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Article: Alan Towe - A look back in time 01/02/2018

Alan Towe - A look back in time 01/02/2018

As it is every year the Christmas and New Year period is when all local leagues shut down and taking over in their place throughout the country are various knockouts, here are reports for just a few of those knockouts.

The annual Coventry Christmas Open is one of the Midlands top events and always provides a first class show with many of the major county players from the Midlands and beyond turning up chasing the top prize money on offer for both the singles and doubles events which in turn attracted encouraging 72 and 32 entries.

First the doubles knockout, in the quarter finals the strong West Midlands pairing of Ian Jones and Nick Fullwell made their exit as Mark Strong and Wayne Bowes beat them 3-1. Also winning through to the last four were Dave Honey & Richard Hosey, Anthony Allen & Adam Smith-Neale and Phil Locke & Mike McFall who in turn accounted for Dean Sanders & Danny Humphries (3-0), Noel Grant & Steve Hine (3-0) and Alfie Jacques & Mark Craddock (3-1).

Dave Honey and Richard Hosey took Mark Strong and Wayne Bowes to a deciding leg in the semi-finals before bowing out 4-3 while Phil Locke and Mike McFall had an easier passage to the final as they beat Anthony Allen and Adam Smith-Neale 4-1.

Locke and McFall continued their winning run in the final wrapping up the winners £200 prize money with a 4-2 victory, Strong and Bowes received £100 as runners up. There was £50 for each of the losing semi-finalists and £20 for the pairs going out in the quarter finals to give a total pay-out of £480.

The quarter finals of the singles knockout was made up of half of the players who had made the last eight of the pairs with Mark Strong, Mike McFall, Mark Craddock and Ian Jones all winning through to the prize money once again. However only two of the four made the semis as Strong lost 4-2 to Dave Pallett and Craddock went down 4-1 to Ted Evetts. There was however success for Mike McFall who beat Tom Baughan 4-3 and Ian Jones who won 4-1 against Jamie Robinson.

Both winners of the last four games had relatively easy passages as Shropshire’s Dave Pallet beat Mike McFall (Warwickshire) 4-0 and West Midlands Ian Jones won 4-1 against Ted Evetts (Warwickshire). And 4-1 was again the scoreline by which Dave Pallett beat Ian Jones in the final to earn himself the top prize of £300 with Jones receiving £150. For reaching the last four Mike McFall and Ted Evetts received £70 each and there was £30 for Mark Strong, Tom Baughan, Mark Craddock and Jamie Robinson as losing quarter finalists for a total prize pot of £710 giving a grand total payout for the day of just short of £1200.

Coventry Christmas Doubles Open: Quarter Finals:- Dave Honey & Richard Hosey 3 Dean Sanders & Danny Humphries 0, Ian Jones & Nick Fullwell 1 Mark Strong & Wayne Bowes 3, Anthony Allen & Adam Smith-Neale 3 Noel Grant & Steve Hine 0, Phil Locke & Mike McFall 3 Alfie Jacques & Mark Craddock 1, Semi Finals:- Dave Honey & Richard Hosey 3 Mark Strong & Wayne Bowes 4, Anthony Allen & Adam Smith-Neale 1 Phil Locke & Mike McFall 4, Final:- Mark Strong & Wayne Bowes 2 Phil Locke & Mike McFall 4, Coventry Christmas Singles Open:Preliminary Round:- Tony Randell 3 Corey Berry 0, Phil Locke 2 Paul Wallace 3, Lee Rowley 0 Ian McFarlane 3, Roy Batchelor 0 Kyle Berry 3, Anthony Allen 3 Mark Burns 0, Darren Swords 3 Martin Shaw 1, Roy Cleverley 3 Chris Millward jnr 1, Dick Arnold 3 Scott Amos 1, Last 64:- Dave Albrighton 1 Richard Hosey 3, Gordon Mowat 1 Mark Strong 3, Simon Taft 3 Bill Manning 2, Danny Humphries 3 Lee Martin 2, Dave Pallett 3 Jane Telling 0, Andrew Foulkes 2 Kev Wragg 3, Tony Randell 1 Paul Wallace 3, Chris Berry 0 Alfie Jacques 3, Dean Sanders 1 Simon Power 3, Kev Woodward 1 Gareth Braham 3, Tom Lloyd 0 Mike McFall 3, Matt Gallett 0 Charlie Symons 3, Tom Baughan 3 Steve Hine 2, Jamie Tong 0 Mark Carter 3, Ian McFarlane 3 Kyle Berry 0, Daz Pharoah 3 Damon Gallagher 0, Brian Jones 1 Adam Paxton 3, Adam Gallett 3 Gary Neal 0, Kev Bambrick 1 Ted Evetts 3, Ade Larner 2 Mark Craddock 3, Natalie Gilbert 3 Kaelib Gormley 0, Dave Honey 3 Craig Gillin 0, Anthony Allen 3 Darren Swords 1, Jimmy Hill 3 Ryan O’Connor 1, Jamie Robinson 3 Craig Aires 1, Sean Holley 3 Greg Porter 0, Wayne Bowes 1 Chris Millward 3, Nick Fullwell 2 Adam Smith-Neale 3, Colin Wood 0 Ian Jones 3, Donna Pinch 3 Dave Crombie 2, Roy Cleverley 0 Dick Arnold 3, Last 32:- Richard Hosey 0 Mark Strong 3, Simon Taft 1 Danny Humphries 3, Dave Pallett 3 Steve Gillam 0, Kev Wragg 3 Paul Wallace 0, Alfie Jacques 1 Simon Power 3, Gareth Braham 0 Mike McFall 3, Charlie Symons 1 Tom Baughan 3, Mark Carter 3 Ian McFarlane 2, Daz Pharoah 1 Adam Paxton 3, Adam Gallett 1 Ted Evetts 3, Mark Craddock 3 Natalie Gilbert 1, Dave Honey 3 Anthony Allen 2, Jimmy Hill 1 Jamie Robinson 3, Sean Holley 1 Chris Millward 3, Adam Smith-Neale 2 Ian Jones 3, Donna Pinch 1 Dick Arnold 3, Last 16:- Mark Strong 3 Danny Humphries 2, Dave Pallett 3 Kev Wragg 0, Simon Power 0 Mike McFall 3, Tom Baughan 3 Mark Carter 1, Adam Paxton 2 Ted Evetts 3, Mark Craddock 3 Dave Honey 2, Jamie Robinson 3 Chris Millward 2, Ian Jones 3 Dick Arnold 0, Quarter Finals:- Mark Strong 2 Dave Pallett 4, Mike McFall 4 Tom Baughan 3, Ted Evetts 4 Mark Craddock 1, Jamie Robinson 1 Ian Jones 4, Semi Finals:- Dave Pallett 4 Mike McFall 0, Ted Evetts 1 Ian Jones 4, Final:- Dave Pallett 4 Ian Jones 1.


The Ashwood Inn, Wordsley was the setting for the Stourbridge and District Christmas Knockout with a total of 49 entries.

Reaching the semi-finals at the expense in turn of M.Bayliss, M.Davis, K.Sprague and S.Skidmore were G.Moreton, D.Edwards, A.Marson and J.Barrowman.

In the first of the semis David Edwards had a close 3-2 win over Gavin Moreton while Jamie Barrowman had a more comfortable 3-1 win against young up and coming player Ash Marson.

The final saw Shropshire county player Jamie Barrowman with a perfect six darts leg breaking with 152 and checking out on 149 win the £100 top prize and the title with a 4-1 result against David Edwards who received £50, the last four losers Marson and Moreton each had £25 and there was £12.50 for the losing quarter finalists M.Bayliss, M.Davis, K.Sprague and S.Skidmore.

Stourbridge and District Christmas Knockout:Preliminary Round:- S.Aitkens beat T.Safe, K.Bennett beat J.Geach, G.Moreton beat G.Marson, K.Cooksey beat J.Evans, K.Harris beat J.Pickett, M.Davis beat M.Lever, D.Edwards beat M.Homer, N.Wooldridge beat K.Aitkens, K.Sprauge beat C.Fox, A.Garrett beat J.Roberts, A.Marson beat K.Bambrick, M.Halliday beat M.Washington, S.Skidmore beat J.Moule, M.Cullis beat A.Poole, C.Clewes beat B.Paddgett, B.Wallace beat J.Harper, S.G.Skidmore beat M.Harper, Last 32:- M.Bayliss beat S.Aitkens, L.Wheeler beat K.Bennett, G.Moreton beat D.Harris, K.Cooksey beat R.Harris, K.Harris beat P.Thompson, M.Davis beat M.Flatman, D.Edwards beat S.Blewitt, N.Wooldridge beat M.Marson, K.Sprague beat M.Pritchard, L.Harper beat A.Garrett, A.Marson beat R.Bloomer, M.Halliday beat B.Hughes, S.Skidmore beat M.Cullis, C.Clewes beat B.Wallace, S.G.Skidmore beat K.Safe, J.Barrowman beat A.Kennedy, Last 16:- M.Bayliss beat L.Wheeler, G.Moreton beat K.Cooksey, M.Davis beat K.Harris, D.Edwards beat N.Wooldridge, K.Sprague beat L.Harper, A.Marson beat M.Halliday, S.Skidmore beat C.Clewes, J.Barrowman beat S.G.Skidmore, Quarter Finals:- G.Moreton beat M.Bayliss, D.Edwards beat M.Davis, A.Marson beat K.Sprague, J.Barrowman beat S.Skidmore, Semi Finals:- David Edwards 3 Gavin Moreton 2, Jamie Barrowman 3 Ash Marson 1, Final:- Jamie Barrowman 4 David Edwards 1.


The Black Country Premier Darts League Christmas Knockout way surpassed expectations as no fewer than 95 players turned out to do battle for the top prize of £210.

Three of the quarter finals games finished with very close 3-2 wins Ian Jones, Lewis Law and Reece Colley defeating respective opponents Rob Smith, Michael Smith and Carl Snelus. Joining the winning trio in the semis was Dan Nicholls who accounted for Grant Jackson with a 3-1 win.

Nicholls emulated his last four 3-1 result in the semis when he beat Reece Colley while Jones was again taken to a decider before beating Lewis Law.

Dan Nicholls continued his fine form in the final beating his West Midlands county team mate Ian Jones 4-1 to collect the winners £210 and as runner up Jones received £100. Losing semi-finalists Lewis Law and Reece Colley took home £50 each while there was £15 for Rob Smith, Michael Smith, Grant Jackson and Carl Snelus who all made their exit in the quarter finals plus £5 for all players losing out in the last sixteen.

The event also raised a terrific amount of £85 which will go to the Air Ambulance.

Black Country Premier Darts League Festive Knockout:Last Sixteen:- Ian Jones 2 Liam Baker 0, Richard Hosey 0 Robert 'Becks' Smith 2, Lewis Law 2 Michael Baker 1, Michael Smith 2 Colin Wood 1, Dan Nicholls 2 Neil Steventon 0, Grant Jackson 2 Mart Greenwood 0, Reece Colley 2 Steve Gillam 1, Ryan Stevens 0 Carl Snelus 2, Quarter Finals:- Ian Jones 3 Rob Smith 2, Lewis Lew 3 Michael Smith 2, Dan Nicholls 3 Grant Jackson 1, Reece Colley 3 Carl Snelus 2, Semi Finals:- Ian Jones 3 Lewis Law 2, Dan Nicholls 3 Reece Colley 1, Final:- Dan Nicholls 4 Ian Jones 1.


The forecast for adverse weather conditions had an effect on the entries to the Pinxton Open hosted by Pixton Village Hall but nevertheless a good day of darts was had by all who turned out producing some top class games from some first class players.

Taking home the winners prize money of £550 was Warwickshire county player Kyle Anderson who defeated Chris Lacey in the final, Lacey collecting £250.

Both West Midlands players Ian Jones and Nick Fullwell made their exits in the semi’s and picked up £100 for their efforts while the losing quarter finalists Scott Bennett, Andy Baker, Kevin Bambrick and Ben Holmes each received £50.


A record breaking 96 players from all over the Midlands gathered at the Somercotes Snooker Club, Derbyshire for the eighth Ripley Elite Darts Singles League’s Christmas Open which attracts more and more players each year.

Both PDC and BDO representatives did battle, all chasing the fantastic top prize of £450. Former title holders Dean Winstanley Ricky Sudale and Reece Spurr were all in attendance but it was Arnold’s Paul Harvey who walked away with the title and first prize after beating Richard Palmer 6-3 in a highly entertaining final.

In the semis Harvey won his game against former champion Dean Winstanley 5-0 while Palmer won 5-2 against Daz Webster.

As runner up Palmer received £220, Winstanley and Webster had £100 each and there was £40 for Nicky Bell, Aden Kirk, Rob Smith and Steve Marfleet for reaching the quarter finals.

Ripley Elite Darts Singles League 8th Xmas Open:Preliminary Round:- Nicky Bell 4 Charlie Marshall 3, Loz Barnes 4 Gaz Jowett 0, Pete Burgoyne 4 Tracey Johnson 1, Andy Baker 4 James Parkin 3, Nick Morton 4 Jim Beardmore 2, Rich Palmer 4 Reece Spurr 3, Bill Schooley 4 Mark Hallam 0, Trev Tye 4 Jo Oldershaw 1, Neil Cummins 4 Julie Wilson 0, Wayne Howe 4 Sam Revill 0, Daz Webster 4 Steve Treece 1, Steve Butler 4 Steve Butler 2, Chris Lacey 4 Ash Fisher 1, Wayne Pepper 4 Ricky Hall 2, Ant Parry 4 James Thompson 3, Dean Winstanley 4 Jordan Beresford 1, Rob Smith 4 Mark Wilson 1, Scott Wager 4 Martin Lomas 1, Ricky Sudale 4 Simon Birkett 0, Nigel Staniland 4 Carl Frith 0, James Booth 4 Ant Allsopp 3, Paul Harvey 4 Dean Allsopp 2, Colin Osborne 4 Rich Tyler 2, Mike Booth 4 Tony Booth 3, Daz Brown 4 Ian Richardson 1, Steve Hough 4 Phil Drinkall 3, Steve Marfleet 4 Dave Spooner 1, Paul Baker 4 Paul Williams 1, Adam Summer 4 Rebecca Holland 1, Last 64:- Ian Clarke 4 Martin Richards 0, Nicky Bell 4 Chris Hill 1, Pete Burgoyne 4 Loz Barnes 2, Dave Copley 4 Harry Ward 0, Mick Chapman 4 Andy Baker 3, Nigel Daniels 4 Nick Morton 1, Ty Ward 4 Ash Spencer 1, Rich Palmer 4 Daz Johnson 3, Mark Whitelam 4 Bill Schooley 3, Trev Tye 4 John Bush 1, Craig Pitchers 4 John Beeby 0, Aden Kirk 4 Dave Woodhall 0, Mall Marks 4 Neil Cummins 0, Jay Morley 4 Wayne Howe 1, Daz Webster 4 Steve Butkeritas 1, Tiger Morley 4 Steve Butler 1, Chris Lacey 4 Paul Wood 0, Matt Padgett 4 Wayne Pepper 0, Ant Parry 4 Dave Fritchley 1, Dean Winstanley 4 Ian Allcock 1, Rob Smith 4 Scott Wager 1, Ricky Sudale 4 Stuart Barrowcliffe 3, Nigel Staniland 4 Paul Croson 3, Pete Slater 4 James Booth 0, Paul Harvey 4 Colin Osborne 1, Mike Booth 4 Jack Ryder 2, Daz Brown 4 Alan Clegg 3, Scott McCabe 4 Steve Hough 0, Steve Marfleet 4 Helen Harvey 0, Greg Beard 4 Wes Smith 1, Paul Baker 4 Rob Lamb 0, Daz Sinfield 4 Adam Summer 0, Last 32:- Nicky Bell 4 Ian Clarke 3, Pete Burgoyne 4 Dave Copley 3, Mick Chapman 4 Nigel Daniels 3, Rich Palmer 4 Ty Ward 1, Mark Whitelam 4 Trev Tye 0, Aden Kirk 4 Craig Pitchers 2, Jay Morley 4 Malc Marks 1, Daz Webster 4 Tiger Morley 1, Chris Lacey 4 Matt Padgett 1, Dean Winstanley 4 Ant Parry 0, Rob Smith 4 Ricky Sudale 3, Nigel Staniland 4 Pete Slater 3, Paul Harvey 4 Mike Booth 0, Daz Brown 4 Scott McCabe 0, Steve Marfleet 4 Greg Beard 1, Daz Sinfield 4 Paul Baker 3, Last 16:- Nicky Bell 4 Pete Burgoyne 3, Rich Palmer 4 Mick Chapman 0, Aden Kirk 4 Mark Whitelam 0, Daz Webster 4 Jay Morley 0, Dean Winstanley 4 Chris Lacey 2, Rob Smith 4 Nigel Staniland 2, Paul Harvey 4 Daz Brown 0, Steve Marfleet 4 Daz Sinfield 1, Quarter Finals:- Rich Palmer 4 Nicky Bell 2, Daz Webster 4 Aden Kirk 2, Dean Winstanley 4 Rob Smith 1, Paul Harvey 4 Steve Marfleet 0, Semi Finals:- Rich Palmer 5 Daz Webster 2, Paul Harvey 5 Dean Winstanley 0, Final:- Paul Harvey 6 Rich Palmer 3.


The Red Lion, Erdington laid on a Christmas Knockout with players chasing a top prize of £250. The first of the semi finals brought together West Midlands County players Dan Nicholls and Nick Fullwell with Nicholls getting the 6-3 verdict. The second of the last four play offs saw another West Midlands player Ian Jones make his way to the final with a win over Warwickshire’s Dave Honey.

In the all West Midlands final it was Dan Nicholls who clinched the title and top prize with a 7-5 result, Ian Jones collecting £100 as runner up.

There was £40 for losing semi finalists Fullwell and Honey while the losing quarter finalists Mike McFall, Charlie Symons, B.Hughes and Karl Reynolds each received £10.


A total of 71 players entered the Allens Sports Bar Christmas Knockout with some top class battles throughout the event but at the end of the day the £200 first prize went to West Midlands man Nick Fullwell who won the final against Reece Colley 5-4.

Fullwell had booked his final place with a somewhat comfortable 5-0 win in the semis against Neil Smith while Colley won his tie with Richard Foster 5-1.

As losing finalist Colley received £120, there was £50 for losing semi finalists Smith and Foster plus £25 for Alfie Jacques, Rob Smith, Jamie Hughes and Owen Maiden who all lost in the quarter finals.

Preliminary Round:- Matthew Coleman 0 Shane Price 3, Neil Smith 3 JulieTim Baker 1, Adam Gallett 2 Ian Hebberts 3, Ant Aldridge 2 Craig Airey 3, Adam Edgar 3 Richard Hosey 0, Chris Hickman 1 Colin Wood 3, Les Marson 1 Luke Warren 3, Last 64:- Darrel Farmer 0 Shane Price 3, Scott Baker 3 Trevor Collier 0, Nick Fullwell 3 Shane Tyler 0, Mart Greenwood 3 Robert Pierce 1, Alex McColm 0 Dan Nicholls 3, Dean Stewart 3 Simon Power 0, Adam Bates 2 Alfie Jacques 3, Glen McGrandle 1 Mick James 3, Joe Fisher 0 Neil Smith 3, Duane Oakes 3 Jamie Webb 1, Michael Baker 3 Ryan O'Connor 1, Ben Palmer 0 James Miles 3, Jamie Rollinson 1 Ian Hebberts 3, Connor Whitehouse 1 Robert 'Becks' Smith 3, Neil Steventon 0 Mathew Tedstone 3, Jordan Singh 3 Langs Ghostass 2, Jamie Hughes 3 Craig Airey 0, Carl Baker 3 Luke Barnes 0, Mark Rollinson 3 Lee Craig 1, Mick Collins 0 Jordan Ward 3, Dean Woolley 0 Adam Edgar 3, Luke Jones 3 Lee Butler 0, Steve Hickman 3 Jamie Vadasz 2, Reece Colley 3 Alex Howells 0, Tim Edwards 3 Colin Wood 2, Wayne Willis 3 Roop Shaz 2, Peter Evans 3 John Simms 2, Dickie Foster 3 James Jefferson , Andy Foster 0 Luke Warren 3, Lee Baker 0 Owen Maiden 3, Steve Gillam 3 Dave Whitehouse 1, John Mycock 1 Steve Jones 3, Last 32:- Shane Price 1 Scott Baker 3, Nick Fullwell 3 Mart Greenwood 2, Dan Nicholls 3 Dean Stewart 2, Alfie Jacques 3 Mick James 2, Neil Smith 3 Duane Oakes 2, Mick Baker 3 James Miles 0, Ian Hebberts 1 Rob Smith 3, Matt Tedstone 0 Jordan Singh 3, Jamie Hughes 3 Carl Baker 0, Mark Rollinson 3 Jordan Ward 2, Adam Edgar 3 Luke Jones 0, Steve Hickman 1 Reece Colley 3, Tim Edwards 1 Wayne Willis 3, Peter Evans 1 Dickie Foster 3, Luke Warren 1 Owen Maiden 3, Steve Gillam 3 Steve Jones 0, Last 16:- Scott Baker 2 Nick Fullwell 4, Dan Nicholls 2 Alfie Jacques 4, Neil Smith 4 Mick Baker 0, Rob Smith 4 Jordan Singh 3, Jamie Hughes 4 Mark Rollinson 1, Adam Edgar 1 Reece Colley 4, Wayne Willis 2 Dickie Foster 4, Owen Maiden 4 Steve Gillam 1, Quarter Finals:- Nick Fullwell 4 Alfie Jacques 0, Neil Smith 4 Rob Smith 2, Jamie Hughes 3 Reece Colley 4, Dickie Foster 4 Owen Maiden 2, Semi Finals:- Nick Fullwell 5 Neil Smith 0, Reece Colley 5 Dickie Foster 1, Final:- Nick Fullwell 5 Reece Colley 4.


On the local scene the Brierley Hill Monday Night League played off the finals of their doubles knockout and in the last four games the two Delph Bell teams squared up to each other with C.Tomes and S.Cartwright losing 2-1 to M.Bennett and J.Batham. The other semi final saw A.Neale and C.Weeks (Mount Pleasant) win 2-0 against B.Neale and K.Lavender (Bulls Head, Netherton).

With good darts throughout the night the final saw Bennett and Batham win in three straight legs against Neale and Weeks to lift the title.


The Brierley Hill Monday Night League staged the finals of their Pete Dabnor Memorial Cup and in the semi finals Roebuck beat Mount Pleasant 5-4 and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club won 8-1 against New Talbot. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club emulated their last four result in the final winning 8-1 against Roebuck to make it a league and cup double.


The Shirley and District Monday Night League played off what was their eighth annual singles knockout at their new league headquarters Shirley Legion which attracted no fewer than 46 players.

The quarter finals saw Paul Higgins impressive run come to an end when he lost 2-0 to an in form Bob Nixon. Also winning 2-0 were John Sidwell and Dan Rycroft who in turn took out Phil Thomas and Trevor Carter. Making up the last four was Wayne Clarke who beat fellow Solihull Sports Club player Brian Lawton 2-1.

The format in the semis changed to the best of five legs with Bob Nixon beating Wayne Clarke 3-1 and John Sidwell winning 3-0 against Dan Rycroft to set up an all Dunky’s Boys final.

Playing the best of seven legs Nixon won the opening three, Sidwell staged a fight back and won the next two but a win in the sixth for Nixon gave him the 4-2 result, title and the winners £70. As runner up Sidwell collected £22 and there was £10 for losing semi finalists Clarke and Rycroft.


The Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League played off the finals of their Delegates Cup and saw George Arnold from Island Inn beat Lee Rennie (Hayes Social) in the final 3-2 in what was a great game with both players having darts at a double to win the title.

Losing semi finalists were Ant Pitts (Waggon and Horses) and Paul Bladen (Dewdrop).


Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League played off the final of their Team Knockout at the Jolly Crispin in which the two current top teams in the league leaders Parkes Hall and second placed Old Bulls Head did battle against each other. The result was a clear cut 8-1 win for Old Bulls Head who are still in line for making it a double with the league title still within their grasp.


The Royal, Albrighton presented another of their increasingly popular knockouts which saw Pat Pace (Gnosall) pick up the winners top prize of £200 when he defeated Mark Smith (Bromsgrove) 6-1 in the final. Pace had made his way to the final with a 5-2 win in the semis against Dan Petty while Smith was taken to a deciding leg by Sam Hamilton (Telford) before winning 5-4.

As runner up Mark Smith collected £100 while Petty and Hamilton each received £35.

In the first round losers Plate Knockout Simon Mountford (Droitwich), with a 3-2 result beat Gaz Watts (Great Wyrley) to pick up the winners £35 prize money, Watts had £15 for his efforts.


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