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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Warwickshire County Darts Organisation will take on Hampshire at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV1 4JJ this coming weekend in what will be the latest of their Premier Division fixtures in the BDO Inter County Championships. A win against Hampshire could see the home team move up the table as they only trail Lincolnshire, who are currently placed third by twelve points and have played one game more than Warwickshire. Selected to play for Warwickshire are Men’s ‘A’:- Charlie Symons, Steve Hine, Nigel Heydon, Carl Green, Kevin Dowling, Mark Westgarth, Prakash Jiwa, Noel Grant, Antony Allen, Tom Aldridge, Matt Edgar, Simon Power, Men’s ‘B’:- Richard Foster, Tom Ryan, Robert Comben, Mark Strong, Ian Shaw, Mark Carter, Ashley Hykin, James Hykin, Karl Reynolds, Adam Paxton, Jack Wareing, Luke Kennedy, Reserves:- David Hill, Tom McGlone, Ian McFarlane, Gareth Braham, Jamie Hughes, Dean Stewart, Anthony West, Ted Evetts, Women’s ‘A’:- Sue Gulliver, Marian Conway, Kat Spanswick, Nina Bolt, Angela Jones, Wendy Adams, Women’s ’B’:- Lisa Deslandes, Caroline Pike, Chloe McKivett, Melanie Jones, Denise Keyte, Donna Pinch, Reserves:- Ann Rogers, Tracey Edgecombe, Helen Rigg.
West Midlands have a tough Premier Division fixture in the BDO Inter County Championships this coming weekend when they play hosts to high riding Lancashire who are second in the table with 137 points some 15 more than West Midlands and from one game fewer. After suffering three consecutive defeats the home team will be hoping to return to their early season form when they lost just one of their opening four games. Lining up for West Midlands will be Men’s ‘A’:- Ash Khayatt, Paul Wells, Gavin Baker, Jonathan Platt, Glen McGrandle, Daniel Nicholls, Mark Craddock, Liam Kelly, Keith Allman, Michael Baker, Scott Baker, Alfie Jacques Men’s ‘B’:- Shaun Carroll, Richard Platt, Avtar Singh, Neil Pointon, Paul Price, Gareth Watts, Adam Edgar, Jordan Singh, Danny Coyle, Martin Greenwood, John Mycock, Shane Price, Women’s ‘A’:- Shannon Hall, Sarah Roberts, Lisa Badger, Debbie Loon, Heather Wright, Gemma Barrett, Women’s ‘B’:- Shellbie Simmons, Grace Angell, Jacqueline Maiden, Kath Jenkins, Elizabeth Arnold, Sophie Singh.
What a climax to the domestic fixtures in the Four Oaks and District League as division one leaders Royal Sutton Flights played away to their nearest rivals The Boat who with a big win could steal the title. The home side raced into a winning 5-1 lead needing just two more games to become champions. It was not to be as Royal Sutton Flights fought back to take the final three games to clinch the title with the same 22 points as their opponents but with three legs of average more. In the second division Bishop Vesey’s 5-4 loss to Old Oscott WMC ended their promotion hopes while Pint Pot Flights produced a season best performance to beat Plough and Arrows 7-2 and replace Red Lion in pole position to become second division champions. Boldmere Tap and Oscott Social headed the third division, level on points, both needing a win in the final game, Oscott Social beat Brookvale Social 6-3 and despite a spirited performance from Sutton Sports and Social Club, Boldmere Tap also won 6-3 and with the superior average won the third division title. C.Sammons (Bishop Vesey) produced the weeks only maximum. Full Results:Week 14:Division One:- Old Oscott Arrows 5 (B.Hoare 137, C.Farley 100b, D.Page 100, E.Atkins 106b,2x100,2x121, M.Compton 121,133,100) Golden Hind 4 (G.Kimberley 105b,100,120b, S.Shorthouse 100, S.Pritchett 160b,100,120,105b, D.Pickering 120b,2x140, M.Deathridge 137,140), The Boat 5 (M.Archer 114f,120f, M.Partridge 100b,2x100, J.Prince 112b,100, N.Clarke 100,125, K.Deeley 2x100,104f, W.Mynard 100) Royal Sutton Flights 4 (M.Wild 121,100,109, B.Stephens 2x100, R.Hawker 100b,100,2x140,115b,110, A.Kimberley 152b, S.Paling 2x100,133, J.Liggins 120, M.Ashton 2x100,140), The Boot 6 (P.Locke 140,100, P.Opieler 100b, T.Tyrie 3x100,121, G.Gaughan 116,121, R.Smith 100) Drakes Drum 3 (J.Clarke 135,140, S.Spink 120b, K.Brown 100,125,2x140, C.Turnbull 4x100), Division Two:- Bishop Vesey 4 (N.Sammons 100, C.Sammons 134,180,132, N.Smallwood 130b,2x100,125,120,129, A.France 2x100,121,120, D.Sammons 2x100) Old Oscott WMC 5 (J.Rogers 140,125, J.Higgins 100, R.Bennett 100, D.Parsons 2x100, A.Cole 100, J.Tolley 140), Pint Pot Flights 7 (B.Godfray 120b, M.Bagnall 3x100, S.Robotham 103, A.Clarke 101,2x100,108, R.Mercer 100) Plough and Arrows 2 (N.Robbins 2x100, G.Baxter 120b,121, A.Humphriss 112b,100), Erdington Arrows 5 (M.Kenny 100,140, R.Bazeley 5x100, M.Edwards 100b, M.Corfield 100, J.West 140,119, M.Phillips 100) The Fox 4 (D.Perry 2x100,113, M.Naylor 2x100, R.Stanton 103b, S.Wilson 100b,2x100, P.Smith 100, M.Horacek 100, A.Sargeant 135), Division Three:- Sutton Sports and Social Club 3 (G.Hinett 2x100, C.Batt 100, J.Illidge 140, R.Snelson 2x100, D.Clarke 2x100, T.Clarke 100) Boldmere Tap 6 (N.Garbett 100,138, D.Simpson 140,3x100, C.Hagans 121, S.Alexander 115,3x100, P.Bromley 112b,100,140), The Oscott Social 6 (P.Hodgkins 121, A.Whitehouse 110b,116,140, D.Shannon 140,100, G.Bushell 120b,100,137) Brookvale Social 3 (D.Lowe 120b,2x100,140, A.Swadling 100, S.Lysaght 2x100,109,123, K.Orlowski 100, D.Burden 2x100, J.Kiernan 134), Rosey Mac’s 3 (P.McDonald 123, S.Wright 100) Lad In The Lane 6 (G.Averill 2x100, A.Linehan 120, M.Clarke 100, J.Averill 114), St Thomas’s Social Club, Red Lion and St Thomas’s Arrows all had a bye.
The South Birmingham League had the first round of their Division One Cup on the fixture list and winning through to round two were Crown at Shard End, Coleshill Social, Banbury Arrows, and Erdington Members Club who in turn took out Mackadown Social (walkover), The Trident (6-3), The Gate (6-3) and Punchbowl (7-2). Full Results:Division One Cup:Round One:- Crown at Shard End 9 Mackadown Social 0 (walkover), The Trident 3 (R.McDonough 104b, J.Lawton 100, C.Walton 2x100, M.Naylor 2x100) Coleshill Social 6 (G.Jones 100, A.Mayell 100, P.Bryant 116, S.Sweetman 100, N.McCrave 100, B.Jones 140,120), The Gate 3 (P.Jones 120b, N.Groves 105b, K.Russell 105b,100, D.Morris 119) Banbury Arrows 6 (B.Evans 2x100,100b, A.Cooksey 105f, A.Luckman 121,100, W.Cooper 125, L.Reece 140,100, J.Moss 100), Punchbowl 2 (B.Charlton 121, J.Buttle 133,2x100) Erdington Members Club 7 (L.Barberan 100,114, M.Birch 2x100,115b, C.Millward 140), Re-Arranged Mini League Fixture:- Iron Horse 13 legs (A.Whitehouse 123, C.Hough 2x105b, R.Earl 100,160b,109, R.Parry 132,140, P.Lewin 108) The Dog 14 legs (P.Thompson 100, J.Boylan 137, M.Blackborrow 105, M.Wheat 116b, S.O'Brien 100, M.Clayton 125,121,2x112b,152).
It was cup final week in the Forest of Arden Winter League, the Pairs Cup which saw Journeys End beat Kingshurst Knights 9-6 in the final with Kingshurst’s D.White hitting a 180. [caption id="attachment_31308" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Red Dragon Darts, Forest of Arden Winter League, Pairs Forest of Arden Winter League Pairs Cup Winners Journeys End[/caption] There was one rearranged league fixture played in which league leaders Journeys End Flights won 7-2 against third in the table Highwood KB to open up a four points lead over their local rivals in second place Journeys End who have played one game less than the leaders. [caption id="attachment_31309" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Red Dragon Darts, Forest of Arden Winter League, Darts Forest of Arden Winter League Pairs Cup Runners Up Kingshurst Knights[/caption] Full Results Pairs Cup:Final:- Journeys End 9 legs (G.Clinton 115, R.Lawrence 133,100, J.Webster 100, L.Barberan 100, S.Whatmore 3x100, D.Wilson 3x100, P.Kingdon 100, J.Jennings 105,100) Kingshurst Knights 6 legs (K.White 2x100, K.Brush 100, L.Vann 2x100, S.Moran 121, D.White 180), Re-attanged League fixture:- Journeys End Flights 7 (J.Sidwell 140,100,123,180, S.Kennedy 2x100,3x140, B.Nixon 4x100,101f, S.Edwards 132,125,100,2x140, P.Yardley 2x100,3x140,180) Highwood KB 2 (N.Wykes 2x140,100, A.Cooke 125, T.Walton 4x100,140, M.Gorman 2x100).
Tom Bent and Mark Gwalchmai have moved up into the top two positions in the Shirley Premier League both players on 50 points, Bent having played 18 games and Gwalchmai 19. In the latest games Bent had four 3-1 wins against Craig Johnson, Jordan Ottley, Steve Heeks and Tony Daly while Gwalchmai played against Dave Fisher and Chris Thomas and also won both 3-1. The leading pait have a three point’s advantage over both Paul Higgins and Dave Heighway, Higgins having played 17 games and Heighway 19. Tom Bent was the player of the night recording the highest break of 149 and the highest finish of 128 to win £10, £5 for each achievement. Full Results:Week 9:- Lee Holtham 1 Antony Daly 3, Tom Bent 3 Craig Johnson 1, Phil Thomas 3 Nick Walker 1, Tony Daly 3 Dave Heighway (116f) 1, Mick Bown 2 Chris Thomas (101,2x120b) 2, Steve Heeks 3 Antony Daly 1, Steve Harper 2 Mark Cater 2, Dave Fisher (103b) 1 Mark Gwalchmai (120b) 3, Tom Bent 3 Jordan Ottley 1, Ken Hopton (100b) 2 Phil Thomas (100b) 2, Lee Holtham 2 Andy Thomas 2, Chris Thomas snr 2 Chris Thomas 2, Mark Henderson 4 Craig Johnson 0, Phil Thomas 3 Tony Daly 1, Steve Heeks (101b) 1 Tom Bent (149b) 3, Craig Johnson 0 Andy Thomas (180,8 darts game,9 darts game,120b) 4, Steve Harper 3 Lee Holtham 1, Mark Gwalchmai (120b) 3 Chris Thomas 1, Nick Walker 1 Mark Henderson (102f,118f) 3, Mark Cater 3 Dave Fisher 1, Antony Daly 2 Chris Thomas snr 2, Ken Hopton 2 Jordan Ottley 2, Dave Heighway (105b,11 darts game) 2 Chris Thomas (100b) 2, Lee Holtham (107b) 1 Mick Bown (105b) 3, Andy Thomas 1 Phil Thomas 3, Antony Daly 3 Jordan Ottley 1, Tony Daly 1 Tom Bent (128f) 3, Dave Fisher 2 Craig Johnson 2.
The Camp Hill League had a cup week in which they played off their Singles Knockout and Ladies Singles Knockout, in the former league leader’s representative Pete Yardley from Journeys End Lions clinched the title with a final win over Neil Parsonage from Cotterills Lane Club. The ladies singles final was a Kingdon family affair with mother Sue taking on daughter Charlie, the title going to Sue. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- Nathan Prentice (Tyseley WMC) beat Bill Carter (Holy Souls), Dan Lee (White Swan Nomads) beat Mick O'Sullivan (Holy Souls), Neil Parsonage (Cotterills Lane Club) beat James Gavin (White Swan Nomads), Pete Yardley (Journeys End Lions) beat Mick Looby (walkover), Semi-Finals:- Pete Yardley Nathan Prentice, Neil Parsonage Beat Dan Lee, Final:- Pete Yardley beat Neil Parsonage, Ladies Singles Knockout:Preliminary Round:- Laura Caven (Emerald Club) beat Courtney Burns (Journeys End Lions), Semi-Finals:- Charlie Kingdon (Journeys End Lions) beat Laura Caven, Sue Kingdon (Journeys End Lions) beat Jaquie Francis (Station Wagon), Final:-Sue Kingdon beat Charlie Kingdon.
Will Naylor has taken his lead from eight points to twelve in the Erdington Red Lion Double Top League as he began week 20 with a straight 3-0 win over Alex Downes and then won a vital game against his nearest rival Dean Bayliss, again 3-0 to put him on 96 points, Bayliss had also had a winning start to the night as he won 2-1 against his nearest rival, third placed John Frost, giving Bayliss 84 points and Frost 77, fourth placed Lewis Bayliss is also on 77 points. Full Results:Week 20:- Jim Frost 1 Stuart Larvin 2, Ryan Barritt 2 Clive Austin 1, Matthew Cain 3 Richard O’Grady 0, Will Naylor 3 Alex Downes 0, John Frost 1 Dean Bayliss 2, Steve Cain 1 Lewis Bayliss 2, Clive Austin 3 Stuart Larvin 0, Matthew Cain 1 Lewis Bayliss 2, Dean Bayliss 0 Will Naylor 3, Ryan Barritt 1 John Frost 2, Jim Frost 2 Steve Cain 1, Alex Downes 3 Richard O’Grady 0.
Wagon and Horses suffered a setback to their title hopes in the Small Heath League when in week 17 they lost 5-4 away to bottom of the table Emerald Club. Prior to the game Emerald Club had won just one of their thirteen games and their opponents had lost only one of their thirteen games. The defeat leaves Wagon and Horses four points adrift of leaders East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association. Full Results:Week 17:- Sheldon Marlborough Arrows (S.McCarthy 104, R.Turner 100, K.Salsbury 140,105b, D.Howlett 140,100, M.Cox 117,134, M.O’Sullivan 103,100) 5 Cob’s Bar (D.Shakespeare 100, A.Lattimer 100b, M.Turner 100) 4, Heartlands Club (D.Bond 123,10 darts game, M.Cain 2x100, G.McCormack 100, Jim Frost 100, John Frost 117, A.Downes 140) 8 Sheldon Marlborough Flights (J.Evans 150,125, P.Brown 160b, D.Brown 140) 1, Emerald Club (P.Hopkins 121, A.Fisher 138,100, D.Willis 121,100, C.Rigby 2x100) 5 Wagon and Horses (C.Murphy 140, G.Daly 140, D.Rivett 122, A.Pearson 100) 4.
Highwood enforced their bid for the Shirley and District Monday Night League title by handing out a 9-0 whitewash to their hosts Legion Royals and take over the number one spot from Red Lion despite Red Lion winning 5-4 against Solihull Sports and Social. As a result Red Lion drop to third in the table on the same 38 points as the new leaders and second placed Dunky’s Boys who had a 9-0 win over Blue Bell. Full Results:Week 21:- Plume of Feathers 2 The Lodge 7, Cider House 7 Sharmans Cross (Ross Buet 104b) 2, Shirley Spartac 0 Legionnaires 9, Drawbridge Bears 9 Shirley Golf Club 0, Saracens Misfits (Jordan Ottley 180) 4 Saracens Jesters 5, Red Lion 5 Solihull Sports and& Social Club 4, Legion Royals 0 Highwood (Dan Rycroft 152b) 9, Dunky's Boys (Paul Nunn 180, John Sidwell 180, John Buffet 180) 9 Blue Bell 0.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played off the finals of their Doubles Knockout and with a close 3-2 result in the final against D.Male and A.Apati it was J.Batham and C.Penzer who lifted the winner’s silverware. Losing semi-finalists were A.Mears and S.Russell who lost 2-0 to Male and Apati plus C.H.Green and R.Nutting who went out to Batham and Penzer, again 2-0. Full Results: Week 8:- The Swan 5 Pensnett Liberal Club 4, Fox and Grapes 3 Bull and Bladder 6, Bulls Head (Netherton) 7 Brickmakers Arms 2, Limes Club 1 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 8, Rose and Crown 6 Roebuck 3, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 5 Mount Pleasant 4, Delph Bell 8 Lamp Tavern 1, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6, King William 2 Portway 7.
Week five of the Netherton Thursday Night League brought together two of the league’s top two team’s leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and third placed Riddins Tavern. The result was a close 5-4 win for the Ex Serviceman’s Club to keep them top of the table on 12 points. Taking over in second place is Bulls Head whose 6-3 win away to Fairfield puts them on the same number of points as the leaders. Riddins with 9 points drop to fourth behind third place White Horse who have the better average despite somewhat surprisingly losing 6-3 at home against Townsend Club who are now also on the same 9 points as Riddins and White Horse.. Full Results:Week 5:- The Crown 3 Delph Bell 6, Fairfield 3 Bulls Head 6, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 5 Riddins Tavern 4, White Horse 3 Townsend Club 6.
Tipton Sports are going strong in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League making it nine straight unbeaten games with a 6-1 home win over Hayes Social to maintaining their four points advantage over second in the table Island Inn who also won 6-1 at home against Ivy Bush. Not such good news for third placed Waggon and Horses as they went down 4-3 away to Dewdrop ‘A’, they hold on to third place with the same 14 points as Island Inn and Dewdrop ‘A’ who are fourth in the table. Full Results:Week 9:- Merry-Go-Round ‘A’ 1 The Vine 6, Tipton Sports 6 Hayes Social 1, Dewdrop ‘A’ 4 Waggon and Horses 3, Wonder 4 Merry-Go-Round ‘B’ 3, Island Inn 6 Ivy Bush 1, New Talbot 4 Dewdrop ‘B’ 3.
An 8-0 win against Three Crowns has seen Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ move up into pole position in the Silver End Sunday Morning League replacing Netherton Cricket Club who are now two points behind the leaders. The Cricket Club are one point to the good on reigning champions Woodside who were held to a 4-4 draw by Portway and Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ who won 6-2 at Glasscutters. Full Results:Match 8:- Railway 5 Old Star 3, Glasscutters 2 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 6, Kings Head 1 Pensnett Welfare Club 7, New Talbot 2 Dudley Sports 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 8 Three Crowns 0, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 Bell 1, Woodside 4 Portway 4, Netherton Cricket Club had a bye.
Old Bulls Head have lost their number one position in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League after losing 7-2 to Parkes Hall who replace them in the top spot with 34 points, two more than their opponents. Ashwood lose their third place to Gornal Labour Club after they went down 5-4 at home to Club Dudley and the Labour Club won 8-1 at Jolly Crispin. Both Gornal Labour Club and Ashwood are on 30 points as are fifth placed Coseley Tavern after they handed their hosts Red Cow a 9-0 whitewash. Full Results:Week 19:- Pensnett Liberal Club 8 Fellows Club 1, Netherton Cricket Club 7 Five Ways 2, Gornal British Legion 2 Britannia 7, White Lion 4 Hilly House 5, Jolly Crispin 1 Gornal Labour Club 8, Ashwood 4 Club Dudley 5, Old Bulls Head 2 Parkes Hall 7, Red Cow 0 Coseley Tavern 9.
Mount Pleasant were the only losers in the top three teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League in week eight surprisingly losing 5-4 away to Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ who prior to the fixture had only won one of their seven games. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ took their undefeated run to eight games with a 6-3 win at Dudley Sports ‘B’ keeping them two points ahead of Bulls Head and Dudley Sports ‘A’ who in turn won 7-2 against Brickmakers Arms and 8-1 away to Limes Club. Full Results:Week 8:- The Swan 5 Pensnett Liberal Club 4, Fox and Grapes 3 Bull and Bladder 6, Bulls Head (Netherton) 7 Brickmakers Arms 2, Limes Club 1 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 8, Rose and Crown 6 Roebuck 3, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 5 Mount Pleasant 4, Delph Bell 8 Lamp Tavern 1, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6, King William 2 Portway 7.
The George have a perfect score of 16 points after their opening eight games of the season in the Rowley Monday Night League their latest win being 9-0 against next to bottom of the table Windmills End. George have a two points lead over Bell, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’, Cradley Liberal Club and Ivy Bush who in turn won 9-0 against Hare and Hounds, 7-2 against Three Diamonds, 6-3 at Whiteheath Tavern and 6-3 against Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’. Full Results:Week 7:- Tividale FC 1 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 8, Three Diamonds 2 George 7, Windmills End 6 Loyal Lodge 3, Bulls Head 5 Whiteheath Tavern 4, Cradley Liberal Club 6 Roost (S.Edmonds 160b) 3, Lodgers 1 Bell 8, Hare and Hounds 4 Ivy Bush 5, Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 4 Cottage 5, Week 8:- Whiteheath Tavern 3 Cradley Liberal Club 6, Loyal Lodge 4 Bulls Head 5, George 9 Windmills End 0, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 7 Three Diamonds 2, Ivy Bush 6 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ (Jason Bland 160b,180) 3, Bell 9 Hare and Hounds 0, Roost (L.Smith 177) 6 Lodgers 3, Cottage 7 Tividale FC 2.
Queens Head having played sixteen games in the main division of the Pip Club League are top of the table on 30 points their most recent fixture seeing them win 8-1 against Pip Club with their Joe Tarver, Mick Smith and Sam Whittaker all hitting a 180. Second in the table The Office went one better with a 9-0 success against Dolphin Wanderers who are fourth in the table four points behind Office who in turn are two behind Queens Head with a game in hand. Full Results:Week 17:- Birchmoor Club (Kev Spare 180) 6 Belgrave Club (Bob Mills 180) 3, Queens Head (Joe Tarver 180, Mick Smith 180, Sam Whittaker 180) 8 Pip Club 1, Globe (Wilnecote, Rick Martin 180) 4 Old Liberal House 5, Mercian 1 Wigginton Arms (Rosie O’Connor 2x100) 8, Red Lion (Paul Wragg 114f) 5 Kettlebrook Club 4, Progressive Club (Wayne Tuck 111f) 6 Sports Bar ‘180’ (Phil Jones 171) 3, The Office 9 Dolphin 0, Dolphin Wanderers had a bye.
Bull lost their home game 4-3 to Victoria in the Division One Singles League in the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League, at the same time they also lost pole position to their victors and drop to third behind Riley’s ‘C’. Riley’s ‘C’ like Victoria have won their two opening fixtures of the season the latest being 5-2 at home against Railway and trail Victoria by just one leg of average. In division two three teams Penn Bowling, Royal and Wednesfield Legion are level on four points and average at the top of the table. Penn had a 6-1 win at home to Pendulum, Royal won 5-2 against Dog and Partridge ‘B’ and Legion also won 5-2 at County. Full Results:Week 2:Singles League:Division One:- Bull 3 Victoria 4, Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 4 Sunbeam 3, Gilberts Bar 5 Riley’s ‘A’ 2, Riley’s ‘C’ 5 Railway 2, Wednesfield Conservative Club had a bye, Division Two:- County 2 Wednesfield Legion 5, Duke of York 2 Village Inn 5, Penn Bowling 6 Pendulum 1, Royal 5 Dog and Partridge ‘B’ 2, Yale Club 4 Woodfield Social 3, Doubles League:Division One:- Bull 0 Victoria 3, Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 2 Sunbeam 1, Gilberts Bar 3 Riley’s ‘A’ 0, Riley’s ‘C’ 3 Railway 0, Wednesfield Conservative Club had a bye, Division Two:- County 1 Wednesfield Legion 2, Duke of York 0 Village Inn 3, Penn Bowling 2 Pendulum 1, Royal 1 Dog and Partridge ‘B’ 2, Yale Club 1 Woodfield Social 2.
The Cradley Tuesday Night League played off the second leg of their League Cup and winning through to the last four were Wheatsheaf, Brickmakers Arms, Riddins Tavern and Hawne Lane Tavern who in turn had overall wins against Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ (13-5), Gate Hangs Well (14-4), Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ (15-3) and Chop House (13-5). Full Results:League Cup:Second Leg (First leg results in brackets):- Wheatsheaf 7 (6) Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 2 (3), Brickmakers Arms 7 (7) Gate Hangs Well 2 (2), Riddins Tavern 9 (6) Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 0 (3), Chop House 1 (4) Hawne Lane Tavern 8 (5).
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