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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st September 2014

A Look Back In Time - 1st September 2014

A class field of in excess of eighty players from all around the country as far afield as Kings Lynn and Somerset turned up at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry, all to do battle for the title Coventry Open winner 2014.

Many of the entrants were more than capable of securing the title, but at the end of a tremendous day of darts the final was contested by two Cheshire players John Bowles and Dave Pallett and they laid on a tremendous final with high scores throughout.

The opening leg went to Dave Pallett, who with top scores of 140,100 and 180 took the leg in 15 darts, John Bowles having hit three tons and left on 101. Increasing his lead to 2-0, Pallett then with 2x100 and 140 won the leg on double ten with his sixteenth dart, Bowles who had hit 100 and 180 had left himself on double eighteen from 103.

Leg number three saw Bowles register his first win, a 16 darts leg won on double twenty, while Pallett, with 100 and 140 was left without a throw for 68. The next four legs were shared, Pallett restored his two games buffer in the fourth with a 21 darts leg, Bowles won the fifth in 18, with a 111 checkout. The sixth leg went again to Pallett, this time taking 14 darts as he kicked off the leg with three consecutive 140’s, Bowles way back on 186.

Leg number seven and John Bowles was about to have his best run of the match as he won the seventh in 29 darts and then took the eighth in 14 darts after top shots of 140,100 and 180 finishing with a 40 game shot. Pallett meanwhile had not been taking it easy has he had left double eighteen after only fifteen darts.

So eight of the scheduled best of eleven legs played and the score was all square at 4-4. The ninth leg was a thriller, Bowles with first throw advantage began with 125,100,100 and 100 to leave 76 after only twelve darts. Pallett had scores of 105,92,100 and 100 to leave 104. Bowles missed his 76 finish and left double ten, Pallet stepped up to the oche and coolly dispatched his required 104 to go 5-4 up and only two to play. However, two legs were not required as Pallett wrapped up his 6-4 win with another fifteen darts leg, finishing on 56 with Bowles left nursing 204.

As champion Pallett received the top prize of £500, Bowles, as runner up picked up £200.

There was £70 for each of the losing semi finalists, Ian Jones and Jamie Richardson, with £25 for losing quarter finalists Scott Rand, Lloyd Pennell, Kevin Dowling and Darren Johnson. For reaching the last sixteen Cain Unwin, James Thompson, Matt Padgett, Ian McFarlane, Mark Westgarth, Nick Fullwell and Andy Brown each received £10.

It was congratulations to Warwickshire’s Natalie Gilbert in the ladies competition, she clinched her title with a final victory over Shelley Bontoft Gash.

Men’s Coventry Open:Last 32:- Kevin Walpole 2 Scott Rand 4, Cain Unwin 4 Dean Marshall 0, John Bowles 4 Ashley Sandon James 1, James Thompson 4 Will Naylor 1, Dave Meeks 0 Ian Jones 4, Matt Padgett 0, Gareth Watts 4 Paul Deslandes 0, John Bywater 3 Lloyd Pennell 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Chris Mason 1, Graham Manning 0 Kevin Dowling 4, Mark Westgarth 4 Noel Grant 3, Jamie Richardson 4 John Newland 2, Dave Pallett 4 Steve McDermott 1, Mark Strong 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Johnny Haines 3 Darren Johnson 4, Dave Marshall 0 Andy Brown 4, Last 16:- Scott Rand 5 Cain Unwin 1, John Bowles 5 James Thompson 4, Ian Jones 5 Matt Padgett 3, Gareth Watts 0 Lloyd Pennell 5, Ian McFarlane 4 Kevin Dowling 5, Mark Westgarth 0 Jamie Richardson 5, Dave Pallett 5 Nick Fullwell 2, Darren Johnson 5 Andy Brown 4, Quarter Finals:- Scott Rand 4 John Bowles 5, Ian Jones 5 Lloyd Pennell 1, Kevin Dowling 3 Jamie Richardson 5, Dave Pallett 5 Darren Johnson 3, Semi Finals:- John Bowles 5 Ian Jones 2, Jamie Richardson 1 Dave Pallett 5, Final:- John Bowles 4 Dave Pallett 6.

A charity match was staged at the Gate, Colley Gate in aid of Lupus UK. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is a complicated autoimmune disease that is capable of affecting almost every part of the body. There’s no cure for Lupus, but it can be effectively controlled with drugs, as I know too well as my wife, Sheila suffers with it and has to take a daily cocktail of drugs to control the numerous affects the disease can cause.

The event was won by Dan Haden, who had a final 4-2 win over Steve Morris, in what was a much closer game than the scoreline suggests. A special mention for 14 years old Shae Essom, who played well throughout the knockout and only lost in the quarter finals as he miss calculated his final outshot.

The first round loser’s competition was won by Shawn Hill with a final success over Scott Roberts.

The event raised a tremendous £220 for a very worthy cause.

The Poet and Castle, Codnor, Derbyshire staged their staged their second darts open which attracted PDC and local league players, players like Dean Winstanley, Ricky Sudale, Daz Brown, Aden Kirk and Wayne Pepper.

A fantastic standard throughout the day left Ricky ‘Elvis’ Sudale and Daz ‘The Rooster’ Brown fighting for the £350 first prize, Ricky managing to take the win when it truly mattered with an outstanding 6-3 victory. Brown picked up £175 as runner up. Losing semi finalists each received £80.

Both finalists had had a tough run in to the final with Ricky taking out Wayne Pepper 4-1 in the quarters and young upcoming star Aden Kirk 5-3 in the semi’s. Daz meanwhile, with a 4-3 result beat Dean ‘Over the Top’ Winstanley in the last eight and then had to square up to Dean’s wife Lorraine, who had had a tremendous run to reach the last four, to finally go out of the competition 5-0.

Other losers in the quarter finals, who all received £25 were, Dean Allsopp and Lee Arkwright

A huge thank you went to MC Dave Keeling and Darron Brown for all his help on making this event a success and also a massive thank you to everyone who gave their support by taking part. It is hoped that this and other competitions will be staged at the Poet and Castle in the future.

Last 64:Board 1:- Chris Brooks Kinder – bye, Lorraine Winstanley – bye, Nigel Daniels – bye, Daz Sinfield 1 Steve Soar 4, Mike Ivekich – bye, Jack Kerr 4 Rory Beresford 0, Ben Connell – bye, Lee Arkwright – bye, Board 2:- Daz Brown – bye, Sam Perry 4 Sammie Clarke 3, Kim Durose – bye, Ben Baldwin 4 Angela Beresford 0, Jordan Beresford – bye, Luke Beardmore 0 Reece Spurr 4, Ian Allcock – bye, Nathan Marshall 2 Dean Winstanley 4, Board 3:- Ricky Sudale 4 Lauren Jackson 0, Andrew Walker – bye, Ashley Elkington 0 Paul Bettney 4, Julian Biliby – bye, Lyam Proctor – bye, Wayne Pepper 4 Adam Withnall 0, Joshua England – bye, Gareth Knight 2 Steve Bestwick 4, Board 4:- Andy Walsh 4 Dan Mccready 3, Aden Kirk – bye, Alan Clegg 4 Wes Smith 0, Jo Oldershaw – bye, Dean Allsopp – bye, Tom Webster 1 Josie Paterson 4, Craig Freeman – bye, Dan Daykln – bye, Last 32:- Chris Brooks- Kinder 2 Lorraine Winstanley 4, Nigel Daniels 4 Steve Soar 0, Mike Ivekich 2 Jack Kerr 4, Ben Connell 2 Lee Arkwright 4, Daz Brown 4 Sam Perry 0, Kim Durose 1 Ben Baldwin 4, Jordan Beresford 0 Reece Spurr 4, Ian Allcock 1 Dean Winstanley 4, Ricky Sudale 4 Andrew Walker 1, Paul Bettney 4 Julian Bilby 0, Lyam Proctor 0 Wayne Pepper 4, Joshua England 3 Steve Bestwick 4, Andy Walsh 1 Aden Kirk 4, Alan Clegg 4 Jo Oldershaw 3, Dean Allsopp 4 Josie Patterson 3, Craig Freeman 4 Dan Daykin 1, Last 16:- Lorraine Winstanley 4 Nigel Daniels 3, Jack Kerr 1 Lee Arkwright 4, Daz Brown 4 Ben Baldwin 0, Reece Spurr 2 Dean Winstanley 4, Ricky Sudale 4 Paul Bettney 2, Wayne Pepper 4 Steve Bestwick 2, Aden Kirk 4 Alan Clegg 0, Dean Allsopp 4 Craig Freeman 3, Quarter Finals:- Lorraine Winstanley 4 Lee Arkwright 3, Daz Brown 4 Dean Winstanley 3, Ricky Sudale 4 Wayne Pepper 1, Aden Kirk 4 Dean Allsopp 2, Semi Finals:- Lorraine Winstanley 0 Daz Brown 5, Ricky Sudale 5 Aden Kirk 3, Final:- Ricky Sudale 6 Daz Brown 3.

The Small Heath League have played off their singles and doubles competitions competition and taking the singles title was Emerald Club’s Neil Parsonage, adding yet another title and trophy to his ever increasing and impressive list.

Losing out in the final was Matthew Cooper, representing Gulp Tribe and losing semi finalists were Clive Austin (Shannon’s) and Peter Yardley (Emerald Club).

The doubles title went to Emerald Club’s Raymond Fisher and that man again Neil Parsonage, who beat Tommy Hill and Chris Stokes (Gulp Tribe) in the final. Losing semi finalists were Matthew Cooper and Mick O’Sullivan (Gulp Tribe) and Anthony Fisher Colin Rigby (Emerald Club).

B.Nixon (Olton Crown) produced a fantastic 170 maximum finish in the semi finals of the Forest of Arden Summer League’s Division One Divisional Cup to help his side beat Greville Arrows 4-3. From the other half of the draw Harvester beat Highwood KB 5-2.

The final saw the division one champions, Olton Crown add another title to their list when they defeated Harvester 4-1.

In the division three semi finals New Inns lost 6-1 to Highwood Exiles and the division’s champions, Centurion beat Riley’s Wings 5-2. The final finished with another 5-2 win for Centurion, Highwood Exiles runners up.

The South Birmingham League have played off their Captains and Secretary’s cups and winning the former with a final 3-0 success over P.Bryant was Will Naylor. In the semi’s Naylor beat S.Hughes 2-0 and by the same margin Bryant accounted for D.Kingdon.

The final of the Secretary’s Cup was also 3-0, the title going to Bob Harris with Dave Mortiboys runner up. Harris had a straight 2-0 win in the last four against B.Anderton, while Mortiboys was taken to a third and deciding leg by D.Clinton.

As the Tamworth League‘s season draws to an end the doubles and singles competitions has been on the agenda. The winners of the event were Martin Edwards and Alan Carter, who in the final beat Wayne Hewins and Phil Daulman 3-2. In the semi’s the champions won 3-0 against Jamie Steadman and Susie Leek, while with the same scoreline Hewins and Daulman beat James Richardson and Andy Woods

The singles crown was claimed by Ian Turner with a final victory over Phil Daulman. Losing semi finalists were Kev Clubley, who lost to Turner and Martin Edwards.

The Pip Club League staged their division one singles competition and taking the honours with a final win over Syd Kirkham (Birchmoor Club) was Dolphin representative Mark Martin.

Losing semi finalists were Nigel Groves and Terry Stubbs, both from Bulls Head (Two Gates).

The division two singles knockout was won by White Lion representative Duncan Campbell, with Mark McCloughlin (Bulls Head ‘B’, Polesworth) runner up. Losing semi finalists were, Leighton Young (White Lion) and Martin Richards (Old Liberal).

The league members wish to express their sympathy and condolences to the family of Jim Williams a former player for the Bulls Head (Two Gates), who sadly passed away on the 8th August. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, the message from the league “Rest in Peace Jim”.

The Long Eaton Singles Darts League at the time of going to print is up to week nine and the top two divisions could not be more closely fought with only one point the difference between the top two players in each division.

In division one Tony Glover, with six wins and just one defeat from his seven games is on 37 points, with Mark Cowley second after four wins, two draws and like Glover one defeat. Then there’s a gap of eight points to third in the table Malc Marks.

In division two the majority of players have completed six fixtures and Jason Holmes currently leads the field with four wins and two draws to give him 34 points. His nearest rival is Richard Turgoose, who has actually won one more game than Holmes and has drawn one giving him 33 points. Similar to division one there is then somewhat of a gap to third place where Steve Butler is placed on 28 points.

Colin Dunston has a five points lead at the top of division three however, he has played one more game than second in the table Mike Booth, who in turn is three points ahead of third in the table John Brierley.

Aain at the time of print Tony Glover holds division one’s Highest finish of 137 and best average of 76.42, while Dean Andrews holds the least darts which is 13.

In division two Steve Butler has registered his 154 finish and similar to division one 13 darts is the fastest game held by Richard Turgoose. Stuart Beard’s 130 finish is best so far in division three and Colin Dunston has won three of his games in 16 darts.

The league’s singles title this season goes to Brian Spence and qualifiers through in the early rounds of the “Chunky Cordon Cup” are Malc Tucker and Dean Andrews, with seven more qualifiers to go.

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