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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Winmau Centre Monday League has seen Above Average live up to their name as they completed the eighteen games season losing just one of their fixtures to give them the title with a total of 656 points which was 22 more than runners up Misfits who had won fourteen, lost three and drawn one. The Untouchables won the title way back in the 2015 season and in the last three out of four seasons have been runners up, however this season they finished third with 621 points some 35 short of the champions. A thought for Three Men And A Lady who completed all eighteen fixtures without a single win or draw to end the campaign with 127 points.
It was cup week in the South Birmingham Winter League the final of the Roy Parry Cup bringing together two division one teams Raven and Banbury Arrows with Arrows getting the 7-2 verdict. The final of the Roy Parry Consolation Cup also finished with a 7-2 scoreline with division two outfit Chelmsley Conservative Club losing out to their division one opponents Coleshill Social There was also the semi-finals of the Division Two Mini League played in which division two champions Iron Horse beat Toby Jug 27-0 and C’s Arrows accounted for Kingfisher with a very close 14-13 result. Full Results:Roy Parry Cup:Final:- The Raven 2 (D.White 100, J.Whitehouse 100, M.Bown 140, D.Mortiboys 100, T.Whitehouse 130) Banbury Arrows 7 (B.Evans 132, A.Cooksey 170,10 darts game, J.Moss 125, W.Cooper 100,116, L.Reece 121), Roy Parry Consolation Cup:Final:- Chelmsley Conservative Club 2 (S.Cooper 100, L.Vann 100, A.Anson 100) Coleshill Social 7 (G.Jones 2x100, A.Mayell 131,10 darts game, P.Bryant 104f, C.Cooke 140b,100,12 darts game, B.Jones 100), Mini League:Semi-Finals:- Iron Horse 27 legs Toby Jug 0 legs, Kingfisher 13 legs (G.Shergold 106, D.Green 146b,139,132, R.Mills 2x100,140) C's Arrows 14 legs (S.Whatmore 100, K.Geary 140, J.Carter 108,108b).
Twenty nine of the registered thirty five players turned out for week six of the Shirley Premier League and powering his way to the top of the table was Steve Sidwell who took over the number one spot as a result of former leader Phil Thomas not playing this week and his 4-0 wins over Mark Cater, Steve Harper and Pete Silver putting him on 43 points from 12 games. Despite his big defeat to Sidwell, Pete Silver moved up the table from fourth to second as he bounced back with a 4-0 win over Ryan Brogan and followed that with a 3-1 success against Chris Thomas snr giving him 35 points and leaving him eight short of Sidwell. Mark Henderson holds on to third place and is on the same 35 points as Silver after he added a 2-2 draw with Mikey Harris and a 3-1 win over Dave Heighway to his tally, Silver only ahead of Henderson in the table as he has won more games than his rival. Although John O’Sullivan lost 3-1 to Dave Heighway a late 120 game shot from him saw him take the week’s £5 for the highest finish. With a similar 3-1 win over Gary Cleverley Tom Bent recorded a 14 darts leg, the season’s best so far. Full Results:Week 6:- Neil Comerford 0 Leigh Clutterbuck 4, Derek Harper 4 Karl Wilson 0, Mark Cater 1 Thomas Bent (17 darts game) 3, Mikey Harris 2 Mark Henderson 2, Andy Thomas (112f) 3 Tony Daly 1, Colin Geens 3 Sean Talbot 1, Steve Harper 2 John O’Sullivan 2, Leigh Clutterbuck 1 Gary Cleverley 3, Steve Heeks 0 Ken Hopton 4,Ryan Brogan 0 Pete Silver 4, Antony Daly 1 Mick Bown 3, Chris Thomas snr 3 Neil Comerford 1, Jack Nason 1 Dave Heighway 3, Mark Gwalchmai (180) 3 Karl Wilson 1, John O’Sullivan (180) 2 Jordan Ottley 2, Steve Sidwell (100f,15 darts game) 4 Mark Cater 0, Colin Geens 1 Kevin Graver 3, Thomas Bent (14 darts game) 3 Gary Cleverley 1, Mick Bown 4 Neil Comerford 0, Mark Cater 2 Antony Daly 2, Dave Heighway 1 Mark Henderson 3, Jack Nason 1 Mikey Harris (180,16 darts game) 3, Mark Gwalchmai (180) 3 Sean Talbot 1, Tony Daly 4 Derek Harper 0, Steve Sidwell (15 darts game) 4 Steve Harper 0, Pete Silver 3 Chris Thomas snr 1, Karl Wilson 1 Ken Hopton 3, Tom Bent 2 Antony Daly 2, Steve Heeks 4 Jordan Ottley 0, Kevin Graver 1 Andy Thomas (16 darts game) 3, Tony Daly 3 Sean Talbot 1, Ken Hopton (180) 4 Mikey Harris 0 Dave Heighway (100f,15 darts game) 3 John O’Sullivan (120f) 1, Steve Sidwell (180) 4 Pete Silver 0, Thomas Bent 4 Jack Nason 0.
Just one late result from the Forest of Arden Summer League which was between Group ‘A’s’ bottom two teams and local rivals Highwood Arms and Highwood Exiles with Arms getting the somewhat convincing 7-2 result to give them their first points from the opening five games of the season. Full Results:Late Result:- Highwood Arms 7 (N.Walker 2x100,140, P.Thorley 116, B.Anderton 2x100) Highwood Exiles 2 (R.Harrison 100, D.Cooper 120, R.Harrison jnr 100, D.Lowry 133).
Finally after many attempts to arrange their final fixture away to Clwyd the Warwickshire Youth team made the journey to Wales and with a slightly depleted team they completed an unbeaten eight games season with an 8-7 victory. The Under 18’s 4-3 win made it a perfect eight wins for the season thanks to wins from Ben Liggins, Mackenzie Nixon, Courtney Hine and Will Rattigan with Courtney Hine taking the match award. With wins from Lucy Keyte (lady of the match) and Skye Pickard the Ladies won 2-1 and rounding off the overall win were the Under 21’s who suffered a narrow 3-2 defeat, Jake Liggins their top player, Joe Pitchford-Morris their other winner. Full Reults:Clwyd Youth v Warwickshire Youth (7-8):Clwyd names first:Under 18’s (3-4):- Jodie Challinor 2 Tia Barker 0, Jazmin Dean 0 Ben Liggins 2, Craig Ingham 1 Mackenzie Nixon 2, Callum Dean 2 Jack Archer 1, Cole Davey 2 Xander Meek 0, Reece Challinor 0 Courtney Hine 2, Ty Jilge 0 Will Rattigan 2, Ladies (1-2):- Jasmine Dean 0 Lucy Keyte 2, Tamzin Parr 0 Skye Pickard 2, Sammy Bagby 2 Rosie O’Connor 0, Under 21’s (3-2):- Andrew Ingham 3 Tom Mills 1, Cole Davey 3 George Ross 2, Craig Ingham 0 Joe Pitchford-Morris 3, Jodie Challinor 0 Jake Liggins 3, Andrew Ingham 3 Jake Golding 1.
Former leader Luis Barberan didn’t play in week nine of the C’s Club Double Top League and after losing pole position to Neil Parsonage last week dropped further down the table from second to third as Jake Webster took over the second spot with 2-1 wins over Chris Millward and Richard Mills, Webster registering a 153 checkout against Millward who now has 44 points but has played 20 games. Leader Neil Parsonage added a 3-0 win against Keith Geary to his account to take his points to 47 from 17 games, three more than Webster with three games in hand and five ahead of Barberan who has only played sixteen games. Five maximums were recorded this week supplied by James Buttle (2), Steve Whatmore, Jake Liggins and Glen James. Full Results:Week 9:- Jamie Carter 0 Chris Cooke 3, Ben Liggins 0 Mark Birch 3, Chris Millward 1 Jake Webster 2 (153f), James Buttle 3 (180) Luke Beale 0, Courtney Burns 0 Jack Nason 3, Steve Whatmore 1 Dan White 2, Glen James 3 Steve Beale 0, Charlie Kingdon 0 Richard Mills 3, Louise Beale 0 Tom White 3, Keith Geary 0 Neil Parsonage 3, Duane Green 0 Steve Sidwell 3, Neil McCrave 3 Melissa Beale 0, Pete Kingdon 2 Gary Shergold 1, Wayne Cooper 2 Lee Walker 1, Jake Liggins 3 Ryan Beale 0, Jake Webster 2 Richard Mills 1, Charlie Kingdon 0 Chris Cooke 3, Steve Whatmore 0 (180) James Buttle 3 (180), Jamie Carter 1 Jack Nason 2, Keith Geary 0 Ben Liggins 3, Duane Green 3 Melissa Beale 0, Dan White 0 Tom White 3, Chris Millward 1 Mark Birch 2, Gary Shergold 1 Ryan Beale 2, Louise Beale 1 Lee Walker 2, Jake Liggins 2 Neil McCrave 1, Steve Sidwell 3 Pete Kingdon 0, Jake Liggins 1 (180) Glen James 2, Wayne Cooper 3 Luke Beale 0, Steve Beale 1 Courtney Burns 2, Glen James 3 (180) Keith Geary 0, Duane Green 0 Chris Millward 3, Charlie Kingdon 2 Gary Shergold 1.
Sheldon Marlborough Flights leaders of the Camp Hill League had a 5-2 win over third in the table Tyseley WMC to make it four consecutive wins and although Journeys End Lions beat Emerald Club 4-3 they still lost their second place to White Swan Nomads as they won 6-1 against Sedgemere Devil’s Club to put them on the same eight points as Journeys but with a better average, Sheldon are also on eight points but with a game in hand on the other two teams. In his game against Nigel Rickets (Sedgemere Devil’s Club) Dan Lee (White Swan Nomads) produced a perfect game of 301 as he broke with 160 and checked out on 141 for a fantastic leg in six darts. [caption id="attachment_34617" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Camp Hill League, Dan Lee, White Swan, Derek Rivitt Camp Hill League Dan Lee (White Swan Nomads) with League Chairman Derek Rivitt[/caption] Full Results:Week 5:- Tyseley WMC 2 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5, North Star 2 Wagon and Horses 5, Emerald Club 3 Journeys End Lions 4, White Swan Nomads 6 Sedgemere Devils Club 1, Station Wagon had a bye.
With the World Cup taking its toll on some of our local darts leagues the Sutton and District Summer League played just two games, one in each division. The division one fixture saw third in the table Golden Hind win 5-2 against fourth placed Bishop Vesey to open a massive eight point’s gap between the two teams. In division two there was a local derby between fourth in the table Old Oscott Arrows and the team just above them Old Oscott WMC with the close 5-4 result going in favour of the WMC to put them two points ahead of their opponents with a game in hand. Full Results:Week 10:Division One:- Golden Hind 5 Bishop Vesey 4, Division Two:- Old Oscott Arrows 4 Old Oscott WMC 5.
The current situation in the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League is that Adam Quinton leads the way on 127 points from his 26 games. Second in the table Jordan Ward is twelve points off the top with two games in hand and third placed Chris Manoila, who like Quinton has also played 26 games is on 109 points. Sam Aitkens makes up the top four with 106 points from a total of 25 fixtures and is in a position to overtake third in the table Manoila should he get a 4-3 win or better result in his game in hand. Four times winner Mick Baker despite his lowly position and 96 points has played an unbeaten seventeen or games with nine in hand on leader Quinton nine games that could net him a possible 63 points which would take his tally to 159 and give him a massive 32 points lead over the rest of the field.
An 8-1 home win over bottom of the table King William has seen leaders of the Brierley Hill Monday Night League Bulls Head (Netherton) increase their advantage to four points as the chasing two teams both lost. Second in the league Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ were surprise 6-3 losers as they went down to their ‘B’ team who are some eleven places and 18 points behind them. Roebuck who were third lost 5-4 at home to tenth placed Brickmakers Arms and drop to fifth with Dudley Sports ‘A’ replacing them in the number three position with a 6-3 win over their ‘B’ side. A 6-3 win for Mount Pleasant over Portway has seen them move into fourth place on the same 26 points as Roebuck but with a superior average. Full Results:Week 18:- Dudley Sports ‘B’ 3 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 6, Roebuck 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Mount Pleasant 6 Portway 3, Lamp Tavern 2 Pensnett Liberal Club 7, Delph Bell 5 Bull and Bladder 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s C;ub ‘B’ 6 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 3, Rose and Crown 7 Fox and Grapes 2, Limes Club 2 Swan 7, Bulls Head (Netherton) 8 King William 1.
With both teams only able to field eight players East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association completed their season in the Small Heath League by handing out an 8-0 whitewash to Wagon and Horses to make it an undefeated 24 games season. Heartlands finished as runners up, they were ten points adrift of the champions. EBAHA made it a fantastic double for the season when in the final of the League Cup they beat Heartlands Club 6-3. Full Results:Week 29:- Cob’s Bar 9 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 0 (walkover), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 8 (M.Cooper 2x100, N.Davis 100,120b,103,140,100b, T.White 5x100, T.Webster 140,130,100, L.Robinson 140) Wagon and Horses 0 (M.Looby 100, A.Cheshire 100), Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 7 (A.Eden 2x100,115b,121, D.Howlett 100,140) Emerald Club 2 (A.Fisher 100, D.Willis 100, M.Fisher 110), League Cup:Final:- Heartlands Club 3 (D.Bond 120b,100, M.Cain 112b, S.McCormack 105b, Jim Frost 120b,100, John Frost 100) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 6 (T.Constable 100, L.Robinson 109,100b,100, P.Webster 100b, N.Davis 2x100, M.Cooper 2x100, T.White 120b,135,2x100,140, T.Webster 2x140,2x100,120b).
There were wins for the top two teams in week sixteen of the Silver End Sunday Morning League as leaders Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ won 7-1 against New Talbot and second placed Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’, who are on the same 41 points as Brickmakers, beat Bell 6-2. Reigning champions Woodside are not enjoying the kind of results they achieved last season in which they played 26, won 23, drew 2 and lost just 1, while this season they have played 16, won 10, drawn 4 and lost 2, their latest fixture seeing them finish all square at four each with Glasscutters who are in the bottom half of -the- table leaving them seven points off the top of the table. Full Results:Match 16:- Pensnett Welfare Club 7 High Acres 1, Dudley Sports 4 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 4, Three Crowns 2 Old Star 6, Bell 2 Netherton Cricker Club 6, Portway 4 Railway 4, Woodside 4 4 Glasscutters 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6 Kings Head 2, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7 New Talbot 1.
Leaders of the Netherton Thursday Night League Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club have been joined by Riddins Tavern on 30 points at the top of the table after the Ex Serviceman’s Club suffered a 5-4 home defeat at the hands of the Townsend Social Club team who are third in the table on 27 points. Riddins had a somewhat comfortable 7-2 win away to Netherton Conservative Club who are currently bottom of the table, Riddins trail Ex Serviceman’s on average. Even though the leaders had something of a setback they do have in their favour a game in hand on the teams chasing them. Delph Bell moved up one lace from next to bottom after only their third win in thirteen when they beat Bulls Head 7-2. Full Results:Week 13:- Netherton Conservative Club 2 Riddins Tavern 7, Fairfield 7 White Horse 2, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 Townsend Social Club 5, Delph Bell 7 Bulls Head 2.
A 6-1 win away to bottom of the table Glasscutters not only preserves pole position for Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League but also their unbeaten run which is now up to five games. Second place is shared by Miners (Wollescote) and Old Star who in turn won 4-3 against Ashwood and Delph Bell to leave them two points behind the leaders. Glasscutters dropped into the bottom spot outright after their defeat and next to bottom Dudley Sports lost 5-2 to Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’, prior to the fixture both teams were level on points and average and shared the bottom place. Full Results:Week 5:- Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 5 Dudley Sports 2, Glasscutters 1 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 6, Miners (Wollescote) 4 Ashwood 3, Old Star 4 Delph Bell 3, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 3 Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 4.
On Friday 27th July the C’s Club, 281 Bosworth Drive, Chelmsley Wood, B37 5DP will be presenting a Dave Duncan Charity Night in aid of the skin cancer unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Why not drop in and try for a chance to play Andy (The Pieman) Smith will be displaying his talents on the night. Tickets are on sale at £4.00 each or for further information ring 07954-651479 or 07703-812332.
The Henley and District League are up to week four of their new season and the only two unbeaten teams in the league are Studley Cricket Club and Studley Conservative Club. The Cricket Club had a bye this week but the Conservative Club won their home tie with Wythall Legion 6-3 leaving them just short on average on the Cricket Club. Wootton Bears in third place had a convincing 8-1 win at Beausale to keep them within two points of the leading duo. Full Results:Week 6:- Beausale 1 Wootton Bears 8, Railway 7 Village Inn 2, Studley Conservative Club 6 Wythall Legion 3, Wythall RBL 4 Dorridge 5, Studley Cricket Club had a bye.
The Stourbridge and District Summer League got their new season underway and three of the starting line-up of 21 teams won 7-0, they were Ashwood ‘B’, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ and the Swan who beat respective opponents Hollybush ‘B’, Hollybush ‘A’ and Brickmakers Arms ‘B’, not a very good start for Hollybush!! Full Results:Week 1:- Bell ‘A’ 3 Ten Arches ‘A’ 4, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7 Hollybush ‘A’ 0, Old Wagon and Horses 5 Hare and Hounds 2, High Acres 2 Ashwod ‘A’ 5 (J.Barrowman 127f), Glasscutters 4 Wilson Hall 3 (M.Rutter 120b,2x9 darts games, M.Roberts 112b,10 darts game, N.Bradley 120b), Fox Inn (Lye) 1 Gate Hangs Well 6, Ashwood ‘B’ 7 Hollybush ‘B’ 0, King Arthur 2 (R.Hill 120b, R.Powell 120b) Netherton Cricket Club 5, Swan 7 (M.Harper 120b) Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 0, Ten Arches ‘B’ 3 Bell ‘B’ 4, Wombourne Cricket Club had a bye.
With just three more fixtures to play in the Combined section of the Pip Club League the top two teams Queens Head and The Office are still battling it out for the title as there is only two points difference between the two teams. Queens Head are top with 48 points their latest fixture seeing them win 9-0 at Globe (Wilnecote) while The Office were not far behind with their 7-2 success at Old Liberal House, should Queens lose and Office win the positions would reverse as Office have the better average, so it does look as though the outcome will go to the wire. Full Results:Week 26:- Globe (Wilnecote) 0 Queens Head 9 (Mark Martin 180, Mark Tomlinson snr 180, Sam Whittaker 3x180, Mick Smith 105f, Steve Rowe 101f) (, Mercian 0 Birchmoor Club 9 (Sid Kirkham 111f), Red Lion 5 (Mark Faulkner 180, Mark McCloughlin 117f) Belgrave Club 4 Nigel Groves 180,14 darts game), Progressive Club 4 Pip Club 5 (Liam Ferguson 134), Dolphin Wanderers 8 (Leighton Massey 140,120,100) Old Liberal House 1, The Office 9 (Paul Daulman 180, Steve Liddle 180) Wigginton Arms 0 (Rosie O’Connor 100), Dolphin 3 Sports Bar ‘180’ 6 (Trevor Barrs 180), Late Results:- Old Liberal House 2 The Office 7, Queens Head 9 Mercian 0.
By Alan Towe Website:

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