 win at Jack’s Bar has given Railway the singles division title but with second and third placed ECC and Woodfield both on 30 points the runners-up spot is still up for grabs, as is the doubles division title as Hurst Hill and ECC are both on 36 points, the final games will be decisive.

The second half singles division has been won by Moreton Arms while the doubles division second half winners are Gilbert’s Bar.

Full Results:Week 26:Singles Division:- Dog and Partridge 5 Wednesfield Legion 2, ECC 6 Cleveland Arms 1, Hurst Hill 6 Stile 1, Jack’s Bar 0 Railway 7, Woodfield 4 Gilbert’s Bar 3, Doubles Division:- Dog and Partridge 1 Wednesfield Legion 2, ECC 3 Cleveland Arms 0, Hurst Hill 2 Stile 1, Jack’s Bar 0 Railway 3, Woodfield 1 Gilbert’s Bar 2.


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