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Article: Alan Towe - A West Midlands Round Up

Alan Towe - A West Midlands Round Up

In fixture number four of the Elite Premier Division in the UKDA National League Warwickshire made the long trek to the south-west to take on Cornwall, their 21-15 win keeping them within four points of leaders Lancashire and opening up a thirteen points advantage over third placed Yorkshire who won 20-16 playing away against London.

The ladies were in top form Wendy Adams (16.34) taking the match award in the ‘B’ team’s 5-1 win while Tammy Montgomery was the ‘A’ team’s top player with her 21.17 average.

Both men’s teams finished all square at six each with the relative ‘A’ and B’ match awards going to Gareth Braham (30.70) and Karl Reynolds (26.03).

Full Results:Cornwall 15 Warwickshire 21:Men’s ‘A’:6-6:- Mike Jones 2 Steve Hine 4, Gareth Griffiths 4 Dave Honey 1, Simon Knowles 1 Gareth Braham 4, Kevin Dunstan 4 Matty Washbrooke 3, Mike Beard 3 Noel Grant 4, Kevin Bray 4 Ian Shaw 2, Jez Camp 1 Kevin Dowling 4, Matt Knowles 2 Jack Wareing 4, Neil Meneer 4 Dave Atkins 0, Martin Smith 4 Mark Strong 1, Rob Ruberry 4 Mark Carter 1, Dennis Bryant 2 Jamie Atkins 4, Men’s ‘B’:6-6:- Dan Jones 0 Karl Reynolds 4, Simon Rees 4 Wayne Mynard 1, David Copplestone 4 Darren Swords 2, Paul Ellis 0 Carl Green 4, Josh Symons 4 Martin Tonks 2, Greg Hambly 2 Will Naylor 4, Carl Jefferys 4 Mark Tomlinson 3, Sam Hicks 4 Jason Prince 3, Kevin Thompson 0 Mark Carter 4, Neil Dudbridge 1 Matty Washbrooke 4, Kyle Willmott 4 Dave Hill 3, Simon Furse 2 Jack Wareing 4, Women’s ‘A’:2-4:- Sarah Gill 3 Angela Jones 1, Tracey Hancock 0 Tammy Montgomery 3, Becky Curnow 0 Donna Pinch 3, Teresa Brookshaw 3 Nina Bolt 1, Jacqui Champion 2 Sue Gulliver 3, Pauline Mead 2 Chloe McKivett 3, Women’s ‘B’:1-5:- Catherine Rashleigh 0 Wendy Adams 3, Emma Dow 2 Lucy Keyte 3, Vicki Dennett 1 Melanie Jones 3, Tyrian Jesse 0 Caroline Pike 3, Lynsey Hill 2 Denise Keyte 3, Joe-Anne Symons 3 Marian Conway 0.

Warwickshire will be in action again this coming weekend when they will take on fourth in the division London at the Hen Lane Club, Beacon Road, Coventry, CV6 4DS.

Selected to play for Warwickshire will be Men’s ‘A’:- Jamie Atkins, Gareth Braham, Kevin Dowling, Steve Giddings, Noel Grant, Steve Hine, Jamie Hughes, Prakash Jiwa, Ian McFarlane, Ian Shaw, Mark Strong, Jack Wareing, Men’s ‘B’:- Mark Carter, Carl Green, Dave Hill, Dave Honey, Tom Martin, Wayne Mynard, Will Naylor, Karl Reynolds, Darren Swords, Mark Tomlinson snr, Martin Tonks, Matty Washbrooke, Reserves:- Tom Aldridge, Adam Hancock, Scott Hope, Mark Martin, Dean Stewart, Women’s ‘A’:- Natalie Gilbert, Sue Gulliver, Angela Jones, Chloe McKivett, Tammy Montgomery, Donna Pinch, Women’s ‘B’:- Wendy Adams, Nina Bolt, Marian Conway, Melanie Jones, Denise Keyte, Caroline Pike, Reserves:- Lucy Keyte, Sue Maclennan.

In the AON Championship Division of the UKDA National League West Midlands were held to an 18-18 draw by Buckinghamshire, the opening four games seeing them record one win, one draw and two defeats to leave them ninth in a division of twelve teams.

The result for both men’s teams was 7-5 with the ‘A’ losing by that scoreline and the ‘B’ winning. John Morris took the ‘A’ man of the match award for his 30.10 average while Richard Platt (27.42) received the same accolade for the ‘B’ side.

As the men finished with a similar 7-5 result the ladies both had 3-3 draws as Jacqueline Maiden’s 20.50 average was top for the ‘A’ and 14.92 for another Jacqueline, this time Simmons took the ‘B’.

Full Results:West Midlands 18 Buckinghamshire 18:Men’s ‘A’:5-7:- Wayne Willis 2 Carl Webb 4, Kevin Bambrick 3 Ricky Nathan 4, Ash Khayat 2 Clive Wilford 4, John Morris 4 David Broome 2, Scott Hall 4 Stephen Reed 0, Michael Baker 0 Del Boy Pratley 4, Neil Pointon 3 Damien Fyffe 4, Gavin Baker 3 Jon Woodbridge 4, Matthew Dicken 3 Jamie Major 4, Glen McGrandle 4 Liam Maughan 3, Shaun Carroll 4 Mat Caste 2, Darren Williams 4 Jason Knibbs 3, Men’s ‘B’:7-5:- Luke Griffiths 2 Kevin Locke 4, Gareth Watts 4 Stuart Robinson 0, Dean Fullwood 4 Wayne Warren 2, Jon Platt 4 Dickie Gregory 2, Adam Teasdale 4 Darren Battams 1, Ian Stanton 4 Nigel Beaven 0, Paul Price 4 Karl Deacon 3, Adam Johnson 1 Eddie Ford 4, Richard Platt 4 Mark Boardman 1, Daniel Coyle 0 Glen Young 4, Mike Hampson 3 Andy Turnbull 4, Martin Angell 2 Jason Knibbs 4, Women’s ‘A’:3-3:- Kat Mclean 3 Janet Weedon 0, Shellbie Simmons 0 Kirsty Gibbs 3, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Ann Wakefield 1, Claire Hobbs 1 Dawn Seaman 3, Jacqueline Simmons 1 Lorraine Bowen 3, Gemma Barrett 3 Anita Daly 1, Women’s ‘B’:3-3:- Katherine Jenkins 0 Dawn Seaman 3, Sophie Singh 1 Barbara Legge 3, Crysta Wilcox 0 Alexandra Dorney 3, Kelly Doleman 3 Laura Ross 0, Jacqueline Simmons 3 Geraldine Johnson 1, Sarah Maybury 3 Jane Sobey 0.

Game number five will see West travel this coming weekend to take on bottom of the division Oxfordshire.

The Black Country’s inaugural season in county darts just gets better and better as in their latest Darts for Windows Division Three fixture they returned from Wirral with a 23-13 win, their fourth success in as many games. Although they have had such a good start to their campaign Black Country only have a slender four points lead over their nearest rivals, second placed Gloucestershire.

Both men’s teams chalked up big wins, the ‘A’ team winning 8-4 with Ben Hollowood (26.98) their top player and the ‘B’ going one better as they beat their counterparts 9-3 with the match award going to Liam Kelly (28.75).

It was all even in the ladies games as both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ finished 3-3. Chez Allcock (20.14) took the ‘A’ award while the top average of 17.08 for the ‘B’ was shared by Heather Wright and Lacey Hughes.

Full Results:Wirall 13 Black Country 23:Men’s ‘A’:4-8:- Andy Parson 3 Paul Wells 4, Chris Farrell-Dennett 2 James Hykin 4, Kev Toole 4 Gaz Johnson 3, Robbie Green 3 Trevor Brennon 4, Andy Cummins 2 Ben Hollowood 4, Steve McNally 2 Mark Maiden 4, Scott Hudson 4 Jamie Barrowman 2, Marc Lynam 4 Martin Price 2, Bryn Suckley 0 Dan Nicholls 4, Neil Mayer 2 Owen Maiden 4, Steve Maish 2 Rob Smith 4, Darren Bradley 4 Steve Gillam 1, Men’s ‘B’:3-9:- Conor Mayer 1 James Hykin 3, Perry Harley 2 Ali Hickinbottom 3, Paul Barron 1 Mark Rollinson 3, Byron Garner 1 Matt Coleman 3, Kieran Nolan 1 Shane Sheridan 3, Alex Di Stefano 0 Lewis Law 3, Aaron Dempsey 2 Jamie Rollinson 3, Darren Bradley 3 Chris Hickman 2, Mike Williamson 3 Neil Steventon 1, Phil Hignett 2 Rich Bowen 3, Ritchie O'Gorman 1 Liam Kelly 3, Mark Patmore 3 Adam Edgar 1, Women’s ‘A’:3-3:- Joanne Toye 1 Tammy Chance 3, Kim Holden 3 Steph Koyna 0, Jane Robson 3 Grace Angell 2, Ruth Green 3 Lynne Reynolds 1, Katie Woodcock 0 Doreen Hunt 3, Pam Courts 1 Chez Allcock 3, Women’s ‘B’:3-3:- Emma Evans 1 Stella Sims 3, Sue Bonner 3 Shannon Hall 2, Nat Farragher 0 Lacey Hughes 3, Chris O'Gorman 0 Heather Wright 3, Sandra James 3 Marie Millward 0, Jen Taylor 3 Angie Carroll 0.

Black Country have a home tie this coming weekend when they will take on fellow newcomers to county darts Salopian

In the Four Oaks and District League there was a comfortable 8-1 win at Oscott Social Club for division one leaders Boldmere St Mikes to maintain their two points lead over second placed Erdington Arrows who had a narrow 5-4 win at home against Old Oscott Arrows.

Red Lion’s 5-4 victory over Highcroft Social sees them move up to third place four points behind Erdington.

It finally happened after losing four matches 5-4 Golden Hind Lions hung on to win 5-4 at Pint Pot Flights to secure their first win in seven but they still remain rooted to the foot of the table on two points, two short of Pint Pot Flights, Oscott Social Club and Walmley CSC Flights, the three teams just above them.

Some excellent darts in the second division that produced three nine dart games from R.Franks (Charley’s Flights), J.Rogers and Jim Frost (Heartlands) this week but they were eclipsed by an 8 darts game by T.Hines of Charley’s Flights.

A 5-4 win over Deer’s Leap by Bishop Vesey and an 8-1 victory for Heartlands over Bills Arrows puts Vesey and Heartlands on the same points and average at the top of the second division.

T.Evans (Walmley CSC Flights) and R.Davies (Plough and Arrows) both hit 180’s this week.

Full Results:Game 7:Division One:- Pint Pot Flights 4 (Martin Phillips 130, M.Pearson Bagnall 100b,100, N.Robbins 120b,3x100, P.Wilkes 125, N.Bruton 140, P.Smith 100,125) Golden Hind Lions 5 (J.Clarke 2x100,131,118, J.Mahon 102b,108b,2x100, M.Pearce 100b, A.Lilley 100,140, M.Deathridge 3x100,140), Golden Hind 6 (A.Kimberley 100b,132, T.O’Kereke 140, W.Naylor 112b,2x100,152b,140, B.Stephens 115b,140, F.Naylor 3x100,125) Walmley CSC Flights 3 (A.Cooksey 148b,2x100,120,121, R.Smith 100, W.Cadby 120b,134, J.Kavanagh 100, T.Evans 121,125,180,120, G.Gaughan 100), Oscott Social Club 1 (G.Bushell 2x100, T.Whyley 122, D.Hodgkins 101b,153,125,100) Boldmere St Mikes 8 (M.Ashton 2x100,140, D.Jarvis jnr 2x100, C.Millward jnr 2x100,3x140, J.Liggins 100, C.Millward snr 100b, M.Wild 100,144,140, B.Liggins 140), Erdington Arrows 5 (T.Colley 3x100,140, M.Edwards 120b, C.Winters 140,104,135,120,100, K.Smith 100b,135, C.Hill 116b,171,105) Old Oscott Arrows 4 (D.Page 116,100, D.Parsons 134, B.Hoare 100, P.Locke 101b,116,2x100, A.Lea 108b,113,105), Red Lion 5 (T.Vickers 2x100, B.Lysaght 120b,118, M.Corfield 100, B.Hughes 152b,100, D.Vickers 140, I.Matthews 3x100,135,2x140, R.Lowe 140,2x121) Highcroft Social 4 (K.Shorthouse 120b,119,124f, S.Shorthouse 100, S.Pritchett 103b,100, K.Neale 3x100, T.Pallett 2x100), Division Two:- Plough and Arrows 6 (D.Hughes 100, K.Gow 100, S.Johnson 100, R.Davies 180) Sutton Sharks 3 (C.Gardener 100f, F.Davies 120, J.Whale 140, L.Palmer 121), Bishop Vesey 5 (N.Sammons 100, D.Walton 100f,3x100,140, N.Smallwood 2x100,121, A.Jones 2x100, C.Sammons 100b,121,101, A.France 127,100) Deers Leap 4 (Jamie Sabin 2x100, T.Ross 2x100,2x140, R.Batham 100), Charley’s Flights 9 (P.Nicholls 116, J.Burdett 101,100, R.Franks 125,9 darts game, T.Hines 140, 8 darts game, C.Vann 100b, J.Morahan 2x100,116) Erdington Flyers 0 (M.Yate 116b,101, H.Sadler 100, L.Cooksey 100), St Thomas Arrows 2 (P.Andrews 2x100, G.Lynch 125,100,121, J.Lynch 125,114,119, K.Nelson 100) Rosey Mac’s 7 (S.Wright 120b,2x100,135,125, R.Snelson 100, J.Stokes 112b, J.Cox snr 2x100,120), Heartlands 8 (S.Cain 141,125, J.Rogers 112b,2x140,109f,2x100,9 darts game, John Frost 121, Jim Frost 101b,140,101f,4x100,9 darts game, S.McCormack 2x120b, I.Jones 100) Bills Arrows 1 (D.Bond 120b, M.Clark 125, J.Averill 140, G.Averill 2x100).

Copper Fox consolidated their number one spot in the Kings Norton League by handing their hosts Grant Arms a 7-0 whitewash. The big win has seen the top side open up a two points lead as Rubery Legion, who were formerly in second place lost 4-3 playing away to E57 who have now replaced them in the number two position, both teams are on14 points but E57 have the better average.

Fourth and fifth placed Thurlestone and Bournebrook played each other with the latter getting the huge 6-1 verdict to put them level on 12 points with their hosts, trailing them by only two legs of average.

Full Results:Game 9:- Kings Heath 3 (J.Bridges 100, D.Parish 2x100,117, M.Marshall 2x100,140, R.Hampton 2x140, P.Hunt 100,116, S.Morris 100) Toby Jug 4 (R.Packer 125, B.Heath 2x100,125,140, D.Hill 3x100,140, M.Mooney 2x100,140), Northfield 2 (H.Taylor 100, L.Preece 100, M.Lloyd 100,110f,2x140, J.McGlone 140, P.Draper 100,140, L.Allen 140, J.Taylor 3x100) Cock Inn 5 (P.Hughes 100,121, L.Fox 2x100,125,140, A.Harvey 140, Joe Fox 2x100, A.Vaughan 3x100,140, K.Vaughan 121), E57 4 (D.Dowling 3x100, N.Porter 100,136,140, E.Bird 2x100,125, T.Roberts 2x140,180, D.Logan 100, A.Mutch 2x100) Rubery Legion 3 (J.Higgins 2x100,2x140, A.Faulkner 2x100, R.Higgins 100, C.Guest 2x100, J.O'Neill 100, J.Ford 100, J.Ford 180), Grant Arms 0 (P.Taylor 2x125, D.Campbell 100, N.Smith 100,125) Copper Fox 7 (E.Simpson 3x100,103f,121,131, C.Whitehouse 2x100,138, D.Marsh 115,125,140, D.McConomy 100,138, J.Best 100,121,140, T.Hamilton 100,105, R.Mann 2x140, D.Marsh 180, R.Mann 105f), Thurlestone 1 (D.Garfield 100, J.Downer 100, T.Garfield 6x100,121,140, D.Newton 2x100,140) Bournebrook 6 (T.Jeffs 100, K.Mason 100,140, T.Cullen 3x100,125,180, L.Arnold 100,125, C.Ryan 100,140, D.Collins 2x100, M.Bathurst 2x100,140).

The Shirley and District Monday Night League staged the semi-finals of their Main and Consolation Cups. In the former, division one leaders Dunky’s Boys thrashed their opponents Wythall Legion 9-0 with 180’s from S.Edwards, D.Wilson and P.Healey. The other semi was a much closer affair with Tippetts Bar just getting the close 5-4 verdict over Saracens Swords, L.Coles hitting a maximum for Swords.

In the Consolation Cup Sharmans Cross, who are bottom of division two and without a win in seven beat HSCC 5-4. Lodge made their way into the final with a 6-3 win against Solihull Municipal with P.Sinnett recording a 180 for the winners.

Full Results:Main Cup:Semi-Finals:- Wythall Legion 0 Dunky’s Boys 9 (S.Edwards180, D.Wilson 180, P.Healey 180,16 darts game), Tippets Bar 5 Saracens Swords 4 (L.Coles 180), Consolation Cup:Semi-Finals:- Sharmans Cross 5 HSCC 4 (R.Allcott 112f), Lodge 6 (P.Sinnett 180) Solihull Municipal 3.

Leaders of the Camp Hill League Aston Inn Nomads were short of players for game twelve and as a result had to cancel their fixture with New Inn Lions. Nevertheless Aston remain in pole position with a perfect 20 points from ten games, Sheldon Marlborough Flights reducing the points deficit to two with a 6-1 win over Tyseley WMC, however Sheldon have now played two more games than Aston.

New Inn Lions are third in the league on 14 points from eleven games with fourth placed Moseley Arms on the same 14 points but from twelve games after they beat Roost Rebels 4-3.

Full Results:Game 12:- Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 Tyseley WMC 1, Moseley Arms 4 Roost Rebels 3, Tyseley Newbies 6 Sedgemere Devils 1, Meadway Social 7 Peaky Blinder 0 (walkover), Aston Inn Nomads v New Inn Lions - postponed due to Aston Inn Nomads being short of players.

Langley Arrows and Sheldon Marlborough Arrows extended their unbeaten runs in the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League to four games when Langley, who top the division by one leg of average won 5-4 at Iron Horse Flights with Robbie Earl hitting a maximum for the home team. Sheldon Marlborough had a 6-3 win at Mackadown Social. Dunky’s Boys were the division’s biggest winners, winning 7-2 at Highwood Gerry’s Boys to see them replace their hosts and move up one place to third, only two points off the top.

In division one Kingshurst Labour Club held on to pole position with a 9-0 win over Irish Centre, they and second placed Sheldon Dukes have won all four of their games, the Dukes latest win being a closer 5-4 result as they handed their opponents, fourth in the division Hollywood Social their first defeat of the season so far.

Langley Arrows lost their top spot in division two as they went down 5-4 at home to Journeys End who kept their 100% win record intact and took over the top spot from their opponents who are now joint second with Sheldon Marlborough Ridge who were awarded a 9-0 walkover as Small Heath Gardeners failed to turn out.

Full Results:Game 4:Premier Division:- Highwood Gerry’s Boys 2 (John Buckingham 180) Dunky’s Boys 7 (Jason Jennings 180, Luis Barberan 10 darts game), Hobs Meadow 5 Hornet 4, Iron Horse Flights 4 (Robbie Earl 180) Langley Arrows 5, Mackadown Social 3 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 6, Division One:- Kingshurst Labour Club 9 Irish Centre 0, Sheldon Dukes 5 Hollywood Social 4, Yardley Ex Colts v Shirley Misfits postpone, Meadway Sports and Social v Maggies late result, Division Two:- Willclare Sports and Social 9 Raven 0 (walkover), Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 9 Small Heath Gardeners 0 (walkover), Lyndon Old Boys 6 Hampton and Solihull CC 3, Langley Flights 4 Journeys End 5.

In the Netherton Thursday Night League leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club held on to not only their six points lead but also their game in hand after adding a 6-3 win at Netherton Sports and Social Club. Old Hill Cricket Club moved up one place to joint second with a 7-2 home win over bottom team Netherton Conservative Club while Townsend Social Club, despite winning 6-3 against Spring Meadow Social Club now have to be satisfied with sharing second place with the cricket club.

Fairfield drop one place to fifth and are replaced at number four by their victors Bulls Head who beat them 6-3.

Full Results:Game 12:- Townsend Social Club 6 Spring Meadow Social Club 3, Fairfield 3 Bulls Head 6, Old Hill Cricket Club 7 Netherton Conservative Club 2, Netherton Sports and Social Club 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6.

Bell ‘A’ top the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League but being as they had a bye in game week seven had their lead reduced to just average, with a game in hand as their nearest rivals Britannia won their home game with Bird in Hand 6-1 to leave both teams on 12 points. Third in the league Quarry Bank Liberal Club are the only team in the league not to have lost so far, they have only played six games compared to Bell ‘A’ having played seven and Britannia eight and are therefore on the same 12 points as the two teams above them as they won their latest fixture against Rose and Crown 5-2.

Full Results:Game 8:- Crestwood 3 Seven Stars 4, Britannia 6 Bird in Hand 1, Bell ‘B’ 5 Gate Hangs Well 2, Church Tavern 6 Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 1, Lion, Stourbridge 0 Ten Arches 7, Fox Inn (Lye) 3 Woodman 4, Quarry Bank Liberal Club 5 Rose and Crown 2, Bell ‘A’ had a bye.

The Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League have been involved in the first round games of their Team Knockout and Team Trophy. In the Team Knockout the league’s top two teams Old Bulls Head and New Inn both had byes, in the two games played Gornal Labour Club beat Red Cow 6-3 and Seven Stars won 5-4 against Jolly Crispin.

In the Team Trophy it was Chainyard and Griffin who had the byes while Five Ways handed Meadow Lark a 9-0 thrashing and Lamp Tavern made it into the next round with a 6-3 win over Pensnett Liberal Club.

Full Results:Team Knockout Trophy:Round One:- Gornal Labour Club 6 Red Cow 3, Seven Stars 5 Jolly Crispin 4, Old Bulls Head and New Inn had a bye, Team Knockout Shield:Round One:- Lamp Tavern 6 Pensnett Liberal Club 3, Meadow Lark 0 Five Ways 9, Chainyard and Griffin had a bye.

It’s tight at the top of the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League with the top four teams all on 10 points. Bird in Hand ‘E’ top the table on average although they lost their game at Bell ‘A’ 4-3, Bell ‘A’ are joint second with Ten Arches ‘B’ who beat their ‘A’ side 5-2. Both joint second teams have a game in hand on the leaders as they have only played six games.

Fox Inn (Lye) make up the top four, their 4-3 home win over White Horse giving them ten points from seven games.

Full Results:Game 7:- Ashwood 4 Raven 3, Bird in Hand ‘A’ 5 Bell ‘B’ 2, Fox Inn (Lye) 4 (C.Hipkiss 160f) White Horse 3, Bell ‘A’ 4 Bird in Hand ‘E’ 3, Ten Arches ‘A’ 2 Ten Arches ‘B’ 5.

Week thirteen of the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League matched the top two teams against each other as leaders Vine played away against Dewdrop and won 4-3 to keep them two points to the good on the rest of the field while their hosts dropped one place to third behind Waggon and Horses who won 4-3 against Horseley Tavern.

At the other end of the table bottom team Tamebridge played hosts to Miners Arms who won 7-0 to leave the home side without a win in thirteen games.

Full Results:Game 13:- Tamebridge 0 Miners Arms 7, Hayes Social 2 Albion 5, Waggon and Horses 4 Horseley Tavern 3, Dewdrop 3 Vine 4.

The Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night League have completed their inaugural season and the very first champion is Steve Jones with a total of 223 points, ten more than runner-up Ben Johnson.

Steve Jones completed his fixtures with a 5-3 win over fourth placed Neil Wild followed by a similar 5-3 win against Jon Blakemore.

With more than twenty confirmed entries and more to come, season two has already been confirmed.

Full Results:Week 32:Board 1:- Neil Wild 6 Arthur Lubkowski 2, Joe Bartolo 0 Alex Howells 8, Martin Price 7 Paul Vaughan 1, Board 2:- Jamie Aplin 3 Shaun Hartopp 5, Joe Bartolo 0 Jan Zeman 8, Jan Zeman 8 Billy Robbins 0, Neil Wild 3 Steve Jones 5, Board 3:- Sophie Fawcett 7 Sarah Parker 1, Jon Blakemore 3 Steve Jones 5, Martin Price 5 Simon Pritchard 3, Steve Lynch 8 Joe Bartolo 0.

Black Country Super League:Full Results:Game 14:- Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 5 Allens Bar ‘B’ 0 (S.Gillam 4 P.Harrison 1, D.Nicholls 4 L.Shaw 0, J.Lowe 4 C.Hickman 2, R.Smith 4 T.Baker 0, P.Wells 4 T.Walker 1), Allens Bar ‘C’ 3 High Acres ‘A’ 2 (J.Blakemore 1 M.Harper 4, S.Jones 2 C.Cartwright 4, M.Coleman 4 M.Flatman 1, J.Hughes 4 R.Bowen 3, O.Maiden 4 G.Moreton 1), Old Hill Cricket Club 2 Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 3 (D.Haden 4 L.Jones 2, M.Bayliss 0 T.Brennan 4, S.Hill 4 M.Greenwood 2, N.Davenport 2 K.Harrison 4, P.Hadley 1 M.Moore 4), High Acres ‘B’ 3 Rowley Bar and Grill 2 (A.Hickinbottom 4 C.Chander-Allen 0, K.Harris 4 M.Harding 1, R.Harris 1 P.O'Brien 4, I.Mathers 0 B.Radcliffe 4, B.Watts 4-0 (bye), Railway Tavern 2 Allens Bar ‘A’3 (T.Bissell 2 J.Evans 4, R.Colley 2 S.Price 4, J.Rollinson 4 S.Hall 2, L.Kelly 4 G.Johnston 2, M.Rollinson 2 N.Fullwell 4), White Swan 1 Horse and Jockey 4 (J.Hykin 3 B.Hollowood 4, M.Tedstone 3 M.Price 4, L.Bowen 2 I.Shaughnessey 4, S.Sheridan 4 J.Gennard 0, R.Duncan 2 A.Howells 4).

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