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Article: Alan Towe Darts World Edition 2022/06/29

Alan Towe Darts World Edition 2022/06/29

Originally planned as the great finale for the UKDA National League season the “Magic Weekend” for the last two fixtures for the Elite Premier and AON Championship Divisions were played off at the Magna Centre, Magna Way, Rotherham, Yorkshire. It was not actually the final games as there were two fixtures that due to COVID-19 restrictions in Wales in January were cancelled they were in the premier division Glamorgan v Warwickshire and in division two Montgomery and Radnor v County Durham.

Prior to the final two fixtures Lancashire with 226 points had already got one hand on the winners silverware and with a 26-10 victory over Cornwall and 20-16 success against London confirmed they were the Elite Premier Division champions with a total of 278 points 26 more than their nearest rivals Yorkshire who won 23-13 against Essex and 20-16 against Lincolnshire giving them a final total of 252 points.

Meanwhile third placed Warwickshire were at the beginning of the weekend on 189 points, 37 short of Lancashire but only 14 behind Yorkshire. Warwickshire’s game against Devon saw them win comfortably with a 26-10 result but they struggled against Lincolnshire and went down 24-12 this being only their second defeat of the season, their only other loss being in February when they had a narrow 19-17 defeat away to Lancashire. The outcome after the two games was that Warwickshire were then with 230 points 48 short of Lancashire and 22 behind Yorkshire still with one more fixture to play.

The final game for the premier Glamorgan versus Warwickshire was played off and the result was a 20-16 win for Warwickshire taking their points to 253 which saw them finish in their best ever position in a county table runners-up as they were just one point to the good on Yorkshire.

At the other end of the table Devon and Northamptonshire were the bottom two teams and will play next season in the Championship Division.


Full Results:National League 2021-2021:Match No 10:

Elite Premier Division:-

Glamorgan 21 Essex 15:Men’s ‘A’:- Glamorgan 6 Essex 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Glamorgan 9 Essex 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Glamorgan 2 Essex 4, Women’s ‘B’:- Glamorgan 4 Essex 2.

5 Salopian 1.


Northamptonshire 17 London 19:Men’s ‘A’:- Northamptonshire 5 London 7, Men’s ‘B’:- Northamptonshire 3 London 9, Women’s ‘A’:- Northamptonshire 4 London 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Northamptonshire 5 London 1.


Lancashire 26 Cornwall 10:- Men’s ‘A’:- Lancashire 7 Cornwall 5, Men’s ‘B’:- Lancashire 10 Cornwall 2, Women’s ‘A’:- Lancashire 5 Cornwall 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Lancashire 4 Cornwall 2.


Hampshire 25 Cheshire 11:Men’s ‘A’:- Hampshire 8 Cheshire 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Hampshire 8 Cheshire 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Hampshire 5 Cheshire 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Hampshire 4 Cheshire 2.


Devon 10 Warwickshire 26:Men’s ‘A’:- Devon 2 Warwickshire 10, Men’s ‘B’:- Devon 2 Warwickshire 10, Women’s ‘A’:- Devon 3 Warwickshire 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Devon 3 Warwickshire 3.


Lincolnshire 16 Yorkshire 20:Men’s ‘A’:- Lincolnshire 6 Yorkshire 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Lincolnshire 3 Yorkshire 9, Women’s ‘A’:- Lincolnshire 3 Yorkshire 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Lincolnshire 4 Yorkshire 2.


Full Results:National League 2021-2021:Match No 11:

Elite Premier Division:-

Essex 13 Yorkshire 23:Men’s ‘A’:- Essex 5 Yorkshire 7, Men’s ‘B’:- Essex 4 Yorkshire 8, Women’s ‘A’:- Essex 1 Yorkshire 5, Women’s ‘B’:- Essex 3 Yorkshire 3.


Warwickshire 12 Lincolnshire 24:Men’s ‘A’:- Warwickshire 3 Lincolnshire 9, Men’s ‘B’:- Warwickshire 5 Lincolnshire 7, Women’s ‘A’:- Warwickshire 3 Lincolnshire 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Warwickshire 1 Lincolnshire 5.


Cheshire 16 Devon 20:Men’s ‘A’:- Cheshire 6 Devon 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Cheshire 5 Devon 7, Women’s ‘A’:- Cheshire 4 Devon 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Cheshire 1 Devon 5.


Cornwall 17 Hampshire 19:Men’s ‘A’:- Cornwall 7 Hampshire 5, Men’s ‘B’:- Cornwall 5 Hampshire 7, Women’s ‘A’:- Cornwall 3 Hampshire 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Cornwall 2 Hampshire 4.


London 16 Lancashire 20:Men’s ‘A’:- London 6 Lancashire 6, Men’s ‘B’:- London 4 Lancashire 8, Women’s ‘A’:- London 2 Lancashire 4, Women’s ‘B’:- London 4 Lancashire 2.


Glamorgan 21 Northamptonshire 15:Men’s ‘A’:- Glamorgan 6 Northamptonshire 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Glamorgan 8 Northamptonshire 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Glamorgan 5 Northamptonshire 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Glamorgan 2 Northamptonshire 4.


In the AON Championship games Kent went into the weekend as leaders of the division with 207 points ten more than Dorset who were in second place. Kent chalked up a 19-17 win over Humberside and followed that with a 24-12 win against Buckinghamshire to take their points tally to 256 to acclaim them champions and a place in the premier division next season. Dorset recorded also recorded wins in both of their games 19-17 against Cambridgeshire and 20-16 against Hertfordshire to give them a total of 242 points, however it turned out that was not enough to earn them the runners-up spot and ultimately promotion to the premier as Staffordshire came in with a late run beating Berkshire 24-12 and local rivals West Midlands by the same 24-12 margin to give them 243 points just one more than Dorset.

West Midlands finished bottom of the Championship division, they together with Buckinghamshire will be relegated and play their fixtures next season in division one.


Full Results:National League 2021-2021:Match No 10:

AON Championship Division:-

West Midlands 13 Sussex 23:Men’s ‘A’:- West Midlands 6 Sussex 6, Men’s ‘B’:- West Midlands 2 Sussex 10, Women’s ‘A’:- West Midlands 3 Sussex 3, Women’s ‘B’:- West Midlands 2 Sussex 4.


Cambridgeshire 17 Gwent 19:Men’s ‘A’:- Cambridgeshire 6 Gwent 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Cambridgeshire 3 Gwent 9, Women’s ‘A’:- Cambridgeshire 5 Gwent 1, Women’s ‘B’:- Cambridgeshire 3 Gwent 3.


Hertfordshire 16 Dorset 20:Men’s ‘A’:- Hertfordshire 6 Dorset 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Hertfordshire 4 Dorset 8, Women’s ‘A’:- Hertfordshire 3 Dorset 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Hertfordshire 3 Dorset 3.


Buckinghamshire 16 Oxfordshire 20:Men’s ‘A’:- Buckinghamshire 3 Oxfordshire 9, Men’s ‘B’:- Buckinghamshire 6 Oxfordshire 6, Women’s ‘A’:- Buckinghamshire 3 Oxfordshire 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Buckinghamshire 4 Oxfordshire 2.


Humberside 17 Kent 19:Men’s ‘A’:- Humberside 6 Kent 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Humberside 4 Kent 8, Women’s ‘A’:- Humberside 2 Kent 4, Women’s ‘B’:- Humberside 5 Kent 1.


Staffordshire 24 Berkshire 12:Men’s ‘A’:- Staffordshire 6 Berkshire 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Staffordshire 10 Berkshire 2, Women’s ‘A’:- Staffordshire 3 Berkshire 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Staffordshire 5 Berkshire 1.


Full Results:National League 2021-2021:Match No 11:

AON Championship Division:-

Staffordshire 24 West Midlands 12:Men’s ‘A’:- Staffordshire 7 West Midlands 5, Men’s ‘B’:- Staffordshire 9 West Midlands 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Staffordshire 3 West Midlands 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Staffordshire 5 West Midlands 1.


Berkshire 15 Humberside 21:Men’s ‘A’:- Berkshire 5 Humberside 7, Men’s ‘B’:- Berkshire 5 Humberside 7, Women’s ‘A’:- Berkshire 3 Humberside 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Berkshire 2 Humberside 4.


Kent 24 Buckinghamshire 12:Men’s ‘A’:- Kent 8 Buckinghamshire 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Kent 9 Buckinghamshire 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Kent 4 Buckinghamshire 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Kent 3 Buckinghamshire 3.


Oxfordshire 17 Hertfordshire 19:Men’s ‘A’:- Oxfordshire 6 Hertfordshire 6, Men’s ‘B’:- Oxfordshire 5 Hertfordshire 7, Women’s ‘A’:- Oxfordshire 3 Hertfordshire 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Oxfordshire 3 Hertfordshire 3.


Dorset 19 Cambridgeshire 17:Men’s ‘A’:- Dorset 7 Cambridgeshire 5, Men’s ‘B’:- Dorset 4 Cambridgeshire 8, Women’s ‘A’:- Dorset 4 Cambridgeshire 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Dorset 4 Cambridgeshire 2.


Gwent 18 Sussex 18:Men’s ‘A’:- Gwent 9 Sussex 3, Men’s ‘B’:- Gwent 5 Sussex 7, Women’s ‘A’:- Gwent 2 Sussex 4, Women’s ‘B’:- Gwent 2 Sussex 4.


Although the final two games for the premier and championships were played simultaneously over the weekend as far as the fixtures were concerned Warwickshire’s first game was an away fixture against Devon.

It was not a good start for the ladies ‘B’ as Devon’s Karen Matthews opened the proceedings with a 3-1 win over Denise Keyte. Caroline Pike (Warwickshire) laid on a lady of the match performance against Cat Callard beating her 3-1 with a 19.49 average to level the score. Nina Bolt put the away side ahead for the first time in game three when she, despite being taken to a deciding leg won 3-2 against Sarah Brown.

It was level pegging again in the fourth when Anna Johnson (20.04) earned Devon’s match award with her 3-0 win over Melanie Jones and giving the home team a 3-2 lead in the penultimate encounter was Michelle Andrews who won 3-1 against Wendy Adams.

Nicole Goyne won the first leg against Marian Conway in what was the match decider but her lead lasted only until the second leg and after winning the second leg Marian Conway never looked back as she went on to win 3-1 and give her team mates a share of the 3-3 result.

The men’s ‘B’ side had a great start as they romped to a 5-0 lead. Kicking off the string of five wins was Martin Tonks who beat Mark Vellacott 4-2. Adam Hancock doubled Warwickshire’s lead with a straight 4-0 win over Shaun Dring before Karl Reynolds made it 3-0 with his 4-1 success against Tom Singleton. Game number four swayed one way then the other as Steve Boyce (Devon) won the first leg against Darren Swords then Swords took the next three. Boyce won the fifth and sixth to force a decider which Swords won in 21 darts with Boyce still requiring 170. A 4-2 win from Dave Honey over Fred Goldsmith made it 5-0 before Devon got their first stripe on the board in the last game of the first half when Lee Hellings, after trailing 3-1 to his namesake Lee Miller went on to win 4-3.

Devon pulled another one back as the second half got underway as Lewis Dare beat Mark Strong 4-1 and Andy Hitchman looked all set to make it 5-3 when he opened up a 3-0 lead over Scott Hope, however Hope stuck to his task, kept his nerve and went on to clinch a 4-3 win to assure the away side of at the worst a share of the spoils.

Sharing the spoils was never going to be the case as Carl Winters made it 7-2 to Warwickshire with his 4-1 win over Mark Turner and with a further 4-1 win from Carl Green against Matt Pearce, a 4-0 success for man of the match Mark Martin over Shane House and a 4-2 win for Dave Hill against Jack Goyne Warwickshire won the game 10-2. Mark Martin had winning legs of 23,15,21 and 17 against House giving him a 26.37 average.

Tammy Montgomery was first on for Warwickshire ladies ‘A’ giving her team a 1-0 lead when she beat Hayley Brant 3-1. A 122 finish saw Devon’s Jodie Hawton take the first leg off Angela Jones and although Jones won the following two legs it was Hawton who won the decider to level the game.

Lisa Hughes had a 3-0 win over Lucy Keyte to put Devon 2-1 up but a lady of the match performance from Sue Gulliver levelled the game at 2-2. Gulliver won in three straight legs against Chrissie Kinnaird with a fine 22.10 average.

All square with two to play and it was Warwickshire’s Donna Pinch who restored her teams lead with a 3-1 win over Kelly-Marie Gabriel after Gabriel had won the first leg.

As in the ladies ‘B’ game the result now hinged on the final game and on this occasion the roles were reversed as it was Devon who required the win for a draw and a win was what they got as Maria O’Brien with a 22.43 award winning average beat Chloe McKivett 3-0 to take the final score to 3-3.

Unlike the men’s ‘B’ match the men’s ‘A’ had a more steady start to their proceedings with the opening two games going to the wire as Warwickshire’s Tom Martin went on to win 4-3 against John Mann despite being pegged back to level terms three times and Martin’s team mate Kevin Dowling in a similar fashion, after leading 1-0 and 2-1 was taken to a decider by Neil White before once again winning 4-3.

Ian Shaw (Warwickshire) won the first leg against Andrew Denning but then lost the next three, he pulled back to 3-3 but then lost the final leg in 15 darts.

The away side’s two games buffer was restored in the fourth when man of the match Noel Grant beat Shaun Dring. Dring, with first throw advantage won the first leg in 21 darts but Grant replied a fine style winning the following four legs in 18,19,13 and 14 darts giving him not only a 4-1 win but a fantastic award winning average of 30.40.

Matt Pearce (Devon) won his first leg against Gareth Braham in 18 darts and although Braham responded with a 12 darts leg finishing on 138 in the second and then winning the third in 21 darts it was Pearce who won the next three legs for a 4-2 result, but by the midway point Warwickshire had extended their lead to 4-2 as Steve Giddings closed the half with a straight 4-0 win over Lewis Dare.

Jamie Atkins began the second half with a 4-2 win over Glyn Wells. Atkins checked out on 104 in fifteen darts in the first leg and then won the second in 19, Wells won the third and fourth but Atkins in 17 and 16 darts then won the game. In fact it turned out to be a clean sweep in the second half as after Jamie Atkins win Prakash Jiwa beat Phil Ward 4-1, Matty Washbrooke beat Tex Pearce 4-1 and by the same 4-1 margin Jack Wareing accounted for Mark Shears.

The last two games both went to six legs with Steve Hine and Wayne Mynard in turn beating Ben Chamberlain and Danny ‘Boy’ Belsten to give Warwickshire men’s ‘A’, like their ‘B’ a 10-2 win, the overall result 26-10 to Warwickshire.


Warwickshire’s tenth of a scheduled eleven fixtures produced only their second defeat for the season the first of which was a close 19-17 loss away to champions Lancashire and the latest the second of the Magic Weekend when they suffered their heaviest defeat of the campaign a 24-12 reversal against Lincolnshire.

It was not a good start as Lincolnshire’s ladies ‘B’ stormed to a 5-1 victory with Caroline Pike (17.71) Warwickshire solitary winner.

There was little joy for the men’s ‘B’ as they also lost 7-5 despite sharing the first half results with all six games going with the first throw advantage. Winners in the opening six games for Lincolnshire were Michael Machin, Richard Selby and Dave Wilson while Dave Hill, Scott Hope and Martin Tonks replied for Warwickshire with Tonks their man of the match with a 25.53 average and 4-3 win over Neil Ward.

The second half began in a similar fashion with Adam Beck (Lincolnshire) beating Dave Honey before the sequence was broken when Lincolnshire went 5-3 up with a 4-0 win for Shane Lowe over Carl Green.

Darren Swords and Mark Strong levelled the game with respective wins over Richard Hubbard (4-1) and Chris Haynes (4-1) but with further wins for Lincolnshire’s Jack Wilson and Eddie Lovely against, in turn Carl Winters (4-1) and Karl Reynolds (4-3) the result was 7-5 to Lincolnshire.

Sunday’s ladies ‘A’ game finished all square at 3-3, Warwickshire taking a 2-0 lead through Sue Gulliver and Lucy Keyte against Hayley Reeson and Layla Bontoft with Sue Gulliver the lady of the match with a 22.22 average.

From two down Lincolnshire then forged 3-2 lead thanks to Paula Jacklin who beat Tammy Montgomery 3-1, former Warwickshire lady Trina Gulliver winning 3-0 against Donna Pinch and Mandy Smith beating Angela Jones 3-0.

Saturday’s lady of the match Caroline Pike saved the day for Warwickshire as she won the final game against Laura Tye 3-1 to give Warwickshire ladies ‘A’ a share of the points.

Warwickshire’s men’s ‘A’ suffered a very unusual heavy 9-3 defeat going 5-1 down at the halfway stage with just the one win provided by Noel Grant who was in top form beating Adam Beck 4-2 after Beck had gone 2-0 up. Grant won the final four legs in 15,15,18 and 13 darts to earn him his team’s match award with a superb 30.70 average.

It looked as though it would be a better second half as Prakash Jiwa reduced the arrears with his 4-1 win over Jon Bywater and then Ian Shaw won 4-0 against Allan Edwards to take the score to 5-3 to Lincolnshire but alas that was to be Warwickshire’s last winners as Thomas Lovely won 4-3 against Jamie Atkins, Karl Forrington beat Tom Martin 4-2, Tony Hill won 4-2 against Gareth Braham amd Kev Leadenham took the final score to 9-3 with his 4-1 success against Kevin Dowling to give Lincolnshire an overall 24-12 victory.


The United Kingdom Darts Association wound down their inaugural season with two rearranged fixtures that were originally down as match six games and scheduled to be played in January 2022, but due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Wales had to be cancelled.

The two fixtures were, in the Elite Premier Division Glamorgan versus Warwickshire and in the Top Gun Promotions Division Two it was Montgomery and Radnor versus County Durham.

The Glamorgan versus Warwickshire fixture was vital to Warwickshire as the result was going to be the difference between finishing the season in third place or taking the runners-up spot as prior to the fixture Lancashire had already been acclaimed champions and Yorkshire, who had already completed their fixtures were on 252 points with Warwickshire on 230 some 22 points short of Yorkshire.

So a win of at least 20-16 was what was required from Warwickshire to clinch the runners-up spot but it was all looking a little bit of a challenge after Saturday’s games as the ladies ‘B’ lost 4-2 and the men’s ‘B’ could only manage a 6-6 draw leaving them trailing overall by 10-8.

Sunday had a slightly better start as the ladies ‘A’ shared the points in a 3-3 draw leaving the onus on the men’s ‘A’ to determine their fate.

The first four games for the men’s ‘A’ were shared but by the midway point the hosts Glamorgan, had opened up a 4-2 lead and after completing the first eight games were then 5-3 up with a number two spot not looking possibly out of reach for the away side.

However after the opening eight games the tide began to turn and in game nine Matty Washbrooke beat Mike Huntley 4-1 then Wayne Mynard won 4-0 against Hywel Manuel and Jamie Atkins beat Dale Hughes 4-2 to leave the result and Warwickshire’s destiny resting on the final encounter of the weekend and the very last game of the season.

With tension now riding high Shaun Dibbs took the stage for Glamorgan and representing Warwickshire was their long-serving player Prakash Jiwa. Jiwa went 2-0 up and although Dibbs pulled one back in the third Prakash Jiwa went on to seal not only a personal 4-1 victory but a 7-5 win for the men’s ‘A’, an overall 20-16 win for the squad and more importantly giving Warwickshire’s their best ever county finish as runners-up with 253 points just one more than Yorkshire who finished third on 252.

Congratulations to all Warwickshire players, officials and supporters, what a fabulous season.

UKDA National League Rearranged Fixtures:

Elite Premier Division:Match 6:

Glamorgan 16 Warwickshire 20:Glamorgan MA 5-7 Warwickshire MA:Men’s ‘A’:- David Rogers 4 Steve Giddings 2, Mark Challenger 3 Tom Martin 4, Wayne Davies 4 Gareth Braham 2, Dai Caller 1 Noel Grant 4, Sean Fisher 4 Kevin Dowling 0, Neil Lewis 4 Jack Wareing 3, Tim Jones 3 Jamie Hughes 4, Neil Parry 4 Ian Shaw 2, Mike Huntley 1 Matty Washbrooke 4, Hywel Manuel 0 Wayne Mynard 4, Dale Hughes 2 Jamie Atkins 4, Shaun Dibbs 1 Prakash Jiwa 4, Glamorgan MB 6-6 Warwickshire MB:Men’s ‘B’:- Jeff Thomas 3 Mark Carter 4, Richard Shanklyn 4 Dave Hill 1, Dan Thompson 4 Carl Green 0, Richie Edwards 4 Darren Swords 0, Gavin Sterio 2 Martin Tonks 4, Josh Lloyd 3 Lee Miller 4, Adrian Jones 4 Martin Partridge 1, Dai Powell 3 Scott Hope 4, Keirion Carter 4 Karl Reynolds 2, Colin Powell 0 Adam Hancock 4, Neil Lewis 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Dan Thomas 4 Jenson Walker 3, Glamorgan WA 3-3 Warwickshire WA:Women’s ‘A’:- Claire Crocombe 2 Natalie Gilbert 3, Chris Savvery 1 Caroline Pike 3, Jan Robbins 3 Sue Gulliver 2, Eve Watson 2 Tammy Montgomery 3, Rhian O'Sullivan 3 Donna Pinch 0, Michelle Bowkett 3 Lucy Keyte 0, Glamorgan WB 2-4 Warwickshire WB:Women’s ‘B’:- Jen Taylor 2 Nina Bolt 3, Nicky Biddick 1 Chloe McKivett 3, Ffion James 2 Wendy Adams 3, Sue Hall 2 Marian Conway 3, Michelle Jones 3 Melanie Jones 1, Joanne Pugh 3 Angela Jones 2.


The division two game between Montgomery and Radnor and County Durham was also significant, not so much for Montgomery and Radnor as they were already destined for division three next season but for County Durham as despite lying in a fifth position in the table with 177 points, 32 short of leaders Leicestershire but only 13 adrift of second placed Cumbria, so as in the premier division the runners-up spot was once again up for grabs.

The ladies ‘B’ could not have given County Durham a much better start as they chalked up a convincing 5-1 victory and with a 6-6 draw for the men’s ‘B’ they carried a lead of 11-7 over to Sunday’s games.

Again on Sunday the away ladies produced the goods as they recorded a 4-2 victory but the men once again were held to a 6-6 draw which was enough to give an overall result of 21-15 to County Durham to take their points tally to 201, just eight short of champions Leicestershire but eleven to the good on Cumbria to give them not only the runners-up spot but also promotion to division one.

UKDA National League Rearranged Fixtures:

Top Gun Promotions Division Two:Match 6:

Montgomery and Radnor 15 County Durham 21: Montgomery and Radnor MA 6-6 County Durham MA:Men’s ‘A’:- Lee Williams 4 Paul Dinning 3, Paul Ballantyne 3 Stephen Annan 4, Tony Lloyd 2 Matthew Hodgson 4, Rhys Field 4 Jack Kirtland 1, Mitch Butler 3 Jack Bell 4, David Boyle 3 Martin Farmer 4, Dan Petty 4 Gary Miller 3, Andre Knox 4 Gerry Hall 3, Roger Williams 4 Robert Douthwaite 1, John Offa 4 Paul Webster 0, David Davies 0 Chris Dominey 4, Rob Shingler 2 Eddie Brown 4, Montgomery & Radnor MB 6-6 County Durham MB:Men’s ‘B’:- Neil Astley 3 Michael Gladstone 2, Paul Simister 0 Paul Dinning 3, Daniel Taylor 0 Robert Wild 3, Chris Willard 3 John Teal 0, Jay Adams 2 Chris Dominey 3, Ashley Orchard 2 Ian Adamson 3, Steve Rowlands 3 Graham Robertson 2, Frankie Costanzo 3 Stuart Walker 2, David Breese 0 Paul Johnson 3, Andrew Peers 3 Jamie Thompson 0, Dan Jones 3 Andy Allaker 1, Paul Orchard 0 Ian Hambleton 3, Montgomery & Radnor WA 2-4 County Durham WA:Women’s ‘A’:- Sally Urwin 1 Linda Hindmarch 3, Louise Davies 3 Cheryl Adamson 2, Sue Lewis 0 Lauren Stokoe 3, Jane Jones 3 Jennifer Summerson 1, Claire Boyle 0 Angie McDonald 3, Kelly Butler 1 Laura Patton 3, Montgomery & Radnor WB 1-5 County Durham WB:Women’s ‘B’:- Kirsty Bullock 3 Sharon Storey 1, Shelly Mulliner 0 Susan Hindmarch 3, Sharon Shepherd 0 Margaret Stewart 3, Tina James 0 Clare Stewart 3, Sam Lloyd 0 Sandra Cairns 3, Claire Boyle 1 Melisa Sams 3.


Now with all fixtures completed and the dust settled on the season the major points of the first season of the UKDA National League saw Lancashire acclaimed champions of the Elite Premier Division with Warwickshire runners-up. At the other end of the premier table Devon and Northamptonshire were the bottom two teams and will play next season in the AON Championship.

In the AON Championship Division Kent with 256 points won the title, they together with runners-up Staffordshire, who finished the season on 243 point’s, get promotion to the top division of the land the Premier Division.

West Midlands and Buckinghamshire finished at the foot of the division and as a result get relegated to the L-Style Division One.

Cleveland and Gwynedd both get promotion from the L-Style Division One to the Championship with Cleveland going up as champions with 225 points and Gwynedd with 188 points finishing as runners-up.

Nottinghamshire and Clwyd lose their division one status as they finished the season in the bottom two places and will go down to division two next season.

Just eight points was the difference between the top two teams in the Top Gun Promotions Division Two, Leicestershire crowned champions with 209 points and County Durham with 201 points finishing second to see both teams winning promotion to the higher division one.

Middlesex and Montgomery and Radnor were the bottom two teams in the division and as a result will be relegated to division three for next season.

Black Country enjoyed their first taste of county darts winning the Darts for Windows Division Three title with a total of 207 points, twenty two more than their nearest rivals Gloucestershire who took second place by just two points from third and fourth in the division Northumberland and Salopian.

Finishing at the foot of division three was Isle of Wight with 79 points, Pembrokeshire just above them amassed a total of 132 points.


Warwickshire final game of the season in the Elite Premier Division of the UKDA National League was a rearranged away fixture against Glamorgan which saw the women’s ‘B’ get the game off to a cracking start as they romped into a winning 4-0 lead. Nina Bolt began the quartet of wins with her 3-2 success over Jen Taylor. Lady of the match Chloe McKivett doubled the lead when she accounted for Nicky Biddick with a 3-1 result after Biddick had won the first leg. McKivett’s 17.91 average earning the team’s award.

Taking the score along to 3-0 was Wendy Adams who beat Ffion James 3-2 before Marian Conway sealed the win with her 3-2 victory over Sue Hall, Hall having gone within a whisker of winning the game when she went 2-0 up.

The last two games went to Glamorgan as Michelle Jones and Joanne Pugh beat respective opponents Melanie Jones and Angela Jones in turn 3-1 and 3-2 to give a final score of 4-2 to Warwickshire.

Mark Carter gave the men’s ‘B’ a winning start as he won 4-3 against Jeff Thomas but Glamorgan bounced back with wins from Richard Shanklyn, Dan Thompson and Richie Edwards who in turn accounted for Dave Hill (4-1), Carl Green (4-0) and Darren Swords (4-0).

By the halfway point however, the running score was level at 3-3 as Martin Tonks came from two down against Gavin Sterio to win 4-2 and Lee Miller after checking out on 136 in the first leg then trailed 3-1 to Josh Lloyd but fought back to earn a 4-3 victory.

Glamorgan went ahead again as the second half got underway, Adrian Jones winning 4-1 against Martin Partridge. The eighth game produced Warwickshire’s man of the match in the form of Scott Hope. Hope was taken the full seven legs distance by Dai Powell but won the final leg in 17 darts to give him a 26.93 average.

With the game levelled again once more it was the hosts who took the lead, this time thanks to their Keiron Carter who won 4-2 against Karl Reynolds. From 5-4 up Glamorgan then went 6-5 down as Adam Hancock won 4-0 against Colin Powell and Nigel Heydon beat Neil Lewis 4-2 to leave the game hinging on the final tussle between Dan Thomas (Glamorgan) and Jenson Walker.

The last game of the day went one way then the other as Thomas won the opener then Walker took the next two legs. From 2-1 down Thomas opened up a 3-2 lead and although Jenson Walker forced a deciding leg it was Dan Thomas who won it for a 4-3 win and a 6-6 result.

The women’s ‘A’ had a bright start when Natalie Gilbert gave them a 1-0 lead when she beat Claire Crocombe 3-2 after Claire came from 1-0 down to lead 2-1. Caroline Pike doubled the advantage with her 3-1 success against Chris Savvery before Sue Gulliver at number three opened up a 2-0 lead over Jan Robbins but then uncharacteristically lost the next three legs and the game 3-2.

Warwickshire’s two games buffer was quickly restored as Tammy Montgomery not only won 3-2 against Eve Watson but at the same time won the lady of the match award for her fantastic 28.87 average with winning legs of 14,17 and 14 darts.

With two to play and requiring just one more winner for a team victory Warwickshire lost the last two games 3-0 as Donna Pinch and Lucy Keyte in turn went down to Rhian O’Sullivan and Michelle Bowkett to give a final score of 3-3.

The opening five games of the men’s ‘A’ match all went against the first throw advantage with David Rogers, Mark Challenger and Wayne Davies winning for Glamorgan, Tom Martin and Noel Grant replying for Warwickshire. As the first half drew to a close the sequence changed as Neil Lewis gave the home side a 4-2 lead when he beat Jack Wareing 4-3.

As the second half began Jamie Hughes (Warwickshire) won the first leg against Tim Jones in 16 darts only to see Jones reply with three in a row as he checked out in 16,15 and 15 darts. Hughes took the fifth in 17 darts and then with 107 and 130 outshots in 15 and 12 darts sealed a 4-3 win and clinched the match award for his superb 32.38 average.

Neil Parry extended Glamorgan’s lead to 5-3 when he won 4-2 against Ian Shaw but that was to be the host’s last winner as Matty Washbrooke, Wayne Mynard, Jamie Atkins and Prakash Jiwa in turn defeated Mike Huntley, Hywel Manuel, Dale Hughes and Shaun Dibbs for a 7-5 result.

The 7-5 win was significant in more ways than just a win for the men’s ‘A’ or even an overall 20-16 win for the weekend but more importantly it gave Warwickshire the runners-up spot in the Premier Division, their best ever county finish.


The inaugural season of the United Kingdom Darts Association’s National League, apart from the untimely interruption of COVID-19 ran rather smoothly with all divisions and every one of the fifty-three teams completing their fixtures.

For some teams, especially the Welsh sides it was somewhat of a traumatic time with having to rearrange their games especially when Wales were on a complete lockdown, but full marks to all concerned as they overcame all of the problems, rearranged their fixtures and played them off, albeit a couple were played after the so-called “Magic Weekend”

Congratulations go to all divisional champions Lancashire (Elite Premier), Kent (AON Championship), Cleveland (L-Style Division One), Leicestershire (Top Gun Promotions Division Two) and Black Country (Darts for Windows Division Three), also well a big done to all of the divisional runners-up Warwickshire (Elite Premier), Staffordshire (AON Championship), Gwynedd (L-Style Division One), County Durham (Top Gun Promotions Division Two) and Gloucestershire (Darts for Windows Division Three), all of whom gained promotion in the first season of the National League.

At the other end of the tables commiserations go to all of the relegated teams in the Elite Premier Division Devon and Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and West Midlands will play next season in the L-Style Division One as they finished as the bottom two teams in the AON Championship. Nottinghamshire and Clwyd go down from L-Style Division One to the Top Gun Promotions Division Two and leaving division two for the Darts for Windows Division Three are Middlesex and Montgomery and Radnor, all of whom will be doing their utmost next season to return to the divisions they are leaving.

Overall the season has gone pretty smoothly and with 53 teams lining up for the forthcoming season, once again making up five divisions the prospect is high for another exciting season. With darts tournaments within and outside of the UKDA National League growing ever bigger the overall outlook is looking bright for players throughout the United Kingdom and hopefully with no COVID-19 or any other health scares there will be fewer, hopefully no cancelled games and the season will run as per the fixture card.

The biggest shock to come out of the UKDA has been since the season finished and that is the surprising news of the resignation of Chairman Johnny Stefano. Just over two years ago Johnny was appointed as Chairman on the 17th May 2020 and after just one full playing season in that position as quit the post. I’m everyone will join me in wishing Johnny all the very best in whatever he chooses to do next.


More good news for Warwickshire was the success of their Natalie Gilbert as she together with her fellow super England Ladies emerged as winners of the British Internationals held in Merthyr Tydfil South Wales.

Natalie lost out to Welsh Captain Rhian O Sullivan in the first fixture but then won her second fixture versus Scotland where she was drawn against Lynsey Ward.


Weoley Castle WMC was the setting for a “Summer Weekend of Darts in Birmingham” with no fewer than four competitions being played off over the weekend.

On Saturday there was the men’s and women’s Classic Knockout, the men’s competition attracting a total of 75 players, losers in the last sixteen Anthony Webster, Paul Boulton, Thomas Garfield, Mark Dudbridge, Rich Hosey, Nick Fullwell, Wayne Willis and Wayne Harrison all receiving £40.

In the quarter-finals there were wins for Ryan Palmer, Kevin Leung, Lee Evans and Graham Hall who in turn took out Charlie Symons, Dale Heritage, Matt Jackson and Brian Dawson who each picked up £50.

The last four games saw Kevin Leung win 5-0 against Ryan Palmer and Graham Hall win 6-3 against Lee Evans with £125 going to both Palmer and Evans.

The final was a really close affair going to the wire with in-form Graham Hall just getting the 7-6 edge on Kevin Leung to collect the winners £750, as runner-up Leung received £300.

In the ladies Classic Janine Gough, Enola Wilson, Lacey Hughes and Stella Sims each received £30 for losing to respective opponents Vicky Pruim, Sarah Roberts, Rebecca Brouse and Amanda Harwood in the quarter-finals while Vicky Pruim and Rebecca Brouse in turn lost to Sarah Roberts and Amanda Harwood in the semis and collected £70 each.

As in the men’s event the final went to the last leg with Sarah Roberts clinching the winners £300 with a 6-5 win over Amanda Harwood who picked up £140.

Sunday’s Open entries were a little disappointing but that didn’t detract from some quality darts as Graham Hall just failed to make it a double when he lost 7-2 in the final to Luke Woodhouse but nevertheless he added a further £300 to his coffers with Woodhouse winning the top prize of £500.

Losing semi-finalists Steven Thompson and Colin Osborne each received £130 while there was £60 for losing quarter-finalists Nick Fullwell, Ryan O’Connor, Chris Skeates and Mark Dudbridge.

Taking the top prize of £300 in the ladies open was Vicky Pruim who beat Evonne Taylor (£140) 6-5 in the final.

Other cash winners were Amanda Harwood and Sarah Roberts who received £70 for losing in the last four and there was £30 for Paula Jacklin, Grace Angell, Emma Manning and Rebecca Brouse who went out in the quarter-finals.

Along with Marie you also get the black Country lads and lasses who always make my weekends feel special plus the many others that attend and support in little ways that mean a lot to me . Thank you everyone

Full Results: Saturday’s Birmingham Men’s Classic:Last Sixteen:- Charlie Symons 5 Anthony Webster 0, Ryan Palmer 5 Paul Boulton 4, Kevin Leung 5 Thomas Garfield 3, Mark Dudbridge 0 Dale Heritage 5, Lee Evans 5 Rich Hosey 0, Matt Jackson 5 Nick Fullwell 3, Wayne Willis 1 Brian Dawson 5, Wayne Harrison 1 Graham Hall 5, Quarter-Finals:- Charlie Symons 1 Ryan Palmer 5, Kevin Leung 5 Dale Heritage 0, Lee Evans 5 Matt Jackson 4, Brian Dawson 3 Graham Hall 5, Semi-Finals:- Ryan Palmer 0 Kevin Leung 6, Lee Evans 3 Graham Hall 6, Final:- Kevin Leung 6 Graham Hall 7, Sunday’s Birmingham Men’s Open:Last Sixteen:- Nick Fullwell 5 Adam Gallett 0, Peter Wright 1 Steven Thompson 5, Thomas Garfield 2 Ryan O’Connor 5, Matt Jackson 1 Graham Hall 5, Chris Skeates 5 Mark Bolton 4, Matt Gallett 3 Colin Osborne 5, Luke Woodhouse 5 Chris Millward 0, Mark Dudbridge 5 Daniel Lee 3, Quarter-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 3 Steven Thompson 5, Ryan O’Connor 3 Graham Hall 5, Chris Skeates 4 Colin Osborne 5, Luke Woodhouse 5 Mark Dudbridge 4, Semi-Finals:- Steven Thompson 0 Graham Hall 6, Colin Osborne 4 Luke Woodhouse 6, Final:- Graham Hall 2 Luke Woodhouse 7, Saturday’s Birmingham Women’s Classic:Last Sixteen:- Vicky Pickford 0 Janine Gough 4, Jo Locke 0 Vicky Pruim 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Lauren Stokoe 1, Enola Wilson 4 Lainey Webb 0, Rebecca Brouse 4 Steph Williams 0, Lacey Hughes 4 Qingxin Zhao 1, Mandie Howard 3 Stella Sims 4, Grace Angell 2 Amanda Harwood 4, Quarter-Finals:- Janine Gough 3 Vicky Pruim 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Enola Wilson 0, Rebecca Brouse 4 Lacey Hughes 0, Stella Sims 1 Amanda Harwood 4, Semi-Finals:- Vicky Pruim 3 Sarah Roberts 5, Rebecca Brouse 1 Amanda Harwood 5, Final:- Sarah Roberts 6 Amanda Harwood 5, Sunday’s Birmingham Women’s Open:Last Sixteen:- Paula Jacklin 4 Karen Wallace 0, Amanda Harwood 4 Heather Wright 3, Vicky Pruim 4 Leanne Wilson 1, Grace Angell 4 Qingxin Zhao 2, Lacey Hughes 1 Emma Manning 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Laney Webb 0, Evonne Taylor 4 Jo Locke 3, Enola Wilson 3 Rebecca Brouse 4, Quarter-Finals:- Amanda Harwood 4 Paula Jacklin 3, Grace Angell 0 Vicky Pruim 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Emma Manning 1, Rebecca Brouse 2 Evonne Taylor 4, Semi-Finals:- Vicky Pruim 5Amanda Harwood 0, Evonne Taylor 5 Sarah Roberts 4, Final:- Evonne Taylor 5 Vicky Pruim 6.


The Sports Argus Charity Team have been back in action and after three years of trying finally managed to arrange a fixture with the Worcestershire Super League and what a great night it was with £1500 raised for charity (£750 to children's hospital and £750 prostate cancer). The Argus would like to thank Mark Jones and all the Worcestershire County for raising such an amazing amount of money.

The result on the night was 7-2 to Worcestershire, a fair result which saw them turn in some amazing displays all night with the Sports Argus players missing their chances.

Full Results:-

  1. Neil Parsonage (2x140,137,125,100) 1 Ian Oliver (3x100,105f)Ian winning 2

  1. Lee Furneaux (140) 0 Thomas Garfield (2x100,180) 2

  1. Patrick Sinnett (2x100,121,125) 0 Anthony Bulter (2x100,125) 2

  1. Dave Harris jnr (140) 0 Ian Mackenzie (2x100,140,180) 2

  1. Phil Whitlock (6x100,136) 2 Nick Evans (2x140,100) 1

  1. Jake Liggins (177,100,133,123) 1 Andy Andrew Pullen (133,134) 2

  1. George Willetts (140,100) 2 Andy Futcher 0

  1. Terry Webster (2x100,125,136) 1 Chris Jennings (4x100,140) 2

  1. Tom White (3x100,140) 1 Phil Rooney (3x100,3x135) 2

Phil Whitlock was the Sports Argus man of the match while taking the same hour for Worcestershire was Ian Mackenzie with a 27.08 average.

There was 180s for Thomas Garfield and Ian Mackenzie 177 for Jake Liggins, Jake missed the bull for 164 game shot at 1-1 and then lost the leg and the game 2-1 to Andy Pullen.

There were 2 games of 701 doubles with Worcestershire winning both


The ECC Club was the setting for the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League Singles Knockout which attracted an encouraging 74 players. In the quarter finals there were wins for Neil Baugh (Moreton Arms), Ben Johnson (Gilbert’s Bar), Steve Jarvis (ECC) and Simon Pritchard (Railway) who in turn defeated Steve Field (Cleveland Arms), Jon Blakemore (Gilbert’s Bar), Richard New (ECC) and Russ Smith Wednesfield Legion).

Makng their way to the final at the expense of Neil Baugh and Simon Pritchard were Ben Johnson and Steve Jarvis.

The final result was a little one-sided as Steve Jarvis was crowned champion with a straight 3-0 win over Ben Johnson.


Gilbert’s Bar, Willenhall was the setting for the Gilbert’s Bar Grand Prix of darts which attracted 41 players. In the semi-finals Ben Johnson had a close win over Gav Smith going to the wire before he won 5-4 while Ryan O’Connor had a more comfortable 5-1 success against Jon Blakemore.

The final was extended to the best of eleven legs in which O’Connor continued his fine form to beat Ben Johnson 6-4. As winner O’Connor received £300 with £100 going to Johnson, Gav Smith and Jon Blakemore each received £50 as losing semi-finalists.

In the first round losers Plate Knockout the final was a close affair with Ian Jones just getting the 3-2 edge on Antony Dent to pick-up £40 with Dent collecting £20.


Gilbert’s Bar was also the setting for the Platinum Jubilee Knockout which attracted a total of 61 players. Going out in the last eight but receiving £20 were, Ian Jones, Rob Thompson, Chris Fox and Mick Baker.

The semi-finals saw Sam Guest beat Gavin Baker 4-1 and Richard Platt win 4-3 against Ben Johnson with Baker and Johnson picking up £40 each.

The final was a very close affair with Richard Platt just getting the 4-3 verdict over Sam Guest to collect £200 as winner with Guest taking away £100 as runner-up.

Richard Platt (Winner) with Sam Guest (Runner-Up)


The passing of John (Jack) Jones was saddening to all darts players especially players in the Black Country where he was known throughout as a man who lived and loved darts managing teams, organising matches and acting as MC on many, many occasions, in fact he was MC of many of my Highgate/Tennants Mitchells and Butlers exhibition games.

Although he didn’t actually play himself he was dedicated to the sport and did everything he could not only to promote the West Midlands County, Super League and many local leagues but also the many players he helped to reach the standard of play they are still achieving today.

Condolences to John’s family, he will be missed by all of his friends and acquaintances both near and far.

Rest in Peace John Jones darts is a far lesser place with your premature departure.

John Jones


Supported by Red Dragon Darts

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