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Stephen Bunting (Lancs) and Zoe Jones (Worcs) are the 2012 BDO Gold Cup Singles Champions.

Stephen beat Glamorgan^s Wayne Warren 3 Sets to 1 and Zoe Jones beat Norfolk^s Dawn Standley by 3 legs to 1.

Rhian Edwards and Michelle Webber (Glamorgan) are the 2012 BDO Gold Cup Ladies Pairs Champions afte a 3-2 victory over Oxfordshire^s Deta Hedman and Fiona Carmichael.

Sam Rooney and Danny Smith (Hampshire) are the 2012 BDO Gold Cup Men^s Pairs Champions after a hard-fought 4-3 final win against Lancashire^s Stephen Bunting and Eddie Dootson.


Singles Report:


Women^s Singles Semi-Finals:

Anastasia Dobromyslova (Cheshire) played Zoe Jones (Worcs) in the first Semi-Final and the first leg went to Anastasia, with Zoe hitting a 180 on her way to levelling the score. In the 3rd leg Anastasia hit a 180 and Zoe a 140 before Anastasia checked out on 67 to make it 2-1.  Zoe then levelled at 2-2 for a sudden death leg.  Anastasia won the bull-up but Zoe won the match with a 46 checkout and recorded a 24.74 average to march into her first ever Gold Cup final.

In the second Semi-Final, Fallon Sherrock (Bucks) who celebrated her 18th birthday last month, played Dawn Standley (Norfolk).  It was Dawn who took the 1st leg with an 83 checkout before Fallon levelled.  Dawn then checked 43 to go 2-1 and in the 4th leg Fallon just missed d-5 for a 130 checkout, only to see Dawn check out 39 for 3-1 and the match.


Women^s Singles Final:

The high standard of play continued in the Final, with Zoe Jones checking out 60 for the 1st leg and after hitting three consecutive 100s, Zoe missed d-8 only to see Dawn check out on 56 to level at 1-1. In the 3rd leg Zoe opened with 100/134, and Dawn replied with a 123 and then saw Zoe hit a score of 9 and replied with a 139 of her own. But it was Zoe who took the leg to go 2-1 up. Dawn won the 4th leg to make the scoreline 2-2 and it was bull-up for the sudden death leg. Dawn won the bull-up, but it was Zoe who finally checked out on 50 to win the 2012 BDO Gold Cup Women^s Singles title with a 22.68 average.


Men^s Singles Semi-Finals:

In the first Men^s Semi-Final, it was 2012 BDO International Open Champion Wayne Warren (Glam) against Yorkshire favourites Martin Atkins. The first leg of the first set opened with a 180 from Wayne, a 140 from Martin and another 140 from Wayne, who missed a 40 finish only to see Martin  winning the leg with an 80 check out. In the 2nd leg Wayne hit an impressive 161 checkout (the highest of the stage finals) to level the set at 1-1. In the 3rd leg Wayne opened with 100, 180 and 140 and checked out on 81 for a 12 dart leg to win the opening set in style. There was another 180 from Martin in the 1st leg of the 2nd set and going on to check out on 82. In the 2nd leg Wayne hit back with a 101 check out to level. Wayne then hit d-16 for the match and recorded the top average of the finals with 33.01.  Martin^s average was 30.79.


In the second Men^s Semi-Final, Stephen Bunting (Lancs) was up against Philip (Pip) Blackwell of Kent.  Pip opened the 1st leg of the opening set with 180 with his first 3 darts and checked out 62 to go 1-0 up; it was the same 180 opener in the next set for Pip, answered by 140 and 180 from Stephen. But Pip hit d-10 to win the leg and 1st set.  In the 1st leg of the 2nd set, Pip checked out on 116 to take the lead and in the 2nd leg, he then hit an opening throw of 180 for the third time in the match and was on the verge of taking the set before Stephen hit an outstanding 122 check out to save the set.  In the 3rd leg of the 2nd set Pip hit another 180 to leave 64, and Stephen followed suit with a 180 that left him on 81.  Pip missed his outshot only to see Stephen hit his 81 to level the set score at 1-1.   In the 1st leg of the 3rd set Stephen was now in the ascendancy with three successive tons followed by a 135 to leave 66 with Pip way back on 226.  Stephen eventually won the leg with d-4. In the 2nd leg Stephen checked out on 10 for the set and match.  His average was 30.21, with Pip recording 31.58.


Men^s Singles Final:

And so to the 2012 BDO Gold Cup Men^s Singles between the two in-form players of the day - Stephen Bunting and Wayne Warren.  Stephen won last week^s Granite City Open in Aberdeen and Wayne was the BDO International Open Champion in June.

In the 1st leg of the opening set Stephen hit a 90 outshot and in the 2nd leg Wayne hit a 76 check out to level. In the third leg Stephen opened with 100, 180, 100 and Wayne responded with 100, 140 before Stephen hit d-8 for the 1st set. In the 1st leg of the 2nd set Wayne opened with 140,120 and 140; Stephen hit yet another 180, but Wayne took the leg with a 60 outshot.  In the 2nd leg there was yet another 180 for Stephen as he won the leg with d-8. The third leg saw Wayne and Stephen open with back to back 180s, but it was Wayne who levelled the set score at 1-1 with a 24 check out. The 1st leg of the third set produced another 180 from Stephen as he went on to win the leg on d-4. In the 2nd leg it was Wayne^s turn to put a 180 on the board and he won  the leg with d-16.

The prolific scoring continued with another 180 for Stephen as he won the leg and set with d-6 to make the set score 2-1 to Stephen Bunting.

Now on a roll, Stephen produced two 180s in the 1st leg of the 4th set and produced an 87 check out for a 12 dart leg. In the 2nd leg, Wayne showed his fighting spirit with a 76 check out to level the set at 1-1 in legs.  But Stephen was not to be denied as he hit two more 180s in the 3rd leg before taking out 13 with 5, d-4 for the 2012 BDO Gold Cup Men^s Singles title.

Unlucky for some 13 proved to be just the opposite for Stephen Bunting as  he received a cheque for £4,000.

The final produced a total of 12 maximums: 3 for Wayne Warren and an outstanding 9 for Stephen Bunting, who recorded a match winning 32.55 average.

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