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Article: Alan Towe's BICC Preview - 13th/14th October

Alan Towe's BICC Preview - 13th/14th October

Warwickshire v West Midlands This coming weekend Warwickshire and West Midlands County Darts Organistations will go head to head in what will be their second of nine fixtures in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships, the two teams will square up to each other at the Warwickshire home venue the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV1 4JJ. Both teams are seeking their first win after losing their opening fixtures. Warwickshire with 17 have the slight edge on points which is two more than their opponents and are two places above them in the table. Last season’s similar fixture was played on the West Midlands home board and finished with a 19-17 result in favour of Warwickshire, who on this occasion with home advantage will be looking for, at the worst a repeat performance, while their counterparts will be looking to avenge last season’s defeat. Team selection for Warwickshire is Men’s ‘A’:- Steve Hine, Kevin Dowling, Nigel Heydon, Mark Westgarth, Noel Grant, Antony Allen, Tom Aldridge, Ian McFarlane, Dean Stewart, Ian Shaw, Ted Evetts, Charlie Symons, Men’s ‘B’:- Tom Ryan, James Hykin, David Hill, Karl Reynolds, Ashley Hykin, Rob Comben, Mark Carter, Anthony West, Mark Strong, Tom Martin, Carl Green, Jack Wareing, Reserves:- Tom McGlone, Richard Foster, Prakash Jiwa, Gareth Braham, Reece Colley, Jamie Hughes, Luke Kennedy, Women’s ‘A’:- Natalie Gilbert, Sue Gulliver, Wendy Adams, Nina Bolt, Caroline Pike, Kat Spanswick, Women’s ‘B’:- Donna Pinch, Helen Rigg, Angela Jones, Melanie Jones, Chloe McKivett, Marian Conway, Reserves:- Lucy Keyte, Denise Keyte, Vicki Cross. Selected to play for the West Midlands are Men’s ‘A’:- Gavin Baker, Scott Baker, Mark Craddock, Matthew Dicken, Adam Edgar, Nick Fullwell, Kevin Harris, Liam Kelly, Glen McGrandle, Robert Smith, Jonathan Platt, Neil Pointon, Men’s ‘B’:- Michael Baker, Trevor Brennan, Martin Greenwood, Alfie Jacques, Stephen Jones, Ash Khayatt, Danny Coyle, Shane Price, Mark Rollinson, Avtar Singh, Paul Wells, Matthew Coleman, Reserves:- Mark Dyke, Dean Mills, Danny Nicholls, Women’s ‘A’:- Sarah Roberts, Lisa Badger, Debbie Loon, Kath Jenkins, Gemma Barrett, Cheryl Alcock, Women’s ‘B’:- Lizzy Arnold, Shellbie Simmons, Heather Wright, Kat McLean, Jacqueline Maiden, Shannon Hall, Reserves:- Kim Fellows (capt), Sophie Singh, Grace Angell, Samantha Maiden, Claire Hobbs, Debra Banks, Stella Sims, Chelsea Millward.
Shropshire v West of England Shropshire County Darts Organisation will play their second fixture and first home game of the in division four of the BDO Inter County Championships this coming weekend season at the Royal, Delaware Avenue, Albrighton, Wolverhampton, WV7 3BW where they will take on West of England. Shropshire kicked off the season with a very creditable 18-18 draw away to Tyne and Wear, the best start to a season in the five that I have covered for them so far. So could this be Shropshire’s season, with their new look squad could they continue their fine start and push for promotion this term? The signs actually look good as the new recruits 17 years old Reece Cook-Lucas (23.48), James Mansell (20.71), Chris Hill (21.88), Lee Hodgkiss (22.02) and Cloey Davies (13.31) all won their games. On the oche this coming weekend will be Men’s ‘A’:- Keith Allman, Dan Astbury, Jamie Barrowman, Derek Coulson, Justin Evans, Luke Griffiths, Sam Hamilton, Lee Hodgkiss, Danny James, Andy Jervis, Clive Lucking, Martin Price, Men’s ‘B’:- Steve Blewitt, Reece Cook-Lucas, Mike Hampson, Rob Henderson, Chris Hill, Shane Knight, Scott Meyrick, Richard Parker, Simon Pritchard, Neville Quinton, Adam Thackray, Rob Trumper, Reserves:- Nik Bloor, Joe Cook, Andy Gilbert, Ash Hilditch, Glyn Humphreys, Steve O’Callaghan, Women’s ‘A’:- Stephanie Clarke, Sophie Fawcett, Allison Gallagher, Sue Lane, Michele Pritchard, Marie Riggs, Women’s ‘B’:- Jenna Ball, Suzie Barnham, Debbie Davies, Julie Griffiths, Cally Jones, Tracey Knox, Reserves:- Trish Ball, Cloey Davies, Rachael Mooney, Cheryl Owen, Deana Sheldon.
Derbyshire v Norfolk Derbyshire began their 2018 – 2019 campaign in division three of the BDO Inter County Championships with a tough away game against Merseyside, a fixture they lost 22-14 last season on their home board so a draw at Liverpool was a huge leap forward. This coming weekend at the Pinxton Village Hall, 3 Kirkstead Road, Pinxton, NG16 6NA Derbyshire will be playing hosts to Norfolk who lost their opening home fixture with Cleveland 20-16. With four wins and a draw in the last five fixtures of last season, together with a draw in this season’s opener Derbyshire’s players confidence should be sky high, that together with a couple of new faces in the squad should surely make them favourites to win. Selected to play this weekend are Men’s ‘A’:- Ian Allcock, Pete Burgoyne, Ian Clarke, Tim Daniels, David Fritchley, Richard Hanson, Ryan Hassell, Rob Hawker, Connor Hodgkinson, Ben Homes, Steve Paling, Lee Stanley, Men’s ‘B’:- Lee Arkwright, Henry Coates, Keith Cooper, Gary Fenn, Andy Gillott, Sean Lambert, Scott McCabe, Rob Needham, Tim Rippon, Michael Ryall, Steve Thompson, Paul Williams, Reserves:- Gary Barker, Loz Barnes, Andy Houghton, Neil Parkin, Peter Slater, Darren Webster, Women’s ‘A’:- Rachel Ayres, Terri Bellamy, Rebecca Hoyland, Sammi Marshall, Louise Rawson, Jackie Sweet, Women’s ‘B’:- Debbi Caven, Dee Fenn, Sara Harrison, Jennifer McCormick, Emma Varnam, Carol Western, Reserves:- Dawn Buckley, Emily Jones, Katrina McAleney, Rose Mort.
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