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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

West Midlands 2018–2019 season in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships didn’t get off to the best of starts. Playing at home at Gilberts Bar, Willenhall, West Midlands took on newly promoted Northamptonshire in a game they were really expected to win but the 21-15 result went to the visiting team. The weekend got off to a decent start as the ladies ‘B’ finished all square at three each with Shannon Hall (21.33) taking the match award. The men’s ‘B’ game saw Robert Smith in superb form recording a tremendous average of 32.09 in the team’s 7-5 victory, Smith’s average the best of the weekend for the BDO’s men’s ‘B’ games. Sunday was a different story with Debbie Loon (16.46) the sole winner for the ‘A’ team as they went down 5-1. The men’s ‘A’ also lost, Gavin Baker (29.65) their top player in an 8-4 reversal to give an overall 21-15 win for Northamptonshire. Full Results:West Midlands v Northamptonshire (15-21): (West Midlands names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Kevin Harris 0 Liam Fox 4, Glen McGrandle 4 Chris Jones 3, Mark Craddock 3 Ben Goodger 4, Nick Fullwell 4 Luke Smith 2, Adam Edgar 3 Ricky Evans 4, Liam Kelly 2 Martin Biggs 4, Gavin Baker 4 Tony Littleton 3, Ian Jones 1 Stephen Tompkins 4, Alfie Jacques 0 Dave Walker 4, Matthew Dicken 3 Andy Tee 4, Scott Baker 2 Dan Wheatley 4, Dan Nicholls 4 Chris Shipley 3, Men’s ‘B’:- Ash Khayatt 2 Adam Bull 4, Paul Wells 2 Mark Stanley 4, Trevor Brennon 4 Stuart Gilmore 0, Neil Pointon 4 Paul Shepherd 2, Matthew Dicken 4 Graham Roberts 2, Shane Price 2 David Pallett 4, Martin Greenwood 1 Phil Coward 4, Robert Smith 4 Colin Gray 1, Mark Rollinson 2 John Regan 4, Avtar Singh 4 Jason Lovell 1, Kevin Bambrick 4 Chuck Scott 2, Jonathan Platt 4 Shane Prowse 0, Women’s ‘A’:- Cheryl Alcock 0 Rebecca Barrow 3, Lisa Badger 2 Jo Johnson 3, Gemma Barrett 0 Sharon Tompkins 3, Kath Jenkins 1 Angela Barrow 3, Sarah Roberts 2 Rebecca Rose 3, Debbi Loon 3 Sara Rose 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Shellbie Simmons 2 Jacky White 3, Elizabeth Arnold 2 Heather Thompson 3, Shannon Hall 3 Sandra Simmons 1, Kat McLean 3 Faye Mason 0, Jacqueline Maiden 0 Gail Fullthorpe 3, Heather Wright 3 Amy Chappell 1.
With all of the domestic fixtures done and dusted the South Birmingham League staged their doubles and ladies singles knockouts. The doubles knockout saw Neil Parsonage add yet another title to his never ending list of wins as he and his partner Martin Heaven won the final 2-0 against Chris Cooke and Paul Bryant. Both of the last four games finished with a 2-0 scoreline Parsonage and Heaven beating Mark Birch and Mo Anwar while Cooke and Bryant accounted for Jamie Carter and Wayne Cooper. The ladies singles title went to Charlie Kingdon, a final 2-0 result over her mother Sue Kingdon. Once again the semi-finals were both won 2-0 with Sue beating Courtney Burns and Charlie winning against Melissa Beale. The league is set to start again on the 5th November anyone wishing to enter a team or requiring any further information should contact Sue Kingdon on 07703-812332. Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- Mark Birch & Mo Anwar 2 Ben Liggins & Chris Millward 1, Martin Heaven & Neil Parsonage 2 Charlie Kingdon & Brian Anderton 1, Chris Cooke & Paul Bryant 2 Gavin Jones & Bob Jones 0, Jamie Carter & Wayne Cooper 2 Keith Geary & Gavin Davidson 0, Semi-Finals:- Chris Cooke & Paul Bryant 2 Jamie Carter & Wayne Cooper 0, Mark Birch & Mo Anwar 0 Martin Heaven & Neil Parsonage 2, Final:- Chris Cooke & Paul Bryant 0 Neil Parsonage & Martin Heaven 2, Ladies Singles:Quarter Finals:- Louise Beale 0 Sue Kingdon 2, Laura Vann 1 Courtney Burns 2, Melissa Beale 2 Tammy Maguire 0, Nicki Harris 0 Charlie Kingdon 2, Semi-Finals:- Sue Kingdon 2 Courtney Burns 0, Melissa Beale 0 Charlie Kingdon 2, Final:- Sue Kingdon 0 Charlie Kingdon 2.
The Forest of Arden Summer League had the finals of their Divisional Cups on the fixture card and in the group ‘A’ final divisional champions Journeys End made it a fantastic double when they beat Highwood KB 8-1 to clinch the title. The group ‘B’ final, as in the group ‘A’ final went to the divisional champions as Dunky’s Boys handed out a 7-2 defeat to C’s Shamrocks. [caption id="attachment_35581" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Forest of Arden Summer League Knockout Cup Winners Journeys End Forest of Arden Summer League Knockout Cup Winners Journeys End[/caption] The Winter season is about to get underway on the 9th October and once again Sue Kingdon is the person to speak to, so if you would like to either enter a team in the league or just require more information Sue can be contacted on 07703-812332. Full Results:Divisional Cup Finals:Group ‘A’:- Journeys End 8 (R.Mills 2x100, J.Webster 135,125,116f, P.Kingdon 2x100, T.Constable 5x100, D.Wilson 3x100,140, J.Jennings 3x100,140) Highwood KB 1 (N.Wykes 140, W.Cooper 133,116, T.Walton 100, A.Gorman 120,100, M.Gorman 134), Group ‘B’:- Dunky’s Boys 7 (B.Nixon 4x100,110,2x140,180,13 darts game, J.Norris 3x100, A.Hutchings 2x100,2x140,125,105, T.Steele 2x100, S.Edwards 2x100,121,110f, P.Nunn 100,140, P.Yardley 126f, R.Hogan 100) C's Shamrocks 2 (D.Williams 3x100, M.Tilley 3x100,113, D.Tomlinson 100,119,123, G.Groves 6x100,121, J.Phipps 3x100,120, D.Field 3x100, T.Clinton 135,2x100, D. Carey 121).
The Shirley Premier League has just a handful of outstanding games remaining but the main issues have all been sorted as Steve Sidwell ended his campaign with 4-0 wins over Neil Comerford and Trevor Carter to give him the title and take his points tally to 105 from 32 games, an advantage of ten points over league runner up Phil Thomas who in turn was five points to the good on third placed Mark Henderson. Jack Nason took the week’s prize money for the best finish with a superb 148 game shot in his 4-0 win over Neil Comerford. Full Results:Week 18:- Neil Comerford 2 Kevin Graver 2, Mark Cater (16 darts game) 1 Ken Hopton 3, Sean Talbot (2x180,18 darts game) 3 Mick Bown 1, Paul Harper 3 Neil Comerford 1, Jack Nason 2 Gary Cleverley 2, Dave Heighway (120f) 3 Michael Forsyth 1, Tony Daly (17 darts game) 3 Ken Hopton 1, Steve Sidwell 4 Neil Comerford 0. Mikey Harris 1 Derek Harper (180) 3, Neil Comerford 2 Steve Harper (180) 2, Sean Talbot 3 Trevor Carter 1, Steve Heeks 2 Neil Comerford 2, Ken Hopton 3 Michael Forsyth 1, Trevor Carter 0 Steve Sidwell (180) 4, Lee Harris 4 Neil Comerford 0, Neil Comerford 0 Jack Nason (148f) 4, Brian Lawton 2 Neil Comerford 2.
Both of the top two teams in the Small Heath League won 9-0 in week six as leaders East Birmingham Allotment holders Association took their unbeaten run to five games beating Wagon and Horses and second in the table Heartlands Club handed out a similar whitewash to their visiting team Sheldon Marlborough Flights to stay with two points of the leaders. Full Results:Week 6:- Emerald Club 3 (J.Fisher 100, P.Hopkins 132, G.Daly 116,100b) Cob’s Bar 6 (D.Shakespeare 140, M.Turner 125, D.Baker 100, R.Pikey 100, A.Lattimer 100), Heartlands Club 9 (D.Bond 123,100, S.McCormack 135,140, Jim Frost 140,100,2x120b,100b, A.Downes 125,118, G.McCormack 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 0 (R.McGuigan 104, Jordan McGuigan 135, S.McCarthy 112), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 9 (N.Parsonage 100, C.Wyatt 100,100f,140, N.Davis 140,100, M.Cooper 100, T.White 2x100) Wagon and Horses 0 (C.Murphy 140,108, A.Cheshire 100, A.Pearson 100).
Sheldon Marlborough Cricket Club hosted the Camp Hill League’s doubles knockout which was played down to the last four and from a starting line-up of 27 pairs the duo’s that qualified and will take part in the finals night play off are Gez Oldfield and Andy Naylor (White Swan Nomads), Jim Sayers and Andy Hegarty (Wagon and Horses), Joe Nolan and Brendan Nolan (North Star) and Paul Sunner and Dave Humphries (Sheldon Marlborough Flights). The night’s top score of 180 went to John Fox (Emerald Club) and the highest finish of 160 went to Jim Norris (Journeys End Lions). Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Last Four Qualifiers:- Gez Oldfield & Andy Naylor (White Swan Nomads), Jim Sayers & Andy Hegarty (Wagon and Horses), Joe Nolan & Brendan Nolan (North Star), Paul Sunner & Dave Humphries (Sheldon Marlborough Flights).
Leaders of the Shirley and District Monday Night League Sharmans Sharks won an important game in week eleven when they beat third in the table Red Lion 7-2 making it ten wins in as many games. Second in the table The Wharf have also won all of their ten games the latest of which was 6-3 at Legion Flights to leave them trailing on average only to top placed Sharks. The leading duo now have a four points lead over Red Lion, The Bears and Cider House, Bears winning 7-2 at Saracens Misfits and Cider House wining their home tie with Sharmans Cross 6-3. Full Results:Week 11:- Cider House 6 Sharmans Cross 3, Legionnaires (Steve Heeks 180) 2 The Lodge (James Hinkley 180, Dan Lee 180) 7, Legion Flights (Wayne Clarke 180) 3 The Wharf (Mike Jones 130f) 6, Plume of Feathers (Craig Taylor 180) 4 Legion Royals 5, Blue Bell 2 Shirley Spartac 7, Saracens Misfits 2 The Bears 7, Sharmans Sharks 7 Red Lion 2, Saracens Jesters had a bye.
The 3 A-Side finals was on the agenda for the Netherton Thursday Night League. The first of the semi-finals saw K.Wright, S.Priest and J.Gennard (Bulls Head) win 2-0 against C.Hickman, A.Tonks and R.Taylor (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club). In the second semi Fairfield were only able to field two players and despite a spirited performance from S.Turley and D.Shilvock they lost 2-0 to K.Barnfield, B.Neale and J.Sharratt (Riddins Tavern). The final saw the advantage sway one way then the other as the Riddins trio went 1-0 up and then trailed 2-1. The game went to 2-2 before Bulls Head’s threesome of Wright, Priest and Gennard won the decider for a very close 3-2 verdict over Barnfield, Neale and Sharratt. Full Results:3 A-Side Knockout:Semi Finals:- K.Wright, S.Priest, J.Gennard (Bulls Head) 2 C.Hickman, A.Tonks, R.Taylor (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club) 0, S.Turley, D.Shilvock (Fairfield) 0 K.Barnfield, B.Neale, J.Sharratt (Riddins Tavern) 2, Final:- K.Barnfield, B.Neale, J.Sharratt 2 K.Wright, S.Priest, J.Gennard 3.
The Sutton and District Summer League wound down their season with the finals of their Prestridge Shield and Roy Bird Trophy. The Prestridge Shield saw Golden Hind, who finished the season third in division one lose 6-3 to sixth placed Bishop Vesey, Hind never recovering after going 5-0 down. The Roy Bird final went to the wire with Old Oscott Arrows winning the encounter in the very last leg of the last game for an extremely close 5-4 victory. Full Results:Rearranged Fixtures:Division One:- Erdington Arrows 3 Erdington Club 6, Prestridge Shield:Final:- Golden Hind 3 Bishop Vesey 6, Roy Bird Trophy:Final:- Old Oscott Arrows 5 Boldmere Tap 4.
The Brierley Hill Monday Night League staged the quarter finals of their League Cup and with 8-1 results Bulls Head (Netherton) and Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ in turn defeated Pensnett Liberal Club and Roebuck. There were 5-4 wins for Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ and Delph Bell who accounted for Mount Pleasant and Dudley Sports ‘A’. Full Results:Rearranged Fixtures:- Rose and Crown 6 Bull and Bladder 3, Portway 8 King William 1, League Cup:Quarter Finals:- Bulls Head (Netherton) 8 Pensnett Liberal Club 1, Mount Pleasant 4 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 5, Roebuck 1 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 8, Dudley Sports 4 Delph Bell 5.
Brickmakers Arms have held on to their six points lead at the top of the Cradley Tuesday Night League after winning 5-4 away to Gate Hangs Well while second placed Bulls Head opened up a two points advantage over third in the table Netherton Cricket Club after beating them 5-4 plus they have a game in hand on their opponents. Full Results:Game 19:- Gate Hangs Well 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Hawne Lane Tavern 7 Roost 2 (Stev Tipper 180), Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 4 Bulls Head 5, Wheatsheaf 5 Chop House 4, White Horse 0 Riddins Tavern 9.
Week 26 of the Rowley Monday Night League saw bottom of the table Loyal Lodge chalk up only their second win in twenty five games when they won their home tie with Hare and Hounds 6-3, however they are still four points adrift of the team just above them Tividale FC. At the top end of the table only average separates the top two teams, George lead the field with 48 points after their 6-3 home win over Lodgers and their nearest rivals Bell, who also have 48 points reduced the average deficit to just three legs with an 8-1 win at Cottage. Full Results:Week 26:- Three Diamonds 7 (Mark Harding 180) Windmills End 2, Tividale FC 4 Bulls Head 5 (Kirk Harrison 170), Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 7 (Tommy Johnson 170b) Cradley Liberal Club 2 (Christopher Eaves 152b), George 6 (Mathew Tedstone 180, C.Bowen 9 darts game) Lodgers 3, Loyal Lodge 6 Hare and Hounds 3, Whiteheath Tavern 1 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 8, Roost 3 Ivy Bush 6, Cottage 1 Bell 8.
Dewdrop ‘A’ who are second in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League were quick to bounce back from their 4-3 defeat to Island Inn last week as they won 6-1 against Wonder to keep them within two points of leaders Tipton Sports who won 5-2 against Sportsman. Third in the table Island Inn are on the same 52 points as Dewdrop ‘A’ following their 6-1 away win over Waggon and Horses who are fourth with 50 points. Full Results:Game 32:- Merry-Go-Round ‘A’ 4 New Talbot 3, Tipton Sports 5 Sportsman 2, Dewdrop ‘A’ 6 Wonder 1, Waggon and Horses 1 Island Inn 6, Hayes Social 4 Dewdrop ‘B’ 3, The Vine 4 Ivy Bush 3, Horseley Tavern 2 Merry-Go-Round ‘B’ 5.
Three Crowns doubled their number of wins in the Silver End Sunday Morning League when in game number 25 they beat Portway 5-3 to make it two wins in 25 games. Top of the table Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ won the local derby with their ‘B’ side 5-3 to put them on 68 points with a lead of nine over second in the table Netherton Cricket Club who won 7-1 at Kings Head. A further five points behind in third place is Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who won their home tie with Pensnett Liberal Club 5-3. Full Results:Game 25:- High Acres 1 Bell 7, Portway 3 Three Crowns 5, Woodside 4 Dudley Sports 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 5 Pensnett Welfare Club 3, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 5 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 3, New Talbot 0 Old Star 8, Kings Head 1 Netherton Cricket Club 7, Glasscutters 6 Railway 2.
The Brierley Hill Friday Night League produced a couple of shock results as leaders Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ lost 5-2 away to second in the table Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ who are now level on 22 points with Brickmakers and just three legs of average behind them. Third placed Old Star were another team to receive a setback as they lost their home fixture with sixth placed Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 6-1 to leave them four points adrift of the leading duo. Full Results:Week 13:- Glasscutters 0 Ashwood 7, Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 5 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 2, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 3 Dudley Sports 4, Old Star 1 Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 6, Delph Bell 2 Miners (Wollescote) 5
Fifth placed Ashwood were the only losers in the top six teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League as they went down 5-4 away to sixth in the table Bird (Stourbridge), and as a result the two teams swap places in the league. Leaders Brickmakers Arms extended their unbeaten run to 18 games with a 7-2 home win over Glasscutters and at the same time maintained their two points lead over second placed Ten Arches ‘A’ who were 6-3 winners against Bridge (Kingswinford). Ten Arches ‘B’ held on to third place with an 8-1 win over Hop House but the biggest winners of the week were Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘A’ who beat Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 9-0. Full Results:Game 18:- Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 6 Crestwood 3, Old Cat (Wordsley) 5 Garibaldi 4 (M.Clift 123f), Britannia 5 Bird (Wordsley) 4, Brickmakers Arms 7 Glasscutters 2, Hop House 1 Ten Arches ‘B’ 8, Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘A’ 9 Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 0, Stourbridge RBL 5 Swan 4, Ten Arches ‘A’ 6 (A.Moreton 160b) Bridge (Kingswinford) 3, Church Tavern 6 Kingswiinford Conservative Club ‘B’ 3, Fox Inn (Lye) 4 Gate Hangs Well 5, Bird (Stourbridge) 5 Ashwood 4.
After the opening two games of the new season in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League Gornal British Legion remain in pole position after they won 5-4 at home against Jolly Crispin. The only other unbeaten teams out of a starting line-up of fourteen are New Inn, Chainyard, Coseley Tavern and Gornal Labour Club. Full Results:Week 2:- Chainyard 5 White Lion 4, Gornal British Legion 5 Jolly Crispin 4, Coseley Tavern 5 Hilly House 4, Five Ways 7 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, Red Cow 4 New Inn 5, Gornal Labour Club 5 Old Bulls Head 4, Meadowlark 1 Netherton Cricket Club 8.
The Pip Club League have begun their new season and setting the pace are reigning champions Queens Head who kicked off the new campaign in style by handing out a 9-0 whitewash to Sports Bar ‘180’. Close behind were Belgrave Sports and Social Club who won 8-1 against Dolphin. The opening games saw 180’s for Bob Tutt (Belgrave Sports and Social Club), Syd Kirkham (Birchmoor Club), Rick Martin (Globe, Wilnecote) and Cliff O’Connor (Wigginton Arms). Full Results:Week 1:- Belgrave Sports and Social Club 8 Dolphin 1 (Bob Tutt 180, Cameron Tutt 113f), Birchmoor Club 7 (Syd Kirkham 180) Globe (Wilnecote) 2 (Rick Martin 180,113f), Pip Club 7 (Les Reece 130f) Gate (Amington) 2, Old Liberal House 6 Glascote Club 3, Wigginton Arms 4 (Cliff O’Connor 180, Daz Hunt 180, Rosie O’Connor 100) Progressive Club 5, Kettlebrook Club 4 Bulls Head 5, Sports Bar ‘180’ 0 (Emily Jones 140,2x100) Queens Head 9 (Mark Martin 116f,15 darts game, Sam Whittaker 15 darts game, Joe Tarver 120f), Dolphin Wanderers 4 Belgrave Club 5.
Studley Cricket Club had a bye in week thirteen of the Henley and District Summer League and as a result were ousted from their number one spot by Studley Conservative Club whose 8-1 win at Wythall Legion has put them on 24 points, two more than the Cricket Club who have the superior average after the same 12 games. Full Results:Game 13:- Wootton Bears 8 Beausale 1, Wythall Legion 1 Studley Conservative Club 8, Village Inn 3 Railway 6, Dorridge 6 Wythall RBL 3.
Due to Ashwood ‘B’ having a bye in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League they have surrendered their second place to Swan whose 7-0 win at Old Wagon and Horses has put them two points ahead of Ashwood ‘B’ who now have a game in hand. Ashwood ‘A’ top the table with an unbeaten 20 points from their first ten games the latest of which saw them win 7-0 against Hollybush ‘B’ to give them a two points lead over Swan. Full Results:Game 12:- Ten Arches ‘A’ 2 Wilson Hall 5 (M.Rutter 156f), Wombourne Cricket Club 5 Gate Hangs Well 2, Ashwood ‘A’ 7 Hollybush ‘B’ 0, Hare and Hounds 2 Netherton Cricket Club 5, Hollybush ‘A’ 4 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 3, Bell ‘A’ 3 Ten Arches ‘B’ 4, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 4 Bell ‘B’ 3, Old Wagon and Horses 0 Swan 7, High Acres 1 King Arthur 6, Glasscutters 6 Fox Inn (Lye) 1, Ashwood ‘B’ had a bye.
The West Midlands Men’s Super League produced a top of the table clash in week ten when leaders Allen’s Sports Bar ‘A’ took on second placed Woodside. Prior to the fixture both teams had won all nine of their fixtures. The result was a vital 4-1 win for Allen’s to put them on 62 points at the top of the table with a five points lead over Yeltz Bar who have taken over the number two spot after their 4-1 at Hill and Cakemore. Full Results:Game 10:- Allens Sports Bar ‘D’ 2 Staffordshire Knot 3 (L.Baker 4 C.Wood 1, L.Marson 2 D.Mills 4, D.Thorpe 1 J.Singh 4, J.Mycock 4 A.Singh 0, O.Maiden 3 M.Watkiss 4), Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 4 Woodside Inn 1 (A.Jacques 4 L.Kelly 3, A.Edgar 2 M.Moore 4, D.Nicholls 4 M.Rollinson 2, N.Fullwell 4 R.Colley 2, S.Baker 4 J.Rollinson 0), Allens Sports Bar ‘C’ 2 Gilberts Bar 3 (S.Jones 4 R.Cook-Lucas 2, P.Harrison 0 J.Evans 4, D.Oakes 3 S.Parkes 4, T.Edwards 4 G.Rollinson 3, M.Coleman 3 C.Hill 4), Hill and Cakemore 1 Yeltz Bar 4 (L.Bambrick 2 S.Gillam 4, M.Collins 0 J.Lowe 4, J.Bland 0 R.Smith 4, M.Jones 1 P.Wells 4, P.O’Brien 4 I.Townsend 1), Bridgtown Social 2 Landywood 3 (S.Hickman 2 S.Guest 4, P.Wyse 1 M.Dennant 4, D.Coyle 4 D.Chattoe 0, N.Pointon 2 S.Carroll 4, L.Hodgkiss 4 J.Hughes 1), The Victoria 1 Cabin 4 (A.Hateley 1 J.Simms 4, M.Cadman 2 S.Hall 4, D.Osborn 1 S.Price 4, J.Blakemore 1 A.Aldridge 4, B.Hollowood 4 I.Hebberts 2), King Arthur 1 Olde Queens Head 4 (L.Bowen 2 M.Greenwood 4, C.Whitehouse 4 G.Johnston 3, P.Warren 1 S.Hill 4, T.Brennan 3 K.Harrison 4, L.Morton 2 C.Newton 4), Horse and Jockey 2 Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 3 (A.Howells 3 R.Fathers 4, D.Owen 4 D.Hall 2, M.Price 4 D.Farmer 2, P.Robbins 1 T.Baker 4, I.Shaughnessey 0 S.Bastable 4), Colebatch’s 0 Cradley Liberal Club 5 (S.Price 0 J.Batham 4, C.Cook 0 K.Harris 4, S.Clark 0 K.Bambrick 4, L.Baker 3 R.Tipper 4, A.Hodson 1 C.Penzer 4).
The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League have played their divisional 3 A-Side knockouts down to the last four teams and winning through to play in the semi-finals in division one are J.J.Rowley, Jonathan Platt, Ben Wright (Wednesfield Conservative Club), Paul Bromley, Jimmy Handley, Joe Cook (Riley’s ‘C’), Harry Small, Denis Pilcher, Andrew Nicholas (Sunbeam), Allan Davies, Jamie Daly, Richard Bradshaw (Sunbeam). The division two qualifiers are Gary Lewis, Ryan Mitchell, John Jordan (Dog and Partridge ‘B’), Wayne Reed, James Fletcher, Luke Howard (Woodfield Social), Sid Bourne, Andy Harley, Steve Potts (Wednesfield Legion), Tom Fletcher, Terry Harris, Alex Bryant (Woodfield Social). Full Results:3 A-Side Qualifiers:Division One:- J.J.Rowley, Jonathan Platt, Ben Wright (Wednesfield Conservative Club), Paul Bromley, Jimmy Handley, Joe Cook (Riley’s ‘C’), Harry Small, Denis Pilcher, Andrew Nicholas (Sunbeam), Allan Davies, Jamie Daly, Richard Bradshaw (Sunbeam), Division Two:- Gary Lewis, Ryan Mitchell, John Jordan (Dog and Partridge ‘B’), Wayne Reed, James Fletcher, Luke Howard (Woodfield Social), Sid Bourne, Andy Harley, Steve Potts (Wednesfield Legion), Tom Fletcher, Terry Harris, Alex Bryant (Woodfield Social).
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