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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st October 2012

A Look Back In Time - 1st October 2012

Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships got it’s new season underway but it was not a good start for the West Midlands in division one. Despite home advantage it was always going to be a tough match and that’s the way it turned out against Hampshire, a team who had premier division status last season.

Saturday’s games saw the ladies get the better start, Gemma Barrett putting them 1-0 up with straight 3-0 win over Dawn Simmonds, but the lead was short lived as Tara Power took a 2-0 lead against Jacqueline Maiden and although she was pegged back to level terms went on to win the tie 3-2.

Heather Wright restored the home teams lead when she accounted for Jaine Heaton with a 3-1 result, Heather’s 18.08 average earning her the lady of the match award. The lead was then increased to 3-1 when Shellbie Simmons beat Samantha Pike 3-2, after losing the opening leg.

Samantha Maiden looked all set to wrap up a win for the ‘B’ team, (their first since the opening day of last season when they won 4-2 away to Surrey), going 2-0 up against Charlotte Burgess, but then finishing doubles evaded her and Charlotte went on to win 3-2 to leave the result hinging on the final game between Lisa Maiden (West Midlands) and Pennie Lewis.

Pennie stormed into a 2-0 lead with Lisa way back on 113 and 221 in the two legs. The third leg could easily have gone either way as both players struggled on their doubles, but it was the Hampshire lady who found the elusive double one to clinch a 3-0 win and earn a 3-3 draw for her team mates.

In the men’s ‘B’ game Simon Timmins (Hampshire) won the first leg against Mark Watkiss, but was unable to consolidate his lead and Watkiss went on to win 3-1. Avtar Singh was well on his way to doubling the home teams lead when he opened up a 2-0 advantage over Ben Bran, but he failed to add to his two legs and lost out 3-2. Michael Baker was another West Midlands player who looked as if he would win his game, twice going ahead against Lee Ward but yet again like Avtar Singh he turned out to be a 3-2 loser to give the visitors a 3-1 lead.

Richard Platt stopped the rot when he came from 1-0 down against Paul Winter to win 3-1 and Glen Cullen levelled the match with a 3-2 win over Brian Bayford, Glen’s 25.67 average giving him the match award at the end of the day.

From 3-3 the away team suddenly moved up a gear, Dennis Murrell started a run of four consecutive 3-2 wins when he defeated Viv Gould, Mark Thorne followed with his win against Paul Price, then came Paul Dunn who beat Gregory Parkes and finally rounding off the quartet of wins was Dave Bonnett with his win over Ryan Herrington taking the score along to 6-3 in Hampshire’s favour.

Ian Stanton made the scoreline a little more respectable when he recorded a straight 3-0 victory against Steve Ballard, but it was little respite as Hampshire came bouncing back with a 3-0 win from Justin Bradshaw against Jonathon Platt and to round off the day’s play Phil Harty beat Lance Hackett 3-2 to give the away team an 8-4 victory.

Down 11-7 but not out at that stage the ladies ‘A’ began with the first five games all going the way of first throw advantage. Hampshire’s Wendy Reinstadtler was taking no prisoners as she beat Kim Fellows 3-0 and although her team mate Sue Lowther won the opening leg against Sarah Thornbury she was unable to improve on that as Sarah was quickest to the doubles and ran out not only the 3-1 winner but also the winner of the home teams lady of the match award with a 19.94 average.

Maxine Cadwallader restored Hampshire’s lead, after trailing 2-1 to Lisa Astbury she convincingly won the last two legs to snatch a 3-2 win. For the second time the visitors had their lead erased, this time it was Katherine Jenkins who supplied the West Midlands with a 3-1 win in her encounter with Elaine Harty.

The penultimate game and the win sequence continued, Diane Tolley took the first leg off Gemma Hayter but she was unable to avoid a 3-1 defeat and see the away team go into the final game with a 3-2 lead.

On the day Hampshire had kept their best till last, Jane Monaghan went 1-0 up in 22 darts against Jackie Crew, she then won the second leg in 26 darts but rounded off her 3-0 win with a 17 darts leg to give her team a 4-2 win.

On first for the West Midlands men’s ‘A’ was Andrew Forrester (24.44) and they could not have wished for a more encouraging start as he beat Kevin Ede 4-0, Ede only reaching a finishing double in the last leg. Dean Stewart (30.53) put on a similar show beating Daniel Smith 4-1, Smith only reaching a double in the fourth leg, which he won. Neil Pointen never fell behind against Ricky Williams, but nevertheless was taken to a deciding leg and after Williams had missed a bull finish off 83 checked out on 88 for a 4-3 win.

After three games 3-0 up and it was looking good for the hosts, but it was about to change. Peter Wyse lost the first leg to Mike Gillet, but won the next three to put him within an ace of victory. That victory looked odds on when after 18 darts he threw at a finishing double, unfortunately he missed and did so with another six visits to the oche. Gillet stepped in and won the leg on double one, took the next with a 101 checkout and wrapped up his 4-3 win with a 16 darts leg on double nine to move the score along to 3-2 still to the home team.

The evergreen Ian Jones was next to the oche for the Midlanders and facing up to him was Sam Head. The first four legs were shared, each one going with the darts advantage. Leg number five and the sequence was broken, both players had their chance to win the leg but with a 20 outshot it was Head who forged ahead 3-2.

Always the fighter, Ian Jones rallied and with top shots of 100, 140 and 130 won the penultimate leg in fourteen darts and with double sixteen in the seventh and deciding leg sealed a great 4-3 win with a 27.20 average, extending his teams lead to 4-2.

Game number seven was a close affair, although the scoreline would not suggest that, between Mark Rollinson and Dennis Murrell. Murrell steamed into a 3-0 lead with his opponent on a double every leg. Rollinson pulled one back in the fourth but then went down 4-1 in the fifth, the averages for the players, Rollinson 23.39 and Murrell 23.75.

Restoring parity for the first time since the opening game was Sam Rooney. Playing against Danny Coyle Rooney went 2-0 up. He dropped the third leg but then won the next two to win 4-1 to take the running tally to 4-4.

West Midlands man Jamie Hughes was in superb form, his man of the match performance against Andy Mitchell putting the home team’s noses in front once again. Andy Mitchell must have wondered what had hit him as Hughes kicked off with an 18 darts leg including a 102 finish. He then hit scores of 140, 125, 121 and finished off a tremendous twelve darts leg with a 115 outshot. The third leg was much of the same, scores of 140, 85, 100, 136 and double twenty for a thirteen darts leg and a clear cut 3-0 lead. The fourth leg was a more sobering affair as Hughes hit 41, 90, 140, 83, 95 and finished on 32 in 18 darts for a fabulous 32.85.

Now with West Midlands holding a 5-4 lead both teams had it all to play for in the last three games and game ten saw both players giving their all to win. Steve Musson (Hampshire) won the first, Ian Stanton the second. Musson went ahead again in the third only to see Stanton win the next two and go 3-2 up. In 20 darts Musson clinched the sixth leg to force a decider, one which he again won, this time on double twenty after Stanton had had three visits to the board at doubles.

The result now depended on the last two games. Matthew Dicken despite losing the first and fifth legs to Mick Street went on to win the tussle 4-2 however, his team mate, Martin Angell was unable to capitalise on his win as he lost the final game against Gary Stafford 4-1 to leave honours shared in the men’s ‘A’, but giving an overall 21-15 victory to Hampshire.

Tipton Sports and Social was the setting for the Dart Players £1,000 knockout, the men’s event attracting 66 entrants comprising of professionals, county and super players. The competition produced a very high class of darts play throughout the day and the final stages were no different with wins for James Richardson and Jamie Caven in the semi’s against respective opponents Matthew Dicken and Kevin Dowling.

The final verdict went in favour of James Richardson who collected the top prize of £500, Jamie Caven picking up £200.

Losing quarter finalists were Mark Rollinson, Nigel Heydon, Wayne Jones and Michael Baker.

The ladies title went to Zoe Jones after beating Heather Thompson in the final. Losing out in the last four play off were Lauren Honey and Jackie Crew.

The Ripley Elite Darts Singles League presented the First August Bank Holiday Open at the Somercotes Billiards Hall, Derbyshire, and had a good turn out of some 54 players from all over the Midlands. Pre tournament favourite and ranked number 33 in the world PDC rankings Mark (Mile High) Hylton made his way to the last four where he met Daz Brown in top form, a player who showed great strength of character coming from 4-2 to win a last leg thriller.

The second of the semi finals saw Matt Padgett from Ilkeston beat Chesterfields Kev Rimmer 5-2 in a very high scoring game.

The final saw Brown take the title with a 6-3 scoreline, his winning legs taking 13, 14, 15, 18, 20 and 22 darts with checkouts of 130 and 120 for an average of 27.49. Padgetts winning legs were 17, 18 and 22 darts for a 24.49 average.

Winner Daz Brown received £400, runner up Matt Padgett £160, there was £80 for the losing semi finalists and £20 for the quarter final losers.

The event was a huge success and well organised thanks to the efforts of Brin Johnson, Dawn Buckley and Tracey Johnson, thanks also go to Kerri Buckley for organising the raffle which raised £57. The league also paid thanks to board sponsor Dez Cooper and Somercotes Club owner Steve Heenan for his continued support for both the competition and league.

Full Results:Round One:- Kev Rimmer 4 Paul Hodges 0, Paul Bettney 4 Rich Hassall 1, Paul Baker 4 Andy Selby 0, Aden Kirk 4 Nigel Staniland 2, Adam Ward 4 Dave Allcock 0, Rob Lamb 4 Brian Kirk 3, Ady Asprey 4 Scott Bennett 1, John Brindley 4 Ian Richardson 2, Matt Padgett 4 Alan Evans 1, Nigel Daniels 4 Scott McCabe 2, Reece Spurr 4 Daz Sinfield 2, Mick Chapman 4 Andy Baker 1, Roy Clarke 4 Mike Vekich 1, Daz Brown 4 Kerri Buckley 0, Mark Hylton 4 Ash Spencer 3, Martin Cutbush 4 Wes Smith 0, Ian Hannah 4 Ian Allcock 2, Wayne Howe 4 Neil Beresford 1, Richard Palmer 4 Daz Gilbert 1, Ant Parry 4 Phil Drinkall 0, Steve Allcock 4 John Selby 0, Mark Robinson 4 Lee Stanley 2, Round Two:- Pete Slater 4 Martin Richards 0, John Bush 4 Holly Reynolds 1, Kev Rimmer 4 Tracey Johnson 0, Paul Baker 4 Paul Bettney 1, Adam Ward 4 Aden Kirk 2, Ady Asprey 4 Rob Lamb 3, Matt Padgett 4 John Brindley 1, Reece Spurr 4 Nigel Daniels 3, Joanne Oldershaw 4 Rob Marsden 3, Daz Sullivan 4 Alan Moody 2, Mick Chapman 4 Alan Statham 3, Daz Brown 4 Roy Clarke 0, Mark Hylton 4 Martin Cutbush 1, Wayne Howe 4 Ian Hannah 1, Richard Palmer 4 Ant Parry 1, Mark Robinson 4 Steve Allcock 1, Last Sixteen:- Pete Slater 4 John Bush 1, Kev Rimmer 4 Paul Baker 0, Ady Asprey 4 Adam Ward 3, Matt Padgett 4 Reece Spurr 2, Joanne Oldershaw 4 Daz Sullivan 1, Daz Brown 4 Mick Chapman 0, Mark Hylton 4 Wayne Howe 0, Richard Palmer 4 Mark Robinson 2, Quarter Finals:- Kev Rimmer 4 Pete Slater 2, Matt Padgett 4 Ady Asprey 2, Daz Brown 4 Joanne Oldershaw 1, Mark Hylton 4 Richard Palmer 3, Semi Finals:- Matt Padgett 5 Kev Rimmer 2, Daz Brown 5 Mark Hylton 4, Final:- Daz Brown 6 Matt Padgett 3.

On the local league scene the winners of the Jubilee Cup Knockout in the Sutton and District Summer League were Red Lion ‘A’ with a final 3-2 win over Fox Flights, while the league’s Ladies Cup Knockout was won by N.Gilbert with N.Harris runner up.

The league have now completed their fixtures and Sutton Sports finished their division one programme with a 6-3 win at Sutton Park Hotel to give them a total of 18 points and the divisional title. Runners up Fox Flights had a convincing 8-1 win over Anvil Nomads in their final game but ended the campaign three points adrift of the champions.

Division two could not have finished any closer with Red Lion Flights beating Old Oscott WMV 7-2 and Pint Pot Nomads winning 6-3 at the White Lion, both teams winding up with 22 points, Red Lion Flights having the slightly better average to give them the title. Before the final games Erdington Arrows were third and Oscott Social fourth, the two team met each other on Oscott’s board. The result was a 7-2 win for the hosts which saw the two teams change places, Oscott Social finishing third and Erdington Arrows fourth, both with 12 points, the former having a much better average.

Drakes Drum were the outright winners of division three, taking the top spot by a clear five points from Heartlands. Both teams finished on a high with 8-1 scorelines Drakes Drum beating Bromford Club and Heartlands accounting for Bishop Vesey.

Shadow League winners were, Anvil Nomads (division one), Oscott Social (division two) and Bishop Vesey (division three).

The Small Heath League’s Singles winner was Emerald Club representative Neil Parsonage after a final win over his team mate Liam Fox.

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