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Article: BICC Results by Alan Towe

BICC Results by Alan Towe

Warwickshire Warwickshire v Essex Well Warwickshire County Darts Organisation stopped a run of two defeats in the Premier Division of the BDO Inter County Championships although they didn’t get the expected home win in their game against lowly Essex. The weekend didn’t get off to the best of starts for the ladies ‘B’ as Essex players Lynn Kelly and Sandra McElroy beat daughter and mother Lucy and Denise Keyte 3-2 after both of the Warwickshire players had won the first two legs. Marian Conway momentarily stopped the visitors charge when she beat Sharon Wakeling in three straight legs but only to see Leanne Peetoom win 3-0 against Melanie Jones and then, chalking up the winning fourth game for Essex was Nicky Bewick who won 3-1 against Helen Rigg. The home team got a second winner in the final game when Wendy Adams came from 2-0 down to Dawn Kennedy to go on and win 3-2 and in the process take the team’s match award for her 17.21 average. The final score 4-2 to Essex leaving the home side still seeking their first win of the season. The men’s ‘B’ went into their game on the back of two defeats but began in the best possible way as David Hill gave them a man of the match winning start when he, after losing the opening two legs to Lennie Holmes fought back to go on and win 4-2 with a 27.19 average and winning legs of 19,17,21 and 15 darts. Carl Green (Warwickshire) went from 1-0 down to lead 2-1 against Bryan Margerison but then lost the next three legs and the game 4-2. James Hykin began his game against Michael McCombe with a 119 game shot and although he then trailed 2-1 he went on to clinch a 4-1 win and restore the home team’s lead. Jack Wareing moved the score along to 3-1 in Warwickshire’s favour when he recorded a 4-1 win over Alan Collins but despite a spirited fight back by Robert Comben who came from 3-0 down to level terms at 3-3 against Allan Mathieson he lost the last leg and Essex had reduced the arrears to 3-2. Nevertheless by the halfway mark Warwickshire had restored their two games buffer as Simon Fairbrother beat Jakob Kelly 4-3 in a game that saw Fairbrother open up a 3-0 lead and his opponent win the next three legs with the home player winning the decider. The second half saw Essex have their best run of the match, a run of three wins to take them into the lead for the first time in the game. Tony Osborne set them on their way when he, after going 1-0 down to Mark Carter opened up a 2-1 then 3-1 lead. Carter won the next two legs to take it to a decider which Osborne won in 17 darts. Richie Howson (Essex) was another player to come from behind and win 4-3 as he went one up against Prakash Jiwa then 2-1 down, he won the fourth only to see Prakash go 3-2 up but after winning the sixth he then with a 111 game shot won the last leg to level the game at 4-4. Danny McIntyre was the man who gave the away side their first lead as he won 4-2 against Mark Strong who had squared the game in the fourth but then lost the next two. The tenth encounter was one of five that went the full distance as Steve Woodside (Essex) won the opener against Karl Reynolds only to see Reynolds then take a 3-1 lead. Woodside won the next two legs to force a deciding game which Reynolds put to bed in 17 darts with his opponent way back still requiring 223. The visiting team secured a draw in the penultimate game as Wayne Gleed beat Gareth Braham 4-0 leaving the onus on Tom Martin to attempt to secure a share of the points for Warwickshire which he did as after losing the first leg in 18 darts he then won the following four for a 4-1 win and on the day a 6-6 draw. The ladies ‘A’ like the ‘B’ are still looking for their first win but are becoming something a draw specialists as they had 3-3 draws in the first three games of the season and in their encounter with Essex made it four draws in six games. All six games in the ‘A’ match went with the first throw advantage, Pauline Donat (Essex) beat Angela Jones 3-2 after Jones had gone 2-0 up only to see Warwickshire’s ‘A’ captain Sue Gulliver win her third lady of the match award for the season when she beat Wendy Reader with a straight 3-0 scoreline and take the match award for her superb 23.86 average. Sue Baker restored the lead for Essex when she won 3-2 against Nina Bolt who had levelled the game in the second and fourth legs. The home team’s second player to square the game was Caroline Pike who after winning the first and then going 2-1 down to Stacey Ellis went on to win 3-2. For a third time it was the visitors who went ahead and this time it was through Karen Breen who despite losing the second and fourth legs to Kat Spanswick went on to win 3-2. The final game was a battle of the Donna’s as Donna Pinch stepped up to the oche for Warwickshire and Donna Gleed for Essex. Warwickshire’s Donna won the first leg and after losing the second went ahead again in the third with a tremendous 116 outshot. With a 64 checkout Donna Pinch won the fourth leg and the game 3-1 to put the final score all square at three each. A win was now required from the Warwickshire men’s ‘A’ side for them to earn an overall draw and with wins in their previous four games nothing less was expected. Ian McFarlane won the ‘A’ side’s man of the match award in their last outing against Lancashire with a superb 30.52 average, now playing against Essex he was on first and had a repeat performance as he accounted for Jamie Peetoom with a 4-2 result and went even better with his average as he chalked up a fabulous 31.17 to win asecond consecutive award. McFarlane went two up against Peetoom in 13 and 12 as he recorded a magnificent maximum 170 game shot in the second. He lost the third in 15 darts but went 3-1 up in the fourth with an 18 darts leg. Peetoom won his second in the fifth, McFarlane once again only having 15 darts but he wrapped up his win in the sixth in 17 darts after hitting four consecutive tons. The hosts lead was doubled in the second when Jamie Atkins beat Joe Russell with a straight 4-0 result but it was then halved as John Costigan beat Noel Grant 4-3 after Grant had gone 2-0 and 3-2 up. Parity was restored in the fourth when Paul Marsh (Essex) won 4-1 against Ian Shaw and then with a further 4-1 win for Steve Haggerty over Antony Allen Essex had turned the game around and were leading 3-2. Fresh from their selection to play for England in the British Internationals on 5th -7th April 2019 at Glenrothes Scotland Kevin Dowling and Nigel Heydon returned Warwickshire to winning ways as Dowling beat Phil Halls 4-3 and Heydon won 4-0 against Darren Peetoom to take the score along to 4-3 to the home team. Tom Aldridge was pushed all the way by Steve Johnson for his 4-3 win and with a 4-2 success for Steve Giddings against Phillip Brewster Warwickshire were within an ace of victory at 6-3. The away side reduced the arrears in the tenth when Andrew Kateley won 4-1 against Steve Hine but the win was assured for Warwickshire in the penultimate game when Dean Stewart after going 1-0 and 3-2 down to Daniel Day won the last two legs to seal his 4-3 win and put his team 7-4 up. The final game of the weekend was another seven legs affair with Wayne Bloomfield (Essex) after trailing 1-0 and 3-2 to Charlie Symons going on to win 4-3 and to a final score of 7-5 to Warwickshire and an overall 18-18 result for the weekend. Full Results:Premier Division:Warwickshire v Essex (18-18):Warwickshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Ian McFarlane 4 Jamie Peetoom 2, Jamie Atkins 4 Joe Russell 0, Noel Grant 3 John Costigan 4, Ian Shaw 1 Paul Marsh 4, Antony Allen 1 Steve Haggerty 4, Kevin Dowling 4 Phil Halls 3, Nigel Heydon 4 Darren Peetoom 0, Tom Aldridge 4 Steve Johnson 3, Steve Giddings 4 Phillip Brewster 2, Steve Hine 1 Andrew Kateley 4, Dean Stewart 4 Daniel Day 3, Charlie Symons 3 Wayne Bloomfield 4, Men’s ‘B’:- David Hill 4 Lennie Holmes 2, Carl Green 2 Bryan Margerison 4, James Hykin 4 Michael McCombe 2, Jack Wareing 4 Alan Collins 1, Robert Comben 3 Allan Mathieson 4, Simon Fairbrother 4 Jakob Kelly 3, Mark Carter 3 Tony Osborne 4, Prakash Jiwa 3 Richie Howson 4, Mark Strong 2 Danny McIntyre 4, Karl Reynolds 4 Steve Woodside 3, Gareth Braham 0 Wayne Gleed 4, Tom Martin 4 Robert Turner 1, Women’s ‘A’:- Angela Jones 2 Pauline Donat 3, Sue Gulliver 3 Wendy Reader 0, Nina Bolt 2 Sue Baker 3, Caroline Pike 3 Stacey Ellis 2, Kat Spanswick 2 Karen Breen 3, Donna Pinch 3 Donna Gleed 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Lucy Keyte 2 Lynn Kelly 3, Denise Keyte 2 Sandra McElroy 3, Marian Conway 3 Sharon Wakeling 1, Melanie Jones 0 Leanne Peetoom 3, Helen Rigg 1 Nicky Bewick 3, Wendy Adams 3 Dawn Kennedy 2. --------------------------------- Glamorgan v Warwickshire Warwickshire’s seventh fixture in the Premier Division of the BDO Inter County Championships was never going to be an easy game as they, in fourth place were playing away to Glamorgan who were third and four points to the good on their opponents. The ladies ‘B’ opener was Chloe McKivett who had 1-0 and 2-1 leads over Joanne Pugh and but for missed doubles could have won the game but it was Pugh who got the 3-2 result. Claire Crocombe doubled Glamorgan’s lead with a 3-0 win over Vicki Cross and putting the hosts within an ace of victory was Jan Robbins who won 3-1 against Lucy Keyte. It was game number four before Warwickshire got their first winner and it came in the shape of Helen Rigg who after losing the first leg to Sue Powell went on to win 3-1. The home team reached a winning margin in the fifth when their Sandra Quinn beat Melanie Jones 3-1, the final score made a little more respectable for the away team when Marian Conway with a lady of the match 3-2 win over Paula Clemett took the result to 4-2 to Glamorgan. For her win and award Marian had to fight back from 1-0 and 2-1 down to finish with an 18.16 average. With just two remaining fixtures the women’s ‘B’ are still seeking their first win of the season. The men’s ‘B’ had a great start to their game as Mark Strong with a 4-2 result against Shaun Dibbs put them one up and Simon Fairbrother added his similar 4-2 win over Daniel Thomas to their score to make it 2-0. The home side pulled one back in the third when Dai Caller won 4-1 against Jack Wareing only to see Robert Comben and Carl Green add their respective 4-2 wins over Colin Powell and Dan Thompson to increase Warwickshire’s lead to 4-1. At the close of the first half the score was 4-2 as Graham Brooks (Glamorgan) won 4-2 against James Hykin after Hykin had gone one up. The first five games of the second half all went with the first throw advantage, David Hill (Warwickshire) kick starting the run as he beat Wayne (Sid) Davies 4-1. Dai Powell reduced the arrears for the home team with a 4-2 win against Karl Reynolds after Reynolds had won the first, third and sixth legs. Mark Carter restored the visitor’s three games buffer with a 4-2 success over Sean Fisher only to see the sequence continue as Richie Edwards (Glamorgan) came from 3-0 down to Adam Paxton to go on and win 4-3. The winning seventh game was put up for Warwickshire by their man of the match Gareth Braham. Braham’s opponent Ron Morgan actually went 2-0 up with two 15 darts legs but Braham in 21 and 15 darts levelled the game and then took the lead in the fifth with a 22 darts leg. Morgan took the game to a decider when he produced a wining 17 darts leg in the sixth only to see Braham clinch a 4-3 win in 15 darts and the match award for his 27.02 average. Taking the final score to 8-4 in favour of Warwickshire was Tom Martin who handed out a 4-0 defeat to Ray Johnson. A opening 3-0 win for Glamorgan’s Rhian O’Sullivan over Donna Pinch was followed by two further 3-1 wins for the home side as Michelle Jones and Nicky Biddick in turn defeated Wendy Adams and Caroline Pike. Chris Savvery took the first leg off Sue Gulliver but it wasn’t enough to stop Sue racing to a 3-1 win to clinch her second successive match award and fourth of the season as she recorded a terrific 23.98 average. Sue Gulliver’s win only delayed the eventual outcome as Alannah Waters-Evans added her 3-0 win over Nina Bolt to Glamorgan’s tally to put them into an unassailable 4-1 lead. The finals score, 4-2 to the home team as in the final game Angela Jones (Warwickshire) handed out a straight 3-0 defeat to Donna Thomas. Nothing less than a win from the men’s ‘A’ would be good enough for an overall victory for the weekend and helping them on their way with a winning 4-1 start was Steve Giddings with his win over Dale Hughes. The lead was short lived as Wayne Davies levelled for the home side with a 4-0 win against Charlie Symons and with a 4-2 result Lloyd Browning gave Glamorgan the lead at the expense of Steve Hine. Antony Allen was the man to restore parity as he accounted for Cavan Phillips with a 4-2 scoreline and with a 4-1 win for Ian McFarlane over Hywel Manuel Warwickshire had a small advantage for a second time. Nevertheless at the halfway stage the game was levelled for a third time when Jeff Bass (Glamorgan) won 4-2 against Dean Stewart. The second half began with Warwickshire’s best run of the match three wins in a row begun by Kevin Dowling who with a 116 finish squared his game with James Richards at one each after Richards had checked out on 142 in the first leg. Dowling then went on to win the tie 4-2. Noel Grant was another 4-2 winner as he defeated Leighton Jones and with a 4-3 success for Jamie Atkins over Tim Jones Warwickshire were 6-3 up. Ian Shaw (Warwickshire) made Keirion Carter fight all the way for his close 4-3 win as he came back from 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 down to level before losing the decider. The penultimate encounter of the game and the weekend produced Warwickshire’s man of the match in the form of Nigel Heydon. Nigel won his first award for the season with a superb 32.25 average in his 4-1 win over Clive Langford. Heydon went 3-0 up in 18,18 and 17 darts with a tremendous 134 checkout in the second. Langford won the fourth in 13 darts only to see the Warwickshire and England player wrap up his win in the fifth with a 12 darts leg hitting 140,131 and 140 before finishing on 90. With a win already guaranteed the last game between David Rogers (Glamorgan) and Tom Aldridge saw the former win 4-2 to give a final score of 7-5 to Warwickshire and an overall 19-17 victory to keep them in fourth place in the table just one point short of third placed Lincolnshire. Full Results:Premier Division:Glamorgan v Warwickshire (17-19):Glamorgan names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Dale Hughes 1 Steve Giddings 4, Wayne Davies 4 Charlie Symons 0, Lloyd Browning 4 Steve Hine 2, Cavan Phillips 2 Antony Allen 4, Hywel Manuel 1 Ian McFarlane 4, Jeff Bass 4 Dean Stewart 2, James Richards 2 Kevin Dowling 4, Leighton Jones 2 Noel Grant 4, Tim Jones 3 Jamie Atkins 4, Keirion Carter 4 Ian Shaw 3, Clive Langford 1 Nigel Heydon 4, David Rogers 4 Tom Aldridge 2, Men’s ‘B’:- Shaun Dibbs 2 Mark Strong 4, Daniel Thomas 2 Simon Fairbrother 4, Dai Caller 4 Jack Wareing 1, Colin Powell 2 Robert Comben 4, Dan Thompson 2 Carl Green 4, Graham Brooks 4 James Hykin 2, Wayne (Sid) Davies 1 David Hill 4, Dai Powell 4 Karl Reynolds 3, Sean Fisher 2 Mark Carter 4, Richie Edwards 4 Adam Paxton 3, Ron Morgan 3 Gareth Braham 4, Ray Johnson 0 Tom Martin 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Rhian O’Sullivan 3 Donna Pinch 0, Michelle Jones 3 Wendy Adams 2, Nicky Biddick 3 Caroline Pike 1, Chris Savvery 1 Sue Gulliver 3, Alannah Waters-Evans 3 Nina Bolt 0, Donna Thomas 0 Angela Jones 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Joanne Pugh 3 Chloe McKivett 2, Claire Crocombe 3 Vivki Cross 0, Jan Robbins 3 Lucy Keyte 1, Sue Powell 1 Helen Rigg 3, Sandra Quinn 3 Melanie Jones 1, Paula Clemett 2 Marian Conway 3.
Shropshire Shropshire v Leicestershire In their latest division four fixture in the BDO Inter County Championships Shropshire, with a home tie, missed the opportunity to move up one place in the table when they took on the team just above them Leicestershire and fell to their fourth consecutive defeat. The ladies ‘B’ game saw Leicestershire get off to a good start when their Angie Sheffield won 3-0 against Julie Griffiths after Griffiths had missed her finishing doubles. Caroline Powell levelled the score with a similar straight 3-0 win over Melanie Bell, Caroline taking the team’s match award for her 15.82 average. The away side then chalked up another two 3-0 wins when Kirsty White beat Rose Jenks and Mem Martin won against Jenna Ball. In the penultimate game Rachael Mooney (Shropshire) won the opening leg against Claire Clough but then fell 2-1 behind, however Mooney hung on in there and with wins in the last two legs won the game 3-2 to keep her team still in the hunt for a draw. Unfortunately the final scoreline was 4-2 to Leicestershire as their Julie Booth beat Suzie Barnham 3-0. The men’s ‘B’ won on the opening day of the season at Tyne and Wear and have since lost all four fixtures and against Leicestershire that run was regretfully extended to five losing games. In the opening game Chris Fox (Shropshire) went two down to Martin Edwards and although he pulled back to 2-2 he then lost the deciding leg to give a 3-2 result to Edwards and taking the visitors lead to 2-0 was Jakob Selby-Rivas who won 3-0 against John Stanley. Charlie Abbott was well on his way to increasing the away team’s lead to 3-0 when he went 2-0 up against Martin East but East fought back magnificently to win the next three legs and the game 3-2. From 2-1 up Leicestershire stormed to a winning lead of 8-2 as Mick Hibbert began a run of six wins when he won 3-1 against Rob Trumper. Samuel Whittaker made it 4-1 with his 3-0 win over Colin Hill and with two further 3-1wins from Carl Charnock and Adam Wood against Mike Hampson and Matt Williams just one more win was required to give the visitors their victory. Leicestershire didn’t have to wait long for that all-important seventh winner as in game eight Alan Warrington added his 3-0 result over Simon Pritchard to their account. Dave Parkinson took the score along to 8-1 when he beat Nathan Storar 3-2 after Storar came from one down to lead 2-1 all before the home side had their best run of the game when they won three in a row. Chris Hill put Shropshire’s second stripe on the board, a straight 3-0 success over Paul Broughton and he was followed by another Chris, this time Williams who accounted for Steve Smith with a 3-1 result. The final score after Shropshire were at one stage 8-1 down was taken to a more respectable 8-4 to Leicestershire when Lee Hodgkiss (Shropshire) won 3-1 against Scott Warwick. The ladies ‘A’ had only had one defeat in their previous five outings and took that figure to six against Leicestershire as they finished all square at three each. After a promising start when Sophie Fawcett gave Shropshire a 1-0 lead with her straight 3-0 win over Kelly Welsh, two 3-0 wins from Krissie Long and Samantha Harris over respective opponents Marie Riggs and Sue Lane reversed the advantage to a 2-1 lead for Leicestershire. Michele Pritchard (Shropshire) was pushed all the way by Teek Newberry but after being pegged back to level terms twice it was the home player that got the 3-2 verdict to level the match at two each. The tie was taken to a last match decider after Liz Brunt (Leicestershire) had restored the visitors lead with her 3-0 win over Debbie Davies and it then appeared that Hayley Trigg was on her way to making it a winning scoreline when she went one up against Allison Gallagher but the hosts player was in no mood to lose and battled on to win the game 3-1, take the match award for her 18.54 average and earn her team mates a 3-3 draw. Fresh from their 8-4 win over Bedfordshire the men’s ‘A’ team had the ideal start when Dan Astbury after trailing 1-0 and 3-1 went on to beat Andy Hibbert 4-3. Justin Evans was on his way to doubling the home team’s lead when he won the first two legs against Ricky Sudale with 120 and 86 checkouts but the experienced Sudale then won the next four legs to restore parity at one each. Two 4-1 wins from Derek Allsopp and Rick Varney against in turn Pete Eley and Clive Lucking took Leicestershire’s lead to 3-1 and although Rob Henderson reduced the deficit to 3-2 when he beat Michael Feasey in four straight legs the away side were 4-2 up at the midway point with a further 4-1 win from Jason Lole over Andy Jervis. The second half began with more promise as Derek Coulson for the third consecutive fixture and fourth for the season won the man of the match award. Coulson actually lost the first leg to Mike Sheahan in 18 darts but then levelled in 21, went ahead with another 21 darts leg and then rounded off a super 4-1 win with 16 and 13 darts legs to give him a terrific 28.01 average. Making it 4-4 in the eighth was Keith Allman. With two 21 darts legs Allman opened up a 2-0 lead over Adam Wood, he then lost the next two legs, both in 18 darts but went on to win 4-2 in 14 and 21 darts. Game number nine swayed one way then the other as Darren Tyler (Leicestershire) won the first against Richard Parker, then Parker in 19 and 18 darts went 2-1 up. Tyler levelled in the fourth in 18 darts only to see Parker forge ahead again in the fifth with a 19 darts leg. The last two legs of the game were both executed in 19 darts, both going to Tyler to give him a narrow 4-3 win. Reece Cook-Lucas got off to a cracking start when he won the first leg against Peter Wills with a superb 154 checkout. However from one up the Shropshire man then found himself trailing 3-1, nevertheless he kept his nerve and went on to win the next three legs and clinch a 4-3 win to take the score to 5-5. The penultimate game was similar to the one previous between Cook-Lucas and Peter Wills only the result was different as this time it went to the away player Craig Allen. Allen went one up against Martin Price, lost the next three and then won the last three in another seven legs thriller. Anchor man for Shropshire was Sam Hamilton who raced into a 3-0 lead against Lee Saville and despite Saville winning the fourth Hamilton wrapped up a 4-1 win in the fifth in 17 darts. The final score for the men’s ‘A’ was 6-6 giving an overall result for the weekend of 21-15 to Leicestershire. The defeat sees Shropshire remain seventh in the table on 100 points but their lead over next to bottom West of England has been reduced from five to three points as they lost 19-17 to Breconshire the team Shropshire play next. Full Results:Division Four:Shropshire v Leicestershire (15-21):Shropshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Dan Astbury 4 Andy Hibbert 3, Justin Evans 2 Ricky Sudale 4, Pete Eley 1 Derek Allsopp 4, Clive Lucking 1 Rick Varney 4, Rob Henderson 4 Michael Feasey 0, Andy Jervis 1 Jason Lole 4, Derek Coulson 4 Mike Sheahan 1, Keith Allman 4 Adam Wood 2, Richard Parker 3 Darren Tyler 4, Reece Cook-Lucas 4 Peter Wills 3, Martin Price 3 Craig Allen 4, Sam Hamilton 4 Lee Saville 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Chris Fox 2 Martin Edwards 3, John Stanley 0 Jaikob Selby-Rivas 3, Martin East 3 Charlie Abbott 2, Rob Trumper 1 Mick Hibbert 3, Colin Hill 0 Samuel Whittaker 3, Mike Hampson 1 Carl Charnock 3, Matt Williams 1 Adam Wood 3, Simon Pritchard 0 Alan Warrington 3, Nathan Storar 2 Dave Parkinson 3, Chris Hill 3 Paul Broughton 0, Chris Williams 3 Steve Smith 1, Lee Hodgkiss 3 Scott Warwick 1, Women’s ‘A’:- Sophie Fawcett 3 Kelly Welsh 0, Marie Riggs 1 Krissie Long 3, Sue Lane 0 Samantha Harris 3, Michele Pritchard 3 Teek Newberry 2, Debbie Davies 0 Liz Brunt 3, Allison Gallagher 3 Haley Trigg 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Julie Griffiths 0 Angie Sheffield 3, Caroline Powell 3 Melanie Bell 0, Rosie Jenks 0 Kirsty White 3, Jenna Ball 0 Mem Martin 3, Rachael Mooney 3 Claire Clough 2, Suzie Barnham 0 Julie Booth 3.
Breconshire v Shropshire After a run of four consecutive defeats in division four of the BDO Inter County Championships Shropshire had the daunting task of playing away to Breconshire who were second in the promotional table. The home team had a fine start to the weekend as their ladies ‘B’ team after losing the opening game when Caroline Powell (Shropshire) handed out a straight 3-0 defeat to Mindi Saez then romped to a 5-1 victory. Helen Thomas-Evans squared the game when she won 3-0 against Jenna Ball and with another 3-0 scoreline from Louisa Fox over Rachael Mooney Breconshire were 2-1 up. Suzie Barnham (Shropshire) took the first leg off Sue Price and then made it two each in the fourth but then lost the final leg and went down 3-2. A 3-0 win for Stacy Camden over Julie Griffiths gave the home team an unbeatable 4-1 lead and rounding off the 5-1 win was Joanne Smith who came from one down against Rose Jenks to win 3-1. The men’s ‘B’ match was a game of two halves as the home team got the better of the first and the visitors the second. Darren Evans put the hosts one up with his 3-1 win over Neville Quinton after Quinton won the first leg. Lee Marsh doubled the lead with a 3-2 win over Robert Trumper and taking the score to 3-0 was Ray Procope who beat Nathan Storar 3-2, Storar going 1-0 up and with a 104 finish in the fourth took the game to a decider. John Brandon was on his way to making it 4-0 when he went one up against Andy Gilbert and then levelled the game in the fourth but it was Gilbert who won the fifth and final leg for a 3-2 result. Two more 3-2 wins for Breconshire provided by Jason Parnell and Richie Williams against respective opponents Simon Pritchard and Mike Hampson opened up a massive 5-1 lead for the home side at the break. As the second half got underway Chris Fox gave Shropshire the tonic they needed as he won in straight legs against Ian Evans. Chris Hill had to come from behind twice against Andrew Kerry after Kerry had won the first leg with a 150 games shot and then went 2-1 up in the third. Nevertheless Hill hung on in there and for a second consecutive fixture won the man of the match award as he wrapped up a 3-2 win in 15 and 17 darts to give him a superb 28.61 average. For a third successive game Shropshire had a Chris on the oche, this time it was Chris Williams and like the two who played before him he also won as he beat Ralph Heaven-Richards 3-0 to take the running score along to a much closer 5-4 to Breconshire. Martin East (Shropshire) had leads of 1-0 and 2-1 against John Donaghey but was unable to capitalise and saw Donaghey go on to win the tie 3-2. Martin Riggs (Shropshire) was pegged back to level terms twice by Zak Turner but won the deciding leg in 13 darts to put the onus on the last two players to sort out the final score. Representing the home team was Jason Williams and for the visitors Lee Hodgkiss. Williams won the opener but Hodgkiss took the next three for 3-1 win to earn his team a 6-6 draw in what was a fantastic comeback from 5-1 down. The opening three games of the ladies ‘A’ match all went against the first throw advantage as Kaye Hales putting the hosts one up with her 3-0 win over Marie Riggs before Sue Lane levelled the score with her 3-1 success against Joy Toghill. Breconshire’s lead was restored by Natalie Evans when she added her 3-1 win over Sophie Fawcett to their account and with a 3-0 win for Emmylou Owen against Allison Gallagher the home team were with an ace of winning the match. Anchor player for Shropshire was winner of four of the previous six match awards Stephanie Clarke and for a fifth time she produced the goods as she stormed to a 3-0 win over Sharon Hill and took the award for her 20.04 average and also importantly kept her team mates still in the game with a chance of earning a draw. After the first four games a draw seemed very unlikely but a draw is how the game finished as Michele Pritchard after losing the first leg to Jan Layton went on to win 3-1 to give a final score of 3-3, like men’s ‘B’ an excellent come back. The opening three games of the men’s ‘A’ match all went with the darts as Justin Evans put Shropshire one up with a 4-1 win over Christopher Austin-Hill and then Mark Layton’s 4-1 win over Mike Hampson brought Breconshire level. A 4-3 win for Chris Williams over Graham Jenkins got the away team’s noses in front once again then a 4-2 success for Reece Cook-Lucas against Kevin Holvey saw Shropshire take a 3-1 lead. A 4-0 win for Mark Salmon over Andy Jervis reduced the arrears for the home team but by the halfway stage Shropshire were 4-2 up as four times award winner Derek Coulson added his 4-0 win against Wayne Glover to their tally. The second half began where the first had left off as Shropshire went further ahead with a 4-2 win from Richard Parker at the expense of Adam Smith and were then assured of a share of the spoils as Chris Hill made it 6-2 when he won 4-2 against Stephen Davidson. The win was not long awaited as in form Martin Price handed out a 4-0 whitewash to Aled Goode in 20,20,21 and 16 darts to win him the man of the match award for his 26.03 average. Clive Lucking had a ding dong battle with Martin Ashton in the tenth game as Ashton went 1-0 and then 2-1 up before Lucking responded with 17 and 18 darts wins in the fourth and fifth legs. Ashton drew level in the sixth with a 17 darts leg only to see Shropshire’s Lucking take the seventh for his 4-3 win. The visitors lead was taken to 9-2 in the penultimate tie when Rob Henderson won 4-3 against Lee Williams after Henderson who had gone from 1-0 and 3-1 up was then forced to play a decider. The final game of the weekend went to Breconshire, a 4-1 win for Richard Langlois over Brian Hickman to give Shropshire’s men’s ‘A’ team their biggest win of the season 9-3 but also an outstanding 19-17 overall victory over a team that before the fixture were some six places above them and had 34 points more. Full Results:Division Four:Breconshire v Shropshire (17-19):Breconshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Christopher Austin-Hill 1 Justin Evans 4, Mark Layton 4 Mike Hampson 1, Graham Jenkins 3 Chris Williams 4, Kevin Holvey 2 Reece Cook-Lucas 4, Mark Salmon 4 Andy Jervis 0, Wayne Glover 0 Derel Coulson 4, Adam Smith 2 Richard Parker 4, Stephen Davidson 2 Chris Hill 4, Aled Goode 0 Martin PMen’s ‘B’:- Price 4, Martin Ashton 3 Clive Lucking 4, Lee Williams 3 Rob Henderson 4, Richard Langlois 4 Brian Hickman 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Darren Evans 3 Neville Quinton 1, Lee Marsh 3 Robert Trumper 2, Ray Procope 3 Nathan Storar 2, John Brandon 2 Andy Gilbert 3, Jason Parnell 3 Simon Pritchard 2, Richie Williams 3 Mike Hampson 2, Ian Eavns 0 Chris Fox 3, Andrew Kerry 2 Chris Hill 3, Ralph Heaven-Richards 0 Chris Williams 3, John Donaghey 3 Martin East 2, Zak Turner 2 Martin Riggs 3, Jason Williams 1 Lee Hodgkiss 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Kaye Hales 3 Marie Riggs 0, Joy Toghill 1 Sue Lane 3, Natalie Evans 3 Sophie Fawcett 1, Emmylou Owen 3 Allison Gallagher 0, Sharon Hill 0 Stephanie Clarke 3, Jan Layton 1 Michele Pritchard 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Mindi Saez 0 Caroline Powell 3, Helen Thomas-Evans 3 Jenna Ball 0, Louisa Fox 3 Rachael Mooney 0, Sue Price 3 Suzie Barnham 2, Stacy Camden 3 Julie Griffiths 0, Joanne Smith 3 Rose Jenks 1.
Derbyshire Derbyshire v Gloucestershire After suffering their first defeat in the opening five games of the season in Division Three of the BDO Inter County Championships when they lost playing away to Somerset, who at the time were leaders of the division, what a way to bounce back as Derbyshire romped to a home victory over Gloucestershire in their very next fixture. The first day’s ‘B’ games got the weekend off to a great start for Derbyshire although the ladies didn’t have a good beginning as Emily Jones after twice taking the lead against Debbie McGauley lost 3-2. An award winning performance from Jennifer McCormick levelled the score, Jennifer beating Lin Smith in straight legs with a 17.48 average. Sara-Jane Harrison gave the hosts the lead for the first time in the third when she accounted for Emma Clutterbuck with a 3-2 result, Cluttebuck levelling in the fourth after trailing 2-0. It was all square again in the fourth when Wendy Booth (Gloucestershire) won 3-0 against Katrina McAleney but for a second time the home team went ahead when Rose Mort won 3-1 against Sharon Brewer and with a further 3-2 win from Carol Western over Kirsty Dixon in the final game Derbyshire had won 4-2, their second win in six games. Following their defeat against Somerset the men’s ‘B’ were hoping to return to winning ways and that was exactly what they did. Darren Webster opened up for the home side but was unable to cash in after going from 2-0 down to 2-2 as Easton won the decider. Andrew Gillott was the man to square the game as he handed out a straight 3-0 defeat to Dean Terry before James Parkin put Derbyshire’s noses in front with his 3-1 success over Andy Reid. That lead was extended to 3-1 when Nigel Daniels added his 3-0 win against Elliot Seddon to Derbyshire’s tally only to see the score at the halfway all square at three each after Gloucestershire’s Marcus Castle won 3-0 against Ian Clarke and Matthew Kerry beat Timothy Rippon 3-1. The visitors looked to be on their way to taking the lead for the first time as the second half got underway,, Rob Long going one up against David Fritchely and then levelling the game in the fourth but it was Fritchley who got the 3-2 verdict when he won the final leg in 20 darts. Derbyshire’s third straight 3-0 win was provided by Peter Burgoyne in the eighth when he accounted for John Raynsford and with a 3-1 win from Connor Hodgkinson over Paul Clift in the ninth Derbyshire were 6-3 up and within an ace of victory, Richard Hughes was the man to add the vital seventh win to the hosts account, he began his game against Samuel Brough with a 100 game shot and although Brough then won the next two legs Hughes completed his 3-2 win with two 22 darts legs. A win for Gloucestershire in the penultimate game came from Mark Wellington when he won 3-2 against Benjamin Holmes but taking the final score to 8-4 in favour of Derbyshire was their man of the match Robert Hawker whose 3-0 win over Dean Thomas was achieved in 15,20 and 16 darts to give him a superb 29.47 average. There were mixed fortunes for the ‘A’ teams as the ladies ‘A’ began brightly with a 3-1 win for Rebecca Hoyland over Louise Hall and then went two up when Jane Densley who was making her return to the county after a couple of seasons away not only won 3-1 against Jane Price after going 1-0 down but did what she was renowned for for Derbyshire by winning the lady of the match award for her 21.01 average. Game three saw Gloucestershire earn their first stripe on the board when Elaine Powell won 3-1 against Rachel Ayres and then they levelled the game in the fourth when Maria Lock beat Jackie Sweet 3-1. For the first time in the game the away side took the lead in the fifth when Karen Brown came from 2-1 down to Louise Rawson to win 3-2 and with a final 3-0 win for Vicky Fairbrother against Sammie Marshal the 4-2 result went to Gloucestershire. The men’s ‘A’ had suffered close 7-5 defeats in their previous two outings and were desperate to get back on a winning track and the first half of the game suggested that was going to be somewhat of a formality Opening up for Derbyshire with a 4-2 win over Mark Johncock was Ian Allcock who had winning legs of 19,18,12 and 20 darts, hitting two maximums in his 12 darts leg giving him a man of the match winning average of 28.17. Doubling the advantage was Gary Fenn who after losing the first leg to Harry Williams then went on to win 4-1. James Hurrell reduced the arrears for Gloucestershire when he won 4-2 against Lee Stanley but the two games lead was quickly restored for the hosts when Michael Ryall won 4-3 against Joe Griffiths after Griffiths had gone from 1-0 down to lead 3-1 before Ryall won the last three legs. By the midway point Derbyshire’s lead was taken to 5-1 as both Henry Coates and Tim Daniels in turn won 4-1 against Mark Turley and Ben Green. A share of the spoils was guaranteed in the seventh when Tim Daniels gave the home side a winning start to the second half when he beat Kieran Smith 4-1 before the away side had their best run of the match, two wins in a row supplied by Shaun Hughes and Liam Devries who in turn won 4-3 against Andrew Houghton and 4-2 against Richard Hanson. Stephen Paling at number ten lost the first leg to Keith Lawrence and although he lost again in the fourth and sixth won the seventh for a 4-3 win to put the score beyond the reach of the visitors as they now trailed 7-3. The last but one game saw Gloucestershire’s Andy Poole win 4-0 against Paul Williams and in the final game of the weekend Ashley Hurrell looked as though he would reduce the shortfall even further as he opened up a lead of 3-0 over Steven Soar in 19,18 and 17 darts but Soar stuck to his task and fought back to win the last four legs in 16,18,18 and 20 darts for a tremendous 4-3 win to give Derbyshire men’s ‘A’ an 8-4 win and the county an overall 22-14 victory. The win keeps Derbyshire still in the hunt for promotion as they are just eight points short of leaders Cleveland and only four behind second placed Somerset. However they do have a couple of tough games to end the season, the penultimate one being at home against Buckinghamshire who despite being placed fifth in the table have just one point fewer than Derbyshire and the final fixture will see them play away to current leaders Cleveland. Not an easy run in!!! Full Results:Division Three:Derbyshire v Gloucestershire (22-14):Derbyshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Ian Allcock 4 Mark Johncock 2, Gary Fenn 4 Harry Williams 1, Lee Stanley 2 James Hurrell 4, Michael Ryall 4 Joe Griffiths 3, Sean Lambert 4 Mark Turley 1, Henry Coates 4 Ben Green 1, Tim Daniels 4 Kieran Smith 1, Andrew Houghton 3 Shaun Hughes 4, Richard Hanson 2 Liam Devries 4, Stephen Paling 4 Keith Lawrence 3, Paul Williams 0 Andy Poole 4, Steven Soar 4 Ashley Nurrell 3, Men’s ‘B’:- Darren Webster 2 Steve Easton 3, Andrew Gillott 3 Dean Terry 0, James Parkin 3 Andy Reid 1, Nigel Daniels 3 Elliot Seddon 0, Ian Clarke 0 Marcus Castle 3, Timothy Rippon 1 Matthew Kerry 3, David Fritchley 3 Rob Long 2, Peter Burgoyne 3 John Raynsford 0, Connor Hodgkinson 3 Paul Clift 1, Richard Hughes 3 Samuel Brough 2, Benjamin Holmes 2 Mark Wellington 3, Robert Hawker 3 Dean Thomas 0, Women’s ‘A’:- Rebecca Hoyland 3 Louise Hall 1, Jane Densley 3 Jane Price 1, Rachel Ayres 1 Elaine Powell 3, Jackie Sweet 1 Maria Lock 3, Louise Rawson 2 Karen Brown 3, Sammi Marshall 0 Vicky Fairbrother 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Emily Jones 2 Debbie McGauley 3, Jennifer McCormick 3 Lin Smith 0, Sara-Jane Harrison 3 Emma Clutterbuck 2, Katrina McAleney 0 Wendy Booth 3, Rose Mort 3 Sharon Brewer 1, Carol Western 3 Kirsty Dixon 2.
Wiltshire v Derbyshire Five places higher up in the promotional table and with a 30 points lead on their hosts Wiltshire was not enough for Derbyshire to push home their fifth victory of the season. Against the darts April Polden put Wiltshire’s first stripe on the board when she beat Carol Western 3-0 and although Sara-Jane Harrison was quick to reply for Derbyshire with her straight 3-0 win over Nipaporn Smith it was the hosts who took the lead again in the third when Sue Lane won 3-1 against Holly Wright. Taking the home team’s lead to 3-1 was Debbie Hughes who came back from one down to Dee Fenn to win 3-1. Making it two successive lady of the match awards and keeping Derbyshire still in with an outside chance of a draw was Jennifer McCormick. Jennifer recorded a 3-0 win over Linzi Holton and took the award for her 13.79 average. The final game was nip and tuck all the way with Jill Little (Wiltshire) having her lead cancelled out twice by Rose Mort before winning the fifth and deciding leg to put the final score at 4-2 to Wiltshire. The men’s ‘B’ team had only lost one of their previous six outings and were still well in with a chance of extending that record at the halfway stage of the game as it was all square at 3-1. Dan Ford had given Derbyshire the early lead with a 3-0 win over Garth Hodgkiss, the home team’s reply was 3-1 wins from Andy Jones and Ian Greenaway who in turn defeated James Parkin and Gary Barker. Nigel Daniels restored parity in the fourth when he beat Eddie Tott (Wiltshire) 3-1 and with a 3-0 win for Connor Hodgkinson over Ashley Presley Derbyshire were 3-2 up. The man to level the game in the sixth was Andrew Southam who came from 2-0 down to another Andrew, Derbyshire’s Andrew Houghton to win 3-2. For a second time Wiltshire took the lead, on this occasion it was down to Pete Keen’s 3-1 win over Ryan Hassell. Then extending that lead to 5-3 was Bob Phillips who won 3-0 against Andrew Gillott. Scott Millin won the first leg against David Fritchley but in 19 and 20 darts Fritchley reversed the advantage to lead 2-1. Millin took the game to a decider when he won the fourth leg only to see his Derbyshire counterpart win the decider in 18 darts and take the match award for his 22.92 average. The hosts moved to within one game of victory when in the tenth Tony Moulden beat Richard Hughes 3-1 and with a similar 3-1 result for Stuart Clarke over Scott McCabe the home team were home and dry with a lead of 7-4. The last game of the day went to Derbyshire’s Benjamin Holmes, a 3-1 success against Lewis Gibson to give a result of 7-5 to the home team. All six of the ladies ‘A’ games went with the first throw advantage, Derbyshire taking leads of 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 thanks to Rachel Ayres beating Tasha Borton 3-1, Jane Densley winning 3-0 against Julie Newman and Jackie Sweet adding her 3-1 win over Tina Rowlands to their account. In response there were wins for Wiltshire from Shirley Castle who won 3-2 against Rebecca Hoyland, Joanna Hooke beat Louise Rawson 3-0 and sealing a 3-3 result was anchor player for Wiltshire Stacey Day who won 3-2 against Sammie Marshall who was unlucky to lose the last game after leading 2-1 and then missing her finishing doubles. In their last outing Derbyshire welcomed back to the ladies ‘A’ Jane Densley who justified her return with a lady of the match performance. Her second outing against Wiltshire saw her repeat that feat as a 16.70 average in her 3-0 win over Julie Newman was enough to take the match award once again. The men’s ‘A’ match saw Wiltshire go one up with a 4-2 win from Luke Humphries over Richard Hanson then Derbyshire level the match with a 4-3 win from Henry Coates who defeated Josh McCarthy. Michael Ryall had a tremendous 161 finish in the second leg against Dion Newman and went on to win the tie 4-0 to put his team 2-1 up. Seb Parker with a similar 4-0 victory over Steve Soar cancelled out Derbyshire’s lead and with a 4-3 win by Connor Hughes against Sean Lambert the home side had taken the lead once again, but only to see the scores all square by the halfway point as a 4-3 win for Ian Allcock against Matt Harris made it 3-3. Stephen Paling began the second half for the away team and after winning the first leg against Gary Court went down 4-1. Game number eight was a repeat of game seven but with the result going in the opposite direction as Lee Stanley fought back in style after going one down to Luke Yates to go on and win 4-1 in 23,19,19 and 16 darts. With just four more games to play the score was delicately balanced at four each, but not for long as Lee Evans beat Nigel Daniels 4-2 and James Clifton won 4-3 against Gary Fenn to put Wiltshire within an ace of winning the game. A man of the match showing from Robert Hawker delayed any celebrations the hosts may have had as he won a fierce tussle with Juan Hopkins 4-3. Hawker had winning legs of 14,15,15 and 21 darts which gave him a super average of 28.55 and his second ‘A’ team award of the season. Dave Wicks (Wiltshire) in 17 and 21 darts went 2-0 up against Paul Williams and although Williams clawed his way back to level terms in 19 and 16 darts the next two legs went to Wicks giving him a 4-2 win and his team a 7-5 success. The overall 21-15 scoreline for the weekend went to Wiltshire and as a result of their loss Derbyshire dropped from third to fifth in the table, the defeat leaving them nine points off a promotion place with just two more fixtures to play. Full Results:Division Three:Wiltshire v Derbyshire (21-15):Wiltshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Luke Humphries 4 Richard Hanson 2, Josh McCarthy 3 Henry Coates 4, Dion Newman 0 Michael Ryall 4, Seb Parker 4 Steven Soar 0, Connor Hughes 4 Sean Lambert 3, Matt Harris 3 Ian Allcock 4, Gary Court 4 Stephen Paling 1, Luke Yates 1 Lee Stanley 4, Lee Evans 4 Nigel Daniels 2, James Clifton 4 Gary Fenn 3, Juan Hopkins 3 Robert Hawker 4, Dave Wicks 4 Paul Williams 2, Men’s ‘B’:- Garth Hodgkiss 0 Dan Ford 3, Andy Jones 3 James Parkin 1, Ian Greenaway 3 Gary Barker 1, Eddie Tott 1 Nigel Daniels 3, Ashley Presley 0 Connor Hodgkinson 3, Andrew Southam 3 Andrew Houghton 2, Pete Keen 3 Ryan Hassell 1, Bob Phillips 3 Andrew Gillott 0, Scott Millin 2 David Fritchley 3, Tony Moulden 3 Richard Hughes 1, Stuart Clarke 3 Scott McCabe 2, Lewis Gibson 1 Benjamin Homes 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Tasha Borton 1 Rachel Ayres 3, Shirley Castle 3 Rebecca Hoyland 2, Julie Newman 0 Jane Densley 3, Joanna Hooke 3 Louise Rawson 0, Tina Rowlands 1 Jackie Sweet 3, Stacey Day 3 Sammie Marshall 2, Women’s ‘B’:- April Polden 3 Carol Western 0, Nipaporn Smith 0 Sara-Jane Harrison 3, Sue Lane 3 Holly Wright 1, Debbie Hughes 3 Dee Fenn 1, Linzi Holton 0 Jennifer McCormick 3, Jill Little 3 Rose Mort 2.

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