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Article: Alan Towe - A West Midlands Round Up

Alan Towe - A West Midlands Round Up

After the longest hiatus in the league’s history since 1945 the Four Oaks and District League is back up and running.

Boldmere St Mikes and Golden Hind both had 8-1 wins against respective opponents Highcroft Social and Pint Pot Flights to put them at the top of division one, a position they occupied when the league last played. They are closely followed by this week’s other divisional winners Erdington Arrows, Old Oscott Arrows and Red Lion who in turn beat their rivals Walmley CSC Flights, Golden Hind Lions and Oscott Social Club 7-2.

In division two strong performances from Bishop Vesey, Heartlands and St Thomas Arrows makes them the pack leaders, all winning 6-3 at the expense of Plough and Arrows, Charley’s Flights and Deer’s Leap.

Congratulations to N.Garbett (Plough and Arrows) and D.Page (Old Oscott Arrows) who both recorded 180’s in the season opener.

Full Results:Match 1:Division One:- Golden Hind 8 (W.Naylor 112b,3x100,105, B.Stephens 114b,100) Pint Pot Flights 1 (J.Moon 100, M.Pearson-Bagnall 120b,137,121, L.Lemathy 120b,100), Old Oscott Arrows 7 (P.Locke 2x100b,100,140, D.Parsons 120,2x100,140, D.Page 2x100,180, M.Maher 140) Golden Hind Lions 2 (M.Pearce 3x100,116f, J.Mahon 3x100, A.Lilley 102b,100,101, J.Clarke 100), Walmley CSC Flights 2 (P.Moran 135, J.Kavanagh 100,106f,125,140, R.Smith 104b,100, W.Cadby 120b,140, S.Wilson 2x140,121, A.Cooksey 119, K.Green 100) Erdington Arrows 7 (K.Smith 120b,100, M.Edwards 100b, T.Colley 160b,128, 101b,120b,121f, D.Rawlings 111b,2x100, T.Vickery 100,138, C.Martin 100), Boldmere St Mikes 8 (C.Millward snr 100b,111,100, C.Millward jnr 100, R.Johnson 100, B.Linnecor 100, M.McFall 112b,2x100, R.Hawker 140,125,100,134, M.Ashton 100,115, J.Liggins 140,100) Highcroft Social 1 (L.Shorthouse 2x100, S.Pritchett 120b,100, K.Shorthouse 100b,137, S.Shorthouse 2x100, E.A.Birkett 114), Red Lion 7 (B.Lysaght 160b, I.Matthews 105,100, D.Lowe 100b, M.Corfield 3x100, M.Wilde 100) Oscott Social Club 2 (I.Lloyd 118, G.Bushell 100b,119,140, D.Shannon 100), Division Two:- Bishop Vesey 6 (N.Smallwood 100,105, A.Jones 100, A.France 100, D.Walton 2x100, D.Sammons 140, D.Quirk 115, C.Sammons 100,140,103f) Plough and Arrows 3 (A.Humphriss 107b,112, N.Garbett 180, D.Hughes 140, K.Gow 138,100, M.Willetts 100, N.Gilbert 140), Rosey Mac’s 4 (J.Cox snr 2x100, J.Stokes 2x112b,135,116,134f) Sutton Sharks 5 (C.Gardener 105, C.Baldwin 100, J.Harris 100, J.Boden 125,112b,100), Deers Leap 3 (S.Kelly 121,125, Jamie Sabin 120, T.Pedley 100, T.Ross 100, B.Wall 121,2x100) St Thomas Arrows 6 (M.Andrews 2x140, J.Lynch 100, C.Connelley 100, R.Nelson 105,107f,140,100, G.Stait 101b,105b, D.Wakelam 114), Erdington Flyers 5 (L.Cooksey 125, K.Hopkins 137, A.Linehan 112b,2x100,100b,140) Bills Arrows 4 (D.Bond 100b, J.Averill 102, R.McLaughlin 3x100,125,118, G.Averill 137,120b,100), Heartlands 6 (Jim Frost 100, S.McCormack 3x100,137, J.Rogers 100,116b, G.McCormack 100b,100, John Frost 100b,140, I.Jones 140, C.Austin 131,140, S.Cain 2x100,101b) Charley’s Flights 3 (P.Nicholls 120,2x100,140, J.Burdett 2x140,100,152b,112b, R.Vann 121, J.Morahan 123).

It was cup week in the Shirley and District Monday Night League with the League Cup being played down to the quarter finals.

Winning through to the last eight were Highwood, Dunky’s Boys, Wythall Legion, Cider House, Bears, Tippetts Bar, Saracens Swords and Vikings who in turn accounted for HSCC, Solihull Municipal, Wharf, Saracens Misfits, Legion Royals, Lodge, Sharmans Cross and Saracens Slingers.

Wythall Legion chalked up the biggest win of the round when they handed their hosts Wharf a 9-0 whitewash.

Full Results:League Cup:Last Sixteen:- Highwood 5 HSCC 4, Solihull Municipal (C.Clarke 112b 2 Dunky’s Boys 7, Wharf 0 Wythall Legion 9, Cider House (M.McCallion 17 darts game) 6 Saracens Misfits (J.Barrows 17 darts game) 3, Legion Royals 4 Bears (J.Otterly 131f, S.Talbot 17 darts game) 5, Tippets Bar 5 Lodge (J.Hinckley 104f, N.Parsonage 13 and 15 darts games) 4, Sharmans Cross (D.Allbones 180) 2 Saracens Swords 7, Saracens Slingers 3 Vikings 6.

Week seven in the Camp Hill and District League and the biggest surprise of the week was supplied by Tyseley Newbies. Newbies of late have been struggling to field a full team due to work commitments but that was not the case when they played hosts to league leaders Sheldon Marlborough Flights as they handed them a 4-3 defeat. Despite the loss Marlborough hold on to pole position but with 12 points from seven games they are now having their number one position threatened by the only undefeated team in the league Aston Inn Nomads whose 4-3 home win over Roost Rebels leaves them just two points behind the leaders with two games in hand.

Third in the table New Inn Lions are on the same ten points as Aston after their 7-2 walkover against Peaky Blinder who were unable to field a team, but they have now, like Marlborough played seven games.

Full Results:Week 7:- Sedgemere Devils 1 Tyseley WMC 6, New Inn Lions 7 Peaky Blinder 0 (walkover), Aston Inn Nomads 4 Roost Rebels 3, Tyseley Newbies 4 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3, Moseley Arms 4 Meadway Social 3.

On the agenda for the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night was the semi-finals of their Memorial Cup in which the league’s top two teams The Vine and Dewdrop squared up to each other. The result was a 5-2 win for current league leaders The Vine.

From the other half of the draw it was fourth in the league Horseley Tavern taking on fifth placed Miners Arms with the latter getting the better of the 4-3 result.

Full Results:Memorial Cup:Semi Finals:- The Vine 5 Dewdrop 2, Horseley Tavern 3 Miners Arms 4.

The Harborne and District League are up to week three and from three teams sharing the top spot last week Copper Fox are now, after their 6-3 home win against The Cock the outright leaders as their opponents lose their joint number one position and drop to fifth and the other former joint leaders Quinton RBL following their huge 8-1 defeat at Northfield Conservative Club fall to seventh in the table, while Northfield, who have only played two games so far are one of just three teams to remain unbeaten, they are fourth in the table but a win in their game in hand would see them join the leading pair.

Copper Fox may now lead the field but it is only on average as Bugle Horn’s 6-3 win at home against Weoley Castle Pub has put them on the same six points as Copper Fox and just four legs of average behind them.

Full Results:Game 3:- Northfield Conservative Club 8 Quinton RBL 1, Copper Fox 6 The Cock 3, Avenue Social 0 Smethwick Cricket Club 9, Weoley Castle WMC 3 Northfield Town 6, Bugle Horn 6 Weoley Castle Pub 3, The Monarch had a bye.

The Netherton Thursday Night League played the second leg of round one of their Andy Bastable Trophy and unlike the first leg there were some big winning scorelines.

A convincing 8-1 home win over Netherton Conservative Club saw Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club record the biggest overall win of 13-5 while Bulls Head’s 7-2 success away to Old Hill Cricket Club gave them a 12-6 overall win.

Townsend Social Club and Netherton Sports and Social both booked their places in the next round with overall 11-7 wins over respective opponents Fairfield and Spring Meadow, Netherton Sports and Social coming from 6-3 down in the first leg to win the second 8-1 while Townsend had a closer 6-3 second leg victory.

Full Results:Andy Bastable Trophy- Round One Second Leg (Overall Result in Brackets):- Townsend Social Club 6 Fairfield 3 (Agg 11-7), Old Hill Cricket Club 2 Bulls Head 7 (Agg 6-12), Netherton Sports and Social 8 Spring Meadow Social Club 1 (Agg 11-7), Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8 Netherton Conservative Club 1 (Agg 13-5).

The Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League are four games into their new season and three of the twelve teams are still able to boast a 100% win record. Gornal Labour Club top the table on average with a 6-3 home win over Five Ways. They are closely followed by Old Bulls Head whose 5-4 win at home over Meadow Lark keeps them with four legs of average of the leaders. Third in the league is New Inn, a further one leg behind Old Bulls Head after their 6-3 win at Seven Stars who are now placed fourth in the table after suffering their first defeat of the campaign so far,

Full Results:Week 4:- Pensnett Liberal Club 4 Jolly Crispin 5, Gornal Labour Club 6 Five Ways 3, Old Bulls Head 5 Meadow Lark 4, Chainyard 6 Griffin 3, Red Cow 6 Lamp Tavern 3, Seven Stars 3 New Inn 6.

Allens Bar ‘C’ surrendered their number one position in the Black Country Men’s Super League when they lost 3-2 to their local rivals Allens Bar ‘A’. The ‘C’ team have now dropped to third in the table with 37 points while the ‘A’ side remain fourth on 34 points.

Yeltz Bar ‘A’ have taken over in pole, they took their points tally to 39 by handing bottom of the table Rowley Bar and Grill a 5-0 whitewash. Railway Tavern provide the closest opposition to the leaders, their close 3-2 win at Allens Bar ‘B’ (who are ninth in the twelve teams league), leaving them just one point short of Yeltz Bar ‘A’ with 38 points.

At the other end of the table, next to bottom Horse and Jockey, without a win in six games, chalked up their first victory in their seventh encounter, a home tie with Yeltz Bar ‘B’ who are now just above them in the table on 14 points three more than Horse and Jockey after their 3-2 win.

Full Results:Game 7:- Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 5 Rowley Bar and Grill 0 (Rob Smith 4 Dean Yeomans 0, Ian Townsend 4 Martin Crumpton 0, Dan Nicholls 4 Bobby Radcliffe 2, Paul Wells 4 Richard Lenton 1, Steve Gilliam 4 Phil O’Brien 2), White Swan 2 High Acres ‘B’ 3 (Lewis Bowen 0 Ali Hickinbottom 4, James Hykin 4 Adam Edgar 1, Mat Tedstone 2 Lewis Law 4, Neil Steventon 3 Kevin Harris 4, Shane Sheridan 4 Ben Watts 0), High Acres ‘A’ 3 Old Hill Cricket Club 2 (Martyn Harper 4 Dan Haden 2, Mark Flatman 4 Mark Bayliss 0, Jamie Barrowman 2 Shaun Hill 4, Mark Pritchard 2 Tommy Johnson 4, Rich Bowen 4 Paul Hadley 2), Allens Bar ‘B’ 2 Railway Tavern 3 (Tim Baker 0 Liam Kelly 4, Lee Shaw 0 Reece Colley 4, Sean Bastable 0 Tom Bissell 4, David Martin 4 Mark Rollinson 2, Chris Hickman 4 Jamie Rollinson 2), Horse and Jockey 3 Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 2 (Martin Price 4 Kirk Harrison 0, Ben Hollowood 4 Mart Greenwood 0, Ian Shaughnessy 1 Trev Brennan 4, Jason Gennard 0 Matt Moore 4, Alex Howells 4 Luke Jones 1), Allens Bar ‘C’ 2 Allens Bar ‘A’ 3 (Jamie Hughes 4 Nick Fullwell 0, Steve Jones 1 Shane Price 4, Scott Baker 4 Gaz Johnston 1, Jon Blakemore 1 Scott Hall 4, Owen Maiden 2 Justin Evans 4).

The Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night League is up to week 24 and in an ever-changing position at the top of the table it is now Alex Howells who leads the field of 29 players. Howells, who was formerly second in the table rose to the dizzy heights of leader due to both former leader Steve Jones not playing in week 24 and he adding a massive 8-0 win over Arthur Lubkowski to his tally to put him on 173 points from 23 games the same number of points as Steve Jones but Howells has one more bonus point than Jones. Despite being ousted from his number one perch Jones does have two games in hand on Howells.

After the top two places there is a gap of eight points to Neil Wild in third place. Wild’s 5-3 win over Steve Lynch taking his number of points to 161 one more than Ben Johnson who moved up three places in the table to fourth with his 6-2 win against Michele Pritchard followed by a 5-3 success over Simon Mountford.

Jan Zeman is just two places above bottom of the table Eddie Gripton but he registered his third win in 21 games when he won 6-2 against Neal Farrant who is eight places above him with 29 more points.

Full Results:Week 24:Board 1:- Martin Price 4 Ant Dent 4, Steve Lynch 3 Neil Wild 5, Alex Howells 8 Arthur Lubkowski 0, Reece Cook-Lucas 1 Jamie Webb 7, Board 2:- Kris Jones 1 Shane Price 7, Neal Farrant 2 Jan Zeman 6, Kris Jones 3 Jon Blakemore 5, Ben Johnson 6 Michele Pritchard 2, Board 3:- Ben Johnson 5 Simon Mountford 3, Neal Farrant 3 Steve Lynch 5.

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