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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Warwickshire’s final away fixture in the Premier Division of the BDO Inter County Championships was against Hampshire, and on recent form and league positions was a game that they should have won, but didn’t as they finished on the wrong side of the 21-15 scoreline. Saturday’s results gave Warwickshire their worst start to any fixture this season as after the ‘B’ teams games they trailed 13-5. The ladies suffered their biggest defeat in 35 games as they went down 6-0 the last time that happened was on the 5th September 2015 at home against Yorkshire. The men’s ‘B’ after leading 4-2 lost 7-5 with Gareth Braham their top player with a 29.91 average. Sunday games were a little better as the ladies lost 4-2 with Sue Gulliver taking her third successive match award and her fifth of the season with a 23.12 average. The men’s ‘A’ team made it seven consecutive wins beating their counterparts 7-5, Steve Hine taking the match award for his 27.79 average. The defeat leaves Warwickshire dropping one place to fifth in the table nine points behind fourth placed Glamorgan and eight ahead of Hampshire who have moved up to sixth. Full Results:Premier Division:Hampshire v Warwickshire (21-15):Hampshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Troy Butler 1 Ian McFarlane 4, Mike Gillet 4 Antony Allen 2, Linton Hickman 2 Steve Giddings 4, Gary Stafford 4 Tom Aldridge 2, Darren Barnes 1 Dean Stewart 4, Bradley Kirk 1 Kevin Dowling 4, Paul Winter 2 Charlie Symons 4, Andy Mitchell 1 Steve Hine 4, Chas Barstow 2 Jamie Atkins 4, Stephen Phipps 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Richard North 4 Ian Shaw 1, Luke Getty 4 Noel Grant 3, Men’s ‘B’:- Andy Newcombe 2 Tom Martin 4, Charlie Jackson 2 James Hykin 4, Mike Symes 0 Gareth Braham 4, James Nicholson 4 Adam Paxton 3, Steve Musson 4 Luke Kennedy 0, David Coffin 1 Robert Comben 4, Graham Chalk 4 Mark Carter 3, Sam Head 4 Carl Green 2, Kev Woodward 4 Mark Strong 3, Steve Jannaway 4 Karl Reynolds 0, Mick Street 3 David Hill 4, Mark Thorne 4 Tom McGlone 1, Women’s ‘A’:- Jane Monaghan 3 Caroline Pike 1, Maria Agozzino 3 Angela Jones 2, Tracy North 3 Donna Pinch 0, Abi Jurd 0 Sue Gulliver 3, Jo Rolls 1 Natalie Gilbert 3, Sue Lowther 3 Wendy Adams 0, Women’s ‘B’:- Claire Cheney 3 Marian Conway 1, Dawn Simmonds 3 Helen Rigg 2, Kelly Palmer 3 Kat Spanswick 0, Nikki Stevens 3 Melanie Jones 1, Joanne Senior 3 Lucy Keyte 0, Pennie Lewis 3 Nina Bolt 1.
It was seven defeats in eight games for West Midlands when in their last home fixture of the season in the BDO Inter County Championship Premier Division against Lancashire they suffered their biggest defeat of the campaign 25-11 with all four teams losing, the last time this happened was in January 2017 when they lost 27-9 away to Dorset when they were in Division One. The ladies ‘B’ side lost 5-1 with Sophie Singh (19.48) their sole winner, for the men’s ‘B’ it was a third successive defeat as they went down 7-5 with Stephen Jones their top man with a 27.32 average. Sunday’s results saw the ladies lose 4-2 with Cheryl Alcock (22.21) taking the match award and the men go down 9-3 with Ian Jones the man of the match with a 29.63 average. The defeat leaves West Midlands in the relegation zone, next to bottom of the table on 120 points, seven ahead of bottom team Cheshire and a similar seven points behind the team above them Northamptonshire. Neighbours Warwickshire could hand West Midlands a lifeline if they could chalk up a big win in their last game which is a home tie with Northamptonshire, but to avoid relegation it mean West Midlands would require a huge result from their final game which is a tough away fixture against fourth in the table Glamorgan. Full Results:Premier Division:West Midlands v Lancashire (11-25):West Midlands names first):Men’s ‘A’:- John Morris 3 Mick Oversby 4, Matthew Coleman 2 Carl Sneyd 4, Adam Edgar 2 Andrew Johnson 4, Ian Jones 4 Kev Garcia 1, Scott Baker 3 Dave Evans 4, Stephen Jones 0 Dave Airey 4, Nick Fullwell 3 Wez Newton 4, Shaun Carroll 4 Ian Lever 0, Gavin Baker 3 Martin Atkins 4, Mark Craddock 3 Robert Rickwood 4, Glen McGrandle 0 Simon Preston 4, Owen Maiden 4 Lee Shewan 0, Men’s ‘B’:- Matthew Dicken 3 Allan Fitzpatrick 4, Gareth Johnston 4 Michael Sexton 3, Gareth Watts 0 Martin Barratt 4, Jonathan Platt 3 Barry Kerfoot 4, Paul Wells 3 James Caton 4, Alfie Jacques 4 Dave Adshead 1,Neil Pointon 3 Michael Harrison 4, Mick Baker 4 Sam Cromwell 1, Avtar Singh 1 Steve Maish 4, Trevor Brennon 4 Terry Hey 2, Stephen Jones 4 Gary Davey 1, Shane Price 3 Christopher O’Connor 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Kat McLean 0 Sue Cusick 3, Sarah Roberts 2 Ally Smith 3, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Tracey Cunningham 2, Gemma Barrett 1 Amy Eden 3, Cheryl Alcock 3 Maria Ronson 1, Lisa Badger 2 Jo Clements 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Kath Jenkins 2 Ann-Marie Millership 3, Shellbie Simmons 0 Audrey Underwood 3, Heather Wright 0 Debbie Baxter 3, Stella Sims 1 Sue Corry 3, Sophie Singh 3 Sharon Seed 2, Shannon Hall 1 Marie Fitton 3.
It has been many years since any player has completed a game in six darts in the Four Oaks and District Winter League but in the preliminary round of the Brian Goodman Cup that is exactly what Boldmere St Mikes B.Linnecor did as he broke with 152 and then checked out on 149, a terrific achievement. Linnecor’s feat helped his team to a 5-4 win over last season’s losing finalists Golden Hind Reigning champions The Boat also scraped into the next round with a 5-4 win over St Thomas’s Social Club for whom K.Shorthouse hit a 180. The only other maximum was recorded by M. Gallett (Boldmere St Mikes). Other winners going into the draw for the next round are Bishop Vesey, Pint Pot Flights, Oscott Sports, The Boot, Old Oscott Arrows plus The Digby who claimed their game against The Towers. Boldmere Tap had a bye into the next round. Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Preliminary Round:- Bishop Vesey 8 (S.Holmes 100, N.Sammons 100,105f, M.Hall 100,140, C.Sammons 2x100, D.Walton 125,116) Rosey Mac’s 1 (J.Cox snr 100, F.Harris 160b), Boldmere St Mikes 5 (M.Ashton 100b,2x100,122, B.Linnecor 152b,149f,112,6 darts game, C.Perry 140,100, M.Gallett 180,122, M.Wild 160b) Golden Hind 4 (L.Vickers 140, S.Spink 120b,140, T.O’Kereke 108b,127, W.Naylor 120, D.Pickering 160b,2x100, S.Pritchett 105,2x100, T.Vickers 125,135, D.Vickers 2x111b,100,110b), Drakes Drum 3 (J.Clarke 103f, G.Oldfield 101b,140, A.Day 123, N.Goldie 120b,140,123,100) Pint Pot Flights 6 (M.Bruin 130, N.Robbins 100, M.Bagnall 101b,140, M.Miller 116), Oscott Sports 8 (D.Munge 100, C.Farley 2x100, J.Morris jnr 134,100, J.Tolley 101b,124, C.Hawkley 100, A.Cole 2x100) Sutton Sports and Social Club 1 (R.Hinett 100), St Thomas Arrows 4 (R.Nelson 3x100, B.Hodgson 100) Erdington Arrows 5 (R.Bazeley 2x100, J.West 100), The Boat 5 (K.Deeley 2x140,155,100, N.Clarke 140, C.O’Neil 116,109, J.Prince 125,140) St Thomas’s Social Club 4 (L.Shorthouse 100,119f, D.Watkins 125,100, K.Shorthouse 180, T.Kelly 100, S.Davey 100), The Boot 8 (C.Fleuren 106b,140, M.Kavanagh 100, R.Kavanagh 100, G.Gaughan 100, J.Kavanagh 110, I.Taylor 106f, G.Baxter 100,109f) Red Lion 1 (M.Gaughan 114,100), The Fox 4 (A.Sargeant 114,120, M.Willetts 100, R.Stanton 100b,100,120b, S.Hughes 100) Old Oscott Arrows 5 (E.Atkins 100, L.Jones 140, A.Lea 2x100, B.Hoare 100,140, D.Parsons 118), The Oscott Social 7 (T.Purcell 100, D.Shannon 101b, A.Whitehouse 101, G.Bushell 140, R.Barritt 100,140, P.Willis 100) Lad in the Lane 2 (M.Clarke 100, G.Averill 115f), The Digby claimed their match against The Towers, Boldmere Tap had a bye.
The C’s Club Double Top Wednesday Night League staged their Doubles knockout which attracted 14 pairs. In the semis Dan White and Jamie Carter had a convincing 3-0 win over Sean Healy and Ryan Beale while Louise Beale and Wayne Cooper were taken to a deciding leg before booking their place in the final. [caption id="attachment_36416" align="aligncenter" width="527"]Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe, Darts, West Midlands C's Club Double Top League Doubles Knockout Runners Up Louise Beale and Wayne Cooper with Sue Kingdon (Organiser)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_36417" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe, Darts, West Midlands C's Club Double Top League Doubles Knockout Winners Dan White and Jamie Carter with Sue Kingdon (Organiser)[/caption] The final saw White and Carter repeat their 3-0 semi-final result as they accounted for Beale and Cooper. Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Semi-Finals:- Sean Healy & Ryan Beale 0 Dan White & Jamie Carter 3, Pete Kingdon & Connor Marshall 2 Louise Beale & Wayne Cooper 3, Final:- Dan White & Jamie Carter 3 Louise Beale & Wayne Cooper 0.
The latest of the Shirley Legion Double Top League singles knockouts saw Jack Barrows, the youngest of the Barrows darting family win the event. In round one Jack handed out a 3-0 defeat to his dad Dave and then in round two beat Sam Hicks by the same 3-0 scoreline as he finished with an 88 checkout on the bull. The quarter finals saw Jack progress when he beat last week’s winner John Smyth 3-2 and then reached the final with a similar 3-2 win over Gary Cleverley. From the other side of the draw Sean Talbot enjoyed a welcome return to form by reaching the final with a bye in round one, then 3-1 wins over Jaime Whitton in round two and Jordan Ottley in the quarter finals before clinching his final spot with a close 3-2 win in the last four over Thomas Bent. The final lived up to expectations with two in-form players going head to head and inevitably a deciding leg was required. Sean had a chance at a double but it was Jack who sealed his win on double ten to become the league’s youngest ever knockout winner, a terrific achievement at the age of 14. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Preliminary Round:- Colin Geens 0 John Smyth 3, Thomas Bent 3 Derek Harper 0, Jack Barrows 3 Dave Barrows 0, Dave Fisher 3 Andy Thomas 2, Gary Cleverley 3 Ben Quadri 1, Sam Hicks 3 Lee Holtham 0, Chris Thomas snr 1 Ravi Saggo 3. Last Sixteen:- Jordan Ottley 3 Craig Clarke 1, Mark Gwalchmai (100b,120b) 1 Steve Harper 3, Chris Thomas jnr 2 Mark Henderson 3, Sean Talbot 3 Jaime Whitton 1, Thomas Bent (111b) 3 Dave Fisher 1, Ravi Saggo 2 John Smyth 3, Dave Heighway (112f,160b) 2 Gary Cleverley (140f) 3, Jack Barrows 3 Sam Hicks 0, Quarter Finals:- John Smyth 2 Jack Barrows 3, Thomas Bent 3 Mark Henderson 0, Sean Talbot 3 Jordan Ottley 1, Steve Harper 0 Gary Cleverley (10 darts game) 3, Semi-Finals:- Sean Talbot 3 Thomas Bent (112b,109b) 2, Gary Cleverley 1 Jack Barrows 3, Final:- Sean Talbot 2 Jack Barrows 3.
The South Birmingham Winter League had semi-finals on their fixture card, first the Knockout Cup in which division one leaders C’s Top Guns won 7-2 against local rivals and second in division two C’s Hot Shots. The second of the semis saw division two leaders The Dog lose 6-3 to Coleshill Social who are second in division one. In the Jimmy Walker last four games C’s Arrows who are bottom of division twolost 5-4 to division one side The Gate and meeting them in the final will be another division one team Banbury Arrows after they won 5-4 against C’s Flights (division two). Full Results:Week 8:Division One:- C’s Top Guns 7 (S.Kingdon 112b, P.Kingdon 112b,101, S.Edwards 133, D.Clinton 117,140, D.Wilson 100, J.Jennings 2x100,120b, R.Mills 120) Banbury Arrows 2 (B.Evans 110b, A.Cooksey 140, J.Moss 100,138, L.Reece 100b,100, T.Fulford 134, Coleshill Social 4 (S.Sweetman 100, G.Jones 112b,111f, C.Cooke 140, P.Bryant 2x140, B.Jones 100, N.McCrave 100) The Gate 5 (P.Jones 100, K.Russell 100, T.Moulineux 100, N.Groves 120b), Division Two:- C's Arrows 4 C's Flights 5 (J.Pitts 100,101, C.Meigh 2x100), The Dog 7 (P.Thompson 100, M.Clayton 180,100, G.Taylor 112, P.Richards 140) The Trident 2 (A.Brooks 140,132, K.Buttle 126, T.Blakemore 101, R.McDonough 100, P.Millerchip 100), Mini League:Division Two:- C's Hot Shots 22 legs (C.Kingdon 108b, C.Marshall 140,100, S.Moran 2x100, D.White 100, L.Walker 100) Toby Jug 5 legs (B.Blair 2x100, S.Round 113), Knockout Cup:Semi-Finals:- C's Top Guns 7 (R.Mills 140,120, D.Wilson 120b, P.Kingdon 140, S.Edwards 116b,104f,100,105f, D.Clinton 140,133, J.Jennings 100b,140,100) C's Hot Shots 2 (J.Carter 100, C.Marshall 140, S.Moran 100), The Dog 3 (P.Thompson 100,137, S.O'Brien 100, M.Clayton 140,152b,117,7 darts game, N.Crowe 101) Coleshill Social 6 (P.Bryant 100, S.Swetman 140,100, B.Jones 100, C.Cooke 108, P.Williams 100), Jimmy Walker Cup:Semi-Finals:- C's Arrows 4 (L.Beale 100, D.Stone 140, D.Cooper 105b,120b, G.Davidson 111,125,132) The Gate 5 (D.Downes 140, T.Barrs 100, K.Russell 135, N.Groves 100,118,125, T.Molineux 100), Banbury Arrows 5 (A.Cooksey 108,131, J.Moss 100,140, P.Moran 100) C's Flights 4 (J.Pitts 100b,100,135f, C.Meigh 140, S.Beale 100).
Week 25 in the Small Heath League produced a huge shock result as leaders East Birmingham Allotment Holders lost for the first time in 20 games. Playing away to second in the table Heartlands Club E.B.A.H.A. went down 5-4 to put both teams on 38 points however the Allotment Holders have four more games to play as opposed to Heartlands only having two. Full Results:Week 25:- Emerald Club 6 (J.Fisher 100, A Fisher 133, C.Rigby 2x100, D.Willis 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3 (R.McGuigan 100, P.Sunner 100), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 5 (J.Evans 100, M.Tilley 3x140, P.Evans 125, M.Wyatt 103, J.Phipps 125, D.Brown 100) Cob’s Bar 4 (J.Kenny 108, M.Turner 100, R.Pikey 100, A.Lattimer 118,117), Heartlands Club 5 (D.Bond 100, I.Jones 121, G.McCormack 100, S.McCormack 100, Jim Frost 120b,2x100, John Frost 103,120b,100,100b,139, S.Cain 2x100) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 4 (N.Parsonage 140,121, L.Robinson 105b, T.White 101b,119, N.Davis 140,132, M.Cooper 2x121,102f, L.Wyatt 118).
Plume of Feathers and The Wharf players almost witnessed a nine darts game in the Shirley and District Monday night League when the two teams met and Wharf’s Sam Hicks kicked off his game against Robin Poole with 180,180 leaving 141 after 6 darts but then narrowly missed out on his finish to seasl the perfect game. Sam’s team Wharf handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their hosts to keep them top of the league on average with four points from their opening two games. Other teams who have won the first two games are Casey Joe’s Bears, The Lodge, Dunky’s Boys and Saracens Misfits. Lions have played just one game and won that 7-2 against Sharmans Cross. Full Results:Week 2:- Plume of Feathers 0 The Wharf (Sam Hicks 2x180, Steve Veitch 180, John Smith 104f) 9, Highwood (Andy Foulkes 180, Terry Constable 112b) 6 The Short Shafts (Phil Kemp 106f) 3, Legion Flights 7 Bluebell 2, Legion Royals (John Stait 180) 2 Dunkys Boys (Bob Nixon 180, Paul Nunn 129f) 7, Casey Joe’s Bears (Andy Thomas 120b, Dave Heighway 15 darts game) 9 HSDT 0, Shirley Spartac 2 Saracens Misfits (Mark Henderson 140f,15 darts game,18 darts game) 7, Cider House 2 The Lodge (Dan Lee 180) 7, Sharmans Cross 2 The Lions (Mick Bown 180,15 darts game, Jack Sidwell 117f, Steve Sidwell 120b,17 darts game) 7, Saracens Jesters had a bye.
No change at the top of the Kings Norton League as the top two teams recorded narrow 4-3 wins. Top of the table Avenue Social won at home against Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club who are ten places and thirty points behind them while second in the table Rubery RBL beat Cock Inn to keep within two points of Avenue although they have played one game more than the leaders. E57 and West Heath swapped places in the table, the former moving up into fourth place with a 6-1 win over Thurlestone while the latter had a somewhat surprising 5-2 defeat away to Grant Arms and dropped one place to fifth. Full Results:Game 24:- Rubery RBL 4 (R.Packer 110,120, B.Heath 4x100, J.O'Neill 100, I.Medlicott 3x100,2x125, R.Higgins 139, J.Ford 100,101,119, J.Grainger 100) Cock Inn 3 (L.Caven 2x100, M.Naylor 100,140, L.Fox 3x100, A.Vaughan 100, K.Vaughan 100, Joe Fox 180), Avenue Social 4 (E.Simpson 100,120,123,129,140, M.Hamilton 100,105, P.Blades 3x100,140, V.Gould 100,123,135, R.Mann 100, T.Hamilton 2x100,131,135,140, G.Dews 4x100) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 (M.Bandy 100,123, C.Davenport 2x100,120, M.Bloomer 100,2x140, D.Whitecombe 140, K.Gater 100,140, T.Shaw 140, S.Corbett 180), E57 6 (D.Logan 100,125, J.Good 4x100,123,140, N.Porter 100, T.Roberts 140, R.Morris 100, A.Mutch 3x100,140, E.Bird 2x100) Thurlestone 1 (J.Downer 2x100,125, M.Deeley 121, D.Peace 3x100,114f,2x125,140,15 darts game, N.Watts 121, B.Andrews 153), Coppice 6 (A.Ogley 3x100, D.Jordan 100, K.Manger 2x100, A.Chidley 111,140, A.Ward 2x100, G.Twist 100, R.Mooney 100) Kings Heath 1 (D.Parish 100, J.Desai 2x100, J.Bridges 140, S.Morris 121, D.Parish 180), Bournbrook 3 (T.Cullen 2x100,125,140, T.Jeffs 2x100,140, R.Chambers 101, L.Arnold 121,125, D.Collins 100,140, C.Ryan 105, D.Collins 180) Weoley Hill 4 (O.Draper 100, L.Allen 100,120,121, J.Taylor 100,120, G.Webb 2x121,125, M.Lloyd 2x100,121, P.Draper 100), Grant Arms 5 (P.Taylor 123, D.Campbell 140, Donna Campbell 100) West Heath 2 (W.Marshall 3x100, T.Shipley 123,125, P.Hughes 2x100, K.Hall 100,117f), Harborne 5 (A.Poolton 140, M.Harding 132,2x140, M.Poolton 129,140, P.Sitshebo 100, D.Hopkins 2x100,140, S.Sheridan 100, S.Adams 101, A.Hopkins 100) Dingle 2 (A.Faulkner 2x100,132, N.Ferriday 140, A.Bailles 121,137).
Roost Rebels have played and won the first seven fixtures in the Camp Hill League but suffered a shock defeat in the League Cup when they lost 5-2 at home to White Swan Nomads who are currently fifth in the league table. In the Consolation Cup Tyseley WMC beat Sedgemere Devil’s Club 6-1. There was just one rearranged league fixture in which Sheldon Marlborough Flights beat bottom of the table Station Wagon 5-2 to move up one place into the number two spot, four points behind leaders Roost Rebels with a game in hand. Full Results:League Cup:- Roost Rebels 2 White Swan Nomads 5, Consolation Cup:- Tyseley WMC 6 Sedgemere Devil’s Club 1, Rearranged League Fixture:- Station Wagon 2 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5.
The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League played their Doubles Knockout at eight different venues with the last two pairs from each venue going through to the next round, winning through were S.G.Skidmore & D.Harris, J.Barrowman & M.Flatman (Ashwood ‘A’), G.Marson & N.Donaldson, G.Moreton & M.Harper (Swan), M.Rowley & R.Bowen (Bell ‘B’), S.Mills & D.Hemming, M.Garrington & S.Owen (Wombourne Cricket Club), J.Jackson & K.Sprague, L.Wheeler & A.Poole (Gate Hangs Well), A.Galeb & M.Reading, D.Haden & S.Roberts (Wilson Hall), J.Green & R,Hipkiss (Fox Inn, Lye), N.Cooper & D.Cooper (Brickmakers Arms ‘A’), R.Pierce & J.Wrench (Ashwood ‘B’), J.Pickett & C.Pickett (Glasscutters), I.Langford & B.Stevens (King Arthur). Full Results:Game 30:- High Acres 2 Glasscutters 5, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 1 Ashwood ‘B’ 6 (J.Ward 150f), Bell ‘A’ 4 King Arthur 3, Holly Bush ‘A’ 0 Swan 7, Gigmill 2 Bell ‘B’ 5, Ashwood ‘A’ 5 Ten Arches ‘B’ 2, Wombourne Cricket Club 7, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 0, Wilson Hall 4 Netherton Cricket Club 3, Gate Hangs Well 6 Holly Bush ‘B’ 1, Ten Arches ‘A’ and Fox Inn (Lye) had a bye, Doubles Knockout:Last Sixteen:- S.G.Skidmore & D.Harris, J.Barrowman & M.Flatman (Ashwood ‘A’), G.Marson & N.Donaldson, G.Moreton & M.Harper (Swan), M.Rowley & R.Bowen (Bell ‘B’), S.Mills & D.Hemming, M.Garrington & S.Owen (Wombourne Cricket Club), J.Jackson & K.Sprague, L.Wheeler & A.Poole (Gate Hangs Well), A.Galeb & M.Reading, D.Haden & S.Roberts (Wilson Hall), J.Green & R,Hipkiss (Fox Inn, Lye), N.Cooper & D.Cooper (Brickmakers Arms ‘A’), R.Pierce & J.Wrench (Ashwood ‘B’), J.Pickett & C.Pickett (Glasscutters), I.Langford & B.Stevens (King Arthur).
For the first time in the eleven games played so far in the Brierley Hiil Monday Night League High Oak lost. Playing at home High Oak went down 5-4 to Bull and Bladder who were placed eighth in the table and ten points adrift of them. As a result of their defeat and the 5-4 win by Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ over fourth placed Swan they now share the number one sport with the Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ and just one leg of average behind them in third place is Roebuck who won 8-1 at King William. Full Results:Week 11:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 5 Swan 4, Brickmakers Arms 3 Fox and Grapes 6, Portway 3 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6, High Oak 4 Bull and Bladder 5, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 4, Delph B ll 3 Rose and Crown 6, Lamp Tavern 7 Limes Club 2, King William 1 Roebuck 8, Mount Pleasant 3 Wombourne Pool Bar 6.
There were wins for the top five teams in game 38 of the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League, leaders Brickmakers Arms adding an 8-1 win at Hare and Hounds to their tally to keep them eight points to the good on second and third placed Ten Arches ‘A’ and ‘B’ and with only four more fixtures to play Brickmakers require just one more win to secure the title. Full Results:Game 38:- Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 1 Brickmakers Arms 8, Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘A’ 5 Glasscutters 4, Stourbridge RBL 8 Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 1, Bird (Stourbridge) 6 Swan 3, Hop House 2 Ashwood 7, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 Ten Arches ‘B’ 7, Ten Arches ‘A’ 6 Gate Hangs Well 3, Britannia 5 British Oak 4, Old Cat (Wordsley) 4 Bird (Wordsley) 5, Church Tavern 4 Garibaldi 5, Crestwood 7 Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘B’ 2.
An 8-1 win over Netherton Conservative Club took Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club’s undefeated record to seven games in the Netherton Thursday Night League and maintains their three points lead over second in the table Bulls Head who were 6-3 winners away to Fairfield. Full Results:Game 7:- Fairfield 3 Bulls Head 6, Saracens Head 2 Riddins Tavern 7, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8 Netherton Conservative Club 1.
Bell’s 8-1 win in the Rowley Monday Night League at Ivy Bush has seen their hosts drop from second to fourth in the table. George won 5-4 at Windmills End and takeover the second place four points behind leaders Bell. Third placed Cradley Sports and Social had a 7-2 win over Fairfield to put them level on 18 points with George and Ivy Bush. Loyal Lodge moved off the foot of the table with a 5-4 win over Bulls Head who drop to the bottom of the table. Full Results:Week 11:- Loyal Lodge 5 Bulls Head 4, Ivy Bush 1 Bell 8, Three Diamonds 6 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ (Matthew Ferney 160b) 3, Wonder 5 Spring Meadow 4, Tividale FC 6 Hare and Hounds 3, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 3 Cottage 6, Cradley Sports and Social 7 Fairfield (Christopher Eaves 152b) 2, Windmills End 4 George 5.
The best Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club could do in their home game against Glasscutters ‘A’ in the Silver End Sunday Morning League was draw 4-4 this being the first time in seven games the Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ had dropped any points. The result has seen them drop to second place behind new leaders Woodside ‘A’ who stretched their unbeaten record to seven games with a 6-2 win over Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ giving them a two points advantage over the rest of the field. Full Results:Game 7:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 Glasscutters ‘A’ 4, Woodside ‘A’ 6 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 2, Three Crowns 6 High Acres 2, Dudley Sports 6 Woodside ‘B’ 2, New Talbot 4 Old Star 4, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 4 High Oak 4, Glasscutters ‘B’ 8 Kings Head ‘B’ 0, Kings Head ‘A’ and Bell had a bye.
After the first seven games in the Cradley Tuesday Night League three teams Brickmakers Arms ‘A’, Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ and Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ are level on 18 points. The latest fixtures saw Brickmakers ‘A’ win 7-2 against Riddins Tavern, Netherton ‘A’ win by the same margin at Gate Hangs Well and Brickmakers ‘B’ have a closer 5-4 verdict at Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’. Full Results:Game 7:- Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7 Riddins Tavern 2, Bulls Head 4 Plough 5, Dudley Labour Club 7 Roost 2, Gate Hangs Well 2 Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 7, Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 4 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 5, Malt Shovel 6 Wheatsheaf 3.
After six games have been completed in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League just six legs of average separates the top two teams. High Oak are in pole position after their 6-1 win at Dudley Sports but hot on their heels are Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ who 5-2 win over Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’. Gornal British Legion got away from the foot of the table with their first win in five a 4-3 success against Brickmakers Arms ‘B’. Full Results:Week 6:- Dudley Sports 1 High Oak 6, Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 2 Ashwood 5, Miners (Wollescote) 3 Delph Bell 4, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 5 Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 2, Gornal British Legion 4 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 3.
With leaders Bombay Bob’s Boys not playing in the Main League of the Pip Club League second placed Belgrave Sports and Social Club took the opportunity to draw level on 32 points with them when they beat Old Liberal House 8-1 but they have now played one game more than Bombay. Full Results:Game 19: Old Liberal House 1 (Craig Richards 180) Belgrave Sports and Social Clyub 8, Pip Club 8 Dolphin 1, Dolphin Wanderers 3 (Leighton Massey 100) Birchmoor Club 6 (Mark Young 180,113f), Belgrave Club 6 Progressive Club 3, Sports Bar ‘180’ 4 (Emily Jones 121,107,5x100) Glascote Club 5 (Mark McCloughlin 180, Dylan McCloughlin 100), Kettlebrook Club 5 Gate (Amington) 4 (Simon Smith 180, Jo Worth 114,110), Wigginton Arms 3 (Grant Harris 127f, Rosie O’Connor 2x100) Globe (Wilnecote) 6.
Studley Conservative Club fell four points behind leaders of the Henley and District Winter League Studley Cricket Club when they surprisingly lost 6-3 to third placed Dorridge. A 9-0 whitewash over Village Inn keeps the Cricket Club well on course for the title. Full Results:Game 12:- Village Inn 0 Studley Cricket Club 9, Beausale 4 Wootton Bears 5, Wythall Legion 3 Wythall RBL 6, Studley Conservative Club 3 Dorridge 6.
Two points is the difference between the top four teams in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League. Leaders Whitmore Reans WMC won 6-1 against Swan, Compton to stay ahead of both Cleveland Arms and Hurst Hill on average while fourth placed ECC ‘A’ were one of the week’s biggest winners, their 7-0 success over Pilot keeping them within two points of the top three. Full Results:Game 7:- Cleveland Arms 6 ECC ‘B’ 1, Dog and Partridge 1 Hurst Hill 6, ECC ‘A’ 7 Pilot 0, Moreton 5 Bull 2, Royal, Albrighton 7 McGhees 0, Whitmore Reans WMC 6 Swan, Compton 1, Brewood British Legion had a bye.
The Black Country Premier League staged a Challenge Cup which proved to be very successful. The semi-finals saw Allen’s Bar win 4-0 against Southporthodox while Copperfox lost by the odd leg 3-2 to3 Blokes & A Cabbage. In the final Allen’s Bar came out on top again beating 3 Blokes & A Cabbage repeating the 4-0 margin that they won by in the semis. [caption id="attachment_36418" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe, Black Country Darts Black Country Premier League Challenge Cup Mart Greenwood and Runners Up Andy Vellender, Chris Fox, Sam Aitkens, Rob Pierce again with Richard Duncan and Iain Mathers[/caption] [caption id="attachment_36419" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Red Dragon Darts, Alan Towe, Black Country Darts Black Country Premier League Challenge Cup Mart Greenwood and Winners Jamie Hughes, Adam Edgar, Iain Mathers, Dan Nicholls, Scott Baker and Richard Duncan[/caption] Full Results:Last Sixteen:- Halesowen Hunters 4 Smokers 0 (Steve Gillam 2 John Mole 0, Mart Greenwood 2 Michelle Preedy 0, Luke Jones & Adam Wakeman 2 Iain Mathers & Scott Roberts 1), Shrub 26ers 0 Copperfox 4 (Marc Tibbetts 0 James Hykin 2, Christian Evans 0 Ashley Hykin 2, Mike Gandy & Ian Jones 0 Neil Steventon & James Orchard 2), Wilson Hall Outlaws 4 Yeltz Bar Staff 0 (Loz Slater 2 Jason Tromans 0, Jordan Ward 2 Matt Hill 0, Matt Moore & Dan Haden 2 John Stokes & John Simpson 0), 3 Blokes & A Cabbage 3 Woodside Poachers 2 (Chris Fox 2 Jay Rollinson 1, Andy Vellender 2 Mark Rollinson 1, Rob Pierce & Sam Aitkens 1 Reece Colley & Mat Tedstone 2), Yeltz Barbarians 3 Cabin 2 (Chris Hall Lost to Ian Stanton, Tommy Johnson Lost to Paul Price, Richard Hill & Mark Bayliss beat John Simms & Martin Steventon), Railway Sleepers 1 Southporthodox 3 (Nick Fullwell beat Jamie Barrowman, Wayne Page lost to Rich Bowen, Carl Snelus & Nigel Ashmore lost to Chas Skelding & Mark Flatman), Yeltz Bar Brawlers 1 Dudley X 3 (Richard Duncan 2 Josh Parkes 1, Ste Attwood 1 Marcus Preedy 2, Alister Duncan & Ian Mills 1 Lee Craig & Steven Homer 2), Brick Belters 1 Allen’s Bar 2 (Gav Moreton 0 Jamie Hughes 2, Connor Pickett 2 Adam Edgar 1, Josh Pickett & Martyn Harper 0 Dan Nicholls & Scott Baker 2), Quarter Finals:- Halesowen Hunters 2 Copperfox 3 (Steve Gillam 1 James Hykin 2, Mart Greenwood 0 James Orchard 2, Luke Jones & Adam Wakeman 2 Neil Steventon & Ashley 1), Wilson Hall Outlaws 1 3 Blokes & A Cabbage 3, Yeltz Barbarians 2 Southporthodox 3 (Chris Hall lost to Jamie Barrowman, Tommy Johnson lost to Rich Bowen, Richard Hill & Mark Bayliss beat Chas Skelding & Mark Flatman), Dudley X 0 Allen’s Bar 4 (Lee Craig lost Jamie Hughes, Steven Homer lost to Adam Edgar, Josh Parkes & Marcus Preedy lost to Dan Nicholls & Scott Baker), Semi-Finals:- Copperfox 2 3 Blokes & A Cabbage 3, Southporthodox 0 Allen’s Bar 4, Final:- 3 Blokes & A Cabbage 0 Allen’s Bar 4.
A 5-0 win over local rivals Allen's Sports Bar 'B' takes Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ another step nearer the West Midlands Men’s Super League title as they now have a total of 176 points and a lead over second in the table Yeltz Bar of 18 points with only five more games to play. Yeltz dropped further behind the leaders when they lost 3-2 away to seventh in the league Cradley Sports and Social. Full Results:Game 29:- The Crown 0 Staffordshire Knot 5 (M.Greenwood 3 M.Watkiss 4, S.Hill 1 D.Mills 4, L.Jones 2 C.Wood 4, K.Harrison 2 M.Dyke 4, G.Johnston 1 J.Singh 4), Allen’s Sports Bar ‘B’ 0 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ 5 (S.Tyler 0 A.Edgar 4, T.Baker 1 A.Jacques 4, C.Hickman 0 S.Baker 4, R.Fathers 0 N.Fullwell 4, D.Bull 2 D.Nicholls 4), Allen’s Sports Bar ‘D’ 4 Allen’s Sports Bar ‘C’ 1 (D.Stewart 4 S.Jones 2, M.Baker 4 P.Harrison 3, O.Maiden 4 M.Coleman 2, J.Mycock 1 D.Oakes 4, L.Marson 4 N.Whitehouse 0), Woodside Inn 5 Hill and Cakemore 0 (J.Ward 4 J.Bunn 1, M.Moore 4 J.Orchard 2, J.Rollinson 4 A.Bomber 0, R.Colley 4 P.O’Brien 1, M.Rollinson 4 K.Wright 0), Gilberts Bar 3 Bridgtown Social 2 (G.Rollinson 4 A.Simmons 2, J.Evans 4 D.Coyle 3, S.Parkes 0 N.Pointon 4, C.Hill 3 L.Hodgkiss 4, J.Morris 4 P.Wyse 2), Cradley Sports and Social 3 Yeltz Bar 2 (D.Bayliss 4 S.Gillam 2, K.Harris 4 P.Wells 3, I.Hartland 0 J.Lowe 4, K.Bambrick 4 I.Townsend 1, R.Tipper 2 D.Redding 4), The Victoria 2 King Arthur 3 (L.Venes 3 L.Bowen 4, B.Hollowood 4 A.Richardson 1, A.Hateley 4 L.Hackett 0, J.Blakemore 2 C.Whitehouse 4, M.Cadman 2 T.Brennan 4), Cabin 3 Horse and Jockey 2 (I.Hebberts 3 M.Price 4, S.Hall 4 A.Howells 1, J.Simms 4 P.Robbins 1, J.Webb 1 B.Robbins 4, S.Price 4 D.Owen 3).
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