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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st July 2012

A Look Back In Time - 1st July 2012

The increasingly popular New Mount darts evening’s staged at the social club in Ward End, Birmingham and organised by TD Events have introduced a couple of new competitions to their programme in the latest June knockouts.

The first new event was a 2-5-1 Feature Warm-Up Competition in which players had a straight start 251 up and from the word go their thoughts were focussed on an outshot. For the second consecutive month the winner of the Feature Knockout was West Midlands star Ian Jones. On his path to the final Jones took out Mark O’Donnell, Nick Fullwell and Neil Parsonage to book his place in the final. From the other half of the draw Mike McFall emerged as the winner after beating Kris Green, Luis Barberan and Richard Hosey, however, he could not overcome the challenge of Ian Jones in the final.

The Main 501 Competition remained as before and young thirteen years old Luis Barberan fell just short of making it two wins in a row as he fell at the final hurdle, losing out to Tony Randell. Nevertheless Luis had taken some noteable scalps on the way to the final, beating Matt Cooper, Nick Fullwell and Richard Hosey, while Randell accounted for Ian Jones, Dean Bond and Mick Noonan.

Another new addition was the Penalty Shoot-Out in which players throw for outer and inner bulls-eyes. Players can score an automatic goal (by hitting the bull) or 'an attempt to score' (by hitting the outer bulls-eye). Players have 9-darts each to achieve as may goals or attempts as possible, before the other player (goalkeeper) has 9-darts to save as many of the 'attempts' by hitting the bulls-eye themselves. The goalkeeper can not save any of the automatic goals scored, only the attempts. Any attempts not saved by the goalkeeper are converted into goals scored to add to any automatic goals scored. The player with the most goals at the end wins.

Tony Randell rounded off a superb evening by beating Paul Connolly in the final to make it a personal two wins from the three competitions. Not a bad night’s work.

The next of the scheduled evenings is set for Friday 13th July.

Full Results:- 2-5-1 Feature Warm-Up Competition - all matches best of 5 legs:Last 16:- Nick Fulwell beat Paul Connolly, Ian Jones beat Mark O'Donnell, Matt Gallett beat Dean Bond, Neil Parsonage beat Matt Cooper, Mike McFall beat Kris Green, Luis Barberan beat Adam Gallett, Richard Hosey beat Tom Fitzpatrick, Tony Randell beat Sean O'Donnell, Last 8:- Ian Jones beat Nick Fulwell, Neil Parsonage beat Matt Gallett, Mike McFall beat Luis Barberan, Richard Hosey beat Tony Randell, Semi-Finals:- Ian Jones beat Neil Parsonage, Mike McFall beat Richard Hosey, Final:- Ian Jones beat Mike McFall.

Main 501 Competition:Last 16 - best of 5 legs:- Luis Barberan beat Matt Cooper, Nick Fulwell beat Kris Green, Richard Hosey beat Adam Gallett, Neil Parsonage beat Sean O'Donnell, Dean Bond beat Matt Gallett, Tony Randell beat Ian Jones, Mike McFall beat Mark O'Donnell, Mick Noonan beat Tom Fitzpatrick, Last 8 - best of 5 legs:- Luis Barberan beat Nick Fulwell, Richard Hosey beat Neil Parsonage, Tony Randell beat Dean Bond, Mick Noonan beat Mike McFall, Semi-Finals - best of 7 legs:- Luis Barberan beat Richard Hosey, Tony Randell beat Mick Noonan, Final - best of 7 legs:- Tony Randell beat Luis Barberan.
Penalty Shoot-Out Feature Competition:Last 8:- Tony Randell beat Luis Barberan, Tom Fitzpatrick beat Neil Parsonage, Paul Connolly beat Matt Cooper, Mick Noonan beat Sean O'Donnell, Semi-Finals:- Tony Randell beat Tom Fitzpatrick, Paul Connolly beat Mick Noonan, Final:- Tony Randell beat Paul Connolly.

The Sheldon and District Winter League completed their season with a flurry of cup finals. The M & B Round Robin Cup was won by Yardley Arms. After a 6-3 win against Ivy Leaf Flights in the first game they followed that up with a massive 8-1 win over Iron Horse, who in their previous round had beaten Ivy Leaf Flights 8-1.

Riley’s were the victors in the Punch Bowl, a 6-3 win against EBAHA in the semi’s booked their final place against Saltley Amateur Gardeners, who had a close 5-4 verdict over Old Bill and Bull in the last four. The final result was again a tight 5-4 with Riley’s getting the edge.

Both of the last four games in the Sheldon Shield were 5-4, with wins for Forget-Me-Not and Shirley RBL Misfits over respective opponents Sheldon Heath Social and Pavilions.

The final game was a much clearer cut result with Forget-Me-Not winning 7-2.

The Vice Presidents Trophy was another round robin affair between team representatives and league committee members. Ridgemere’s Peter Yardley was the eventual winner after beating Tom White, Tony Randell (Saltley Amateur Gardeners), and Clarke Horsley (George V) 2-1 then followed that with a 3-0 success againt Martin Yates (New Firs Flights) to give him a perfect eight points.

Runner-up was Tom White with 6 points, then Tony Randell on 4, Clarke Horsley had 2 and Martin Yates 0.

The Jubilee Trophy was a triumph for Clarke Horsley (GeorgeV) with Dave Carter (Ridgemere) runner-up. Losing semi finalists were, Sean O’Donnell who lost out to Carter and Will Griffiths.

The Forest of Arden Winter League closed off their programme with various finals, the mixed doubles title going to Lesley Llewellyn and John Bown, while the Secretary’s Shield title went to Andy Hawkins. In the final of the division two cup Crown Arrows defeated Greville Arrows 5-4 to lift the silverware.

The men’s and ladies singles knockouts were also played off and taking the honours in the men’s event was Bob Nixon and claiming the crown in the ladies competition was R.Gwilliam.

The final roll of honour reads as, Division One Champions: Riley’s Flights, Division Two Champions: Greville Arrows, Presidents Cup Winners: Riley’s Red Arrows, Consolation Cup Winners: Greville Arms, Division One Cup Winners: Old Bill and Bull, Division Two Cup Winners: Crown Arrows, League Cup Winners: Riley’s Red Arrows, Singles Winners:Men: B.Nixon, Women: R.Gwilliam, Doubles Winners:Men: S.Darby / D.Wright, Women: R.Gwilliam / P.Holmes, Mixed Doubles:Winners: Lesley Llewellyn / John Brown, Secretaries Cup:Winner: Andy Hawkins.

The Tamworth Sports Bar League played off the finals of their Andrew Evans Memorial Cup, the semi final producing clear wins for Three Horse Shoes who beat Sports Bar 4-0 and Boot Inn who had a 4-1 win over Rugby Club.

The final was again a clear cut victory for Three Horse Shoes as they romped to a 4-0 win, ending a tremendous season where they have had a clean sweep winning all of the league’s team cups plus the league title.

The player’s league was won by Trevor Barrs (Sports Bar ‘180’).

The doubles knockout was staged at the Sports Bar and taking the title were Mark Tomlinson and Mac Tarbuck, who had a final victory over Paul Richards and Daz Morris.

The league are on the lookout for more teams and players to join them for the forthcoming season. Anyone wanting to enter a team or just interested in playing for a team should contact David Jones on 07526-577418 or e-mail him at

The top two teams in the Small Heath League squared up to each other in the final of the League Cup in which the Mitre won 7-2, beating Scanlons, the team that had pipped them to the league title.

Despite the best efforts of the Sheldon Marlborough Flights team it was the dominant Custard House outfit who ran out the 9-0 winners of the Upside Down Cup.

Congratulations to Ian McFarlane who with a final win over Matt Gallett lifted the South Birmingham League’s singles title. Young Luis Barberan reached the quarter finals where he narrowly lost out 2-1 to Matt Gallett, but nevertheless a very commendable achievement.

On the night Luis was presented with £10 by Brian Johnson for hitting the most tons plus scores in the Warwickshire Super League, yet another fabulous achievement by the rising star.

Great to see Brian Johnson is now getting back into the world of darts after his recent horrific accident. Welcome back Brian from all of the darts fraternity.

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