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Article: Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts - Inter County Championships

Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts - Inter County Championships

Northumberland v Derbyshire Derbyshire have just three remaining fixtures to play in division two of the BDO Inter County Championships and with just one win and one draw in their previous six games they are now a huge fourteen points from safety. This coming weekend they play away to middle of the table Northumberland in what now is surely a must win game if they are to have any chance of survival and holding on to their division two status. The last two fixtures of the season are at home to Suffolk and finally away to Staffordshire the two teams in turn fourteen and sixteen points to the good on Derbyshire who realistically need to get something out of all three games. Selected to play in what is a vital game are Men’s ‘A’:- Andy Baker, Peter Burgoyne, Nigel Daniels, Tim Daniels, Gary Fenn, Adam Fern, Richard Hanson, Ben Holmes, Sean Lambert, Steve Soar, Lee Stanley, Rob Wood, Men’s ‘B’:- David Allcock, Ian Allcock, Adrian Asprey, Loz Barnes, Keith Cooper, Andy Gillott, Richard Hughes, Scott Parkin, Colin Rich, Darran Sinfield, Peter Slater, Brian Snell, Reserves:- Jim Beardmore, Ian Clarke, Alan Clegg, John Clifford, Tony Cresswell, Lee Cummins, Frank Davis, John Elliott, David Fritchley, Wayne Howe, Ash Spencer, Alan Statham, Mark Walker, Women’’s ‘A’:- Terri Bellamy, Dee Fenn, Lauren Jackson, Samantha Marshall, Jennifer McCormick, Jackie Sweet, Women’s ‘B’:- Rachel Ayres, Dawn Buckley, Rebecca Hoyland, Emily Jones, Louise Rawson, Alison Shilton, Reserves:- Kera Astle, Kerri Buckley, Amy Clifton, Michelle Cunningham, Kelly Dean, Zena Grand, Sara-Jane Harrison, Kanice Pearce.
Breconshire v Shropshire A couple of defeats in their last two games as seen Shropshire slip back into the bottom two places in the division four table of the BDO Inter County Championships, however this coming weekend they travel away to take on Breconshire and a win could see them move away from the foot of the table as the team just above them Pembrokeshire are on 84 points, just one more than Shropshire and they have a really tough fixture against top of the table Norfolk. Lining up for Shropshire as they move into the final third of the season are Men’s ‘A’:- Paul Bromley, Andi Chatter, Derek Coulson, Kevin Harris, Brian Hickman, Danny James, Andre Knox, Clive Lucking, Scott Meyrick, Richard Parker, Simon Pritchard, Neville Quinton, Men’s ‘B’:- Dan Boot, John Cooper, Peter Eley, Tim Eley, Sean Flynn, Rob Harris, Rob Henderson, Neil Powell, Martin Riggs,Trevor Smith, Nathan Storar, Matt Williams, Reserves:- Martin Angell, Andy Evans, Mick O’Neill, Dave Pallett, Arthur Smart, Rob Thompson, Women’s ‘A’:- Stephanie Clarke, Sophie Fawcett, Julie Griffiths, Kat Mclean, Michele Pritchard, Marie Riggs, Women’s ‘B’:- Carla Crook, Debbie Davies, Becky Harris, Sharon Harris, Cal Jones, Sue Lane, Reserves:- Grace Angell, Kirsty Jenks,Caroline Powell.

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