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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Congratulations to West Midlands County player Scott Baker who last weekend at the Winmau Darts Centre, Wolverhampton won the Winmau BDO Wolverhampton Classic Singles knockout from an entry in excess of 130 players. International, County, Super League and local league players all took part in the prestigious event all chasing the top prize of £1500 but it was Baker who made the final where he squared up to Surrey’s Dave Parletti. The best of eleven legs final went to the wire with Scott Baker winning the deciding leg for a very close 6-5 victory. In the semi-finals Baker handed out a 5-0 whitewash to Welshman Mike Warburton while Parletti had a close 5-4 verdict against England’s Wesley Newton. As runner up Parletti received £700, the losing semi-finalists both had £300, there was £150 for the losing quarter finalists, £100 for players losing in the last sixteen, £50 for players losing in the last 32 and £25 for players going out in the last 64. [caption id="attachment_34861" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Winmau Wolverhampton Open, Winmau Darts Centre, Red Dragon Darts, BDO, Darts Winmau Wolverhampton Classic Winner Scott Baker with Dharam Jagpal (Organiser and Arena Owner)[/caption] Full Results:Group One:Preliminary Round:- Ben Hazel 4 Paul Millward 0, Last 128:- Jim Williams 2 Ben Hazel 4, Robbie Gorst 4 Dafydd Edwards 2, Martin C.Adams 4 Jason Szamakowicz 0, Steven Homer 0 Liam Kelly 4, Adrian Heathcote 1 Andy Hamilton 4, Jonathan Platt 4 Ashlie Aphgrave 2, Christi Manoila 4 Hideyuki Sugita 1, Andrew Quinn 1 Francis Carragher 4, Last 64:- Ben Hazel 2 Robbie Gorst 4, Martin C.Adams 4 Liam Kelly 2, Andy Hamilton 4 Jonathan Platt 0, Cristi Manoila 1 Francis Carragher 4, Group Two:Preliminary Round:- Nick Fullwell 4 Shaun Matthews 3, Last 128:- Dean Reynolds 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Chris Hogg 2 Jon Mansell 4, Kelly Corcoran 3 Ted Hankey 4, Daniel Ayres 3 Iain Styles 4, Jack Kerr 0 Brian Dawson 4, Wesley Newton 4 Martin Goodin 1, Craig Venman 3 Aaron Turner 4, Martyn Moore 1 Conan Whitehead 4, Last 64:- Nick Fullwell 4 Jon Mansell 3, Ted Hankey 4 Iain Styles 2, Brian Dawson 2 Wesley Newton 4, Aaron Turner 4 Conan Whitehead 3, Group Three:Preliminary Round:- Mick Smith 4 Miroslav Horacek 1, Last 128:- Dave Parletti 4 Mick Smith 0, Colin Wood 0 Terry Roach 4, Rich Woodward 1 Tommy Wilson 4, Rhys Dudley 3 Eric Boyer 4, Daniel Sidaway 0 Luke Morton 4, Lee Shewan 4 Neil Sidebottom 0, Matthew Brindley 0 Lee Budgen 4, Daniel Nicholls 4 James Hurrell 1, Last 64:- Dave Parletti 4 Terry Roach 1, Tommy Wilson 4 Eric Boyer 1, Luke Morton 0 Lee Shewan 4, Lee Budgen 4 Daniel Nicholls 2, Group Four:Preliminary Round:- Daniel Lee 4 Matthew Wilson 2, Last 128:- Nick Kenny 4 Daniel Lee 0, Paul Brown 4 Mark Hylton 3, Phillip Cardwell 0 Steve Beasley 4, Taro Momma 0 John Scott 4, Anthony Molyneux 4 Ben Davies 1, Steven Ritchie 4 Dean Wilkinson 0, Steve Gillam 0 Steve Blewitt 4, Matthias Dietrich 0 Martin Phillips 4, Last 64:- Nick Kenny 4 Paul Brown 3, Steven Beasley 2 John Scott 4, Anthony Molyneux 4 Steven Ritchie 2, Steve Blewitt 4 Martin Phillips 2, Group Five:Preliminary Round:- Daren Kitchen 4 Kevin Bambrick 1, Mike Warburton 4 Mick Hibbert 0, Last 128:- Gary Robson0 Daren Kitchen 4, Steve Rumble 4 Adam Smith-Neale 2, Dave Marley 4 Dean Winstanley 0, Leigh Beeton 4 Ralph Heaven-Richards 0, Patrick Clowery 4 John Roberts 3, Gabriel Pascaru 4 Michael Rich 0, Paul Eginton 4 Nathan Richards 1 Mike Warburton 4 Darren Clifford 0, Last 64:- Daren Kitchen 2 Steve Rumble 4, Dave Marley 0 Leigh Beeton 4, Patrick Clowery 4 Gabriel Pascaru 1, Paul Eginton 0 Mike Warburton 4, Group Six:Preliminary Round:- John Teal 0 Sam Guest 4, Carl Wilkinson 2 Luke Dubois 4, Last 128:- Richie Edwards 3 Sam Guest 4, Samuel Ridgway 2 James Huthwaite 4, Matthew Padgett 4 Craig Capewell 1, Reece Colley 4 Devinder Singh 3, Kelvin Maddy 0 Ian Jones 4, Anthony O’Reilly 0 Sean Bastable 4, Andy Turnbull 4 Carl Dennel 2, Luke Dubois 0 Wayne Warren 4, Last 64:- Sam Guest 4 James Huthwiate 2, Matthew Padgett 1 Reece Colley 4, Ian Jones 4 Sean Bastable 1, Andy Turnbull 0 Wayne Warren 4, Group Seven:Preliminary Round:- Mark Craddock 4 Sean Cain 0, John Bailey 0 Paul Goodwin 4, Last 128:- Scott Baker 4 Mark Craddock 0, Danny Brown 1 Glen McGrandle 4, Chris Frost 0 Adam Mould 4, Michael McBain 4 Wayne Willis 2, Scott Towers 1 Garry Thompson 4, Steve Carrett 4 Adam Quinton 0, Allan Edwards 3 Nicholas Bloor 4, Paul Goodwin 1 Daniel Day 4, Last 64:- Scott Baker 4 Glen McGrandle 1, Adam Mould 4 Michael McBain 0, Garry Thompson 4 Steve Carrett 1, Nicholas Bloor 0 Daniel Day 4, Group Eight:Preliminary Round:- Jason Heaver 4 Andy Hibbert 1, Dave Wallace 4 Matt Dicken 0, Last 128:- Paul Hogan 4 Jason Heaver 3, Jamei Rollinson 2 Shaun Carroll 4, Adam King 4 Michael Baker 0, Jamie Robinson 3 Wayne Harrison 4, Mark Kingdon 4 Martin East 3, Jon Worsley 4 Dean Mills 2, Chris Hickman 0 Adrian Frim 4, Dave Wallace 0 Ross Montgomery 4, Last 64:- Paul Hogan 4 Shaun Carroll 1, Adam King 4 Wayne Harrison 3, Mark Kingdon 0 Jon Worsley 4, Adam Frim 2 Ross Montgomery 4, Finals:Last 32:- Robbie Gorst 2 Martin C.Adams 4, Andy Hamilton 4 Francis Carragher 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Ted Hankey 0, Wesley Newton 4 Aaron Turner 1, Dave Parletti 4 Tommy Wilson 0, Lee Shewan 0 Lee Budgen 4, Nick Kenny 4 John Scott 2, Anthony Molyneux 4 Steve Blewitt 3, Steve Rumble 3 Leigh Beeton 4, Patrick Clowery 3 Mike Warburton 4, Sam Guest 4 Reece Colley 2, Ian Jones 2 Wayne Warren 4, Scott Baker 4 Adam Mould 0, Garry Thompson 2 Daniel Day 4, Paul Hogan 4 Adam King 0, Jon Worsley 2 Ross Montgomery 4, Last 16:- Martin C.Adams 4 Andy Hamilton 2, Nick Fullwell 0 Wesley Newton 4, Dave Parletti 4 Lee Budgen 3, Nick Kenny 4 Anthony Molyneux 3, Leigh Beeton 2 Mike Warburton 4, Sam Guest 0 Wayne Warren 4, Scott Baker 4 Daniel Day 1, Paul Hogan 4 Ross Montgomery 0, Quarter Finals:- Martin C.Adams 2 Wesley Newton 4, Dave Parletti 4 Nick Kenny 2, Mike Warburton 4 Wayne Warren 2, Scott Baker 4 Paul Hogan 1, Semi-Finals:- Wesley Newton 4 Dave Parletti 5, Mike Warburton 0 Scott Baker 5, Final:- Dave Parletti 5 Scott Baker 6.
Seven players were missing from week six of the Shirley Premier League however leader Steve Sidwell held on to his number one spot despite suffering a 4-0 defeat at the hands of fifth in the table Dave Heighway as he kicked off the evening with a 3-1 win over Paul Harper and rounded off the nights play with a 4-0 success against John O’Sullivan to put him on 50 points from 15 games. Phil Thomas moved up from fifth to take over second place from Pete Silver who was one of the seven missing players on the night and drops to ninth in the table, 4-0 wins over Colin Geens and Jordan Ottley which were either side of a 3-1 win over Kevin Graver moving Thomas up his three places in the table. Although seven points adrift of Sidwell, Thomas has two games in hand on him and is one point ahead of third in the table Mark Henderson who has played 14 games, one more than Thomas. A 125 game shot by Phil Thomas in his game against Colin geens saw him take the £5 for highest finish of the week whilst Mark Henderson hit a seasons best 14 darts leg against Brian Lawton. Full Results:Week 6:- Thomas Bent (180,16 darts game) 4 Dave Heighway 0, John O’Sullivan 2 Lee Harris (15 darts game) 2, Ryan Brogan 1 Gary Cleverley 3, Trevor Carter 3 Mark Cater 1, Michael Forsyth 0 Chris Thomas snr 4, Neil Comerford 2 Antony Daly 2, Mick Bown 3 Tony Daly 1, Steve Sidwell 3 Paul Harper 1, Ken Hopton 4 Brian Lawton 0, Jordan Ottley (180) 2 Dave Heighway 2, Colin Geens 0 Phil Thomas (125f) 4, Lee Clutterbuck 2 Jack Nason 2, Steve Harper 2 Kevin Graver 2, Paul Harper 1 Mark Gwalchmai (116f,18 darts game) 3, Brian Lawton 1 Thomas Bent (15 darts game,100f) 3, Steve Harper 1 Antony Daly (18 darts game) 3, Gary Cleverley (180) 3 Trevor Carter 1, Neil Comerford 2 Ryan Brogan 2, Lee Harris 2 Jordan Ottley 2, Brian Lawton 0 Mark Henderson (14 darts game,180) 4, John O’Sullivan 1 Lee Clutterbuck 3, Michael Forsyth 1 Mick Bown 3, Jack Nason 3 Ken Hopton 1, Chris Thomas snr 1 Mark Gwalchmai 3, Dave Heighway 4 Steve Sidwell 0, Colin Geens 0 Tony Daly 4, Phil Thomas 3 Kevin Graver 1, Lee Harris 2 Jack Nason 2, Thomas Bent 3 Ken Hopton 1, Trevor Carter 2 Neil Comerford 2, Antony Daly 2 Mark Gwalchmai 2, Chris Thomas snr 1 Tony Daly 3, Steve Sidwell 4 John O’Sullivan 0, Phil Thomas 4 Jordan Ottley 0.
It was cup week in the Small Heath League and in the quarter finals of the Singles Knockout there were 2-0 wins for T.White and T.Webster over respective opponents J.Evans and N.Davis while C.Wyatt won 2-1 against J.Frost and G.McCormack had a bye. The last four play-off’s both went to a decider with White and Wyatt in turn beating G.McCormack and T.Webster 2-1, the title eventually going to T.White after he won 2-0 against C.Wyatt in the final. In the quarter finals of the John Young Plate Knockout A.Cheshire and M.Atkins lost 2-0 in turn to I.Jones and A.Pearson and joining them in the semis were C.Murphy with a 2-1 win over M.Cain and L.Wyatt who had a bye, both of the last four games had 2-0 scorelines with Murphy and Jones progressing to the final at the expense of Pearson and Wyatt. The final went to a deciding leg with I.Jones getting the result against C.Murphy. Full Results:Singles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- T.White 2 (100,121f,9 darts game) J.Evans 0, C.Wyatt 2 (2x100) J.Frost 1 (2x100), N.Davis 0 (100) T.Webster 2 (100,121f,9 darts game), G.McCormack had a bye, Semi-Finals:- T.White 2 (2x100,140) G.McCormack 1, T.Webster 1 C.Wyatt 2 (100,121f,9 darts game), Final:- C.Wyatt 0 T.White 2, John Young Plate Knockout:Quarter Finals:- A.Cheshire 0 (2x100) I.Jones 2 (2x140), C.Murphy 2 (121) M.Cain 1 (100), M.Atkins 0 A.Pearson 2 (112) L.Wyatt had a bye, Semi-Finals:- C.Murphy 2 (120b,100) A.Pearson 0, I.Jones 2 L.Wyatt 0, Final:- I.Jones 2 C.Murphy 1.
There were big wins for the top five teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League with two 9-0’s, one 8-1 and two 7-2 results. Leaders Brickmakers Arms sent Old Cat (Wordsley) to the foot of the table with a 9-0 scoreline to maintain their average lead on Ten Arches ‘A’ who beat Stourbridge RBL 7-2. Ten Arches ‘B’ in third place won their home tie with sixth in the table Bird (Wordsley) 8-1 to stay ahead of Britannia on average after their 7-2 win at Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘A’. Making up the top five is Bird (Stourbridge) who were the other team to hand out a 9-0 whitewash as they accounted for Fox Inn (Lye). Although Garibaldi lost 7-2 away to Ashwood they moved off the bottom of the table as they are now one leg of average better off than Old Cat (Wordsley). Full Results:Week 9:- Hop House 5 Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 4, Bird (Stourbridge) 9 Fox Inn (Lye) 0, Stourbridge RBL 2 Ten Arches ‘A’ 7, Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘A’ 2 Britannia 7, Brickmakers Arms 9 Old Cat (Wordsley) 0, Glasscutters 1 Church Tavern 8, Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 2 Crestwood 7, Swan 6 Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘B’ 3, Ashwood 7 Garibaldi 2, Ten Arches ‘B’ 8 Bird (Wordsley) 1, Gate Hangs Well 4 Bridge (Kingswinford) 5.
Week eleven in the Sutton and District Summer League saw The Boat take their unbeaten run in division one to eleven games with a 7-2 win at Bishop Vesey. A 5-4 win for Golden Hind at Erdington Club has seen the winners replace their opponents in second place to keep within four points of Boat while Erdington Club, who drop to third place are a further two points behind with a game in hand on the two teams above them. In division two, leaders Boldmere Tap surprisingly lost 5-4 away to Rosey Mac’s who are five places and eight points behind them, nevertheless Boldmere remain in pole position with 18 points two more than Pint Pot Flights who had a 6-3 home win over Old Oscott WMC, Old Oscoot WMC drop one place to fourth with Boot going above them after their 6-3 win against St Thomas Arrows, Boot are on the same 16 points as Pint Pot Flights. Full Results:Week 11:Division One:- Bishop Vesey 2 The Boat 7, Erdington Club 4 Golden Hind 5, Oscott Social 3 Drakes Drum 6, Fox 6 Erdington Arrows 3, Division Two:- Rosey Mac’s 5 Boldmere Tap 4, Old Oscott Arrows 9 Sutton Sports 0, Pint Pot Flights 6 Old Oscott WMC 3, The Boot 6 St Thomas Arrows 3, Rearranged Fixtures:Division One:Division One:- Red Lion 4 The Fox 5, Drakes Drum 4 The Boat 5, Division Two:- Sutton Sports 1 The Boot 8, Boldmere Tap 5 Pint Pot Flights 4, Rosey Mac’s 8 Lad in the Lane 1.
Bulls Head (Netherton) have extended their lead at the top of the Brierley Hill Monday Night League to six points following their 7-2 win at the Swan and the loss by second placed Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ who went down 5-4 at home to Rose and Crown who have moved up to tenth in the table and are now ten points behind their opponents. There was a rare win for King William, they moved off the foot of the table as they chalked up only their second win in nineteen games, a 5-4 home success over Dudley Sports ‘B’. Taking over in the bottom spot is Limes Club whose 5-4 demise at Fox and Grapes leaves them with just one win in nineteen games. Full Results:Week 19:- Swan 2 Bulls Head (Netherton) 7, Fox and Grapes 5 Limes Club 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 4 Rose and Crown 5, Bull and Bladder 6 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 3, Pensnett Liberal Club 3 Delph Bell 6, Portway 9 Lamp Tavern 0, Brickmakers Arms 4 Mount Pleasant 5, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5 Roebuck 4, King William 5 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4.
The Shirley and District Monday Night League have got their new season underway and the early pacesetters are Red Lion and Cider House who in turn won 8-1 against Legionnaires and Legion Royals with Steve and John Sidwell both hitting a maximum for Red Lion. Sharman Sharks are hot on the heels of the leading duo as they won 7-2 against Legion Flights. Other player to find the three treble twenties were Andy Foulkes (Sharmans Sharks), Chris Devlin (Legionnaires), Stewart Westley (Saracens Jesters) plus Joe Redding and Chris Walsh from The Lodge. Full Results:Week 1:- Saracens Misfits 6 Plume of Feathers 3 (Kevin Graver 102f), Sharmans Sharks 7 (Andy Foulkes 180) Legion Flights 2, Legionnaires 1 (Chris Devlin 180) Red Lion 8 (Steve Sidwell 180, John Sidwell 180,130f), The Bears 5 (Andrew Thomas 116f) Sharmans Cross 4, Blue Bell 5 Saracens Jesters 4 (Stewart Westley 180), Legion Royals 1 Cider House 8, The Lodge 3 (Joe Reading 180, Chris Walsh 180) The Wharf 6, Shirley Spartac had a bye
Second in the Netherton Thursday Night League table Riddins Tavern kept their title hopes alive with a 5-4 win over third placed Townsend Social Club to open up a six points gap between the two teams and leave Riddins level on 33 points with leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who with a game in hand won 7-2 against Delph Bell. Full Results: Match 14:- Netherton Conservative Club 4 Fairfield 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 Delph Bell 2, White Horse 4 Bulls Head 5, Riddins Tavern 5 Townsend Club 4.
The top three teams in the Silver End Sunday Morning League all won 7-1 in their latest fixtures. Leaders Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ won away to the league’s bottom team High Acres who only joined the league for the second half of the season. Second in the table Netherton Cricket Club who are level on 44 points with Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ beat Three Crowns and third in the table and reigning champions Woodside won away to Kings Head leaving them seven points off the top of the table. Full Results:Match 17:- High Acres 1 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7, New Talbot 2 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6, Kings Head 1 Woodside 7, Glasscutters 6 Portway 2, Railway 7 Bell 1, Netherton Cricket Club 7 Three Crowns 1, Old Star 6 Dudley Sports 2, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 4 Pensnett Welfare Club 4.
Players should note that the regular Woodside Inn’s third Sunday of the month Brierley Hill Open was moved to this coming Sunday 22nd July as it clashed with the Winmau Darts Centre’s weekend of darts extravaganza. With a 2.30pm start it will be all money in all money out with a further £100 added for an entry fee of just £5.
Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ had a fantastic win in week six of the Brierley Hill Friday Night League when they beat Miners (Wollescote) 7-0 to keep them in pole position with a perfect twelve points and push their opponents down from second place to fifth. The chasing pack of four Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’, Old Star, Ashwood and Miners (Woolescote) are all on eight points, Netherton beating Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 7-0 and Old Star losing 4-3 away to Ashwood. At the other end of the table Glasscutters moved off the bottom with their first win in six a 4-3 win at Dudley Sports who replace them at the foot of the table. Full Results:Week 6:- Ashwood 4 Old Star 3, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7 Miners (Wollescote) 0, Dudley Sports 3 Glasscutters 4, Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 7 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 0, Delph Bell 6 Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 1.
A reminder that on Friday 27th July the C’s Club, 281 Bosworth Drive, Chelmsley Wood, B37 5DP will be presenting a Dave Duncan Charity Night in aid of the skin cancer unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Why not drop in and try for a chance to play Andy (The Pieman) Smith will be displaying his talents on the night. Tickets are on sale at £4.00 each or for further information ring 07954-651479 or 07703-812332.
The Pip Club League had cup fixtures on their agenda and in the semi-finals of the Open Cup the league’s top two team Queens Head and The Office had wins over respective opponents Pip Club and Old Liberal House, the final went in favour of Queens Head. The last four games of the John Young Cup saw wins for Belgrave Club and Sports Bar ‘180’ who in turn accounted for Progressive Club and Wigginton Arms. With a final win over Sports Bar ‘180’ it was Belgrave Club who lifted the winner’s silverware. Full Results:Open Cup:Semi Finals:- Old Liberal House lost to The Office (Daz Jones 180), Pip Club lost to Queens Head (Mark Martin 180, Mark Tomlinson snr 180), Final:- The Office (Martin ‘Eddie’ Edwards 180,2x112b) lost to Queens Head (Sam Whittaker 180,160b), John Young Cup:Semi Finals:- Progressive Club lost to Belgrave Club, Wigginton Arms lost to Sports Bar ‘180’, Final:- Sports Bar ‘180’ lost to Belgrave Club.
Both Studley Cricket Club and Studley Conservative Club took their 100% win record in the Henley and District League to five games when the Cricket Club beat Beausale 9-0 to stay top on average and the Conservative Club won 7-2 away to bottom of the table Village Inn. Third in the table Wootton bears beat Railway 8-1 to keep within two points of the top two teams. Full Results:Week 6:- Wythall Legion 4 Wythall RBL 5, Village Inn 2 Studley Conservative Club 7, Wootton Bears 8 Railway 1, Studley Cricket Club 9 Beausale 0, Dorridge had a bye
Robert Smith is one of only three players to remain unbeaten in division one of the Yeltz Bar Tuesday Night 501 League, his latest 5-0 success over James Hykin gives him a three points lead over second placed Mark Bayliss who had a 4-1 win over Neil Steventon. The other player not to have lost is Simon Mountford who has only played three games so far and is currently twelfth in the table on 11 points. In division two Doug Richmond despite winning 3-2 against Adam Hill loses the number one spot with 15 points from four games and taking over from him at the top is Richard Reed whose 5-0 win over Ian Mills has given him 18 points from the same four games. Although he lost 3-2 to Phil Harrold, Alex Adams leads the way in division three, he has a total of 17 points from five games while his opponent holds second place with 15 points from four games. Full Results:Week 5:Division One:- Simon Mountford 3 Dave Redding 2, Jordan Ward 2 Tommy Johnson 3, Matt Moore 2 Richard Hill 3, Loz Slater 0 John Beattie 5, Chris Hall 5 Trevor Collier 0, Mark Bayliss 4 Neil Steventon 1, Robert Smith 5 James Hykin 0, Division Two:- Ian Mills 0 Richard Reed 5, Doug Richmond 3 Adam Hill 2, Jason Tromans 3 Stuart Stanton 2, Richard Duncan 4 Lee Eaves 1, Division Three:- Rhys Langford 5 Dan Singleton 0 Jordan Shakespeare 4 Richard Swinden 1, Alister Duncan 5 Pete Harrold 0, Phil Harrold 3 Alex Adams 2, John Simpson 4 Richard Barrett 1, John Griffiths 1 John Stokes 4, Will Watson 1 Rob Gregory 4, Jack Hill 2 Tony Duncan 3.
For the fourth time in 23 games Tipton Sports, leaders of the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League lost when they went down 4-3 away to their nearest rivals second placed Dewdrop ‘A’ who are now level on 38 points with them and only trail on average as do third in the table Waggon and Horses who had a 5-2 home win over Merry-Go-Round ‘A’. Full Results:Match 23:- Waggon and Horses 5 Merry-Go-Round ‘A’ 2, Dewdrop ‘A’ 4 Tipton Sports 3, Hayes Social 3 Sportsman 4, The Vine 5 Wonder 2, Horseley Tavern 1 Island Inn 6, Merry-Go-Round ‘B’ 4 Dewdrop ‘B’ 3, New Talbot 2 Ivy Bush 5.
Gilberts Bar, leaders in the Division One Doubles Section of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League suffered their third defeat in nine games when they lost 3-0 on their home board to third in the table Bull, however it was not as bad as it could have been as second in the table Riley’s ‘C’ lost 2-1 to next to bottom of the division Sunbeam and remain four points behind Gilberts as do third and fourth placed Bull and Dog and Partridge ‘A’. Full Results:Week 15: Singles League:Division One:- Gilberts Bar 5 Bull 2, Riley’s ‘A’ 2 Railway 5, Sunbeam 3 Riley’s ‘C’ 4, Wednesfield Conservative Club 3 Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 4, Victoria had a bye, Division Two:- County 4 Penn Bowling 3, Wednesfield Legion 5 Village Inn 2, Woodfield Social 5 Pendulum 2, Yale Club 2 Royal, Albrighton 5, Doubles League:Division One:- Gilberts Bar 0 Bull 3, Riley’s ‘A’ 1 Railway 2, Sunbeam 2 Riley’s ‘C’ 1, Wednesfield Conservative Club 1 Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 2, Victoria had a bye, Division Two:- County 2 Penn Bowling 1, Wednesfield Legion 2 Village Inn 1, Woodfield Social 2 Pendulum 1, Yale Club 1 Royal, Albrighton 2.

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