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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The South Birmingham league have played off the finals of their Captains, Secretaries and Mixed Doubles knockouts and in the former Charlie Kingdon had a 2-0 win over Louise Beale in the semis and Chris Cooke won by a much closer 2-1 against Paul Moran. Cooke then went on to secure the title with a straight 2-0 victory over Kingdon in the final. [caption id="attachment_37954" align="aligncenter" width="589"] South Birmingham League - Mixed Doubles Sue Kingdon and Simon Edwards (Winners), Dave Kingdon (Vice-Chairman)[/caption] There were straight 2-0 wins for Dave Clinton and Gavin Jones in the semi-finals of the Secretaries knockout, the final also had a 2-0 scoreline which went to Dave Clinton to give him the title with Gavin Jones finishing runner-up. [caption id="attachment_37951" align="aligncenter" width="514"] South Birmingham League Secretaries Cup - Sue Kingdon (Chairman), Dave Clinton (Winner) Dave Kingdon (Vice-Chairman)[/caption] The last four games of the mixed doubles saw mother and daughter Sue and Charlie Kingdon square up to each other, Sue with partner Simon Edwards and Charlie pairing with Dan Stone. The game went the full three legs distance with Sue and Simon the winners. From the other half of the draw Sue’s husband and Charlie’s dad Dave emerged with his partner Rhian Carey who made their exit with a close 2-1 defeat to the daughter and father pairing Melissa Beale and Steve Beale. [caption id="attachment_37950" align="aligncenter" width="527"] South Birmingham League Captains Cup - Sue Kingdon (Chairman), Chris Cooke (Winner), Dave Kingdon (Vice Chairman)[/caption] The winners were Simon Edwards and Sue Kingdon who had a final 2-0 win against Melissa and Steve Beale. Following the final there was a “Fun” game in which the winners Sue Kingdon and Simon Edwards taking on Connor Marshall and Sid Moran with the straight 2-0 result going once again in favour of Sue and Simon. [caption id="attachment_37953" align="aligncenter" width="640"] South Birmingham League - Fun Doubles - Sid Moran, Sue Kingdon (Winner), Simon Edwards (Winner), Connor Marshall, Dave Kingdon[/caption] Full Results:Game 5:Group One:- Banbury Arrows 6 (J.Baron 100, A.Cooksey 140,103, K.Lane 121,105,2x100, G.Davidson 140, J.Moss 3x100, P.Moran 3x100,140,139,114) The Trident 2 (J.Buttle 135,2x100, C.Vann 101, R.Barritt 3x100,114, L.Vann 100), C's Flights 2 (R.Beale 114, S.Beale 106f,100, J.Pitts 4x100,140, C.Meigh 4x100, M.Beale 100, L.Beale 100) Centurion 6 (G.Baldock 140,125,3x100, D.Cooper 138,125, A.Hoey 125,140,100,102f, M.Phillips 100,140), C's Hot Shots 4 (W.Cooper 2x100,140, L.Walker 100, S.Moran 2x100, J.Carter 100, J.Masfield 100, C.Marshall 100) C's Arrows 4 (E.McGuigan 121, J.Taylor 100), Group Two:- Trident Flights 0 (A.Harvey 3x100,125,132, A.Harbourne 100,140) C’s Top Guns 8 (S.Edwards 7x100,140, R.Mills 123, P.Kingdon 3x100, D.Stone 100, D.Clinton 100,140, S.Kingdon 125,140). Captains Cup:Semi-Finals:- Charlie Kingdon 2 Louise Beale 0, Paul Moran 1 Chris Cooke 2, Final:- Charlie Kingdon 0 Chris Cooke 2, Secretaries Cup:Semi-Finals:- Dave Clinton 2 James Buttle 0, Gavin Jones 2 Jason Moss 0, Final:- Dave Clinton 2 Gavin Jones 0, Mixed Doubles:Semi-Finals:- Dan Stone & Charlie Kingdon 1 Simon Edwards & Sue Kingdon 2, Pete Kingdon & Rhian Carey 1 Melissa Beale & Steve Beale 2, Final:- Simon Edwards & Sue Kingdon 2 Melissa Beale & Steve Beale 0. --------------------------------- William Naylor began week seven of the Heartlands Club Double Top Wednesday Night League with 3-0 wins over Tony O’Kereke and Callum McCormack, then with a 2-1 success against Jim Frost he took his points total to 37 from 14 games to hold on to pole position while Jim Frost lost his number two spot and dropped to fourth as he also lost 3-0 gainst John Burdett the two defeats leaving him eleven points off the top of the table with a game in hand. Taking over in second place is Steve McCormack who with a 3-0 win over Chris Hough followed by a 2-1 success against Ryan Barritt has moved to within six points of leader Naylor and four ahead of third placed Steven Cain who with 2-1 and 3-0 wins in turn over Michelle Cain and Callum McCormack lies third in the table. Full Results:Week 7:- Chris Hough 2 Callum McCormack 1, Michelle Cain (100) 0 John Burdett (2x112b,125,100) 3, William Naylor (103,100) 3 Tony O’Kereke (100) 0, Gerry McCormack 1 Ian Jones (100,140) 2, Ryan Barritt 2 Matthew Cain 1, John Burdett (140) 3 Jim Frost (120b) 0, Chris Hough (100) 0 Steve McCormack (2x120b,100b,127) 3, Tony O’Kereke 1 John Frost (120b,100) 2, Laura Vann 1 Gerry McCormack (100) 2, Callum McCormack 0 William Naylor (140,102f) 3, Steven Cain (100) 2 Michelle Cain 1, Richard O’Grady (100,102b) 1 John Burdett 2, Steve McCormack (2x100) 2 Ryan Barritt (125) 1, Ian Jones 2 Chris Hough 1, Jim Frost (2x100) 1 William Naylor (140) 2, Michelle Cain 0 John Frost 3, Richard O’Grady 2 Gerry McCormack 1, Matthew Cain (140,100) 3 Laura Vann 0, Callum McCormack (121) 0 Steven Cain (100) 3. --------------------------------- A 6-1 win over Sedgemere Devil’s Club has seen White Swan Nomads take over the top spot in the Camp Hill League but only by the narrowest of margins as second placed Emerald Club’s similar 6-1 win against Wandering Wagon leaves them just one leg of average short of the Nomads after both teams have won their first two fixtures. Former leaders New Inn suffered a 4-3 defeat at third in the table Tyseley WMC and go down to sixth place behind Roost Rebels and Sheldon Marlborough Flights who opened their accounts with 7-0 wins over respective opponents North Star and Peaky Blinder. Full Results:Week 2:- White Swan Nomads 6 Sedgemere Devil’s Club 1, Emerald Club 6 Wandering Wagon 1, Tyseley WMC 4 New Inn 3, Roost Rebels 7 North Star 0, Sheldon Marlborough Flights 7 Peaky Blinder 0. --------------------------------- The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League played just two fixtures in the preliminary round of their League Cup which saw Bird (Wordsley) win 6-3 against Church Tavern and Stourbridge RBL beat Bird (Stourbridge) 5-4. Full Results:League Cup:Preliminary Round:- Bird (Stourbridge) 4 Stourbridge RBL 5, Bird (Wordsley) 6 Church Tavern 3. --------------------------------- Woodside ‘A’ consolidated their position at the top of the Silver End Sunday Morning League by handing their hosts Old Star an 8-0 whitewash to give them 46 points from 15 games and a lead of four over second in the table Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who were 6-2 winners away to next to bottom Woodside ‘B’. Despite having a game in hand on the two teams above them third placed Glasscutters ‘B’ lost ground as they were held to a 4-4 draw by seventh in the league Dudley Sports. Another surprise draw was that between fourth placed Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ and twelfth in the table New Talbot. Full Results:Game 18:- Bell 2 Glasscutters ‘A’ 6, High Acres 5 Kings Head ‘A’ 3, Woodside ‘B’ 2 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, Old Star 0 Woodside ‘A’ 8, Kings Head ‘B’ 2 Three Crowns 6, Glasscutters ‘B’ 4 Dudley Sports 4, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 4 New Talbot 4, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ and High Oak had a bye. --------------------------------- A 7-2 win at Bulls Head as confirmed Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ champions of the Cradley Tuesday Night League with 57 points from their 22 games. Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ despite winning 9-0 against Malt Shovel will finish as runners-up. Full Results:Game 22:- Bulls Head 2 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ (Nick Fullwell 180) 7, Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘A’ 9 Malt Shovel 0, Gate Hangs Well 4 Dudley Labour Club 5, Plough 7 Netherton Sports and Social Club ‘B’ 2, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 8 Roost 1, Riddins Tavern 3 Wheatsheaf 6. --------------------------------- The Rowley Monday Night League have played their Top Half Singles Knockout down to the last sixteen and playing in the finals will be T.Brennan, A.Lynch, E.Price, S.Price (Bell), A.Powell (Cottage), D.Redding, M.Redding, C.Hall, P.O'Brien (Cradley Sports and Social Club), T.Johnson, R.Lenton, M.Hadley Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’), M.Tedstone, V.Gould (George), D.Locke, J.Tart (Tividale FC). Full Results:Top Half Singles Knockout:Last Sixteen:- T.Brennan, A.Lynch, E.Price, S.Price (Bell), A.Powell (Cottage), D.Redding, M.Redding, C.Hall, P.O'Brien (Cradley Sports and Social Club), T.Johnson, R.Lenton, M.Hadley Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’), M.Tedstone, V.Gould (George), D.Locke, J.Tart (Tividale FC). --------------------------------- A 6-3 win over Netherton Conservative Club has taken Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club another step nearer the Netherton Thursday Night League title as they now have 57 points from 20 games and a lead of nine over second placed Riddins Tavern who were awarded a 9-0 walkover as Saracens Head have dropped out of the league. Riddins are on 48 points and have played 21 games. Although third in the league Bulls Head lost they are only three points (one win) behind Riddins and have two games in hand. Full Results:Game 21:- Townsend Social Club 5 White Horse 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6 Netherton Conservative Club 3, Fairfield 4 Bulls Head 5, Saracens Head 0 Riddins Tavern 9 (walkover). --------------------------------- Two maximums from G.Johnston helped leaders of the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League The Vine to a 5-2 win away to fifth in the league Merry-Go-Round. The win keeps Vine top of the table with 42 points, their lead extended to four as second in the table Tipton Sports went down 5-2 away to fourth placed Waggon and Horses. Dewdrop ‘A’ are a further six points behind Tipton Sports their 6-1 win at Hayes Social leaves them with a game in hand on the two teams above them. At the other end of the table there was a rare win for next to bottom Cottage Spring only their fifth in 21 games as they won 4-3 at home against Horseley Tavern to put them on the same ten points and just one leg of average short of their opponents. Full Results:Game 22:- Dewdrop ‘B’ 6 Court House 1, Miners Arms 3 Island Inn 4, Merry-Go-Round 2 The Vine (G.Johnston 2x180) 5, Waggon and Horses 5 Tipton Sports 2, Wonder 2 New Talbot 5, Hayes Social 1 Dewdrop ‘A’ 6, Cottage Spring 4 Horseley Tavern 3, Ivy Bush had a bye. --------------------------------- The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played off the second leg of the semi-finals of their League Cup and after carrying forward a 6-1 lead over Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ from the first leg Brickmakers Arms booked their final place with a further 3-2 win to give them an overall 9-3 victory. The other last four game went to the wire as after taking a 4-3 lead from the first game Dudley Sports then lost by the same margin in the second leg against Delph Bell. With the score at 7-7 three players were drawn for each team with produced a 2-0 win for Delph Bell to secure their final place. Full Results:League Cup:Semi-Finals (second leg, first leg results in brackets):- Dudley Sports 3 (4) Delph Bell 4 (3), Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 3 (6) Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 2 (1). --------------------------------- The new Ashwood Premier League is up to week eight and leading the way with 128 points from 18 games is Nick Fullwell. Fullwell’s latest fixtures saw him add 7-0 wins over Iain Mathers and second in the league Connor Pickett. It wasn’t the best of nights for Pickett as he had previously lost 4-3 to Chris Williams but nevertheless he holds on to second place with 95 points with two games in hand on Fullwell. Sam Aitkens was involved in three 5-2 results two of which he won against Karl Aitkens and Matt Davies and the other he lost to Andy Vellender but despite that he moved up two places in the table to third with 88 points from the same 16 games as Pickett. Richard Bowen remains fourth after he won 4-3 against Robert Pierce and 6-1 against Mark Bayliss to leave him just one point short of Aitkens and one ahead of Chris Williams who moved up from seventh to fifth in the league. Full Results:Week 8:- Connor Pickett 3 Chris Williams 4, Matt Davies 6 Stuart Aitkens 1, Jordan Ward 6 Jay Moule 1, Chris Manoila 2 Mark Bayliss 5, Andy Vellender 7 Karl Aitkens 0, Stuart Quarry 7 John Broome 0, Karl Aitkens 2 Sam Aitkens 5, Richard Bowen 4 Robert Pierce 3, Jay Moule 3 Matt Davies 4, Jordan Ward 7 Mike Cullis 0, Iain Mathers 0 Nick Fullwell 7, John Broome 3 Karl Aitkens 4, John Underhill 4 Dan Sidaway 3, Sam Aitkens 2 Andy Vellender 5, Nick Fullwell 7 Connor Pickett 0, Robert Pierce 2 Chris Manoila 5, Mike Cullis 5 Stuart Quarry 2, Chris Williams 5 Iain Mathers 2, Karl Aitkens 4 John Underhill 3, Mark Bayliss 1 Richard Bowen 6, Mike Cullis 1 Chris Manoila 6, Dan Sidaway 2 Iain Mathers 5, Chris Williams 6 Stuart Aitkens 1, Matt Davies 2 Sam Aitkens 5, Mike Cullis 5 Stuart Aitkens 2. --------------------------------- The Sheldon and District League have got their winter season underway and after completing the opening two fixtures Mackadown Social lead the way in the Premier Division with a 5-4 win over Sheldon Marlborough Arrows followed by a similar success against Langley Arrows. Highwood Gerry’s Boys and Dunky’s Boys are close behind both on two points but both have only played one game so far. Hornet lead the way in Division One their 8-1 opening win over The Dingle and a 5-4 win at Yardley Arms giving them a slender one leg of average lead over second placed Lyndon Old Boys who have had a 5-4 win over Shirley Misfits and a 7-2 win at Crown-Forget-me-Not. Hampton and Solihull CC and Holy Souls share pole position in Division Two both winning 5-4 against respective teams Inn on the Green and Meadway Sports and Social in the first game of the season and then they both won 6-3 in turn against Sheldon Marlborough Ridge and The Raven. Full Results:Week 1:Premier Division:- Dunky’s Boys (Bob Nixon 180) 6 East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 3, Mackadown Social (Colin Henn 180) 5 Sheldon Marlborough Arrows (Dale Evans 180,10 darts game) 4, Langle Arrows 6 Sheldon Dukes 3, Kingshurst Labour Club versus Raven Arrows was Postpones, Highwood Gerry’s Boys had a bye, Division One:- Hornet Martin Andrews 180, Rob Wilson 11 darts game) 8 The Dingle 1, Willclare Sports and Social 4 Yardley Arms 5, Lyndon Old Boys 5 Shirley Misfits 4, Crown-Forget-Me-Not 5 Maggies 4, Yardley Ex Colts had a bye, Division Two:- Hampton and Solihull CC (Dan Rycroft 10 darts game) 5 Inn on the Green 4, Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 5 Crown Arrows 4, Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 4 Langley Flights 5, Meadway Sports and Social 4 Holy Souls 5, The Raven 6 The CCC’s 3, Week 2:Premier Division:- Highwood Gerry’s Boys 7 Raven Arrows 2, Langley Arrows 4 Mackadown Social 5, Sheldon Dukes had a bye, Division One:- Yardley Arms 4 Hornet 5, Shirley Misfits 6 Willclare Sports and Social (Mick Tilly 11 darts game) 3, Crown-Forget-Me-Not 2 Lyndon Old Boys 7, Maggies had a bye, Division Two:- Hampton and Solihull CC (Dan Rycroft 10 darts game) 6 Sheldon Marlborough Ridge 3, Langley Flights 1 Inn on the Green 8, Meadway Sports and Social 7 Crown Arrows 2, CCC’s 5 Small Heath Gardeners 4, Raven 3 Holy Souls 6. --------------------------------- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club continue to lead the Brierley Hill Monday Night League their latest 7-2 win over Wombourne Pool Bar keeping intact their two points advantage over second placed Roebuck who won 6-3 at Limes Club. Rose and Crown lost ground losing their home tie with eighth in the table Mount Pleasant 5-4 and as a result slip one place to fourth on the same 40 points as High Oak who have taken over third place following their 6-3 win at Fox and Grapes. Full Results:Week 26:- Dudley Ex Servicmean’s Club ‘A’ 7 Wombourne Pool Bar 2, Swan 6 Portway 3, Fox and Grapes 3 High Oak 6, Bull and Bladder 1 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 8, Delph Bell 8 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 1, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2 Lamp Tavern 7, Rose and Crown 4 Mount Pleasant 5, Limes Club 3 Roebuck 6, King William 5 Brickmakers Arms 4. --------------------------------- Long-time leader of the Shirley Legion Double top League Thomas Bent has returned to pols position from third place after he completed his fixtures with a 4-0 win over Ravi Saggo and then won 3-1 against Tony Daly to put him on 105 points. Steve Sidwell added a 3-1 win against Craig Clarke plus a 4-0 success against Derek Harper to see him move up from sixth to second in the table with 100 points and one more game to play, however he still may not finish as runner-up and Bent may not take the title as third in the table Lee Harris, who didn’t play this week, is on 99 points and still has two games to play, two games which could net him eight points which would take him to 107 and give him the league title, Bent would be runner-up and Sidwell third. Full Results:Week 19:- Kev Graver 1 Wayne Clarke 3, Steve Sidwell 3 Craig Clarke 1, Adam Stuart (180) 1 Kyle Bevan (110f) 3, Adam Stuart (10 darts game) 4 Jack Barrows 0, Tom Bent 4 Ravi Sagoo 0, Brian Lawton 0 Mick Bown 4, Adam Stuart 3 Ravi Saggo (130b) 1, Brian Lawton 2 Ravi Saggo 2, Tom Bent (12 darts game) 3 Tony Daly (107b) 1, Derek Harper 0 Steve Sidwell (120b,11 darts game) 4, Ravi Saggo 2 Craig Clerk (112b) 2. --------------------------------- Beausale’s revival in the Henley and District Summer League continues as they made it two wins in a row when they won 8-1 against Village Inn who replace their opponents at the foot of the table, they are on the same four points as Beausale who are now just above them. Leaders Studley Conservative Club added a 7-2 win over Dorridge to their tally to keep them four points ahead of second in the table Studley Cricket Club who won 5-4 away to third placed Wythall RBL. Full Results:Game 10:- Beausale 8 Village Inn 1, Wythall RBL 4 Studley Cricket Club 5, Studley Conservative Club 7 Dorridge 2, Wootton Bears 7 Wythall Legion 2. --------------------------------- Woodside took their undefeated run in the West Midlands Men’s Super League to eight games with a 4-1 home win over middle of the table Yeltz Bar ‘B’, Woodside’s 51 points is five more than their nearest rivals and reigning champions Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ who had a similar 4-1 win in their fixture with Griffin who are bottom of the table. Full Results:Game 8:- Staffordshire Knot 3 The Bell 2 (P.Smith 4 S.Blewitt 1, B.Hollowood 3 C.Skelding 4, D.Mills 4 R.Bowen 3, M.Cadman 4 W.Fenney 2, H.Smith 0 R.Colley 4), Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ 4 Griffin 1 (A.Edgar 4 M.Hadley 0, I.Mathers 0 P.O'Brien 4, N.Fullwell 4 L.Law 1, A.Jacques 4 R.Radcliffe 0, D.Nicholls 4 M.Hoult 0), Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 4 Bridgtown Social 1 (P.Wells 4 S.Hickman 1, I.Townsend 2 N.Pointon 4, R.Smith 4 M.Craddock 0, S.Gillam 4 D.Coyle 3, J.Lowe 4 O.Maiden 1), Horse and Jockey ‘A’ 3 ECC Club 2 (C.Whitehouse 4 A.Simmons 1, I.Shaughnessey 0 M.Hampson 4, A.Howells 4 A.Teasdale 1, M.Price 4 L.Griffiths 0, B.Robbins 1 M.Baker 4), Gilberts Bar 5 Horse and Jockey ‘B’ 0 (G.Rollinson 4 L.Wildman 2, R.Cook-Lucas 4 S.Pressdee 1, R.Ward 4 D.Owen 0, C.Hill 4 J.Gennard 0, J.Evans 4 P.Price 1), Woodside Inn 4 Yeltz Bar ‘B’ 1 (J.Ward 4 C.Newton 2, J.Rollinson 3 T.Brennan 4, M.Rollinson 4 I.Hartland 0, K.Harris 4 K.Harrison 1, M.Moore 4 M.Greenwood 1), Cabin 3 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘B’ 2 (I.Hebberts 4 S.Bastable 2, G.Johnston 4 S.Tyler 0, J.Simms 0 C.Hickman 4, S.Hall 4 R.Arnold 1, S.Price 3 P.Harrison 4), Gunners Club 1 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘C’ 4 (S.Pryce 3 J.Miles 4, M.Lloyd 4 D.Oakes 3, G.Walsh 3 S.Jones 4, W.Barber 0 J.Blakemore 4, C.Cook 0 J.Hughes 4). --------------------------------- There was no change for the top two teams in the both the singles and doubles divisions of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League as leaders of both division’s Riley’s ‘C’ and second in both divisions Railway had the same results. In the singles Riley’s ‘C’ and Railway in turn won 5-2 against Wednesfield Conservative Club and Jones Road and in the doubles against the same opponents they both won 3-0. Full Results:Week 24:Singles Division:- Dog and Partridge 5 Riley’s ‘A’ 2, Pendulum 2 Bull 5, Penn Bowling 1 Gilberts Bar 6, Railway 5 Jones Road 2, Riley’s ‘C’ 5 Wednesfield Conservative Club 2, Doubles Division:- Dog and Partridge 3 Riley’s ‘A’ 0, Pendulum 1 Bull 2, Penn Bowling 1 Gilberts Bar 2, Railway 3 Jones Road 0, Riley’s ‘C’ 3 Wednesfield Conservative Club 0, Mount Tavern, Village Inn, Wednesfield Legion and Yale Club had a bye. --------------------------------- There was some extremely sad news this week, that of the death of former Warwickshire player Trevor Peachey. Trevor a true gentleman and a fine darts player died just six days before his ninetieth birthday. He was a winner of the News of the World in the 1955 - 1956 season and my first meeting with him was in the final of the Warwickshire Open, I will never forget what a quiet unassuming man he was. Thoughts and condolences go to Trevor’s family. Rest in Peace Trevor you will be sorely missed. ---------------------------------
By Alan Towe Website:

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