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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Divisional Cup semi-finals were on the fixture card for the South Birmingham League and in the division one games leaders C’s Top Guns won 6-3 against third in the division Banbury Arrows while second in the division Coleshill Social had a closer 5-4 result over The Gate who are next to bottom of the table. In the division two play-offs top team The Dog were 5-4 winners over C’s Flights while C’s Hot Shots, who are placed second in the division won 7-2 against local rivals C’s Arrows. Full Results:Divisional Cup Semi-Finals:Division One:- Coleshill Social 5 (N.McCrave 100, G.Jones 112b, P.Bryant 105, S.Sweetman 125, P.Williams 3x100, C.Cooke 125,2x100) The Gate 4 (P.Jones 160b,121, E.Jones 100, N.Groves 100, T.Barrs 100), C's Top Guns 6 (D.Wilson 2x100, W.Yates 140, R.Mills 100, S.Kingdon 110,112b, J.Jennings 2x100, P.Kingdon 128) Banbury Arrows 3 (K.O'Connor 100,103,118,122, P.Moran 120b,160b,100, J.Moss 112b), Division Two:- C's Arrows 2 (D.Stone 112b,121,140b, D.Cooper 150,100, E.McGuigan 100) C's Hot Shots 7 (W.Cooper 120b,100, J.Masfield 121,100, L.Walker 100, C.Marshall 100, S.Moran 100, C.Kingdon 100), The Dog 5 (G.Taylor 100,106f,118, P.Richards 100, P.Thompson 122, M.Clayton 140) C's Flights 4 (J.Pitts 2x100, C.Meigh 100,100b, S.Beale 100,104,120b).
As a warm up to their forthcoming thirteenth season, which kicks off next week, the Shirley Legion Double Top League have been playing a number of singles knockouts and in the latest Gary Cleverley began his quest for the title with a maximum and 3-1 win over Steve Harper. He then had a straight 3-0 success against Thomas Bent and booked his place in the final with a close 3-2 verdict over the winner for the past two weeks Mark Henderson. From the other half of the draw Ken Hopton, a man who is steadily recapturing his top form moved into the quarter finals with a 3-0 win over Sean Talbot and following a much closer 3-2 success over Dave Heighway then made the final with a similar 3-2 win against Colin Geens. The final result was 4-1 going to Ken Hopton with Gary Cleverley runner-up. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Round One:- Mick Bown 3 Craig Clarke (112b) 0, Sean Talbot 0 Ken Hopton 3, Steve Harper 1 Gary Cleverley (180), John O’Sullivan 2 Colin Geens 3, Steve Heeks 1 Dave Heighway 3, Chris Thomas jnr 3 Kyle Bevan 0, Matt McCallion 0 Thomas Bent 3, Chris Thomas snr (118f) 2 Mark Henderson (120b) 3, Quarter Finals:- Mark Henderson 3 Chris Thomas jnr 1, Ken Hopton 3 Dave Heighway 2, Colin Geens 3 Mick Bown 2, Thomas Bent 0 Gary Cleverley 3, Semi-Finals:- Gary Cleverley 3 Mark Henderson 2, Ken Hopton 3 Colin Geens 2, Final:- Gary Cleverley 1 Ken Hopton 4.
Leaders of the Kings Norton League Avenue Social handed their visiting team Coppice a 9-0 whitewash to push them down one place in the table to fourth. E57 without throwing a dart replace Coppice in third place with a superior average plus a game in hand, both teams are on 36 points ten fewer than the leaders. Avenue with only four games to play have a slender two points advantage over their nearest rivals Rubery RBL whose 6-1 win over Thurlestone leaves them with just three more fixtures. Full Results:Game 26:- Avenue Social 7 (E.Simpson 3x100, S.Pasetti 3x100, P.Blades 100, A.Hykin 100,130,140,180, T.Hamilton 3x100,140, G.Dews 123,133,140) Coppice 0 (R.Mooney 100, M.Mooney 100, K.Manger 100,125, C.Heath 2x100,122,140, A.Ogley 2x100,120), Grant Arms 3 (P.Taylor 2x100,123,135,137, J.Price 120,108, S.Campbell 100,140, V.Walton 120) Kings Heath 4 (D.Parish 3x100, M.Marshall 140, S.Morris 132), Harborne 4 (S.Sheridan 3x100, P.Sitshebo 2x100, M.Harding 3x100,131, D.Hopkins 3x100,117,140, A.Hopkins 100, S.Adams 121) Northfield 3 (G.Corbett 125,140, P.Cahill 2x140, J.Wakefield 129, J.Steward 100, T.Cahill 100), West Heath 2 (T.Shipley 140, W.Marshall 100, S.Deeley 100,103, P.Hughes 3x100) Weoley Hill 5 (H.Taylor 100, M.Lloyd 100,135,140, L.Allen 2x100, J.Taylor 2x100,125), Rubery RBL 6 (M.Pierce 5x100, J.Higgins 3x100,2x140, R.Packer 100, R.Higgins 100,133, P.Medlicott 100, B.Heath 3x100,140,180,14 darts game, I.Medlicott 2x100,2x140) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 (D.Whitecombe 100, S.Brown 125), Thurlestone 7 (J.Downer 2x100,2x140, D.Peace 100, D.Garfield 2x100, R.Hosey 2x100,123, C.Micklewright 2x100) Dingle 0 (B.Crumpton 100, G.Bailles 140, A.Bailles 3x100).
The Small Heath League have been busy playing off four of their competitions, first the Jim Haveron 3 A-Side knockout which saw Heartlands Club provide two of the four teams but with mixed results. The ‘B’ team lost 6-3 to East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘B’ while the ‘C’ side progressed to the final with a 7-2 win over Sheldon Marlborough Arrows. The final result was a close 5-4 going in favour of East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘B’ with Heartlands Club ‘B’ runners-up. Both of the last four games in the Captains Cup finished 2-0 with wins for Colin Wyatt (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) and Alan Cheshire (Wagon and Horses) who in turn defeated C.Austin and S.McCarthy. The final went to the wire with Colin Wyatt just getting the 2-1 edge on Cheshire. The third of the league’s finals was the Secretaries Knockout which saw Mick O’Sullivan (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows) win 2-1 against Alex Downes (Heartlands Club). In the semis O’Sullivan and Downes won 2-0 in turn against R.Pikey and P.Webster. The last of the four competitions was the Ladies Knockout in which Launa Wyatt (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) beat Ann O’Sullivan (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows) 2-0 to take the title. Full Results:Jim Haveron 3 A-Side Knockout:Quarter Final (Rearranged Fixture):- Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 5 (M.Tilley 2x100, M.O’Sullivan 134,101b,100b) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘A’ 4 (N.Davis 140,100b, T.White 180), Semi-Finals:- Heartlands Club ‘B’ 3 (S.McCormack 120b, G.McCormack 140, M.Cooper 123) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘B’ 6 (N.Parsonage 152b,180, T.Constable 100), Heartlands Club ‘C’ 7 (D.Bond 140,100,120b, A.Downes 121,140, C.Austin 2x100) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 2 (J.Phipps 2x100), Final:- East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association ‘B’ 5 (N.Parsonage 112b,146f) Heartlands Club ‘C’ 4 (C.Austin 100), Captains Knockout:Semi-Finals:- C.Wyatt 2 (120b,100) C.Austin 0, S.McCarthy 0 (100b) A.Cheshire 2, Final:- Alan Cheshire (Wagon and Horses) 1 Colin Wyatt (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) 2 (120b,100), Secretaries Knockout:Semi-Finals:- R.Pikey 0 M.O’Sullivan 2, A.Downes 2 P.Webster 0, Final:- Alex Downes (Heartlands Club) 1 Mick O’Sullivan (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows) 2, Ladies Knockout:Final:- Lorna Wyatt (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association) 2 Ann O’Sullivan (Sheldon Marlborough Arrows) 0.
The Camp Hill Winter League has reached the halfway stage of its season and it was at that midway point that Roost Rebels lost pole position. Playing away against White Swan Nomads the Rebels went down 5-2 and as a result dropped to third place in the table level on 14 points with the two teams above them but trailing on average. Sheldon Marlborough Flights now head the table following their 4-3 win at Tyseley WMC with White Swan Nomads in second place. The current leaders in addition to their superior average have a further advantage insomuch as they have played one game fewer than both White Swan Nomads and Roost Rebels. Full Results:Week 10:- Tyseley WMC 3 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 4, Station Wagon 3 Sedgemere Devil’s Club 4, Emerald Club 4 New Inn 3, White Swan Nomads 5 Roost Rebels 2, North Star 2 Wagon and Horses 5.
A 5-2 win away to Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ has seen The Swan take their tally to 27 wins from 29 games in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League and at the same time keep intact their two points lead over second and third in the table Ashwood ‘B’ and Ashwood ‘A’. Ashwood ‘B’ had a convincing 6-1 win at High Acres to keep just ahead of their ‘A’ side on average after they won their home tie with Netherton Cricket Club 5-2. After the top three teams there is a huge gap of twelve points to fourth placed Glasscutters who won away to Ten Arches ‘A’ 5-2. It was not a good week for the Holly Bush teams as the ‘A’ side lost 7-0 to Ten Arches ‘B’ and the ‘B’ team lost by the same 7-0 margin to Wombourne Cricket Club. Full Results:Game 31:- Gate Hangs Well 3 Ten Arches ‘A’ 4, Holly Bush ‘B’ 1 Wilson Hall 6, Netherton Cricket Club 1 Wombourne Cricket Club 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 0 Ashwood ‘A’ 7, Ten Arches ‘B’ 6 Gigmill 1, Bell ‘B’ 7 Holly Bush ‘A’ 0, Swan 6 Bell ‘A’ 1, King Arthur 4 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 3, Fox Inn (Lye) 5 High Acres 2, Ashwood ‘B’ and Glasscutters had a bye, Game 32:- Ten Arches ‘A’ 2 Glasscutters 5, High Acres 1 Ashwood ‘B’ 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 2 Swan 5, Bell ‘A’ 5 Bell ‘B’ 2, Holly Bush ‘A’ 0 Ten Arches ‘B’ 7, Ashwood ‘A’ 5 Netherton Cricket Club 2, Wombourne Cricket Club 7 Holly Bush ‘B’ 0, Wilson Hall 3 Gate Hangs Well 4, Fox Inn (Lye) and King Arthur had a bye.
Game number nine in the Cradley Tuesday Night League matched the two top teams leaders Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ and second placed Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’. Prior to the encounter the two teams were level on 21 points but a 6-3 win for Brickmakers has seen them open up a three points lead at the top of the table. Third in the table Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ missed the opportunity to draw level on points with Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ as they lost 5-4 playing away to their nearest rivals fourth in the table Wheatsheaf, however Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ still have a game in hand on the two teams above them. Full Results:Game 9:- Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 6 (Josh Pickett 180) Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 3 (Steven Tipper 180), Bulls Head 5 Gate Hangs Well 4, Dudley Labour Club 3 Plough 6, Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 4 Roost 5, Wheatsheaf 5 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 4, Malt Shovel 4 Riddins Tavern 5.
Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club made it ten wins in as many games in the Netherton Thursday Night League when they won 5-4 playing away to Fairfield keeping their six points lead at the top of the table over second placed Riddins Tavern who also had a close 5-4 verdict against next to bottom of the table Netherton Conservative Club. Third placed Bulls Head are six points adrift of Riddins but have got two games in hand which could see them leapfrog them and take over the number two spot. Full Results:Game 10:- Riddins Tavern 5 Netherton Conservative Club 4, Fairfield 4 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 5, Townsend Social Club 7 Saracens Head 2.
Despite winning their home fixture with fourth in the table Miners Arms 4-3, The Vine have lost pole position in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League as a 6-1 home win for Tipton Tavern with a maximum from L.Fletcher, has seen Sports take over at the top of the table leading Vine on average as both teams are on the same 22 points with Tipton Sports having a game in hand. There was a first win in twelve for Wonder, their 4-3 win at Horseley Tavern seeing them move off the foot of the table to be replaced by Court House who are still seeking their first win of the campaign, they lost their most recent game at new Talbot 6-1. Full Results:Game 13:- Ivy Bush 3 Dewdrop ‘B’ 4, The Vine 4 Miners Arms 3, Island Inn 3 Merry-Go-Round 4, Dewdrop ‘A’ 3 Waggon and Horses 4, Horseley Tavern 3 Wonder 4, Tipton Sports 6 (L.Fletcher 180) Hayes Social 1, New Talbot 6 Court House 1.
Due to the Bank holiday there was just one rearranged fixture played in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League which saw Miners (Wollescote) win 5-2 at home against Gornal British Legion. The win sees Miners move up three places in the table to sixth but leaves the British Legion still rooted to the foot of the table. Full Results:Rearranged Fixture:- Miners (Wollescote) 5 Gornal British Legion 2.
With just one more fixture to play in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League a 7-2 home win over Hilly House has secured the title for Old Bulls Head. The win takes Old Bulls Head points to 46 and although second in the table and confirmed runners-up Gornal Labour Club’s 6-3 win against Five Ways still leaves them in a position to finish level on points with Old Bulls Head should they lose their final game, they trail massively on average and so the title will go to Old Bulls Head. There was a rare win for bottom of the table Meadow Lark in the penultimate fixture as they won their home game against Chainyard who are three places above them 6-3. Despite their win Meadow Lark will still take the wooden spoon. Full Results:Game 25:- Meadow Lark 6 Chainyard 3, Red Cow 4 Coseley Tavern 5, Netherton Cricket Club 4 Gornal British Legion 5, New Inn 5 White Lion 4, Jolly Crispin 4 Pensnett Liberal Club 5, Old Bulls Head 7 Hilly House 2, Gornal Labour Club 6 Five Ways 3.
No change at the top of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League as all of the top four teams won in game number nine. Cleveland Arms with a 4-3 win at Moreton top the table on average from Hurst Hill who had a 5-2 result away to Brewood British Legion to leave them level on 16 points with Cleveland with a game in hand. Third in the table Whitmore Reans WMC also had a 5-2 win playing at home against Dog and Partridge to keep within two points of Cleveland again with a game in hand. It was a good week for ECC as their fourth placed ‘A’ team won 5-2 against Swan, Compton and the ‘B’ side went one better with a 6-1 success at The Royal, Albrighton. There was a first win in nine for McGhees, their 7-0 victory at Pilot lifting them off the foot of the table and moving up two places while their opponents take over in the bottom place. Full Results:Game 9:- Brewood British Legion 2 Hurst Hill 5, ECC ‘A’ 5 Swan, Compton 2, Moreton 3 Cleveland Arms 4, Pilot 0 McGhees 7, Royal, Albrighton 1 ECC ‘B’ 6, Whitmore Reans WMC 5 Dog and Partridge 2.
The Sutton and District Summer League have got their new season underway and with an extra two teams this season they have divided the league into three divisions as opposed to last season’s two. In division one Golden Hind are the early pacesetters, the only team so far to have played two and won two games the latest of which was a 5-4 home win over Boldmere St Mikes who are at present second in the table. The only other unbeaten team in the division besides Golden Hind is The Boat who after a bye in week one won their first game 7-2 at Erdington Arrows. Newcomers Walmley Darts Club head division two following up their 8-1 win over Oscott Sports with a 6-3 success at Drakes Drum to lead Bishop Vesey on average after they added their most recent 5-4 win at Oscott Sports. Joint third placed Old Oscott Arrows and The Boot are unbeaten but have only played one fixture so far. Digby Chuckers have a slender one leg of average lead over Castle Vale Residents at the top of division three, Chuckers winning game two against Rosey Mac’s 6-3 while the Residents won their home game with St Thomas Arrows 8-1. Full Results:Game 1:Division One:- Boldmere St Mikes 6 Boldmere Tap 3, Pint Pot Flights 2 Golden Hind 7, Oscott Social 4 Erdington Arrows 5, The Boat had a bye, Division Two:- Walmley Darts Club 8 Oscott Sports 1, Bishop Vesey 6 Drakes drum 3, Old Oscott Arrows 6 Red Lion3, The Boot had a bye, Division Three:- Rosey Mac’s 4 Castle Vale Residents 5, Sutton Sports 1 Digby Chuckers 8, St Thomas Arrows 6 Rosey’s Chaps 3, Game 2:Division One:- Golden Hind 5 Boldmere St Mikes 4, Boldmere tap 5 Pint Pot Flights 4, Erdington Arrows 2 The Boat 7, Oscott Social had a bye, Division Two:- Oscott Sports 4 Bishop Vesey 5, Drakes Drum 3 Walmley Darts Club 6, Red Lion 3 The Boot 6, Old Oscott Arrows had a bye, Division Three:- Digby Chuckers 6 Rosey Mac’s 3, Castle Vale Residents 8 St Thomas Arrows 1, Rosey’s Chaps 8 Sutton Sports 1.
Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ continued their impressive season in the West Midlands Men’s Super League taking their number of wins to 31 from 32 games with a 4-1 home victory over The Victoria. With just two more fixtures to play and Allen’s ‘A’ already acclaimed champions the battle is on for the runners-up spot. Woodside Inn lost ground in that fight and also the number two position after they lost their most recent game 3-2 away to fourth in the league Landywood and are now three points behind Yeltz Bar who have taken over the second place following their 5-0 whitewash of Gilberts Bar. Full Results:Game 32:- Yeltz Bar 5 Gilberts Bar 0 (P.Wells 4 S.Parkes 0, J.Lowe 4 M.Angell 0, I.Townsend 4 G.Rollinson 0, D.Redding 4 J.Morris 2, S.Gillam 4 C.Hill 2, Landywood 3 Woodside Inn 2 (S.Carroll 3 J.Rollinson 4, S.Guest 4 R.Colley 1, G.McGrandle 1 M.Rollinson 4, J.Hughes 4 M.Moore 1, M.Dennant 4 L.Kelly 1, Cradley Sports and Social 0 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘D’ 5 (walkover), Bridgtown 2 Allen’ Sports Bar ‘B’ 3 (P.Craddock 0 C.Hickman 4, A.Simmons 0 D.Bull 4, L.Hodgkiss 0 T.Baker 4, D.Coyle 4 S.Hughes 1, M.Craddock 4 R.Fathers 1, Hill and Cakemore 3 The Crown 2 (K.Wright 3 M.Greenwood 4, A.Bomber 4 L.Jones 2, J.Orchard 4 S.Walwyn 0, J.Bland 0 G.Johnston 4, R.Lenton 4 C.Newton 2, Allen’s Sports Bar ‘C’ 2 Cabin 3 (T.Edwards 4 B.Hall 0, P.Harrison 2 J.Simms 4, N.Whitehouse 2 I.Hebberts 4, M.Coleman 4 S.Hall 2, D.Oakes 0 S.Price 4, Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ 4 The Victoria 1 (A.Edgar 4 A.Hateley 3, D.Nicholls 4 M.Cadman 0, N.Fullwell 4 P.Smith 1, S.Baker 4 J.Blakemore 0, L.Law 1 B.Hollowood 4, King Arthur 2 Staffordshire Knot 3 (J.Brennan 4 (walkover), P.Evans 4 L.Chambers 1, T.Brennan 3 M.Watkiss 4, L.Bowen 0 C.Wood 4, L.Hackett 3 M.Dyke 4, Gunners Club 3 Horse and Jockey 2 (S.Pryce 2 A.Howells 4, G.Walsh 4 I.Shaughnessey 3, L.Baker 4 M.Price 2, C.Cook 4 P.Robbins 0, S.Clarke 1 B.Robbins 4.
Just two teams remain unbeaten in the singles division of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League leaders Riley’s ‘C’ who made it eight successive wins with a 6-1 win at Penn Bowling and third in the table Railway who have only played seven games leaving them level on 14 points with second in the table Bull who have played nine. It’s Riley’s ‘C’ again at the top of the doubles division, this time with 14 points from their eight games after adding a 2-1 win at Penn Bowling. Bull and Railway once more are second and third and again level on the same 12 points with Railway having two games in hand. Full Results:Game 9:Singles Division:- Bull 5 Mount Tavern 2, Gilberts Bar 3 Dog and Partridge 4, Jones Road 5 Yale Club 2, Penn Bowling 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 6, Riley’s ‘A’ 7 Pendulum 0, Royal, Albrighton 3 Wednesfield Legion 4, Wednesfield Conservative Club 4 Village Inn 3, Doubles Division:- Bull 2 Mount Tavern 1, Gilberts Bar 3 Dog and Partridge 0, Jones Road 1 Yale Club 2, Penn Bowling 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 2, Riley’s ‘A’ 2 Pendulum 1, Royal, Albrighton 1 Wednesfield Legion 2, Wednesfield Conservative Club 1 Village Inn 2.
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