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Article: Alan Towe's BICC Report

Alan Towe's BICC Report

Yorkshire v Warwickshire For a tenth successive season in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships Warwickshire faced reigning champions Yorkshire and unfortunately for a tenth successive time they lost, but as per last season’s result it was once again oh so close. The ladies ‘B’ began their match with a 3-1 win from Angela Jones over Sally Whiting, Angela’s 19.05 average proving to be enough to take the team’s match award. Like the opening game the following three all went with the first throw advantage, Yorkshire drawing level with a 3-0 win from Giffy Khaosoi over Helen Rigg and Warwickshire forging ahead for a second time thanks to a 3-0 win from Donna Pinch over Andrea Dixon. It was all square at two each by the fourth as Sara Mortimer beat Melanie Jones 3-0 but it was at this point the sequence was broken as in the fifth the hosts went ahead for the first time in the game when Louise Stocking came from 1-0 down to Chloe McKivett to go on and win 3-1, leaving the result hinging on the final game. Marian Conway (Warwickshire) opened up a 2-0 lead over Marie Tuinstra and although the home player won the third a win in the fourth for Conway gave her the winning 3-1 result to put the final score all level at 3-3. The men’s ‘B’ team had not had a win in their previous ten consecutive games against Yorkshire but in the last three seasons had finished all square at six each. As in the ladies ‘B’ match the men’s ‘B’ award winner came in the opening game when Jack Wareing turned on a superb display as he stormed into a 3-0 lead over Craig Gwynne in 13, 19 and 16 darts. Gwynne managed to reduce the arrears in the fourth when he checked out in 16 darts only to see Wareing seal his 4-1 win a with an 18 darts leg to give him a fantastic 30.16 average. Karl Reynolds struggled with finishing doubles and went down 4-1 to Tony Darlow and with a 4-3 win for Jordan Crabtree over Gareth Braham Yorkshire had turned the game around and were leading 2-1. James Hykin (Warwickshire) came from one down to Simon Birkett to go on and win 4-2, then with a 4-1 success for Dave Hill over Paul Moore the visitors were once again in the lead with a 3-2 advantage. It got even better for Warwickshire as Ashley Hykin handed Michael Ridge a 4-0 whitewash and Rob Comben who had a ding dong seven legs battle with Ash Taylor came out the 4-3 winner to extend the away team’s lead to 5-2. There was double disappointment in the eighth as Tony Molyneux beat Thomas McGlone 4-1, McGlone playing his 200th county game for Warwickshire, a legend in the history of the Warwickshire Darts Organisation and so unfortunate that he was unable to cap it with a win. Yorkshire reduced the arrears to 5-4 when Carl Wilkinson beat Richard Foster 4-0 and looked as though they were going to level the score when Steve Stacey went one up against Tom Martin but Martin levelled with a 100 outshot and then took the following three legs for a 4-1 win and at the same time guarantee his team mates at least a share of the points. Tommy Ryan soon showed that a share of the points was never going to be enough as he raced into a 3-0 lead over Graham Harrison and despite Harrison winning the fourth Ryan rounded off his 4-1 win in the fifth to put Warwickshire in an unassailable 7-4 lead, their first win in ten against Yorkshire. With the icing already on the cake for the away side Ady Newsholme (Yorkshire) in the final game of the day won the first two legs against Anthony West. West bounced back with wins in the next three legs but it was Newsholme who finished the 4-3 winner to put the final score at 7-5 to Warwickshire giving them an overall lead of 10-8 at the close of the first day. Sunday’s ladies game had a similar 3-3 result as the ‘B’ side had the previous day the only difference being that all of the games went completely opposite to the ‘B’ match with the first four all going against the first throw advantage. Ann Chilton gave Yorkshire the opening win when she beat Nina Bolt 3-0. Natalie Gilbert cancelled out Chilton’s win when she won 3-1 against Paula Burgess after Burgess had won the first leg. The hosts went ahead for a second time thanks to Beau Greaves beating Kat Spanswick 3-0 only to see the score level at the fourth after Caroline Pike won 3-1 against Dee Bateman. As with the ‘B’ game the sequence came to an end in the fifth, when Warwickshire team captain Sue Gulliver chalked up a 3-1 win over Rachel Brookes, Sue in top form taking the lady of the match award for her 21.40 average. The draw was salvaged for Yorkshire by Lorraine Winstanley when in the last game she won 3-0 against Wendy Adams. Making it three out of four match awards for Warwickshire’s openers was Ted Evetts who opened up the ‘A’ side’s account with a 4-1 win over Peter Jacques. After going 3-1 up in 14, 22 and 14 darts Evett’s lost the fourth in 12 as Jacques checked out in 15, However with scores of 100,177 and 180 plus a finish of 44 he not only recorded the fastest leg of the day which was just twelve darts he secured his 4-1 win and also the man of the match award for his tremendous 32.34 average. Keith Flint was Yorkshire’s first winner but he was made to fight all of the way for his close 4-3 result by Ian McFarlane who won the first leg, levelled in the penultimate leg and then missed his doubles for the win in the seventh. James Barton put the hosts 2-1 up when he won 4-2 against Noel Grant and although Martin C. Adams twice took the lead against Nigel Heydon it was Heydon who got the 4-2 verdict to take the score to 2-2. Mark Strong (Warwickshire) had 137 and 110 checkouts but lost his game against Justin Hobson 4-3 to see the home team take the lead for a second time. Warwickshire’s Prakash Jiwa came from behind three times against Brian Dawson to take the game to a deciding leg which he won with a 145 game shot after his opponent had reached a 24 finish, the win making the score level at three each at the halfway mark. Charlie Symons looked set to give the visitors the lead in the seventh when he went ahead twice against Tony Hull but it was Hull who won the tie 4-2. From 4-3 up Yorkshire then took their lead to a winning 7-3 as Trevor Burhill won 4-2 against Steve Hine, David Copley beat Mark Carter 4-1 and John Walton added his 4-0 success over Carl Green to their tally. Antony Allen pulled one back for Warwickshire when he beat Mark McGeeney 4-3 but the result was taken to 8-4 in favour of Yorkshire when Garry Thompson rounded off the weekend with his 4-0 win over Kevin Dowling giving Yorkshire an overall 19-17 win which could easily have gone in the opposite direction. [caption id="attachment_35635" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Tommy McGlone, Red Dragon Darts, BICC 2018-09-23 - Tommy McGlone and Steve Crowther (Men's Team Manager)[/caption] Full Results:Yorkshire v Warwickshire (19-17):(Yorkshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Peter Jacques 1 Ted Evetts 4, Keith Flint 4 Ian McFarlane 3, James Barton 4 Noel Grant 2, Martin C. Atkins 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Justin Hobson 4 Mark Strong 3, Brian Dawson 3 Prakash Jiwa 4, Tony Hull 4 Charlie Symons 2, Trevor Burkhill 4 Steve Hine 2, David Copley 4 Mark Carter 1, John Walton 4 Carl Green 0, Mark McGeeney 3 Antony Allen 4, Garry Thompson 4 Kevin Dowling 0, Men’s ‘B’:- Craig Gwynne 1 Jack Wareing 4, Tony Darlow 4 Karl Reynolds 1, Jordan Crabtree 4 Gareth Braham 3, Simon Birkett 2 James Hykin 4, Paul Moore 1 Dave Hill 4, Michael Ridge 0 Ashley Hykin 4, Ash Taylor 3 Rob Comben 4, Tony Molyneux 4 Thomas McGlone 1, Carl Wilkinson 4 Richard Foster 0, Steve Stacey 1 Tom Martin 4, Graham Harrison 1 Tommy Ryan 4, Ady Newsholme 4 Anthony West 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Ann Chilton 3 Nina Bolt 0, Paula Burgess 1 Natalie Gilbert 3, Beau Greaves 3 Kat Spanswick 0, Dee Bateman 1 Caroline Pike 3, Rachel Brooks 1 Sue Gulliver 3, Lorraine Winstanley 3 Wendy Adams 0, Women’s ‘B’:- Sally Whiting 2 Angela Jones 3, Giffy Khaosoi 3 Helen Rigg 0, Andrea Dixon 0 Donna Pinch 3, Sara Mortimer 3 Melanie Jones 0, Louise Stockings 3 Chloe McKivett 1, Marie Tuinstra 1 Marian Conway 3.
Merseyside v Derbyshire Last season in division three of the BDO Inter County Championships Derbyshire suffered defeats in their opening four games, they then had a run of four consecutive wins and rounded off their campaign with a notable draw at home to Berkshire who gained promotion to division two as the division’s runners up. This season Derbyshire have begun their fixture list with an 18-18 draw away to Merseyside, a fixture that they lost 22-14 last season, so after a promising start could this be the season that sees them return to division two? It was a somewhat strange weekend of darts as all four teams finished with a draw, something of a rarity. The ladies ‘B’ game swayed one way then the other as Emily Jones lost the opener to Janet Hardman 3-0 then Sara-Jane Harrison beat Sandra Rule 3-1 and with the same scoreline Carol Western defeated Viv Cullimore to see Derbyshire lead 2-1. Laura Thompson levelled the tie at 2-2 with her close 3-2 win over Jennifer McCormick and with a 3-0 win against Emma Varnham, Sarah Kershaw had restored Merseyside’s lead at 3-2. With the result now hinging on the final game Derbyshire’s Dee Fenn stepped up to the oche to play Adele Mulligan. Fenn went two up with her opponent failing to reach an outshot in both legs and but for finishing doubles she could have rounded off her win in the third but it was Mulligan who claimed the leg with double sixteen. The fourth leg saw Fenn storm out in front once again and with a 59 game shot won the tie 3-1, put the final score all square at 3-3 and lifted the lady of the match award for her 17.77 average. With 3-1 defeats in the opening two games as Mike Whitehead and Clive Rule in turn beat Keith Cooper and Michael Ryall, Derbyshire needed a quick response that was exactly what they got as man of the match Connor Hodgkinson stopped the rot with a 3-1 win over Alan Magee. Magee went one up in 17 darts only to see Hodgkinson level in 17 and then go on to win the tie in 18 and 21 darts to give him a superb 29.37 average. Ian Allcock took the match to level terms when he also won 3-1 in his game with Ade Heathcote and with a 3-2 success for Lee Arkwright over David Calland Derbyshire had turned the game around and were leading 3-2. It was all square at the midway point as Kev Kershaw (Merseyside) won 3-2 against Gary Fenn after Fenn had come for two down to 2-2. The opening four games of the second half all went with the first throw advantage as Paul Williams (Derbyshire) beat George Bell 3-2 then Ant Hitchmough (Merseyside) won 3-1 against Steve Thompson. Derbyshire took the lead again in the ninth when Andrew Gillott won 3-1 against Paul Hourihan only to see the home team draw level at 5-5 when Gary Carvell won 3-1 against Timothy Rippon. The sequence was broken in the penultimate game when Merseyside’s John Power beat Scott McCabe 3-2 after McCabe had twice cancelled out his lead. The result now all depended on the final game and it appeared as though the hosts would claim their win as Leslie Street went 1-0 and 2-1 up against Robert Needham, however Needham stuck to his task and won the last two legs to give him a 3-2 win and put the final score at 6-6. The ladies ‘A’ team won the final four games of last season and looked all set to carry on their winning ways as Sammi Marshall opened up with a straight 3-0 win over Sandra James and following up was Rebecca Hoyland who despite being taken to a deciding leg by Tracy Morrison, not only won her game 3-2 but at the same time clinched the team’s match award for her 20.00 average and took Derbyshire’s lead to 2-0. Game number three was all about finishing doubles and taking advantage of Louise Rawson’s missed doubles was Claire New who won the tie 3-2 after Rawson had come from 2-0 down to level at two each. Restoring Derbyshire’s two games buffer was Jackie Sweet who with a 3-1 result accounted for Julie Whelan to put her team within an ace of victory. Alas that victory was not to be as Vicki Evans won 3-1 against Rachel Ayres and Emma Barlow took the result to 3-3 with her similar 3-1 success over Teri Bellamy. After a promising start when Stephen Paling put Derbyshire one up with his 4-1 win over Kev McGrath it all went a little pear shaped for a while for the visitors as Craig Winstanley and Kevin Lloyd both won 4-2 against respective opponents Richard Hanson and Gary Fenn and with a 4-1 win from Dan Nuttie over Ryan Hassell Merseyside’s lead was taken to 3-1. A 4-1 win from Lee Stanley over Mike Whiteside momentarily reduced the deficit for the away team but by the halfway stage Merseyside were 4-2 up as Steve Gow added his 4-0 win against Benjamin Holmes to their account. The second half began with a win for Derbyshire’s Robert Hawker who defeated Dave Richards 4-1. Robert Gorst looked to be on his way to a win against Steven Soar (Derbyshire) when he won the opening three legs but Soar responded magnificently to take the next four legs in 18, 17, 19 and 17 darts for a wonderful fight back and a 4-3 win. The match had completely turned around in the ninth as David Fritchley added his 4-3 against Jamie Green to Derbyshire’s tally to put them 5-4 up with three to play. Green had won the first leg, Fritchley the next three and with Green taking the next two it was all down to the final leg which Fritchley won on double two. Sean Lambert (Derbyshire) won the first leg and levelled in the sixth against Garry Harris but it was Harris who won the deciding leg for a very close 4-3 win after both players had previously missed their doubles. The penultimate encounter produced Derbyshire’s man of the match. David Harnick (Merseyside) won the first leg against Tim Daniels only to see Daniels level in 15 and go ahead in 21. Daniels then went 3-1 up with another 21 darts leg before sealing a 4-1 win when he won the fifth in 16 darts for a 27.42 average. For the fourth time in the four games played over the weekend the result was left hinging on the final game and again for a fourth time it was the team that was trailing that won it as Brad Fleming (Merseyside) beat Ian Allcock 4-2, Allcock fighting back from 2-0 down to 2-2 before losing the last two legs. An all over close encounter and although not a win for Derbyshire it was a very encouraging away draw. Full Results:(Merseyside names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Kev McGrath 1 Stephen Paling 4, Craig Winstanley 4 Richard Hanson 2, Kevin Lloyd 4 Gary Fenn 2, Dan Nuttie 4 Ryan Hassell 1, Mike Whiteside 1 Lee Stanley 4, Steve Gow 4 Benjamin Holmes 0, Dave Richards 1 Robert Hawker 4, Robert Gorst 3 Steven Soar 4, Jamie Green 3 David Fritchley 4, Garry Harris 4 Sean Lambert 3, David Harnick 1 Tim Daniels 4, Brad Fleming 4 Ian Allcock 2, Men’s ‘B’:- Mike Whiteside 3 Keith Cooper 1, Clive Rule 3 Michael Ryall 1, Alan Magee 1 Connor Hodgkinson 3, Ade Heathcote 1 Ian Allcock 3, David Calland 2 Lee Arkwright 3, Kev Kershaw 3 Gary Fenn 2, George Bell 2 Paul Williams 3, Ant Hitchmough 3 Steve Thompson 1, Paul Hourihan 1 Andrew Gillott 3, Gary Carvell 3 Timothy Rippon 1, John Power 3 Scott McCabe 2, Leslie Street 2 Robert Needham 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Sandra James 0 Sammie Marshall 3, Tracy Morrison 2 Rebecca Hoyland 3, Claire New 3 Louise Rawson 2, Julie Whelan 1 Jackie Sweet 3, Vicki Evans 3 Rachel Ayres 1, Emma Barlow 3 Terri Bellamy 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Janet Hardman 3 Emily Jones 0, Sandra Rule 1 Sara-Jane Harrison 3, Viv Cullimore 1 Carol Western 3, Laura Thompson 3 Jennifer McCormick 2, Sarah Kershaw 3 Emma Varnham 0, Adele Mulligan 1 Dee Fenn 3.
Tyne and Wear v Shropshire With eight defeats and only one win in last season’s nine fixtures in division four of the BDO Inter County Championships Shropshire’s new look squad began the new campaign with a well-deserved draw when they played away against Tyne and Wear who played last season in division three. An encouraging feature was wins in their county debut for 17 years old Reece Cook-Lucas (23.48), James Mansell (20.71), Chris Hill (21.88), Lee Hodgkiss (22.02) and Cloey Davies (13.31) all good prospects for a brighter future for Shropshire. Saturday’s ladies game got off to a good start as Cally Jones won 3-1 against Marie Seagon after Seago had won the opening leg, then doubling Shropshire’s lead was Cloey Davies who after trailing 2-1 went on to beat Flo Kippen 3-2. Caroline Dorothy reduced the arrears for Tyne and Wear when she came from 2-1 down to Tracey Knox to go on and win 3-2 but the away team’s two games lead was restored in the fourth when lady of the match Julie Griffiths (13.52) beat Debbie Waugh 3-2. Suzie Barnham (Shropshire) won the first leg against Tracy Curry only to see Curry take the next three to keep the home team in the game and with a 3-0 win for Laura Patton in the final game against Jenna Ball the match finished all square at 3-3. Reece Cook-Lucas gave Shropshire the ideal start to the men’s ‘B’ game as he chalked up a straight 3-0 win over Jack Male. Unfortunately the lead was short lived as Michael McBain won 3-2 against Andy Gilbert after Gilbert had twice pegged him back to level terms. Following McBain was Dean Kippen who beat Trevor Smith by the same 3-2 margin after Smith had gone 2-1 up to give Tyne and Wear a 2-1 lead. Simon Pritchard (Shropshire) lost the opening leg to Graham Mullen but fought back in style to win 3-1 and then with a similar 3-1 verdict Scott Towers accounted for Darren Patton to put the visitors 3-2 in front. By the midway point Shropshire were 4-2 up as Neville Quinton added his 3-0 win against Alan Jordan to their account. As the second half got underway Mike Hampson looked all set to increase the away team’s lead when he opened up a 2-0 advantage over Connor Corkindale but the Tyne and Wear man stuck to his task and went on to win 3-2, then with a further 3-1 win for David Hatch over Nathan Storar the hosts were back in the game with the score level at four each. Going into the last four games Rob Trumper gave Shropshire the lead for a third time when he handed out a 3-0 whitewash to Dan Mock. James Mansell (Shropshire) went one down to David Borthwick then 2-1 up and 2-2 before he won the game 3-2 to put his team within a whisker of winning at 6-4. Chris Hill was made to fight for his 3-2 win by John Kippen jnr as he won the first then trailed 2-1 before winning the last two legs to ensure victory for his team. Taking the final score to 8-4 for Shropshire was man of the match Adam Thackray who had a straight 3-0 win over Peter Rutherford and averaged 24.64. The ladies ‘A’ match did not begin well as Ann Marie Urwin won 3-1 against Sue Lane then Cheryl Roper and Toni Strauhgan in turn accounted for Sophie Fawcett and Debbie Davies with 3-0 scorelines to ensure at the worst a draw for the home side. Marie Riggs, winner of three match awards last season added yet another award to her list when she stopped the rot with a 3-1 win over Michelle Ellie, Marie taking the lady of the match for her 19.22 average. Allison Gallagher kept hopes alive for a draw for Shropshire when she came from 1-0 down to Maureen Purvis to win 3-1, nevertheless all appeared lost in the last encounter when Jean Stanley went two up against Michele Pritchard but never say die Pritchard kept her cool and went on to win the following three legs and the game 3-2 to secure a 3-3 draw for her team. With just the men’s ‘A’ result to be added Shropshire were 14-10 up and even a 7-5 defeat for the men would be good enough for an overall victory. The opener saw John Rutter (Tyne and Wear) win a close game with Jamie Barrowman 4-3 but the cheers were short lived for the home team as Danny James won 4-3 against Lee Rump and Lee Hodgkiss handed his opponent David Maitland a straight 4-0 defeat to put Shropshire 2-1 up. Two 4-0 wins in a row from Andy Chalmers and David Stokell over their respective counterparts Andy Jervis and Justin Evans restored Tyne and Wear’s lead and with a further win from Pete Kenny, who after trailing 2-1 to Rob Henderson went on to win 4-2, the hosts were 4-2 up at the halfway point of the match. The home team continued to extend their lead as the second half got underway Billy Robson beating Richard Parker 4-1 and Geoff Murray winning 4-2 against Sam Hamilton to open up a commanding 6-2 advantage. Clive Lucking (Shropshire) was pegged back to level terms no fewer than three times by Dean Kippen before he won the final leg for a close 4-3 win but his win only delayed Tyne and Wear’s celebrations as in the very next game their victory was confirmed when Chris Vaughan won 4-2 against the man making his return to Shropshire County Darts Keith Allman. Allman’s fifth leg was very impressive as he hit scores of 45, 180, 180 and checked out on 96 for a superb eleven darts leg. Taking the score along to 8-3 was David Hatch who had a 4-0 win over Luke Griffiths before Shropshire’s anchor man Derek Coulson produced his team’s best performance of the day. Coulson defeated Davy Richardson 4-3 and took the match award for his 26.70 average giving a final score of 8-4 to Tyne and Wear. The overall 18-18 result for the weekend was very encouraging putting Shropshire fifth in the table, the highest position they have held for the four seasons I have been writing their reports. Full Results:(Tyne and Wear names first):Men’s ‘A’:- John Rutter 4 Jamie Barrowman 3, Lee Rump 3 Danny James 4, David Maitland 0 Lee Hodgkiss 4, Andy Chalmers 4 Andy Jervis 0, David Stokell 4 Justin Evans 0, Pete Kenny 4 Rob Henderson 2, Billy Robson 4 Richard Parker 1, Geoff Murray 4 Sam Hamilton 2, Dean Kippen 3 Clive Lucking 4, Chris Vaughan 4 Keith Allman 2, David Hatch 4 Luke Griffiths 0, Davy Richardson 3 Derek Coulson 4, Men’s ‘B’:-Jack Male 0 Reece Cooke-Lucas 3, Michael McBain 3 Andy Gilbert 2, Dean Kippen 3 Trevor Smith 2, Graham Mullen 1 Simon Pritchard 3, Darren Patton 1 Scott Towers 3, Alan Jordan 0 Neville Quinton 3, Connor Corkindale 3 Mike Hampton 2, David Hatch 3 Nathan Storar 1, Dan Mock 0 Rob Trumper 3, David Borthwick 2 James Mansell 3, John Kippen 2 Chris Hill 3, Peter Rutherford 0 Adam Thackray 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Ann Marie Urwin 3 Sue Lane 1, Cheryl Roper 3 Sophie Fawcett 0, Toni Strauhgan 3 Debbie Davies 0, Michelle Ellie 1 Marie Riggs 3, Maureen Purvis 1 Allison Gallagher 3, Jean Stanley 2 Michele Pritchard 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Marie Seago 1 Cally Jones 3, Flo Kippen 2 Cloey Davies 3, Caroline Dorothy 3 Tracey Knox 2, Debbie Waugh 2 Julie Griffiths 3, Tracy Curry 3 Suzie Barnham 1, Laura Patton 3 Jenna Ball 0.
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