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Article: Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Warwickshire

Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts – Warwickshire

Cambridgeshire v Warwickshire
An away fixture against Cambridgeshire in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Champiosnhips was always going to be a real tester for Warwickshire and unfortunately it turned out to be just that as they fell to their first defeat in the last four games.
It was not a good weekend for the ladies as the ‘B’ side began with Liz Humphries putting the home team one up when she beat Lisa Deslandes 3-1 after Lisa had wo the first leg. Donna Pinch levelled the score with a 3-2 win over Ronnie Johnson after Johnson had gone 2-0 up. Donna’s win win gave her a 17.81 average which also won her her first match award of the season.
Claire Brookin restored Cambridgeshire’s lead when she won 3-0 against Nina Bolt and with a further 3-1 win from Barbara Greatbatch over Amrian Conway the hosts were within one game of victory.
In the penultimate game Karen Stanhope looked as though she was going to clinch the win for her team when she went one up against Denise Keyte but it was not to be as the Warwickshire player held her nerve and went on to win 3-1.
Cambridgeshire’s win did however come in the final game when Casey Horspool despite being pegged back to level terms twice by Angela Jones won 3-2 to give her team a 4-2 win.
The men’s ‘B’ quickly found themselves 2-0 down as Matt David beat Ian Shaw 4-2 and Dan Whitlam won 4-3 against Tom Ryan who at one stgae was 2-1 up.
Luke kennedy stopped the rot with a 4-1 win over Jonathan Clifton only to see Craig Venham restore the home teams two games buffer with a 4-0 win against Tom McGlone.
Warwickshire’s second win was provided by a former player who has recently made a comeback to county darts Mangal Singh. Mangal was made to fight to the bitter end by Terry Redhead who cancelled the Warwickshire player’s lead on three ocassions before he gained his 4-3 victory.
By the midway point the away side were trailing 4-2 Darren Cotterell adding his 4-1 win over Simon Fairbrother to the home teaam’s tally.
The second half began with a man of the match performance from Warwickshire’s Rob Hawker who won his tie with Barry-John Paget in four straight legs in 21,19,18 and 18 darts wrapping up his win with a superb 124 game shot in the fourth giving him an average of 26.37.
Adam Cousins took the score along to 5-3 in favour of the hosts when he beat James Hykin 4-2, but a 4-1 win from Paul Deslandes over Andrew Hircock put Warwickshire back within one game of their opponents.
Game number ten saw the home team move into an unbeatable 6-4 lead, Andrew Jones winning 4-1 against Simon Power to put the pressure on the away teams last two players if they were to get anything out of the game.
Although Peter Hughes (Warwickshire) won the opening leg against John Dye the home player looked all the way a winner as he took the following three legs. Undeterred Hughes stuck to his task and stormed back to win the last three legs and the game 4-3.
The final game was another that well and truly looked as if Cambridgeshire would seal their win as Jamie Phillips went 3-0 up against Carl Green but like his team mate Peter Hughes Green held on in and with wins in the last four legs clinched a 4-3 win and earned his team a share of the points in a 6-6 draw.
Sue Gulliver gave the ladies ‘A’ the ideal start as she accounted for Nadine Bentley with a straight 3-0 win and a 21.47 average to win her the lady of the match award, but unfortunately from there on in it was  all downhill. On at number two Trina Gulliver suffered a rare defeat, going 2-0 up against Juliet Findley and then losing the next three legs to go down 3-2.
Jane Judges put the hosts in front for the first time with her 3-0 win over Kerry Bambridge and although her team mate Diane Nash lost the first two legs against Natalie Gilbert she went on to win 3-2. Taking the score to 4-1 and confirming a home win was Sandra Greatbatch who won 3-2 after Melanie Hill who had twice cancelled out Greatbatch’s lead.
The final score was 5-1 to Cambridgeshire when Amanda Abbott emulated Greatbatch’s 3-2 win when she defeated Wendy Adams, Adams winning the second and fourth legs.
The first half of the men’s ‘A’ game saw the advantage sway one way and then the other as Noel Grant put Warwickshire one up with a convincing 4-0 win over Steve Carrett and then Cambridgeshire took the next two thanks to a Dennis Harbour 4-3 win over William Naylor and a 4-0 success by Phil Carter over Richard Foster.
The visitors drew level when Antony Allen beat Dan Whitlam 4-2 and took the lead for a second time when Jamie Hughes won 4-1 against Ian Withers, Hughes amazingly chalking up four fifteen darts legs to give him an award wining average of 31.45, his fourth man of the match award in six games.
A spirited performance from Dean Stewart was not enough to beat Martin Adams, Adams winning 4-2 to put the score all square at 3-3 at the halfway stage.
The second half began well for Warwickshire as Jamie Atkins beat Will Harwood 4-2, Mark Carter won 4-0 against Matt David and Bob Nixon by adding his 4-3 win over Pete Fuller gave the away side a 6-3 lead.
A 4-0 win over Tom Aldridge by Martin Purell kept the home team in the match and when Tony Holland won 4-2 against  Mark Strong suddenly the outcome of the match all depended on the final game of the day.
Anchor man for Cambridgeshire was Paul Wenn who won the opening leg in 18 darts against Mark Westgarth. Westgarth replied by taking the next three legs on 18, 20 and 17 darts to go within an ace of victory for both himself and the team. Westgarth was made to wait as Wenn won the fifth in 15 darts with a 116 outshot but it was the Warwickshire man who won the sixth in 20 darts to seal a 4-2 win for himself and a 7-5 win for his team.
Unfortunately the men’s 7-5 win was not enough to avoid an overall 20-16 defeat and see Cambridgeshire replace them in fourth place in the table overtaking them by just one point.
Full Results:Cambridgeshire v Warwickshire (20-16):(Cambridgeshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Steve Carrett 0 Noel Grant 4, Dennis Harbour 4 William Naylor 3, Phil Carter 4 Richard Foster 0, Dan Whitlam 2 Antony Allen 4, Ian Withers 1 Jamie Hughes 4, Martin Adams 4 Dean Stewart 2, Will Harwood 2 Jamei Atkins 4, Matt David 0 Mark Carter 4, Pete Fuller 3 Bob Nixon 4, Martin Purell 4 Tom Aldridge 0, Tony Holland 4 Mark Strong 2, Paul Wenn 2 Mark Westgarth 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Matt David 4 Ian Shaw 2, Dan Whitlam 4 Tom Ryan 2, Jonathan Clifton 1 Luke Kennedy 4, Craig Venman 4 Tom McGlone 0, Terry Redhead 3 Mangal Singh 4, Darren Cotterell 4 Simon Fairbrother 1, Barry-John Paget 0 Rob Hawker 4, Adam Cousins 4 James Hykin 2, Andrew Hircock 1 Paul Deslandes 4, Andrew Jones 4 Simon Power 1, John Dye 3 Peter Hughes 4, Jamei Phillips 3 Carl Green 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Nadine Bentley 0 Sue Gulliver 3, Juliet Findley 3 Trina Gulliver 2, Jane Judges 3 Kerry Bambridge 0, Diane Nash 3 Natalie Gilbert 2, Sandra Greatbatch 3 Melanie Hill 2, Amanda Abbott 3 Wendy Adams 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Liz Humphries 3 Lisa Deslandes 1, Ronnie Johnson 2 Donna Pinch 3, Claire Brookin 3 Nina Bolt 0, Barbara Greatbatch 3 Marian Conway 1, Karen Stanhope 1 Denise Keyte 3, Casey Horspool 3 Angela Jones 2.
Warwickshire v Hampshire
With Warwickshire in the top half of the table and their opponents Hampshire languishing at the foot of the table a win for the home team looked to be on the cards and nothing contradicted that after Saturday’s games.
Lisa Deslandes was the ladies ‘B’ first player and although she was pegged back to 2-2 by Sue Thompson after winning the first two legs she went on to win 3-2.
Marian Conway doubled the home team’s lead in the best possible way, a lady of the match performance in which she beat Jaine Heaton in three straight legs to give her an award winning average of 17.89.
Game three was another 3-0 score this time in favour of Hampshire’s Tracy Smith who beat Nina Bolt, then with a further 3-1 win for Dawn Simmonds over Denise Keyte Hampshire were back in the game at 2-2.
Angela Jones (Warwickshire) took the match to the final game when she beat Joanne Senior 3-1, a final game that swayed one way then the other as Kelly Palmer (Hampshire) won the first leg against Donna Pinch and then after Pinch had won the second Palmer opened up a 2-1 lead . The last two legs went to Donna leaving her opponent back on 63 and 156 when she clinched her 3-2 win and her team a 4-2 victory.
The men’s ‘B’ like the ladies ‘B’ also opened up with two wins as James Hykin won the first against Richard Ford 4-2 and Prakash Jiwa made it two when he beat Dave Coffin 4-1.
Steve Phipps was Hampshire’s first winner when he beat Tom Ryan 4-1, then with a 4-2 win by Dai Lewis over Peter Hughes the visitors were back on level terms.
Warwickshire took the lead again this time in fantastic fashion through Ted Evetts who began his game against Conner Bevis with a 16 darts leg. Evetts then went two before Bevis won the third. A 121 game shot restored the lead for the home player and although his opponent replied with a 126 finish in the fourth Evetts sealed a 4-2 win with a tremndour thirteen darts leg hitting 140,140,60,137 and double twelve giving him superb award winning average of 31.02.
The game was squared at 3-3 by the midway point as Mark Budd won 4-1 against Simon Power only to see Warwickshire win the first two of the second half going 5-3 up when Carl Green and Mangal Singh in turn defeated Steve Jannaway and Callum Frances.
Paul Deslandes, after winning the first leg in his tie with Michael Street then lost then next four to finish on the wrong side of a 4-1 scoreline but in the very next game Rob Hawker put the hosts within an ace of victory when he beat David Bonnett 4-0, the runnng score at that point 6-4.
Ian Shaw (Warwickshire) struggled with doubles and lost 4-1 to Robin Hathaway, then in the final game of the day Graham Chalk beat Simon Fairbrotheer 4-1 to take the result to 6-6.
A win in the first leg for Natalie Gilbert was not enough to avoid a 3-1 defeat to Gemma Hayter in the opening game of the ladies ‘A’ match. Sue Gulliver continued with her good form beating Pennie Lewis in three straight legs with a 25.47 average to square the match at 1-1.
Hampshire forged ahead again in the third when Jane Monaghan won 3-1 against Melanie Hill and despite leading twice against Sue Lowther, Kerry Bambridge went down 3-2 to put the away side 3-1 up.
Trina Gulliver was back to her very best at number five giving her opponent Nikki Stevens no chance whatsoever as she won 3-0 in 19,16 and 15 darts for an outstanding 30.06 average for her fifth lady of the match award of the season.
With everything resting on the final game Wendy Adams (Warwickshire) won the first leg against Wendy Reinstadtler, Reinstadtler won the second only to see Adams go 2-1 up with a 106 finish, unfortunately it was not enough as the Hampshire player won the last two  legs to give her a 3-2 win and 4-2 to her team.
It was Hampshire who got the better start in the men’s ‘A’ game going 2-0 up when Steve Musson won 4-0 against Mark Strong and Chas Barstow beat Mark Carter 4-2.
Tom Aldridge won his first leg against Danny Pitman only to see the away player win the next three. Undeterred Aldridge fought back to level terms in 18 and 20 darts then wrapped up his 4-3 win in 14 darts hitting 100,100,100,127 and checking out on 74 with two darts for his win.
Levelling the game was Mark Westgarth who was in top form against Paul Winter as he beat him 4-1, his last three legs taking 17,13 and 17 darts to give him a great average of 28.90.
A 4-1 win from Lee Ward over Jamie Atkins saw Hapshire take the lead again but the scoreline was level at three each by the break as Antony Allen rounded off the half with a 4-2 win over Graham Chalk, Allen having a 101 finish in the first leg and a superb 152 outshot in the fifth.
As the second half began Warwickshire went ahead for the first time in the match, Noel Grant’s 4-0 win over Gary Stafford putting them 4-3 up and although Mark Thorne beat Richard Foster 4-3 in the eighth after Foster had opened up 1-0 and 3-2 leads Warwickshire were ahead again in the ninth when William Naylor won 4-1 against Richard North.
Extending Warwickshire’s lead to 6-4 was Jamie Hughes who in double quick time accounted for Dennis Murrell with a 4-0 result in 18,16,15 and 17 darts, then in the penultimate encounter Bob Nixon (Warwickshire) squared up to Andy Mitchell. Mitchell won the first Nixon the second. Mitchel then went 2-1 up only to see Nixon level with a tremendous 160 game shot in the fourth. Mitchell went 3-2 up and Nixon had an opportunity to take the game to a deciding leg but missed his doubles and Mitchell checked out on 80 for a 4-2 win.
Everything now depended on the final game of the weekend,  a defeat for Warwickshire’s Dean Stewart against Bradley Kirk would see not only the men’s ‘A’ finish level at 6-6 but also the overall weekend score finish all square at 18-18 but a win would see victories for both.           
Kirk got off to a flyer going 2-0 up with two winning legs of 18 darts. With scores of 140,140,123 and 82 Stewart then checked out on double eight for a 13 darts leg. He then followed up with a 17 darts leg to level the game and took the lead in the fifth with another similar 17 darts leg.
With the darts against him in the sixth Stewart chalked up scores of 80,100,140,57 an 92 to leave himself on double sixteen after 15 darts. With Kirk having made his way down to 47 Stewart despatched the double sixteen with his first dart for a 16 darts winner, his 4-2 win giving the men’s ‘A’ a 7-5 win and an overall victory of 19-17, plus his superb average of 30.54 won him the team’s match award, his third of the campaign.
Despite the win Warwickshire are fifth in the league table but only one point behind fourth placed Cambridgeshire.    
Full Results:Warwickshire v Hampshire (19-17):(Warwickshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Mark Strong 0 Steve Musson 4, Mark Carter 2 Chas Barstow 4, Tom Aldridge 4 Daniel Pitman 3, Mark Westgarth 4 Paul Winter 1, Jamie Atkins 1 Lee Ward 4, Antony Allen 4 Graham Chalk 2, Noel Grant 4 Gary Stafford 0, Richard Foster 3 Mark Thorne 4, William Naylor 4 Richard North 1, Jamie Hughes 4Dennis Murrell 0, Bob Nixon 2 Andy Mitchell 4, Dean Stewart 4 Bradley Kirk 2, Men’s ‘B’:- Jamie Hykin 4 Richie Ford 2, Prakash Jiwa 4 Dave Coffin 1, Tom Ryan 1 Steve Phipps 4, Peter hughes 2 Dai Lewis 4, Ted Evetts 4 Conner Bevis 2, Simon Power 1 Mark Budd 4, Carl Green 4 Steve Jannaway 1, Mangal Singh 4 Callum Frances 1, Paul Deslandes 1 Michael Street 4, Rob Hawker 4 David Bonnett 0, Ian Shaw 1 Robin Hathaway 4, Simon Fairbrother 1 Graham Chalk 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Natalie Gilbert 1 Gemma Hayter 3, Sue Gulliver 3 Pennie Lewis 0, Melanie Hill 1 Jane Monaghan 3, Kerry bambridge 2 Sue Lowther 3, Trina Gulliver 3 Nikki Stevens 0, Wendy Adams 2 Wendy Reinstadtler 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Lisa Deslandes 3 Sue Thompson 2, Marian Conway 3 Jaine Heaton 0, Nina Bolt 0 Tracy Smith 3, Denise Keyte 1 Dawn Simmonds 3, Angela Jones 3 Joanne Senior 1, Donna Pinch 3 Kelly Palmer 2.

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