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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

After suffering relegation from the Premier Division in the BDO Inter County Championships last season the West Midlands County Darts Organisation began life in division one showing everyone their clear intention to make a quick return to the top flight by handing out a 22-14 defeat to Cambridgeshire. The ladies ‘B’ began the weekend with a convincing 5-1 win with Shellbie Simmons (21.09) taking their match award, however it was not such a good weekend for the ‘A’ side as they went down 4-2 with Cheryl Alcock (21.47) their top player. It was good news all round for the men as the ‘B’ team won 7-5 Alfie Jacques their man of the match with a 26.03 average and the ‘A’ team won 8-4. After trailing 2-0 they stormed into an unassailable 7-2 lead Dan Nicholls setting them on their way when in the third game he beat Jason Marriott 4-0 and took the match award for his 29.47 average. The win has taken the West Midlands into pole position in division one with 25 points, three more than Oxfordshire, London and Staffordshire who in turn are second, third and fourth in the table. Full Results:Division One:West Midlands v Cambridgeshire (22-14):West Midlands names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Gavin Baker 2 Martin Adams 4, Alfie Jacques 2 Ian Withers 4, Daniel Nicholls 4 Jason Marriott 0, Mick Baker 4 Chris Fidler 3, Paul Wells 4 Simon Hill 3, John Morris 4 Carl Dockerill 1, Scott Baker 4 Matthew Wing 2, Owen Maiden 4 Scott Williams 2, Shaun Carroll 4 Ashley Coleman 0, Glen McGrandle 3 John Imrie 4, Mark Craddock 2 Dennis Harbour 4, Ian Jones 4 Martyn Moore 1, Men’s ‘B’:- Matthew Coleman 4 Simon Bewley 2, Adam Edgar 4 Connor Arberry 2, Stephen Jones 4 Iain Styles 1, Mathew Moore 3 Mark Lynn 4, Mark Rollinson 2 Leigh Beeton 4, Alfie Jacques 4 Barry-John Paget 0, Neil Pointon 3 Eddie Martin 4, Trevor Brennon 4 Michael Bodle 1, Scott Hall 3 Duggie McInerney 4, Dave Redding 2 Gary Robertson 4, Gareth Johnston 4 Stuart Ward 3, Shane Price 4 John Gowler 0, Women’s ‘A’:- Kat McLean 0 Karen Stanhope 3, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Liz Humphries 0, Kath Jenkins 1 Casey Hill 3, Cheryl Alcock 3 Carol Bareham 0, Gemma Barrett 2 Amy Grant 3, Sarah Roberts 2 Nadine Bentley 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Sophie Singh 3 Lorraine Bullman 1, Stella Sims 3 Jess Cassidy 2, Shellbie Simmons 3 Rebecca Brouse 1, Claire Hobbs 1 Carol Bareham 3, Heather Wright 3 Hannah Rampley 1, Julie Aston 3 Laura Corrigan 2.
The Shirley Legion Double Top League have now completed all of their outstanding fixtures and what a close finish to the season it was with just two points separating the top three players. Lee Harris finished as champion with 102 points with Thomas Bent, who for long periods held the number one spot throughout the season, taking the runners-up spot with 101 points only one short of Harris. A further one point behind was Steve Sidwell who took third place with 100 points. Following the outstanding fixtures the league staged another of their knockouts. In the semi-finals, after losing the first leg, Mark Gwalchmai recovered to win 3-1 against Craig Clarke while Thomas Bent had a straight 3-0 win against Gary Cleverley to book his final place. The final was nip and tuck with Bent going 1-0 up only to see Gwalchmai take a 2-1 lead. Bent levelled in the fourth and then with a 180 in the fifth went on to clinch a 3-2 victory. Tomorrow night the league will be holding their presentation and already there is talk of season 14 getting underway, all players interested in joining the league should do so by the 10th October. Full Results:Week 21:- Lee Holtham 0 Steve Harper 4, Lee Holtham 1 Mark Gwalchmai (112b) 3, Wayne Clarke (131f) 4 Lee Holtham 0.
The Small Heath League staged their Jim Haveron 3 A-Side Knockout and taking the title were the East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘B’ side Matt Cooper, Colin Wyatt and Terry Webster who won the final 6-3 against the Heartlands Club ‘B’ side Jim Frost, John Frost and Ian Jones. In the last four games E.B.A.H.A. ‘B’ took out their ‘A’ team with a 6-3 result and Heartlands ‘B’ in another local derby had a 7-2 win against their ‘A’ team. Full Results:Jim Haveron 3 A-Side Knockout:Quarter Finals:- Cob’s Club 2 (M.Tilley 2x100, M.O’Sullivan 134,101b) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 7, Heartlands Club ‘A’ 5 (S.McCormack 122,105b, S.Cain 120b,122b, G.McCormack 120,105b,101) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘C’ 4 (P.Webster 100, N.Davis 2x100, T.White 140,120b,100,180), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘A’6 (N.Parsonage 2x100,118f, L.Robinson 100f) Wagon and Horses ‘A’ 3 (A.Colley 101b, M.Tilley 117,180), Cob’s Bar 4 (A.Lattimer 140) Heartlands Club ‘B’ 5 (John Frost 180, Jim Frost 100), Semi-Finals:- Heartlands Club ‘B’ 7 (John Frost 2x100, Jim Frost 100) Heartlands Club ‘A’ 2 (S.McCormack 105b,120b, G.McCormack 100,135), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘A’ 3 (N.Parsonage 160b,121,140,100) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘B’ 6 (C.Wyatt 160b,100, M.Cooper 100, T.Webster 100,120f), Final:- Heartlands Club ‘B’ 3 (I.Jones 100, Jim Frost 100b) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘B’ 6 (C.Wyatt 100b,118f, T.Webster 2x100).
Of the nine fixtures played in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League six of them had a 6-3 result with the league’s bottom three teams Bird (Stourbridge), Hare and Hounds and Kingswinford Conservative Club all losing 6-3. At the other end of the table leaders Brickmakers Arms made it ten straight wins with their 6-3 win over British Oak to keep intact a two points lead over their nearest rivals Britannia who had conclusive 8-1 home win over Fox Inn (Lye) to stay two points ahead of third in the table Gate Hangs Well who had a close 5-4 win at Gigmill. Full Results:Game 10:- Britannia 8 Fox Inn (Lye) 1, Hop House 6 Bird (Stourbridge) 3, Gigmill 4 Gate Hangs Well 5, Brickmakers Arms 6 British oak 3 (A.Nicholls 9 darts game), Church Tavern 7 Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 2, Lion (Stourbridge) 3 Bird (Wordsley) 6, Glasscutters 6 Hare and Hounds 3, Kingswinford Conservative Club 3 Swan 6, Ten Arches 6 Stourbridge RBL 3.
In the Kings Norton League leaders Avenue C.Fox extended their unbeaten run to nine games with a 6-1 win at Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club giving them a two points advantage over Rubery RBL who have taken over second place in the table from Bournbrook after they won 7-0 against Weoley Hill. Bournbrook and Grant Arms are third and fourth in the table both on 14 points, four short of Avenue C.Fox and they have played one game more than the top two teams. Full Results:Game 11:- Cock Inn 6 (P.Hughes 100, M.Naylor 100, L.Fox 100, A.Vaughan 125, Joe Fox 120b, W.Webb 2x100,120b, L.Caven 100) Thurlestone 1 (N.Watts 100, T.Hill 100), Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (C.Davenport 100, D.Whitecombe 125, T.Shaw 100,101, S.Brown 120) Avenue C.Fox 6 (E.Simpson 100, V.Gould 2x140, R.Mann 100,109, T.Hamilton 100, P.Blades 121), Grant Arms 7 (P.Taylor 100, S.Campbell 100, D.Campbell 118, S.Hale 100b,11 darts game, Monte Davies 180, P.Smith 101b) Coppice 0 (J.Denham 100, G.Twist 100,140, M.Mooney 100), Rubery RBL 7 (R.Packer 120, B.Heath 100,105f, J.O'Neill 100, I.Medlicott 2x100, J.Ford 105b, J.O'Neill 180) Weoley Hill 0 (M.Lloyd 100,120b, L.Preece 128, J.Taylor 2x100, N.Procter 100), Dingle 2 (A.Faulkner 100, D.Hopkins 123, G.Bailles 102, M.Ferriday 100) E57 5 (D.Price 100, J.Good 2x100, N.Porter 100, T.Roberts 100, N.Porter 180), Harborne C.Fox 6 (M.Poolton 125, A.Poolton 100, J.Garghan 100,120b,140,11 darts game, J.Garghan 180) Kings Heath 1 (N.Pearce 140).
A 4-3 win over New Inn was not enough to keep Emerald Club in pole position in the Camp Hill League as reigning champions White Swan Nomads handed their visitors Tyseley WMC a 6-1 defeat to go ahead of Emerald by one leg of average with both teams on undefeated 8 points. Tyseley’s loss sees them drop two places to fifth but on the same six points as the two teams directly above them Roost Rebels and Sheldon Marlborough Flights. Full Results:Week 4:- Roost Rebels 7 Wandering Wagon 0, White Swan Nomads 6 Tyseley WMC 1, North Star 5 Peaky Blinders 2, Sheldon Marlborough Flights 4 Sedgemere Devil’s Club 3, Emerald Club 4 New Inn 3.
The Hilltop Friendly Tuesday night League were involved in the semi-finals of their Russells Skips Cup and it was certainly not a good night for Dewdrop as second in the league Tipton Sports had a 5-2 win over Dewdrop ‘A’ who are third in the league table and Island Inn with a more comfortable 6-1 result took out Dewdrop ‘B’. There was one rearranged fixture played which saw Miners Arms win 6-1 at Court House which had no effect on the league table whatsoever. Full Results:Russells Skips Cup:Semi-Finals:- Island Inn 6 Dewdrop ‘B’ 1, Tipton Sports 5 Dewdrop ‘A’ 2, Rearranged Fixture:- Court House 1 Miners Arms 6.
With the majority of teams having completed their fixtures in the Cradley Tuesday Night League and Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ confirmed as champions with Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ runners-up, all that remains are a few outstanding rearranged fixtures. Three of those rearranged games were played this week which saw Gate Hangs Well move off the foot of the table with only their fifth win in 20 games when they won 6-3 at Malt Shovel, Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ beat third in the table Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 5-4 and in the other game there was a 9-0 win for Riddins Tavern over Roost. Full Results:Rearranged Fixtures:- Malt Shovel 3 Gate Hangs Well 6, Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ 5 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 4, Riddins Taven 9 Roost 0.
A 6-3 win over The Wharf keeps Dunky’s Boys top of the Shirley and District Monday Night League with 36 points, two more than second in the league Highwood who handed Blue Bell a 9-0 whitewash. The Lion in third place are a further two points behind Highwood with a game in hand after they won 5-4 away to Saracens Jesters. Full Results:Week 20:- Saracens Jesters 4 The Lion 5, Bears 7 (C.Thomas jnr 106f, A.Thomas 18 darts game) Sharmans Cross 2, Legion Flights 9 (J.Good 180) HSDT 0, Shirley Spartac 1 Lodge 8, Highwood 9 (D.Wright 180) Blue Bell 0, Legion Royals 2 The Short Shafts 7 (P.Silver 180), Dunkys Boys 6 (J.Sidwell 145f,12 darts game, A.Hutchings 120b) Wharf 3, Cider House had a bye.
Week two in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League, and for the second successive week leaders Ashwood ‘B’ were 6-1 winners as they followed up the win over their ‘A’ team with a win against Church Tavern ‘A’. The two big wins give the leaders an average lead over King Arthur, Wilson Hall and Brickmakers Arms who in turn won 4-3 against Ashwood ‘A’, 5-2 at Wombourne Cricket Club and 4-3 against Bird (Wordsley). Plough kicked off their season the best possible way with a 7-0 victory over Swan ‘B’, Swan ‘A’ and Ten Arches ‘B’, like Plough have only played one game so far and are the only other two teams with a 100% win record. Full Results:Game 2:- Wombourne Cricket Club 2 (A.Smith 7 darts game) Wilson Hall 5, Bell 3 Ten Arches 4 (N.Fullwell 160b), King Arthur 4 Ashwood ‘A’ 3, Swan ‘B’ 0 Plough 7 (G.Goodyear 9 darts game), Gigmill 3 Fox Inn (Lye) 4, Church Tavern ‘B’ 1 Gate Hangs Well 6, Brickmakers Arms 4 Bird (Wordsley) 3, Ashwood ‘B’ 6 Church Tavern ‘A’ 1, Holly Bush had a bye.
With the finishing post getting ever closer in the Netherton Thursday Night League leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club took another step nearer to clinching the title with a 7-2 win over fourth in the league Townsend Social Club. The win gives the Ex Serviceman’s Club a lead of six points with two games in hand on second in the table Riddins Tavern who won their game at White Horse 6-3. Full Results:Game 23:- Netherton Conservative Club 5 Fairfield 4, White Horse 3 Riddins Tavern 6, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 Townsend Social Club 2, Bulls Head had a bye.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League will be holding the AGM for their forthcoming season at Dudley Sports and Social Club, DY5 3QT on Sunday the 20th October at 11.00am. Anyone interested in entering a team in the league should attend this meeting.
It was the first leg of the semi-finals of the Team Knockout and Shadow Cups in the Silver End Sunday Morning League, first the Team Knockout Cup in which Glasscutters ‘A’ take a massive 7-1 lead into the second leg against High Acres while High Oak have a lesser 5-3 lead against Dudley Sports. In the Shadow Cup New Talbot were 6-2 winners against Kings Head ‘A’ and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club won 5-3 against Bell leaving everything to play for in the second leg. Full Results:Team Knockout:Semi-Finals (first leg):- High Oak 5 Dudley Sports 3, Glasscutters ‘A’ 7 High Acres 1, Shadow Cup:Semi-Finals (first leg):- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 5 Bell 3, Kings Head ‘A’ 2 New Talbot 6.
The quarter finals of the League Cup was the order of the day for the Brierley Hill Monday Night League and winning through to the last four were Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’, Limes Club, High Oak and Rose and Crown who in turn defeated Wombourne Pool Bar (6-3), Brickmakers Arms (5-4), Roebuck (5-4) and Dudley Sports ‘B’ (5-4). Full Results:League Cup:Quarter Finals:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6 Wombourne Pool Bar 3, Limes Club 5 Brickmakers Arms 4, High Oak 5 Roebuck 4, Rose and Crown 5 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4.
The Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League is up to week two and reigning champions Old Bulls Head continue to lead the field, their latest 6-3 win at Hilly House giving them a slender one leg of average lead over Lamp Tavern who moved up one place in the table to second with a 7-2 win at Five Ways. Jolly Crispin lost the number two spot after they lost 8-1 away to Gornal British Legion and drop to eighth place in the table. Third and fourth in the league Netherton Cricket Club and New Inn are now the only two teams other than the two above them to have won all two opening fixtures. Full Results:Week 2:- Five Ways 2 LampTavern 7, Gornal British Legion 8 Jolly Crispin 1, Red Cow 3 New Inn 6, Netherton Cricket Club 7 Meadow Lark 2, Gornal Labour Club 6 Pensnett Liberal Club 3, Hilly House 3 Old Bulls Head 6.
Nick Fullwell, leader of the Ashwood Premier League didn’t play in week ten but nevertheless held on to pole position with 137 points from 20 games. Fullwell’s nearest threat currently comes from second in the table Chris Williams whose 4-3 win over Stuart Quarry followed by a 7-0 success against John Underhill has seen him take his points tally to 121 from 22 games. Connor Pickett is third in the league, he added a 5-2 win over Chris Fox and 6-1 win over Jay Moule to give him a total of 119 points from 20 games, just one point more than Richard Bowen in fourth place who took his number of games played to 20 with 6-1 wins against Jay Moule and Stuart Aitkens before losing 4-3 to Sam Aitkens. Full Results:Week 10:- Chris Fox 2 Connor Pickett 5, Dan Sidaway 3 Stuart Quarry 4, John Broome 0 Andy Vellender 7, Jack Moore 0 Matt Davies 7, Richard Bowen 6 Jay Moule 1, Iain Mathers 1 Robert Pierce 6, Iain Mathers 3 Mark Bayliss 4, Jay Moule 1 Connor Pickett 6, Andy Kennedy 2 Chris Fox 5, John Underhill 1 Stuart Quarry 6, Jack Moore 7 Stuart Aitkens 0, Jordan Ward 5 Karl Aitkens 2, Iain Mathers 1 Sam Aitkens 6, Stuart Quarry 3 Chris Williams 4, Stuart Aitkens 1 Richard Bowen 6, Karl Aitkens 2 Chris Fox 5, Matt Davies 1 Andy Vellender 6, Dan Sidaway 2 Jordan Ward 5, Mark Bayliss 5 Andy Kennedy 2, Robert Pierce 5 Stuart Quarry 2, Sam Aitkens 4 Richard Bowen 3, Chris Williams 7 John Underhill 0, John Broome 4 Iain Mathers 3, Karl Aitkens 4 Jack Moore 3.
After only the third week Highwood Gerry’s Boys and Mackadown Social are the only unbeaten teams in the Premier Division of the Sheldon and District Winter League. Highwood Gerry’s Boys top the table after their 7-2 win away to Kingshurst Labour Club giving them four points from their two games while Mackadown who had a bye this week are third and also unbeaten in their two games. Langley Arrows are second on average their 6-3 win over Dunky’s Boys being their third game. Hornet made it three straight wins in division one when they beat Yardley Ex Colts 5-4, second in the division Lyndon Old Boys had a bye, they are two points behind Hornet with a game in hand after playing just two. Holy Souls are the only 100% winners in division two their latest success being 7-2 away to Small Heath Gardeners to put them two points ahead of Inn on the Green, Meadway Sports and Social, Hampton and Solihull CC and Langley Flights. Full Results:Week 3:Premier Division:- Kingshurst Labour Club 2 Highwood Gerry’s Boys 7 (Steve Harding 116f), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 3 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 6 (Mark Birch 9 darts game), Raven Arrows 8 (John Burdett 110f,11 darts game, Alan Mayall 12 darts game), Sheldon Dukes 1, Dunky’s Boys 3 (Pete Yardley 9 darts game) Langley Arrows 6, Mackadown Social had a bye, Division One:- Hornet 5 (Rob Wilson 11 darts game) Yardley Ex Colts 4, Yardley Arms 3 Shirley Misfits 6, Dingle 8 (Neil Warner 12 darts game) Maggies 1, Willclare Sports and Social 5 Crown-Forget-Me-Not 4, Lyndon Old Boys had a bye, Division Two:- Hampton and Solihull CC 4 Langley Flights 5, Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 2 Meadway Sports and Social 7, Inn on the Green 7 CCC’s 2, Crown Arrows 5 Raven 4, Small Heath Gardeners 2 Holy Souls 7 (M.Smith 126f).
With just four more fixtures to play the Bell’s 7-2 win over fifth in the Rowley Monday Night League table Ivy Bush has given them a six points lead at the top of the table as Cradley Sports and Social who were second lost 5-4 away to Fairfield who are sixth in the table and as a result drop to third place behind George on the same 44 points but trailing on average after George beat Windmills End 7-2. There was a rare win for bottom of the table Bulls Head as they won their fifth in 26 games a 5-4 home win over Loyal Lodge. Winning through to the last sixteen of the league’s Bottom Half Singles Knockout were J.Benningfield (Bulls Head), D.Bourne (Three Diamonds), D.Price, I.Bamford, D.Hambridge (Hare and Hounds), S.Jones, S.Hadley (Loyal Lodge), S.Edmonds, N.Hickman, M.Devine (Spring Meadow), A.Barlow, D.Whittle, L.Sims, M.Wright (Windmill), J.Debney, S.Cree (Wonder). Full Results:Bottom Half Singles Knockout:Last Sixteen:- J.Benningfield (Bulls Head), D.Bourne (Three Diamonds), D.Price, I.Bamford, D.Hambridge (Hare and Hounds), S.Jones, S.Hadley (Loyal Lodge), S.Edmonds, N.Hickman, M.Devine (Spring Meadow), A.Barlow, D.Whittle, L.Sims, M.Wright (Windmill), J.Debney, S.Cree (Wonder), Rearranged Fixture:- Fairfield 3 (Mark Jones 160b, Chris Ledge 9 darts game) Tividale FC 6, Week 26:- Bulls Head 5 Loyal Lodge 4, Bell 7 Ivy Bush 2, Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 5 Three Diamonds 4, Spring Meadow 5 Wonder 4, Hare and Hounds 2 Tividale FC 7, Cottage 6 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 3 (R.Lenton 180), Fairfield 5 Cradley Sports and Social Club 4, George 7 Windmills End 2.
The Pip Club League have got their new season underway and leading the Combined Division with an 8-1 win over Aldergate Club is Belgrave Sports and Social Club. Sports Bar ‘180’lead the Seeded One section after they won 5-4 against Globe (Wilnecote) and top of Seeded Two is Dolphin who had a 7-2 success in their tie with Kettlebrook Club. Full Results:Game 1:- Belgrave Sports and Social 8 (Phil Daulman 16 darts game, Ian Turner 111f, 177) Aldergate Club 1 (Rosie O’Connor 140,125,105), Dolphin 7 (Leighton Massey 100) Kettlebrook Club 2, Birchmoor Club 5 (Paul Vyse 16 darts game) Progressive Club 4, Globe (Wilnecote) 4 (Dave Emery 180, Dave Barker 112f) Sports Bar ‘180’ 5 (Emily Jones 3x100), Old Liberal House 2 Dolphin Wanderers 7, Pip Club 6 (Mark Hollyoake 180) Belgrave Club 3.
Hurst Hill leaders of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League won what could be a vital game against third in the league Cleveland Arms 4-3 to keep them two points to the good on second in the table Whitmore Reans WMC who won their tie at the Bull 5-2 to open a gap of four points between them and Cleveland. For the second successive week ECC Sports and Social’s two teams won, the ‘A’ side, who are fourth in the table won 4-3 at Brewood British Legion and the ‘B’ had a 5-2 home win over Pilot to move them up one place in the league to sixth. Full Results:Game 23:- Brewood British Legion 3 ECC ‘A’ 4, Bull 2 Whitmore Reans WMC 5, Cleveland Arms 3 Hurst Hill 4, ECC ‘B’ 5 Pilot 2.
Woodside Inn extended their lead at the top of the West Midlands Men’s Super League to six points when they handed out a 5-0 whitewash to their hosts Horse and Jockey ‘B’ and second in the table Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ won 4-1 away to The Bell. Third in the table Yeltz Bar ‘A’ have drawn level on the same 52 points as Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ after they won 5-0 at The Griffin. Full Results:Week 9:- ECC Sports and Social Club 2 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘C’ 3 (L.Griffiths 3 S.Jones 4, L.Venes 4 J.Blakemore 0, M.Hampson 2 M.Coleman 4, M.Baker 4 D.Oakes 0, A.Simmons 1 J.Singh 4), Bridgtown Social 4 Horse and Jockey ‘A’ 1 (M.Craddock 1 M.Price 4, N.Pointon 4 A.Howells 0, G.Watts 4 B.Robbins 2, D.Coyle 4 I.Shaughnessey 1, O.Maiden 4 K.Ford 0), Griffin 0 Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 5 (M.Hoult 3 S.Gillam 4, W.Cairns 0 D.Redding 4, M.Hadley 3 I.Townsend 4, L.Law 1 J.Lowe 4, P.O’Brien 3 P.Wells 4), The Bell 1 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ 4 (R.Bowen 2 D.Nicholls 4, W.Fenney 0 S.Baker 4, M.Rowley 0 N.Fullwell 4, R.Colley 4 A.Edgar 1, C.Skelding 0 S.Carroll 4), Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 1 Cabin 4 (T.Brennan 4 S.Hall 2, M.Greenwood 2 J.Simms 4, J.Wrench 0 S.Price 4, I.Hartland 3 I.Hebberts 4, C.Newton 1 G.Johnston 4), Allen’s Sports Bar ‘B’ 5 Staffordshire Knot 0 (R.Fathers 4 B.Hollowood 2, T.Baker 4 M.Cadman 1, R.Arnold 4 A.Hateley 2, S.Bastable 4 P.Smith 2, P.Harrison 4 D.Mills 1), Horse and Jockey ‘B’ 0 Woodside Inn 5 (K.Kewell 0 M.Moore 4, L.Wildman 0 J.Rollinson 4, J.Gennard 2 M.Rollinson 4, D.Whitehouse 1 J.Ward 4, D.Owen 0 L.Kelly 4), Gilberts Bar 3 Gunners Club 2 (R.Cook-Lucas 1 S.Jennings 4, R.Ward 4 M.Lloyd 0, C.Hill 4 G.Walsh 1, J.Evans 4 S.Pryce 2, G.Rollinson 3 C.Cook 4).
By Alan Towe Website:

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