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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st September 2013

A Look Back In Time - 1st September 2013

Following their relegation from division one of the Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships, West Midlands will begin life in division two with an away fixture against Leicestershire. The hosts finished last season’s campaign with promotion from division three as runner up to champions Cleveland and West Midlands should be well in with a real chance of a win in this their opening game.

A win would be a great start to get confidence high for a successful and hopefully promotional season back to division one.

At the time of going to print West Midlands were unable to supply a listing of signed members for the men’s squad however, the signed players for the ladies teams so far are, Kim Fellows (Captain), Sarah Roberts, Jackie Crew, Lisa Astbury, Diane Tolley, Katherine Jenkins, Gemma Barrett, Heather Wright, Shellbie Simmons, Claire Hobbs, Samantha Maiden, Doreen Kaye, Jaqueline Maiden, Lisa Maiden, Kirsty Haw and Jacqueline Simmons.

From a field of 77 players it was Oxfordshire’s Jon Jukes who was victorious in the recent Coventry Open. A final and possibly somewhat surprising margin of 6-1 against West Midland man Wayne Jones saw Jukes collect the top prize of £500 and Jones £200.

In the last four play off Jukes had a 5-3 win over Mark Cox (Wiltshire), while Jones convincingly beat Will Naylor (Warwickshire) 5-1, each of the losing semi finalists receiving £80.

Going out in the quarter finals were, Ricky Sudale, Tom Ryan, Keiron Bridgewater and Chris Skeates, who for their efforts picked up £20.

A dozen ladies fought out a Round Robin format for their title and the result went in favour of Suzanne Smith (Buckinghamshire), Smith beating Julie Robinson 3-0 in the final. Losing semi finalists were, Marian Conway and Collette Duffield.

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Kevin Gladding 0 Nigel Heydon 4, John Elliott 3 Phil Stead 4, Lee Martin 3 Peter Wright 4, Jon Jukes 4 Rob Singleton 0, Dan Russell 4 Jack Tweddell 3, Andy Roberts 4 Brendan Lysaght 1, Andy McAliister 1 Neil Beresford 4, Dean Bond 0 James Richardson 4, Keiron Bridgewater 4 Nathan Richards 0, Lisa Whitmore 3 Darren Swords 4, Dion Newman 1 Chris Mason 4, Jason Mulligan 0 Wayne Jones 4, John Newland 4 Pete Meyrick 3, Last 64:- James Thompson 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Noel Grant 4 Chris Dale 2, Dennis Smith 4 Tom Martin 1, Ricky Sudale 4 Paul Deslandes 1, Johnny Haines 4 Phil Stead 1, Mark Carter 4 Chris Grant 2, Matthew Dicken 4 Tony Comerford 0, Peter Wright 1 Mark Cox 4, Edwina Holdsworth 0 Jon Jukes 4, Lewis Morris 1 Mark Sutton 4, Andy Neardmore 4 Martin Perring 0, Chris Aubrey 4 Keith Carter 0, Ian McFarlane 4 Dan Russell 2, Ryan Morris 0 Tom Ryan 4, Josh Richardson 4 Paul Eggington 0, Andy Roberts 4 Donna Pinch 0, Leigh Abbott 4 Neil Beresford 1, Stuart White 4 Steve Beverley 1, Keith Judge 3 Colin Mace 4, Sam Poland 2 Will Naylor 4, Ross Macken 1 James Richardson 4, Nik Bloor 4 Kevin Dowling 1, Steve Hine 4 Terry Temple 1, Keiron Bridgewater 4 Mark Easter 1, Graham Manning 4 Darren Swords 1, Marian Conway 0 John Fowler 4, Dave Wallace 4 Neil Cooper 2, Chris Mason 0 Chris Skeates 4, Jamie Atkins 0 Wayne Jones 4, Antony Allen 3 Steve West 4, Kevin McDine 4 Mark Westgarth 0, John Newland 4 Sam Price 0, Last 32:- Nigel Heydon 3 Noel Grant 4, Dennis Smith 2 Ricky Sudale 4, Johnny Haines 4 Mark Carter 0, Matthew Dicken 1 Mark Cox 4, Jon Jukes 4 Mark Sutton 1, Andy Beardmore 0 Chris Aubrey 4, Ian McFarlane 1 Tom Ryan 4, Josh Richardson 1 Andy Roberts 4, Leigh Abbott 1 Stuart White 4, Colin Mace 0 Will Naylor 4, James Richardson 4 Nik Bloor 2, Steve Hine 3 Keiron Bridgewater 4, Graham Manning 1 John Fowler 4, Dave Wallace 3 Chris Skeates 4, Wayne Jones 4 Steve West 3, Kevin McDine 4

John Newland 2, Last 16:- Noel Grant 2 Ricky Sudale 4, Johnny Haines 1 Mark Cox 4, Jon Jukes 4 Chris Aubrey 3, Tom Ryan 4 Andy Roberts 2, Stuart White 3 Will Naylor 4, James Richardson 2 Keiron Bridgewater 4, John Fowler 0 Chris Skeates 4, Wayne Jones 4 Kevin McDine 0, Quarter Finals:- Ricky Sudale 1 Mark Cox 4, Jon Jukes 4 Tom Ryan 2, Will Naylor 4 Keiron Bridgewater 1, Chris Skeates 0 Wayne Jones 4, Semi Finals:- Mark Cox 3 Jon Jukes 5, Will Naylor 1 Wayne Jones 5, Final:- Jon Jukes 6 Wayne Jones

The prestigious Midland Open title, plus the £1,000 top prize this year went to Lancashire county player Steve Bunting. The current WDF World top player Bunting took on fellow Lancashire and former Warwickshire county player Mark McGeeney in the final, which he won by 6-2, giving McGeeney a pay day of £400.

Many famous names fell by the wayside in the earlier rounds of the competition, Dennis Smith making his exit in the preliminary rounds as he lost 4-3 to England International Jamie Hughes. Two Tipton super league players were drawn together in the first round proper, Tom Aldridge losing out 4-0 to Ian Jones in what was a stunning game. Colin Osbourne was a 5-3 casualty in the quarter finals losing 5-3 to the eventual champion, Bunting then going on to beat Steve West 5-4 in the semi’s.

McGeeney had a 5-2 win against Johnny Haines in his quarter final game, then with a similar scoreline he accounted for local hero Nigel Heydon. The two losing semi finalists each received £130, with £60 going to the quarter finalists, Jay Foreman, Colin Osbourne, Jamie Hughes and Johnny Haines. There was also £15 for each of the players going out in the last sixteen.

Deta Hedman had a great run in the men’s event making the last sixteen where she lost 5-2 to Jay Foreman. In addition to her £15 winnings in the men’s competition, she also picked up a further £80 as winner of the ladies Round Robin competition, where she beat the previous day’s winner Suzanne Smith 4-2, Suzanne adding another £40 to her already won £80.

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Tracy Eaton 0 Josh Richardson 4, Nick Fullwell 4 Graham Hall 0, Rob Singleton 4 Paul Eggington 1, Mark Jodrill 4 Andy Beardmore 3, Martin Angell 4 Steve Beverley 3, Kevin McDine 4 Julie Robinson 0, Steve Pugh 1 Chris Aubrey 4, Colin Osbourne 4 Johnnie Bryan 0, Kevin Bambrick 4 Louise Graham 2, Jimmy Hill 4 Sam Poland 2, Martin Bowley 4 Antony Allen 2, John Elliott 1 Terry Temple 4, Jamie Hughes 4 Dennis Smith 3, James Richardson 2 Ian Jones 4, Kevin Dowling 1 Mark McGeeney 4, Simon Hicks 4 Pete Scrivener 2, Paul Redfearn 0 Mark Carter 4, Greg Dickinson 0 Johnny Haines 4, Last 64:- Steve West 4 Josh Richardson 1, Ian McFarlane 4 Pete Meyrick 1, Steve Long 3 Dan Russell 4, Nick Fullwell 4 Roy Pryor 1, Lee Moffatt 4 Rob Singleton 2, Peter Hughes 3 Deta Hedman 4, Jay Foreman 4 Phil Coward 2, Mark Jodrill 4 Chris Skeates 3, Ricky Evans 2 Martin Angell 4, Ross Macken 0 Lee Martin 4, Collette Duffield 0 Steve Bunting 4, Kevin McDine 4 Trevor Frost 1, Prakash Jiwa 4 Chris Aubrey 1, Stuart White 4 Noel Grant 2, Matthew Dicken 4 Kev Reade 0, Colin Osbourne 4 Luis Barberan 1, Steve Davis 4 Kevin Bambrick 2, Natalie Gilbert 1 Nigel Heydon 4, Chris Pretty 4 Jimmy Hill 0, Martin Bowley 1 Davonse Gibb 4, Wayne Jones 4 Terry Temple 0, Peter Wright 0 John Newland 4, Dave Sanders 0 Jon Jukes 4, Jamie Hughes 4 Dion Newman 0, Tom Aldridge 0 Ian Jones 4, Jamie Atkins 4 Tom Ryan 1, James Thompson 1 Mark McGeeney 4, Simon Hicks 4 Donna Pinch 0, Graham Manning 0 Mark Carter 4, Richard Foster 1 Tom Martin 4, Lionel Sams 4 Mark Sidgwick 0, Johnny Haines 4 Gaz Cousins 2, Last 32:- Steve West 4 Ian McFarlane 1, Dan Russell 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Lee Moffatt 0 Deta Hedman 4, Jay Foreman 4 Mark Jodrill 3, Martin Angell 0 Lee Martin 4, Steve Bunting 4 Kevin McDine 0, Prakash Jiwa 4 Stuart White 2, Matthew Dicken 3 Colin Osbourne 4, Steve Davis 0 Nigel Heydon 4, Chris Pretty 2 Davonse Gibb 4, Wayne Jones 1 John Newland 4, Jon Jukes 0 Jamie Hughes 4, Ian Jones 4 Jamie Atkins 0, Mark McGeeney 4 Simon Hicks 1, Mark Carter 4 Tom Martin 3, Lionel Sams 0 Johnny Haines 4, Last 16:- Steve West 5 Nick Fullwell 3, Deta Hedman 2 Jay Foreman 5, Lee Martin 0 Steve Bunting 5, Prakash Jiwa 3 Colin Osbourne 5, Nigel Heydon 5 Davonse Gibb 2, John Newland 3 Jamie Hughes 5, Ian Jones 0 Mark McGeeney 5, Mark Carter 0 Johnny Haines 5, Quarter Finals:- Steve West 5 Jay Foreman 3, Steve Bunting 5 Colin Osbourne 3, Nigel Heydon 5 Jamie Hughes 3, Mark McGeeney 5 Johnny Haines 2, Semi Finals:- Steve West 4 Steve Bunting 5, Nigel Heydon 2 Mark McGeeney 5, Final:- Steve Bunting 6 Mark McGeeney 2.

The first ever Saturday darts competition staged by the Ripley Elite Darts Singles League at the Somercotes Snooker Club, 69 Leabrooks Road, Somercote, Derbyshire, DE55 4HB proved to be a huge success as far as dart skills were concerned despite for various reason the number of entries being lower than anticipated.

With numerous county and PDC players present the event was always going to produce some class darts and it did not disappoint. Some of the early casualties were, Matt Padgett, Ash Spencer and Dave Allcock, highlighting the very high standard of play.

The first of the quarter final games was an all REDSL affair with young PDC player Aden Kirk getting the better of an impressive Daz SInfield with a 4-1 scoreline. Also winning by the same 4-1 margin were Ricky Sudale and Daz Brown, who had respective wins over Tony Jacklin and Paul Baker. Making up the last four was Wayne Pepper with a 4-2 success against Pete Slater.

Nottinghamshire county player Pepper then went on to beat Aden Kirk 5-1 in the first semi, while the second encounter was a much closer affair. Daz Brown opened up what appeared to be a commanding 3-0 lead against fellow PDC player Ricky Sudale only to see Sudale claw his way back into the game and nick a last leg nail biter for a 5-4 win.

In the best of eleven legs final Pepper was first out of the traps, his finishing power proving the key factor in a high scoring match, which included three maximums for each player. At 5-1 up Pepper required 80 to clinch the title, confidence riding high he calmly stepped up to the oche and checked out with two double twenties.

Pepper received £250 as winner, Kirk £125, losing semi finalists £70 each and £20 for the losing quarter finalists.

The free to enter first round loser’s competition was won by Matt Padgett, with Dave Allcock runner up, in turn they received £40 and £20.

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- P.Wood 4 R.Smeathers 0, M.Hopkins 4 A.Spencer 0,D.Sinfield 4 T.Palfreyman 0, J.Thompson 4 D.Allcock 3, A.Kirk 4 D.Allsopp 0, B.Kirk 4 M.Richards 0, M.Chapman 4 J.Beresford 0, C.Freeman 4 W.Smith 3, W.Howe 4 A.Pearce 2, Round One:- M.Hopkins 4 P.Wood 2, D.Sinfield 4 J.Thompson 3, A.Kirk 4 B.Kirk 2, C.Freeman 4 M.Chapman 3, W.Howe 4 C.Hatton 1, P.Slater 4 R.Hassall 1, R.Gray 4 C.Brookes 0, W.Pepper 4 M.Padgett 1, P.Hodges 4 S.Darcy 1, R.Sudale 4 A.Bennett 0, T.Jacklin 4 B.Connell 0, D.Bennett 4 A.Moody 2, I.Richardson 4 J.Rice 0, P.Baker 4 G.Knight 0, D.Brown 4 D.Hickman 0, A.Parry 4 I.Allcock 1, Last Sixteen:- D.Sinfield 4 M.Hopkins 2, A.Kirk 4 C.Freeman 1, P.Slater 4 W.Howe 1, W.Pepper 4 R.Gray 2, R.Sudale 4 P.Hodges 0, T.Jacklin 4 S.Bennett 3, P.Baker 4 I.Richardson 0, D.Brown 4 A.Parry 1, Quarter Finals:- A.Kirk 4 D.Sinfield 1, W.Pepper 4 P.Slater 2, R.Sudale 4 T.Jacklin 1, D.Brown 4 P.Baker 1, Semi Finals:- W.Pepper 5 A.Kirk 1, R.Sudale 5 D.Brown 4, Final:- W.Pepper 6 R.Sudale 1.

Thanks go out to all who helped make the competition possible especially to club owner and main sponser Steve Heenan. Another event is planned for November with a guaranteed £500. More details when they become available.

So successful was the first Riley’s Masters, with over 1,000 entrants that details have already gone out in the press of their second competition.

There was an original listing of thirty venues for the second Riley’s Masters, but due to the popularity of the competition in which Riley’s have this year committed over £20,000 in guaranteed prize funds, including a National Final with a guaranteed £3,250 prize pot, that a further seven venues have been added to the list.

The final seven “Wildcard Qualifying Venues” are Reading 19th October, Crewe & Nottingham on 20th October, Coatbridge and Twickenham on 16th November, Cardiff & Moseley will host their qualifiers on 17th November. All qualifiers will carry a £500 guaranteed prize fund. Doors open 10am and registration at every venue closes at 1.00pm.

Each of the new qualifying venues will be for players have not made it through from their local venues giving them effectively a second bite of the cherry.

Early entry is now just £5 if you do it online through <>
Alternatively you can pay £6 at any of the qualifying clubs or £9 if you pay on the day.

If you would like further information about Rileys Darts Masters please email

A total of 52 players turned out for the recent Riley’s Wolverhampton Knockout and the competition produced top class darts throughout.

The eventual winner of the £180 first prize was Shropshire’s Matt Williams, who in the final beat his county team mate Dan Astbury by 6-4, despite Astbury notching three maximums to the one from Williams.

As runner up Astbury received £80 and there was £40 for each of the losing semi finalists, Sam Hamilton and Rob Thompson, both of them losing by a close 5-4, Hamilton to Williams and Thompson to Astbury.

The losing quarter finalists were, Simon Preston, Gurpal Singh, Mick Plevin and Kevin Bambrick, who each picked up £20.

The Sheldon and District Winter League recently had their presentation night and Tony Randell, for the fifth time in twelve seasons won the singles title.

Tony is seen receiving the trophy from Ken Herbert, with Sheldon officials (from left to right) Jim Tough, Alan Blythe and Alan Mayell.

The Punch Bowl final went in favour of the Crown at Shard End.

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