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Article: A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Sheldon and District Winter League have completed their season and what a season it has been for Dunky’s Boys as they have had a clean sweep winning the Premier Division title, the Divisional Cup, Punch Bowl Cup and on the individual side Dunky’s Bob Nixon took the singles title plus Pete Yardley and Andy Hutchings won the doubles. Red Dragon Darts, Dave Duncan, Alan Towe The team is so named in memory of the late Dave Duncan who captained the team for some 30 years. In the premier division cup final Dunky’s had a 7-2 win over Iron Horse and with a similar scoreline East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association beat Lyndon Old Boys to take the division one title. The division two final was a much closer affair with Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights just getting the 5-4 edge on Greville Arms. In the semi-finals of the Punch Bowl Dunky’s Boys won 8-1 against Lyndon Old Boys and repeated that result in the final where they squared up to Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows. The Sheldon and District Summer League will get underway on Thursday 7th June but there is still a vacancy in Group Three, anyone interested in filling the vacancy should contact Alan Blythe on 07976-629066 Full Results:Divisional Cup Finals:Premier Division:- Iron Horse 2 Dunky’s Boys 7, Division One:- East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 7 Lyndon Old Boys 2, Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 5 Greville Arms 4. [caption id="attachment_32676" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Sheldon Winter League Premier Division Winners Dunky's Boys[/caption]
The Shirley Premier League have been staging pre-season knockouts and taking the doubles title with his partner Ken Hopton last week was Mark Gwalchmai who then added this week’s singles knockout to his tally as he defeated John O’Sullivan 3-2 in a very close final, Mark was also taken the full distance in the semi’s where he won 3-2 against Andy Thomas. Full Results:Round One:- Chris Thomas snr 1 John O’Sullivan 3, Gary Cleverley 3 Paul Harper 0, Pete Silver 3 Lee Harris 2, Ken Hopton 3 Kieron Murray 0, Mark Gwalchmai 3 Francis 0, Steve Harper 1 Mikey Harris 3, Phil Thomas 3 Ryan Brogan 0, Colin Geens, Dave Heighway, Sean Talbot, Lee (Rocky), Derek Harper, Mick Bown, Thomas Bent, Jordan Ottley and Andy Thomas all had a bye, Round Two:- Thomas Bent (180,14 darts game) 3 Sean Talbot 1, Mick Bown 3 Dave Heighway 0, Jordan Ottley 2 Lee (Rocky) 3, Derek Harper 0 John O’Sullivan 3, Andy Thomas 3 Ken Hopton 0, Mark Gwalchmai 3 Colin Geens 0, Phil Thomas 2 Pete Silver 3, Mikey Harris 0 Gary Cleverley 3, Quarter Finals:- Lee (Rocky) 3 Pete Silver 1, Thomas Bent 0 Andy Thomas 3, John O’Sullivan 3 Gary Cleverley 1, Mick Bown 0 Mark Gwalchmai 3, Semi Finals:- John O’Sullivan (180) 3 Lee (Rocky) 0, Mark Gwalchmai (17 darts game) 3 Andy Thomas 2, Final:- John O’Sullivan (180) 2 Mark Gwalchmai 3.
The semi-finals of the Roy Parry Cup and Roy Parry Consolation Cup were the order of the day for the South Birmingham League, in the former division one team The Raven had a 5-3 win over division two leaders Iron Horse while in the all division one clash between Banbury Arrows and Crown at Shard End it was Banbury who got the 5-4 verdict. In the Consolation Cup Coleshill Social were awarded a 9-0 win as their opponents Toby Jug failed to turn up. Joining Coleshill in the final will be Chelmsley Conservative Club who won 6-3 against Crown Jewels. Full Results:Roy Parry Cup:Semi Finals:- Iron Horse 3 (J.Evans 100, C.Hough 122, R.Earl 100, J.Lewin 100, R.Parry 110b) The Raven 5 (A.Whitehouse 100, M.Bown 100b, D.Mortiboys 139,140), Banbury Arrows 5 (B.Evans 100b,140, A.Cooksey 121,140, K.O'Connor 100) Crown at Shard End 4 (S.Edwards 121,115, J.Webster 100, D.Clinton 121, T.Evans 121,100), Roy Parry Consolation Cup:Semi Finals:- Coleshill Social 9 Toby Jug 0 (walkover), Chelmsley Conservative Club 6 (A.Anson 100, L.Vann 140,2x100, D.Flors 140, C.Vann 105,100b,156) Crown Jewels 3 (N.Walker 2x100, C.Kingdon 100, D.Miller 100).
The C’s Club Double Top League has a new leader, well two actually as James Buttle and Tom White have both won their opening four games 3-0. The leading duo are closely followed by Luis Barberan, who is on the same 12 points but from five games, with Neil Parsonage and Pete Kingdon on 11 points, Neil having played four games to Pete’s five. Full Results:Week 2:- S.Sidwell 1 M.Phillips 2, M.Birch 1 J.Webster 2, R.Mills 0 J.Buttle 3 (180), R.Beale 0 L.Barberan 3 (180), N.McCrave 1 G.James 2, N.Parsonage 3 (180) J.Nason 0, G.Shergold 3 D.Green 0, K.Geary 2 M.Phillips 1, J.Carter 0 S.Whatmore 3, J.Liggins 2 D.White 1, S.Beale 0 T.White 3, C.Burns 1 L.Walker 2, C.Burns 1 P.Kingdon 2, D.Green 0 W.Cooper 3, M.Beale 2 Luke Beale 1, B.Liggins 2 C.Kingdon 1, J.Carter 1 N.McCrave 2, G.James 3 G.Shergold 0, T.White 3 (2x180) K.Geary 0, L.Walker 2 C.Kingdon 1, S.Whatmore 1 N.Parsonage 2 (180), W.Cooper 2 S.Beale 1, C.Burns 1 J.Webster 2, J.Nason 2 D.Green 1, J.Buttle 3 M.Beale 0, L.Barberan 2 S.Sidwell 1, J.Liggins 2 M.Birch 1, D.White 1 R.Mills 2, L.Beale 2 R.Beale 1, M.Phillips 2 B.Liggins 1 (180), Luke Beale 0 P.Kingdon 3, C.Kingdon 0 P.Kingdon 3, M.Phillips 0 J.Webster 3.
There were 6-1 wins for the top two teams in the Kings Norton League as leaders Rubery RBL beat E57 and second placed Avenue Social won their home tie against Thurlestone to stay four points behind Rubery. Third placed West Heath were the week’s biggest winners as they handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their visiting team Dingle to put them on 32 points, eight off the top but with a game in hand. Full Results:Match 22:- Avenue Social 6 (E.Simpson 100,136, G.Dews 2x100, V.Gould 100, T.Parsons 100, T.Hamilton 100, R.Mann 120b) Thurlestone 1 (N.Watts 100, T.Hill 100), Cotteridge 4 (P.Taylor 105b, A.Faulkner 100,100b, Matt Ivory 100,121,133, J.O'Neill 2x100,140) Weoley Hill 3 (L.Allen 100, M.Lloyd 120b, J.Taylor 100, N.Procter 100), Cock Inn 2 (John Fox 100, L.Fox 100,100b, D.Hopkins 140, Joe Fox 100, K.Vaughan 100) Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 5 (S.Carr 100, T.Shaw 100,114,125, K.Gater 100,120b, S.Brown 100,140), Grant Arms 3 (N.Kelly 100,105b,125, Donna Campbell 107,140, P.Norris 100,120, S.Campbell 100b,116) Bournbrook 4 (S.Riddick 100), E57 1 (D.Logan 100, T.Roberts 100,140, J.Calt 111b, M.Ellis 100b, A.Rickard 100) Rubery RBL 6 (J.Higgins 100,125, S.Hodges 100,2x120b,140,11 darts game, C.Guest 100, B.Heath 2x100, I.Medlicott 160b, J.Ford 100b,105b,120b, J.Grainger 100), West Heath 7 (K.Hall 180, P.Hughes 100, T.Shipley 100, A.Sutton 100, W.Webb 100) Dingle 0 (A.O’Sullivan 125, M.Ferriday 100).
The Forest of Arden League have got their summer season underway and what a start for Journeys End and Highwood KB who top the Group One table after 9-0 wins, Journeys End winning away against Highwood Arms while KB were awarded the win after Highwood Exiles failed to turn out. An 8-1 win over C’s Club was enough to put The Crown top od Group Two with Dunky’s Boys just behind them following their 7-2 success against Chelmsley Town. Full Results:Week 1:- Group One:- Highwood KB 9 Highwood Exiles 0 (walkover), New Inns 5 (P.Shipley 3x100,2x140, J.Evans 100, S.Ahmed 100,138, R.Earl 6x100,140,121,134, A.Farrington 4x100,105) Greville Arrows 4 (C.Okey 140, C.Kingdon 134,100, S.Whatmore 100,111, K.Duggan 121,135, D.Duggan 3x100,140), Highwood Arms 0 (P.Thorley 138,100, K.Hull 3x100,140, B.Anderton 100) Journeys End 9 (D.Kingdon 121, P.Kingdon 119, L.Barberan 4x100,3x140, R.Mills 3x100,101, S.Kingdon 100, J.Jennings 180,100, J.Webster 125), Group Two:- The Crown 8 (L.Vann 100,118,140, K.White 2x140,100,180, C.Marshall 3x100,140, S.Sheppard 121,100,140, S.Moran 3x140,100,120f,136, J.Masfield 100,140, K.Brush 115,100) C's Club 1 (G.Vasou 2x100,121, M.Morgan 121, C.Grove 100,140, L.Walker 120,100, D.Smith 140), Dunky’s Boys 7 (John Sidwell 125,140,180, A.Hutchings 3x100,2x140,105,135, J.Norris 100, B.Nixon 100,120, P.Yardley 3x100,3x140) Chelmsley Town 2 (J.MacDonald 100, G.Burbidue 100, M.Farquharson 121,2x100,180, P.Brown 125), Ivy Leaf had a bye.
Ashwood were the only losers in the top seven teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League as they lost their home tie with third in the table and reigning champions Ten Arches ‘B’ 5-4. Topping the table with an unbeaten ten points are Brickmakers Arms and Ten Arches ‘A’ who are both level on average as well as points. Brickmakers were 9-0 home winners over Garibaldi while Ten Arches ‘A’, who also had a home game beat Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 7-2. With the season up to week five, four of the starting 22 teams are yet to register a point, Old Cat (Wordsley), Kingswinford Conservative Club B’, Garibaldi and Hare and Hounds ‘A’. Full Results:Week 5:- Ten Arches ‘A’ 7 Hare and Hounds ‘B’ 2, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 Britannia 7, Hop House 7 Old Cat (Wordsley) 2, Bird (Stourbridge) 5 Church Tavern 4, Stourbridge RBL 3 Crestwood 6, Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘A’ 9 Kingswinford Conservative Club ‘B’ 0, Brickmakers Arms 9 Garibaldi 0, Glasscutters 5 Bird (Wordsley) 4, Hare and Hounds ‘A’ 2 Bridge (Kingswinford) 7, The Swan 3 Gate Hangs Well 6, Ashwood 4 Ten Arches ‘B’ 5.
The big question in the Small Heath League is not who will win the league but will leaders East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association go through the season undefeated as their winning run is now up to 20 games with just four remaining. Second in the table Heartlands Club have made the runners up spot theirs as their 7-2 win at Sheldon Marlborough Flights puts them ten points ahead of their hosts who are third in the table. Full Results:Week 24:- Cob’s Bar 3 (M.Turner 100,101b, L.Stanton 102,100, M.Atkins 120) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 6 (M.Murrin 130,100, D.Howlett 180,112), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 2 (P.Evans 125, A.Wale 2x100, P.Sunner 2x100, P.Brown 100,125, J.Evans 112b,100) Heartlands Club 7 (M.Cain 112b, G.McCormack 100b,121, A.Downes 140, S.McCormack 120b,100, Jim Frost 119, C.Austin 140, I.Jones 100), Wagon and Horses 6 (C.Murphy 180,101b,100, A.Cheshire 140, J.Phipps 100,121,125) Emerald Club 2 (A.Fisher 2x100, C.Rigby 100).
It looks more and more likely that the title for the Shirley and District Monday Night League will go to the wire as all season it has been a battle royal between Highwood and Dunky’s Boys, and with just two more fixtures to play the two teams are locked together on 52 points. Week 28 saw Highwood beat Sharmans Cross 8-1 and Dunky’s win 7-2 against Cider House to give Highwood an average lead of five legs which could well be the deciding factor at the end of the campaign. The Dunky’s match was a high scoring affair with Bob Nixon, Karl Attwood and Tony Steele all hitting a maximum for the winners and John Smart replying for the Cider House with two 180’s. Full Results:Week 28:- Red Lion (Tom Bent 138f) 5 Drawbridge Bears 4, Highwood 8 Sharmans Cross 1, The Lodge (Bill Carter 180) 7 Saracens Misfits 2, Legion Royals 7 Shirley Spartac 2, Blue Bell (John Buffet 116f) 4 Plume of Feathers (Ashley Hanley 108f) 5, Saracens Jesters 6 Shirley Golf Club 3, Solihull Sports and Social Club (Craig Clarke 180) 6 Legionnaires 3, Dunky’s Boys (Bob Nixon 180, Karl Attwood 180,120b, Tony Steele 180) 7 Cider House (John Smart 2x180) 2.
After thirteen consecutive wins in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ lost for the first time this season when playing at home they somewhat surprisingly lost 5-4 to Roebuck who are sixth in the table with six points less than their hosts. The defeat has seen Bulls Head replace Ex Serviceman’s in pole position, their 6-3 home win over Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ putting them level on 26 points with the former leaders, just one leg of average giving them the number one spot. Full Results:Week 14:- Pensnett Liberal Club 3 Brickmakers Amrs 6, Bull and Bladder 4 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 4 Roebuck 5, Fox and Grapes 5 Mount Pleasant 4, The Swan 6 Lamp Tavern 3, Bulls Head (Netherton) 6 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 3, Limes Club 1 Rose And Crown 8, King William 2 Delph Bell 7, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 2 Portway 7.
The Aston Villa Championship play-off game had a knock on affect for the Sutton and District Summer League as only one of their scheduled four division one fixtures were played and that was between Bishop Vesey and Erdington Arrows which saw the Arrows win 6-3 to move up the table into third place on eight points the same number as leaders The Boat and second placed Erdington Club who have both played one game fewer than Arrows. Fourth in the table Golden Hind are also on eight points but like Arrows have played five games. Division two leaders Pint Pot Flights took their unbeaten run to five games with a 7-2 win at St Thomas Arrows to keep them just ahead of Boldmere Tap on average, Boldmere having a close 5-4 success away to Old Oscott Arrows who are fifth in the table with four points. Full Results:Week 6:Division One:- Bishop Vesey 3 Erdington Arrows 6, Division Two:- Old Oscott Arrows 4 Boldmere Tap 5, Rosey Mac’s 3 Old Oscott WMC 6, St Thomas Arrows 2 Pint Pot Flights 7, Lad in the Lane 6 Sutton Sports 3.
It was a good week for The Crown in the Netherton Thursday Night League as they chalked up their first win in eight games when they won their home fixture with White Horse 5-4. Despite the win Crown remain rooted at the foot of the table on 3 points 6 short of the team just above them Fairfield who have played nine games. Riddins Tavern continue to hold on to the top spot with a 6-3 win at Delph Bell to remain one leg of average ahead of Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club whose 6-3 win at Fairfield puts them on the same 21 points as Riddins. Full Results:Match 9:- Bulls Head 2 Townsend Social Club 7, Delph Bell 3 Riddins Tavern 6, The Crown 5 White Horse 4, Fairfield 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6.
Queens Head won a vital game against The Office in the Pip Club League to put them top of the Main League table two points to the good on Office, they also lead the division one table with 22 points, two more than Office who have a game in hand. The division two table sees Old Liberal House in pole position, despite losing their latest fixture against Wigginton Arms 5-4 they are still four points ahead of second placed Pip Club who have a game in hand. Full Results:Week 23:- Old Liberal House 4 Wigginton Arms 5 (Rosie O’Connor 100), Pip Club 7 Kettlebrook Club 2, Belgrave Club 5 Sports Bar ‘180’ 4, Queens Head 6 (Sam Whittaker 180,154,130, Scott Mitton 180,110, Mick Chater 170) The Office 3 (Wayne Hewins 180), Globe (Wilnecote) 2 Dolphin Wanderers 7, Mercian 0 Progressive Club 9, Red Lion 5 Dolphin 4 (Cameron Tutt 3x100).
There was a top of the table clash in the Rowley Monday Night League with leaders George travelling to take on second placed The Bell. The outcome was a very close 5-4 result, The Bell inflicting a first defeat in fifteen on George and putting the two teams level on 28 points with George holding on to the top position with a superior average. The Hare and Hounds versus Three Diamonds fixture produced two 160 breaks, M.Field for Hare and Hounds and Dean Yeomans for Three Diamonds who also got the 7-2 result. Full Results:Week 15:- Cradley Liberal Club 5 Bulls Head 4, Lodgers 5 Windmills End 4, Hare and Hounds 2 (M.Field 160b) Three Diamonds 7 (Dean Yeomans 160b), Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 6 Tividale FC 3, Ivy Bush 3 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 6, Bell 5 George 4, Roost 6 Loyal Lodge 3, Cottage 5 Whiteheath Tavern 4.
New Talbot and The Vine have swapped places in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League after they played each other and The Vine won 7-0 to take them up into fifth place and their opponents drop down into sixth place. Tipton Sports held on to their four points lead at the top of the table with a 6-1 home win over Dewdrop ‘B’ while Dewdrop ‘A’ also had a 6-1 result but in their favour over Ivy Bush to give them third place with the same 28 points as second in the league Island Inn who won 5-2 at Merry-Go-Round ‘A’. Full Results:Match 17:- Merry-Go-Round ‘A’ 2 Island Inn 5, Tipton Sports 6 Dewdrop ‘B’ 1, Dewdrop ‘A’ 6 Ivy Bush 1, Waggon and Horses 3 Merry-Go-Round ‘B’ 4, Hayes Social 4 Horseley Tavern 3, New Talbot 0 The Vine 7, Sportsman 2 Wonder 5.
With no result in for the Red Cow versus Old Bulls Head in the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League Parkes Hall with their 7-2 win at Fellows Club have opened up a lead of four points at the top of the table over second placed Old Bulls Head who have this latest result to be added but with only three more games to play, games are running out and Parkes now, barring any surprises, appear to have the title sewn up as not only do they have a points advantage but also they have a superior average. Full Results:Week 27:- Britannia 3 Hilly House 6, Club Dudley 4 Gornal Labour Club 5, Fellows Club 2 Parkes Hall 7, Coseley Tavern 7 Five Ways 2, Netherton Cricket Club 1 Ashwood 8, White Lion 6 Pensnett Liberal Club 3, Gornal British Legion 6 Jolly Crispin 3.
The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League have completed their fixture card and winning the league with 62 points was The Swan who won the title by just two points over Ashwood ‘A’ who had a massive 12 points advantage over third in the league and local rivals Ashwood ‘B’. Gate Hangs Well won the Shadow League with Ten Arches ‘A’ the runners up. Individual and cup honours were most wins and singles winner Rupert Skidmore (Ashwood ‘B’) with Gav Moreton (Swan) runner up in the singles, Moreton with his team mate Martin Harper won the doubles knockout after beating Kelvin Chambers and Chris Fox (Ashwood ‘A’) in the final. Three players registered a seven darts leg Ryan Tipper (Brickmakers Arms), Gav Moreton (Swan) and Simon Mills (Wombourne Cricket Club). Ryan Tipper had the highest break of 160 no fewer than four times with Kevin Harris (Ashwood ‘A’) recording the highest finish. Ashwood ‘A’ won the League Cup with Wombourne Cricket Club runners up while the Shadow Cup went to The Bell who defeated Ten Arches ‘B’ in the final.
As the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League reaches the halfway point of its season leading the division one singles league is Riley’s ‘C’ who have a four point’s advantage over second placed Bull. At the top of the division two singles league Wednesfield Legion are six points to the good on their nearest rivals the Royal, Albrighton. The doubles leagues are much closer with Gilberts Bar topping division one on 12 points and Wednesfield Conservative Club hot on their heels with the same 12 points. Third and fourth placed Riley’s ‘C’ and Victoria are both just two points behind the top two teams. In division two it’s closer still with just two points separating the top six teams. Village Inn, County and Penn Bowling are all on 12 points with Royal, Albrighton, Woodfield Social and Wednesfield Legion all having 10 points. Full Results:Week 9: Singles League:Division One:- Bull 2 Riley’s ‘C’ 5, Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 3 Railway 4, Gilberts Bar 3 Sunbeam 4, Wednesfield Conservative Club 3 Victoria 4, Division Two:- County 5 Dog and Partridge ‘B’ 2, Penn Bowling 5 Duke of York 2, Royal, Albrighton 3 Village Inn 4, Wednesfield Legion 4 Woodfield Social 3, Yale Club 4 Pendulum 3, Doubles League: Division One:- Bull 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 2, Dog and Partridge ‘A’ 2 Railway 1, Gilberts Bar 3 Sunbeam 0, Wednesfield Conservative Club 2 Victoria 1, Division Two:- County 2 Dog and Partridge ‘B’ 1, Penn Bowling 1 Duke of York 2, Royal, Albrighton 2 Village Inn 1, Wednesfield Legion 1 Woodfield Social 2, Yale Club 3 Pendulum 0.
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